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That seems like it would run into big table-protocol problems with pacing and hidden information. They've got to be convinced they're doing some other kind of scenario, or else be told up front that there's a heist going on, or else what are we all doing sitting at the table?
I like heist movies (OK, most heist movies... I'm one of the apparent few who think Ocean's 8 was great and Ocean's 11 was barely tolerable). Which RPGs would be good for a heist story?
Honey Heist! It has "heist" in the name (but no other mechanics for orchestrating heists)!
@Adeptus Check out Blades in the Dark.
Aug 12 at 23:19, by BESW
Robots & Rebels: A Star Wars-Inspired Honey Heist Hack by TheSamwisest. Sentient Droids. Space Rebellions. Toast. (twitter link to files hosted on Google Drive)
May 14 '19 at 2:49, by BESW
Boy Problems, a Carly-Rae-Jepsen-themed heist tabletop RPG one-shot by Colin Cummings.
The Leverage RPG is a solid heist game if you want something a bit more crunchy than Honey Heist and less grim than Blades in the Dark.
Unfortunately the free quickstart adventure seems to have vanished.
Sep 22 at 14:01, by BESW
Bears in the Dark is a free game designed to introduce people to the Blades in the Dark game engine.
Sep 22 at 13:39, by BESW
@BardicWizard Aeon Wave is a cyberpunk Fate Core setting/adventure with half-pre-made characters hired by a dead client to find out why she died at the heart of one of the most secure corporate R&D sites in the world.
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1:18 AM
@BESW So has the DriveThruRPG version of the rules... I think it might have gone out of print (license expired maybe?)
1:28 AM
I'd be comfortable sharing the quickstart rules with people here if they wanted.
2:00 AM
I'd like to take a look, thanks
Sep 22 at 13:40, by BESW
@BardicWizard I uploaded the free Leverage quickstart adventure for you since it seems to be missing from all the places I used to be able to link it from.
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3:17 AM
"Dragonlance authors sue Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of The Coast," Polygon article by Charlie Hall. This has the potential to make much more public record of Wizards' poor relationship between the appearance and praxis of inclusiveness.
3:27 AM
That would be a great consequence for sure
The suit sounds to me like they're accusing Wizards of preferring breach of contract to cleaning their house.
4:25 AM
Ugh, WotC. Also, ugh, humanity.
4:38 AM
But a fun bit of news that made me smile: I have a friend who I play d&d with weekly. We both, independently, started making costumes of our characters for Halloween and only found out that both of us were doing similar things today when we were talking
5:00 AM
That's like, the best kind of surprise
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6:10 AM
Q: What spells or other effects cause a creature to make a saving throw to avoid being knocked out?

Saber CrusaderI saw that a hydra has "advantage on saving throws against being... knocked unconscious" and was curious as to what spells or effects would cause such a thing to happen. The only effect that came to mind is the sleep spell, which operates on hit points rather than a saving throw. What else can kn...

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7:59 AM
@doppelgreener oh so uh, I didn't even realize you ever said the term, but I was searching the word mutism assuming I was the only person here who said it (I re-read conversations I had sometimes), turns out you did 4 years ago XD
so you knew the term for it before I looked it up 3 days ago
(although I decided to use the term as situational mutism or intermittent mutism because the word selective seems to imply a choice that doesn't exist. I would be willing to bet some "professional" who it doesn't happen to named it that )
this time I was looking it up to remember the term, because the book I'm reading actually has an instance of it happening
would it amuse you to know that the condition was originally refered to as "elective mutism" and was subsequently renamed "selective mutism" precisely to stop implying it was a choice
"situational mutism" is still less ambiguous of course
8:31 AM
that's rather amusing in a way
elective is definitely a bad word to use
that's straight up shouting choice is involved
selective is still not as good as situational though XD
At a guess, they're using a scientific jargon convention whereby agency ("elective, selective") is given to involuntary biological processes. I've seen similar language used for inheritance: a particular genetic trait is "selected."
