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5:07 AM
@GarethRees Having now read it all, yes indeed, excellent answer. Thanks @Tsundoku, as usual.
Let's hope the new topic challenge proposals thread gets more voting now that weekdays are beginning, and especially with another election notification due to drag everyone back to the site today.
So far it seems to be just me and Tsundoku voting on each other's proposals ;-)
About porting across old answers ... Tsundoku and I are already doing so, I've pinged (pung?) Galli, Mith, heather, and informed EJoshuaS via comment ... just need to do the same for Mick, Standback, Peter Shor, Marine1.
And done. (I'm not personally a fan of Mick's or Marine1's suggestions, but Peter Shor's looks great and is definitely worth copying to the new thread. Anyway I informed all of them.)
5:48 AM
i am in favor of pung being the past tense of ping
Past participle. The past tense should be pang.
sing/sang/sung, swing/swang/swung, ping/pang/pung
6:04 AM
A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

heatherTopic challenge: Nazi Holocaust literature This includes both fiction and nonfiction books - examples include Night by Elie Weisel Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank Maus by Art Spiegelman (based on interviews with author's father, graphic novel) Children's poems from Terezin Concentration Ca...

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7:58 AM
I know we have to give some leeway for poetic licence, but I'm really confused by how YB Yeats thought he could plant nine bean rows and get peas
literature.stackexchange.com/election 4 users nominated so far
8:21 AM
Is there a meta thread where we ask questions to the moderator candidates, or do we just ask in chat?
@b_jonas There's a meta thread here
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9:57 AM
@Tsundoku you comfortable with @StackLiterature tagging you on Twitter?
10:44 AM
Last 9 hours to nominate yourself to be a pro-tempore moderator here on Lit!
I've closed and locked the old topic challenge post. I wish we could edit the lock reason text, though
11:03 AM
I wish the meta mod flags would be displayed on the main site as well
Though that may create problems of its own on more active sites, for me it'd be a huge relief :D
@Mithical is there any userscript for that, per chance?
Just glanced through my list of mod scripts and didn't find anything,
try looking through stackoverflow.com/c/moderators/q/37/3, though, that should be more up-to-date than my list
Thanks! Didn't find what I wanted, but installed some other handy scripts
It seems I'll simply have to stop being lazy
I mean, Art or Sam could probably whip something up for you if you ask.
11:16 AM
Too much bother for not enough payoff, I think
11:54 AM
Welp, I still did it
@b_jonas I was thinking of creating a CW meta post where anyone could edit in questions and the candidates could answer them. But then when I became one of the candidates, I thought it might be an odd look for me to start such an endeavour and propose questions.
Our meta isn't that active ...
Mith did propose one question, but that's more to "new members of the SE network moderator community" than anything to do with moderating Lit itself (AIUI, none of the issues leading to the two resignations occurred here on this site, but more in main meta and network mod-only spaces). Since 3 of the 4 candidates are already part of the network mod community, it's almost a moot point.
1 hour later…
1:25 PM
@Mithical I don't know. What do you mean by "tagging" me?
@Tsundoku @-ing you. ;)
As in, "Check out this cool answer by @<your Twitter handle> about The Epic of Gilgamesh: <link>"
Aah, that's what you mean. Yeah, that sounds OK. Tagging has so many lugubrious meanings ;-)
Cool, just wanted to check beforehand
Just to verify; you are @RabelaisA11y and I'm not making a fool of myself?
1:40 PM
Yes, that's me. I blew my pseudonym, I guess.
I mean... most people aren't checking who retweeted posts from @StackLiterature.
Oh, is that a new feed?
No. Just the Twitter account has been very quiet lately since I didn't feel like doing anything with it and the chat control room kinda died.
Almost exactly three years.
2:23 PM
Tsundoku has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
The webpage HNQ rss feed filter, which should provide the HNQ feed, is based on loutish-rod.glitch.me, which is still working. But none of my attempts to "fix" the HNQ feed for our site have worked.
A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

Peter ShorRabindranath Tagore I would like to suggest Rabindranath Tagore (1861—1941), an important Bengali writer who wrote poems, short stories, and novels. This is in part a response to the suggestion of Munshi Premchand (1880—1936), a Hindi writer whose works seem quite difficult to get in English. I...

