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Q: Why didn’t Teal’c replace his larva with a tocra?

MdinaWhen SG-1 visit Tocras, they refuse to host the oldest tocra, whose host is dying. But why did not Tealc offer to remove his larva and replace it with a tocra?

12:54 AM
Q: Two infinity gauntlets shot at eachother

CxrzeWhat would happen if two infinity gauntlets shot at eachother at the same time? Would it explode or would nothing happen?

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3:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): What was Tony Stark doing in India? by Nikola on scifi.SE
4:07 AM
@SmokeDetector Edited to avoid bad keyword.
4:43 AM
Q: Looking for the name of this short story

Vanessa ParnellI am looking for a short story in the 1970's area....It's a horror story about a boy that lived near a lake... he had an imaginary friend that ends up trying to kill him?

5:09 AM
@RDFozz The title's the same, what did you try to change it to?
Oh, it was the answer
New username
@CorvoAttano Check the revision history.
Why isn't my username changed in chat?
It changed instantly on the main site
@Stormblessed Chat in general lags behind.
I kicked it
5:18 AM
My name looks really stupid
The "d" just barely doesn't fit in one or two-message blocks
It looks fine for me.
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Q: Should we always close the newer question as the duplicate?

SQBPreferably, when closing a duplicate, this happens before any answers have been given to the dupe-to-be. However, it can happen that only after editing of the question and multiple answers, it turns out that it's actually a duplicate. Should we then always vote to close the newer question as a d...

Basically which question was first doesn't matter; the dupe-target should be the most informative
Which introduces quite a bit of subjectivity into the duplicate process.
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7:45 AM
Q: Was there a midnight launch for the death of Superman in 1993?

BuzzI happen to remember where I was when Superman "died." As a teenager, I was at a planning meeting for an organization I was involved in, and as it broke up, somebody noticed that it was past midnight, and thus the day of Superman's death had arrived. Not being a Superman fan specifically, I had...

Q: Does Umbridge's speech really tell "the Ministry's interfering at Hogwarts"?

se0808At the start-of-the-term dinner Dolores Umbridge interrupts Albus Dumbledore and gives a lengthy and quite strange speech. As summarized in the book, Hermione Granger: There was some important stuff hidden in the waffle. Ron Weasley: Was there? Hermione Granger: How about: "progress...

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11:31 AM
Anybody has seen Black Mirror: Bandersnatch here yet?
Maybe @SQB
hmm it's interestingly weird
Like playing choices game with disasters
11:46 AM
Not yet.
I asked a question from it but with spoilers How to get a happy ending?
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1:40 PM
Q: Can Doctor Strange's sling ring open a portal to a different planet?

Surya TejWe have seen doctor strange using the sling ring to open up a portal and travel through it on earth in Dr.Strange and on Titan in Avenger's Infinity war. Can he open a portal from earth to a different planet? or does it only work on the land on which he currently stands upon?

2:03 PM
Q: How could Nolan Sorrento move in the Oasis like that if he was in the chair in reality?

Filip KočicaIn Ready Player One (2018), we can see Nolan Sorrento doing bunch of "wild" moves in the Oasis, e.g. fighting against Parzival. How could he do such a moves if he was sitting in the Habashoo 9400 chair? Even walking would be almost impossible while sitting there.

Q: Story about a couple living through a drought in a society going downhill

UnderverseSome time ago, probably in the 1990s, I remember reading a story about a city that was going through a permanent drought, possibly from climate change or war. Two people were making the best of the situation, using a bike to provide cooling or power, growing plants. The city they lived in was pac...

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Q: Discovery of atlantis

Zaid Syed M MdI personally felt storylines of Aquaman and Black Panther similar. Plots involve two brothers (One of them is brought up away kingdom) competing for throne of advanced societies drawing power from extra terrestrial entity. In black panther, we see that Wakanda is camouflaged to avoid discovery. H...