This is... not great... when they're defaulting to that kind of terminology to talk about human experiences.
based on my advanced reading of this wikipedia article "elective" was originally just because they assumed the patients were deliberately refusing to talk.
also, other context that makes it bad, there are already people out there in the world who, either out of ignorance or unwillingness to know, already misinterpret the experiences of people who are neurologically different from them
@Carcer this is a thing that I know has happened by experience
not with like doctors or psycologists or anything but just with people who are around when it happens
no doubt
8:39 AM
they assume I am not talking by choice
and that's what I'm talking about basically
using a word that even implies choice is,... not a good idea
it helps facilitate thinking believing or assuming choice is or can be involved
even when you know the term for what is happening
which is supposed to be the best case scenario of a bad situation
but yeah I don't think I'm trying to convince anyone here I just needed to point out what I see wrong with it XD
and also the reason I just don't like that word
IE, because we already have enough of a problem with people who don't have this experience (on a professional and on a personal level) misinterpreting what exactly is happening
9:17 AM
oh, I also just want to make it clear, it's also doubly bad if choice is implied when the attack of mutism itself is being caused by someone talking to you, expecting a response, and getting increasingly frustrated and angry.
most of my attacks of it have been caused by conversations with other people that got stressful for one reason or another
most didn't actually get to the point where people were yelling, but they often ended up with people assuming I wasn't talking because I was mad at them and sulking or something
as might be intuited, that helped no one
not me, but also not the people expecting a continuance to a conversation which they were delaying by being incredulous or acusatory XD
@trogdor And we do it so well, the Swedish language borrowed its gender-neutral third person pronoun from us! ^_^
@kviiri Nice XD
Swedish traditionally has hon/han for she/he respectively, but they've introduced hen as a gender-neutral term borrowed from the Finnish hän which pronounces nearly the same
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11:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer (33): Does forced movement trigger the effects of the Prismatic Wall spell? by Emir on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@SmokeDetector False Positive
@ThomasMarkov Woooork
New peeve with that .eu website, they seem to also include arbitrary interactions and presenting them in the same way meaning it can't even be trusted to be a collection of developer tweets
@Someone_Evil Yes, it is bad.
12:17 PM
I have an idea.
But I need a way to temorarily resit being incapacitated
Or to self-fix it while incapacitated
@ThomasMarkov Uh-oh
hmmmm I may be able to get around it with a glyph of warding.
@Someone_Evil Once they started answering questions themselves a few years ago, i started getting concerned.
12:30 PM
So I dont think my idea can work
Permanently banishing a creature to a demiplane through nested basnishing
Banish the creature to the demiplane, then banish the creature from that plane, then the first banishing ends returning it to the start, then the second banishing end returning it to the demiplane permanently.
multiple casters, I guess
Nah, banishment incapacitates you while youre there.
So how does the next casting work?
12:40 PM
Thats what Im trying to figure out.
Is there any way to get temporary immunity to the incpaacitated condition?
wish yourself into a Warforged Colossus?
ooooh is there any way to make an attack without using an action
(only monsters with immunity to incapacitated condition)
define make attack:)
a melee weapon attack
If you become incapacitated between the attacks of your action can you continue to make attacks?
@Someone_Evil It looks like the tweet from that recent answer does come from a WoTC game developer.
just not Crawford
1:16 PM
The more I develop games and talk with game developers, the less I think it's reasonable to expect game devs to also take on the role of arbiters or interpreters of their text. Trebly so when, as in a collaborative project like D&D, it's not even their text in the first place.
Yeah, either update the rules or let us figure out what works for us.
Most writers don't have deep intimate understanding of their own process, and most game devs don't have as much experience with their games as the people asking them questions.
(I think it's fine to ask a dev about their thoughts and intents, if the dev has clearly made themself available in that way. But that's different from asking a dev to add or modify the text, or adjudicate our tables; that's not their job and they're not getting paid for it and they're probably not the right person for the job anyway.)
