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1:28 AM
Q: Were the Galleons Hermione passed out technically illegal?

Invent PaloozaAs Hermione, herself points out, the only danger with the fake coins used for communication amongst the DA (Dumbledore's Army) would be that someone might actually spend them. This brings up the possibility of using these Galleons to your advantage. While goblins can determine if a Galleon is fak...

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2:44 AM
Q: Thermodynamics in Disney's Frozen

IainNew here and sorry if it had been asked and answered. In Frozen Elsa runs away from her Coronation by turning the water in the Fjord to ice so that she can make a quick get away. This quick trick sets off a cascade of freezing throughout the Fjord and the rest of Arenedelle. I am not disputing he...

3:03 AM
Q: Story about a boy getting stuck in a video game, I believe a one eyed monkey was involved

FoxyOkay so I read this book when I was a kid so I only remember a few details, but I really want to find it. It was about a kid who I'm fairly certain gets trapped in his video game because there's one part I remember very clearly about him being in a temple (I thiiink it was filling with a black l...

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4:21 AM
Q: Isekai manga where main character is an inventor but wants to be an adventurer

yohan christianI have forgotten the title but i remembered recently reading an isekai manga where the MC invent some stuff but wanted to be an adventurer. I remembered he invent a hot bath system, paper, and i think in the last chapter he was asked where he got the ideas or something like that and he just said ...

5:00 AM
Q: Why did QuickSilver get killed in Avengers Ageof Ultron?

Kyle MccoyWhy did the directors kill off Quick Silver in Avengers Age of Ultron? Pointless to have a "main" character killed off after one movie

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6:14 AM
Why no meta for John Carl Buechler
6:35 AM
Q: How much time passed between arrest of Margery and Cersei?

Edla WillmanssonI am writing a story and I want to know how much time gap was between arrest of Queen Margery of the House Tyrell and Cersei of the house Lannister.

7:17 AM
@AnkitSharma Someone has to actually write them.
2 hours later…
8:49 AM
Q: "Is there any connection between the hunger games and the maze runner?"

Kimberly Jong unce"Is there any connection between the hunger games and the maze runner?" And if so Are the Maze runner series all prequels to the hunger games? This is just a theory I have but I was wondering if I was correct or wrong, "Is there any connection between the hunger games and the maze runner?" Bo...

9:08 AM
Q: When was Peter Capaldi's Doctor in "Day of the Doctor"?

Fabian RölingThis question is pretty much the same as this one, except for the twelfth Doctor instead of the tenth. We see a short glimpse of the thirteenth Doctor in The day of the Doctor, but as far as I know, it's never even mentioned in his three seasons when he went there. I assume it was in the time of...

9:38 AM
@Alex I am too lazy :P
Q: Possible Eco thriller, man invents a device to remove rain from glass

DannyMcGI read this large hardback book maybe ten years ago from a UK library. I think it was eco sci fi (not sure about that) I've been through the guide to asking a good question but it was only of minor help. All I can really remember is this inventor who has an idea for using a tiny thing that vib...

Q: Within Hogwarts, where could you spend money?

KozakyThis was inspired by a recent question about the Galleons that Hermione handed out for Dumbledore's Army meetings. As far as I can recall, during Harry's time at Hogwarts, there were no places within Hogwarts castle or the school grounds where the students would have to regularly spend money (at...

10:01 AM
Q: Anime about a guy who is taking medicine to block superntatual powers

TashaLemI saw this anime on free-to-air television in Australia (SBS) late night. despite the time and the scene I saw I don't believe it's some weird hentai. the scene I recall is that there is these people trying to find one guy, one of them I think is his brother. they are talking how they have to fi...

10:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (80): If the Dominion rule using their Jem'Hadar troops, why is their life expectancy so low? by moeis on scifi.SE
Q: What is the meaning of "guy who invented pants"?

Walsun JohnIn X-Mansion, Deadpool says to Colossus: You'd think the studio would throw us a bone. One that doesn't end up in my mouth. The first movie made more money than the guy who invented pants. They can't just dust off one of the famous X-Men? What is the meaning of "guy who invented pants"?

