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12:01 AM
@NautArch One of my friends at highschool did. His brother made explosive arrowheads & blew up some junk at the dump.
@BardicWizard When I was in eighth grade, one of my classmates thought a really great lunch was Triscuits with enough Tabasco to make 'em a bit soggy. She liked it, and nobody stole her lunches, ever.
But I'm guessing your school trip was a bit short on the demographics whose mothers keep a bottle of hot sauce in their purses.
@BESW I like Tabasco, but not quite that much
oh god yeah a lot of people here really really like Tobasco
I am not personally a fan
@Ash I still haven't tried that brand you were recommended in DREAMSEAS...
@BESW Cholula? I like it
12:16 AM
Is there a badge for a highly upvoted answer on a highly downvoted question, because I think I'm close to getting that...
Only if the question then gets upvoted.
Oh well. That's unlikely to happen.
12:33 AM
@BESW i don’t like the dragon any more. It gave me a whole bunch of mailing lists I’ve been ignoring right to my email
@BESW you would not be wrong
Sometimes I put a bit of Tabasco on Triscuits with cheddar cheese, but I prefer to use my own custom mustard.
(Yellow mustard with Worcestershire sauce, wasabi paste, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, honey, black pepper, and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time, including Tabasco or hot chili sesame oil.)
12:57 AM
I'm not a huge fan of spicey so Tabasco isn't high onmy list to put on things XD
@Ash the hot sauce?
it's very good stuff, goes well on mince pies
1:24 AM
@AncientSwordRage Do you mean fruit mince pies, or meat pies?
1:50 AM
There are two kinds of spicy things: stuff like varying chiles and other spicy peppers that I’m able to handle because I grew up with them, and everything else, which are all too spicy for me.
@BardicWizard You're the capsaisin of your own spicy boat.
2:05 AM
@Adeptus I upvoted you.
@Adeptus the fruit kind
2:33 AM
This question May look like a dupe, but it isn’t.
The words of the question are a dupe of another, but it’s actually an entirely different problem.
At least, I don’t think it is a dupe
2:59 AM
Cholula - we discovered it in So Cal about 30 years ago. It's been in our cupboard ever since as a standard item. (Right next to the worchestershire sauce)
3:46 AM
My homework brings up existential crises. And it’s not even philosophy-related, it’s chem stuff about quantum numbers
To be fair, you're feeling the same existential dread that chemists and physicists were feeling a hundred years ago.... Probably means at least you're comprehending the gravity of the matter =)
The Schrödinger's cat thought experiment was originally intended to demonstrate how silly and wrong quantum theory is and why people should reject it.
I've never understood on a basic level how any single quantum thing is supposed to work XD
4:14 AM
The word quantum is a word which here means “too crazy to be understood”
The very notion of "observation causes change" is antithetical to a lot of popular notions of "scientific objectivity."
But very common-sense if you think about it from a social or spiritual perspective.
4:38 AM
I mean like
I know observing something living changes it
I'm not so sure about random inanimate objects
I mean, literally making eye contact with another person is uncomfortable for me, that's literally just an act of observation XD
people will act differently if they know they are being watched, and so will animals
They're trying to change you with their eyes! Of course it's uncomfortable.
I mean, what if they change you into something weird. Like a cake. Or a yacht.
The mind has a natural resistance against becoming a yacht.
DR 5 vs yachtism
4:53 AM
why does one have clearance to go into space but not to know it's cake though
think about that
Well at this point in the story, someone had already sliced open the earth with a giant chef knife, but they only had clearance to use a cake knife.
@Adeptus Hey, spoilers for Dead Space 3.
oh Dead Space
5:10 AM
If the earth is a cake then wouldn't it be in Bread Space
5:21 AM
5:51 AM
I wrote a 100 word RPG today
(Sort of today; it’s been an idea for a while but I actually wrote it out this evening)
I called it Fruit, since that’s what it’s about.
Writing on a word count is hard
6:40 AM
that is pretty cool
@BardicWizard It's coherent, playable, and evocative. Success!