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Funny. Why wasn't the secnd version of scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/202256/revisions included in the first one's grace period?
I mean, it was poste at 00:09:40, and the second revision took place at 00:11:23
No deleted answers
and the question was edited prior to first draft even
Is it because of the comment?
3:34 PM
Q: Why did Stannis kill Renly instead of someone else?

BCLCAsked elsewhere Why didn't Stannis Baratheon use another Shadows to kill his main enemies? or why Stannis chose to kill Renly (at all). Asked now: Why was the shadow that was used on Renly not instead used on someone else? Guess: Shadows kill only one or perhaps a few people per shadow. Kill...

Q: Would a fall like that one in Dying Light instantly kill a person?

CrispyIn the first 20 minutes of playing the “Dying Light” video game you are told to jump from a crane into a load of garbage and due to this game being fictional what I would like to know is whether a fall/jump like that would “kill” a person. For further inspection the clip is located at 21:34 ...

@AnkitSharma It sounds cool, but also suspiciously uncreative if you compare it to those full-motion games from the early 90s
But I like it
specially due to black mirrorish touch
Sounds cool, though
It remind me of choices mobile game
@AnkitSharma Never actually seen any episodes, what's it like?
3:37 PM
@Stormblessed anthology series
@Marvin Is this off-topic? It’s interesting so I upvoted but I think it might be off-topic
sci fi futuraistic stories shiw technology disaster
LIke tiwight zone but sci-fi not horror
@AnkitSharma I’ll try it sometime
@Stormblessed my fav
@Stormblessed off-topic, per
A: Questions seeking scientific explanations - on topic?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToThat specific question should be closed. It was NOT asking about "Is this true in-universe?" (as Keen's answer implies). It asked: "This is shown to be true in-universe. Can that really happen out of universe?" This is even confirmed by the exact wording of the question's subject: ... real...

> That specific question should be closed.

It was NOT asking about "Is this true in-universe?" (as Keen's answer implies).

It asked: "This is shown to be true in-universe. Can that really happen out of universe?"
3:39 PM
@Jenayah Is there any site on SE it could be asked?
That also applies to the Dying Light one
Physics doesn’t allow weird random impractical stuff
Not sure
especially since we don't know the details of what kind of garbage the guy landed in
My gut says a fall from that high is deadly, or at least crippling, but maybe he landed on a pile of mattresses
@Jenayah True
@Jenayah Ooooooh, a mystery!
3:45 PM
@Alex well I think this has to do with a comment being posted between the two versions, but I didn't notice such a thing before.
@Jenayah I don't believe comments affect the grace period.
Well, I don't either, but it's the only thing I spot between 'em timestamps
In any case, wasn't the main guy an adult in the book?
I think Valorum might have been on the verge of posting an answer (since it was a rather easy one to find, and he had commented on that thread before) but there's no deleted answers that I can see... And even then it should only have modified the last activity indicator redirection, not the grace period - I think
@Alex no idea.
Q: Same actress, different characters in The Expanse 1.3 and 1.9?

o.m.I wondered if two non-speaking extras are played by the same actress, and if so if they are supposed to be the same character in-universe. Unfortunately they are not listed in the IMDB cast of characters. Season 1, Episode 3 Remember the Cant The MCRN spacer who fetches Holden from the brig. Se...

3:51 PM
Apparently you are correct:
A: Reset question grace period once an answer has been posted

Shog9Jarrod whipped this up this past week, and the behavior should now be live. Edits will be rolled into the previous revision if the previous revision was created by the same author and none of the following conditions are present: The previous revision was created 5 minutes or more in the past A...

A: Why is edit history being logged during the grace period?

Shog9For the past couple of years, a comment by a 3rd-party will end the grace period.

Odd that I've never noticed this before.
Oh, that explains it then
Maybe people don't comment fast enough ;)
Eh. Anyway, that one was resolved too quickly. I need another mystery now.
Not quite what I meant by mystery...
4:00 PM
But in all honesty, I've read enough books that someone should have asked a question about one that I've read.
Except maybe not enough science fiction and fantasy.
get reading those ones above, then
Ha, the first sentence of the first one reminded me of a book I read.
@Jenayah I already went through their list a while back.
4:20 PM
well, go through it again.
Or post more twisted questions...
or go read stuff other than HP and do what you did with HP for said new stuff :P
Talking about HP, this deserves upvotes:
A: Does Umbridge's speech really say that "the Ministry's interfering at Hogwarts"?

