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1:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer (171): How to ask my boyfriend's family if it bothers them that I'm coming along by Balogun Kamilu Alao on interpersonal.SE
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5:19 AM
GaMen :)
@Tinkeringbell Good comment, Op is a new contributor tho, and a hint on why its just in the core a good question and not overall or at least a reference to the help center could have made the comment even more useful :)
5:47 AM
Morning everyone!
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@SmokeDetector tp
How's everyone doing today?
@avazula I am fine :) Wbu?
@Mithrandir :( sends positive wibes
@dhein yay :) tired but fine. I finally got some sleep last night o/
6:05 AM
@Mithrandir sup?
@avazula You didn't before?
series of french holidays? xP
@dhein nah, too much stress at work, huge project that's not going that well
6:24 AM
You started your new job already?
nah, it's in three weeks (!!)
Then don't stress your self with your old job to such an unhealthy degree, yeh? ;)
@dhein A bit under the weather, nose started bleeding.
I mean do your hours, do your thing you are supposed to do. But if it is hard to handle... what burn your self for? :)
I mean I'm just doing what I can to help my colleagues who are not to blame for having such unhealthy and terrible projects :/
6:26 AM
@Mithrandir Ahhh... I know how you feel... When the air is dry for too long my nose starts randomly and in the most unsuitable moments to bleed aswell '^.^
But hey, you know me know, it's always the boss's fault lol
@avazula Yeh, but as I told tinky yesterday already. Just because they can't be blamed for it, it is not your fault and hence not your responsibility. I mean I am not advicing to sit around idling till you start your new job. But.... You get my point don't you?
@dhein yeah, I do :p
2 hours later…
8:53 AM
you're welcome. For cooking you may try making this about the both of you, a shared responsibility. One day he cooks for the both of you, one day you do and - if possible - you eat together too. Cooking only for oneself is unrewarding for many people. — Jan Dorniak 23 mins ago
#21682 Jan Dorniak (101 rep) | Q: How to motivate my lazy partner towards self improvement? (score: 7) | posted 6 days ago by Koenshi (38 rep) | Toxicity 0.17803633 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["experimental-aic(@scohe001)"]
@IPSCommentBot tp
@Ælis Chat was down for a while, might've crashed the bots too :)
@IPSCommentBot tp
Oh, I didn't notice that chat was down ^^' Thanks for the explaination :)
@Ælis meta.stackexchange.com/q/328173/369802 Seems to have been a 'part of the world' thing. Which of course had to hit me XD
@Tinkeringbell That was a conspiracy to silence you!
9:06 AM
@Ælis Well, it did come with a lot of collateral damage then! :P
@Tinkeringbell It was to better cover the fact that you were the only real target :p
Ahhh! That actually makes sense ;)
Changing subject: I feel like this answer isn't really answering the question (but it's still interesting, IMO). Any thought on that everyone?
@Ælis It's an annoying answer ;) It seems to forget that we were already bonding, despite those remarks and my reaction to it we were already doing stuff together, and it's also telling me to do something I clearly ruled out as an option. Together with the decision I made yesterday and posted in here, it's... wrong, I guess. I can drop a comment later today
