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9:00 PM
So why are you commenting on 5-year-old posts?
I find the italic of Fira Code Regular a bit too italic.
Because I am replying to a comment from today.
@tchrist would go crazy if he saw this.
The boat has sailed, circumnavigated the globe, and returned to port laden with exotic spice. But it's not me jumping on it now.
@Cerberus What do percent signs indicate in AHK syntax?
9:00 PM
Where is he anyway?
@Robusto Interpolation.
In fact, the question is mine to begin with. And the answer is Cerberus's. We've milked it just fine.
And also introducing an expression where one is not otherwise expected.
@Cerberus that just looks like the South Efriken fleg now.
I don't believe they have a ton of text!
That's because their font is horrible. Have you tried zooming in?
9:04 PM
I've tried and tried and tried.
Good. Good. Good. Carry on.
I have been hungry again.
So where has Tchrist been all this time?
Probably some Perl conference in Adelaide.
<gasp> His name doesn't even autocomplete any more!
9:05 PM
I even didn't notice his absence until you mention.
It does if you start with =~ s/
I have the nostalgia of conferences.
@CaptainBohemian That's unusually specific.
Unlike madeleines.
Now that is unusually specific.
Stupid Windows 10 broke my Japanese keyboard input.
This is progress?
@RegDwigнt When I do that, it types my password!
Can you see it?
Yes, I can see 1234 loud and clear.
But you shouldn't post your password on the Internet, dude.
Oh, so only I can see it!
I thought people would just see ********
Why would people just see thehunter?
Oh, it was a meme.
9:13 PM
No, it was thehunter. I saw it.
About this bloke who typed his password in chat because people had convinced him that they saw only asterisks.
No, you can't see it.
Cerberus, are you drunk?
I can't find the meme.
Why you explain the first Internet meme to me?
I invented it.
Because you seemed ignorant?
Yes, I know, I shouldn't be surprised.
9:14 PM
@Cerberus I can't even remember what the site was called.
That collected those funny chat quotes.
I used to read it regularly every couple years.
There we go.
@Robusto says thehunter for me.
I just searched the web and found out what didn't work and then I tried that. And it worked!
Turns out that you have to use Control-Caps Lock to get it to work right once you're in MS IME mode.
9:16 PM
Fuck me, it is bash.org!
Why the fuck am I unable to ever forget anything.
@Cerberus: bash.org/?244321=
@Robusto Congratulations!
@Robusto I use a shortcut that seems to override everything no matter what mode or app I'm in.
It was hunter2!
So sweet.
Alt + Shift here on Vista, Ctrl + Alt + Shift in Linux at work, I believe.
The fucking problem now is that if I try ^-capslock on a web page it goes to another page ...
9:18 PM
@RegDwigнt Oh, it's control-alt-delete on my computer, have you tried it?
Ah, no, I was hitting ^-tab.
@Cerberus that just gave me your credit card number. Thanks so much!
Have fun spending €0!
I can't even hit the caret here cause the key broke off years ago.
@RegDwigнt Carets really don't improve your eyesight, you know.
9:19 PM
Hit the caret?
What caret?
Every time I need to type anything in French, or the Russian yo, I have to go on google and google for a word with that letter, and then copypaste it from that word using the mouse.
But I do that because buying a new keyboard would be a lot of work.
You're just trying to provoke me to tell you Autohotkey can solve all your problems, I know you are. But I won't.
Eating carrots only gives you caries. They are like 24% sugar.
9:21 PM
> We compared the standard Eclipse syntax highlighting to two richer presentations of code with visual extras such as:

- Outlines instead of curly braces
- Alternating background colors, instead of commas, for separating list elements
- Icons instead of some keywords
- Additional background colors for some statements and expressions

The study showed that increasing the visual variety of the presentation had a rather large effect on the speed with which developers could understand code structure - time was reduced by up to 75%. It's important to note that this is about simple questions reg
@Cerberus nice try but I can't tell you because the caret broke off.
The caret is an inverted V-shaped grapheme. It is the spacing character ^ in ASCII (at code point 5Ehex) and other character sets that may also be called a hat, control, uparrow, or, less frequently, chevron, xor sign, 'to the power of' (exponent), pointer (in Pascal), or wedge. Officially, this character is referred to as circumflex accent in both ASCII and Unicode terminology (because of its historical use in overstrike), whereas caret refers to a similar but lowered Unicode character: U+2038 ‸ CARET. Additionally, there is a lowered variant with a stroke: U+2041 ⁁ CARET INSERTION POINT.The...
Ohh that one.
I thought you were talking about the text cursor.
I think I'll just super-star it so I never have to google anymore and just copypaste it from the wall.
I imagines it must have been some old part in a typewriter and you were setting up an elaborate joke.
carrot, caret, and karat are all pronounced the same. It's called overloading.
9:24 PM
@Cerberus words have meanings.
@Robusto it's called "English is stupid".
I use capslock to select the whole word that the caret is on.
Shift-capslock to use the actual capslock.
That sounds wise.
Thank you.
But what do you use to use the Shift?
I use Capslock + Alt.
I can still use shift normally.
9:26 PM
So Shift+Capslock is Capslock + Alt + Capslock.
I could make a hotkey caps + alt if I wanted to, yes.
It's a breeze. You should try.