SarriesfanTo understand this you have to appreciate that the Harry Potter series of books were not written in a vacuum, and that JK Rowling is a politically active person. The idea of the British Government interfering in education has been an issue here for a couple of decades and Rowling's works mirror t...

@Jenayah It already has 18 upvotes.
@Alex make it 19
Eh, it's not really my type of answer.
4:25 PM
post yours then
I'll have to see if I have one.
@Rogue Jedi and other mods: should scifi.stackexchange.com/q/135286/4918 really be protected? It got protected after a random new user came along and posted an actually relevant addition to the 200-scoring answer, mentioning a previous work by the same author that also has water falling off the edge of a disk-shaped planet.
@b_jonas ? ROgue Jedi isn't a mod?
@Jenayah No, sorry. But he has protection power, which comes with having 15000 rep.
/me snickers
A rogue Jedi with protection powers?
4:30 PM
@Alex Yes. They protect the galaxy from peace and prosperity.
Hmmm, maybe I will actually add an answer.
@Alex Ok, but then at least consider whether it should be protected or not.
Ah wait no, you don't have 15000 rep on Sci Fi either yet.
@b_jonas I was referring to the other question, linked by Jenayah above.
Oh, ok.
4:51 PM
@b_jonas my opinion on protected questions on SFF is that the protection should expire after a while. Even if there are trolls and spammers, they won't keep attacking continuously after two years, and if they do, re-protect it. This way, new users with actual contributions can, well, contribute.
The "on SFF" part is important. Obviously some very touchy politics/religion/etc questions on sites like, say, Mi Yodeya, Skeptics, Politics etc should remain protected forever
We don't have so much of those here, so they should be handled differently.
@Jenayah Interesting you should say that. Science Fiction & Fantasy has a little less than twice the amount of questions that Mi Yodeya has, yet has more than six times as many protected questions.
@Alex then again, maybe Mi Yodeya doesn't get enough traffic to justify protecting stuff in th efirst place.
Plus SFF has lots of answers on some (generally HNQ) questions and I think it triggers an auto-protection at some point
with enough anwers from new users
Could be. Most of the protected ones on Mi Yodeya are questions that look controversial.
As should be (in my opinion), in a religion site.
@Jenayah As should be meaning there should be controversial questions, or meaning that the controversial questions should be protected?
5:04 PM
That the controversial questions should be protected
Though I guess a religion site is also bound to have controversial questions
@Jenayah Unless controversial questions are deemed off-topic.
As two of the close reasons there arguably somewhat do.
@Alex uh... And how do you determine whether a question is controversial?
By defining certain categories as controversial.
I mean, I cna imagine a lot of religion questions being controversial in a way, no matter what religion they're about
even if it's possible for there to be a non-controversial question in the category.
5:06 PM
(...'xcept maybe Zuism :P )
@Alex well talk about a meta reply. How do you define such categories?
@Jenayah It's not easy.
But take this close reason, for exaample:
> Questions about comparative religion, and questions about what others have written about Judaism, are off-topic on Mi Yodeya. This includes any question that requires of its answerers any knowledge of a religion besides Judaism.
Questions involving other religions are often controversial.
This close reason avoids some of those questions.
(Though that's not necessarily the reason for the close reason.)
Or this one:
> In the Jewish tradition certain questions, especially certain questions relating to sexuality, are discussed only in private. Such questions will be closed or deleted at the discretion of the community. See the FAQ.
First one seems reasonable (although I don't know much about what I'm talking about right now...)
This reason specifically specifies "at the discretion of the community", so it's a bit open-ended.
Second reason too I guess
And many controversial questions will fall under that reason.
5:12 PM
@Alex where do these belong, though? They do seem to fit SE's model if asked properly
(Though, again, that's not really why we have that close reason.)
@Jenayah There's a simple enough workaround.
@Alex to keep Mi Yodeya PG-13?
@Jenayah Ok, so does that mean that we should unprotect it now since it timed out?
@b_jonas in my opinion, yeah
Questions about comparative religion are off-topic because we don't expect an expert on Judaism to be an expert on other religions. But as long as you phrase the question in such a way that the only expertise needed is that of Judaism, the question will be on-topic.
5:14 PM
@Alex ah, alright
E.g. if you provide any background premises of the other religions in your question, it should be okay.
@Jenayah Or less.
@Alex Less? How many "younger than 13" users do you have? oO
@Jenayah Probably not many. It's more of probably a stricter standard of what's appropriate for a 13 year old.
@Jenayah That's pretty related, actually.
5:19 PM
eh? I mean, apart from the "love song" part?
Wikipedia classifies them as a "Jewish Musical Group".
@Alex well... this song at least doesn' strike me as very Judaism-related, unless I'm missing something
@Jenayah It’s apparently a loose definition. All you need to qualify is to be Jewish.
@Alex hm. Pretty sure I can pull up some comics written by Jewish folks, and who won't be any "pretty related" :D
Ragman excepted
and a couple of other folks too but you get my meaning
(yeah, it's a loose definition if I know one)
@Jenayah Such as...
5:30 PM
@Jenayah "what's the proper way to sacrifice to the Aztec gods" won't be controversial at all...
@Alex if I'm not mistaken ,the guy who created Superman was Jewish.
well, one of them
@Mithrandir ... to be honest I was mainly thinking about the "f*** the taxes" part :P
/goes into hiding
@Jenayah Indeed.
5:50 PM
Q: Short story about a scientist convinced aliens steal extra time from our days, develops a split personality after trying to check it