Or if the devs clearly say, "our game is about rulings, not rules, but here's how I would do it" rather than "here is how it's done."
@NautArch Oh, missed that somehow. Removed that line from the comment
@Someone_Evil You mean you didn't know "hang_dan" was a dev :P
1:26 PM
@NautArch The uneven publication of each printing's errata is just the tip of the "we are sloppy" iceberg. :p In other news, Weiss and Hickman are suing WoTC over a new DL story line; apparently there's a money issue like "oh, no, we'll not be paying you for that" or some such. ($75k US)
Not sure why they don't go deep pockets and sue Hasbro ...
@NautArch Yes, that's a good way to frame the interaction, but I'm uncomfortable with players expecting the interaction in the first place.
The story I heard, V2 seems to know more, is that they were licensed last year to write a few mor DL stories (WoTC owns the IP) and had put book 1 in already, and then shennanigans began ... Summon Laywers III had to be cast, apparently.
@KorvinStarmast contract must have been with wotc
@AncientSwordRage makes sense, but deep pockets law suits have a long and storied history in the US.
I think the infamous Nick Kelmen as well as the 'spectacular' Orion Black is involved
1:29 PM
Apparently Hasbro owns Dreamworks Pictures.
@ThomasMarkov WHAT
Anyhoo, the "three new setting" release later this fall might have been times to also see release of the story (?? via Penguin Books?) which suggests more DL material is due to come out (rats, I was hoping for Dark Sun) but I wonder if this suit will block that?
@AncientSwordRage I am almost afraid to ask who Nick Kelmen is. A corporate suit?
@KorvinStarmast he's the head of the creative arm of WotC I think
@AncientSwordRage Rather, a subsidiary of Hasbro is one of the partner companies that owns Dreamworks parent company.
he's written incredibly dodgy books on young women, I'd like to leave the details at that
1:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage heh head of the arm
@ThomasMarkov oh, ok, not as mad then
Dreamworks is owned by Amblin Partners, one of the partners that owns Amblin is EntertainmentOne, EntertainmentOne is owned by Hasbro.
@ThomasMarkov This reminds me of a chart Jalopnik made showing the relationship between all the auto OEMs.
@KorvinStarmast I don't know much, but it seems like WoTC licensed DL to those authors. I think the lawsuit is solely about those books.
@Rubiksmoose Competitive markets are largely an illusion.
1:34 PM
@AncientSwordRage Head of Story and Entertainment at Wizards of the Coast - OK, I just looked it up and now I will just wich I had not. Blah.
And if WoTC is launching their own stuff, then that shouldn't be involved.
@NautArch Hopefully, yes.
@KorvinStarmast yup
@NautArch From a marketing perspective, them coming out at close to the same time might be good for both, in terms of sales?
@KorvinStarmast Usually, yes ;)
1:36 PM
For those interested
Though very out of date at this point.
huh, didn't expect that to onebox
@Rubiksmoose Yet fascinating nonetheless
@KorvinStarmast Agreed :)
I love how youve got all these companies then right in the middle of it is China.
@ThomasMarkov heh
Apparently China owns VW in some capacity.
1:41 PM
owns or produces?
We seem to have another "let's overcomplicate our first D&D character with a mute spellcaster" question - I think something very much like this has been asked before, but maybe that was for a blind character.
@ThomasMarkov Right?! One thing I didn't expect was so much government ownership. Of course this is during the time that the US was bailing out GM so that explains the ridiculously high number there, but yeah. China definitely has (had?) its fingers in lots of pots. Like many governments.
oh wait, actually it looks like China is pretty insular in that graph.
@Rubiksmoose I find it amusing that this sentence could be likening china to other government, or implying that of the pots it has fingers in some are govenments
2:00 PM
@KorvinStarmast was it one with only one/no hands?
@KorvinStarmast Although 1) that seems to be not completely mute and b) is giving me Strong Little Mermaid vibes
ah I see you got there first
@Rubiksmoose No, look at the green lines on FAW
FAW (Owned by China) has a joint venture with GM to make GM cars in China
China has joint ventures with Toyota, VW, and GM
And volvo makes cars in china, not sure if that counts
*some cars
Didnt know the US owned 61% of GM.