It's also... not even suggesting clearly what my response to the remarks should be.
9:21 AM
@Tinkeringbell I think it's a "just change your view" kind of answer. I'm trying to write a comment right now to tell them that this doesn't consist a valid frame-challenge
@Ælis I dropped one too.
I'm kind of feeling bad about all the comments we had to post under this user answers during the last few days ^^'
@IPSCommentBot tp
@Ælis Same here :)
9:36 AM
@AJ Liar! :p
Who said that?! :P
2 hours later…
11:20 AM
Anyone here able to help me out with pypi?^^
My question is, what is the file called, I can find the consumed dependencies being listed in? '^.^ Quite basic question I suppose
@dhein what is it you need?
Just the above x)
yeah but I don't understand
you wanna find the required dependencies for a pip package?
the equivalent to pom.xml from maven or package.json from npm
that equivalent for pypi
11:27 AM
nah I wanna know how these files are called/whats their extension
Keep in mind I am not a coder, I am an analyst having to analyse an python project now xD
^ is the equivalent of package.json for pip packages
Bitte schön <3
I thought so. But coudln't find such a file in this project so I wasn't sure if I am missing something
So as said, quite a simple one xP
@dhein it's not mandatory (although very much appreciated)
11:29 AM
Well, its a project with like 100 dependencies. I doubt with every compile the development team is just handtyping them ^^
Python doesn't get compiled , maybe that's why :p
Or what ever sorcery is done there. ^^
I am sure the working magic is comming streight from the development teams mind :P
either requirements.txt, or in setup.py there is a list with install_requires as name
yeah, saw that one.
well wait... no I didn't... xD
Neither of them exists. >.> Well in some of the consumed packages they exist. but not in the root project xD
grep all import statements of all files?
11:39 AM
Meeeh.... Then I had to read into how python works, to interpret the findings of what imports do. :x
import executes that file
from file_name import objects runs the file/module file_name and exposes the produced objects objects
I just pretend that I have now a clue. '^.^ Well, if I don't find any hints on how they did this, I'll just ask the dev team how they crafted that project.^^
@JAD Keep in mind, I am looking today the first time into an python source code. '^.^
Oh, I didn't know they could be in setup.py. Thanks JAD, TIL
11:44 AM
@dhein ah gotcha
imports are similar to C includes. They act largely as if the referenced file is just pasted on the location of the import
11:59 AM
Ah, but that would exceed a bit my task then, as I have to identify just which sources are being consumed and their license. So going on file level will flood me with en mass false positives I assume '^.^
For me it right now seems like they must have hand added all these dependencies then >.<
@dhein it goes pretty gradually, so that's not that surprising
also, a lot of modules come pre-installed in some distributions
like winpython
@JAD yeah but such stuff doesnt even land on my desk due to automations^^
I'd at least assume that ^^
12:21 PM
Q: Should my social networks be personal or business/community orientated

