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12:00 AM
> - I don't know what Wehrlein is doing.
> -(race engineer) Wehrlein doesn't know what Wehrlein's doing, so don't worry about him...
Happy New Year, +0000 timezone offset (UK)!
On general principles, I upvote all but the absolute worst-written story ID questions. However, some of those fanfic questions make me feel like I should reconsider.
Questions about Transformers continuity also often annoy me. Even without the Michael Bay movies, this is a universe where it somehow makes sense for evil robots to be able to turn into thirty-foot-tall handguns.
Hurry up and get some reputation quickly, folks. This may be your only chance to be at the top of the year standings.
12:15 AM
@Alex mmmh... Isn't midnight UTC passed yet?
@Jenayah 15 minutes ago. So the standings reset.
Ah, I thought you meant for 2018
Which also means you won.
New user thing?
How many other competitions are we in?
12:19 AM
Revival badges
Ah, indeed.
Some chess too
You have to remind me?
Well technically @Mith is leading that one
If we play enough times, I'll probably win eventually.
12:22 AM
Oh and you beat me at the Christmas elf game ;p
That's probably because you spent all the time playing the penguin one instead.
*killing the penguin
Seriously how come PETA still hasn't tracked me down
Must be the ninja mask you were wearing.
Ooooh that has to be it!
One more reason to like Winter Bash, you can drown penguins all you want as long as a community approved of you three times
I guess I'm unapproved then.
12:29 AM
No ninja hat?
Pretty sure you could have gotten one on Movies
There must have been some HP questions
I don't have an account there.
And I don't know the Harry Potter movies that well.
Meh, it's three clicks away
Well there are some book-based answers I think
Mainly for unclear back story due to poor direction
Yes Half Blood Prince adaptation, it's you I'm looking at
Answering a movie question from the book is not quite as bad as the reverse.
12:33 AM
Not sure about how to describe this one, but there are 8 questions under it
@Stormblessed honestly this one doesn't feel very useful. I think we should get rid of it
@Stormblessed More than half are asked by the same person. Maybe he has some idea?
@Jenayah Yeah
It doesn't really fit SE's tag model, it doesn't make sense to be an expert in "backstory"
@Jenayah Oh, we actually follow that criterion?
@Mithrandir can you add to that "to-nuke" tag list of yours?
@Stormblessed Didn't have much to say for the main part
@Alex when I need a more or less valid excuse to justify a tag nuking, yes, we do
@Stormblessed this one should be synonymized/merged with IMHO
@Jenayah Should have kept then.
12:43 AM
Well no, we don't really have water benders experts
Can you be a water expert if you hate swimming?
I just remembered that "Howard the Duck" is described as a "water expert" in the film version... and he can't swim at all.
There are black holes experts who've never been in a black hole, so I'm tempted to say yes.
Well I'm apparently the biggest expert on contradiction on another site.
But I've never contradicted anything.
A future contradiction gold tag badger?
@Alex didn't you post a answer of yours in chat a couple of days ago starting with "I'm aware this is the opposite of my other answer"?
12:48 AM
At the rate the questions are asked it would probably take at least a decade.
yesterday, by Alex
A: Is the mitzva of 'Shikcha' the act of forgetting, or the act of not going back to collect what was forgotten?

Alex[I am aware that this answer argues the opposite of my other answer.] If the person who asked you this riddle meant that the guy can fulfill the mitzvah simply by forgetting (i.e. if he never realizes that he left anything and does not even know that someone took it), it would seem to be contrad...

