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(as I didn't know whether a post would get upvoted... Which it was, eventually)
It's a tweak you can use while you're under 20k, after that you have unilateral tag wiki edit privlege and have to rely on luck/bumping another post to get the number right where you want it. ;p
Whatever works! (and doesn't harm the site ;D )
@Jenayah How do I check badges for SFF? I can't find info on them
Doesn't work
Click the achievement dialog
it's got the links for badges and privileges
the little cup with rep notifications
@Jenayah What did you do on April 30th last year for this?
I forgot I got a big bounty once, that was cool
A: Why was Sirius Black not expelled for trying to expose Snape to a werewolf?

JenayahThe PR problem As Arcanist Lupus pointed out, it might not have been a good thing for Hogwarts' image to host a werewolf. There were already a lot of complications to begin with, as Lupin explained. "But then Dumbledore became Headmaster, and he was sympathetic. He said that as long as we to...

Q: Short about reincarnation and a secret handshake

mu is too shortI saw a short film a few years ago about a grandmother and her grandson that come up with a secret handshake. Then they're both reincarnated over and over again, accidentally meet up, and start to remember their secret handshake. I'm pretty sure I saw it on YouTube but I can't find it or remembe...

12:14 AM
First bounty I ever got was on
A: Has Superman ever been depicted to smoke and/or consume alcohol?

JenayahTL;DR: drinking yes, and willingly, smoking is debatable. Drinking — yes The first two images are courtesy of the answers to Can Superman get drunk?. In this one, Superman is powerless after using the "Super Flare" power (basically unleashing all his energy, rendering him powerless for some ti...

and the second was also about Superman
A: Is there a depiction of Superman as an Asian?

JenayahYes! At least three of them. Kong Kenan The recent New Super-Man comics feature Kong Kenan as the "Superman of China". Note that he was some kind of replacement after the "usual" Clark Kent Superman died for the nth time. Actually, he was shown to bully a rich kid (because he was the heir t...

Try to explain after that that Superman isn't even remotely a favourite character of yours -___-
12:51 AM
Q: How could GoldFace have survived?

elbrantFlash E519 ~45min into the episode: GoldFace is electrocuted. A dramatic scene with molten Gold spilling out of his eye sockets. Barry/the Flash stoops down, checking for a pulse, and states, "He's still alive." Given that Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, and that GoldFace was (for ...

1:16 AM
Q: Does MS IGLOO take place before or after the first Mobile Suit Gundam?

Fran GornoThe Gundam Wiki says that MS IGLOO is chronologically before the First Gundam. But there was a list in here saying that after the First Gundam, there followed 08th MS Team, then War in the Pocket, and THEN the three MS IGLOO OVA series. Can you help a fellow Gundam brother out?

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2 hours later…
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@NeoDarwin ?
:48976104 testing
@Stormblessed What's the test?
4:11 AM
@Alex I can’t ping to another room’s message
in The Screening Room, 6 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Memor-X fair nuff :P
(Chose this one, most recent non-bot thing I saw)
But you can post the other room's comment and then ping it.
Imagine being JKR
From poverty to billionaire
Bring JKR to this site and have her answer questions
Then I could actually downvote her answers.
2 hours later…
6:06 AM
Q: A story where a small child takes on the pain of the world

CherieI think this was a short story, and I have no recollection of where or when I read it. It had a dystopian disguised as a utopian feel. From what I remember, the world was at peace and everyone was happy, except for one child who was kept in a dungeon or somewhere horrible. This child was neglect...

Q: I can't remember this anime from my childhood

user44806I am from India , this anime or animated series ( I can't remember this was made by the Japan or other countries) was aired between 2009 to 2012 probably in Jetix /Disney XD ( but I m not sure). This anime starts with a boy ( Main character , I forgot his name ) who find a stone ( or crystal li...

