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Q: Stack Overroll: the Stack Exchange RPG?

Russell FoxI've written the basic mechanics for a new role-playing game, and I wanted to crowd-source the details, like writing specific spells, creatures, items, etc. Do you think SE would be a good place for something like this: i.e., an official SE RPG? The system uses opposed rolls, where you roll your...

1:01 AM
Morning all
@Ben Morning
How'd the wedding go?
It was Funktastic haha
There was a druid and everything lol
Got through your speech alright then?
Yeah :) had no issues at all
Which, considering the track record, is a bit odd
Apparently it was really good too, so I'm a bit chuffed about it
1:09 AM
@Ben yay! :D
1:39 AM
Ty ^_^
It was kinda funny cos everyone was congratulating me on such a great speech, just as much as everyone was congratulating the newly weds haha
I do wish someone recorded it though. It was off the top of my head, but my sister loved it haha.
I am glad she loved it :)
hey there @nitsua60
@Ben that's definitely important
Yeah :) and I'm happy I was able to make her feel special :)
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1:50 AM
@Ben I have given speeches at quite a few weddings. I rehearsed them all. I tip my cap to you for going extemporaneous. Well done.
@KorvinStarmast Any speech I rehearse is 10x worse than something spontaneous. I don't even like writing them down because then I worry about remembering the words precisely rather than delivering a good speech.
So I have a friend that is going professional with their artwork (as in, they're doing commissions to make money/build their profile). At the moment they're on twitter, FB, and Insta, but I don't feel like they're a proper "artwork" page? Anyone have any other suggestions?
@KorvinStarmast [Googles "extemporaneous"] Why thank you :D
@Ben Is deviantArt still a thing?
@linksassin I can do either, but for a large setting (like my daughter's wedding, over 300 people) I hedged my bets. :)
@linksassin yes it is
@KorvinStarmast Fair call.
1:53 AM
@linksassin It is. I thought that too, but it's that reaction that I feel maybe it's not quite as prominent?
@linksassin I also did extemporaneous at the funeral of a dear friend's dad, when she came up to me 10 minutes before the eulogy, tears in her eyes, and said "I can't. Please, will you?"
@linksassin it very much still is a thing
@Ben I'm not an artist is why I have that reaction. I know of it from friends that are though. So I imagine it's bigger in that community.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah true. I realised, after that speech that I do the "look over the crowd" behaviour
@KorvinStarmast Well done
@linksassin I used it too. I'm not as much of an artist as I used to be though
@Ben Yeah, I love working a room, but first, you have to try and get a feel for the room.
1:55 AM
@Ben I know a lot of humans who use Insta for art stuff, maybe if they use the same account for personal and art, separate the two, but other than that, shrug
@Shalvenay That's a bit more promising then haha
@KorvinStarmast Yes. Very important
@Ben hitting a false note can created a centicringe: a hundred people cringing all at once. 8^p
And yeah, done that too. oops.
@Ash Yeah. If anything I feel she should probably do that. At the moment there is a large section of cat photos amidst everything else haha
nods She can do the same with like creating a FB "page" or whatever they call it specifically for art too
@Ash She has done that, and I think the same on twitter.
Not everyone is on social media though :P
1:59 AM
Make a simple free page someplace that she can throw things on?
I'm being the "supportive" one that's giving her all the suggestions of how she can promote herself... giving her some commissions to test/expand/showcase her abilities, etc.
Like...you don't have to be on insta/FB/etc to find the stuff (insta especially, I find)
@Ash Yeah. It can be clunky though.
The other part of it is NSFW filters
2:01 AM
most artists do have a presence on various social media. but a website of her own might be good to have
How my wood elf monk died - deviant art caught it.
