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12:07 AM
ok if this theory is right it should be super easy on PPCG (90% of questions are all the same tag)
but I haven't seen it being super common there? (re: waffles)
@Riker Hmmm, good point - there's still the time thing.
true but still
the one user who has it (that I saw) seems to have commented a bunch of times on the same post (q/a)
well its' certainly less of a time period than 2 days
since i have 15 comments on 1 post across like 2-3 days and nada
Which post, I have an idea
I will upvote certain (newer) comments... see if my upvote theory sticks
12:18 AM
can I get two DVs on this?
bet you can guess for what hat.
12:34 AM
@David Sorry, I like that post to much to downvote. (plus I had already upvoted)
@WELZ good idea, check the upvote thing. I will do it to if the link it shared.
@Riker Please share the post with the comments.
Q: Are Hungarian and Turkish related?

RikerI was told by somebody who has lived near Hungary that she thought that Hungarian and Turkish were related, and that their languages are very similar. A brief google search seems to support this. However, that article does say that this grouping is "criticized by some contemporary linguists" and...

there should be 15 total there, I believe I've deleted 1-2
@EthanK figures. when there is a hat for getting 5 DVs, the hat list does no get DVed...
@David I hope you get the downvotes, though. (that sounds weird to say)
:) only in hat season.
@Riker Can you test the comments on the same tag in a certain amount of time they? You could do 14 on a random post that nobody cares about and then do one more on another.
That way you don't have to make lots and lots of comments in that short of time.
12:45 AM
thanks to who ever DVed. (that is an odd thing to say)
@David i gotchu
@EthanK I can do that but give me one of your posts you don't mind me testing it on
preferably on SO or something so I don't bump it needlessly
Okay @Riker, try it on this dead question: stackoverflow.com/questions/52807698/… (It's mine)
why'd bhargav lock it
Please do them on my dead answer.
the locked one?
dude did you try this already and get shut down by a mod
12:49 AM
I didn't see.
why did he lock it?
You could, um, answer my question.
cuz I'm like 99% certain spamming comments isn't a good idea mate
Delete after you try!
Then you are okay!
in a bit maybe
12:50 AM
Answer my question, comment quickly, delete before the mods come. Easy.
I think
dude I'm a mod too. i know how this responsibility thing works
I could do it.
I just forgot to delete it.
you can try, and you'll likely get in trouble
just wait and do it legitimately
Good point
is it that hard to find 15 [python] questions
12:53 AM
@Riker YES. People ask question that are really hard to have good discussions on because 50% are "why doesn't this work" questions, 25% are homework, and 20% are stupid and duplicates. The other 5% are okay sometimes.
80% come from 1 rep users that never come back to the site.
literally just leave comments telling them what's wrong
it doesn't need to be super helpful or answer the question but it can easily be somewhat useful
I do, but that is just one comment.
I get annoyed after 5.
which is worse
mildly annoyed or no hat
I already have waffles.
12:55 AM
@EthanK yah we get lots of why no worky Qs too. just comment saying something like "there is not enough information to answer" then CV as unclear.
I link to [help], [ask] or [mcve].
Which change to links on SO.
I know. I comment too.
I mean on PPCG we mostly just use Stack Overflow for off-topic questions because ya know something about not having a functioning tour
@Riker PPCG?
never mind
I remember
programing puzzles and code golf.
1:00 AM
Side Note: I am thinking about joining PPCG. Would you recommend it?
one of the 2 non-QA sites on SE i think
i mean yeah if your'e interested go for it
I am not sure when, but I will at some point.
It looks fun.
make it one of your brunhilde sites lmao
I am not going for that. I am only on SO and Meta SE.
I will join PPCG next, but probably after winter bash.
Then I would still need one more (I do have one hidden site I could use, but I don't want to use it, that is why it is hidden)
Challenge you to find the hidden site. :)
1:06 AM
maybe in a bit
I know that mods can see. Oh wait, you are a mod.
Why didn't I know that?
I feel like I knew that at one point but I forgot.
@EthanK I found it
ok I've left 16 comments in 15 minutes, all on [python] on SO