3:18 PM
@Gallifreyan Does it need to be locked? I assume your aim is to prevent further voting on the answers, but it's a bit unfortunate to be unable to comment on them (luckily I got all my "FYI if you want to port your answer over" comments in already) or edit them (clicking "edit" just to get the text with all formatting stuff is nice for copying them over).
I'm now really regretting that I didn't notice the Narayan topic challenge earlier. (Really feels like I didn't even notice it, or at least didn't pay any attention. I guess these months have given us all a lot of other things to worry about.)
Malgudi Days, a collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan. Short stories, so it's easy to dip in and have just a ten-minute read.
I actually bought one of Narayan's novels (The Painter of Signs) but I haven't started reading it yet because I've been busy reading Lin Yutang and something about a certain Gilgamesh.
I read Malgudi Days last year but no questions came up.
> Here is one way I propose that you read this book: one story per day, for thirty-two consecutive days, by the end of which you will have experienced Malgudi Days as a Malgudi month, more or less. Each day’s reading, with only a few exceptions, will take about ten minutes. The vast majority of these stories are less than ten pages long, several are under five, and only one is more than twenty.
^ from the foreword by Jhumpa Lahiri
Yes, I remember that now.
That seems perfect for a monthly topic challenge.
But now only ten days left :-(
I'd better get reading and asking then.
3:43 PM
@Randal'Thor My aim was what you said, though I didn't think about the comments and the edits. I'll unlock it for now then
4:37 PM
@Randal'Thor @Tsundoku Thank you! The answer is now online.
@North Wow, nice collection of links! That's the most thorough/detailed answer so far.
@Randal'Thor Thank you! It did take a while to put it together, but I do like to be thorough.
Q: Is there any general significance to 20 May in Hinduism, or was it just personally auspicious?

Rand al'ThorIn R. K. Narayan's short story "The Missing Mail", from the 1943 collection Malgudi Days, which I've been reading online, the resident Ramanujam is desperately trying to arrange a marriage for his daughter Kamakshi. At one point he says to Thanappa: The season would be closing, with only thre...

Unfortunately, Korean folktale doesn't exactly have one "definite" author that you can turn to (unlike Brothers Grimm or Charles Perrault), so I had to do some digging to find decent links to the folk tales that were actually telling the story rather than the summary. I think that was the most difficult part
It's mostly (and still nowadays) told orally, though there are plenty of children's books that have a collection of the folktales
A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

TsundokuThe Tale of Genji The Tale of Genji, written in the early 11th century by the noblewoman and lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu, is almost consistently described as the oldest novel in Japanese literature. Depending on how you define "novel" it may be the world's first novel. There are English tr...

A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

TsundokuThe works of Arthur Koestler (1905 – 1983) Arthur Koestler was a Hungarian-British author and journalist. He was born in Budapest and grew up mainly in Austria. He became a member of the Communist Party of Germany in 1931, from which he resigned in 1938 because he had become disillusioned by Sta...

A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

NorthGenre Challenge: Korean Folklore So, after Tsundoku pointed out there so far was no questions on Korean literature in Lit. SE and encouragement from Rand'al Thor I'm proposing Korean Folklore as the next Reading Challenge! This would be a great genre challenge. Folklore and fairy tales aren'...