11:35 AM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: Short story about a guy who plays a computer game that destroys actual alien ships

OlegI'm trying to remember the name of a story I read some 20 years ago. In the story a powerful alien civilisation is confronted by a strange enemy: a 2-dimensional rectangular shape that destroys their ships. The "shape" is actually a projection of a computer screen, and the "enemy" is a human tha...

11:55 AM
That was the quickest trip I've had to a site in ages
12:05 PM
If any of you ever get a chance to get an SO mug do it, they are good quality and huge
Although I am going to have to cross out "coffee" and write "tea" there
Q: Harry Potter as a Master of Death

Saba NayabHarry Potter had the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Invisibility Cloak. If he hadn't broken the wand and left the stone in the Forbidden Forest, would he have become a Master of Death?

@TheLethalCarrot Those weren't designed for Brits ahah :P
I know!
Though weirdly I'm the only tea drinker in my office... of 9 people
Oh no that's not true, one of the engineers drinks tea as well but he's only in once a week, if that
@TheLethalCarrot you guys hired? Wasn't it 6 people a couple months ago?
Was 10 when I joined, one dev left last year and has been 9 since then
12:21 PM
6 is technically correct for the office though cos 2 engineers are field engineers so aren't in the office daily and the salesman works from home and is only in the office once a week
So I could have said 6
Oct 25 '18 at 10:41, by TheLethalCarrot
A company of total 9 people and 3 being IT with me being 1 I know most of the processes we have
Though I might be remembering something else
I've said it a few times so maybe
Why do we have an isekai tag?
That's like having a fantasy tag on story-id
Cos someone created it
12:28 PM
Although I guess we do have a horror tag
The rules on "genre" tags are a bit weird
Ah well
Grumble grumble SFF grumble consistency grumble tags
FWIW when the isekai tag was created I didn't really know what it was and it seemed useful enough from a quick google
Has since been used 2 more times so might be decent enough
Roughly 25% anime nowadays is isekai, said roomie some time ago
I wouldn't know but might not be too useful then
12:32 PM
Meh not the most urgent thing to tackle
Not at all
1:17 PM
Q: If Captain Marvel (MCU) marries a human male, will they have human or Kree children?

HRIATEXPIf Captain Marvel ends up marrying a human male on Earth, will they have human or Kree children?

@Marvin bold of you to assume they would have any children
1:51 PM
Specifically by marrying, presumably. ;-)
Taken a while but just got the bronze MCU tag badge :)
2:30 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I have a nice 0.5 liter mug at work for drinking tea
Q: Is there a way to search for questions with no accepted answer?

DannyMcGIn here and a few other sites I spend a fair bit of time browsing through old questions to see if I can help in answering them. I've found that there a good number of questions classed as 'unanswered' and these are very easily found. However there is another class, these are questions with one o...

@Slartibartfast ~10 mins, making up for the last one are we?
That face! X'D
I know right, they're both great. Stella thinking how clever she is being for blaming Ruby and Ruby being so worried thinking she's getting blamed for it haha
Gotta ask though, why is Ruby named Ruby?
She isn't that much red :P
I can't remember exactly, I think it's a mix of the Kaiser Chief's song and my in-laws being big fans and when she was younger she used to have a gingerish streak running down her spine/back but it's mostly "yellow" now
Ok :)
3:08 PM
Now I'm waiting for you to ask why Stella is called Stella seeing as she doesn't look much like a wife beater ;P
> Stella Artois used to market itself under the slogan "reassuringly expensive" but became popularly known in Britain as the "wife beater" beer because of its high alcohol content and perceived connection with aggression and binge drinking.
Might have been too much of a UK reference
Jul 31 '18 at 15:25, by TheLethalCarrot
@Jenayah Sausage brand and cigarette brand (should have guessed they were regional)
Plus I don't drink alcohol so I'm not likely to know some of the jokes ahah :D
I don't drink much either, only the occasional rum
Wasn't saying you were a drinker or something ;)
3:16 PM
I know
By the way, how are blood alcohol levels calculated in the UK? It's fine as long as they're below blood tea levels? :P
Something like that yeah haha
Cop pulls a driver over "Sir, have you been drinking today?" "Yes officer, but don't worry, I've had ten cuppas." "Oh okay that's fine, on your way now."
3:39 PM
Just as sangria is only "but I've only eaten fruit" am I right? :P
Ah so cider is fine too?
I've got Brittany origins and living there at the moment... Wouldn't drink it but you bet cider is fine
3:55 PM
answers:0..0 closed:no migrated:no -[*-identification] -[history-of] -[*-genre]
We currently have 1416 unanswered none "id" style Qs... surely we can do better than that?
Right haven't looked at the ID Qs for a while... Might do when coming home if the mood's better
You want more?
Unanswered "id" Qs was about the same value (i.e. was around double when I stopped ignoring those tags)
? ?
(what's it to? :P)
4:07 PM
@TheLethalCarrot this
Oh just saying the amount of unanswered id Qs was similar to the amount of unanswered none id Qs
@Jenayah Moving up in the world... literally.
@Alex @Alex Are you some kind of northern-hemisphere "north is up" freak? :)
Gerardus Mercator has a lot to answer for...
@DavidW Freak? Probably. I don't know about the rest, though.
@TheLethalCarrot oh okay
@Alex been here for a while now
4:18 PM
@Jenayah Indeed, as I now see:
Jun 5 '18 at 10:14, by Jenayah
But that was before my time, so I can't be expected to know it.
But ditto to what DavidW said. "North is up" makes my orienteer heart bleed
Well, north being up... Is almost fine actually. West being "left"... Ugh
I actually meant that you went South and came around the other side of the globe.
@Jenayah Don't read this answer:
A: Is Forbidden Forest east or west of Hogwarts?