I just think we are moving kinda away from the whole "you neeeeeeeeeeed a webpage" thing
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, +1 more (436): How does casting a cantrip work? Is it different than casting a regular spell? by Cindy Anthony on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
@Ash that's what the cloud is all about
Like, DA has a tag, so it's automatically filtered. Insta doesn't overly care, so sometimes you need to throw the NSFW warning, which can be a red flag for a few people
2:02 AM
@SmokeDetector gone in 23 seconds
Even if it's one pic, that has sideboob
@KorvinStarmast Counterpoint: Armour didn't help Boromir either :P
@Ben what armor?
[Thinking of a quip that isn't self explanatory, to avoid ruining the joke]
@KorvinStarmast I suppose the "fantasy" in "fantasy armour" is a synonym for "fictional"
@Ben :P
[nailed it]
2:09 AM
@Ben Or "nonfunctional beyond promoting sales among neckbeards" or something like that.
@KorvinStarmast heheh, I've been known to lean almost too far in the other direction with my armored ladies
Boris Vallejo established a certain style that seems to have had a lot of momentum ... naught to do with realism and much to do with promoting sales via book covers.
I'm trying t to find the one with the Full Plate Armour "Let's see them hit me now" with an arrow through the visor
@Ben the lady before you simply fishes the arrow out of her visor and tosses it at your feet, as if throwing the gauntlet down for a duel
Greetings my fellow pasta enthusiasts
2:18 AM
(i.e. they have what to some are too few qualms about embracing the "walking tank" look dialed up to 11)
(which isn't quite as impractical as it sounds, but still leads to some remarks....my favorite is a "what do you do when....nature calls?" question one of my chars got once :)
@MikeQ [insert Castlevania reference]
@Shalvenay That was your dragonborn, wasn't it?
@Ben several of my chars, but yes, Jherala definitely falls in that category
My characters all fall into the "I'm fine [coughs up blood] No, no, I'm fine" tank category haha
@Ben yeah, I have one or two that are that way, but sometimes that's not such a great idea :P
(HP tanks aren't so hot when healing items aren't as nice as they usually are and your cleric isn't exactly going to leap in with a healing spell either)
2:23 AM
@MikeQ I've been reminiscing about my DH days lately.
@Shalvenay Especially when there is no Cleric haha
@Ben No need to reminisce. The machine god is eternal.
@Ben oh, we had a Cleric :P but they were way in back
I've been trying to convince my regular GM to run a DH game, but he doesn't like the setting haha
Hm.... that's concerning. And heresy.
@Shalvenay Our PF Oracle is, oddly enough, the last one left alive, 4 times now, and counting. Lol. And they're really not stingy with their healing either
2:27 AM
@Ben yeah, it was a bit of a comedy of errors all around
@Shalvenay Thinking about all my characters so far, it's been very much a "Times didn't die: 45. Times Died: 2" The ratio is impressive
I mentioned Wrath and Glory to my TTRPG circle. No plans for now, but I think the wheels are in motion.
Of course, the gears of DEUS MECHANICUS are always in motion, for all time
@MikeQ excellent
I have also mentioned W&G. It has received a better response than DH; but again... same universe.
@Ben yeah. I don't generally have trouble with going splat in pen-and-paper play, but I have one NWN character that I have long lost count of how many times she's died....
(and at a 10% XP penalty for death, that's not a fun experience. :/)
Oh joy haha
2:31 AM
So the best answer on my question is deleted by it's owner and I can't figure out why. rpg.stackexchange.com/a/148042/48759 They aren't active here so I can't ping them
@linksassin Odd. Maybe accidental?
@Ben I'm not sure. But they raise several of the issues I had and part of the reason I asked the question. Since it's deleted I can't comment to follow up.
Is it appropriate to flag someone else's answer for undeletion?
Yeah. There's no vote to undelete either
I'd say it's worthwhile
@MikeQ I very nearly committed Tech Heresy once.
It was one of those "you must let me use your body for experiments after your death" situation.
Except the person in question was actually a Kroot
2:53 AM
Me: [hears a fantastic joke] I'm going to remember that one!