7:07 AM
@BESW The prevailing understanding of quantum mechanics, anyway
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened url in body (45): Keito Diet - Just asking if this worth it by Abu DUjana on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
8:14 AM
In other news I finally discovered the secret to how Star Fox Adventures is so pretty for a N64 game
The trick is to actually be a Gamecube game
8:34 AM
that will do it I guess XD
I think the only Starfox game I ever played was the original (and only a little of that)
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
Q: Can I get Combat Casting as a bonus feat in one level or less?

KRyanI need Combat Casting as a prerequisite for another feat. I really do not want to waste a precious feat slot on this terrible feat, particularly since I should have enormous Constitution. Therefore, I want to get it as a bonus feat. The best I can find for this is becoming a 2nd-level duskblade, ...

10:00 AM
@trogdor I've never played any of them, but I know Star Fox for some of the memes
I didn't own any of them, but I knew probably 3 or 4 people who had the first Star Fox game and played a little of it every once in a while
I never got past the first boss
at least not on my own
The new version of mobile firefox on my android is totally rubbish
Esp with the chat
10:28 AM
Q: Can the Oath of Vengeance paladin cast Vow of Enmity on invisible target

RegularNormalDayGuyI was reading the Channel Divinity abilities of the Oath of Vengeance of the paladin and under Vow of Enmity, it says As a bonus action, you can use your Channel Divinity to choose a creature within 10 ft. and gain advantage on attack rolls against it for 1 minute or until it drops to 0 HP or fa...

10:42 AM
I always hate it when I get a new device or update and it changes how I interface with stuff online :/
11:15 AM
@BESW I used to think this, they have good reasons, which are 'sadly' less easy to make fun of
I've just been reading a 5e RAW Facebook group... So apparently, by a strict reading, See Invisible doesn't remove the dis/advantage granted by the Invisible condition... 🤔
that's how I learnt
@Adeptus yeah, things get weird when you ignore multiple sources
like the handbook is just one static part of the game
people have asked me in the past "Why don't you just follow the Quran and ignore the hadiths" (equivalent of ignoring various books in the bible).... "And I'm like, the quran only mentions 2-3 of my 5 daily prayers!
I know it's really tangentially related, but it was the first thing that came to mind
@trogdor Not a very close analogy/metaphor though. 'Observation' in quantum context doesn't mean the same thing as it does in casual interaction between thinking entities context. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding coming out of equating the two (like people asking what happens if you remove the scientist from the room and then observe the recorded sensor data later).
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica well, I'm not trying to say that means I understand Quantum,... literally anything
I just mean there are principles in which I understand observation changes things just from personal experience
its an ok analogy
11:47 AM
@Adeptus RAW? More like RAWNG
12:11 PM
@ThomasMarkov AMIRITE!>
This post has gone down a strange path.
@ThomasMarkov yeeeeeeeeah
This is probably a bad idea, but I almost feel like it might be helpful to edit the question to say "Please state what game and edition this is for"
Theyve been seeing their own post, but I guess havent been seeing the comments?
you spelled "us" wrong in your comment @AncientSwordRage
It's a tricky wrod
@ThomasMarkov maybe, or don't see the tags can be changed?
12:27 PM
No, they added tags in revision 2
::throws hands in the air::
@AncientSwordRage like you don't care?
@NautArch the exact opposite
@Akixkisu I've got another good example of this idea
Yep, that was a reply to a message from two weeks ago
Not gonna lie, I'm a little salty this answer of mine didnt get more attention.
I bet the only upvote is @NautArch
@ThomasMarkov had to check, wasn't me.
12:43 PM
Im pretty confident my list there is exhaustive
@trogdor Yep, our android phone gets these GUI changes by a push and it bugs me also. 😕
@ThomasMarkov regardless I like the formatting
@AncientSwordRage when in doubt, pray for rain (A favorite song)
@NautArch You ran ToA recently right?
@ThomasMarkov Nope. Briefly participated in a chatizen campaign here for it. Very briefly, tho
1:01 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah I have a relatively new phone and I've never had the model before and it trips me up still
@KorvinStarmast I dont understand your comment.