@Jenayah and both have a score of 42
@Mithrandir well you know the answer to life, universe and everything...
@b_jonas burn them
but I mean feel free to upvote them if you haven't already but are afraid to break that sweet continuity, I won't loose sleep at night :P
@Mithrandir burn with wildfire
6:27 AM
@Jenayah Zero?
@Alex five
@Jenayah This is what your query produced:
@Jenayah And I just realized you had used my user ID.
no, I used user:me, which automatically replaces with one's own ID.
6:31 AM
I'm not so popular after all...
Sorry :(
I'll get over it eventually.
At least I now know that I've never identified Huntik.
I don't think you needed a query for that, though :P
$Plus, given the number of times I've bragged about me IDing this show (and shamelessly copied my own answers from one post to antoher), you'd probably be able to ID it now.
If you read the QAs, that is.
@Jenayah Eh, I don't know the names of 2/3 stories that I posted identification answers about.
Fanfics don't count.
6:36 AM
@Jenayah Big if.
Ahah, there is literally NO original sentence in that latest Huntik-ID. Everything is copy-pasted chunks from other answers of mine :D
Actually, not such a big if after all. I've apparently read two of them.
Given the percentage of overlap and correlation between these answers, you can probably ID the show next time.... If I don't spot it first ;)
I'd have to reread one of the questions or answers for that. Right now all I know is that there's a picture of four people.
There's always the picture, yes.
6:48 AM
And if I recall correctly you at one point misidentified one of the people as a child/adult.
Wasn't that OP remembering black-haired girl as a woman when she's a teenager?
I'm pretty sure you wrote something like "there are two adults and two children" and then corrected it to 3/1.
Q: Po's flying scooter.. Teletubbies

Danny3414I used to sit with my young daughter in the 1990's watching Teletubbies, she was really into it. Her favourite was Po. Yesterday I was watching with my toddler grandson and Po was on her scooter and flying with it! My question is ..when did Po's scooter get this flying ability? (AFAI knew it wa...

Nov 4 '18 at 21:49, by Alex
I mean I could be losing my mind.
7:02 AM
That's also a possibility.
Oct 28 '18 at 1:31, by Alex
@Jenayah Not nice.
On the contrary, if you acknowledge it early it's easier to fight afterwards. I'm doing you a favor.
@Jenayah lol
7:19 AM
See? I'm even saving you the trouble of making enemies.
Making enemies is fun.
Now that's asking for trouble
Trouble is also fun.
Q: Book about portal/other worlds and a tribe digging for gold

StephThere was this book I read years ago (2000-2009, possibly even older) about a boy who finds some sort of portal door. It takes him to this world where a tribe is fighting to survive by digging for gold and getting food from the people that enslaved them. If one of them doesn't get enough gold th...

Q: is there a world map for the Mortal Engines movie?

CherubelJust watched the movie a few days ago and I wonder is there a map of some kind showing the world as it is now? We do see a lot of different maps in the movie itself, but I'm interested in a map of the entire world that is set in the age of the Mortal Engines. Only think i was able to find comes ...

Q: Why are there transport/cargo ships in the Star Trek universe when they have replicators?

LincolnManWhy are there cargo ships in the Star Trek stories? With replicator technology and FTL communication, there is no need for cargo ships. You can just transmit the computer files on how to replicate just about any device. Want your own Triumph motorcycle in your new colony at Procyon-B? Just have...

7:43 AM
Q: 80's/90's anime, robot car fight, including a silver Beetle-like car with yellow wheels and a spinning device to destroy other cars

user1479328One anime stuck in my mind that I was watching everyday, I got some memory about that anime is, they were creating robot/cars and fight with each other. Good side had a Beetle kind of car (silver color) with yellow color wheels and they had something spinning on the front to destroy the opponen...

8:20 AM
Hmm. Did meta ever come to an agreement on ?
Q: Do we need animal tags?

numarothI noticed that we have a few magical animals as tags: dragons, basilisk, unicorns. There might be more, but these are the ones that I found in a quick search. Personally, I can't think of much need for them. A big part of the point of tags is to attract experts on a subject to a question. I don...

> The tags seem to be doing what they're supposed to: click on e.g. dragons and you see all the questions about dragons, across all the different works that have dragons in them.
best answer ever
Time to create then
Q1: Is Beats-boy's poop also green?
@AnkitSharma No, I meant one specifically about the tag .
@Mithrandir why not just burn it?
Q: Should we kill the [animals]?

MithrandirWe currently have an animals tag, with ~80 questions at the moment. It does not have any usage guidance, just this as the tag wiki: Animals in science fiction and fantasy works have vital roles in many plots, including protagonists, antagonists, plot motivators and wise mentors. 27 of these...

@Mithrandir made a self-answer about burning it and it will get upvote and tehn burn
8:29 AM
I'm lazy tho
Only answer saying to make it usefull is fully hated
8:46 AM
@AnkitSharma There, done .
9:06 AM
@Mithrandir great upvoted
9:24 AM
9:55 AM
I'm accusing scifi.stackexchange.com/a/120996/33591 of being NaA, since... it doesn't address the question.
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Q: Kid's fantasy cartoon featuring giant subterranean worms which eat rock?