But using caps to select a whole word is quite practical.
It also makes it even safer to type hunter2.
Even safer?
Is that possible?
9:27 PM
I guess I use shift for that anyway.
I am not Evan. And don't call me Shirley, either.
I'll call you whatever I want.
Dingleberry, even.
btw, that works on all passwords. Nobody will ever guess your password if you add a 2 to it. Like password2 for example. Hacker-proof. /nod
That reminds me. I need to go write up Shostakovich's Second Waltz for violin and viola. Because tomorrow I'll be sight-reading it with my teacher, and for that it would be wise to actually have a score to sight-read.
Stupid physics.
Fucking magnets, how do they even work.
9:30 PM
A wise policy.
Ah, how long have you had a teacher?
Jan 3 at 21:42, by RegDwigнt
All my policies are wise. Except the batshit crazy ones.
@Cerberus now that is the Sri Lankan flag now.
I've also adjusted this plugin to show all matching brackets in Regex.
But only in Regex, or it would get too flashy.
@Cerberus what are you on about, have we talked before?
I've had a teacher forever now.
Hmm I don't remember.
9:31 PM
We're in complete agreement on that.
Feb 1 at 19:50, by RegDwigнt
My teacher can hear a difference of 2Hz. I can't. Because I'm being lazy and using an app.
You were there to read that.
The post right before that is yours.
Aug 13 '18 at 8:51, by RegDwigнt
@Robusto I did spend two weeks learning to hold the violin and bow before even bothering my teacher with the first lesson. Though of course the point of the video really isn't the specifics, but the general idea of "you say a thing and they just won't listen".
And the post right after that one is yours.
@RegDwigнt This was just after I had left.
@RegDwigнt This was before I was in the room.
Besides, do you expect me to read stuff?
This is the Internet.
People don't read.
Scratch the 2Hz btw. Last week after the weather had changed my tuning dropped down by less than 1Hz, but consistenly on all four strings. So I didn't bother retuning because I figured yeah good luck she won't hear that.
The first note I played in that lesson, she went, you're too low.
That's what being a pro violinist is all about.
That Fury.
@Robusto she said it's not about the ear. Which of course it isn't. Nobody can hear that. She said you'd just feel it. With your entire body. It just resonates differently.
9:37 PM
@RegDwigнt I bet she wouldn't have heard it if it was too sharp.
So yeah I had to retune.
@Robusto might try that some time.
@Cerberus Oh. Hm.
I'm not entirely sure how reliable that is.
But I do find my forms of highlighting useful.
I remember just last century when xemacs came out, and I switched back right away to emacs because too much color.
but that's just me.
9:43 PM
I stopped using Emacs as soon as they made Emacs run on Emacs.
also I eventually realized that white on black is hard on your eyes. and, viola, almost everything nowadays is dark fg on light bg.
These days I only watch YouTube on Emacs.
but now all sorts of apps are offering light type on dark background as an 'eye-saving' scheme.
so I don't know what to believe anymore.
@RegDwigнt so you use emacs now?
I made an Emacs color scheme once that had dark red background. Because I was reading design at the time and every book said red was the stupidest choice for a background color. So I said fuck it.
It was the most popular thing I ever created.
Before or since.
@Mitch Is it really?
I use light on dark.
@RegDwigнt So very you.
9:46 PM
@RegDwigнt newbie. I wrote a turing machine interpreter in emacs lisp and then a Minecraft simulator in the Turing Machine, and then built a virtual 3d printer of a butterfly that flapped its wings at just the right time to rearrange the electrons on a hard disk that runs a Beowulf cluster.
I'm not sure what to do with the Beowulf cluster but I play a lot of Pong on it.
Maybe I just need to start writing my sheet music cyan on wine red. People will be snatching it from my hands before I'm even finished.
@Cerberus I don't know. That's what I'm telling you. But note that every website since 2000 is dark on light. (Like all of SE).
@Mitch you wrote Minecraft something and you call me a noob? Minecraft wasn't even a thing for another twenty years after I invented the word "noob".
Happy birthday Tchaikovsky and Brahms, BTW.
@RegDwigнt I had Prolog as that layer, but the torches in Minecraft allow an interrupt architecture which greatly simplified the implementation of the air molecule prediction algorithms.
@RegDwigнt Pfft. Old people don't want birthdays.
@Cerberus Radiologists the world over insist on sitting in dark rooms with dark screens and bright white type.
They could be right.
@Mitch You may call your Minecraft log "pro" all you want, but these days games are more about branching.
9:54 PM
branches are for losers. if you don't have the confidence to choose one way, then get out of the way for those who are getting shit done.
What is an "air molecule" anyway.
It's a thing
It very much is not.
But for the purposes of exposition, just assume it's a nice thing
I always assume that. And them I am always disappointed.
I might be doing something wrong. Can't quite put my finger on it.
10:00 PM
Well then
@Mitch Websites are just paper emulators.
Cars are horse emulators
Wastebin full of paper, never mind, see you later.
Fuck, Cerberus will never get any of those references.
I don't get it. It's not Inception.
I'm just teaching you how to emulate disposing of emulated paper.
@Mitch or is it? tun-dun-DUN.
2 hours later…
11:54 PM
@RegDwigнt Wow, that is some weak shit right there, bro.
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