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12:56 AM
Q: When are Hogwarts book lists sent out?

creative-usernameWe know that Harry's introductory letter from Hogwarts arrived some time before his birthday, but after he had already been accepted at the school Vernon and Petunia had picked out. It's possible that first years get their letters sooner than other years, to accommodate first time attendees. In...

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3:19 AM
Q: What did Palpatine mean when he said "I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head" to Kylo Ren?

SagierianI have an idea of what he meant. I know this is vaguely referring to the fact that Palpatine has been acting behind the scenes to somehow manipulate Kylo Ren and the First Order to accomplish his agenda, but I'm not sure exactly what specically he is refering to (I'm assuming most of it is not sh...

3:39 AM
Q: Are the dot pattern printouts in "I Have No Mouth, and I must Scream" meaningful?

JetpackI just read "=I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison in a collection of short stories called "The Mirror of Infinity". The story is about a group of people who are tortured by a computer named AM. Occasionally the text is interrupted by a long rectangle with assorted dots. Willis E...

4:05 AM
Just got the bronze badge for the third time.
How do I know what the record is?
4:42 AM
Q: Would the Lars Homestead really be unclaimed all this time?

Nu'DaqAt the end of the Rise of Skywalker Rey goes to Tattooine and takes up residense in the seemingly abandoned Lars moisture farm- isn't it kind of unrealistic, or at least unlikely that in all the years between ANH and tRoS the homestead would have remained unclaimed by someone else?

5:02 AM
Q: Why do I have to have rep50 to answer someone else's question?

Skinnygumbo Seriously, I have the answer to someone's question. But if this takes too long, they won't get it. I don't time to to receive internet blessings.

Q: Short story about night-dwelling party people who live on alcohol and grow their clothes and money

DavidWI think I read this in the early 1990s. Possibly in Asimov's or Analog, but more likely in an anthology. The viewpoint character is a man who has been increasingly insomniac. Restless, he has taken to walking through city streets late at night. He sees a woman get out of a cab, walk to a club...

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6:29 AM
Q: Why do I have to have rep50 to answer someone else's question?

Skinnygumbo Seriously, I have the answer to someone's question. But if this takes too long, they won't get it. I don't time to to receive internet blessings.

6:44 AM
Q: Does anybody have a list of stuff Isaac Arthur has come up with over the years?

AaronI was wondering if anybody keeps track of all the stuff Isaac has spoken about in his videos. I’m trying to just do a review. Stuff like his Supernova drive and people remotely controlling customers to perform jobs. It should be up to date as of January 2020. You can send it their. It’s fine if i...

7:04 AM
@Slartibartfast same as a couple days ago?
7:35 AM
Old one, but this is a comment, not an answer.
7:57 AM
Also, we may need to take a look on meta and correct answers that state that up votes on questions earn you 5 points of rep.
1 hour later…
9:01 AM
Not really that necessary, I wouldn't go looking for them
People don't even read the help centre or the tour, they're certainly not going to go trawling through meta
Just edit them either if you come past them as you're going around or a post gets bumped for another reason
9:21 AM
@TheLethalCarrot that's the sad truth.
Q: How fast were the X-wing fighters flying in the trench during the Battle of Yavin?

SQB "We're going in, we're going in full throttle, that ought to keep those fighters off our back!" —Luke Skywalker Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope During Luke's attack run on the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope, we see his target computer counting down numbers, presu...

Q: Why doesn't the Robot speak English better?

AdamantWe've seen that Robot can understand what appear to be reasonably complex sentences in English, such as He certainly is also capable of producing audible human speech, such as "danger, Will Robinson," but also other words, like Finally, he seems to be very intelligent, given the complexit...

I'll see if I can word it in a way that it fits in with the question.
@TheLethalCarrot better?
Personally I don't see the need for it in the question and it does seem like a separate but related one but meh
10:08 AM
@SQB something something 7/15 something something
2 of which are actual posts of mine, so I was just backing off. Thanks for the heads up, though.
Oh 6/15 didn't see one was an answer :P
And the other one was my X-wing question.
10:26 AM
Q: How did Santa Claus appear in this world?

one_two_threeMy children are very curious as to how did Santa Claus appear. Surely, he could not be born as an ordinary man. I tried to find some story, but most information on the internet is concerned with 'historical account', how Santa became part of the Christmas tradition -- now what I really need. So,...