we'll see if I get waffles
yep I got it that's it
the question is how long is the time
1:12 AM
@Riker I was going to say that!
should I just edit the post right now to say within a short period of time (~1 UTC day?)
@Riker that seems fair, maybe even 12 hours though,
Now let's find the time.
Each try will be a day!
This will take some time, so we should start now.
somebody has to do that first lol
go try on another site maybe
leave comments and then make sure you leave the last one in 13 hours from now
if that doesn't work, cool, it's 12 hours (otherwise it's 24)
@Riker Good idea!
I sadly can't do that. (on my hidden site I could, but I don't know where bc of my little gaming knowledge)
@WELZ Thanks for the upvote, btw :)
1:17 AM
@EthanK you literally just outed your hidden site but ok
@EthanK wha—me? No
@Riker To 2 whole people??? Oh no! (and nobody will care)
To everyone in the room...
Fine, 7 people
I really don't care, though.
now, try and find my hidden site. :D
1:25 AM
I got the hint but just had to check.
do you have an account on every site?
Yes, but none of them are hidden...
wow. so you and Glorfindel. probably a few others.
@David Lots of others.
1:28 AM
PS I like your profile. Nice use of image links.
I just realized, I have over 10k rep on chat (network-wide), do I get any special privs?
@David feel free to copy it to your own profile if you'd like.
@WELZ 10k network wide?
I guess, my chat profile shows 10.2k
then yes you now can see flags.
nope, nothing. Maybe it counts my meta.se rep...?
1:31 AM
somebody flag that message there ^^ (I'm a mod so my flag would be treated differently.)
lol sorry
you posted between my messages
there you go.
please don't flag unnecessarily...
oh, cool
@WELZ better look quick, they get handled fast.
@ArtOfCode sorry, I asked then to. @WELZ is new to the chat mod privilege.
1:33 AM
@ArtOfCode Sorry, a mod told me to do it.
@David MSE has screenshots, IIRC :)
"mod told me to do it." lol
@ArtOfCode yah but that's so 2017
1:34 AM
@Uranium what is your chat profile "about" field about?
It's about ME, I'm a celebrity!
I know y'all want everyone to come and hang out in here but I don't know that flags send the right signal... ;)
And another mod enters...
1:49 AM
Mod... Bah.
... Mods are great and wonderful people.
Then what does "♦" mean?
Me, not so much. ;)
2:01 AM
@Catija by the way, does it violate the CM Code™ to tell us how long the time period for waffles is? now that we've established the main criteria
@Catija Please... I don't want to test this!
don't need to ping her again :p
she'll either respond or not
@Riker Good point, I just thought I would add it anyway.
@Riker dunno... sort of irrelevant, since the main criteria is still wrong.
oh dang ok thanks though
@Catija I assume you've seen the updated version of "on the same tag" (vs same post?)
2:11 AM
Yes, it works... but I'll bet you that y'all can find someone who has it without meeting it.
@Riker yep.
hm ok thanks
Great! We are wrong again!
showerthought: 15 comments in a certain amount of time, no tag requirement?
alternatively, something something "first 12 hours of the utc day" (cuz breakfast?)
@Riker Good idea for the first, not so sure about the second. (because somebody pointed out that a waffler is someone who talks a lot)
oh is it ok that makes more sense
2:13 AM
Can anybody try @Riker's first idea? I am all out of waffles...
2:58 AM
ever happen to anyone else? diy.stackexchange.com/q/153062/94494
@Riker now that sound more like it. 15 comments by X o'clock
hooray (in kind of a sarcastic voice) my knitting answer passed all of my most UVed answers on BSE. voting...
2 hours later…
5:12 AM
I just got Cleanup duty on Movies&TV and I didn't retag today.
I improved title and body.
Question I edited got an upvote a 15 minutes ago.
If that helps
Theory could be "Improve the title of the question and the question should be upvoted after your edit"
5:35 AM
There should be a feature to wear multiple hats at a time. We can see both Ben and Gus wearing hats.
@Rob Yes.
I added a new angle so that Catija can put some more interest in implementing that ;)
It makes sense to be able to combine non-hats with actual hats.
6:21 AM
how did i get the secret hat?
@NogShine Ha. Seems that the triviality of being able to screenshot yourself with one hat and add a new one makes it unlikely that they'll make that possible.
1 hour later…
7:31 AM
Q: Why not wear several hats at once on winter bash?