2:27 PM
So the local community college has two vacancies for a math instructor.
Really hoping I can quit working at the chicken plant.
Which came first, the chicken plant or the egg plant?
Pretty sure eggplants existed before the 1960s
@ThomasMarkov I hope so
@MikeQ Chicken of the woods could be older?
Actually, my plan is to go teach at the college and do some consulting work at the chicken plant.
@ThomasMarkov They were white at some point, i recall
My little brother was a picky eater and dad would always try to coax him into eating everything by claiming it's "super healthy". This didn't work and later I found out it wasn't particularly true for all the foods he said it about either. Eggplant for instance is rather poor in nutrients.
2:42 PM
@kviiri suuuuuuuuure, and next you'll have me thikn carrots used to be burple
It does have more nicotine than any other commonly eaten fruit tho
@kviiri ::blink-blink::
nightshades, yo
delicious tomato
In Master of Magic there's a special resource called "Nightshade" which I thought at first was some fancy magic herb. Then I learned it's just a generic name for a family(?) of plants
...and later I learned the nightshade in the game indeed is supposed to be a magical herb.
2:45 PM
Yes, nightshade is a family of plants: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solanaceae
i hadn't heard the term in English before the game, and face it, if you ran into the term in a fantasy context you'd assume it was some magick plant too x)
the thing about nightshade is that the context that most english speakers are used to the word is "deadly nightshade", aka belladonna
@ThomasMarkov They don't any more to my knowledge. This chart was likely made during the government bailout of GM.
But maybe it is still true!
@Carcer ...which is also incidentally a name I first heard in a video game (Creatures series)
2:51 PM
@Carcer I found it amusing that on yesterday's page of SSSS the name "Nalle" was assigned to one of the clearly deadlier bear beasts :D it's a really cutesy name to modern ears, roughly equivalent to Teddy bear
@kviiri I bet I'm missing a lot of comedy in all those bear names
relatedly, does the "cover name" term minna used there mean anything in particular? I'm parsing it as having the same meaning as nickname
@Carcer Not too much. There's a lot of names for bears, some of which are still in use and others have changed meanings. Eg. "Karvaturri" is a cutesy word meaning pretty much any furry thing (Finnish furry fans use the word "turri", short from that, to describe themselves)
"Kusiaistennuolija" means pissant licker though, I found that somewhat amusing :P (from the fact that bears eat bugs, among other things)
"Metsänukko" means "Old man of the forest", and "Hallavanahka" means "Light gray skin"
@Carcer Minna is just a normal name, I think it's related to Wilhelmina in German?
@kviiri Minna is the author, I mean "what does 'cover name' mean"
Ohhhhh sorry :D
There was an ancient belief that if you speak the bear's true name, it'll hear it and kill you
ah, I see
welcome to my D&D 3.5e splatbook, Truenaming (for bears)
2:58 PM
So there's a vast vocabulary of figurative words that refer to bears. Even the official name for bear in modern Finnish (karhu) is originally a "nickname" – I think comparative linguistics suggests otso is the one closest to the original name.
@NautArch Neat!
Bears were considered to have lots of power, so a lot of old hunting rites revolved around them
Bears, the original rollers of the euphemism treadmill, all across West Eurasia.
that's cool
2:59 PM
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, i'm debating about getting the GM one.
now I understand this better!
Especially since I lost my notes in FoundryVTT when there was a power outtage :(
If you learn the bear's true name, you can form a pact and become a Goldilock
get out
3:01 PM
Eyyy that's a good one
@NautArch I'm considering the same for some of my group players
@Rubiksmoose although most of the categories aren't things I want to track
Who play in other groups that do D&D.
@NautArch I actually didn't take a close look.