SeventeenI once read a short story about some scientist who was convinced that there were aliens/creatures stealing time from the day (so basically there are actually 25 hours in a day but the aliens steal one hour so we only experience 24 hours). He builds some device based on music/the principle that c...

@Alex Do you mean what's appropriate for a 13 year old to read, or what you want to deal with 13 year old people giving bad answers to when moderating?
Q: Why did Aquaman and Mera need a boat?

MaslinIn Aquaman, after defeating Black Mantis in Italy, Arthur and Mera use a boat to travel to the Missing Kingdom. Presumably, Mera uses her power of controlling the water to drive the boat as there is no one else who is. My question is, why did they need a boat if both of them - with their Atlantic...

@b_jonas The former.
@Mithrandir Tear out the still beating heart, lower rest of body to the volcano in a fireproof cage hung on a fireproof rope, but try only if you're Chaotic?
The still beating heart part seriously restricts what you can sacrifice.
@b_jonas Mith never said you should be sacrificing a human.
Or any one-hearted creature.
Don't octopi have spare hearts or something?
6:02 PM
@Jenayah I didn't say a human either.
@b_jonas true
Do Aztec gods have hearts?
Of their own, or hearts that have already been sacrificed to them?
Do we edit additional info in scifi.stackexchange.com/q/202369/4918 from comment?
Of their own.
6:03 PM
Ah, already edited.
@b_jonas Indeed, I've posted an answer to that.
@b_jonas unless my geography has gotten especially wrong, Egyptian gods and Aztec gods are separated by an ocean and some land :P
@Jenayah Yes, that's why it's only related.
Nov 8 at 1:31, by Jenayah
@Alex Hey I'm captain of the orienteering team... I'd be a poor captain if I couldn't distingusih North and South on a map... :)
6:07 PM
I often post these comparative links to similar questions about a very different canon.
@Alex hey, I've never orienteered from Egypt to South America.
@Jenayah Why not?
And there's quite the swim at some point along the way, and I hate swimming
@Alex well for starters, plane tickets aren't cheap
@Jenayah You could shorten the swimming by going up through Europe and then down through North America.
@Jenayah Skip the plane; orienteer all the way from France.
@Alex There's still too much swimming
I'll make a detour by Siberia. Isn't there a tunnel betwwen Siberia and Alaska? I'll go through there.
6:11 PM
@Jenayah I was just about to say that there's much less water between Russia and Alaska.
@Jenayah Yeah, about 5000 km.
Or whatever country that's part of now.
@Alex Alaska is an USA state
@b_jonas yeah that's way above my personal acceptable threshold
Very little swimming.
@Jenayah I was referring to the other side.
@Alex still above the personal acceptable threshold
6:13 PM
@Jenayah Um... what's the threshold?
@Alex well isn't that cold region of Siberia still part of Russia?
Kamchatka or something?
@Jenayah Not yet, and the hard part isn't the ocean there, but the exremely long trip on land with hostile climate and too little infrastructure. I recommend an airplane or ship between the British Isles and North America.