GrundyI found old question How about multiple hats? that was status-declined But possibly 6 years later something changed? Wearing a several hats at once can make winter bash even more fun.

7:48 AM
@NogShine you can if you know how to take screenshot ;)
8:28 AM
@Catija little problem: actual hats can go outside the bounds of the avatar picture. The avatar picture cannot go outside its own bounds (that would be an interesting philosophical question though) .
btw, I hope the trigger for the gingerbread hat isn't the one Catija had in mind.
I think it's similar.
@Mithrandir I don't even have six sites.
Good thing that it's only three, then
Yep! Sharepoint. 200 rep on Sharepoint. Is that a yearly requirement?
9:17 AM
@AnkitSharma Yes, I know. I was just joking.
earned it's ain't being cheesy hat!!!
I wonder if there's a winter solstice hat this year. We'll know soon.
10:04 AM
Morning everyone.
What are the requirements for Brunhilde?
Does 150 in 3 sites mean 150 in each one of the sites?
The wording is ... bad.
And what's the theory on Waffles?
15 comments in a short period of time (1 day?) possibly all in posts having a common tag
I got it by posting comments under winterbash tag. All within 2 hours. Same question and its answers.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ just go commenting on the replies of either the Time swag contest or the Knitting show-off posts on the main meta site.
Got mine by commenting on the various knitting patterns.
10:20 AM
@Feeds TF2 might have something to say about that :)
10:32 AM
Hmm, so what's all this about waffles?
@Derpy OK, but I don't want it on Meta ;)
10:53 AM
#Waffles: Obviously 15 comments on one question (comments may be deleted) are clearly a necessary condition. The other ingredient is probably that you also have a post (either question or answer) in that question. Probably this post also needs some positive score.
11:05 AM
Q: This years Winter Bash is super hard

juergen dI always look forward to Winter Bash. This year it feels really hard to get any hats. And because of this I kind of quit giving it much thought after a few days. That's a shame because it takes a lot of times to come up with all that stuff for us! Is it just me or are Winter Bash hats too hard...

11:26 AM
@jknappen @NogShine @Eran thnx
11:50 AM
@Eran No December 21st hat this year, it seems ...
@jknappen no post needed, I checked it with my sockpuppet.
@Glorfindel I guess not. I won't miss those hats that just require voting (or even just visiting) on a specific date. They were getting old.
me neither
12:20 PM
Why I didn't got Silencium
@Eran There's still Glasses With A Number On Top
@AnkitSharma Link?
This one still has a couple hours until a week has past
2 hours and 11 minutes to be precise
Q: Does anything suggest Ben 10 (2016) is part of the Ben 10 multiverse?

Ankit SharmaIn Ben 10 we got to know there are multiple universes with multiple iterations of Ben 10 and even multiple future timelines too. That made me wonder, is even Ben 10 (2016) part of that multiverse? Is there any in or out of universe confirmation about it?

@AnkitSharma Yep that's the one I linked. Still a couple hours left
I though 24 hours * 7
Yes. You posted at 14:34 GMT
It's currently 12:25 GMT
12:26 PM
trying to find a reply now
12:55 PM
@Glorfindel but it isn't the 21st yet.... 😕
not here, but it is in the UTC+14 timezone ...
@WELZ Generally you can get it awarded for 48 hours - 12 hours either side of 21st UTC
1 hour later…
2:19 PM
@Glorfindel that is exactly what I came to check. hmm.
@jknappen I know exactly how I got waffles. I posted an answer to a question, quickly posted 15 comments on it. The answer never got any upvotes.
2:43 PM
Q: Are there new hats to be revealed during this Winter Bash?

jknappenAre there new hats to be revealed during this Winter Bash? I remember that this was done in some earlier Winter Bash. This Winter Bash already feels a bit exhausted: all accessible hats are collected, and only extraordinary activity or extraordinary luck will bring in some more of them. Some new ...