@Jenayah Yes, but didn't we establish that that was because of the multiple users on my account?
@Alex when I need a more or less valid excuse to justify messing with you, no, we didn't
@Alex Why are there multiple users on your account?
@Stormblessed To uphold Mithrandir's theory that I'm < 1 year old.
No wait, to refute that theory.
Wow, I'm confused. It is to uphold the theory.
12:51 AM
@Stormblessed so that his mom doesn't become an elephant
@Jenayah Skipped a few steps there, I think.
@Jenayah No excuse is required for that.
@Alex The whole ladder. But it's funnier that way :P
I think that managing to give two opposite but equally compelling answers to a question may be considered one of the highest achievements of Jewish hermeneutics.
@Stormblessed If you truly want to understand, read about 1,000 messages starting from:
yesterday, by Alex
@Jenayah Tell that to RDFozz.
Happy New Year strangers!!
12:54 AM
@Buzz Exactly.
@manooooh you too!
Anyone want to make a better description? I was rejected and agree my thing for it wasn't so good
Eh, I think every tag excerpt I've ever proposed was just "Simply defining what a [tag] is".
@Stormblessed on second thoughts there are only four of those... Let's re-tag them at some point and call it a day
I think
1:00 AM
@Jenayah I'll do it
Don't forget to fix the rest of the posts if need be
Need my edits approved, just got one left to edit but hit the limit
Keep it for later maybe
Q: What would happen if you ate food made from mirror-chirality amino acids?

nick012000In Mass Effect, there are a couple of alien races who evolved on planets where life forms use animo acids whose chirality is the mirror image of the amino acids used by life on Earth. If someone were to consume food from such an alien planet, what would be the physical result? I know what the ca...

Anyone else can do it
Q: What is the H in Thanos?

user35971The THANOS Theory states that the letters in Thanos, stand for the locations of the Infinity Stones. T-Tesseract-space A-Aether-reality N-Necklace-time O-Orb-power S-Scepter-mind

1:06 AM
Two reasons: don't push too much old stuff on the homepage, and there's a rule of thumb that you shouldn't have more than 5 of the 15 top posts edited by you
Just switch with , someone
@Jenayah Why not (the second thing)?
Later, bumping five old posts at once pushes new questions too far down
A: How many tag edits should we allow per day?

phantom42The guideline agreed to in the past within Mos Eisley, with approval from mods (at the time) was 5 of the top 15 posts on the most recent filter of the front page. Most weekdays, this rule worked just fine, pushing the edits out of the top 15 reasonably quickly with regular site activity and al...

What happened to Mos Eisley? Wasn't it chat here?
@Stormblessed It must not be spoken of.
Things happened ;)
1:09 AM
@Alex Why not?
Basically it had a "bad reputation" (disputed, but not the point), some things went downhill and it got shut down forever. As it's still a touchy topic, the general idea is not to shake ghosts too much and just moving on
Q: How come our main chat, Mos Eisley, got frozen this time?

MöozMos Eisley is currently frozen#, apparently indefinitely. I assume it has something to do with the users mentioned in @Shog9's banner, but is it possible that we be told - at least in concept - what happened in our room to make it get frozen again? If the rest of you want to create a new room...

(Mos Eisley was before my time, but that's basically what I've gathered over time, and I think that's a reasonable thing to do)
I stayed away from Most Eisley. It really could "be a little rough."
@Jenayah Have you checked it out since reaching 10,000?
1:14 AM
@Alex I took a peek. But browsing other people's discussions is no fun when you weren't part of it and don't have much idea of what's going on (and don't want to work it out), so I didn't spend much time on it
So people were just jerks, or something else?
Fun fact:. The name of the actual cantina in A New Hope was "!"
@Buzz According to what source?
Q: Why did our primary chatroom get nuked?

EndgameWell, I just came to know that we have got a new primary chatroom with the same name. When I visited the old one, I saw that it was frozen (by @Shog9♦) and there were 37000+ users inside it. This certainly is a rare event and people are curious. So, I think @Shog9♦ himself should answer this. He...

goo.gl/images/5HYLC3. Have a look at what's written over the doorway.
1:18 AM
@Stormblessed Some people posted inappropriate content. Detail of said inappropriate content isn't really relevant... There were bad "recedivist" patterns which eventually got shut off by the powers that be when they deemed it was beyond salvation.
You can see it from a slightly better angle in the actual film.
I thought that "mirror-chirality amino acids" question would be good to answer, actually. But it turns out I already did.
2:02 AM
@Stormblessed Tomato plague.
2:37 AM
Q: Trying to remember book: Fantasy, Female protagonist, demon-related magic, "knife"/"blade" in title...?