@trogdor What gets me is that the Android system, when I got it, was very easy to use and intuitive for me. As they keep changing various UI features, I make errors in usage until I learn the new thing, but the actual function has not changed. Annoying as all get out.
@ThomasMarkov RE: my hands in the air comment
@KorvinStarmast I feel the same way about Windows 10
@AncientSwordRage He commented on my answer about charisma adjacent magic items.
1:03 PM
@ThomasMarkov You listed all of the things that influence advantage on saving throws for Charisma, and IIRC, being a gnome is one of them. Perhaps ... not being an item. The comment was also a bit tongue in cheek
raising your hands up is a common gesture during prayer in many cultures
they have changed the way you interact with the operating system a couple times without really,.... doing anything important with that change
@trogdor Amen
@ThomasMarkov oh... maybe praying for rain increases your charisma?
...is there an item that turns you into a gnome?
1:05 PM
There might be one which casts reincarnate, why?
@Someone_Evil this is exactly what I was thinking
@Someone_Evil also, i could take this one to meta, but what is the mod process when you request no further hammers witout a meta discussion, but a hammer falls?
@ThomasMarkov Not sure .... but since you claim that your list is exhaustive (see above) I thought I'd toss that in there.
@NautArch Locking it, I guess (but I'd rather not have to do that)
@Someone_Evil yeah, weird :( And disappointing.
but do you lock the current state or the previous?
Maybe depends on what side of the argument the mod lands on personally, though it shouldn't matter too much. Pretty sure locked questions can't be answered either
1:10 PM
@Someone_Evil woof. Really? That seems...not optimal.
Or depends on the lock type, but I'm not sure there's one which only stops close/reopen votes
That type of situation seems extra important to act as a mod and not just as another user.
but, alas, we're all humans here (i think)
Well, it'd be "closed for now and locked while being discussed on meta" vs. "left open for now, but locked while being discussed on meta"
I've been thinking about what a meta post would look like since yesterday.
ah, gotcha.
1:13 PM
Ideally we wouldn't get close/reopen votes while the meta discussion is live, but hey
users gonna use
There are several important discussions that I think could be had about this situation.
Mork and Mindy moment: "Humor. Arr arr arr"
@Someone_Evil Ideally, yes.
What Ive been thinking about doing is laying out the full timeline for all three posts and asking, "where did we go wrong, if we went wrong?"
Which, I think there's obviously room for imrpovement.
Need to include the issue with the dupe link, too, probably.
honestly, that may be the crux of it
1:21 PM
Oh yeah, for sure.
It will be a big timeline
@KorvinStarmast I just downvoted one of your posts, I like Odo's answer better and downvoting you should get him a populist badge.
but i'm still not sure how it's not a dupe. specific questions are supposed to be dupes of generals, no?
I think its still a dupe.
@ThomasMarkov Uh, what answer?
Check your rep for a -2 :P
Not sure why you are gaming the system, but those are your votes, use them as you wish.
@ThomasMarkov Ah, I see what you were up to, got it.
1:24 PM
@NautArch Depends on the nature of specific versus general I think. If the specific is adding an additional layer, it would often not be a duplicate
I dont think the specific adds anything, the issue was that the answers to the general didnt adequately address the specific.
@Someone_Evil I guess I could see that, but if that layer should be included in answers to the original, it seems like then it wouldn't be a new question. Understanding how to determine "should" is the hard part.
@ThomasMarkov and usually that means bounties
if answers don't adequately answer, we ask for more
@ThomasMarkov One could argue that it's the answer to the general question not covering an obscure edgecase where there is an additional layer (because your class and spellcasting class/list isn't the same)
I'd hardly call Arcane Trickster and Eldritch Knight obscure edgecases.
If it were the Purple Dragon Knight, sure, obscure edgecase. I own SCAG and didnt even notice PDK existed until my third read through.
1:29 PM
Yeah, and when the general is "can you do this", then that particular case is literally the answer.