Me 5 mins later: [remembers that I forgot the fantastic joke]
@Ben Everytime.
3:34 AM
Replaying BotW. Made the effort to get the Champion's Tunic, so I could look the part when I get the Master Sword. Wanted to get the Master Sword before I did any of the Divine Beasts, So I could look the part for the interactions with the Quest Givers.
You need 14 hearts to get the Master Sword, because retrieving it deals 13 and 3/4 hearts to retrieve.
I had 14, but I was missing 1/4.
I had to eat an apple, then do it again. Kinda undermined the whole feeling of it all haha
4:25 AM
Astounding Tales and the Gods who Sing Them, by Momatoes on itch.io. It's tough being a deity when nobody pays attention to you anymore. Society has moved on, what? Madness! Of course, the solution is simple: craft tales so ASTOUNDING and so MAGNIFICENT that no one has any recourse but to listen to you again.
@BESW that sounds awesome.
@BESW Yeah that looks really cool. Fit with my favourite lore for power level of gods. The power of gods is a direct function of their number and fervor of worshipers. I know it's not original but I love the idea of unpopular gods loosing power. That's why evangelism is so important. Cleric literally get stronger by their gods having more followers.
Reminds me of the Hogfather
> During Teatime's attempt to kill the Hogfather, his near-success resulted in the excess belief that would have been used for the Hogfather finding new outlets in the form of various creatures suggested by the Unseen University staff, including Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers, the Hair Loss Fairy, and the Eater of Socks, although all but the Oh God of Hangovers seemingly ceased to exist once the Hogfather was restored.
4:41 AM
@Ben Which book is that from? I'm new-ish to Pratchett
@linksassin The Hogfather
@linksassin Though that quote is just from the wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld_(world)#The_power_of_belief
The thing I like most about Discworld though, is that magic is chaotic and dangerous, to the point that the Wizards don't actually use it, and Rincewind is seen as one of the most powerful, because magic keeps happening around him, with no ill effect to him.
@Ben TBH I'm not a fan of Rincewald himself. I prefer the City Watch or Death series.
Haven't got to the Hogfather yet.
I haven't read many Rincewind episodes. I've read Hogfather, The Last Hero, Colour of Magic, Wyrd Sisters, 5th Elephant, Nightwatch, and one with the Printing Press.
I've also seen a few stage performances, as well as one or two of the animated movies
@Ben I hated Colour of Magic, it was bad enough that I wrote off the whole series as not worth the effort. Then a friend told me that they aren't all like that. So I read Guards! Guards! and loved it. Also liked Mort.
So now need to obtain/read the rest of those series.
I used to like the "gods need prayer badly" thing. These days, not so much, especially as a universal concept.
4:58 AM
true. I haven't personally come across the trope too much but I haven't read all that much in ages
@linksassin I really liked the ones I've read that didn't have Rincewind best for sure
@BESW What turned you off it?
I like his writing overall though, if partly because I haven't read too much fantasy that was similar to how he writes it
@linksassin side note clarification for my answer: I didn't watch too much of the CR series myself, because of that allowance to bend the rules on bonus actions etc. I didn't really delve too much into it, but it seemed like he would allow them to use their bonus action for things that normally couldn't be used as such.
@linksassin It doesn't make sense to many/most cultural senses of godhood, being an individualistic and often atheistic allegory, and too often it gets applied as a universal trope forcing that perspective onto the beliefs of cultures which don't value its underlying assumptions.
5:01 AM
@V2Blast It, or a version of it is pretty common. Think Rise of the Guardians a childrens movie where mythical figures only exist if children believe in them.
Just want to make sure I am presenting the right idea there
@linksassin yeah, I know it's semi-common, I just haven't personally read/watched/experienced too much media that uses it
I'd be totally fine if the only gods who need prayers badly are the ones whose cultural context means it makes sense for them.