@Alex Ideally, zero centimeters of swimming.
@Jenayah Well in Risk it's Kamchatka. But borders tend to change in the many years since my Risk board was designed.
@b_jonas I thought we said no planes?
@Jenayah Is there a particular reason you don't like it (if that's not too personal)?
@Jenayah Um ok, ship then. Much more expensive and slow, but what can you do.
@Alex not really, I just don't like the feeling of water around me
@b_jonas expensive
I like swimming, but yes, it's way above my threshold too. Plus it's the ocean, much more dangerous than a mere lake. That's why I consider Beowulf such a great hero.
What'd he do?
<--- clueless
6:18 PM
Unless of course you happen to have an uncle with a magical hot air balloon.
@Alex yes! Now that's an unusual familiar!
@b_jonas ? Jules Verne?
Isn't there some mythology or something about a guy (or animal?) drinking up the ocean in order to cross?
@Jenayah I was thinking of Gerald Durrell's two youth books.
@b_jonas doesn't ring a bell
@Alex that rings a bell.
I'm more familiar with the "let's split up the sea" (Moïse) take on it, but let me think...
6:22 PM
The Fantastic Flying Journey (ISBN 1850291055) is a children's book written by Gerald Durrell. It is a story about three children and their great-uncle Lancelot travelling around the world in a hot air balloon. It was published by Conran Octopus, in 1987. It is illustrated by Graham Percy. In 1989, Durrell wrote a sequel for this book called The Fantastic Dinosaur Adventure. In 2001, a children's television show was produced by Two Sides TV / TV-Loonland also called "The Fantastic Flying Journey." The series is a 2D animation with 13 30minute episodes, based on Gerald Durrell's book. In addition...
@Jenayah Done.
let's read that
But sure, Jules Verne has some fantastic vehicles too, besides the more ordinary ships and trains and carriages. There's a reason why so many of his books were published as "fantastic voyages".
@b_jonas Does a volcano count as a vehicle?
@Alex most metal vehicle ever!
6:28 PM
@Alex Hehe. Maybe the raft does.
@Jenayah You had me wondering what a meta vehicle was...
Verne wrote about basicalliy the same magical submarines invented three times independently (by the freedom fighter captain Nemo, by the pirate Ker Karraje, and by the freedom fighter Doctor Antekirrt), plus whatever things Robur has invented (I think that includes both a car and a helicopter), several more flying machines that I know even less of than Robur's, and … there's more, I just keep forgetting.
Plus there's travels with a horse-drawn mobile home coach (that I think is a bit bigger inside than outside), and a sail-powered snow sled.
Q: Novel about a world led by scientists that has to organize a renactment of D-Day to keep people thinking by themselves

SavaI've read this story in the 1990's, but I know that it was older than that, probably from the 60's or 70's. In the story, the world is united under one government that is run by scientists, and most of the problems plaguing humanity have been solved thanks to advances in science and efficient re...

