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2:40 AM
Q: The hidden question

merrybotHidden in this puzzle is a question. Solve the puzzle, find the question, and please answer it! I leave you with a text file: QW++ - - |\|/| - - |/|\| - - ### ### ## ## # # # ### ### ## ### # # # # # # # # ### # # #### # #### # # # # ...

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4:54 AM
@Alconja Thanks. So am I.
5:45 AM
Q: A rectangle in a rectangular hole

subdermatoglyphicI have a carpet of 240 inches by 120 inches, but my floor, which it needs to cover, is 180 inches by 160 inches. How can I do this by cutting the carpet into exactly two pieces? Source: Rational Amusement for Winter Evenings by John Jackson (Google Books link)

6:30 AM
Q: Find the missing number in this triangle?

Mohan TrivediFind the missing number in the 3rd triangle according to 1st and 2nd.

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9:32 AM
Q: The Two Thieves

DubnotalFatty and Skinny are two thieves, who stole gold coins and now divide them between themselves. Skinny says, “That’s unfair, Fatty, in your bag there are three times more coins than in mine.” Fatty answers, “OK Skinny, I am giving you one more coin for each year of your age.” Skinny is still not h...

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10:40 AM
Q: Anagrid (word search with anagrams)

GlorfindelI have to give Tom the opportunity for a rematch, so here's my attempt at an Anagrid (here is the first puzzle in the series). The rules: This square is composed of elements, all in the same set, written either horizontally or vertically. There is no overlap, each letter belongs to exactly one w...

Q: A remarkable musical ode

AnonOn his deathbed, the great blind composer Charles Triangle composed the following remarkable piece, but his penchant for puzzles has left critics in tears searching for a deeper meaning to a piece whose significance seems, upon listening, to lie not merely in the sound. Do you have the ability t...

Q: Complete this sequence

melfntWhat are the next items of this sequence? $1101$, $31$, $21$, $15$, $13$, $\dots$

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12:41 PM
1:20 PM
Q: Variant of lion and 100 zebras

ghosts_in_the_codeNote: This problem remains unsolved, as of 19 April 2020, so do try it out. 400 rep bounty guaranteed for a correct answer This a variation of this question by @Gamow Suppose there are $100$ lions and $100$ zebras. The lions function together as a team, and so do the zebras. The lions place t...

1:42 PM
Q: Pandigital Puzzle

Paul RichardsCan you find the 10 digit number* which contains each of the digits 0-9* exactly once, and when divided by 9 the quotient is a perfect cube which has the digit 7 in it exactly twice*? *in its base 10 representation For clarification: 1014107283 does not qualify, since although 4833=112678587 ...

Q: What Goes Round (Begriddled logic puzzle)

Nick RiceJoin adjacent numbers in the below grid to reveal the hidden content. The rules are: 1: Join all pairs of vertically and horizontally adjacent numbers that are the same. 2: Join all pairs of vertically, horizontally, and diagonally adjacent numbers that are next to each other in the circular s...

2:05 PM
Q: Algorithm for creating a "Dot" logic maze

PixelI've been looking at Robert Abbott's logic mazes, in particular his Dot maze, and I'm trying to understand how they can be constructed so I can write an algorithm to do this automatically for arbitrary size and colours. For now, I'm sticking to a small size with three colours. I don't yet have h...

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3:14 PM
Q: Find the missing number in the given question and also explain

Vikrant Mehta In this image there is a pattern.. Recognise and find out the missing number

@hexomino oops, missed this. yes, that is correct.
@msh210 Thanks :)
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4:22 PM
Q: what is this, cant figure it

MAD Science Bdukester10 Have no clue what this is, please help!

5:05 PM
Next up in things to do in quarantine that I've been wanting to do for a long time: buy all of Raymond Smullyan's books and work through them
Q: Grandpa avoids cutting the grass

TomWalking past Grandpa, who seemed to be snoozing, I saw a note in his left hand, with the name of a film I recognized on it. As I sat down opposite him, he opened his eyes. Me: "What's on your mind Grandpa?" Grandpa: "The lawn needs a trim, but I'd rather watch the film I've written down on this ...

5:46 PM
Q: Which two capital cities in the world are closest to a natural multiple of $\pi$ kilometers apart?

GalenLet $C$ be the set of (national) capital cities, and we wish to consider all pairs of cities $a, b \in C$ where $a \neq b$. Ignoring the trivial case of $n=0$, which pair(s) of cities $(a,b)$ satisfy having a surface distance between them (assuming sphericity) that is the closest to some $n\pi$ ...

6:23 PM
CCCC: Irish Oscar winner in large debt, starts to envisage end. (5)
6:36 PM
Q: - oo_ - a! - o _ o _ _ o _ a _ _ _!

DEEMWhile I understand that many words will fit the following, the final version should and will make sense once you get the right words. The text includes many familiar names. Thanks for the patience.

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7:49 PM
damn, I just pinned hexomino's CCCC and then unpinned it by mistake, which of course means I can't pin it again because it's been unpinned by an admin :-).
So I'll have to solve it instead: the answer is WILDE ("Irish Oscar"). First letters of "winner in large debt" plus last letter of "envisage".
Q: Who/What am I? A riddle poem of satire

GalenI'm gigantic and pedantic, I come in many parts. Some see me as rigorous, but I'm unspokenly ridiculous. I like to guess and play, when it's my turn to say. I'm power-law distributed, not all at once refuted. What am I?

2 hours later…
9:28 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Yep, that's it
10:18 PM
CCCC: Septic tank's finally replacing open midden (7)

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