Exaggerating a little bit, but compared to all the normal spellcaster classes, two subclasses are small
BUt it's vitally important when the question is asking when does it work.
Irrelevance of anecdotal evidence notwithstanding, in my experience AT is the most common rogue archetype.
I wonder if DDB has stats on that somewhere...
@ThomasMarkov more than assassin?
Im acquainted with probably 15 people who play or have played rogues and know 1 who picked assassin.
Here are some survey results: infogram.com/…
AT is far and away the most common rogue among those sampled here.
1:34 PM
I have yet to play a rogue
On the other hand, DDB published some stats last June and assassin was their most common rogue sub
@Someone_Evil Deleted my comments on that stay-at-home support question. Keeping my close vote for now, but may retract later if no other answers that make it more opiniony-.
Im leaving my VTC there for now.
I think David's got the answer, but I'm not sure that's what op is looking for, either.
@ThomasMarkov i think we can do something about that
1:41 PM
@doppelgreener hehehe
@ThomasMarkov Most people who have played one probably wonder why they ever existed; not one of Green Ronin's better ideas.
@doppelgreener Oh goodness, thank you. I’ll work on adding page numbers today.
About Rogues: my nephew played an assassin in our first campaign (2014/2015). His latest rogue is the scout archetype, which he likes much better. AT is a great kit; lots of versatility. (And with access to shadowblade, even more lethal)
I played so many thieves and rogues over the years (previous editions) that I find no motivation to play one again. (That said, the base Rogue/Thief is a pretty well designed package for adventuring: exploring, combat, and social encounters. Nice all around utility)
2:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov wait, that’s a subclass? Which base class? I have literally never noticed that before and SCAG was one of the first additional books I bought
It's a fighter subclass.
@BardicWizard It's in Chapter 4 of SCAG.
@ThomasMarkov It's features need a rework, IMO, as there is some potential in the concept.
There's a nice recent thread at GiTP with some good ideas on how to improve it. User Man_Over_Game (who used to post here as Daniel Zastoupil) has collected a good combination of improvements. Sadly, nobody at WoTC seems to have taken notice, or they don't return his calls. 😁
@KorvinStarmast I keep leaving messages at WotC begging them to define targeting for us but they never respond.
Did your message have a target?
@NautArch does sending target?
2:09 PM
i believe so
Whats a good non-rogue class for a hobo
@ThomasMarkov Monk, Hermit Background.
Bard, urchin background
We have a Drunken Master monk who played into the literal name quite a bit, Urchin background
@ThomasMarkov Fighter, Soldier background, after mass demobilization of the King' army. (I met a lot of wandering veterans hitchhiking back in the 70's ... see also an on film example in Johnny Rambo from the Movie First Blood)
@ThomasMarkov It seems like we could make nearly any class fit and fit well :)
2:19 PM
@NautArch Rime room
@NautArch Yeah, we can, all that's needed is to add a little murder and they can be a PC. .😀
2:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast Aww... too real.
2:49 PM
@MarkWells For that question on stay at home wizard, it seems like this is related, but for a different game.
Is there a meta on what to do when an answer becomes invalid based on a question update?
Q: What do we do with answers made obsolete by a question change?

doppelgreenerThere's a current case of an infrequent problem: Why is Donjon offline? Dakeyras's answer was a response to a question that was once there. It was made in good faith, and is a helpful answer. The part of the question it was responding to no longer exists, and if the question were asked in this ...

@Someone_Evil Should those answers get flagged somehow?
seems like the consensus is update or delete.
Start by adding a comment on the answer pointing out the change
What's the specific case?
@Someone_Evil I imagine its the humanoid word question
@ThomasMarkov The gift that keeps on giving
2:58 PM
can't ignore the gift, tho.
What answers aren't up to snuff (I mostly caught there being a bunch of updates)?
@Someone_Evil pretty much all of the ones I commented on.
Maybe Lukas'. Not sure on that one. SUpport was added, but not good support. "source includes the word" isn't necessarily a good support. use doesn't mean contextually relevant.
