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6:20 AM
breaks the ice silence
Fixes the silence.
6:34 AM
7:27 AM
@El'endiaStarman I got one too in my amazing Give Away box!
A CR rubber duck, not a coworker
7:48 AM
@avazula oooh! Did I show off mine in here already? :P
So it contained: stickers, a pen, notebooks, an apron, a bottle, a mug and new pyjamas! 😊
8:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell I don't think so, or at least I didn't see it :D
It arrived yesterday, finally! I was starting to get worried seeing everybody getting theirs ;)
@Tinkeringbell I had the same reaction when AElis got theirs and I didn't :p
it arrived last weekend for me
I wore my Super User sweatshirt at work this week, it's so big I looked like a hacker
I'm so jealous about the apron!
I think mine had to go through sorting manually: The letters of the postal code were missing, and handwritten on. It also didn't arrive with DHL (like swag usually does) but with the Dutch postal services.
ooh, weird
@avazula I like it too! I didn't have any aprons yet, so this is a good one. I only went for the sticker, the apron was a nice surprise :D
The bottle is really nice too.
I can now just bend over a little and take a sip! :P
8:44 AM
BTW dear, I have a question for you ... There's a crochet pattern with English instructions that I struggle so hard to understand. Maybe it's because it's not detailed enough? Maybe the yarn isn't appropriate for it? I can't figure it out. Do you have by any chance a good website for the basic knot patterns?
@avazula yeah they're humongous
@avazula Probably, give me a sec :)
@Tinkeringbell Mine seems to be broken, I can't sip any of it :p
@Tinkeringbell I could share the pattern if you're interested in it?
@avazula You need to keep the second orange thing down, or you're just sucking air. I think it's some kind of vent for when you fill the cup with hot drinks :)
it's for a beehive blanket :D
@Tinkeringbell Ha. I'll have to try again tonight :)
8:46 AM
@avazula Oooh, I think I know that pattern! Sharing would be good if it's a free pattern. Otherwise, is your pattern in American or British crochet terms?
@Tinkeringbell There are free versions of it but I bought mine (it was more polished), so I don't know whether that'd be a good thing to share. I think it's British, it's made of dc, ch, st sl, and so on. Does that sound familiar to you?
@avazula It does... does it have sc?
> Single crochet (American) : Double crochet (British)
Half double crochet (America) : Half treble crochet (British)
Double crochet (American) : Treble crochet (British)
Treble crochet (American) : Double treble crochet (British)
Double treble crochet (American) : Triple treble crochet (British)
Gauge (American) : Tension (British)
Skip (American) : Miss (British)
so single crochet (American) would be double crochet (British). If your pattern doesn't have the sc abbreviation, we can be pretty sure it's British ;)
@Tinkeringbell oh, that's so helpful. Thank you!
Other than that, I usually use guides like this
On the other hand though, I'm wondering whether my yarn is appropriate for crocheting. I was used of crocheting with cotton yarns. This one is acrylic, and it feels like it's not best for crocheting ... it produces tons of little threads and the yarn doesn't slip very easily on the crochet. Is that a bad thing?
@Tinkeringbell ooh, nice infographics!
8:53 AM
I don't really like working with acrylic yarn either... Like you said, it splits much easier than cotton (so you have to be careful to get the whole thread for each stitch), and yeah, it's often a bit less slippery too. Lots of people make blankets with acrylic though, so it should be okay for a blanket.
@Tinkeringbell Okay. I'll persist and try harder then :)
It's still very new to me. I know knitting. Crocheting, however... that's harder for me.
Oh, I didn't tell you - I'm going to the Netherlands by the end of next month!
@avazula You'll manage! I can't knit. I can do a scarf, but nothing much else! :P
@avazula Cool! Where are you going?
@Tinkeringbell Crafting should be fun. When I struggle for hours, it loses its charm :p
@Tinkeringbell Amsterdam! I'm gonna give my grandma a tour. I'd love to go to that place near Amsterdam where there's hectares of flowers though, but maybe it won't be open yet :)
I'd love to go back to Rotterdam too, I enjoyed that city
@avazula Keukenhof? That's open, if I recall correctly :)
I don't know if it will be open by the end of April still though
@Tinkeringbell Yes, i think that's it!
I just checked, it's open until the end of May :D
8:57 AM
I was checking too! :P
Unfortunately I'm unsure whether my grandma could visit such a huge park (her knees hurt a lot)
If you're around on the 27th, you're in for a ride on Koningsdag :P
The King's Day?