Mike WilliamsI remember watching a cartoon when I was a kid (90's I think, or very early 2000's) on Australian TV. It was a fantasy setting, but the one strong memory I have is of subterranean caverns with structures (temples etc) and it featured giant burrowing worms which would eat through solid rock.

11:24 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I think your dog is broken
She'd done it right about 3 times before, she just got over excited on that last one haha
And luckily for us it was the only one we were filming haha
Sheesh parents collecting embarrassing photos of their kids :P
Yup I usually prefer to not take pics/videos and just enjoy it but that day I was like a proud dog momma
11:50 AM
Q: Who Collected all the stones before thanos did?

AravindIn Thor: Ragnarok an infinity gauntlet was visible, does this mean Odin had it in the first place? Was he the one who put the stones in different realms?

@Babelfish dupe
Q: Did the Buffy writers intend for The First to come back?

DavidSThe First, with it's shapshifting abilities and the army of Bringers, is initially seen in the season 3 episode Amends, and then returns a full 4 seasons later as the final series villain. Did the writers always intend for The First to reappear in the Buffy storyline?

scifi.stackexchange.com/q/80973/98028 can be deleted now that it's been reposted and answered on Lit
12:05 PM
@Jenayah you missed the trailing *
Saw that afterwards, thanks
1:04 PM
Q: A LoTR/Sillmarillion fanfic where female elf warrior/wanderer goes through the ages

orirabLooking for a fanfic I read a long time ago but can't find. The basic premise is having an elf live and and experience (and affect) the history of Arda. Begins in Aman, follows the exile of the Noldor and (as best as I remember) was in progress during the years of the later kings of Gondor. It'...

I recently read (and loved) Left Hand of Darkness from Le Guin.
What else would you suggest I read from her? (more sci-fi than fantasy)
1:19 PM
in The Reading Room, May 3 '18 at 20:55, by Rand al'Thor
@ChristopheStrobbe I know someone who's a massive Le Guin fan, and her all-time favourite is The Dispossessed. Although the Earthsea series which Gareth mentioned (probably the most famous Le Guin work) is also good. I'll ask her which book she'd recommend to start with.
in The Reading Room, May 5 '18 at 14:42, by Rand al'Thor
@ChristopheStrobbe OK, I got an answer back: a good starting point for Le Guin would be either the Earthsea series (epic fantasy) or The Word for World is Forest (which is more science fiction). As Gareth said, the Earthsea books should be read in order.
thank you
@Federico Goodreads suggests these
I think both The Dispossessed and The Word for World is Forest are more sci-fi than fantasy.
@Mithrandir Most of those aren't even le Guin books.
Oh, missed the "from her". Whoops.
1:36 PM
Q: Why didn't the Kreelans die out soon after Keel Tath's curse?

ErresenIn the In Her Name series by Michael Hicks, the Kreelans are cursed so that: Males are only used for breeding and then die after they've been "used" once Fertile females have to breed every few cycles (years) or they will die This curse was inflicted approximately 100,000 years ago. At the ti...