So... since I'm kind of dumb about these things, I am recreating a text adventure program that I wrote in ~ 1980 but doing it in C.
If anyone ever played the Scott Adams ones it's the same flavor.
@JohnP What? Not hypertext?
3:26 PM
Man, all these questions about extra-dimensional spaces are fun
I don't think WoTC really thought these spaces through.
Extra-dimensional space sounds like an advertisement thing
Now with extra dimension!
@NautArch no kidding!
also every time extradimensional spaces come up I sigh inside
@kviiri Yes they do. I will offer the opinion that picking the fly poop out of the pepper on rope rrick rather misses the point of the spell.
I really wish they didn't cut away pope trick in beta
would've been an awesome spell
(no, there never was a Pope trick... to my knowledge!)
I guess "Pope trick" could be extended from hat trick by having been the Pope thrice? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Benedict_IX
3:36 PM
@kviiri being the pope does involve wearing a hat, so I think you are on solid ground there.
There's something funny about hats, don't cha think?
It's like they're inherently a bit funny somehow
@NautArch I think they did, but I also think they didn't have any English grammar experts on staff to prevent unclear statments.
Had I to guess, they don't simply really see it as a problem
(which is a stance I'm not particularly critical of, to be clear)
3:52 PM
cracks knuckles time to burn down meta
4:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov uh oh, what are you going to do
First Im making a post asking if something is a dupe
sounds like he's about to burn down meta
and also answering it myself
Yeah, have fun with that
@JohnP I've done some similar work. You might take a look at Ren'Py to see how they approached it. There's also glux? gulx? for looking at another older approach. Are you planning on making a MUD?
@ThomasMarkov Meta has all the qualities of asbestos. Adding to the mass or disturbing it both seem like poor choices to me.
4:17 PM
Q: Is this question about the Magic Initiate feat a duplicate?

Thomas MarkovCandidate for closure: Can an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight with the Magic Initiate feat (picking the wizard list) use spell slots to cast the chosen 1st-level spell? Dupe Target: Can you cast a spell learned from the Magic Initiate feat using spell slots? Is this question asking specifical...

Now, for the more general question about the situation.
Q: Is this question about the Magic Initiate feat a duplicate?

Thomas MarkovCandidate for closure: Can an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight with the Magic Initiate feat (picking the wizard list) use spell slots to cast the chosen 1st-level spell? Dupe Target: Can you cast a spell learned from the Magic Initiate feat using spell slots? Is this question asking specifical...

@ThomasMarkov Do you mean "duplicate that should be closed?" or "useful duplicate that should remain open?"
@GcL Not necessarily. Mostly to see if I can recreate the mapping system I had, I thought it was nice at the time. If I like it, then I might look at a more modern system that allows for more than "go north. Get sword. Kill dragon. Win game"
@GcL Fixed.
@JohnP interesting. Pop over to the Elemental Plane of Math ?
@ThomasMarkov Looking at rpg.stackexchange.com/help/duplicates, it doesn't really give much information about what qualifies as a duplicate.
4:27 PM
That's why I use this meta post as a standard for arguing one way or the other.
You almost got me.
4:50 PM
@ThomasMarkov I am old enough that I frequently talk to myself, but that also comes with an aching back. Danger, Will Robinson!
5:18 PM
@GcL are there any particular concerns you want me to include in my meta post about the dupe war?
5:44 PM
@ThomasMarkov Nope. It wasn't much of a war. No flames. Not even swears. Not really a conflict even. Maybe better characterized as a few mildly confused fish.
Okay. I posted the question. Hopefully we can come up with some ideas, because there has to be a better way than what happened.
@ThomasMarkov Probably just consider the dupe a good dupe and leave it alone to get a satisfactory answer. Maybe throw in a comment about "related to..."
@GcL we have good dupes and bad dupes?
I never realized there was a hierarchy of dupes
i just thought they were 'dupes'
My timeline had 21 steps.
If we can get this down to like a 3 step program, that would be great.
