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3:26 AM
Q: Who is the 'One' in the below statement ? | LotR

TheMadHatter Legolas says : " It was a balrog of Morgoth, of elf banes the most deadly save the ONE who sits in the Dark Tower " Now does the "One" in the above statement mean to be Sauron or a Balrog ?

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5:00 AM
Q: Why does Voldermort hug Draco Malfoy?

TheMadHatterVoldermort hugs Draco in the movie ( DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 ).Why does he do this ?

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6:09 AM
Q: In Batman Arkham city what is the choir chanting when Batman fights Ras Al Ghul

Benjamin RosarioIn the video game Batman Arkham City when right before Batman fights Ras Al Ghul the theme plays, and the choir starts to chant, what are they chanting and what language is it in?

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9:15 AM
Q: Was Moaning Mytle a pervert ? And did she see Harry naked?

TheMadHatterMoaning Mytle often pops into Bathrooms to Check in one everyone, and she probably saw something that was private at least once. Was she a pervert ? When Harry says [ Fourth Book ] that he isn't wearing anything when he was in the prefects bathroom being watched by Mytle, Mytle replies that she...

Looks like we're down to 15th for CommonMark migration
I don't think that's sorted.
It seems to have been going mostly in order hasn't it?
Though to be fair I've only been looking at it every day or so and watching the numbers go down
10:18 AM
They haven't updated the numbers properly anyway, so the current list still starts at 1
I assumed that was intentional
@TheLethalCarrot you can start a markdonw list as 65336 and it will show as 1.
Oh I know, you have to do the HTML workaround if you want it to start part way through
So I wouldn't say we've been moved in the list, just that they automatically update
I meant more that there's been ~15 or so moved out of the list that were at lower numbers than us
10:42 AM
@TheLethalCarrot ahh gotcha
I failed my comprehension check I guess
11:22 AM
Q: Short story about a teleport gateway on Earth

Henry RustedThe story I'm looking for is in a book I read in the mid/end seventies (1970's for time travellers). I can remember fragments from the story: Teleport works through replication It has limited range, so teleport gateways are needed to spread across the galaxy Aliens teleport in and (not sure her...

Q: What works do the quest names in Outer Worlds refer to?

Boluc PapuccuogluIn the video game Outer Worlds, most (or maybe all) quest/mission names refer to works of speculative fiction. So far, I was able to identify some of the works, but the list is incomplete. The missions I have encountered so far and the references I was able to work out, in reverse order of encoun...

12:03 PM
Q: Can a morphed non-nothlit use the Escafil Device again to get morphing powers in the morph?

Alvaro Sanchez MartinezCase 1: Get a morph, get morphing powers again, get another morph and be able to keep switching through first level and second level morphs all the time without needing to morph through the original body to remorph. +...< [ { original body } first level morph ] second level morph > ...+ Case 2:...

12:41 PM
@Adamant I don't think you need to make it as complicated as posting a draft beforehand. I think it's fine if you just post a meta discussion asking how to encourage questions about black creators and what other things we can do to encourage such questions. If the community seems interested enough in it a moderator can mark the meta discussion featured and help out with anything the community decides to do to promote black creators.
I'd imagine a lot of it can be encapsulated in the metas spinning off from my idea collection one, so it's whether we wait and suggest this as a sub idea in those (contests, movie nights) or do one just for this now
1:36 PM
Q: Can a being morph into himself by getting the DNA from his clone or an unattached part of his body (read as "severed limb")?

Alvaro Sanchez MartinezSomething along the lines of: Marco -Oh, the iskoorts made a clone with my DNA, let's acquire him so I'll be able to transform into myself. Or also: A dracon beam makes Jake's shoulder explode, effectively severing his right arm but as the controller looses his head thanks to Ax's tailblade, Jak...

2:21 PM
Poke @SQB
Q: Trying to remember a YA scifi novel about abduction, by Dutch-named author, 70's

Torsti TenhunenIn 70's I read an YA novel where a boy was levitating and/or shortly abducted and/or visiting a small ball shaped space ship. I recall the writer was Dutch or Dutch-named. The feeling in the book was quite natural and non-scifi.

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3:49 PM
@Jenayah How long is this going to take?
For @SQB to reply? Probably a little while longer
want me to stop?
How many titles are there roughly to fix?
I don't oppose what you are doing, just wondering how much work is involved.
I can, just that as it seemed to be considered helpful and it has been bothering me for a while, figured I'd have a go since I don't have much else to do until the person I'm waiting for shows up
@TheLethalCarrot we're talking about something else ;p
3:52 PM
Booo, normally I'm the one in the know on contextual conversations
@Null I don't know. Until I run out of keyword ideas, or the person I'm waiting for shows up, or I get bored, or something else shows up, or it's 1AM and my Wi-Fi is set to automatically shutdown for me to do something else than spending the night on my laptop, whichever comes first
Q: Why do the aliens in Aliens mostly come at night, mostly?