I mean, when the novel describes the coach, it's careful not to make it appear bigger inside. But once the whole family has to spend most of a very cold winter inside, the ten people (of which seven are fully grown humans) are way too comfortable in it than it should be possible, so I suspect shenenigans.
Well, extended family.
Family in the broad sense, including guests.
An undetectable extension charm?
6:40 PM
@Alex I don't know. This is one of those novels that aren't supposed to be sci-fi or fantasy, but you start to wonder.
Of course, they have to be comfortable because the plot demands it.
(Unlike, say, Michel Strogof, who travels despite the uncomfortable conditions.)
@b_jonas Just because it sn't marketed as such doesn' make it no less SFF, I'd guess
@Jenayah No, it doesn't look SFF. And doesn't even have an SFF twist ass-pulled in the very last chapter, unlike Michel Strogof.
but it lacks a Snoopy (cc @TheLethalCarrot ;p )
(For chat search: César Cascabel by Jules Verne)
@Mithrandir Who's that first one supposed to be?
6:48 PM
@b_jonas Newt Scamander!
@Babelfish So that feed posts sci-fi stuff from Movies and TV?
Does Mera have a secret identity?
@Stormblessed yep, anything in Newest questions tagged the-hobbit or interstellar or the-lord-of-the-rings or star-wars or doctor-who or star-trek or dceu or dcau or arrowverse or harry-potter or mcu or game-of-thrones - Movies & TV Stack Exchange
@Stormblessed not really... (most of the time)
Did you mean in the movie?
In the move she does not have a secret identity, it's just that no human knows her
and <MINOR SPOILER>she hides the fact that she knows Aquaman at some point</MINOR SPOILER>
but that's really all...
7:14 PM
@Jenayah Ah, thanks.
Yeah, but you have to look at Movies & TV anyway, because the feed misses a lot of SFF questions from there, it only uses a few of the most common tags.
@b_jonas you're welcome
Makes me wonder what the first example of a world-in-a-suitcase was.
@Alex Look on TVTropes!
There's an example in HHGG of course.
7:17 PM
@Jenayah That's better than "when I was older".
@b_jonas What's HHGG?
Although I'm not sure that counts, because you don't climb through a suitcase to do that, only the generator is in the suitcase.
@Alex Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams
@Jenayah Unless you're the guy who aged backwards.
@Jenayah In the latest story-id question I asked, I limited the timespan of when I read the book to more than half of my lifetime. And the book probably predates that.
7:20 PM
Q: Late 70s/80s fantasy novel with interdimensional portals, an average man protagonist and an immortal beautiful warrior woman

KAJohnsen70I’ve been scouring my memory for the name of a book I read decades ago. I only remember fragments. Inter-dimensional portals, a female warrior who is immortal (and beautiful), an average man protagonist. A Boris type cover with the scantily clad woman warrior on the cover... possibly with a Sto...

Q: Book about a girl painfully turning into crystal; one of her companions take her pain for short periods

JustinI remember reading a book when I was younger. It was about a girl transforming into crystal that caused her excruciating pain. She was traveling to a crystal castle on a boat and during the trip one of her companions could help her by taking her pain and experiencing it himself for short periods.

@b_jonas "somewhere between 1970 and 2000" is still more useful than "when I was young". For all we know OP could be Kane Tanaka
7:50 PM
@Jenayah Yes, I know.
@Jenayah Tell that to RDFozz.
2 days ago, by RDFozz
I can accurately guess Alex's age - he's between 2 and 200. (It may not be precise, but it is accurate)
8:19 PM
@Alex well, he wasn't wrong
Or was he?
@Jenayah Well, if your concerned that someone posting might be 115, why not chance the possibility that someone posting could be 215?
plot twist: he's 1
That would explain some things...
not a plot twist: i have an awful, snarky sense of humor
8:27 PM
@Jenayah eh?
Oh worked it out I think
as you were
@Alex Because France holds on to "oldest person to have ever lived" title :P
Q: Late 50s comic: Lonely or Lost Planet; Earth is under occupation by green aliens wearing menacing helmets

Warren JonesI came here because I again thought of a comic book that I remember from the late 50s. It was about the planet Earth under occupation by alien powers (they were green, as I recall, and they had neat and menacing helmets and face plates). I could be wrong about the date, but I'm 80, and I wasn't ...