4:48 PM
@North It'll be good anyway to get more questions on oral literature. We had a kinda strange discussion about that years ago; it's definitely been treated as on-topic since then, but hasn't seen all that many questions.
It is a bit harder I think
Oral literature isn't a very familiar concept to Westen culture since there's such a heavy emphasis on writing stuff down. The thing with oral literature too is that it's always told just slightly different from person to person
I'm not sure what one could ask, with the addition to recalling the story but also expecting someone else to know
Well, questions don't have to rely on the exact details of a story. Could also be questions about general cultural context which enhances understanding of the story as a whole.
Western culture also had oral literature if you go back far enough. (Well, I guess that's true of any culture.) Not all that far in some places, too, like Ireland IIRC.
Ooh goblins and fairies and leprachauns and evil demons
Sounds about right
I mean most folk tales are told orally, since like the general population back then was illiterate
4:59 PM
The whole "blarney" thing is often reduced to just a stereotype about Irish people being gossips and swindlers, but that "gift of the gab" also relates to a real skill and tradition in storytelling.
@North Yeah exactly, if you go back far enough it's oral all the way down.
Hence why people used to be able to make an occupation out of being a bard or minstrel or whatever.
@Bookworm Looks a bit tricky with Hindu festivals following a lunar calendar.
@Tsundoku Which calendar? The link in Journeyman's answer says the Tamil calendar is a solar calendar.
5:15 PM
Okay, I changed my profile picture, but it won't show up in the chatroom which makes me sad
@Randal'Thor Perhaps I should have said Hindu calendar. When you look at this list of Hindu festivals, very few appear to be based on the Tamil calendar. But yes, the Hindu calendar is solar not lunar.
Because my parent user is still technically PSE
There, I'm a book about a tree
@North It does.
Did you change your parent user?
@Randal'Thor Just briefly to show you what it looks like
@North Do people in the PSE chatroom make jokes about "The North remembers"? ;-)
5:19 PM
@Tsundoku What
Not once
@North Yggdrasil?
@Tsundoku Though now you mention it, I'm surprised they haven't. Maybe I'm too dense.
Or maybe they just aren't Game of Thrones fans.
<--- knows nothing about GoT and only a bit about ASoIaF
@Randal'Thor I should just change my name to that in LSE huh
5:23 PM
> Scholars generally consider Hoddmímis holt, Mímameiðr, and Læraðr to be other names for the tree.
Læraðr - there's a name for you.
@Mithical I told myself I wouldn't start reading ASoIaF before G. R. R. Martin had finished the last volume in the series. We're still waiting for the penultimate one. But I watched all of GoT.
@Randal'Thor How are we supposed to type "Læraðr"?
@Randal'Thor You know what, a friend of mine would be proud of that name
@Tsundoku More the reason
I'm now very tempted
@Tsundoku Type @L and hope autocomplete works.
That's what I did with Ik Weet thingy ;-)
@Randal'Thor That's what I still do with your name.
@Tsundoku I just type the full thing because I never considered that
5:27 PM
@North You could pick Humbaba, a mythical character that protected an entire forest.
@North So you simply remember where the space and the ' go?
@Tsundoku Well if I'm mentioning him, I let autocorrect do it's job (I see what you mean) but otherwise I need to double check Rand al'Thor
I always think it's Rand'al Thor
@Tsundoku I like Læraðr better. It makes me sound incredibly, obnoxiously pretentious or just weird.
At least nobody's been tempted to abbreviate it to RaT.
I'm sure this user named humn has done that at least once.
@North And then you'll wait until Heiðrún joins this room.
5:32 PM
@North He's called me Rand al'pretty much anything.
The only problem is that once I change my name, I can't make North jokes anymore
@Randal'Thor True
@Tsundoku It's easy for anyone with a passing familiarity with the Wheel of Time fantasy series.
Maybe I should do Læraðr (North)
<--- knows nothing about the Wheel of Time fantasy series.
And make people think that gibberish means north
North of Læraðr
Keep straight until you meet a giant squirrel who will eat you, then turn left
5:36 PM
@North Then it sounds like a place.
Læraðr North, Læraðr South, Læraðr in the Marsh.
Personally, I like the view from Læraðr North-West
well it's Læraðr in LSE
I mean I would love to confuse some of the users in PSE
Imagine Gareth's response
@North McCaughan or Rees?
I forgot there's two Gareths now
Apparently SE is full of knowledgeable and well-read Gareths.
They're taking over the network! Wait, I'm not sure that's a bad thing
North Læraðr
That's what I'm going with
5:43 PM
Oh, you changed on PSE too?
