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12:29 AM
Q: What did the Federation give the Prophets in exchange for access to the wormhole in DS9?

Vogon PoetDS9 revolves around a unique trade route between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. The route was an artificial wormhole controlled by the Prophets. It seems that they have no needs, they don't even experience the passage of time. What did we give them in exchange for free access?

@SmokeDetector "serum" again.
1:50 AM
Q: In the Underworld franchise, What are the canonical physical advantages to being a Vampire over the Lycans?

Russ RainfordThe Underworld franchise gives a modern twist to the war between Vampires and Werewolves, aka Lycans. Here, these species aren't "supernatural" in origin, but more a biological or evolutionary curiosity, stemming from a sole progenitor: the 5th century War Lord Alexander Corvinus, the "first true...

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3:30 AM
Q: Looking for a fanfiction marriage law fic hermione and draco

DevDev24I read a story on fanfiction a few years ago and now I can't find it. It was a marriage law fic between draco and hermione. In the story someone who worked at the ministry tried to pull strings to get Hermione as his match but Kingsley intervened and matched her with draco. They had a wedding in ...

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4:33 AM
Q: Wouldn't creating cigarettes violate holodeck safety protocols?

Justin OhmsIn Season 1 Episode 11 of STTNG, "The Big Good-Bye", Picard lights up and smokes a cigarette inside the holodeck. Since we know that cigarettes cause cancer wouldn't creating an actual cigarette violate the built-in safety protocols? If it's not a real tobacco cigarette, what is being burned?

5:08 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore
@Stormblessed You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
@SmokeDetector wait a minute...what?
5:28 AM
@Stormblessed It's saying you're not privileged. Do you have privs in CHQ? Privileges are set per-room.
@Mithrandir Currently this room is moderators only for SD commands/feedback. Are you wanting it to inherit from CHQ?
Q: Been trying to get this for years

SmithWhat 1980's crime show featured a man that could leave his body? Aired around the same time as Knight Rider.

Q: Identify a Fantasy Short Story Book

Logan ClarkI’m trying to identify a book I remember reading sometime in the 2005-2006 time range. This book was in my fifth grade classroom in the US. I’ve tried searching for it a few times in the past few months, but haven’t had any luck. It was a collection of short fantasy stories, and I assume it was ...

@Makyen Meh, I don't think it's that necessary. Reports here are basically informative, not for feedback or anything.
5:47 AM
@Mithical Who gets authorization in a room has generally been left up to the room's ROs and/or mods. For rooms that have commands enabled, there are four types of commonly used permissions settings: A) inherit from CHQ, B) inherit from CHQ with additional people listed per the ROs, C) have a separate list where the RO's permission is required to add people, and D) moderators only. Which is used in here, is really whatever the people in charge here want.
Given that you are the person that added this room to rooms.yml, I was just checking to see that what ended up being added was what you really intended.
6:37 AM
I for one wouldn't mind it being accessible to SD commands
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8:35 AM
Q: Animated (anime?) movie with a boy who is transported to another world and meets his backpack as a living creature

RasterAnimated (anime?) movie with a boy who is transported to another world by a girl, accidentally. In this world he meets his backpack who is now a cute living creature and learns that he can become anything he can imagine. I think the girl wanted to transport another boy she had an eye on to help a...

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10:15 AM
Q: Beaming Holograms

ShadeStar Trek - The Next Generation, S6E12, Ship in a Bottle, makes it quite clear that holograms cannot be beamed with available Federation tech at the moment. In Star Trek - Voyager, S5E13, the EMH is transported while using the mobile emitter. What confuses me: the EMH seems to be transported him...

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11:15 AM
Q: Old horror movie with creatures eating all matter in the past

ChiaraI remember watching this as a child, it was very scary for me, I had nightmares. I think it's around 25-30 years old. It's happening on an airport, there is some time traveling included I think, and then some huge round creatures with mouths full of scary teeth like saws appear and eat everything.

12:03 PM
@Marvin What is a “marriage law fic”?
I'm 99% sure it's something I don't want to know anything about
12:32 PM
Petition to rename these two to phantom14111 and user42.
@Makyen As a local (SFF) mod, I'm with Mith on "meh". Smokey isn't really useful for us, as we have a very active local community of flaggers; I forget the history of why the feed is in this room, but it's not something we were desperate for or indeed use much. I think we're happy to keep on gently abusing it when it posts a FP instead of giving formal feedback :-)
@Randal'Thor The feed was added to the room at request of the regulars at the time by majority IIRC
I think mainly it was added so people didn't need to monitor two rooms
That. And it draws extra attention to flaggable spam. I often flag on SD warnings.
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Q: What was possible during the Dark Age of Technology?

ShadeWe always hear that in DAoT, there was technology enabling humans to basically do everything. Some examples are named, e.g. the Men of Iron and Artificial Intelligence. Are there more examples of what was possible? For the peak of other races, we also have examples. Necrons had the Celestial Orr...