@avazula You could book a wheelchair.
@AJ Yep!
If you want to do that though, it's better to do it well in advance. It'll cost 20 euro's, but you get those back if you hand in the wheelchair at the end of the day :)
@Tinkeringbell you'd probably want to avoid Amsterdam then, or at least don't expect to get anything done in the centre
9:03 AM
@Tinkeringbell That could be useful but I don't think she'll accept to use it... she thinks it's humiliating, plus her husband died recently and he was in a wheelchair during the end of his life... I'm not sure she'll accept it
@Tinkeringbell we'll actually be there! :D
@avazula That sounds really familiar. My grandparents are much the same, though in places where 'nobody knows them' they're more likely to use one. You could gently ask her ;)
@avazula Like JAD said, the center will be crazy.
@Tinkeringbell I'll offer it. That could be a great IPS question BTW ;)
@Tinkeringbell ouch... maybe we'll go to Keukenhof on that day then.
@avazula I mean, it's probably fun for a few hours, but given that you're going with a grandma it may also be really overwhelming and too busy :)
busy, drunk people, blocked routes
9:07 AM
you can probably forget getting into the museas at museumplein
@Tinkeringbell Yay, French link! :D
@avazula Those are the festivals, iamsterdam.com/fr/see-and-do/whats-on/… is probably more fitting :)
@JAD I'd love to go see the .. Risjk? How's that called again?
@avazula Rijks :P
@Tinkeringbell thanks :D
I've been there before, I liked it :D
9:09 AM
(basically a 'musée national')
musée d'etât would be probably more fitting
That's a nice one too :)
I've actually never been there
Me neither...
I had classes in the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden though. Those were cool! :D
Dad has promised we shall go some day to the Rijksmuseum. But I think that promise is just as good as the one where he promised to teach me how to fix a flat bike tire.
As in: He's more likely to go do this himself before taking me :P
@Tinkeringbell I could teach you!
(I'd actually love to have an IPS reunion some day)
9:12 AM
@avazula My plan was to just google next time! :P
@Tinkeringbell That's how I learned :)
Hahaha Google might replace parenting some day! :P
9:27 AM
Yesterday I introduced my partner to non-violent education
(We've been talking about having kids for a bit now)
And they're ... a bit clueless about non-violent parenting ^^
So I'm guessing no slaps on the wrists for your kids? :)
@Tinkeringbell Oh no
I was raised like this (thank Cash not that often)
I was raised like that too, and it worked... :P
Back then I didn't realize but now I understand how it made me apologize for everything and don't always see when people overstep my boundaries
That's not good though.
9:29 AM
My family used to put me under cold showers or lock me in the bathroom when I used to cry
Okay, no, that's not how I was raised.
I think it contributed to my abandonment fears
@Tinkeringbell :p I don't know whether that's more violent than wrists slaps, though.
@avazula To me, that definitely sounds worse!
That's more psychological warfare than a slap on your butt if you're throwing a tantrum!
@Tinkeringbell You're surely right. Anyway, I wouldn't want to do either of those things :p
But it sure made me a quiet child haha
@avazula I don't know. I often see kids that could use one of those, IMO :P Ever been on a train where a parent has three kids running around, and they're only asking/telling them quite quietly to stop screaming and running? ... I mean, that's where my parents could put on that voice, and get me to stop, because I knew there'd be consequences if I didn't.
But one of the reasons I'm not going to raise kids is that there's no right way to do so nowadays :P
9:34 AM
@avazula Oh, that really doesn't sound good :/ I'm sorry you had to go through that and that it had such impact on you :/
@Tinkeringbell Oh I know, there's some of those in the bus sometimes. I do think there are background stories to such behaviours though
Which is why I've been reading a lot about it lately :p
@Ælis Thank you, but I don't think this was the most harmful thing I got to face while growing up ...