Want me to refresh your chat profile?
Otherwise it might take half an hour to propagate here.
Thank you
Aw, c'mon, they won't let me change my display name to North Læraðr in LSE
You can only change once a month.
Dang it, I wish I'd known, otherwise I'd been more careful
5:47 PM
But I think you can get around that by changing it on another site and making sure to propagate the change to all sites.
in The Sphinx's Lair, Oct 16 '16 at 20:05, by Rand al'Thor
in Mos Eisley, Aug 15 '15 at 12:55, by starrer
tip of the day: do not change your username for the sake of humor
ah well uh I wish I'd known but oh well
@Randal'Thor Yeah, your name doesn't change
Hold on maybe if I
eyyy it worked
That's a really big loophole, I wonder why they didn't fix that Oh well
6:08 PM
This whisky ad is epic.
2 hours later…
7:59 PM
> election begins
> in 53 seconds
That looks like a good start.
Oh cool I forgot I get a badge for that
8:44 PM
Fun fact: that badge is actually one of those counted by the candidate score.
Oh really?
So each of us increases our candidate score simply by voting.
Can you vote for yourself?
(In this case. For future elections it might not be the case because a candidate might have voted before in a previous election.)
@Randal'Thor What's the moderation badge you're missing?
8:45 PM
@NorthLæraðr Yes.
Although you don't have to. Candidates can choose anyone to vote for just like everyone else.
Dang, imagine getting a badge for voting for yourself
...pretty sure I did that once...
@NorthLæraðr Sportsmanship (for upvoting lots of competing answers). I'm surprised that that counts as a moderation badge, although it is a reasonable one for mod score since it shows a sort of lack of selfishness.
Nobody has it on this site. It's difficult to get here because our answers-per-question ratio is quite low.
Ah, that would make sense
@Mithical Really...?
In normal elections, candidates also have the right to vote. So SE's system is consistent with political elections from that point of view.
8:49 PM
I did not know candidates had a right to vote
@Randal'Thor Are you there?
"Art thou there, truepenny?"
@NorthLæraðr Over four years ago.
That's still pretty funny
@Tsundoku truepenny ? :-)
8:52 PM
@Knight Hamlet, Act I, scene 5, I believe.
Oh okay
I answer lots of Shakespeare questions on this site.
It feels very nice how the upcoming mods are so friendly and nice unlike their counterparts on PSE
@NorthLæraðr At least in Britain, it usually makes minor news: election news coverage will include photos of the prime minister and party leaders casting their votes (for themselves, one presumes).
@Knight Here I be.
@Randal'Thor Imagine if they didn't
@Knight Pardon?
8:55 PM
@Knight Which P? I've always found the current Puzzling mods to be friendly and nice.
@Knight *squints*
@Knight But why wouldn't they be? It's part of their election campaign ;-)
I don’t think PSE mods were ever nice even at times of elections LOL
But I really feel bad about Dmckee, he was nice but he left us :(
8:57 PM
Our general criteria for moderators is as follows: "patient and fair", (...), "shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words", (...).
Yes, that should be the case.
People on Physics.SE reply like this “if you don’t understand the notations then it’s your responsibility, the answer is right in its core”
I've no wish to get involved in Physics.SE drama. Or for that matter real-life physics research drama.
No, we prefer literary drama.
But perhaps people who prefer literature over a discipline like physics, which relies on hard evidence and proof and all that, are of a different temperament?
9:03 PM
@Randal'Thor Thank God you know that there actually happened some drama!
@Tsundoku Yes, I agree but they would have stopped this conversation much before but see you and we have talked nicely and peacefully
@Tsundoku Physics doesn't entirely rely on proof. A lot of theoretical physics research seems to consist of different factions calling each other's theories crackpottery. Some people swear by string theory, others say it's "not even wrong".
Maths is the one that really relies on absolute proof, but unfortunately even there there can be drama (e.g. over definitions, which aren't on a true/false dichotomy like theorems and proofs).
Ah, yes, string theory. Well, we have fantasy.
I think there’s nothing like prodigy in literature field.
Because as John Milton said (no verbatim is claimed) that it requires maturity to write something
@Knight There have been prodigies (well, sort of) both in literature and in literary criticism.
Like who?
I really don’t know
9:09 PM
@Knight *raises eyebrow* I beg to differ with that statement.
Maturity as in physical maturity, or intellectual maturity?
The French poet Rimbaud stopped writing at a very young age. He is still considered a major poet.
@Randal'Thor Intellectual
@Mithical Didn’t get you