W.H.I want to promote rock music and related topics (fashion/beer/tattoos/motorbikes ) using a Twitter based social platform, but I'm really struggling with how to best communicate with my audience. I prefer the personal touch when it comes to communicating on social media - And in business - But I ...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Still not on-topic... (or was the previous question they ask a different one?)
A: Did galley captains put corks in the mouths of slave rowers to keep them quiet?

Lars BosteenYes, they did. This practice is mentioned in Robert C. Davis' (Professor of History at Ohio State University) Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500 - 1800: to make sure that none of the slave oarsmen spoke out and gave the g...

reading the comments I wonder.... History gonna be the next banned from HNQ? x'D
I mean people commenting on gagging backing it up with their own BDSM experience? x'D
12:36 PM
:shrugs: doesn't that make it inclusive?
12:57 PM
Good morning! ... and now I wish I had the time to follow down a history.stackexchange rabbit hole ^.^
1 hour later…
2:09 PM
Good day people
Beautiful day isn't it?
Hiya! :-)
Sadly, it's not a beautiful day here. Kind of cloudy and could start raining at any moment
Well i personally love rain, and it's cloudy here too
2:12 PM
I walk a lot, so rain isn't much fun
And I'm craving some ice cream :< what flavor do you reckon i should buy?
But walking in the rain is just so dramatic i love it xD
Cookie Dough is never the wrong choice
I usually get chocolate with chocolate in it, drizzled in chocolate. Sometimes I sprinkle chocolate on top of that.
That sounds amazing x.x
Cookie dough isn't a common flavor here unfortunately
But there are some fruity and sour popsicles here too that i really love
@TheTinyMan That sounds a bit too rich.
2:21 PM
@Mithrandir There's got to be an awful joke for me to make in there somewhere...
@TheTinyMan Something about how ice cream isn't allowed to hold wealth in the United States?
@Rainbacon Maybe, or maybe something about hoping that some day I find ice cream so rich it buys me a new car
@TheTinyMan what's this "new car" you speak of. I think the New York equivalent is ice cream so rich it pays my rent
Damn your ice cream must be packing!
Good morning all :)
2:36 PM
@ElizB Morning!
@ElizB Hiya! :-D
I'm still working on papers.......... when will this end??
@Rainbacon Paying New York rent? Man, I'm not looking for ice cream THAT rich! ;-)
ice cream or shaved ice sells so well here because our weather is generally hot.
@CaptainBohemian looking at your avatar pic, I'd believe it O_O
2:43 PM
@scohe001 that avatar is not my current place; it's just the place I desire to visit.
It seems my brain doesn't want to keep going though I've gotta finish this
oooh yay I got the "enlightened" badge! first to answer and get to 10 upvotes
3:05 PM
I just got my 11th "nice answer" badge
I have not even got any teacher badge.
@EmC I didn't think my loose thoughts were worth writing an answer in itself. Since you as a mod think otherwise I will write an answer. — Jan Dorniak 1 min ago
#21682 Jan Dorniak (101 rep) | Q: How to motivate my lazy partner towards self improvement? (score: 7) | posted 6 days ago by Koenshi (38 rep) | Toxicity 0.17361021 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@CaptainBohemian Seems to be related to you having never answered a question
@ElizB Ooh, I just got one of those badges too
3:30 PM
@Rainbacon Cool :)
4:09 PM
That's not cool
Stellar question is
Quick, someone post a "what's your favorite interpersonal joke?"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ yeah, but IPS doesn't have any of those
Yeah it's mostly blushes
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ isn't...every joke an interpersonal joke? Can you have a joke without interpersonal interaction?
Well, it does need to sound on-topic to 10% of the users so it'll get 700 votes before getting closed.
Q: What REALLY defines on and off topic?

W.H.So I'm getting fed up of my questions - which I consider to be genuine - getting voted as being Off-Topic, for reasons that don't make sense in comparison to other questions. For example, my latest question (Interpersonal Skills) asked for advice on good ways to communicate with specific niche a...

Heh, they link to tour when they say "my question"
Anyway, it does seem apparent they need IPS help, even if it's not really the issue they expect.
4:26 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ they've asked several questions about running a social media based business (think "how do I get XXX instagram followers?"). I'm pretty sure comments have been left almost every time telling them this is the wrong site for that, but might be worth bringing a mod in on this to make sure @EmC
That's also not the question we told them to ask on MSE. We told them to ask if there was a site where their question would be on topic.
@scohe001 Yeah, we've definitely told them at least 3 times now that IPS is not the right site for questions about how to run their social media accounts
Hey, be glad Godwin was intact
@scohe001 hi o/
Hey! \o
4:30 PM
yep, they've asked 4 questions now which are all basically "how should I set up my twitter account(s)" and each time we've explained it's off-topic and suggested other venues (freelancing SE - which they had tried, workplace chat, non-SE forums)..
@EmC Well, commenting isn't going to help anymore
To be honest - Beyond caring!!! — W.H. 1 min ago
That should actually be a slogan of political movement.
yeah, I'm not planning to participate on that meta post.. they've been told it's a question for IPS meta, so up to them if they want to ask there or not
I want a To Be Honest — Beyond Caring t-shirt
hmm, can you work in care bears to the design somehow
Damn @Tink you beat me by seconds :(
4:39 PM
@scohe001 It's okay, your comment there is great too :)
4:58 PM
@scohe leads by 6-4. This match just got interesting, folks
Scohe wins, I surrender ;)
3 hours later…
7:59 PM
Ahh, MSE is down. Time to descend into anarchy...
8:15 PM
Whew, it's back. Nothing to see here...

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