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12:29 AM
I've been stuck using the default text editor app on chromebooks for years to write code, and now I can't switch to anything better or it feels too weird.
Except Vim for some reason
1:27 AM
which one's the default, just the basic "Text" app?
2:07 AM
to be fair it is quite nice (especially for my low expectations of anything on chromebook lol)
2:39 AM
It only gets annoying when you try to use C/Java, since Text's version of CodeMirror doesn't seem to work for syntax highlighting those.
As for chromebooks, they've evolved massively. They now come with a built-in Debian VM, so you can run C compilers, IDEs, even games on them. Although I use a dedicated laptop with OK specs for gaming, I do all my programming on a $300 chromebook and don't notice any inefficiencies at all.
(Other than the 30 seconds to boot up the VM, which just involves clicking the "Terminal" button and checking email while it loads)
3:02 AM
oh, I see. oh that's cool! I mean, my judgement is not particularly valid because I was using a school-issued chromebook that had about -1 features on it and I could barely run Chrome until eventually it died before I even finished high school sooo
yeah I basically used it for like, just about nothing near the end of high school cuz I just brought my other laptop to school (because i tend to keep a lot of tabs open and also want to code a bunch which is annoying on a school chromebook that can't even easily run python)
School issued computers are the worst. My school gave everyone windows laptops that take 5 minutes to open Chrome/Edge, and they force the traffic through a filtered VPN. Even worse, it goes down all the time so you can't even do school work on their school laptops.
oh yikes. yeah the school's entire network is filtered so at least it's not that slow. and actually the school's internet is usually surprisingly fast somehow
except when literally the entire school board's internet goes down 5 times within the first two weeks of school for several hours at a time xD that was funny
Unrealted, but...there's a constructed languages SE?
why wouldn't there be one?
@Lyxal the PPCG Gaming discord kinda dead ngl
@RedwolfPrograms I don't know when these people will learn that more restriction won't make students any more obedient
it just makes them smarter at circumventing the rules
3:16 AM
wait conlang.SE has been around for over 2 and a half years already???
damn i'm getting old i thought it was a lot younger, I joined conlang as it was just opening to public beta (not really i'm really not old i just have bad memory)
bruh, don't get old before school ends
do it after that
oh for the record i'm not in HS anymore i think i made that entirely not at all clear lol
i still should get old after uni ends tho not before :P
i figured, nobody gives away laptps in HS anyway
oh I'm really bad at communicating
I was still in HS last year, and I had a school-issued chromebook from high school
I'm using my own laptop for uni, I don't think they offer either laptops or even discounted offers
chromebooks with surveillance software
those thing can barely run on their own
anyway how is voitng so var for everyone
3:25 AM
I don't even think it's the schools' faults, it's the stupid laws like CIPA
cipa the title actually sounds pretty good
yeah, probably. I mean I feel like the only reason the school board can afford to give everyone a chromebook is because our school emails are set up on gmail and most other major email services are blocked so there's probably some sketchy business deal going on
but maybe I'm too cynical
looks terribly implemented though
we have 181 voters that have already voted as of right now
Gov'ts need to stay out of tech until they understand it well enough
3:27 AM
oh. definitely
those videos on yt of like governors asking google/facebook ceo about privacy and stuff are so cringe
i mean this is also what happens when your entire government is like 60+ lol
182 now lol
nice :P
"So what's this 'internet', Mr. Secretary?"
"Well, it lets people communic..."
"Can people use it to break laws?"
"Well, yeah, but..."
"We need more restrictions."
"Well, sure. But there're more to it tha..."
"And what about the children? Make it so they need to be spied on to make sure they aren't misusing it"
"Oh, of course! It's obviously the people who have grown up with it that least understand it and need intrusive governments to ensure they're using it properly"
ah just like basic human rights
3:43 AM
@Razetime no no #gaming on main
Can you use SEDE to get a user's reputation for each site they're on?
I don't think so because single SEDE query runs on single site only.
I'm pretty sure you can't because you have to query a specific site.
Ninja'd with same byte count
I wonder if you could use SE API for that then
3:48 AM
Wait I thought it was just identical length by appearance, they're actually the same character length too??
n i c e
@RedwolfPrograms Seems that you are required to specify a site in the query args of API queries as well, so you could but you'd have to query each site manually, which is still annoying
SEDE queries comparing data across multiple sites are definitely possible
Actually, it looks like the /users/{ids}/associated/ page has the rep for each site: api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/10936061/associated
(using myself as an example)
Hmm, that's lots of information
3:54 AM
Yeah. Also, I had no idea I had that many 101 rep accounts solely to leave comments on posts. Might need to clean those up.
oh, that's not the API query I would've expected to give the reputation for each site :P
I ctrl-F'd reputation so I didn't find it lol
2 hours later…
5:32 AM
Q: Plot a centered circle