BeckyI'm trying to remember a Fantasy book I read in the late 1990s (read like it was published in the 80s or 90s) with a warrior/magic-wielding female protagonist. I think I remember looking for additional books by the author (whose name I don't remember) in in the early 2000s and it seemed like that...

Q: Zienia Merton (SPACE:1999), RIP

Helbent IVBritish actress Zienia Merton, known for her role as "Sandra Benes" on the 1970's sci/fi tv series Space:1999 passed away on September 14, 2018. Though best known for her work on '1999, Merton's career spanned over five decades on a wide variety of British films and television programs. Nota...

3:03 AM
@Buzz I don’t see an “i”
Q: Who freed Padan Fain in Fal Dara?

Mat CauthonIn The Great Hunt, Fain is freed from his cell in Fal Dara by an unspecified person. Now, before anyone says "Isn't it obvious?", let's analyse the scene in question. The door to the outer guardroom opened, spilling in a flood of light, darkly outlining a figure in the doorway. Fain sto...

@Alex Looks like I got what I asked for:
Q: 2018: a year in closing

Shog9Continuing my sometimes-annual practice of posting these numbers, here is the information on how many questions were closed on various sites around the network in 2018: Site Asked AskedAndClosed PctAskedAndClosed AllClosed DuplicatesClosed DuplicatesReopened O...

Playing with the data a bit, I see that Science Fiction & Fantasy was ninth network-wide in percentage of questions asked that were closed as duplicates, and twenty-first network-wide in percentage of questions asked that were closed as Primarily Opinion-Based.
3:27 AM
@Alex Note that our story-id duplicate policy would naturally lead to a lower threshold for closing questions, and that those questions are only closed once they have been successfully answered. I doubt this is common across most stacks - there's nothing equivalent on Database Administrators, for exaple.
3:44 AM
@RDFozz Isn’t that a higher threshold?
Q: Why do the Q have genders?

Ham SandwichIt seems, at least from "Deja Q," that the Qs' appearance is just for show. The "main" Q is not really a male, for example. After all, Q tells Picard in the aforementioned episode that given different knowledge, he would have first appeared to Picard as a female. However, in Deep Space Nine's "Q...

4:06 AM
@Alex ì meant that dupe story-id questions are generally closed without any need to convince anyone that the questions are the same; it's not uncommon for there to be significant disagreements here regarding whether questions are truly duplicates. Again, in the coding stacks, places where the same basic coding principles are involved can result in unique questions because the way the principles are applied are different.
Or, because one cannot readily find something that clearly demonstrates the principles when one looks.
@RDFozz Ah, I thought you were trying to say that it's harder to close them as duplicates because it requires the questioner (both questioners) to confirm that they are the same.
4:24 AM
Q: Story about the lifetime that occurs between a bullet being fired and execution

Brent RoadyI'm trying to think of the short story about a condemned prisoner that experiences a lifetime between the time a bullet is fired and the time it ends his life. I feel like the story might be Russian? Or maybe Borges? Thanks for any help finding this story!

1 hour later…
5:55 AM
Q: Talking monkeys

Layne D SchaffrinI have been trying to find this film for a while now. It's animated at least I think so. It is about two monkeys one female one male that get caught in a really bad snow storm one of them the male goes out to try to find help and almost dies or something like that anyway it came on television in ...

6:17 AM
Q: Where did Thanos go at the end of the movie?

CKool Aid Sr.Where is Thanos at the end of the Avengers: Infinity War...since it's apparently not Titan?

2 hours later…
8:41 AM
Q: What is average life for a wizard?

