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12:42 AM
:/ One of my challenges is currently in the HNQ, but it’s not the one I posted most recently
3 hours later…
3:49 AM
What the segfault...when did I get 5800 reputation
4:30 AM
reputation gains quickly stack up way faster than you notice if you're active lol
and eventually one day you look and you're just like "oh wow when did I have this much rep" lol
I need a bit of help from someone who writes stax
I'm trying to find the index of a string in the list of strings.
but somehow it doesnt give me a proper index for "39" in ["24359049", "816561", "27729", "981", "39"]
@HyperNeutrino nice icon btw
oh i've heard of that lang before, don't remember ever touching it though rip
@Razetime haha thanks :P you have a nice icon too looks kinda trippy lol
@HyperNeutrino It's not awfully special but it has probably my favourite online editor ever
oh, which editor is that?
Shaggy's Japt editor comes very close
also a good tutorial
4:40 AM
wait i missed the link i'm blind
I'd make an online editor for the one I'm designing if I had any clue how to do web dev stuff
I just stick to having my language on TIO :P I could try making one tho and see how well it works out
especially for the languages with more flexibility/features i'm worried about bringing down my server so having it on TIO's nice cuz dennis did smart things and it won't cause security issues or anything
and if I knew whether or not it's even possible to run a Haskell program off a webpage without having, like, my own server to uhh
send requests to
or whatever TIO does
oh yeah you'd probably need a server to host the backend to run stuff
that is what TIO does
you need some form of hosting
so you'll need to rewrite the tokenizer and stuff in js
if you're gonna host on a static site like github pages
4:52 AM
yeah you could technically do that
some simpler esolangs/golf langs could probably be done like that relatively easily
trying to do haskell... probably be extremely difficult to say the least
5:13 AM
These days you can target WebAssembly and host almost any language statically, at least in theory. In practice there's a few practical problems atm with doing stuff like this, but in a few years time it's not unthinkable to have a statically hosted TIO that runs languages in the user's browser via WASM
that would be very very very cool
See eg. pyodide-cdn2.iodide.io/v0.15.0/full/console.html where they've compiled fully featured Python to WASM and it runs on the user's computer, completely statically.
@UnrelatedString You could at least try GHCJS
Wait, you mean you want to run Haskell itself, not something already written in Haskell?
And here's K in WebAssembly.
5:28 AM
@Sisyphus I guess that will break when the native binary size is over a few hundred megabytes (or a few gigabytes)
@Bubbler Does that ever happen? One could also envision a small language core, with task-specific modules being fetched from the static server when first needed.
@Bubbler I didn't think of that. I suppose something like Sagemath which is ~8GB is unlikely to be WASM friendly anytime soon.
Dyalog's executable is pretty monolithic (the whole language, plus an IDE and GUI support etc. is included) and is only 12.5 MB.
well, aren't older languages generally made more optimized?
Like, they have to perform their tasks in lesser memory and occupy lesser space in general,right
True, but may have picked up more cruft too.
5:37 AM
no, something written in Haskell
5:50 AM
Q: The HexLattice Problem

SmilecatA centered hexagonal number is a centered figurate number that represents a hexagon with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center dot in a hexagonal lattice. Illustration of initial terms: . . o o o o . o o o o o o o o ...

@Adám Coq online runner exactly does that for extra packages, but it takes a minute to load one of the core packages...
(and sometimes it takes a minute to load the language kernel itself, depending on environment)
Also, suddenly taking away multiple megabytes of cellular data budget for just visiting a web page is not so fun.
6:40 AM
Q: Rotation in dynamic sequence?

Anchit SinghHow to rotate the sequence S starting from ith element to jth element. In other words, the ith element swaps its position with that of the jth element, (i+1)th element swaps its position with that of the (j − 1)th element, and so on in O(log n) time, using augmented red black tree.

2 hours later…
8:10 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SmilecatA centered hexagonal number is a centered figurate number that represents a hexagon with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center dot in a hexagonal lattice. Illustration of initial terms: . . o o o o . o o o o o o o o ...

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9:12 AM
Q: Dice Paths on a Grid

SisyphusYou place a standard die at the origin of a 2D grid that stretches infinitely in every direction. You place the die such that the 1 is facing upwards, the 2 is facing in the negative y direction, and the 3 is facing in the positive x direction, as shown in the figure below: You then proceed to e...

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11:31 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Galen IvanovPalindrome distance Find what is the distance for a given string to its closest palindrome of the same length. For this task I decided to give the characters further away from the string's center more weight (think of it as contributing more torque), proportional to their distance to the center. ...

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12:57 PM
Q: Grow in a slow-growing sequence

polfosol ఠ_ఠBackground There is an interesting question on MathSE about some conjectures that are disproven by extremely large counter-examples. This delightful answer tells the story of a sequence of numbers called Gijswijt's sequence, which is now registered as A090822. The sequence is defined as follows ...