@TheLethalCarrot you "forgot" your winning query ;)
Oh it's actually from the related section
still... ;)
1:44 PM
I'll add it in a bit
I know that, why do you think the quotation marks around "forgot" were for?
Well tbf I did forget/not think of it cos I don't answer story ids enough
Oh hey, there's a justice in this world. Way less LOTR fanfic than HP ones
@Jenayah How is that justice?
Because it's the lower-quality work that gets bastardised in fanfic more?
HP has got to be one of the more popular works for fan fiction I guess
1:50 PM
@Randal'Thor well by some statistics laws that I'm totally not empiricalling, less fanfic = less horribly twisted and eye-bleaching stuff about LOTR
Somehow I imagine LotR fanfic as generally higher quality than HP fanfic, but I dunno.
Maybe I'm biased by The Last Ring-Bearer. Which I haven't even read, so ...
I don't know either, and I certainly don't know enough about LOTR (possible keywords combination etc) to actually search for that fanfic, so pass
2:02 PM
The LotR complexity level far outscores HP. I believe that this acts as a barrier, keeping most of the people who would write such horrible fanfics out. :P
Legolas and Shelob. Discuss.
@Adamant flagged
The best LotR Fanfiction is the shadow of war game
I mean, the "answers" are a Wikipedia and Wikia page. That's meh.
Yes send it to HELL
2:17 PM
I am a Demon witch
I've been to hell and back, and back to hell…and back.
@Jenayah Actually ... technically that should be reopened (and downvoted). General reference is no longer a thing on this site.
@Randal'Thor but it’s so obvious
Wait what?
Questions that are poorly researched and can be answered by Wikipedia/Wikia should be downvoted, not closed.
@Stormblessed Being obvious isn't a reason to close anything.
2:23 PM
Then why is it a hold reason?
It's not (any more).
@Mithrandir so the conclusion fro that tag discussion is nothing :D
Greetings, Earthlings.
Oh I am dumb I didn't see it was from 2013
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@Randal'Thor m'alright. Use your mighty reopen hammer so that it's bumped and DVed, then? ;)
2:27 PM
How did you even find that?
Excavator Supreme
@Jenayah Won't be bumped with a score like that.
@Randal'Thor it will, just ine the "active" tab
@NeoDarwin it was in my favorites
Out of my 632 favorites, probably 75% are "threads that contains stuff I want to fix" and the remaining 25% are "stuff I think I can answer some day given some time"
@AnkitSharma give it a bit more time
@Randal'Thor General reference isn't, but I'm pretty sure we've closed "where do I find" questions.
@Mithrandir That's why I'm ambivalent whether or not to reopenhammer it.
If you want to reopen it, it'd probably be best to edit it to ask directly instead of asking for a reference. But given the age and score... is it really worth it?
2:34 PM
But it could pretty easily be edited to just ask about the information instead of where to find the information.
My favorites are good answers that I like a lot
@NeoDarwin You can't favourite answers ;-)
The answers would have to be deleted, as they're link only, and the question edited to ask something else. At this point, a new question would be less effort and wouldn't have those old downvotes.
The questions which have good answers
So I'd be in favor of deleting this and possibly asking an improved version / nudging the OP to ask an improved version.
(Oof, monologuing is difficult on mobile.)
2:38 PM
I recommend Google keyboard
It's swipe function combined with predictive text vastly increases your typing speed on mobile
@Mithrandir I lost hope with tagging long ago, that's why I only support silently other people's fight
@Mithrandir Hmm, I guess so. You make a good point.
It just seems unfair to delete a question which is technically on-topic, especially when it's been answered and all concerned have gained rep.
@Randal'Thor they'll keep the rep, though. That has been visible for more than X days.
With X being a number I don't remember, but which applies here
Donald.McLean won't lose rep AFAIK - it's older than three months and has a score of 3+.
yeah, what expert Mith said ;)
2:41 PM
@Jenayah 60, I think.
No guarantees that I got it right, though.
@AnkitSharma I do find it interesting that literally every post on that question has a negative score.
3:03 PM
Q: Travel in Guardians of the Galaxy

Zaid Syed M MdIn Guardians of the Galaxy, we see beings traversing galaxies as easily as we traverse continents. We have traveled, halfway across the quadrant. And Ronan is no closer to being dead. - Drax For a human-like civilization, the fastest spacecraft New Horizons could traverse the Solar Sy...

Q: Does the Citadel charge tuition?

PlutoThePlanetI'm currently reading book 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicle, and the series' main character Kvothe spends a lot of time worrying about the cost of tuition at the University. And while there are a lot of similarities between the University and A Song of Ice and Fire's Citadel, I don't remember anyon...

3:47 PM
@Mithrandir hahahha
4:14 PM
@Jenayah and again!
@Randal'Thor woah, exact same second!
That's weird.
> Jenayah reviewed this 35 secs ago: Reviewed
Rand al'Thor♦ reviewed this 36 secs ago: Reviewed
@Randal'Thor Meh, Jenoogle is more to my liking
But the mouseover says it's the same second.
@Jenayah Jinxoogle?
Stupid UI clearly favoritises mods
4:16 PM
That's like the broom after replacing both its brush and its handle.
wait, what?
You don't know that story?
First you have a broom. At some point you replace the brush part. Then later on you replace the handle as well. Is it still the same broom or not?
It's a philosophical question which could apply equally well to the name Jinxoogle.
He's had the same brush for 15 years, it's had 9 new handles and 6 new brush heads
The joke runs like that anyway
4:19 PM
Couple of gentlemen Brits comparing me to an overused broom. Classy! :P
@TheLethalCarrot how long did you have that tab opened for?
Since the review came in
4:27 PM
You two may be quick but I'm quicker :P
I had to go and install some updates on one of the scanners
Right, free review. Wait a bit, and then just upvote the comment someone spent thought about, while Rand edited the stuff.
I mean I don't need "free" FP reviews anymore for any "reward" but it is a way to do it I suppose
I've said it to Rand before but I'm sad enough that I enjoy reviewing so I'd have preferred you two hadn't touched it haha
hey, we're both sad then. sad high five
4:30 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Please don't try to discourage other people from reviewing.
If just a few people are dominating all the reviews, that's a bad sign for the site.
@Jenayah Would that be a low five?
How am I discouraging it?
@Randal'Thor middle five?
4:32 PM
@TheLethalCarrot "I'd have preferred you two hadn't touched it"?
I know it's a joke, just saying.
I think that's reading too much into a light hearted remark
Look at the size of that rab
Absolute unit
Q: What is the history of the universe/canon/word-of-god approach to literature?