1:55 PM
@Jenayah do you have privileges
in Charcoal HQ, 9 hours ago, by Makyen
@Stormblessed The Restaurant at the End of the Universe currently doesn't inherit permissions. Effectively, this means that commands/feedback in there are for moderators only. We'll need to check with the ROs/moderators in there and/or look at the original request to add the room/commands in the room to see what they want it to be. It's not unlikely to be an oversight. I'd prefer to not make a change without doing more research.
@Stormblessed I have them I the main Charcoal room, yes.
2:16 PM
Q: Why did Yirella do this to Uma and Doony?

Vishal I didn't understand the reason for this course of action. What was it supposed to free the subject from?

2:36 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
3:16 PM
Q: Did Tony base J.A.R.V.I.S. off of the real Avengers butler?

Russ RainfordJ.A.R.V.I.S., the advanced A.I. which formed the basis for Vision's personality, has been prominent in the MCU from the start. In the first Iron Man film, he's shown as a program that basically serves as Tony's right hand, both in most technical capacities, and in mundane everyday tasks. He was ...

3:36 PM
Q: Forgotten title. Book with interesting plant

Dr. Sue Back when I was young, I recall a interesting sci-fi novel. I recall the book as lacking a title, perhaps due to damage. If I remember right, the book was an antique (cloth cover, stained pages, etc) so odds are it is old. I've been digging for the title of this book but nothing has come back. ...

3:56 PM
Q: Besides the famous opening crawl, what elements of Star Wars were drawn from Buck Rogers?

Vogon PoetGeorge Lucas's famous opening crawl used in most of his Star Wars films came directly from Universal's film adaptation of the Buck Rogers comic strips. Some things in Buck Rogers were notably NOT brought into Star Wars, such as the transporter which they used instead of elevators (but did make...

Q: Book about a space marine who control suit settings with is tongue

PRouleauI read that book 20+ years ago and I am trying to find its title. The story is about space marines who visit various worlds and encounter new species. One original element of the story is the space marines can adjust some settings of the suit by moving switches with his tongue.

4:16 PM
Q: In the Smallville series, was Lex "meteor rock" infected?

Russ RainfordFrom the very first episode of Smallville it is made evident that the kryptonite meteor shower had immediate as well as delayed affects on a lot of biological matter, especially people. it is somewhat implied that exposure to the rock not only serves as a catalyst for [possibly latent] metahuman ...

4:49 PM
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble guy!
5:36 PM
Q: Old sci-fi movie where snake like thing leaves head crushed

DForck42I've got an image of an old sci-fi movie stuck in my head but I can't quite place it. What I remember: In a bedroom someone lies on a bed. We see some thin, snake-like tendrils exit the person's ear, after which the person's head crushes in, as if hollow, but not in a super gory way. I believ...

Q: Does Hogwarts have their own anthem?

codeczarDoes Hogwarts have their own anthem or song? If yes what are the lyrics of that song? I want to know if anything about a song or anthem is mentioned in the books.

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6:57 PM
Q: What is Starfleet's policy on using psychokinesis?

Vogon PoetStarfleet has many regulations about using technology (such as cloaking) and even abilities (telepathic information is not admissible at trial). Many episodes display Starfleet personnel using telekinesis/psychokinesis. Captain James Kirk controlled the dwarf Alexander with his mind in 2268. In 2...

David who hasn't been seen here for some time. You alright mate?
7:57 PM
Q: Sci-fi story about aliens with cells based on arsenic or nitrogen, poisoned by oxygen

DaneelI'm looking for a science-fiction short story, probably written by either Isaac Asimov or Poul Anderson. (I was binging on short stories collections from these two authors around the same time, years ago, and I'm pretty sure the story I'm looking for came from one of these books.) I recall from ...

8:17 PM
Q: Where exactly in Golden Gate Park did Sulu land the Bird-of-Prey in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?

RobertFIs there a suitably large grassy area in Golden Gate Park where a cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey could land? I don't think there are any hints in the film.

9:05 PM
@Randal'Thor What d'ya think about getting real answer to scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/29324/… (may be most answered question, but imo all answers are incorrect)
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10:18 PM
Q: Which of these technologies were probably NOT created by scientists in Star Wars by the time of the New Republic?

Max1.) Negative energy bubble- An alternative to Hyperspace. This is how the Alcubierre drive would work. 2.) Artificial cosmogenesis- This would be the creation of a new Star from scratch. 3.) Cosmic Ray sail- A sail ship that is powered by cosmic rays. 4.) Monopolium- https://arxiv.org/abs/h...

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11:38 PM
Q: Why does everyone in Atlantis speak perfect English?

Vogon PoetJust watched the Atlantis "The Earth Bull" on BBC and didn't find an explanation for why Pythagoras and Hercules speak fluent English, and Jason doesn't have a detectable accent. Is there an in-world explanation?

A: A Memory of Light Question on the Epilogue

benhamnerI have two theories, one that I believe is more likely than the other. We'll start with the less likely one: I believe my second is more likely, though it has very strong implications:

In the last sentence of the first spoiler is "likely" a mistake?

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