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12:31 AM
Q: Horror anthology about vampires and werewolves. if i cut my nails will you give me more meat?

Daniella Grijalvathis book has mini stories inside and has one story about a kid who gets invited to dinner and a boy is let out of the basement and eats and then says to his parents "if i cut my nails, will you give me more meat?"

Q: Movie with female protagonist that can travel a few seconds back in time

OrmazdLooking for a movie, released probably after 2000, about a woman that can travel back in time. I think she is not the only one and eventually a group is after her, including her boss, who sets a few traps to see if she has that power, like inviting her to lunch and preparing the salt shaker to o...

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1:50 AM
Q: Anime TV show with Elvis/Fonzie-like protagonist

JeepedI am trying to remember a limited television anime or manga show from several years back. The central character was a bounty hunter who located illegal aliens and brought them into some central processing station for meager rewards. He had a robot companion for comic relief. He dressed and acte...

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4:32 AM
Q: Story ID: Humans Stumble Upon Low-Tech Aliens

JisipMore than five years ago, I started reading a sci-fi book about a advanced humans making first contact with iron-age, medieval-era humanoids. My memory is get foggy but I will try to describe it as best as I can. Thank you for trying! Humans either arrive in the alien star system by chance or a...

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7:12 AM
Q: Was Jesus supposed to have an actual part in "Iron Sky 2"? If so, why was it cut?

JenayahOne of the early trailers for Iron Sky: The Coming Race had Jesus wielding a machine gun. Unless the copy I watched was cut, there was no Jesus in the final movie. Was he supposed to have an actual plotline, or scene? If so, what was it and why was it cut off? ...

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9:31 AM
Q: Cartoon series where humans travel by spaceship and find a planet with dinosaurs on

prrzzlI am searching for a long time now and I am not able to find the right cartoon. I remember a SciFi cartoon series where a bunch of humans travel with their spaceship and find an planet where dinosaurs are still alive. I found Dino Adventure Jurassic Tripper so far and I'm pretty sure that it wa...

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10:31 AM
Q: Why is Randall Munroe's Wikipedia picture him balancing rubber ducks?

WriterArtistCoderWhy is Randall Munroe's Wikipedia picture him balancing rubber ducks? Is there some inside joke or origin behind this? Also, who took this picture

10:49 AM
@Marvin Why not?
Q: Movie where a prisoner escapes from a crashed ship on a desolate alien planet

London Tyler GrinsteadThe movie starts off with a crashed ship on a desolate alien planet. This ship was holding a prisoner who escapes and the guards on the ship have to find and bring him back. BOOM plot twist the guards are humanoid aliens and the prisoner is the last human alive.

11:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, username similar to website in answer (59): People can transfer physical and/or mental abilities to another person through magic by Jiganet on scifi.SE
11:31 AM
Q: Travelling in time and drinking

HermannssonIf you went back in time, let's say three days backwards, went to a PUB and had a few pints more than usual. Would you be sober or drunk if you returned to current time ?

Q: Did 1984 influence The Dispossessed?

DaveInCazThe book 1984 contains the following passage: Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is t...

12:22 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: What makes one wizard more powerful than another?

MechMK1In the Harry Potter universe, a recurring theme is that some wizards are more powerful than others. For instance, Voldemort is considered to be an immensely powerful wizard, and so is Dumbledore. However, I struggle to see how exactly this power could be quantified, or what exactly it would mean...

12:51 PM
Q: isekai manga in which mc lives alone as a child in the jungle and is loved by the gods

Jacksh1i am looking for the this manga where mc lives alone as a child in the jungle and is loved by the gods who watch over him and then he saves the lives of some important people. later he develops slimes for different purposes. i forgot the name of the manga. thanks for help in advance.

@Marvin The heck is this dupe chain?
Those questions aren't all duplicates.
1:07 PM
^_^ All together now! Three of us found the same answer in short succession. — FuzzyBoots 11 secs ago
Q: Tectonic plate Oceanography question

Thisis Blind How many tectonic plate are shown and how many different type are shown. I'm confused. I thought every 2 plates only have 1 type of boundaries ( convergent, divergent, transform) Thanks

1:26 PM
How does Community delete questions?
A: Early 2000s movie about time travel, protagonist travels back to save girlfriend, then into multiple points in future

StormblessedThe Time Machine (2002), based on the 1895 book by H. G. Wells and the 1960 movie adaptation. Wikipedia's summary (emphasis mine): After a mugger kills his fiancée, Emma, he devotes himself to building a time machine that will allow him to travel back in time to save her... ...Alexander...