@Ben I'm up to date with the current campaign and have seen the first one twice-ish. There isn't a house rule to allow it. He just doesn't stop the game to check technicalities very often.
So it's more of a "let things slide to keep the game moving"
5:05 AM
@Ben Absolutely. He does a fair bit of that. I think he makes a quick judgement of whether or not it actually matter in this circumstance then moves on if it doesn't.
Ok, shall edit :)
Things like using a skill to investigate a room but still getting an action to attack he often allows. Technically it's against the rules but preventing it would just slow down play.
People stopped believing, and just went about their own things. So the Gods are just sitting around playing board games
@BESW I only know of one god in it who actually seems to need prayers and the main society who worships him is,... Well pretty much a huge Inquisition, that being said I have no reason to think they don't all work that way in Diskworld either so fair enough
I did like that book though
@Ben I feel like there should be a campaign setting where divine magic has died out. Until some adventurers discover a long closed temple, then one of the gods turns to the others and is like "Guys! I think someone believes in me!"
5:13 AM
Here's the Twitch event for our Planeslip stream tomorrow: https://www.twitch.tv/events/dzevIXKrTnacdjFJY7Exrg
I'll post a reminder closer to game-time but you can set it to remind you when we're live
@BESW I don't think it takes prayers. It takes belief. Some gods don't want prayers, but if no one knows they exist. They don't.
It said a lot of things about religion I agree with. Although it might also have been a little harsh on religion in general so :/
I don't think i would recommend it to you
@linksassin [God feels a twinge] Woah what was that? [Twinges again] Wait... [looks down to mortal plane] Oh Me!
@linksassin This is similar to the premise of another Discworld book, Small Gods. An ancient deity has been reduced to a small tortoise, because their followers have corrupted the religion into a self-serving system. He befriends an outcast temple priest, who becomes his "prophet".
A side product is that charlatans that stir up belief in a fake god are very surprised when that god actually shows up.
5:17 AM
@MikeQ yeah that's the one I read, I liked it personally
If partly because I really place certain organized religions as having become that exact kind of system
I mainly liked it because it was witty. And most of Pratchett's better stories poke at stuff like belief and the power of ideas.
Yeah if you don't like his wit or his penchant to poke things like that don't read him for sure
I can certainly see some people being annoyed or even offended by it
Also if you've read one of his books, you haven't read all of them but you already have the general taste of the other books, at least that I've read
If you like it great, but if one is enough that's more than understandable
Or if one is too many even XD
Otto Chriek! He was the best
The Truth is the one I was thinking about.
They invent the Printing Press, then Otto joins and is a Flash Photographer that keeps dying. However he can be revived by dropping blood on his pile of ashes
At first they use a bloody steak. Then eventually he starts wearing a vial of blood on a chain around his neck, so he takes the photo, [poof] into ash; the vial smashes onto the ashes, [poof] he's back to his normal self again
5:34 AM
@trogdor The exception to that is Colour of Magic. While is has a similar style it is not a good indicator of the rest of his work from what I have read
In Dungeon Crawl, Jiyva, the god of slimes, has only one sapient follower --- the rest are mindless slime creatures. Killing the only sapient follower kills Jiyva too, unless the player worships them too.
@linksassin hmm maybe
It was the first one I read so it's most distant in my memory
@kviiri That's cool.
@trogdor It was the first one I read too. And it was the reason I didn't read any more for several years. The others were much funnier and less disjointed.
@linksassin my favorites are definitely the ones that feature Death and his family
Especially Hogfather
Anyone with more experience than me in past versions of D&D? Do you know if the table in this answer on my question is from a different edition?
5:48 AM
I think that one is literally my favorite if his books
@linksassin ugh spellpoints no idea XD
I don't actually have a reason to hate them, I've never used em
@trogdor Yeah, I'm gathering the opinion they weren't a popular option.