Murtuza ZabuawalaIn Harry potter series we saw that Albus Dumbledore died at 116 years, nicolas flamel is more than 600 years old. So what is the average age for a wizards?

@Mithrandir oh crap now stuff posted even in December has a '18 year indicator and I feel old
9:27 AM
Q: What do y'all think of the trailer for the "Dr who new years special"

yer a dickhead harryThe Doctor Who "new years special on ABC on Jan 2 at 7:30pm" what you think of the trailers after googling them? http://google.com.au

2 hours later…
11:43 AM
Q: YA sci fi from late 80s, early 90s

Shayna MaloneyThe book is about a teenage girl who lives on the Moon after aliens take over the earth. I think there was a picture of a blonde girl sitting and the moon in the background on the cover. It was one of my favourite and I'd like to share it with my kids.

1 hour later…
1:04 PM
Q: i wanna find the title of the science fiction horror movie that i saw long time ago

John Liltsin the movie, small rocks are on the beach... when some children pick it up, it attacks the face of a child... and some guy is attacked by an alien. and his upper body is literally broken off... last scene is only female survivor sitting and crying on a highway in the middle of completely deserte...

1:15 PM
Q: Please help identify a sci-fi film

OlgaI want to find a film I watched as a child. I hope someone can help me with this. The plot is rather weird. First, there were some aliens, who wanted to send one of them to Earth. They wanted to disguise him as an ordinary Earth creature, but they had no idea what life on Earth looks like, so t...

2:01 PM
Q: How could Father Duré survive as a person on the Tesla tree?

MortenSickel(I am presently halfway through The Rise of Endymion, it may of course be explained in what I have not read yet) In "Hyperion", we read the story of Father Duré who after leaving the Bikura crucifies himself on a Tesla tree and afterwards "but it still looked like Paul Duré" ... "seven years. Li...

2:47 PM
Q: What is the effective maximum range of a ring transporter?

Robert ColumbiaIn the original Stargate movie, Ra and his followers have ring transporters that can be used to teleport between Ra's ship in orbit and the surface of Abydos. In Stargate SG1, Earth Humans (Taur'i) eventually acquire this technology and install it on their own ships, using it for transporting bet...

3:32 PM
In the question What are the requirements to teach at Hogwarts, a variety of requirements are listed, but as to why Hagrid was hired, the chosen answer says For the CMC Hagrid was chosen as the teacher who has no qualifications at all, but loves animals and all things dangerous so he was hired. :) — Slytherincess Jul 31 '16 at 2:16
How does this answer the question?
Q: Are the same lasers that make up a light saber the same lasers in a blaster?

CrispyI for a fact know that Light sabers consist of a plasma blade, powered by a kyber crystal but I would like to know whether or not the Blasters in star wars shoot out plasma rays?

Interesting, didn’t know that question askers can approve edits from others instantly
Makes sense
@Stormblessed yeah, you get a notification
I think it applies for tags too, maybe no notification but tag Creator can single-handedly review the suggested edit
3:51 PM
@Alex pass
@Jenayah Does that mean you wouldn't object to it being reopened? (Though you did vote to leave it closed a few weeks ago.)
4:18 PM
Q: Why did Black Widow give spear to Proxima?

Ver NickAfter Natasha wounded Corvus Glaive in Avengers: Infinity War, she threw the spear to Proxima. Was it accidental or intentional? If intentional, then for what?

wait, when was movies and tv integrated here
@Niffler It's a feed.
n i c e
4:35 PM
Q: SF novel about crashed pilot

6th GuardI would like to identify a SF book (possibly a part of a series) which I read in late 80s or in the 90s. What I remember from the story: it happened on a planet (probably Earth, but I'm not 100% sure) inhabited by humans, which is under some kind of dictatorship or other unpleasant regime a pro...