Wiggo the WookieNewt tells Ripley and the marines that the aliens mostly come at night. Is there any indication of why they are less likely to come during the day? I'm looking for any indications from novelisatons, comics, computer gamers, other films in the franchise etc or something I may have missed from the ...

@Jenayah I figured you were using a SEDE query and were working your way down a list of something like 10 billion results.
I do have a SEDE query, but I feed it patterns, not just a single keyword. Worked pretty well so far
Can I be nosey and ask what you're doing or not?
3:57 PM
I guess story-ID hunting taught me to guess which combination of keywords were likely to show up :-)
@TheLethalCarrot you can, but I'm torn because it's fun to see you wondering and being a little lost :D
Yeah I get that haha
@Jenayah Ah, so 10 billion results per pattern. Yeah, this is going to take awhile. We should just appoint you as a mod and let you have at it.
@Null some patterns have surprisingly few results
and SEDE being touchy about searching for apostrophes prevents me from searching some I'm sure would yield results
4:29 PM
Doesn't ring a bell. And a Dutch-sounding name? Could be van Vogt, like Valorum says, could be something like that.
4:45 PM
Some downvotes and delete votes needed here:
Q: Need to find the last volume or learn the end of "Tenth Planet" series

Hurol AslanI read two volumes of a trilogy named "Tenth Planet" (whose on author was Dean Wesley Smith, if I recall) by borrowing them from a library but I have never found and had the chance to read the last one, after leaving the U.S. I would like to learn how it ends.

> Q: I haven't been able to locate this thing, how does it end?
Which by itself is pretty broad to begin with...
> A: I haven't been able to locate info either, but you can buy it online!
Which is not even a link-only answer since the link doesn't tell you how it ends...
@Null forgot a possibility above: "until I run out of flags for the day" :-)
5:10 PM
100, that’s not too many
Please oblige this new user:
A: Why couldn't Tenzin enter the Spirit World?

user129984Please delete this comment, I cant figure out how to do it myself.

Already done so
5:29 PM
Q: Can Legilimency detect invisibility?

Krumione.and.DembridgeJust like the question indicates — can Legilimency detect invisibility or camouflage? We know that Legilimency detects someone's thoughts. So, if a Legilimens were to look into the eyes of an invisible or camouflaged person and perform Legilimency, would the Legilimens be able to know where the i...

Go on, watch a doing then @Jenayah? ;P
Right now? Trying to figure out a recipe to use leftovers I brought for super cheap
But camembert, pepperoni and surimi don't mix that well
(yes, I know that's not what you're asking :D )
Cook the Camembert and dip the pepperoni in it surely?
yeah there's a recipe where you stuff it with the pepperoni and dried tomatoes, sounds good
Sounds good, but I do love cheese
5:37 PM
Brit person who loves cheese and has a beagle (well, it's not yours but you get what I mean)? From now on, you're "Wallace" :P
I don’t care what they say, there is no way Gromit is a beagle
And technically the beagle is the wife’s but he just doesn’t live with us
5:52 PM
Q: Anime/cartoon identification!

mk12345Anime/cartoon where kid has to save his grandma that turned to stone, and has to save her by getting all the "type" of creatures where they help him fight

6:16 PM
Q: Why did Grindelwald organise this event in the first place?

Lefteris008In Crimes of Grindelwald we see the title character during his transportation from MACUSA prison to Europe. However, we soon find out that who later Apparates to the carriage transporting the prisoner and a few wizards. At that point he is already in possession of the Elder Wand and the ...

6:28 PM
@Jenayah you VTD’d that last? Tut tut tut
6:39 PM
Q: How did King Theoden suddenly lose his beard?

TheMadHatterIn The Two Towers, when Gandalf goes to see Theoden the king has a massive beard that rivals that of Gandalf. When he is free from Saruman's enchantment, he nearly falls down and is caught and supported by EOWYN. He still has his Beard at this point. The camera then shifts it's focus to Eowyn 's...

7:05 PM
@TheLethalCarrot no tut tut tut here. When I spotted it, the answer was at +2. I DVed it, and it became +1, still not eligible for a delete vote. I guess you and/or DavidW also downvoted it, it made its way to the queue, where I was able to finally cast a vote.
Ah I guess I’ll have to let you off then... didn’t see that :P
7:49 PM
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8:58 PM
Q: How did Oliver Wood wake the girls on his Quidditch team?

Krumione.and.DembridgeSo I was rereading CoS when I came to a bit that I found weird. In the part where the Gryffindor Quidditch team were practicing at the crack of dawn and they find out that Draco is a Seeker for Slytherin, I realized that the Gryffindor team had girls on the team as well. But because of this, I wo...

9:22 PM
Q: Is Linkle the daughter of Llia and Link?

A Dead BokogoblinLinkle uncannily looks like Llia and Link. Is she their offspring?

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10:27 PM

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