I'm just considering a particular theme for a future campaign and more flexible casting would suit.
They do seem like an overcomplication, probably
I also think it would be cool to make level 4.5 spells that use a different number of spell points.
For my tastes i mean
It would also allow for 'mana' potions that regain spellcasting.
5:51 AM
If you're looking for flexible casting it sounds like a good fit
I was actually considering creating a complete homebrew system using mana before I decided to see if the built in variant was decent.
For a D&D system/like system anyway
@linksassin have you looked at how DFRPG handles magic?
It's Fate so it would be a whole other system if you use D&D or Pathfinder or wtv
But it could give you ideas at least if you do end up home brewing something?
@trogdor No yet. But I will be looking into Fate, DW and other more seriously when I get closer to the end of my current campaign as DM. I've got at least a year to get this ready, I was only asking so I could playtest spellpoints as a player in my current 5e campaign.
Just wanted to make you aware of it
What it does well is flexible casting
The setting kinda turned some of us off though
Because the Dresden books did
#DnD Take: Monks should be rebranded to "Martial Artist" to remove the Orientalism aspects, and the ascetic aspects should be shunted to a subclass to reflect the dedication involved in that lifepath. Make them a dedicated melee combatant, high HP, low AC, high damage.
5:58 AM
Thanks for the advice. I'll try to keep it in mind.
a good thread about monks in D&D
But if you specifically like the magic mechanics which I think were mostly solid you don't need to set it in the Dresdenverse
@linksassin That's a distinction without a difference for the purposes of my objection. I'm using the TV Tropes term for clarity.
@MikeQ See, I don't object to Small Gods using the concept, because it's Prachett's own setting which he's set up as specifically allegorical to what he's interested in allegorizing, and he chose his targets carefully. There's little to no spillover.
Spillover? What do you mean?
Ah, are you comparing Pratchett's portrayal of power-via-belief versus Gaiman's potrayals?
Not specifically, but yes those are two good examples of what I consider responsible vs irresponsible use of the conceit.
6:07 AM
@V2Blast What about the Shaolin Monks? (Didn't actually look at the link).
What about them?
@Ben what about them?
also, you should look at the link
it's a thread
I do feel though, that there is validity to it. Even monks that study martial art usually live lives of peace and pacifism
@BESW From what I've seen, Pratchett is focused more on sort of a social belief. People believe in something, spiritual or practical or other, and that idea gains power and changes how people think and behave. Whereas Gaiman uses real-world religions and the characters have some connection to certain understandings of religious faith, but it's not the point of the story.
@V2Blast Interesting thread. Inherit racism in gaming is definitely an issue. If monastic traditions is sensitive topic for some people perhaps it is something we should consider.
6:14 AM
Q: What kind of action are dodge and disengage?

N4V3H3114Question about Actions vs Bonus Actions, vs Reactions: In a game I was DMing recently (5e), the cleric had 2 ghouls on him. He took his reaction to dodge the attacks of the ghouls, and on his turn he took his action to try to use turn undead, then used his bonus action to dash from the ghouls. I...

@linksassin Inherent*?
@BESW Fair. To be clear when I say favourite, I mean for use in my own settings not that it should be universally applied as an religion allegory.
@Ben ... yes... my bad.
Haha. That could have gone one way or anther :P
@Ben Though inherent racism is often inherited.
Not untrue
6:22 AM
@linksassin It's not just about reducing harm, though that's obviously very important. half the thread is about how removing the Orientalism creates space for more variety of interesting and fun options.
Challenging stereotypes makes for more interesting games.
Are there really no WOTC publications about how to generic-ize (?) the cultural inspirations from the system mechanics?
@BESW True, and while I agree with that I don't think that having the Oriental aspects has to prevent those ideas. We could do flavour re-skins anyway to get most of the characters he suggests.
@MikeQ not that I'm aware of.
He addresses that really clearly: the problem is not of flavor.