@TheLethalCarrot happened here with me
Happens on FGITW questions aye
@Stormblessed I think it can happen if the OP deleted their account, and with red flag nuked ones
Got the link?
@TheLethalCarrot on Politics
Yeah Community will delete on red flagged posts
1:30 PM
It wasn't RA flagged—you don't have to go to revision history to see it
It's weird how I have incredible amounts of power on Politics from literally just 21 questions...
User account was deleted by the looks of it which is another way community deletes posts, which I said above, I believe
Destroyed means mod did it, right?
@Stormblessed Well and 6 answers
I don't know if there's a wording difference between self or mod deletion
HNQ is overpowered :P
Really needs a nerf
It's had a nerf...
1:34 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I think my HNQ questions are all post-nerf
The HNQ is always going to inflate rep, short of getting rid of it there isn't much that can be done
And I don't think it's that much of a problem now stuff is time limited
"not that much of a problem" laughs, looking at my 4 35-rep questions
And how's that a problem? That's the system working as intended
I guess so
It's just such a huge amount of rep. for users who, in my case, really haven't done that much for the community there
And gives people mod tools on Betas
Think of it this way, the HNQ is an advertising platform for that site on the network, they want to put their "best" stuff on the HNQ to attract visitors and users. It's like a reward for advertising the site and doing that
1:38 PM
(or on other sites if it's much more rep than that)
Ah ok
It really doesn't take much rep to earn mod tools and privileges from rep alone
I guess if I posted more answers, yes
But posting just a few questions on one site got me them within 6 months, while I'm only 6/10s of the way there from a year on SF (granted I didn't do much at first)
It's a weird system, probably worth the trouble though
@Stormblessed No. Destroying is a different type of deletion.
...which, yes, can only be done by mods, but mods sometimes delete and sometimes destroy.
@Stormblessed I'd be happier if SE moved away from rep based privilege in general and to more of a trust/accuracy based system where the more you edit, for example, and the more suggested ones are accepted you then get full edit privs. But I've said this a few times now and I highly doubt it'd ever happen
1:57 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I get where you're coming from with that, but it sort of boils down to existing people with privileges picking new people with privileges, which has its own set of problems.
Not really and if that did turn into the case mods can handle it
Essentially you do enough good suggested edits - you can edit
Get enough helpful close flags - here have close privs etc.
But for something that happens less frequently, like reopen, it might take long enough to gain that privilege that the number of people with it declines over time as turnover happens. And ISTM that SF&F has a relatively high number of reopens. So then you need each privilege tuned independently...
SFF has a low frequency of reopens but then I don't know what you're comparing to
And I'm not saying it has to be at the specific flag level - if you get close vote privs it wouldn't make sense to not give you reopen ones
Q: For all Infinity Stones to be used, did it have to be a snap? Or was that Thanos' choice?

B. LalondeWe all know Thanos specifically chose to snap to use all the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe. Even everyone else who gets an Infinity Gauntlet seems to have to snap in order to use all the Stones. Did it have to be a snap in order to use all the Infinity Stones? Why wasn't it a cla...

@Marvin My first to chance to use my new hammer and I missed out on it :(
2:17 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Well, just quickly checking SO, it has 6.1k items in the close queue, but only 133 in reopen. So that's more than 40x as many. Here it looks like 4x.
Well you're looking at a snapshot of SO and comparing it to an over the time sort of look at SFF
They have 133 right now but that is pretty consistent throughout the day with people completing them
I'm pretty sure we don't even average 1 a day
They average a few hundred a day if not into the thousands
And it's also worth noting that whilst their CVs are currently at 6.1k they've just finished an experiment so the number is still returning to normal of 8-10k
Yeah it was strolling at 3k for a while
They gotta bring the 3 VTC back
Waiting for the experiment's results next week...
Results are being published next week sometime I think
What I was saykng
Aye you posted it just before I finished writing my comment and it was easier to send it than delete it haha
2:31 PM
Q: What differentiates a "Spark" from a "Scientist" in girl-genius

EngrStudentIn Girl-Genius there are engineers, scientists, entomologists, machinists, biologists, technicians … and then there are sparks. How do you tell a spark from a non-spark? Is it a mark of the supernatural for sparkiness that only other sparks can see? What is the measure that differentiates a ge...

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3:40 PM
The question about wrist straps for wands (which went HNQ) seems like people just aren't thinking boldly enough. Why just a wrist strap? Why not use a spring-loaded holder like the forearm-mounted knife sheath used in, say, Assassin's Creed? (Or the power holster the Pyrrans used in Deathworld.)
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5:12 PM
Q: TV educational short film with kids trying to find a paleontologist via his messages. Turns out he's a dinosaur

FuzzyBootsI think I watched this in the mid 90s. A group of kids are supposed to meet a paleontologist, I think at a museum. At the meeting place, they find a message from him (and I think a broken crate and dinosaur footprints). They follow the clues, learning about dinosaurs along the way until they reac...

Q: Which Harry Potter works are considered canon?

ibidThere are many different Harry Potter works including: books short stories movies card games video games toys amusement parks web content Which ones are considered to be canon?

@Jenayah Thanks.
You're welcome
6:10 PM
6:52 PM
Q: Was Caesar always called Caesar in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes?

RansomOttawaWas there ever a cut of the 1972 movie Conquest of the Planet of the Apes in which Armando addressed Roddy McDowall's character as "Milo" at the beginning? I could swear that the first time I saw this film (on PBS in late 1989 or 1990), the circus owner calls him "Milo" at least once early on. A...

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7:53 PM
Q: Short story with an alcoholic being pursued by imaginary animals that other people can see

FuzzyBootsMy wife and I passed by a winery with a pink elephant statue, and I cracked a joke about how this time, you knew you were drunk when you stopped seeing pink elephants, whereupon, I learned she'd never heard of that trope (and yes, that's a TV Tropes link). Explaining it to her reminded me of a sh...

8:33 PM
Q: 80s sci fi film with line "Paris? Bye bye!"

BrianI've just been reminded by a friend of a line in a film we saw mid/late '80s (on video, so may have been earlier but it definitely had an 80s feel to it). It was a humorous sci fi involving humans and aliens. Towards the end, the humans (two boys?) are on the alien spaceship. The aliens are a fa...

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10:40 PM
Q: Should a new tag be created and possibly applied if a Story-ID questioned is answered?

JeepedIf I ask an identification question and it is successfully and succinctly answered to a sci-fi/fantasy work that has not been previously tagged, should I create a new tag for that subject matter and possibly assign it to the new identification question?


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