@Tsundoku Stopped? Why?
Plenty of people getting published without intellectual maturity. ;)
@Mithical Yeha that’s true :-)
9:12 PM
William Empson published his most famous work, Seven Types of Ambiguity at the age of 24. He got kicked out of Cambridge University (and consequently out of British academia, basically) when condoms were found in his student room.
@Tsundoku Why he was kicked out for that ?
@Knight I don't know exactly, I haven't read a Rimbaud biography yet.
Why keeping a contraceptive caused him so much trouble ?
@Knight It supposedly "proved" that he was having extramarital relations, which was, in those days, bad enough to get you kicked out.
9:14 PM
@Knight I imagine that was in the days when Oxford and Cambridge didn't accept female students or even allow women into their college grounds.
The days when any woman seen speaking to a student was assumed to be most likely a prostitute.
You know in some chat rooms they even hate to be pinged
Yeaaaah, Oxbridge has a long history of extreme sexism.
It took until the 1970s before most colleges began to accept female students.
9:16 PM
@Randal'Thor my questions were on eroticism:)
The Flemish poet Jotie T'Hooft died at the age of 21, but I admit he doesn't come near the status that Rimbaud has in French poetry.
@Knight In this case they're somewhat connected.
@Tsundoku t'Hooft? Are we back to physicists now? :-)
@Randal'Thor Yeah
@Randal'Thor Hahahahaha
Users of Physics.SE trolled Mr.Hooft and he left t
That name clash in an anomaly, I suppose?
@Knight That could be a question for the site, potentially.
9:20 PM
Always trying to promote activity, Rand al'Thor?
Okay, first I will read about him and then I will ask
@NorthLæraðr You got it ;-)
It seems very nice to me that high reputation users promote activity on this site, otherwise on other SE sites they are sort of ultra deletionist
It depends on the site, honestly
PSE is both ultra-engaging and ultra-deltionist
Also, "Rand" is fine (if you're not Aiel). Especially given the earlier discussion about having trouble remembering which way round the space and apostrophe go.
9:22 PM
I think it's nice that the election has drawn some users to this chatroom that I have never seen before :-)
@Randal'Thor I usually do call you just Rand, but sometimes I like to spice things up
Which country are you from Rand?
@NorthLæraðr Which P? Knight is using PSE to mean Physics.
But your name doesn’t seem to be English
That “al”
9:23 PM
@Randal'Thor Right. Puzzling SE
is generally found in Italian
@Knight It's from some sort of game or book or something
It's not his actual name lol
Okay, pseudoname
Can you people see how much vote you all have got till now?
It's from The Wheel of Time.
@Knight No.
Remember the fundamental attribution error — it seems likely that it is the environment of literature.se, not the character of the users, that is responsible for the appearance of niceness
9:25 PM
@Knight Knight sounds like a real family name :-)
@Knight It's from ancient Manetheren, nowadays the Two Rivers.
What does this mean
1 min ago, by Gareth Rees
Remember the fundamental attribution error — it seems likely that it is the environment of literature.se, not the character of the users, that is responsible for the appearance of niceness
9:27 PM
Which part don't you understand?
See Wikipedia on the fundamental attribution error — it's the tendency of people to interpret behaviour as deriving from character rather than environment
@Randal'Thor Was it directed to me?
@Randal'Thor That would probably be low-hanging fruit, even though the English Wikipedia article does not explain why.
Oh wow! He meant that people may not be the way they behave
@Knight Well, you were the one commenting on people here being friendly and nice more than on other sites.
9:30 PM
If literature.se were deluged with low-quality posts then we might find ourselves just as nasty as on other sites
Yes, I was @Randal'Thor
@Knight Not sure if that's a good way to summarise it.
@GarethRees Being disrespectful is a different thing
And I don’t know why you want to be “nasty”
@Randal'Thor That line is written in the linked wiki article
9:32 PM
I'm not saying I want to be nasty, I'm saying that the pressure of a poor environment might produce nasty behaviour in people who would behave nicely in a better environment
I don't think anybody wants us to be nasty, but handling lots of low-quality posts can tax your patience.
@GarethRees Yes that could be the case
@GarethRees There were a lot more low-quality posts in the early days of the site, lots of them even getting upvoted quite a bit, because we hadn't yet established a drive for quality and diversity over quantity.
And in fact one or two of the users spearheading that drive did become perhaps "nasty" at times.
Quality did increase a lot, but there were some arguments along the way.