Ah I see
Hehe, i didn't either at first
3:20 PM
I need help coming up with a name that sounds “wizardly” to people who’ve never played RPGs or read much fantasy before
I can’t come up with anything good that’s gender neutral and doesn’t come straight out of the PHB
Surely everyone knows Morgana and Merlin.
honstly maybe not morgana, but definitely merlin
Or use the 'Morgan' spelling.
That way it's also unisex.
@BardicWizard What about "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way"
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica even less likely to be understood
3:25 PM
Please un-star that.
@MikeQ ummm
@BardicWizard Harry Potter, merlin, dr. strange, jafar
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica maybe: morgana isn’t really gender neutral in this day and age, but maybe Merlin. Though that’s also very popular so it may suggest a stereotype with regards to what kind of a wizard the character is
@BardicWizard Well, you asked for what is de facto an attempt to signal belonging to people's stereotypes about magic-users.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica that’s true
3:30 PM
@BardicWizard Does it have to be a "proper" name? I would consider a descriptive moniker
The magic talking cat in Persona 5 is called Morgana and is kinda gender neutral, so that could justify it as a gender neutral name
There's also Loki, which by now people probably know both is a magical trickster and engages in sex-changing at a drop of a horned helmet hat.
@kviiri that could be interesting — like Mage the Magical Wizard
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I kinda like Loki
If the audience hasn't played RPGs or read much fantasy before, then what's their standard for measuring if something sounds wizardly?
@BardicWizard I was thinking of something more poetic, like "Stargazer", "Sage of the Highlands", or "Miracle-weaver"
3:34 PM
A more indirect method might be to using a magic-associated name as a family name. Merlin or Houdini probably would both work. 'The Magnificent' may be a subtitle variant instead.
Or Copperfield.
@MikeQ pop culture stuff; I’m doing a thing as a favor to a friend that involves making a wizard costume thing for xem and xe couldn’t come up with a good name
@kviiri those are better than mine, definitely
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica hmmm
If it was a suit or a tux, I'd go with "Abraca-Dapper".
Castaspella? Shadow Weaver? Glimmer? Sea Hawk?
@MikeQ glimmer is pretty
4:11 PM
@Carcer Shardik
@MikeQ heh, I have a 'lock whose famialiar is a goldish pseudodragon - when the PCs met her the firs question one of them asked was "Oh, right, Goldilocks." (Which isn't her name, but I laughed)
@MikeQ I understand this reference! (Which is rare.)
4:35 PM
So I got some allowances from my DM and I'm excited to play my Druid/Monk multi-class.
The problem now is that this is for a one-shot and I'm way more excited for this character than my character in the main campaign...
@trogdor situational mutism sounds like better vibes than selective mutism
@Yuuki happens to everyone
it’s a fact of life: the character you play is fine, but new things are Very Cool!
4:52 PM
@Yuuki is this PF or something else?
5:17 PM
Is it appropriate for me to post a creatures entire stat block in an answer?
Or is that too much for "fair use"?
@RevenantBacon is it necessary to answer the question?
This is about the Wereraven question I answered earlier today
Surely not everything is relevant.
@RevenantBacon if you're referencing languages known, or something along that vein, then that's probably all you need to include.
5:20 PM
Q: Can Werebeings Cast in their Hybrid Form?

ImperatorWerebeings in D&D are powerful characters who are capable of transforming into specific beings, notably tigers, bears, and wolves, or hybrid human/beasts. The rules concerning the question are as follows (these rules are for weretigers specifically, but they apply across all werebeings): The ...

kinda related
@RevenantBacon I read your answer...it's missing something that's pretty important Ithink
Ugh, I hate finding a tick on me. Now I feel like I need a shower otherwise i'll have phantom ticks.
Languages Common (can't speak in raven form)
I coulda sworn it didn't say that
5:25 PM
It may be new, I think DDB has already started updating some things for the new CoS reboot
I'll check my hardcover when I get home from work.
Nah, I google searched it, and someone had a straight up photo of the book and it was there
And it's the same on other were-creatures
@ThomasMarkov I think that speaks more to the level you have to come down to in order to communicate in common.