11:07 AM
Q: daughter remembers previous life

michaelI apologize for the vagueness of this. I would like to find a novel whose review I read 20 or 30 years ago and would have liked to read at the time. A man has a pre-school aged daughter who begins to draw fantastic landscapes which she describes a pictures of where she was before she came the...

Q: What are Geralt's killing principles?

TGarI have just seen Netflix's show The Witcher. In the first episodes, I got the feeling that Geralt doesn't kill live being if they are intelligent unless it is in defense. He says to the Sylvan in the second episode: You are intelligent, I'll give you that. So I won't kill you, but you can't...

11:33 AM
Q: Should we have more specific tags for the Witcher works?

TGarI am not a The Witcher expert, but as I understood there are some differences between the books and the show, also there is a very well-known game, another TV show and so on. Some of the questions could/should be about only one of them. I know we have only one tag even for bigger universes, lik...

12:28 PM
Q: What is the demonym for people from Gallifrey?

SNRI am looking for the demonym which applies to the citizens of Gallifrey. References are welcomed.

Q: Which was The Phantom Menace movie gross, $1027+ millions or $924+ millions?

PabloAccording to List of highest grossing films Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace gross was $1027 millions. But according to Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace gross was $924,305,084. Which was The Phantom Menace movie gross, $1027+ mi...

1:23 PM
60 posts with Tattooine rather than Tatooine.
Yeah best not to bother looking for spelling mistakes
Meh, just 12 sets of 5.
Q: Anime where a girl tries to heal a boy with extensions from her body

KellyI only know a specific scene from the anime. A girl wakes up on a roof bleeding and sees a boy badly hurt across from her. Extensions from her body attempt to heal the boy, but then some planes fly overhead and shoot at her, breaking her bond with the boy. She attempts to crawl to the boy and le...

1:43 PM
@SQB What, you're done with "Wookie" already!?
2:11 PM
@DavidW not quite.
And stop again
3 left.
The quote was misquoted, so I just took the liberty to correct it.
Of the three left, one is a misquote, one is a typo in an improvised transcript, one is unfortunately actually what a site is called.
So on to Tat(t)ooine.
Okay, I had to edit one, since I misspelled it myself.
2:52 PM
> Thanks. Always remember to emphasise your crack. – Rand al'Thor ♦ 38 mins ago
Did you just undelete the comment, update the link and then re-delete it?
Oh, that explains why the link wasn't oneboxing in here. The comment was actually deleted some twenty minutes ago.
It was still open in a tab I hadn't refreshed, so I just thought comment oneboxing was broken.
How did you get it to onebox then? Haha
Haxxing skillz.
Or something.
Ah! Course
3:01 PM
Note that it also shows properly on the starboard, rather than just as a link over there.
Wow you went to a lot of effort for that haha
3:40 PM
@Marvin what.
4:25 PM
@SQB What search were you using to find "wookie"?
Oh, interesting. It doesn't find "wookies"
Yeah stack's search is just... terrible
It didn't even occur to me that "wookie" wouldn't match "wookies" or "wookiee", so I never even tried it.
It only matches the literal wookie I think
I guess it searches like \b[input]\b
4:36 PM
Yeah, it must. I'm just so used to more permissive matchers, it's unexpected.
Your used to things working better
Stack's search has always been terrible
Yeah, it's word based. Which... kinda works for this purpose.
@SQB I'm shocked at how useful it turns out to be for this. Limited use-case obviously. (How often do you need to add a character to the end of a word?)
Of course it meant that you overlooked "wookies" so...
Yeah. 25 results. :(
Not as bad as Wookiepedia, though.
any wookey fans?
4:44 PM
That's why I was so surprised that you said you were almost done; I had that search open, and there were a page of results.
@SQB Oh man, 442 results!
0 hits. lucky :D
wooky though...
But that seems to be a caching problem.
Since I'm getting the 25 results for wookies.
Yeah I just spotted that too
Or perhaps there is a bit more to search, since "wookies" is a reasonable plural to "wooky".
just to confuse things I'll write a wildly popular fantasy series about Wookey Hole.
4:50 PM
Call the series Star Wars for added entertainment
@DavidW every time you try to search for a story-id on this very site
@Jenayah I don't get it. What I mean is that a search that only matches "abcd" is extremely useful when you want to convert "abcd" to "abcde" and not match the instances that have been fixed. But if I'm searching (at least in the context of story-id) for "discover", I'd like it to match "discovers," "discovered" and "discovery" as well.
5:05 PM
At least usually with the more "elastic" searches if you surround in quotes it looks for that onle
@Marvin 12 parsecs
5:44 PM
Wookie(?!e) if we had regex.
Which means "Wookie" but not followed by an "e".
6:24 PM
Q: Star Trek episode codes. Do all episodes have one?