@ThomasMarkov efficiency is the enemy of democracy
5:50 PM
@KorvinStarmast I think that new answer to create bonfire may be right. Having a hard time disgregarding the argument.
@NautArch Some dupes are good dupes. Especially when they ask and get an answer that the other question doesn't or didnt'
@NautArch Yeah, it's an interesting breakdown, I just felt the digression to moonbeam and flaming sphere added more noise than signal.
@GcL I'm still pretty confused.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, but the language of "on a turn" seems pretty clear. And can directly compare to the "start it's turn" language.
@NautArch yes, which is why I edited it to make it look better. The presentation was sloppy, the thoughts seemed to me to fit together pretty well
@NautArch Maybe "either use flaming sphere or use moonbeam" as a contrasting example?
@NautArch Close all duplicates, to me, is ham handed. Also, by what criteria something is determined to be a duplicate is not defined or explained much in the /help pages.
5:53 PM
@GcL Oh, i think I disagree. A duplicate is a duplicate.
The problematic experiences I've had with "closed as duplicate of ..." is when the question I get pointed to doesn't freakin' answer the question.
@KorvinStarmast moonbeam would be a good counter
@NautArch With the last edit, I think it's fine.
@KorvinStarmast gave my upvote already :)
As did I.
5:57 PM
Q: What do we do when a question is covered as a subset of another, but the answers are insufficient for answering the special case?

Thomas MarkovTaking a look at the revision history of the question, "Can an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight with the Magic Initiate feat (picking the wizard list) use spell slots to cast the chosen 1st-level spell?, you will notice six gold-badge open/close actions. You might be tempted to say "looks kin...

@TheOracle A different way of looking at that might be, "what do we expect a new user to do?" and then "what should be done to improve that new user's experience here?"
@GcL Good thoughts, Ill mention that in the question.
@GcL Is that a different question, though? How do we teach new users our process?
It does seem like there is a difference between "what should we do" and "how do we communicate that to new users"
@NautArch Communication with the user should be part of what we should do, right?
6:11 PM
@ThomasMarkov Absolutely! And why I commented as to why I was closing.
@NautArch What do you expect a new user to do when they find a question that is close to, but doesn't answer their specific case?
@GcL I don't think the new user should do anything, because I don't think they knew about the other question until it was closed.
I think we should explain what the issue is and what they should do.
because as you've said, they don't know.
@NautArch what should they do though?
@NautArch So they have question, it doesn't have an answer, and they should do nothing?
@GcL They have a question, they ask it.
Then the site experts notice it's already been asked.
THe site experts should explain the situation to the new user and note what needs to get done.
And if that user has no rep to bounty, then I"ve often bountied those questions to get a complete answer when the complete answers are missing.
6:18 PM
So they ask a question, then the experts notice it's already been asked. They leave a comment explaining it's already been asked. The user still doesn't have an answer.
So wait for someone else to benevolently bounty the other question?
But in this case, I also really think we shouldn't have 'kept' the older question general.
Because none of the answers addressed the general situation, only the specific case.
So in this question, it really would have been a better experience for the user to have done that.
Ask a question, get it closed, and wait for a bounty seems like a coherent procedure.
We could have narrowed the 5 year old question to the specific case that was answered and then left this question alone.
Does it make a satisfying experience for the user?
I think that would have been much more satisfying.
But by expanding the original to be the general and note that it was missing complete answers, we kind of created this monster.
And had we gone ahead with that, the open/close dupe flipflop would never have happened.
6:21 PM
So don't close the new question about a specific unanswered case, go fiddle with an old question?
@GcL The old question was already unclear.
It had a general lead but a specific case. And the answers only considered the specific case.
If anyting, we fiddled with it to make it more general
WHen we could have fiddled with it to keep it what it actually was: a question about the specific case.
I too think that stopping at 12 in the timeline would have been an agreeable resolution.
It didn't answers the new user's question. They asked a new question. The first part of the procedure is still the same. What happens next?
@ThomasMarkov breaking for lunch is usually a decent plan /S
I think we're talking past each other @gcl
I'm arguing for having simplified the whole thing by editing the original question to meet the answers it had. With no input from that querent in years, that seems fine.