3:08 PM
@Eran WE DID IT! The meta question got to +3 and we got RedBaron! :D
@Dylan congrats! I actually need +4, since I upvoted the question.
oh crap.
wait.. I didnt upvote it..
evil smile
@Eran mwahahaha
@Dylan cool :)
@AnkitSharma You have the hat now!
3:24 PM
I could use one more vote.... just one more.. meta.stackexchange.com/a/320183/437604
God bless you
Yw - it's good enough an answer to merit it :)
Since it's begging season, I need one more here :)
It doesn't give me reputation, I already repcapped today :P
thanks :)
4:15 PM
How long does its a me take?
I believe I just deleted my 6th comment.
2 hours later…
6:10 PM
Any progress of Clean up duty?
Two more users got the hat on Hinduism.
Either of those low activity?
Yes. A 200 rep user who suggested edits.
7 suggested edits during Winterbash. 1 rejected.
Mine were also all suggested edits (on meta)
A user got it on both SO and dba.se
Lots of comments and revisions.
So, try this guys and gals. "Edit a question with zero score and the question should get reach positive score (without counting your vote)"
I got this for a 0 score question on Movies
6:24 PM
If someone upvotes this one, we'll see: dba.stackexchange.com/questions/225391/…
It has only 1 upvote, mine, and I edited it hours ago.
I think closed questions don't count.
It didn't count for my Topbar hat
@yper-crazyhat-cubeᵀᴹ You don't have that hat? Have a look on new questions.
Does the question have reopen votes on it?
There is another user who got this hat by editing their own posts. Some are tag edits.
6:59 PM
I just got it on meta and I haven't done much there...
so is it something with 7?
New theory - 3 edits that get upvotes that aren't yours?
just knitted my favorite hat: ruber ducky with waffles meta.stackexchange.com/a/320629/251777
7:20 PM
Right ok. I did a spot of serial voting
I upvoted three of the questions @yper-crazyhat-cubeᵀᴹ had edited, and low and behold they now have clean up
So latest theory for cleanup - Edit 3 questions (that aren't yours) that later get upvoted by another user
I'm willing to do a bit of voting if anyone else wishes to try and get it - just ping me
@WELZ you're usually up for this kinda thing
@CalvT So the count is 3 posts? All the 3 should be upvoted?
53 mins ago, by Nog Shine
There is another user who got this hat by editing their own posts. Some are tag edits.
How do you explain this?
Have a link to the user?
Checking their all revisions. Give me a sec.
2 edits during winterbash which are not theirs.
Ok I'm stumped again
Damn thought I'd got it then
Maybe it does include your own posts, but that does seem a little strange
7:36 PM
I don't know when this user is awarded Cleanup duty hat. I am the first one on the site to earn that.
There are 3 or 4 others who earned that hat.
I've got it two days ago, more or less, but I don't remember what was doing. Maybe rejecting some pending edits?
@McNets No it's not that. I can't review on meta.se and I have the hat
@CalvT Did you answer any question on meta? I posted an answer on dba meta
@McNets Only the sandbox
Which generally doesn't count
@CalvT what shall I do?
7:51 PM
@WELZ You got links to three recent edits on gd.se?
Edits of yours
@CalvT If you have a look at my history on Votes cast, I remember to get it just after this downvote dba.stackexchange.com/questions/225350/…
Or make some edits if you'd prefer
@McNets I don't do downvotes generally so :D
Also it's a slow hat - discard anything in the 30 minutes before it was awarded
Just got Eliza Doolots on 4 sites.
7:55 PM
@CalvT Mostly reviews
Definitely didn't reach 1200 on any of them.
@CalvT not my own posts, correct?
most recent is 2d ago... -_-
(Thank goodness, that means I don't have to grind out 1200 rep on SO anymore)
@CalvT yes
8:01 PM
@WELZ Are there any in that 9 you did not upvote?
> 🙊
I edited them, I usually upvote content I fix.
That's fine, just if you upvoted the lot it helps me :D
If you didn't, then that's where my theory fall flat
I voted for 8/9
Cool, so in theory you just need one more vote
Ping me if you get clean up in the next 30 minutes
I didn't make 9 edits on meta though.
I only made 5
And I got it.
8:04 PM
No - it's just those are the nine posts you edited that only got 1 vote after
