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8:32 AM
Q: Find the missing word

DETIVAFind words to fit clues. Each XXX should be replaced with the same three letter word. _ _ X X X _ _ | Clue - Entertainment _ _ _ X X X _ | Clue - Continuously attack _ _ _ X X X _ | Clue - A fruit

9:18 AM
Q: Find the missing words

eyl327With inspiration from Detiva's puzzle. Find words to fit the clues. Each $\text{X X X}$ should be replaced with the same three letters. $ \begin{gather} % custom template - reuse if you may \def\S#1#2{\Space{#1}{20px}{#2px}}\def\P#1{\V{#1em}}\def\V#1{\S{#1}{9}} \def\T{\color{white}{\textbf{Patt...

Q: Fun with Flags part 7: attention please

sarsaparillaWe are looking for an idiom. Other (independently solvable) puzzles of this type: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

2 hours later…
11:23 AM
@GarethMcCaughan no idea what the solution is, but that's a nice surface :-)
(and the surface will be even nicer now that there's no open midden on it)
11:38 AM
11:51 AM
I'd use "midden" to clue E, personally, but I suspect @GarethMcCaughan would not.
I'd even consider using "Septic tank's finally" to clue I (the seventh letter of "tank's finally") . . . though I probably wouldn't actually do it, and nor do I think @GarethMcCaughan would.
I have done similar things once or twice but usually avoid them. So solvers should have a low prior probability on "midden" meaning E but not see it as 100% impossible. (There is no information in this content about how the current C4 clue actually works.)
I would not, ever, use "septic" to mean "seventh", because "septic" does not mean "seventh".
@GarethMcCaughan pfft, a minor issue
(Hmm, Wikipedia thinks "septic" can mean "of degree 7", referring to polynomials; I wouldn't even use that other than facetiously.)
12:11 PM
lol "a septic polynomial"
3 hours later…
3:26 PM
Game is polynomial, perhaps (5) - HEXIC
Alternatively, "Game is kind of polynomial (5)"
Avi, you're tempting me to mute you for good
It's not like he's messing with the Codenames games anymore....
Maybe he just doesn't like my clues :x
3:53 PM
Maybe Avi only doesn't visit our new location because he doesn't know about it?
4:10 PM
which new location?
4:36 PM
@Mithical heh, and just now somebody was like "well, this site is dying"
but are there alternatives?
4:54 PM
septic clearly means "relating to scottish families" or perhaps "relating to churches in westeros"
5:15 PM
5:40 PM
Q: 12 hidden clues in just one paragraph!

Beastly GerbilI have attempted to hide as much information as I can within as little words as possible, while it still makes sense. And while the following paragraph does indeed make sense, that doesn't mean it's easy to read... This took a very long time to work out, but the following paragraph contains 12 c...

5:53 PM
I got a name change
@Mithical Dannngg
icelandic for "teacher"?
or is that old english
in The Reading Room, 32 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
> Scholars generally consider Hoddmímis holt, Mímameiðr, and Læraðr to be other names for the tree.
In LSE, I became a book about a tree
So Rand al'Thor suggested Yggdrasil and then
in The Reading Room, 33 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
Læraðr - there's a name for you.
Prepare for your name to be constantly mispronounced by the DM
5:59 PM
looks like the icelandic word for teacher is "kennari" so i was not even close
Q: Google Searches With no Results

NilsterWhat is the shortest string of letters that yields no results in a Google search? When answering, please use the NATO alphabet in order to prevent the string from becoming a search result. Scoring: E - 57 N - 34 P - 16 K - 6 A - 43 S - 29 ...