AlexanderThe reference work Star Trek Concordance gave every original and animated episode a unique code. For instance: The Doomsday Machine → DMa The Trouble With Tribbles → TT The Ambergris Element → Am/a (notice the /a for animated) Larry Nemecek later continued this tradition in his Star Trek: Th...

6:44 PM
Cool, no underline
Yeah, there's something screwy with the style sheets.
7:08 PM
If a user vandalizes their own posts, especially if they weren't bad posts, is it acceptable to roll back their edits?
@DavidW it's always acceptable to revert vandalism, regardless of post quality and whether the editor is the OP or not.
Just don't engage in edit wars, if it goes bananas flag for a mod.
@DavidW oh, we weren't reading that the same thing i guess
> (How often do you need to add a character to the end of a word?)
I don't actually need to add the char when I'm searching for story-ID, but I certainly want it to be included.
Q: In what ways was "Star Wars" influenced by "The Hidden Fortress"?

Andrew OstergaardI've heard many times that George Lucas got some of his ideas for his 1977 movie "Star Wars" from Akira Kurosawa's movie "The Hidden Fortress". I can see how Tahei and Matashichi could have (in some ways) served as an inspiration for C3-P0 and R2-D2. Also, I noticed that the editing in "Star Wars...

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8:24 PM
@SQB After you've finished correcting "Wookiee" and "Tatooine", you can get going on "Jaime" and "Daenerys" and "Targaryen" :-P
Unless some of the aSoIaF fanatics have already covered all of those.
8:45 PM
Q: How credible a mandalorian would be befriend his target?

Mando LandoI'm currently watching the mandalorian tv show. It is known that the mandalorians have a code of honor. However, watching the show, I'm having an argument with some of my online mates regarding how credible a mandalorian warrior would go back to help, one of his previous target. My opinion is t...

Q: Scifi short story where man is plagued by violent images

DactorwatsonI believe I read it in a Neil Clarke 2016 “best of” collection It was about a man living in a world where every surface could display pictures. One day he is targeted by a cyber-terrorism attack that displayed gore, violence, and similar on every surface in his vicinity 24/7. Throughout the att...

@SQB When you're editing for spelling, you should also check the links to see if any "http://" can be updated to "https://"
@DavidW I usually do. Which one did I miss?
I skip isfdb links, since they don't have https.
A youtube link in your question here: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/145382/…
@Randal'Thor I'll leave that to the free folk.
@DavidW oh, weird.
Thanks for fixing it.
8:57 PM
No problem; TBH, it's only because my computer is extra heavily loaded right now that I noticed the redirect.
Q: Sword and sorcery short story with a wizard carrying an infant in a backpack that actually is a parasite

Zab ZonkI'm looking for a sword and sorcery short story I read a long time ago: it's from the pulp era, possibly the 30s. I used to think it had been written by Clark Ashton Smith as both the style and the atmosphere fit his works but after reading all of his stories I had to give up: now I'm clueless. I...

1 hour later…
10:06 PM
Q: What was the name of the crime lord who lived in a replica of the Jedi Temple?

The Amused MuseI know that somewhere in the extended or legends canon there is a crime lord who owned a replica of the jedi temple and a large number of jedi/sith artifacts. What I have forgotten is a name, location, or in what source this occurred.

10:27 PM
Q: Why didn't Luke just Force choke the rancor?

riccs_0xIsn't Luke able to defeat the rancor using the Force (by means of choking, knocking, or whatever), or it does not work on these monsters?

1 hour later…
11:28 PM
Never saw that before, fun!
‮PLEASE DON'T FIX THIS — BoltClock ♦ Nov 13 '15 at 17:46

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