And, what do the books say? Is it a weak parent or just a brat of a child? :P
@Tinkeringbell Erm ... they say that it's normal for kids to want to run and play and that there are ways to make them understand when to stop or to be quiet without using physical or verbal violence. But IMO it's something that needs to be done ever since the child is born
@Ælis That's ok :) I didn't turn out to be a complete beach, as some would have predicted :D
I'm an engineer, I'm in a stable relationship, I'm nice to people and I try to take care of myself. Which is what I wanted. I think that despite an unhealthy relationship to food and difficulties to save money, I'm doing a pretty good job
@avazula That's good to hear! :)
9:42 AM
And I do believe any kids you'll raise will be raised well, no matter how you're going to do it :)
@Tinkeringbell Aaaw. That's very nice of you to say.
pro-tip for raising kids: don't just lift from the head, use the lower body as well
@Mithrandir always lift from the knees is what I heard
I bet that's easier indeed
9:45 AM
don't use the back
@Mithrandir give support to their head while lifting
Now I know how to workout once I become a parent
@avazula You are doing pretty great indeed. It's just that I think it's a shame that those past events took a toll on your mental well-being (fear of abandonment, etc...). I know it's something that happens to a lot of people (a past event having a negative impact on someone mental well-being) but it's always a shame IMO
@Ælis My mom tends to think that it's our wounds that make us good people so ... I don't know. But they were/are a very hurt person themselves.
(Disclaimer: my mom is non-binary ^)
> So apparently RSVP'ing back to a wedding invite 'maybe next time' isn't the correct response.
9:50 AM
@AJ hahaha
> Avoid three things that make you fat.
1. Mirrors
2. Weighing scales
3. Slim friends
@AJ 5. food
6. Living
Image not found :(
9:57 AM
@avazula I know I gain more compassion/sense of observation because I was bullied, but I would change that back against self-confidence and no social anxiety without hesitation. As far as I know, my little sister didn't have to go through that and she is a wonderful person. So no, I really not believe that you need to suffer in order to be a good/better person
@Tinkeringbell It's a mister Meeseeks shouting "existence is pain"
@Tinkeringbell Maybe try to click on the "Image not found". It works for me when I have this issue
@Ælis I'd like to challenge you on the fact that maybe she had to go through something else, but I agree, the XP does not make the person :p
@avazula Ah. Well, that's kinda too depressive :P
@avazula To me, all someone needs to be a good person is to have another good person as a model. So, really, in my view of things, pain is unnecessary
(note: having several good people as models is even better)
10:08 AM
@Ælis Though, if I think about it, I don't really have any people I'd say were models for me... At least, I can't name them
points at Jon Ericson :P
What? No way...
not for you, for me
@Tinkeringbell I think we tend to take as a model every people in our life: parents, siblings, teachers, friends, etc... And, the more you are with someone and the more you are impressed by this person, the more you will tend to follow their actions
10:13 AM
@Ælis (siblings)
@Mithrandir Nice, thanks!
@Ælis were you your sister's good role model? :p
@Ælis Oh, that's different. Sure, I pick up parts from interacting with different people, but I was thinking of a model morea as a person whose behaviour you consciously try to mimick.
@avazula I was definitively a huge model for my little sister (no bragging here, older siblings are always a huge role model if the siblings in question have a good relationship). And I do believe I was a good model for her, but every person would think that "I'm a good model", so that doesn't say anything ^^
@Tinkeringbell now you hurt Jon's feelings ;(
10:22 AM
@JAD Jon? Who?
@Tinkeringbell Why do you need to "consciously" try to mimic it? I never consciously tried to mimic my big sister. But she always complained that: "You are always copying me/doing the same thing I do!" (to which I vehement denied and it wasn't my fault if she had a good idea)
@Ælis That's just the idea I get when someone says someone was their model/example for < thing they're doing >... That it's more of a conscious than unconscious thing, and that that's why you can also easily name a person as being the model.
15 mins ago, by Mithrandir
points at Jon Ericson :P
@Tinkeringbell it might also be an insight when reflecting back. Seeing only then howmuch you followed someone's example
@JAD Perhaps, but I'd then say that someone influenced my behaviour, not that they were my model :/
@Tinkeringbell To me "influenced my behaviour" and "were my model" is the same thing ^^ But it might be because I hadn't any real "role model" as you define it (consciously and deliberately mimicking someone behaviour)
1 hour later…
11:45 AM
Hey silence, does anyone know what the difference is between perfume/deodorant for women and the same thing for men? I know that perfume/deodorant for women often smell like fruits or flowers but what are men perfume/deodorant suppose to smell like?
Oh, I like my new rep network wild! 8.404 \o/ (#repNotFound)
12:01 PM
@Ælis Man scents are more about plants like verbena or musc ... If you have doubts I'd suggest you do the same as I did when I wasn't using baking soda yet: sniff the cap or spray just a little and make your mind.