@Alex that means I did read what you posted,but I don't have much to say about it, but also didn't want to blank you
@Niffler Hello, Frosty!
@Jenayah For the record, you have no obligation to respond to everything — or anything — I post (though, obviously, I very much appreciate it when you do).
frosty? @RDFozz
@Niffler In the Frosty the Snowman Christmas Special, when the magic hat that animates him is put on Frosty's head, instead of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, Frosty says Happy Birthday. I assumed you were referencing that with your greeting.
4:54 PM
o h h h h h
i dont have that kind of knowledge ;)
@Alex sure, but I as you're enquiring and nobody responded, I felt I'd at least tell you I have no opinion after than leaving you hanging there :)
@Jenayah Thank you.
5:09 PM
Q: 2018: a year in moderation

Shog9A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in that we amortize the overall moderation cost of the system across thousands of teeny-tiny slices of effort contributed by regular, everyday ...

5:36 PM
Q: Is there anything to support this Wikipedia claim about Urula K. Le Guin re-using the planet name "Werel"?

SpencerComments to Lorendiac's answer in this question pointed out an odd coincidence -- Ursula K. Le Guin may have used the same planet name "Werel") to refer to different worlds in different stories: The related early novels Planet of Exile and City of Illusions The novella collection Four Ways to...

2 hours later…
7:24 PM
Q: Short story about mining crew on planet expecting ship to return them to Earth and realizing it's not going to come

GD KentIt's about a mining crew who have been recruited with promises of being set up for life once they return from their time on the planet. They gradually realise they are not going to get home, the mining company does not want to spend the money on a rescue ship. I think they get a radio message le...

7:34 PM
Q: Which Small Town is Leveled and when in Rivers of London (Series)

JontiaIn Ben Aaronovitch's Lies Sleeping (Rivers of London #7), Peter is on the phone to American FBI agent Kimberly Reynolds early in the book looking for information on a suspect who left the UK for the US. In the introduction to the phone call, Peter narrates the following We'd been very cautio...

4 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Alex pass
(I did vote.)
oh okay!
7:58 PM
@Jenayah Deleted it
8:20 PM
@Uhura that works too :P
for what it's worth you could try asking on Anime & Manga's chat
I mean you could also try here but out of the people present these days, I'm not sure they are big time manga readers which would be more likely to identify it
Manga identification is also on topic at Literature, although not anime.
@Mithrandir ah, it is?
If I'm understanding what manga is correctly :P
Jul 24 '18 at 11:21, by Edlothiad
(I don't know anything about mangas except they're black and white, have lots of lines to accent things and read right to left)
We've got a [manga] tag.
8:23 PM
@Jenayah You can flag a deleted post...
well crap should've flagged for migration instead :/
Eh, I accidentally replied before your statement.
@Alex indeed, will do. So it'd be on-topic for Lit right Mith?
think so yeah
@Uhura I've flagged your question for migration to Literature. You might want to create an account there to keep track of it
8:57 PM
Q: Identify time travel short story with a man inside a box observed by scientists

user10108I read this sometime in the last 3 years or so, but I believe it was older than that, and was included in a collection of time travel stories. The main thing that I remember from the story is that there is a guy inside of some kind of box or chamber. It is either transparent, or has a window. T...

Q: Trying to identify a few stories

JamesI am trying to identify a couple of stories that I have read more than a decade ago, hopefully someone here can help me find them. The first, if I remember right, is about a very small dimension that includes only a star and a planet. There is a barrier on that planet that marks the end of the d...

Uh. Aggressive summer comment-flagging campaign was aggressive. Per scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12259/98028 it would appear I'm responsible for 16% of flagged comments in 2018 :D
So I can blame you when my comments disappear?
(The ones on this site, at least.)
Given that most of those were on story(id, probably not
and that I think I pinged you a couple of times to delete a NLN comment of yours rather than having mods handle it :)
Aug 20 '18 at 16:44, by Jenayah
@Alex oh you can delete yourself it if you'd rather, no worries :)
I don't know if that counts, though, because I had already told you that you could flag it.
mmmh maybe it was TLC that I pinged then
one of you two... Given that you are among the people I chat the most with, it's statistically plausible
9:07 PM
It's certainly possible you pinged me on another occasion.
Q: TV series in the 90s where people get superpower by siffing flowers

qspI couldn't remember anything more than what stated in the title. There are several kinds of flowers, each one gives people a different kind of skill: strength, intelligence etc. It's not really superpower, but exceed the ability of the best human. If I remember correctly, this was not about super...