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2:53 PM
I just flagged an answer to the oldest question on the site for deletion as invalid.
Does anyone know how much work it takes to write an interpreter for a high level language? I came up with a concept for one but don't want to start writing it if it'll take more than a few months.
Any feedback on this? If there are no glaring issues, I'm thinking about posting later today or tomorrow
@RedwolfPrograms If you know what you're doing, it can be done in a couple of weeks
I've found the longest part of writing an interpreter is thinking of and then implemented the command set
So for me it should take a few months :p
I've got the syntax worked out, but it'll be tough to parse it
If you use a tokeniser and a parser, it shouldn't be too long :P
Q: City Tour - InterviewBit (Wrong Answer)

Setu Kumar BasakI am trying to solve the City Tour problem from InterviewBit. I am getting wrong answer for the below input. This is my solution below: #define M 1000000007 void computerFactorial(long long *fact, int n) { fact[0] = 1; fact[1] = 1; for(int i = 2; i <= n; i++) { fact[i] ...

3:04 PM
I'd consider Rutger to be a "high level" language (at least syntax-wise), and once the tokeniser and parser were done, everything else was fairly alright
I guess so, yeah. The only thing I can;t decide on syntax-wise for my language is whether to use && and || or and and or
Why not both?
You can have some bits of syntax that are "golfier" and equivalents that are more "readable"
You could even have it so that one version has different precedence than the other, so a and b or c => (a) and (b or c) whereas a && b || c => (a && b) || (c)
Yeah, maybe.
One of the features of my language will be that almost every aspect of the syntax (except a few core operators) would be in imported packages, so if someone didn't like the default they could change the it to whatever they want anyway.
4:00 PM
Odd, I had no idea SE used a STV for their elections. I'd think it would just be something like add three points if first choice, two if second, one if third
Actually it seems that I'm the odd one. There don't seem to be any common voting methods that work like that.
5 hours later…
8:43 PM
Oh wait it's my birthday
Not sure how I forgot that
9:11 PM
lmao, nice
happy birthday!
@RedwolfPrograms Happy birthday :P
9:31 PM
Unrelated, but I'm thinking about learning a golfing language. Any recommendations?
9:48 PM
@RedwolfPrograms What ones do you know right now?
I've kind of stayed away from golfing langs until now, so none :p
Ah, okay :P If you're just getting started, I'd say 05AB1E is probably a good choice; it's stack-based so it's considerably less annoying to understand than, say, Jelly.
What does Jelly use?
jelly is tacit
the structure is really hard, took me a couple months to get like somewhat familiar with it and even now I sometimes get confused just by the core syntax of it
Cool. I think I'll look into 05AB1E.
I've been using JS for like five years now, it's nice to try out something new
9:56 PM
@HyperNeutrino Betraying your role as JHT teacher :P
Ah. Yeah, I eventually picked up Jelly cuz I got tired of golfing in Python. Throwback to when I first did code-golf exclusively in Java :P it's not bad for some purposes and one guy on this server uses it a lot and does it really well
TBH the main complaint I have with 05AB1E is the choice of builtins seems much more specific than Jelly's more generalised approach, which can save 05AB1E answers a lot of bytes in certain challenges
@cairdcoinheringaahing oops yeah xD @RedwolfPrograms if you ever want to learn Jelly join us in Jelly Hypertraining lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh yeah definitely; in a lot of challenges especially simpler ones, 05AB1E beats Jelly by a byte or two just because Jelly's weak point is its double-byte built-ins that 05AB1E has for two bytes
very sad when the solution has one straightforward optimal approach that any (non-wack) language has to use to be competitive and Jelly just can't compete because of its builtins
though that's better now with a lot of the two-byte common quicks becoming aliased to a single byte
@HyperNeutrino @Mr.Xcoder left a brilliant explanation of how Jelly's program structure works in JHT, it seems to have a couple of users properly grasp exactly how Jelly executes programs
I like challenging languages, so I might take a look at Jelly sometime soon
10:00 PM
Oh, that's cool! Maybe I should look at it so I can stop just guessing or trial-and-erroring it and actually think with the structure more
@HyperNeutrino Ðf -> Ƈ and Ѐ -> Ɱ have been lifesavers to me :P
yeah those are awesome :D
@HyperNeutrino Should be on the starboard, find part one and just read the massive message block :P
oh okay lol :P thanks!
jesus that is a lot of stars
Have I been summoned:P?
10:03 PM
Just singing your praises teaching Jelly :P
Well long time no activity for me
Seeing a notification from SE is like discovering an anchient artefact fir me nowadays
You responded to it pretty quickly :P
If I'm not currently in a chat room, it takes me 15 mins min to even get the notification :P
What else could I do at 1 AM? :))
Good point :P
And also I have quick notifs enabled for SE chat iirc
What's been going on on codegolf recently?
10:07 PM
We're in the midst of a mod election :P
Oh yeah good point I should vote
Have you seen the candidates yet? :P
I just read through and voted
Wasn't aware before but congrats on participating and good luck!
Thanks :P TBH never thought I'd be running for a mod
And if I lose, I'm happy with WW, Jo King and HN as mods, think they'd all do great jobs :D
How many new mods is CGCC getting?
Oh lol
IIRC to replace/fill the places left by Dennis, Mego and DJ
Makes sense
(Though of course they aren't replaceable <3)
Sep 8 at 23:22, by caird coinheringaahing
I am genuinely 100% torn between "wanting mods to help improve the site" and "wanting to continue supporting the old mods' message" :/
Yeah :|
10:20 PM
Funny story actually, I wrote up my nomination/QA at about 2am and decided to post it in the morning so I could answer any questions promptly, woke up, saw HN nominated themselves and went "Ah well, might as well still go with it"
@Mr.Xcoder Add in the fact that 2 failed mod elections could lead to the site being shut down, and no-one wanted to risk even the first failing
Yeah that's a sensible decision
IIRC Bubbler and Adam were drafting nominations in case there weren't enough candidates
So it seems its very much "I want the site to continue going, I don't want to replace the old mods/diminish their message"
It makes total sense, indeed
I was wondering... I've got CGCC as my first browser bookmark and I still (sort of) tap on it daily and stuff, but I never actually read the content/I exit immediately; this feels like a sort-of-weird habit, does anybody else do it? :C
looks at my open Chrome window with 19 tabs open, all related to PPCG
That sounds like commitment
10:26 PM
It kinda is and isn't :P
The type of commitment needed for a moderator 😉
6 are chat rooms, 2 are recent main/meta, 5 I use for review tasks, 1 is my profile, 1 is the Sandbox, 1 I just closed and the rest are just one off tabs I use occasionally :P
omg activity in JHT
@Mr.Xcoder hmmmmm
I gotta check that out
10:29 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Yeah, I try to post a CMC as anti-freeze rather than just go anti-freeze or some such
That's sweet
It actually worked
Might give it a try tomorrow if I don't forget about it immediately
Yeah it must be 1:30AM for you, right?
Although I think we established years ago that late-night golfing is the best type of golfing :P
Did we?
I guess we were right
> jesus that is a lot of stars
Yeah I should clear those sorry
10:35 PM
Maybe pin the first message and clear the rest?
Yeah I'll do that tomorrow as well
If I forget and you notice feel free to ping
wait how do you clear stars again
I don't really remember, iirc it was from "room" dropdown but not sure at all
Does anyone know what the byte count for the Jelly answer to this question is?
The CGCC Graduation Userscript's leaderboard isn't working for me anymore and the challenge doesn't have a js leaderboard built-in.
Thought I'd ask here before going and hunting for it.
10:50 PM
A: Print a 10 by 10 grid of asterisks