Gareth ReesOver on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange, some participants apply the following theoretical approach to the interpretation of fiction: The role of fiction is to describe a fictional ‘universe’, and an important task of readers is to determine facts about that universe by analysis of...

Seems to have been inspired by some discussions here.
4:58 PM
flag it, then
@NeoDarwin What does this mean?
Congratulations on inventing a new word, I guess?
@Randal'Thor I made it to the Google results!
can people stop stealing my nicknames
5:04 PM
5:17 PM
2 days ago, by Neo Darwin
It means "Look Death in the eye without fear"
@xkcd Ooh, fractals, lovely.
@xkcd woooh fractal error bars
@Stormblessed Valar morghulis.
@Stormblessed But when Death has metal spike instead of eyes... You better run! ;D
5:24 PM
@Mithoron I don't know, even a Steel Inquisitor can be defeated if you're good enough.
@Randal'Thor You're in a ASOIAF mood today
@Randal'Thor But when Marsh was called "Death" no one was good enough :D
@TheLethalCarrot Yikes. Maybe I should pop over to the psychology department.
To work out how you turned to the Light?
No, before I start raping and murdering like an aSoIaF character.
Also, you said "a ASOIAF" - shouldn't it be "an ASOIAF"?
5:28 PM
@Randal'Thor I was thinking the same thing.
Probably, I don't English good
@Alex Pedants repredent!
Should that be "represent"? Or "repedant", perhaps? Or is there a word "repredent" that I don't know of?
It was a deliberate typo representing (ha) a combination of "represent" and "pedant".
I'm a portmanteauthor, you see.
Ah, I also considered some form of that.
But left it out for some reason.
5:34 PM
I'm trying to read a maths paper from 1905 in French, so my mind may be strange at the moment :-P
Argh, such a shame when English does not have a pithy phrase for what I want to say in Hebrew.
The curses of being bilingual.
I don't know if I would call it a curse. If not for the other language I wouldn't have had the thought in the first place. At least now I can make fun of Rand in my head, even if no one else will see it.
Q: 80's/90's anime, robot car fight, including a silver Beetle-like car with yellow wheels and a spinning device to destroy other cars

user1479328One anime stuck in my mind that I was watching everyday, I got some memory about that anime is, they were creating robot/cars and fight with each other. Good side had a Beetle kind of car (silver color) with yellow color wheels and they had something spinning on the front to destroy the opponen...

@Randal'Thor It means "Unafraid of death/staring death in the eye and lol'ing hard"
5:48 PM
Oh so it was a bug beetle! I was trying to spot Volkswagen Beetles! :D — Jenayah 5 mins ago
@Jenayah That looks more blue than silver.
@Jenayah what made you think that a beetle would be a good car to take to a fight?
I dunno, it's anime. Anime break the laws of logic
@Alex D-:
Rule of cool
5:58 PM
@NeoDarwin Have you never met Herbie?
Yeah but it is sentiment
Sentiment also works.
The Love Bug.
Do you speak another Language Rand?
Un peu.
No hablo baguette
I decided to learn Spanish because it's more useful for someone living in America
6:16 PM
Bhebucchi the rabbit
6:41 PM
Q: Who are the (numerous) patrons of the Warp Core Cafe?

SkoobaI came across this very awesome, very large illustration by Jeff Carlisle named Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe. It features a vast amount of characters from a vast amount on franchises. I was hoping our community would rise to the challenge and help identify as many as possible! [

Q: webomic: a zombie which uses a mask to live a normal life

axerologementyI read this web comic a really long time ago, here are the details I remember: IIRC, the story begins with no presentation and we start following the infected character immediately he lives a normal life, except he wears some kind of helmet / mask to avoid contaminating others the zombies aren'...

6:51 PM
@Jenayah, did you just solve yet another anime-id question with Huntik?
Q: How does the White Tower pay for everything?

JMacIn The Wheel of Time, the Aes Sedai seem to travel throughout the entire main continent (up to the Aiel Waste), and from what I have seen, have absolutely no concern for money. They also seem to be tasked with bringing back any women with the potential to channel the One Power to the White Tower...

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