Unfortunately the top comment on the the reddit thread tries its hardest to miss the point: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/botpk3/…
6:25 AM
@The_Infideer @ratnovelist @DropTheDie @royal_running Most classes don't have anything so culturally specific baked into them. Even the Barbarian class with it's Scandinavian-esque art examples can be extended to non-European areas; Monks have a lot of specific cultural stuff baked in you get no matter what martial artist you play.
(I also had to remove another comment in the thread for trying very hard to start an argument and insult people)
Jul 10 '18 at 22:18, by BESW
It's not broken if you tell the end user to fix it.
@The_Infideer @POCGamer @ratnovelist @DropTheDie @royal_running If your solution is that the consumers should use the product in a specific way, why shouldn't the product change instead?
(a reply to a user saying "A rule I have while writing is to base my cultures on a mix of at least two others in the real world; maybe D&D players should do the same with monks?")
But seriously, a palette swap is explicitly insufficient for what he's talking about; the monk's abilities are tied to Orientalist mysticism to the point that you'd have to twist yourself into knots to justify associating those mechanics with forms of martial arts from other parts of the world--or even most actual Asian martial arts forms.
The problem is not just about labels, it's built into the mechanics.
That's fair.
6:34 AM
This is true. Unfortunately D&D isn't a culture-neutral system. Consider the mechanics of clerics, paladins, and druids. Or the descriptions of gods, dwarves, elves, gnomes, demons, devils, and magic. They're all through western lenses.
A "culture neutral" system would be appealing, but WOTC is more content to stick with their own D&D traditions.
@BESW yeah, his first tweet sort of states the same
[sigh] D&D's "tradition" is the calcification of a collection of random things previous developers liked in their books and movies.
Personally, I'd play a master of suffrajitsu in a heartbeat.
She wields an umbrella and a hairpin and will mess you up.
@BESW Doesn't the 'jitsu' part of 'suffajisu' tie it equally to eastern themes? Genuine question not accusing.
@linksassin Suffrajitsu is what the newspapers called the mix of martial arts used by the bodyguards of the Women's Social and Political Union to protect their leaders from the police.
@linksassin Etymologically yes, which is different from how WOTC does orientalized depictions in their western-centric fantasyland, which is the issue at hand
6:42 AM
@BESW Ok cool. So it's a period accurate term. That's cool to know.
@MikeQ Awesome. I can understand that distinction.
If I made a suffrajitsu "class," I'd take certain liberties but it'd be within the context of codifying the self-defense styles of several different actual womens' lib movements, not just making stuff up based on movies exoticising them.
(The actual WSPU Bodyguard used exercise clubs, not umbrellas and hatpins, in actual jiu-jitsu techniques, when fighting the police; umbrella/hatpin techniques were taught to women for self-defense.)
Cool so what would the hypothetical Martial Artist class have to distinguish it from fighter?
Flip the question around. What defines a "Fighter"?
If we made "Martial Arts" a fighting style that fighters could take at first level it would basically be what we want yeah?
There's a Twitter thread in the original discussion which bangs out an interesting idea for a kind of sorcerer-style melee combatant, where their power source defines their subclass features.
6:50 AM
@linksassin Depends who "we" is and what they want, but that is a reasonable approach
I have no interest in hashing out D&D mechanics, I'd play a suffrajitsu in a game that made me happy.
> Hatpin Handstab You have wpn:4 on physical attacks against targets who are touching you.
@MikeQ Basically I was trying to figure out what niche, Martial Artist would fill that wouldn't be covered by Fighter or Barbarian. Unarmed attacks that do decent damage is about the only part.
> Always accessorize. When someone checks you for weapons, they always miss one.
Hm, that depends on how much of the monk class that the nebulous "we" wants to keep.
D&D doesn't really need niche protection.
@Tyrophant Why not? I'm having an amazing conversation about this thread right now elsewhere that pretty much solved this by using a combination of a sorcerous power style origin and associated subclasses to capture a variety of possibilities and playstyles.