Which was probably yours, but I had no way of finding out
Except asking you
@CalvT Thnx. Not sure if 3 votes were needed but it worked!
8:26 PM
@CalvT Nothing.
@Eran Congrats on Red Baron! Looks like that Red Baron candidate worked!
I still need to get my answer to 5 though :( meta.stackexchange.com/questions/320012/…
@Panda It did! Your great edit of the question really helped. Thanks! I hope you manage to get to 5 (you already got my upvote)
@Eran Haha thanks!
I think that's the best way of tackling this recurring hat - group effort. It's much harder to get it completely on your own.
Yep, Red Baron’s the hardest each year, you’d just need some luck sometimes
@chat Just stating a fact that I need 2 more votes here – meta.stackexchange.com/questions/320012/… :P
2 hours later…
10:14 PM
@AlexanderO'Mara - There's your 5th vote: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/320012/…
10:58 PM
21 hours ago, by Riker
showerthought: 15 comments in a certain amount of time, no tag requirement?
What do you think about this?
Has anybody tested the "15 comments", "no tag requirement" part by commenting 15 times in a very short time to test the first bit?
11:27 PM
I've seen a few waffle hats. has anyone confirmed its 15 comments? other caveats? on same question? in a day? what else?
Yes, it is 15 comments. Just not sure where.
We know that on the same exact answer or question works.
We know that the same exact question and/or it's answers works.
We know that one the same tag works.
We know that it is broader than the last suggestion because a SO employee said so.
@kcw78 definitely less than or equal to a day
But we don't know the time frame or what exactly you have to do to get it.
2 days is a no-go for sure (even on the same post)
it's either 24 or 12 hours I believe
Ah, thanks...15 comments on the same tag should be 'relatively' simple, right?
11:30 PM
@Riker Oh right!
yea just do them quickly
you can do it on SO in like 15 minutes if you just pick like [python] and sort by new
@Riker, yes exactly :)
@EthanK *SE but yea
@kcw78 also, if you can please test without the same tag
would be useful to see if that works
(maybe do 14 and 1 and then wait 20 minutes?)
We need to test time (do 13 hours on the last one and see if you get waffles) and if it is just any comments (do it in 5 minutes and see)
the other theory was related to "comment in the early morning" (waffles == breakfast)
11:32 PM
@Riker But a waffler is someone who talks a lot.
yes but I mean you can have 2 things that fit the name
you mean just 15, but different tags? thats harder, cuz I can only intelligently comment on [python] and a few related tags [numpy]
@Riker But it seems so perfect.
@kcw78 do 14 on python and just 1 somewhere else
maybe a comment on formatting
@kcw78 I feel your pain. @Riker good fix idea!
11:33 PM
but yeah I get it
gotcha; like the waffles in the morning idea (GMT I assume?)
So @kcw78 will test if different tags is good.
Will you, @kcw78?
@Riker They both work... technically, I work for SO the company.
I will a little later and report. In fact, it will probably be early in the morning GMT
@Catija should know, she created the Eliza Doolots hat :)
I think what @Catija is saying is that the trigger will work in the morning. (and other times as well) Am I correct?
11:35 PM
Then I am not correct then?
I'm talking about the linked comment... correcting SE to SO...
Forget it.
BTW, where do I request a different size Top hat? Mine is too big; sits on my nose.
Select "show controls", and shrink it.
11:38 PM
seriously? I was j/k Thanks!
Gus is a ninja.
@Catija oh really? huh, TIL
Yeah, it creates a decent amount of confusion.
@NogShine false, didn't edit titles I don't think (linguistics)
both are valid legal names for the company AFAIK
11:46 PM
IIRC, the actual name is Stack Exchange, Inc. still, but DBA Stack Overflow
11:59 PM
If you ask who we work for, we work for Stack Overflow. This is why there's occasionally confusion... for example, we sent out a survey that was designed for mods and we referred to the mods as Stack Overflow Moderators... but we meant all 577-ish of the network mods, not only the 26 SO mods.

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