(won't even have to nuke OOO tag this way)
9:23 PM
-om +u
Then how is it OOO?
<---- stupid
If I star a comment of you calling yourself stupid, is that a violation of "Be Nice"?
well technically the arrow will then point to a star, calling it stupid
which will be funny
9:27 PM
Star's on the other side, though.
Oh, on the board it does point to the star.
9:58 PM
Cool, Meta Stack Exchange counts as a Meta for Freehand Circle.
@Mithrandir Just comic books from Japan, so are American comics on-topic?
@Unnamed ya
They are, I think, there are tons of Sandman questions
I need a better username
@Unnamed Chop off the first two letters.
10:02 PM
"Sperago of Moria"
@Unnamed "Demannu"
Or better, Mithrandir7654.
@Alex uh, isn't this one dead?
or poisoned?
What does that mean?
Geez @Mith (s) it's easier to keep track of SCP creatures than amount of clones you killed
10:04 PM
@Alex dang, can’t change it for 30 days
We don't talk about 2 through 24600.
@Unnamed I think there's some way around that.
If I recall from some bug reported on Meta.
@Alex I was able to change it twice in quick succession, but it’s been an hour
Create a linked account on another site, change it there, save to everywhere, I believe.
Although according to the issues avazula encountered that may not be possible anymore.
Q: Name Change Limiting can be Broken

TreeSteps to reproduce: Change your name on Stack Overflow. After some time it won't allow to change your name again for one month Create user account in Super User or change your name on Super User with the same OpenID Go to Stack Overflow and associate your account with Super User Now the n...

10:06 PM
@Mithrandir I read that as "issues Azula encountered" and thought "duh no, Azula IS the issue"
@Mithrandir worked
@Jenayah Who's that?
Gonna ask it in chat now on Anime.SE
one of the main Avatar villains
Avatar: The Last Airbender, not "Pocahontas, but blue" Avatar
@Jenayah is that show good? My friend likes it
10:10 PM
Mmm. I know basically naught about any kind of Avatar, excluding small images.
@Named yep. Watch it.
Honestly: I watched some episodes as a kid and didn't like it. I was looking to answer an ATLA question here and got lost in the artwork books and thought "well shit, that looks way better than what I remembered" so I decided to give it a go, and I finished the whole thing and all related comics in three weeks :P
I'm now on season 2 of Legend of Korra... It's way too different to compare th two, but I'm not that much hooked up on it.
10:23 PM
i didn't like legend of korra
the original was by far better
honestly first book was okish (I was much less thrilled than ATLA though... It took me like a month to watch 'em ten episodes), but S2 isn't of big appeal so far
I'm not a big fan of spirit stuff
A: Short story with a man inside a time travel box being observed by scientists

StormblessedPer the OP's comment, this is The Very Slow Time Machine by Ian Watson. This is a duplicate now of this question.