Or to put my previous statement more positively, it can be a way to exercise the muscle of patience.
Thankfully now we seem to have settled into a good groove :-)
9:36 PM
Was that when I was still editing tag wiki excerpts or even before that?
Looong before that. ;)
I don't remember how everything fit into the timeline.
This meta post would seem to be a product of those times: "I can't honestly recall the last positive interaction I've had on the site. Nearly everything I've done here has been frustrating, anxiety-inducing, and unrewarding, especially recently. The site feels impossible to appease."
Geez. When I dropped by PhySE a couple years back there was a whole drama on like moderator election because someone got banned so was taken out of the running for the election?
You can't run for election if you've been suspended in the past year, yes. *cough*
9:40 PM
@GarethRees That looks like it was posted around the time I joined the site, perhaps a matter of days before or after.
I don't know though, the community in PhySE doesn't seem that bad, at least when I was there a handful of times
@GarethRees That was the culmination, yeah. It started back in private beta.
....and I have my own theories as to why and how it wound up in that state, but they involve several users who have since left Lit so I won't be going into detail.
Eh, every beta has their labor pains right?
I think that some users had a vision of the site being populated by literature professors, not realizing that on Stack Exchange it would be have to be a bunch of computer programmers who had read a couple of poems
@Mithical Yeah, same. Specific users were prominent in all those events and I wouldn't feel good about naming them behind their backs.
9:43 PM
@GarethRees That sounds hilarious
It's Sid!
Early Lit was an... interesting place.
I will say that there was a push for better quality which I feel did improve the site a lot even though that pushing wasn't always as "nice" as I'd have liked.
Probably during 2017: it wasn't a single period but a more protracted process.
Do all members get to vote in the election? I have.. hehe.. forgotten how SE elections work
@Sid Everyone with 150+ rep, I think.
9:44 PM
If you're over 150 rep I believe
Double jinx!
Dang it
I'd give you a Coke, but Rubio might get jealous
Ah. I somehow have 150+ rep in Literature.
9:45 PM
If it's not Diet Lime you should be fine.
Anyway. Thanks for the info
@GarethRees I wrote an essay on meta at some point about how non-expert people (e.g. not qualified professionals) can still be trained to provide expert content.
@Sid If you got a notification about voting in the election, then you can vote ;-)
I mean, I don't have to have a degree in literature to sound like I know what I'm doing
On the other hand, you don't need to know what you're doing to get a degree in literature....
According to my mother, at least, who faked her way through minoring in Literature at college.
@Randal'Thor that's kinda why I am in here. This is like the first time I am visiting Literature SE in well over a year
9:48 PM
@NorthLæraðr Pro tip: if you link to the XKCD itself instead of uploading the image, it will onebox with hover text too.
@Sid Welcome back!
Actually, this is 2020. It's been like more than 2 years probably
@Randal'Thor Huh. Didn't know that
SE likes XKCD, apparently.
Who doesn't?
9:49 PM
@NorthLæraðr That reminds me of Fashionable Nonsense. Two people submitted a fake article to a lit crit journal and it got accepted. Then they exposed the journal...
All of this reminds me, my last question on Literaure is still unanswered.
Basically built Bonfire (SE chat).
9:50 PM
Whoever answers it, gets my vote!!(Nah, not really)
@Sid So if I answer it....
@Sid Ah, an ID question.
Q: Name of this book about a man who entered a relationship with a shady woman and then had to kill people

SidI read a book around 8 months back in my aunt's home. However, I can't seem to remember the book's name although I remember it was a pretty well-known phrase. The book seemed to be of the 21st Century and I read it in English. I also can't seem to remember the name of the Author but I am vaguely...

Might as well link it in case anyone here can answer ;-)
Also, I actually found the answer to this myself a few months back, in rather funny circumstances
It's neither a Shakespeare play nor the Epic of Gilgamesh, so I'll have to pass.
@Sid I'd say it's about a 50/50 chance of getting an answer to my questions, so don't worry, you're not alone in not getting answers. ;)
@Sid Post a self-answer!
9:54 PM
I would post an answer but I am too lazy to do a proper writeup.
Mine has a 100% answer rate, I don't know what y'all are complaining about
Plus, it's a nice mystery. People should be solving it. :P
Hey @Gallifreyan could you by any chance please rename and synonymize to ? Thanks
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