Can a raven understand it? Then prince whatever of somewhere is never gonna get it.
@GcL The lack of the ability to speak is more relevant for spellcasting purposes than communication purposes.
5:42 PM
Verbal components are mystic words. Can't say mystic words if you can't speak.
@RevenantBacon True. If Army of Darkness taught us anything it's that you can't ~~~mumble~~~ squawk your way through a summoning spell.
@GcL close enough!
@GcL or at least that you shouldn't, even if you can.
I cast in a Loud voice with Exaggerated gestures for a +1
@RevenantBacon If you can't speak but can perform verbal components, can you cast message? And will the messages be intelligible, or just telepathic squawking?
6:00 PM
Whether or not the spell even succeeds in being cast depends on if you can whisper when you can't actually talk. Even if it does succeed though, since the spell specifically calls out that you whisper the message, that means you have to speak it aloud, and since you can't speak, the message comes across as whatever noise it is that you can make
@MarkWells the whole speaking/verbal component thing is confusing.
I think i'd mostly treat it as a case-by-case basis and see if it should work.
That sentence about the mystic pitch and resonance and threads of magic is the worst thing in the PHB.
yeah, i used it as abasis for my spellcasting underwater to not a great effect
@MarkWells I bet there are worse.
@NautArch My rule for underwater casting was the Dorra rule, if you can breathe underwater or speak whale, you can cast spells underwater. Probably should give a bonus to range for breathing water and speaking whale.
6:09 PM
I double thunder damage if its underwater.
I do that too. The druids have been campaigning for decades to ban thunderwave fishing.
@MarkWells Fine, I'll just swap to alchemical grenade fishing. It's more efficient anyways
I figured out a way for my permanent banishment idea to work.
I think.
@RevenantBacon Stunned fish floats to surface, turns back into druid game warden. You're in trouble now. :)
Wasn't me officer, it was him I swear! points at a random bear that wandered by to see what all the noise was
bear promptly turns back into a second druid game warden
6:18 PM
Well that's the last time I play in a campaign run by G. K. Chesterton.
@MarkWells Ive read a good bit of Chesterton. Definitely would not like to have him as a DM.
@MarkWells A game world called Thursday, was it? 😁
Q: Defy Danger or Golden Opportunity

mcwyrmIn Dungeon World, if the GM describes a hazard and a player disregards it should that trigger the Defy Danger move or be considered a Golden Opportunity that triggers a GM move? For example: GM: The swamp beast lurches out of the mist, a massive twisted hulk with a tangle of grasping, strangling...

Lemme try that again, is Wheel of TIme a bad decision to start?
The Man Who Was Fursday. There, that's the terrible pun I was looking for.
6:24 PM
@NautArch The first three or four books are pretty decent. And then he began to lose discipline ... but I really enjoyed the first few.
@MarkWells aha, a moon druid in London, early 20th century. Got it 😎
@KorvinStarmast dang. I'll start it off and see if I'm interested. Almost done with the final RIftwar book.
@NautArch I recall liking Jordan's books better than Riftwar, but that may just be a personal taste thing. Oh, by the way, I just discovered three chocolate bars that I bought early in Covid days with you in mind as emergency supplies to mail to you if necessary. You good on chocolate now? .👀
@KorvinStarmast haha, yeah, we're good here :)
I started liking riftware less, but I was invested enough to finish it.
@NautArch Good, then I can release them from quarantine and allow The Missus to partake.
@NautArch In other news, my bridge fell out of my mouth last night. Had to see dentist today to get the high grade epoxy applied to make it more permanent. I hate chewing on my own teeth in the middle of a bit of turkey sandwich.
@NautArch But I liked even less what the Cowboys did last night on Monday Night Football ... if I could use an RPG metaphor, I'd say they all suffered from a bad case of ongoing necrotic damage ...
@KorvinStarmast wooof. Thanfully, my teeth are like the one part of my body I don't think are a concern.