RazetimeIntro Given radius \$r\$, draw a circle in the center of the screen. Sandbox. The Challenge Here is a simple challenge. Plot a circle using the formula \$x^2+y^2=r^2\$, or any other formula that will plot a circle according to the given parameters. You may use any units that your language provide...

2 hours later…
7:51 AM
Announcement: The online interpreter for Flurry is live! Language details can be found in the link, and some previous discussions and golfing tips can be found in the Flurry chat room.
8:02 AM
Q: No. Of Factors Does the Number Have

SmilecatCreate a function which takes in a input integer and then returns the number of factors it has, like if you pass 25 then it will return 3 since it has 3 factors i.e. 1,5,25. Challenge: Make the fastest and the smallest code!

@Bubbler cool, how difficult is flurry?
@Razetime It requires some knowledge about how lambda calculus/combinator calculus works, and it's somewhat hard to find challenges to solve due to I/O restrictions.
And it was pretty hard to solve x==y, and the solutions to x/y and x%y are yet unknown.
8:27 AM
ok sounds crazy
whats a good place to get info on lambda/combinator calculus?
I don't have any introductory resource
And major part of converting arbitrary lambda calculus into Flurry code involves SKI calculus
8:45 AM
I've seen ski before.
also wikipeadia is not the most fun place to learn lol
Imma try searching a bit
9:08 AM
I had an idea about making a challenge involving non-identity involutions. Basically a function that when applied twice returns the original input. However for all reasonable domains (integer, unsigned integer, string) I can think of trivial solutions (mul -1, xor 1, reverse).
So instead I though it could be a nice popularity-contest, like making the function 'cool' in some way (for example maps your name to "CodeGolf" etc.) but I want to ask here before going all out making official specs in the Sandbox
@MrRedstoner It has been long since we started to avoid popularity contests altogether (main argument being "it is not an objective winning criterion").
@Bubbler Ah, good to know. That's why I wanted to ask first.
Maybe you could require that every possible value maps to something else, so e.g. for strings, reverse is an invalid answer (due to palindromes).
Or even a function which becomes identity when applied three times.
Or take an integer and output a function that becomes identity when applied that many times?
Every input has to map to something else might work, but definitelly needs the empty string included as input, otherwise treating it as unsigned number(s) gives you a trivial solution. The three times might work, will think about it
9:46 AM
@Bubbler still trivial, x => x % 3 ? x - 1 : x + 2
ugh, replied to wrong comment, but nm
@Neil How about strings?
@Bubbler just treat as an integer in bijective base 256
(or whatever the character set for the string in question is)
That works, but I believe there are other ways to solve it
e.g. apply that function to the count of leading spaces
Q: Print a Cantor Set

AverroesThe Challenge Build a N-Leveled Cantor Set. The Cantor ternary set is created by repeatedly deleting the open middle thirds of a set of line segments. The program receives one parameter N (a integer number) and then prints (in console or similar way) a Cantor Set of N levels. The print ...

Q: Arbitrary Precision Integer Division

LiamWe will be implementing division for arbitrarily large integers. This is code-golf. The task is to write a program or function that implements arbitrary precision integers and Division on them. Note that many things that might make this very easy are disallowed, please make sure to read throu...

2 hours later…
12:12 PM
Q: Finding a probability not to hit specific cards when using a scrambled card deck

PambuliinoSo the idea of this game is to use stack of cards that have been scrambled and you count from 1 to 13 every time you hit a card on the table. For example you start saying one and the card cant be an ace. you continue this all the way up to 13 which is king and the number cannot match the card or ...