AlexI don't believe we can simply say (as suggested in some of the comments) that the map is simply upside down (i.e. the top of the map is south rather than north). Consider the end of Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius with Buckbeak. Dumbledore tells them where Sirius is: ...

@Alex been here longer than that
@Alex ? The opposite, I'm from southern France
@Jenayah I know. You went south from southern France until you circumnavigated and ended up north in Brittany.
@Jenayah I wouldn't know...
4:45 PM
@Alex nope, I took the easy way North. Remember, I'm lazy
@Jenayah But you orienteer.
Orienteering is specifically about taking the shortest route to get the fastest time no?
Nov 8 '18 at 1:42, by Jenayah
@Alex you have a map with specific spots on it ("controls", which look like orange and white Chinese lanterns) and you have to go through all of them in a specific order
Well yeah specific order but technically it's still a race ;)
Ah close enough
4:57 PM
So no time to lose, gotta go fast between them controls :P
But the route could be south from southern France to Brittany.
Oof good luck for finding funds for this one
Didn’t seem to be a concern last time:
Dec 30 '18 at 18:09, by Alex
@Jenayah Skip the plane; orienteer all the way from France.
5:20 PM
Fair nuff
As long as there's no swimming involved.
6:13 PM
6:50 PM
I haven’t gotten a notification in a long time
It’s weird, I’d get edit approval ones all the time
Yeah... You don't have edit notifications anymore :P
save for tag wikis
They were my only ones
(and Suggested Edits queues is pretty damn slow now that you're 2k ;p )
6:52 PM
And I haven’t posted anything good for a long time so no upvotes
@Stormblessed maybe you can improve an older post
Speaking of which, any Mistborn experts want to answer this? It seems simple (and comments have a sort of answer), but I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to self-answer and you could get relatively easy rep.
Q: Can Allomancers Soothe or Riot themselves?

StormblessedIn Mistborn, can Allomancers burn zinc and brass to Riot or Soothe their own emotions, such as to calm down if scared or cause a fight-or-flight reaction to trigger adrenaline?

@Adamant maybe?
Poke @Adamant
@Randal'Thor probably read it?
(Due to BS’s association with The Wheel of Time)
@Mithrandir you're listed in the top answerers as well
6:56 PM
(BS is a horrible initials lol)
ahah indeed
@Stormblessed guidance on says to use with
And was technically added by you ;p
Q: Is there anything in the world more physically painful than the Crucio Curse?

Emily CarterAs I understand it, Crucio stimulates all the pain receptors in the body causing it to experience incredible pain. So theoretically, there should be nothing in the world more painful than the Crucio Curse. Is it correct to say that the curse is the most painful thing in the world provided it's ca...

