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9:10 AM
Q: Are questions appropriate if they require answers to be edited in perpetuity?

David WhiteA recent popular question asks about the status of a certain list of open problems. The OP answered his own question within 13 hours of asking it, and has now edited his answer 26 times, so that it is always on the front page. The OP discloses that he co-moderates a blog, and is gathering informa...

Perhaps the tag (on-topic) (which has (allowed-questions) as a synonym) would be suitable for this question? — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago
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10:26 AM
Q: Should algebraic-dynamics tag be made a synonym for arithemetic-dynamics tag?

J WDisclosure: On Meta at Mathematics Stack Exchange, I have asked whether an algebraic-dynamics tag should be created and made a synonym of the existing arithmetic-dynamics tag there, given the apparent overlap or lack of clear boundary between the two areas. (See https://math.meta.stackexchange.co...

Q: Create algebraic dynamics tag and make it a synonym for arithmetic dynamics?

J WIs it a good idea to create a tag called "algebraic dynamics" and make it a tag synonym for "arithmetic dynamics"? Note that the current text (good for a quick impression, but probably needs expanding) for the arithmetic dynamics tag is: Arithmetic dynamics combines the study of dynamical sy...

@MartinSleziak Maybe could be also a reasonable tag for that question?
Perhaps the tag (on-topic) (which has (allowed-questions) as a synonym) would be suitable for this question? (Or maybe (scope) - I am not exactly sure what is the difference between the two tags.) — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago
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4:31 PM
A new tag was created. (The question is also missing a top-level tag.)
Q: Braided monoidal categories

Matthew LevyI know that it has been shown that $E_2$ algebra objects in Categories are simply braided monoidal categories. In particular, Lurie says that an $E_2$-monoidal structure on the infinity-category $N(C)$ (the nerve of a category C) is a braided monoidal structure on C. Is there a generalization (n...

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8:01 PM
Nov 2 '19 at 8:19, by Martin Sleziak
Should there be a tag on meta? There are several posts on this topic, such as Celebrity usernames or MO policy regarding pseudonyms that are other people's real name.

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