1:07 PM
@MrRedstoner You could restrict the input and output to some subset, or require that the subset is invariant. For example, input is guaranteed to be a square number and output must also be square, or input can be any positive integer but if it's square, the output must also be square. Primes, palindromes etc work too.
3 hours later…
4:30 PM
Any feedback on this?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingOutput a unique sign sequence A sign sequence is an infinite sequence consisting entirely of \$1\$ and \$-1\$. These can be constructed a number of ways, for example: Alternating signs: \$1, -1, 1, -1, ...\$ \$-1\$ for primes, \$1\$ for non-primes: \$1, -1, -1, 1, -1, 1, -1, ...\$ All \$1\$s: \$...

Took me 3 and a half years, but I finally got the Fanatic badge on Meta :P
5:03 PM
hey nice :D
throwback to when i tried to get it
and then got my account deleted on day 97
and had to do another 100 days
Oof, that's tough
also i like that challenge
account got deleted?
I think I've got close before, and just missed a day or two without realising it
@HyperNeutrino Which one?
23 hours ago, by HyperNeutrino
Read from that, HN explains it :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing the sandbox one you just posted :P
oh i forgot to vote on it
have updoot
5:15 PM
@HyperNeutrino Thanks! I'm kinda worried cause I've never done a popularity contest before, and they can be poison to a good challenge idea
The problem I saw with posting it as a code golf was that there's no good way to enforce the rule that you shouldn't just do trivial sequences (like all 1s, or alternating or whatever)
yeah, I think this is one of the few challenges where a popcon actually seems to make sense as the metric
I thought it was answer-chaining at first when I saw the challenge statement but I can't think of how that'd make sense cuz it seems that there will never be a way for someone to be unable to extend it
unlike the OEIS one which almost died like every week lol
I was considering putting the answer chaining tag on it, but it's an extreme edge case IMO
@HyperNeutrino Until it finally got killed off :(
It's 5th on the list of challenges by answer count :P
oh wow lol
lemme guess hello world is #1?
I just posted the 800th answer to it :P
ooh nice :D
5:20 PM
In fact, the other 4 are all "catalogue" challenges
haha I still remember when I spent a week like going around math.SE and literally emailing the guy that made the sequence to try to figure this one thing out
and got it out like 167 hours after the last one xD
Yeah, I was super impressed by the effort that you went to answer it :P
yeah uh.... i was REALLY bored so like
this was like grade 9/10 or smth like that so i had a lot of time and spent like a couple hours on code golf every day so
yeah :P
someone else (i remember it being wheat wizard) also helped a lot otherwise the challenge would've died a whole lot earlier lol
@HyperNeutrino Pretty sure it was user202729
At least they have a whole bunch of answers on it
oh, maybe. could've been leaky nun too, or possibly just a bunch of people cuz i forget the sequence but it was really hecking hard lol
6:33 PM
Oh cool my rep is the concatenation of two powers of 2: 16,256
Or even the concatenation of a power of 2 and its square, which is much more interesting
11, 24, 416, 864, 16256, 321024, 644096 would be the only possible rep scores with that property
Oh no, challenge time.
in Jelly Hypertraining, 2 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
CMC: My rep can be expressed as the concatenation of a power of 2 with its square: 16256. Given an integer n, output whether n has this property
Already posted in JHT, might as well cross-post it here :P
6:53 PM
Ready to get outgolfed by 50 bytes: n=>{s=""+n;for(i=0;i<s.length;)if(+s.slice(0,++i)**2==+s.slice(i))return 1}
@RedwolfPrograms Does that work for 39?
Doesn't look like it checks for powers of 2
Oh, oops. Let's add a few dozen bytes then :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is the square always on the right of its squareroot?
@RedwolfPrograms Mine doubled in size when I realised that :/
6:57 PM
@Adám Nice!
Can I take input as a string? Like "50" or "24"?
Yeah go ahead
It's only a CMC, there aren't really any strict rules :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, if not for overflowing floats, one could remove ⌊2⍟
@Adám Does using the fact that 2*n is 1000... in binary help at all? That's what I use in my Jelly answer
@cairdcoinheringaahing Uh, no, I don't use binary here at all. The code simply says "is the argument a member of the evaluation of the concatenation of the stringified, raised-to-the-power-of-1-and-2, 2-to-the-power-of the integers from 0 until the floor of the 2-log of the argument?"
7:05 PM
@Adám Ah, so you check if the "parts" of the number are powers of two by seeing if they're in the list of powers of 2
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, I construct all the two-part scores and check the input against that.
OK. I did it the other way around: "Does the input meet these criteria?" rather than "Here are the numbers that meet these criteria. Is the input one?"
Fixed it and made it 20 bytes shorter: n=>Array(+n).fill``.map((a,i)=>""+i+i**2).indexOf(n)
Just generates all of the caird coinheringaahing numbers up to n, then checks if n is in that array
@cairdcoinheringaahing Hm, the first part is always has length ceiling of the length of second part divided by two…
Probably something to do with the properties of the powers of 2
7:11 PM
It probably doesn't hold for larger powers, but good enough for this.
@RedwolfPrograms How does that only generate powers of 2, I can't figure it out
Holds for 65536 4294967296 at least
The .map((a,i)=>""+i+i**2) is just "take i and concatenate i to the power of 2"
Yeah, but why isn't 39 included? Does i just never become 3?
How'd I make the same mistake twice :/
Lemme fix that
@cairdcoinheringaahing Here's an implementation of that method, at 21 bytes: ⊢(↓(⊣=⊢×⊢)⍥⍎↑)⍨∘⌈3÷⍨≢ Try it online! Infinitely more efficient than the last one.
7:14 PM
Damn, that input seems to be quite the tripper
of course, we all forget it has to be squares of 2
Wrong one
7:46 PM
Q: Concatenations of powers and their squares