Why are tags auto-deleted?
@Jenayah lol, didn’t realize that
@Stormblessed tag with no questions on them? YAGNI
@Jenayah ??
7:05 PM
YAGNI = You Ain't Gonna Need It
@Jenayah when there’s only one question, they die after a long time
so for tags with no questions on them, no need
@Stormblessed what? Wasn't that disabled for SFF?
@Jenayah not sure
I think it is, but can't be done for other sites now. Sec.
Q: Are tags that are only used once in 6 months auto-removed on SFF?

alexwlchanWhile doing some reading around the tag-related discussions we’ve been having recently, I stumbled across the “create tags” privilege page. I knew most of it already, but this bit was new to me (emphasis mine): What happens when a new tag is created? The new tag will now be available for...

@Jenayah ok, that’s good
7:31 PM
@Jenayah never read it
well you did answer one so that was misleadin g:P
Yep. Although that question might be closable as real science. Kinda borderline.
@Jenayah Rand has never watched Star Wars, either, so... whaddya know.
Well, me and my Stargate scoe ill have to agree (although they were ID...)
I've always said that Allomancers can't riot or sooth themselves.
But that some trickery with Identity might allow it.
8:00 PM
Q: What music was used in "Glenn The Flying Robot"?

Abigail OronaI am aware that it is a passage of Bach but does anyone know the title of the piece? It is played throughout the film but mainly near the end where both the main pianist rivals need to play it together. I am also curious about the title of the song played when Jack (the main character with the b...

8:19 PM
Q: Anime with legendary swords made from talismans and a man who could change them with a shattered body

Huntley AllardThere was an anime that I forgot a long time ago, basically there were these legendary swords made from talismans and this dude could change them, and his body was shattered into bits so he almost dies whenever he uses one of them. The reason his body is shattered is because he got into a huge ba...

Q: Are Captain Marvel's powers affected by Thanos breaking the Tesseract and claiming the stone?

Jared KI only have limited knowledge of this and will probably make a false assumption somewhere in this question. Hopefully what I'm trying to ask is clear and someone can offer corrections. I understood from watching the movie that Captain Marvel gets her super-powers from the Tesseract. Now that Th...

Q: Help finding a Drarry fic where Draco help Harry get his wizengamot seats back from Arthur

Césarine HolmesI am looking for a drarry fic, here is what I remember: Hermione want to divorce Ron (I think he cheated on her) but she learn that if she leave ron she will have nothing and will not even be able to see her childrens. It has to do with "light magic" laws. Draco helps Harry and Hermione underst...

8:45 PM
Just as I thought the fics can't get on a new level
8:58 PM
Q: Looking for specific episode of Cyborg 009 (1979) where Heinrich makes a difficult decision

Morrison ChangIn the late 70's and early 80s in New York City, Japanese programming would take over on Saturday evenings on UHF Channel 47 which normally ran Spanish programming. Shows like Yuusha Raideen, Ikkyu-san, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, Captain Harlock, and Galaxy Express 999 were run in Japanese with Eng...

2 hours later…
10:33 PM
Q: Who would win: Iron Man or James bond?

MattPresume they have all their gadgets, I guess most people would say Iron Man has a big edge, but Bond is always ridiculously lucky. Maybe he;

@Marvin Eyyy, long time no see!
10:52 PM
Q: Film with giant tentacled red aliens which show up at sunrise/sunset, their touch is deadly

aaaThe film was set on a alien planet where human soldiers fight against giant translucent red aliens with tentacles. They show up at sunrise or sunset (I'm not sure). They are deadly if touched. I think this is a 2000's film. I recall one scene where a red monster rises up behind a hill and it i...

11:17 PM
@Jenayah the review page down for you too?
Oh it’s back now anyhow
thanks for the headsup
11:31 PM
Q: '70s or 80s TV episode with two-dimensional beings living on paper

Gloria Dell'OmodarmeI remember a TV series similar to The Twilight Zone but mostly with children as main characters, and this episode where they find some sort of book or scroll inhabited by two-dimensional beings who look like Egyptians. One human child - a boy, I think - watches the life of one of these creatures ...

11:50 PM
Q: Book with was between two countries, the main character is a dragon rider and there was some kind of dark magic

ErikA few years ago I remember I read a book series that I really liked. The main character was the last of the race (I can’t rememer what gender the main character was or the race but I thing it were elves). There was a huge war between two countries. The main character became a dragon rider, ...


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