Here, I even found the thread for you: here's the end of it
7:07 AM
@linksassin The rest of the system is designed such that weapons and armor are necessary for martial combat. So at minimum, you'd want to cover 1. having comparable defense without armor, and 2. having comparable offense without weapons.
If I really had to, I'd cover defense as a fighting style (static formula for calculating AC when unarmored), and the offense as a martial archetype (since punches need to keep up with those other heroes who get progressively cooler magical weapons)
@MikeQ Probably a good start yeah.
@MikeQ Marital archetype doesn't kick in till 3rd level though. Makes it difficult to be useful until then.
Right, so the PC would start off as an unarmored fighter with a weapon, then at level 3 they'd gain extra tricks for when they punch
Maybe they joined a kickboxing club or a crossfit gym, and gaining the archetype reflects their new lifestyle change
Not sure that quite hits the theme of being a street brawler backstory. Or whatever else they want to be. Perhaps we do need a custom class to not be locked in to the progression of the fighter
Capoeira, pankration, kurash....
No, adding niche classes just bloats the system, especially when it's not too different from an existing mechanic
See: gunslinger, swashbuckler
7:20 AM
[shrug] I like the idea of a martial sorcerer/warlock conceit, myself.
Somebody dedicated to a particular cause/philosophy so much that they get supernatural melee abilities from it. Subclasses for each broad cause/philosophy.
Or in a game I'd like, just pick the cause/philosophy and figure out what that would give you thematically.
> Ginga. When you successfully defend against an attack, you get +2 to attack the next turn. When you successfully attack, you get +2 on defenses until the next turn. You lose the benefit of this stunt if you cannot move to an adjacent zone (you don't have to move, you just have to be able to).
> Esquivas. When you succeed with style on defense, you can shed all restrictive effects and move to an adjacent zone in addition to any other benefit.
> Gun. When you have a loaded firearm, you get +2 to attack.
7:42 AM
Q: Best answer to my question was deleted by owner, what do I do?

linksassinThe best answer on my recent question was deleted by its owner. It raises many of the issues that were the reason I asked the question and doesn't appear to have any major issues to be a cause for deletion. I tried asking about it in chat but didn't get a solution. The user isn't active there and...

> I have a gun in my pocket. You can pretend you have a gun. +2 to intimidation rolls.
> Yours says "Replica". Mine says "Desert Eagle, 4.0". You automatically succeed your next intimidation roll when you place your loaded weapon on the table
presented without context:
@POCGamer @whimsicaldumpin if you can't supplex a train then what is even the point of playing a martial artist?
Pew pew. you gain +2 to charisma rolls when you shout "pew pew" as your fire your ranged weapon.
@V2Blast I use "deflect missiles" to redirect the train.
finished typing up my long breakdown (agreeing with POCGamer's tweet) in a comment on that reddit thread: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/botpk3/…
> Choo Choo. When you use an Overcome action to change zones, and you move fewer zones than your roll allows, you may choose for every creature in each zone you enter to defend against the difference between the zones you moved and the shifts you rolled.
> Chew chew. You can eat the scenery. Choose a social skill when you select this stunt; you may use that skill to overcome physical obstacles.
8:00 AM
Chew chew. You are a raptor. You may rate the target on a scale of Tasty:Bland/Juicy:Chewy
@V2Blast suplexing trains is the best
Q: If a Lizardfolk druid is in Wild Shape, and uses his Hungry Jaws trait, does he use the damage from the beast's bite or the lizardfolk's bite?

ValkyrieLizardfolk have a feature that gives them natural weapons in the form of their jaws. This bite deals 1d6+Str damage. Hungry Jaws. In battle, you can throw yourself into a vicious feeding frenzy. As a bonus action, you can make a special attack with your bite. If the attack hits, it deals its ...