caird coinheringaahingAt time of writing, my reputation is \$16,256\$. As I noted in chat, Oh cool my rep is the concatenation of two powers of 2: 16,256 Or even the concatenation of a power of 2 and its square, which is much more interesting which then spawned a CMC about checking if a number has this property. Gi...

Oh god you actually did it.
Here I will help you get back 16256 rep.
Please don't tell me you're the downvoter :P
@WheatWizard I changed it slightly to make it a bit more interesting :P
Finally, a challenge I can answer first :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing How?
I'm just 27 votes away from my first tag badge
7:52 PM
@WheatWizard You take the power as an input, rather than just 2
Very slightly more interesting :P
I posted my answer, then immediately realized you'd changed it and had to edit
Guess I have to aim for 321024 rep now :P
I feel like there's something special about 5768, lemme look it up on the OEIS
No, I guess not. It just sounds nice.
It's a permutation of 4 consecutive integers
I think the reason it looks so neat is that it's 576 (24**2) combined with 768 (256*3)
8:02 PM
@WheatWizard I'm confused, was the downvote actually from you or was that a joke?
It was actually from me. I expressed my disinterest in the challenge before it was posted.
Ah ok, so it was a serious downvote, not a joke one. That I'm fine with :P
3 hours later…
10:34 PM
Anyone know of a proof that a non-integer raised to the power of an integer is a non-integer? Browsing Math.SE isn't really helping
Isn't the squareroot of two a non integer that can be raised to the power of 2 to get an integer?
Counterexample: 1/2 raised to the power of -1
Good point. I'll be less general: is e^(2nπ) a non-integer for all integers n =/= 0?
I'm assuming yes, but I can't prove it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yes because e^pi is transcendental.
If e^(2n*pi) is an integer for some nonzero integer n, that directly implies e^pi is algebraic, a contradiction.
Thanks! That's really helpful :)
11:04 PM
Any feedback on this?
11:22 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userThe Worst Sorting Algorithm code-golf Worstsort is a useless beautiful sorting algorithm that can make even quicksort slow, and your task is to implement it. More specifically, you have to implement \$w_n\$ given some integer \$n\$. (\$n\$ represents the level of recursion, the greater it is, the...

11:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, all real integers, yes
...what are non-real integers?
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, if you set n as 1j (or 1i if you prefer) then you just get 1, I think
@Neil Oh right, of course

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