DennisJelly, 8 bytes ”*x³s⁵j⁷ Try it online! How it works ”*x³s⁵j⁷ Main link. No arguments. ”* Yield '*'. x³ Repeat the character 100 times. s⁵ Split into chunks of length 10. j⁷ Join, separating by linefeeds.

8 bytes
@HyperNeutrino Dang
Oof, lol.
it can get down to 7 with Y but that was apparently added after the challenge was posted (though language version rules have changed since then, if I remember correctly)
@HyperNeutrino yeah those rules no longer apply
"Newer languages are allowed"
okay cool. yeah i remember the whole "non-competing" answer thing eventually just got removed cuz it wasn't helping the site/community anyhow and didn't really have a purpose anymore
i still cannot figure out how to clear stars and i'm sad
If someone wants to learn Jelly, I strongly encourage to learn APL and J first.
10:56 PM
A: Print a 10 by 10 grid of asterisks

Jonathan AllanJelly, 7 bytes ”*x⁵Ṅ9¡ What's going on? ”*x⁵Ṅ9¡ - No arguments ”* - character literal, * x - multiply (dyadic operation) ⁵ - integer literal, 10 (we have now constructed the string '**********') Ṅ - Print & linefeed (monadic operation) 9 - integer literal, 9...

7 bytes
oh yeah. that sounds like a good idea. i tried learning APL for a bit (though after i already knew jelly) and i've never tried J
@Bubbler Interestingly, I did it the other way. I learnt Jelly, then got my head around the basics of APL (never fully learnt it tho)
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh, lol. oops i didn't keep looking i just stopped after i found the first one :P and i'm sorting by oldest so that's not a good idea
bruh, you can only clear stars from the sidebar
I just entered "Jelly inquestion:88653" into the search bar and the two came up :P
oh. i forgot that was thing. lmao nice :P
10:58 PM
SE's search is way better than most people realise :P
Jelly's tacit programming rules are just various specializations of APL's (and J's), seeking byte savings for various scenarios.
(as a reply to the comment about SE's search) Yeah, definitely. It's not super intuitive, but it's powerful.
@Mr.Xcoder just cleared the stars :P took me a while to find the option because it's only available in the sidebar ._. but after i found it it took like 2 minutes :P
Completely unrelated, but ugh, whenever I pour a pint of my homebrew at least 50% of it is just pure foam :/
@HyperNeutrino Oh okay thanks a lot!
11:08 PM
no prob :D

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