Q: Animated Space series from 80s or 90s identification

SpaceConfusionCould anyone help me with my memories of this series? I'm looking for a series that I remember these things from: The main villain, or one of the main villains, reminds pretty much of Darth Vader, but his brain is visible, it is inside a dome on his head. The same villain battles the hero, or o...

Q: Story about AI that always lie?

Freddie RI’m looking for what I think is a reasonably modern science-fiction story that seems to be centred on a network of computers that always lies or gives a wrong answer. I only read the first chapter, which was about an accidental broadcast that results in a man having a dream where he is a rat. He...

@Jenayah Well I think I recall someone here accusing Alex of being "rather secretive". As such, do you think Alex would tell the world that Alex has surpassed the oldest person?
@Alex Meh, I scientifically doubt you almost doubled Jeanne Calment's record ;p
@Jenayah But you don't scientifically doubt Mithrandir's theory that I am < 1?
8:43 PM
@Alex Are you the sole creator and user of your Mi Yodeya account?
@Jenayah Well my account's existed for more than a year, if that's what you're getting at.
@Alex don't dodge the question. Were you the one who created the Mi Yodeya account you're using? ;p
@Jenayah Multiple users would certainly explain the first sentence of this answer:
A: Is the mitzva of 'Shikcha' the act of forgetting, or the act of not going back to collect what was forgotten?

Alex[I am aware that this answer argues the opposite of my other answer.] If the person who asked you this riddle meant that the guy can fulfill the mitzvah simply by forgetting (i.e. if he never realizes that he left anything and does not even know that someone took it), it would seem to be contrad...

@Alex stop ducking the question :P Were you the one who created the Mi Yodeya account you're using?
@Jenayah See, now I don't know what you mean, because you use "ducking" so often as a substitute for something else.
But, yes, as far as I know, I created the account.
8:47 PM
@Alex well this one "ducking" is used literally, but there's an intended mislead with my usual usage of that word :p
@Alex perfect! Then I don't doubt @Mith's theory that you're <1, I reject it.
@Jenayah So you also reject time travel?
@Jenayah But- but- but- it makes so much sense!
@Mithrandir I can't tell if that's the snarky side of you or the truthful side of you.
Because if you were, say, 1 - one day, that'd mean you created your account 1 year and 3 months before even being born.
So you'd have to have been stil in your mother's womb.
so closed-minded...
8:49 PM
And even by going with standard human pregancy...
... which as far as I know is nine months...
... that'd mean you aren't human.
@Jenayah Or not even in the womb yet.
Nine months? I knew I had gone wrong somewhere. I was under the impression it was six and a half!
Or you're a human born to a life form with a pregnancy of minimum 1 year three months.
@Jenayah Have I ever claimed to be human?
So your momma would be... an elephant.
8:51 PM
Actually I have. All those times I complain about being asked to prove I'm not a robot.
(no offense to your momma - I have very good elephant pals, they're great)
@Jenayah oh now we're getting personal
@Alex not being a robot does not indicate humanity
@Mithrandir yes, I did deploy all that reasoning to insert a "your momma's so fat" joke. And I'm not even ashamed :P
@Mithrandir True, but the text specifically says to prove that you are human.
@Jenayah I think I lost you somewhere around where the extended pregnancy turned into an elephant.
Elephant momma are pregnant for like two years
8:52 PM
@Alex That's got to be the best line I've read today.
between 18 months and 22 months says Google
Glad to have contributed.
@Alex When in doubt, assume I'm being snarky. Or making a pun. Or other type of bad joke. (Pun intended, naturally.)
Ah, so me being < 1 was a bad joke?
Because I thought it was funny.
8:55 PM
Bad jokes are often the best ones...
Just like twisted questions:
yesterday, by Alex
@Jenayah I think the twisted ones are the best ones, but I guess others are entitled to disagree.
"To Disagree": A dissertation on deformed inquiries, by The Others.
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