Is that an argument for not closing the new question as a dupe?
6:25 PM
Yes, we wouldn't have even had to consider it.
@GcL Yeah, what Naut is pushing for here has the new users question staying open.
To me, it seems like not closing a new user's question, which has no answer, is a better experience for the new user.
That's...what i'm saying.
Which is why I reopened it and answered it, and Naut edited the old question to be more specific and to be clearly not a dupe.
We had an ambiguous very old question. It contained both a very general lead and body. But then included a specific case. Absolutely no one had yet answered the general question and all focused on the case.
Given that the querent of the old question never said "hey, you're missing the big question and just answering my example!", I think it's reasonable to assume that they just wanted their case answered.
6:28 PM
To be clear, V2Blast's bounty was about updating language for an errata, not about addressing the specific case.
And that would have allowed the new question to remain fully open as it was an entirely different question.
I'm having a difficult time distilling that check of the older question into a succinct guidance that could get stuffed into a help page somewhere. Check that the older question can't be modified to better fit it's answers and avoid being a duplicate of the newer question?
@GcL No, not at all.
Check that the older question isn't actually overly broad? or the broadness of the older question doesn't match that of it's answers?
I"m not talking about a general method here.
Just discussing this specific case, because it's specifically special.
In a general case, if someone new asks a question and it's a duplicate, we should do what we always do: mark it as a duplicate, explain it, and inform that dupes are good.
6:33 PM
What do you do when the question you're referring them to doesn't actually answer their case?
If the question should answer their case, the process is to mark as a dupe and tell the answerers on the old one that their answers are incomplete.
If a question asks "what are the available RAW actions in 5e" but someone only discusses the Attack action, and then we get another question about "Can I ready an action", we should close that as a dupe and remind folks to fully answer the first question.
That seems like a succinct procedure. Expect new user to ask question without answer. Redirect to older question without answer yet. Add comments to each existing answer asking the each answer poster to update their answer to include the specific case.
Although, that doesn't put the old question to the top of most user's landing page queues.
Is there a no-op touch edit that's acceptable?
I'm throwing some bounty on this answer.
@GcL what do you mean?
@GcL a bounty might. depending on sort choice?
@NautArch Is adding a bounty to the older question an expectation? If so, who is expected to do that?
@NautArch Essentially update the edited timestamp so it shows up in questions with recent activity. Otherwise, you're relying on only existing answer posters to see the comments on their answers.
6:40 PM
@GcL Honestly, I'd say whomever noticed it. If it was me, I'd bounty.
but that's not something we can ask of everyone
@GcL yeah, i'm not sure what to do there.
And bounties are tough when you're new, which you're addressing. Giving away rep is a tough choice when you don't have much.
Adding comments to all the answers and doing a touch edit does seem like things that could be expected to be done.
@NautArch Or when you have a lot, but really care about internet points.
@GcL that seems reasonable
@GcL Feels like there's a jeff foxworthy joke in there somewhere
@NautArch He was the "You might be a redneck if..." stand up, no? So. "if ... you like internet points?"
@GcL If you are obsessed with internet points, you may be a ...
If you think "Sack of Exp" is slang for "Goblin", you might be an adventurer
If you enter a room, and the first thing you say is "I cast Fireball", you might be an adventurer
6:50 PM
Ha! I feel like there's a wide shallow inland sea of "you might be an adventurer" quips.
@RevenantBacon a wizard
You might be an adventurer if you can successfully pass off your peculiar behavior as "searching for secret doors"
If one of your best friends and closest companions dies right before your very eyes and your first thought is "now I can loot his magic sword", you might be an adventurer.
If you nor any of your friends bat an eye at an eyebat, you might be an adventurer
If you hawk an ancient family heirloom to buy a shiny new +1 sword, you might be an adventurer.
6:55 PM
When the anticipation at the end of a detect magic ritual gets you aroused, you might be an adventurer.
Ooo... there's an entire reddit thread of these: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/d8viou/…
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