12:40 PM
@avazula Can confirm that this is what my deodorant smells like. Also plus one for sniffing the cap
@Rainbacon you should consider upvoting my answer then :p
I'm out of upvotes for today, but I've accepted it in lieu of upvoting
@Rainbacon I'm very grateful for that kind sir
Enjoy your 15 internet points
@Rainbacon My life has a meaning now
12:45 PM
I have total 59139. Does it signify anything? :P
Yay! I'm glad I could help
@AJ It signifies that you have a lot of internet points
@avazula and golds, silvers, bronzes and not to mention DIAMONDS :P
12:53 PM
@AJ hahaha
1:11 PM
and of course, less than Catija. :P
@avazula I have no idea what "musc" is suppose to smell like ^^ But yeah, I will definitively "sniff" before buying. Ok, so I just ask Wikipedia what musc was and what it smells like. And, I must say, that sound a bit disgusting to me ^^' : "[musc] has an animal and woody odor, with vague hints of sexual secretions and excrement". But, yeah, at least I like the "woody odor" part
@Ælis it's the base component of most perfumes, regardless of the targeted gender
@avazula Darn, I didn't know that was also used for "female" perfume. So, then, do you mean that the male perfumes are more "nature" (no other perfume add) than the female one? Or that the only option available is smelling like "verbena"?
1:28 PM
@Ælis "Male" fragrances are more simple, more nature. Verbena is far from being the only option, it was just an example that came to my mind :)
@avazula Thanks for the information ^-^
Ya welcom' ♥
yaaaay today is the day they let all the contractors go at work so it looks like it'll mostly be a social day until I'm gone :-p
@TheTinyMan is it your last day at work?
1:39 PM
@avazula Yep :-)
Also scents for men always smell weird to me, is that unusual I wonder?
ooh :)
@TheTinyMan No, they smell weird to me too
For some weird reason I can't stop wearing perfume when I'm out of the house
Although I litterally can't breathe when I meet someone who wears too much of it
@TheTinyMan Maybe it's because you don't know a lot of men who wear perfume?
@Ælis That might be part of it. I wonder if there's some kind of pheromone thing going on, too.
1:46 PM
@avazula Yeah, too much perfume is unpleasant. It also makes me want to cough (like if I had something stuck in my throat)
@Ælis ooh, I'm sorry then, it mustn't be pleasant when we meet each other. .. I tend to wear a lot, I know :/
@TheTinyMan Maybe? I really wouldn't know
@avazula Oh no, I don't remember having any discomfort when we meet. The problem is usually there just after (less than 20 minutes?) people put the perfume on. So, I guess you had it for long enough for me to not be inconvenient by it.
@avazula I'm allergic to the scents of most perfumes and colognes...
@Ælis ssh ... don't tell people we meet at night ... ;D
@Mithrandir your life must be a nightmare :( it's everywhere!
this contributes to me being antisocial
1:51 PM
@avazula How scandalous! :o
@avazula You do realize you can put perfume on at any time during the day and night? :p
@Ælis I have a very rigid hygiene routine haha
@Ælis What have you done! Now she knows!
Q: How to deal with a friend that thinks he is always right?

NiicklesI have a friend who I got to know through playing video games, I've known him for about 7 Years now and have met him in person about 14 times. We've been actively playing together for 4 years and every time when we have a discussion he just comes up with random things not having anything to do ...

1:53 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan you prove them they're wrong
and you throw carrots at their face
because carrots are good for the sight
^^^ Things I shouldn't say in my comment to ask for the question to have a goal
I don't see a goal there, though
@avazula That always makes them insist harder that they're right the next time
@TheTinyMan that was a joke :p
I'm also amused that you're talking about carrots right now because I'm trying to find ASCII art of a literal Easter Egg to commit on my last day
ohhhh, right over my head! It's a tiny head after all! :o
1:55 PM
@avazula Haha, I have very rigid routine too ^^ "What do you mean, 'I can eat brioche and nutella outside of the weekend'? What a sacrilege!"