@KorvinStarmast The NFC L-East. What an awful conference this year.
6:30 PM
@NautArch I was that way until last year.
Y'all wanna hear how to permanently banish someone to a harmless demiplane?
I've still only had one partial cavity - it was able to be filled without anaesthetic.
@NautArch It is a dumpster fire. 2-4 leads the division. 6-10 will likely win it.
@ThomasMarkov Sure, so long as it doesn't mean I get stuck in Cleveland.
Cleveland is hardly harmless.
@KorvinStarmast I'm still on the fence about Wentz.
6:32 PM
Actors: Wizard, Cleric, Paladin, and Target.
I'd love to talk football trash with you guys in here be dragons
I don't think it's for that. Here remains fine, but could move to NAB.
This isn't exactly a hot-button subject.
@ThomasMarkov It was the last place that I remember being out in public in my flight suit and being somewhat accosted by grabby and attractive females ... and I never did get my hat back. We were in the Flats ... hooray for taxis, expiditious retreat and all that ...
@NautArch Im confused.
@NautArch Nice rhyme scheme, you a Bard?
I'm still on the fence
| about Carson Wentz
@ThomasMarkov This isn't really on-topic for general, but it's not something that should create an issue. Off-topic and not issue causing is more of a NAB thing. Dragons is for topics that may create tension/issues themselves.
6:34 PM
Cleric casts banishment on target. Wizard casts gate to target's location. Paladin steps through.
... and the finishing move is?
Paladin casts banishing smite. Steps out of gate.
@KorvinStarmast wentz fencing. He makes some amazing plays, but other times, he really really doesn't. The O-line and skill positions are pretty bad right now, but I've seen other quarterbacks on worse teams do better.
Wizard drops gate. Cleric drops banishment. Target returns to original location. Paladin drops banishing smite. Target returns to first demiplane.
@NautArch Cowboys O Line has no starters left since game 1. No wonder the offense has lost its way ...
@ThomasMarkov but wait, was it actually native to that plane?
6:37 PM
No it was banished from there
Interesting combo platter, need to check spell text, that might just work.
How many saves involved? Three or two?
Oh, Im not sure how banishment works now.
If the target is native to another plane, does it just stay there even after the spell ends?
@ThomasMarkov Yes, if you concentrate the whole minute.
It's how I got rid of a fire elemental one day as a warlock.
Then ive got the order backwards.
Banishing smite to a harmless demiplane, banishment back to plane of origin, banishing smite drops, then dropping banishment returns target to demiplane.
And that should work.
6:42 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'll walk that through the paces with our DM, we have a BBEG who I'd love to pull that stunt on. (But saves will mitigate it ... maybe time to cast Bane ....)
(Our wizard is not a diviner, so Portent can't help us there)
@KorvinStarmast It's probably a much better idea to just dog pile the BBEG while theyre incapacitated in the demiplane.
Banishment + gate = target incapacitated for ten rounds.
@ThomasMarkov how do you get to the harmless demiplane that banishing smites sends the target to?
That assumes the caster knows the precise location and in which harmless demiplane.
"The location of target"
6:57 PM
Of course, you could just plane shift, and then use gate.
@ThomasMarkov That's not a precise location nor in a specific plane.
If BBEG has gate or plane shift on their spell list, I think this might be less of a great plan
Plane shift + gate seems a lot less complicated than banishing smite, gate, banishment, use get to return back?
Gate requires concentration... so gate's out anyway.
@ThomasMarkov Who is your preferred hand-eggball team?
7:10 PM
@NautArch Carolina
Hey all.
@JohnP hey'all!
7:41 PM
Hold up, what's all this nonsense about Banishment + Gate + Banishing Smite + a demiplane?
Side note, does "While there, the target is incapacitated. It remains there until the spell ends, at which point the target reappears in the space it left or in the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied." only come in to effect if it gets sent to a demiplane, or will it apply if the target is also sent to its home plane?
@JohnP howdy howdy
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