I vaguely remember a mention of that scale in comparison to the lawful:chaotic/good:evil scale too
@BESW ah yes, too bad it was pretty disappointing in many ways
8:14 AM
@trogdor Next stop: TERRORSAUR
It was fun the one time but the action also got interrupted constantly by failure
@BESW lol
If your ISP cut off your service because they forgot to automatically withdraw the money from the account, would it be worthwhile to ask for that time to be given to you for free, because it was their failure?
Probably depends on your ISP and the level of minion you've been able to ascend to.
@BESW I think in the eyes of our main ISP, were effectively the minions from Overlord. Lol
it wouldn't be unreasonable to express your displeasure at their failure and you might even get a very sympathetic customer service rep who comps you something
but I'd suspect you don't have high odds on that
8:25 AM
I think the argument is effectively "you should give me free stuff because you failed to take my money".
But depending on how silver your tongue is, it could work
well, no, part of the argument is that you were deprived of a service you had a standing agreement with them to provide, through their own failure, not yours
suddenly having no internet access could have plausibly caused you reasonable financial harm depending on your job and circumstances etc.
@Carcer Precisely
also I think BESW's suggestion was about the level of customer service minion you manage to get the complaint to
yes, that.
In all honesty, there's Telstra, which I think is just about making the issues disappear as quickly as possible, and then everyone else is all about customer service
@Carcer Ohh right. Yes
8:56 AM
@Ben No-one, and I mean no-one, is "all about customer service".
"more-so than telstra" might be more accurate. Lol
Or maybe the idea is "you pay for the customer service, because that's the only reliable service you'll get"
9:52 AM
yeah, the ISP I use personally is... very expensive, compared to the mainstream offerings, but they are reliable and they have a reputation for seriously prodding buttock when it comes to getting BT to come and fix faults in the physical infrastructure
10:19 AM
@Carcer That was more b sharp than c flat, I think
For anyone interested in that 2d20-take-highest vs 1d30 link, here's an anydice thingy. The 1d30 has a slightly better chance of getting > 15 than the 2d20 (50% vs ~44%), and has a slightly higher chance of rolling higher than the 2d20 on average (~57% of the time).
10:38 AM
the chap doesn't seem to have thought very much about it himself, honestly
@Carcer especially the "crit on a 20-30" thing
As a side note, is the "bounded accuracy" addressed anywhere in the books? I feel like there should be a sidebar somewhere in the DMG, but I can't recall.
I don't think it's actually discussed anywhere in the 5e books
we know it's a design principle based on the discussion of it in other media by the designers
I figured. But it's also the kind of thing they should mention under Creating/Customizing Content. (so that people avoid creating too many +X bonuses and so on)
10:46 AM
Good point
But then, I would have loved to have design notes all over the books so that people could more easily use RAI to make rulings/modify stuff, but I get why they don't want to have that in the books.
I don't, really
I'm pretty sure I've seen that approach taken in other books/systems, yeah
frequent "behind the scenes" notes on why they wrote the rules/mechanics as they did
I guess the biggest consideration is page space
Page space, visual clutter, "narrative" clutter (less clear what parts are the main text and where that is) and it adds a lot of information non-design oriented readers/players might easily find confusing. "No that isn't part of the rules, it's just an explanation of why we made it that way"
you know what the obvious solution is
developer's commentary DLC / alternative prints
10:56 AM
Also, their business model is based on you relying on them for new content including modifications. They have no incentive to actually guide you fully through those processes.
@LiamMorris That's a crit range of 11 faces in 30 for a 36.66% chance to crit, compared to 1 face in 20 for a 5% chance to crit. — doppelgreener ♦ 9 mins ago
@doppelgreener well, in fairness you should be comparing to the chance to crit with advantage (9.75%)
Does anyone feel like calculating the DPR of a Rogue using those rules? Or a Barbarian maybe?
@Carcer oops you're right
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