In any case, if one party always refuses to budge that sounds like a bit of a toxic relationship
@TheTinyMan that's a great idea
@Mithrandir Absolutely
@Ælis shameless plug for feedback
@Rainbacon I think it's a good comment (even though you write "liitle" :p ). The fact that you referred to the OP particular situation and that you show compassion makes it very nice
2:07 PM
@Ælis Yeah, we're definitely going to need a lot more information, but saying that seemed like it might be less well received
2:24 PM
@Rainbacon I agree with that. Plus, there is always the risk that the OP start adding useless pieces of information, so just saying "we need more details" isn't good
Oh, the comment didn't deployed :'(
@Rainbacon You should downvote something, your IPS point will be at 3553 after that :p
Ooh, you are right
Done :)
Ahah, I didn't think you would actually do it XD I hope it was a really bad on then :p
It currently has 2 delete votes and 3 recommended deletions
@Rainbacon link?
I was thinking about downvoting it before you told me to. :)
2:34 PM
@Rainbacon A safe way to place a downvote then :p
@avazula you are one of the delete votes if that was what you were thinking
:sad face:
:sad robot:
@avazula Haha XD Am I the other one?
For reference, it's the post that sparked the discussion of my commenting yesterday
2:47 PM
Looks correct to me
Mmh, pizza
@Ælis That's a devolution in terms of filling food, those three...
Hah! My first Easter egg got merged up!
@TheTinyMan yay!
So would the pizza based architecture be a platform approach where there are several small applications (the toppings) that sit inside the same platform (the sauce, cheese, and crust)
2:55 PM
@Mithrandir True :p I guess the pizza will be very small, then
@Ælis I've dropped that in the moderator room. I believe burninating a tag is more than just deleting it (like, there's a process for reviewing the questions in the tag, whether they need editing, closing, or other things... before we can burninate)
@avazula ^ :P
3:12 PM
@IPSCommentBot fp
Marked this comment as caught incorrectly (fp). Currently marked 0tps/1fps
3:34 PM
whats good everybody
@Cashbee o/
@Cashbee Heya! Uhmm. I hope there will be good food soon!
The weather is extraordinarily nice.
And I went to the store for easter eggs and stroopwafels, and got those AND a hug :P
@Tinkeringbell cool, here too 😀 mmmmmmmh stroopwafels
@Tinkeringbell I just had icecream and sore throat.
number one item that I ask friends to bring home from NL :)
alongside hageslag of course
3:36 PM
Hahaha good choices!
our biggest supermarket now has de ruijter hageslag (o joy!) but only 1 sort
only 1? They make like 12 or something XD
At least it's the best brand!
yea i know.. its the basic milk choco hagel
but i need some gestampte musje
im addicted
Hmmm. Gestampte muisjes are not a best seller, I think.
Not even over here.
yeah, and I can understand that. its so sugary, and anis is quite polarizing
3:42 PM
Oh Hey @Cashbee long time no see
Also, what are stroopwafels?
@Rainbacon hi Rain
they are honey wafers
NL is famous for them
ooh, that sounds good
honey or caramel, im not even sure
I just googled them and now I'm hungry
that was a bad move
3:45 PM
I also googled hageslag and now I'm contemplating moving to NL
For due diligence, Google zwartepietendiscussie, pvv, geert wilders and forum voor democratie as well :P
@Tinkeringbell Are those things supposed to scare me? You do realize that I live in the country that managed to elect Donald Trump as president right?
@Rainbacon Just know things are slowly spreading across the ocean. Time for y'all to start working on that wall :P
It's kinda sad to see Dutch politicians these days
@Tinkeringbell I think you can safely remove "Dutch" without changing the meaning of that sentence
@Rainbacon True that :/
Also, @Rainbacon I had to add a tag to your question. Seeing only one tag there felt like a personal insult! :p (even two seems a little. I believe three to be the good number and if you have more, it's just bonus :p )
3:58 PM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, here too, that's so cool! But how come you got a hug? :o
@avazula Grandma was at the supermarket too, and there was some kind of national PIN outage (so you could not pay with debit or credit cards, only cash). I had enough money for both our groceries :P
@Tinkeringbell aaaw :D
She was happy, this meant she didn't have to go to the supermarket twice :)
@Ælis I appreciate the effort, but does that tag really fit?
@Rainbacon Your question is involving your SO and I believe doing the same thing you want to do but with a friend or a family member or a peer might impact the answer. You don't talk the same way to all those kind of people, so that is why I added the tag
4:04 PM
That makes sense
I know you didn't ask for that, but I would like to share with you all my "tagging technic" (as "what do I believe makes a good tagging for a question").