Duplicate question
@Stormblessed flesh that answer a bit, een if it's a dupe :)
@Jenayah On it
10:33 PM
@Jenayah Huh?
@Stormblessed by the way, you can probably flag it
@Stormblessed it's a good thing you're fleshing it out, so thumbs up
but too lazy to go and fetch an actual thumbsup smiley
@Jenayah Was that a code thing with the colons?
@Stormblessed You can flag questions as duplicates, even if you can’t vote.
@Stormblessed not a SFF code thing, but in many chats/sites it could translate into an actual icon
Discord, for instance
@Jenayah Ok
@Jenayah Done
10:45 PM
@Stormblessed too bad, can't seem to find an online transcription (I'm looking at your archive.org) which could provde quotes :/
To whomever mod who handled my last mod flag (maybe @Randal'Thor can pass the word to the right person): uh... yeah, indeed. Sorry 'bout that :/
@Jenayah Now you have to tell us what you did wrong...
> [nightmare-before-christmas] should be renamed [the-nightmare-before-christmas] – Jenayah 1 hour ago helpful - Done, although for a 1-question tag you could have just done the edit manually
How naughty.
well in hindsight it is kinda stupid of me
2019 starting off on a good foot xD
@Jenayah What archived thing are you talking about?
10:58 PM
this thing has a lot of transcription of old short stories
@Jenayah But a transcription of what?
@Jenayah Ok
@Stormblessed user14111 uses it a lot, see his answers scifi.stackexchange.com/…
Please flag as R/A by the way scifi.stackexchange.com/a/202554/98028
oh well Charcoal people heard my complaint :P
oh hey it was Mith, thanks @Mith
@Stormblessed oh nice, if they have it you shud transcribe some quotes to always improve your answer :)
11:06 PM
@Jenayah Done
@Jenayah Borrowing it is too much of a hassle, needs special software and stuff
ah, didn't know that
the transcripts are better
@Jenayah What do you mean by 'the transcripts'?
@Jenayah Asking on anime's chat got me "Soul Eater", but that's not it
11:11 PM
Now that I think about it, it sounds like Dr. Slump (which reminds me I want to read that series as it's referenced so much in DB)
@Named vaguley rings a bell
@Jenayah Completely different, though
I don't think I made it past first volume tbh ;p
@SmokeDetector gone now, cc @Mithrandir
@Jenayah You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
11:16 PM
Smokey, after all this time, you'd think I'd know
But I still like you, silly bot
also chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/48319408#48319408 can be unstarred now that it's been deleted
that's what the Niffler says
so niffler == cow ?
Niffler is the distant relative of a cross breed of a cow and a mole
and then that bred with a dragon
and VOILA niffler
obviously, that's just common knowledge
11:22 PM
... don't ever apply to Biology school :P
; )
oh dear now i have the cow and mole stuck in my head :"(
Well if they did breed... Yeah something's stuck somewhere
ew, no thanks
didnt need that
you started it :P
11:25 PM
Deception, disgrace, evil as plain as the scar on his face?
11:38 PM
@SmokeDetector It says that only 300 rep is necessary...
@Stormblessed it also says you have to ask for those privileges ;)
and read a bunch of stuff I haven't bothered to read yet
so I just dump stuff in Charcoal's room for the time being. But I'll get around some day n_n'
What's with having emails in profiles being like "example at example dot com"? So bots can't find them?
@Stormblessed Seems like it would relatively easy to program something to find those if you really wanted addresses to spam
probably easier to mass-target with the usual me@whatever.com
11:42 PM
@Jenayah Yeah
the ones who have example at example dot cm won't fall for the spam anyway
not worth bothering for
basically the same thing as:
A: Nigerian scammer openly say they are from Nigeria - but why?

David WoodroofThey say "Nigerian" because the savvy ones ignore it. So any answers must be from lower risk victims who are more likely to send the money.

Ever played Wii Sports Resort? I played it a lot like 6 years ago, was thinking about the Morse Code in it today and found this: tcrf.net/Wii_Sports_Resort#Hidden_Morse_Code_Messages , thought it was cool
Q: identify this play / teleplay: all of creation was a higher being's homework assignment

nsayerI remember seeing it on television some time ago, but my IMDB searches are failing me. The basic plot was that we are watching what is essentially a dissertation defense of a higher being who created the universe. He carefully groomed an exemplar person in this universe to be judged, but through ...

^ sci-fi identification question above
Why is Literature beta? Isn't it big?
Oh, never mind, it's way smaller than SciFi
11:53 PM
Size is not the only criterion.
Well, depending on what you mean by "size".

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