@JohnDvorak It's pronounced lai-ra-thor, guys
6:14 PM
"lay rather"?
@NorthLæraðr Rand al''s cousin?
Anyway, this renaming is just too confusing. Can I keep calling you Mith?
@msh210 wut
I'm north
(a joke)
(based on the fact that you really could've been Mith for all I knew and Mith did change names recently)
Why would Mith change their name to north lol
Maybe I am Mith impersonating North
Or maybe you're an elm impersonating a beech.
6:19 PM
Apparently if you search "site:>" in google, it doesn't give anything
but I'm of the opinion that that question was going after letters only
*checks to see if I have recently become invisible*
i wonder what would happen if i now changed my username to North
You'd be unable to change it back for a month, that's what'd happen...
6:26 PM
pretty sure i deserve it more than læraðr, geographically speaking...
that'd be hilarious
i'd be laughing right up until the point someone took @jafe and was like "think i'll keep this one"
usernames aren't unique...
they aren't?
oh, didn't know that
i know there's a tom and a Tom but i thought the capitalization difference was enough
6:48 PM
Working on puzzling projects with other people can be quite frustrating when you have very different cluing styles and the other person is your parent.
...apparently my puzzles are too convoluted.
7:12 PM
My parents gave up trying to understand anything on this site a long time ago :P
It's not the site, it's our income... :P
7:27 PM
oh nice!
I think imma step back from puzzle-making for a bit. Running out of ideas and none of my recent puzzles have done well despite me thinking I had good ideas etc. Plus I have some important exams upcoming, even more important now because of the uncertainty with covid. I'll probs be less active for a bit, might post occasionally but definitely less frequent, so if I'm not around thats why :)
7:52 PM
@BeastlyGerbil good luck with your exams
8:09 PM
@msh210 thanks :) I'm not 100% sure how they're gonna work, being stuck at home and all. Bit stressful, but I can only try my best
8:43 PM
Q: Longest word with adjacent letters on a keyboard (without using any letters twice)

Very Specific Word SearcherI know this question is very similar to GOTO 0's, but all the answers to GOTO 0's question had many repeating letters. I need a word in an official dictionary that all the letters within are adjacent to the next, that also only uses each letter once.

Q: Google can not find me

Tom Google can not find me, reflected I'm lemon and lime, googling 'me' is when you fall, me and meme will answer all. What am I?

8:59 PM
@Mithical You start writing another puzzle, but suddenly Mithical traps you in a puzzle room, cackling all the while...
Still stuck on Sudoku for those who are wondering why I disappeared
which sudoku
9:15 PM
If I tell you more it would be spoilers (it's a puzzle I'm creating)
9:29 PM
Q: Get up and Riley!

AviMy prefix is strangely vast My infix is just you and me My suffix's where this is asked My whole makes you so grumpy What am I?

@Avi I feel like I could be very wrong with my latest answer to this ^ , but some of those lines fitted too nicely :P
9:52 PM
Q: A chain of words 3

FlanManReplace each line below with a new word of similar meaning that is legal in Scrabble. The last two or more letters of each new word must form the start of the next new word, and the first and last new word must be the same word. prime example itsy bitsy what some swimmers do floater exa...

10:14 PM
Q: We found text from the year 2040!

atenaoRecently, the first surviving examples of text from the ███████████████e discovered! The unearthed artifacts included a collection of rectangular tablets inscribed in the hitherto unknow█████████████████pt, as well as more mundane objects such as ordinary metal tools and fragmentary pottery. Th██...

1 hour later…
11:23 PM
Q: A timely late arrival in The Future

samIt is The Future, and you're living in it. Flying cars haven't arrived yet, but self-driving cars are a thing. Sort of. After the latest AI uprising, integrated route planners were banned: you have to manually input the route, and the self-driving car will follow it to the best of its ability. T...

11:46 PM
Q: Is it faster to cross reference chains from 2 cells when trying to solve 16*16 sudoku grids

Quoss WimblikHi there I'm trying to see if I can solve 16*16 grid Sudoku problems. Does anyone know if its more efficient to use advanced Hodoku techniques or simply with basic rules to cross reference forced chains from 2 cells. So far I have not been successful with advanced Hodoku and am doing far better ...


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