First, I put a tag for the **what**: what do OP wants to communicate? It goes with tag like "saying-no", "boundaries", etc...

Then, I look for the **who**: who is OP trying to communicate with? Is it friends? Family? Stranger?

Finaly (and if it's important), I look for the where: **Where** is this communication happening? Online? In a public-transportation? In a specific country?
So, what do you think of it? Am I missing something here? And do you thing it could be worth it to have a meta post about that?
@avazula haha hello to you too :)
@Cashbee what brings you in here today?
@avazula a rather slow afternoon, and a daydream of going home early
@Cashbee that makes more sense
The weather is too nice to be inside working
4:17 PM
I know right. The weather is perfect for going home and gaming inside until 2am
oh dear
That's not what I meant haha
Oh, would you rather watch TV inside? :D
no but seriously, can't wait to start the BBQ season this weekend
and beachvolleyball. mmmh
I don't think i can stay at work any longer now. the weekend is calling me
it says Caaaaashbeeeeeeeee... come to meeeeeeeeeee..... nooooooooooooooow....
Until next time 😀 enjoy the temperatures y'all
You toooo!
@avazula No. The weather is perfect for staying inside and not going out.
It's so damn hot. And it's not even April yet
5:22 PM
And I am now officially unemployed! :)
@TheTinyMan You sound just a bit too happy about that
Do you have a new job lined up?
6:18 PM
Hello everyone, I have a quick question for y'all. Isn't there a StackExchange community focused on productivity and personal growth? I am not able to find it anywhere.
@CrazyCucumber I've not heard of this, but it's possible that it existed at one point as a beta site and died before graduation
@CrazyCucumber There was, but there's not any longer, I believe.
@Ash :(
Aw man.... I could really use some advise from everyone here then! I recently got a new job (less than a month ago) and it is a work from home job and I travel a lot (about a week every month, some times 2 weeks a month).
The problem I have is, it is a massive company and the business terms and the processes and the number of people I need to deal with is just way too big.
I am not used to this and I don't know how to do this right.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom on how to better organize myself? I forgot I had a meeting yesterday (because it was one of the 25 meetings I have this week!).
I am a pen and paper kinda guy, but I am open to all suggestions. Something that is clear, that is in front of my face, and something that will really help me be better organized. Just all the tasks i need to accomplish by EOD, all the people I need to talk to today, all the meetings I have for the day/week.
@CrazyCucumber I understand the desire to be pen and paper, but using a digital calendar is (I think) a no-brainer for meetings
6:27 PM
@Tinkeringbell No room :( I live in a tiny rented 2 bedroom apartment with a wife and a toddler. I might be able to fit one of those smaller whiteboards, but I need to measure and see where it is possible.
Have you tried a task board such as Trello?
@Rainbacon Yeah I was good at keeping up with my meetings at my last job where it was just 3-5 meetings a week. I am actually talking to over 20 people every week in this job and I basically am just overwhelmed and forget about everything.
@Rainbacon Heard of Trello, but never looked into it. I will definitely give that one a go and see if it helps. Thank you.
@Ash Now I'm kind of curious. How is it decided to close a site?
The link you sent explains all the metrics a beta site is measured on and if it does not pass, it is closed. But that site passed almost all the metrics. So it is weird.
@Tinkeringbell Not, uh, technically speaking. But I've got half a dozen interviews about that!
I think that last gig was what I needed at the time but moving on also feels good, you know?
6:43 PM
Q: Communicating to my partner that I don't want to stop smoking

CphrreiusloI (man, 30) have been smoking daily since 2012 (2 to 4 cigarettes/day). I do it only when there is no one I know around. I started dating a non smoker (woman, 5 years younger than me) 6 years ago. We have built a very happy and healthy relationship. I never told her I smoke and, for most of the ...

Presentation this morning went well! I didn't know that there were gonna be that many people- someone told me it was about 110 people there wow
people came in from all over the state
@ElizB oh, wow! Glad to hear it went well :)
@Ash same here. feels good
Next one is monday :P
Gotta work on presentation for that one
@CrazyCucumber At what point is it decided? Who decides?
1 hour later…
8:01 PM
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

I don't know any hard numbers, but that's the general guidelines
So it's not often reflected in the stats on area 51
That's a good post
Congrats on the presentation, @ElizB!
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@TheTinyMan thanks :) one down one to go
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