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12:27 AM
What was this for?
I'm just reading on it now and at least saw to come here first
12:42 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer you got the rubber ducky, now you've got seven hats.
Still any clues about Clean-up Duty hat?
I am gonna ask later a question, gonna try to get Sun wukong hat.
Maybe ya can help :-)
3 hours later…
3:17 AM
good morning
I’ve gotten clean-up on both SO, Meta.SE a few hours ago and I’ve edited often these 2 days
@MatthieuBrucher I think editing tags’ for clean-up duty, we still have no idea what’s the trigger for Waffles
4:00 AM
@Panda any clue how many tag edits may be required?
4:18 AM
@Riker apparently 3 tags; another theory could be "Edit at least 3 times for 2 days"
It's possible that the script that awards the hat only runs 2-3 times per day, so there's a huge delay (I got the hat on both Meta.SE & SO seemingly together)
5:15 AM
@Panda congrats for the cleanup. Perhaps my suggestion did work after all. It's hard to know for sure with these large delays
@Eran Thanks for the suggestions! But the funny thing is that I also got it on SO where I didn't edit any questions with my answer
@Eran So my current guess is still "Edit at least 3 times for 2 days" since it fits my actions on both SO and Meta.SE
5:30 AM
Q: Are hats different every Winter Bash?

Ver NickLooking through a site with all competitions ever held, I noticed that every year, hats are different. Is there any basic hats that don't change? I just wanted to write how to earn every hat, but now I hesitate.

5:45 AM
Q: How do I return to the original image?

Ver NickBefore clicking button "Done", I had this image before starting to knit. Now I can't, because I have an old image placed. Can I return to this original image? Image used from here.

1 hour later…
7:14 AM
Hello guys, i ask this question on MSO meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/377905/…
@U9-Forward The people in this room are the ones creating the content on the MSE post you link to in your question on MSO... if the MSE question doesn't say how to get it, the people in here don't know.
... excluding me... but that's because I work here and I know all.
@Catija Okay, let me do that then, sorry :-)
I don't think you have anything to apologize for. :D Part of the fun of Winter Bash is figuring out how to get the secret hats. :)
@Catija Amm... where can i post this other than here?
@U9-Forward Wait... are you asking people to vote for you so that you can get a hat? Please don't do that.
7:28 AM
@U9-Forward One of the theories now is to "Edit at least 3 times for 2 days"
but it's not proven yet
you can try it if you want
@Panda Let me try...
@Panda Just note that i should get that hat already then, because look at this: stackoverflow.com/users/8708364/…
Q: Is there any way to see total hat count?

ShreeI've earned the same hat on multiple SE sited but I am unable to find any way to see total count of hats I've gotten ? Is there any way to see total count of hats I have got ?

@U9-Forward Ah, then you can try "edit tags at least 3 times for 2 days"
it's not proven either
> edit 5 questions in which you have an upvoted answer. There are badges with similar criteria. Not sure if the answers must be posted during WB or not.
@Panda Okay, then i'll try your theory, i tried Eran's which had failed.
@U9-Forward Sure, update this chat when you get it :)
7:34 AM
@Panda Okay.
8:06 AM
@Panda Can you explain what you mean by edit? I edit questions every day (pretty much) and certainly at least 3 times over last 3 days. No badge.
@QHarr Do you also edit tag? And old questions? You should try that
Yeah I did. I do have a habit of adding useful tags rathering than removing tags though.
I'm not sure I remove tag either so that probably isn't what's important
Maybe vote on the questions you edit?
Is that what you did?
For some of them, I had upvote the question, for others I had upvote an answer and for other, I did nothing more than editing
8:12 AM
@QHarr ah then I’ve no idea, I’ve gotten clean-up on 2 sites that I added tags for 2 consecutive days
8:42 AM
@Panda thanks
9:02 AM
@Glorfindel WOW congrats on the rubber duckies! ;-)
9:50 AM
Another hypothesis on waffles: Can it be something on a certain time (like 8 o'clock somewhere on earth)? Such triggers were here before, and they are hard to guess.
I've tried asking on the hour, no hat... unless it took a really long time
10:12 AM
I almost got James Bond until the OP thanked me for my answer 🤦‍♂️
@Panda I hate it when that happens. Last year I couldn't get that hat (even though I was sure it was easier than some other hats I managed to get).
@Eran Yea, it’s even more frustrating when the comments were really unnecessary :(
@Panda do you have any other answers close to +7 without comments?
@Eran They have to be answered during WB right?
I don’t think I have any at the moment that’s answered during WB :(
My only candidate is at 2... :(
10:21 AM
My new one is at 0 ...
I remember seeing someone adding "Please try not to comment on this question or answer." a few years ago
It's actual rather difficult to get
@Panda yes, they should be answered during WB
@Eran ah sadly nope; they all have comments
10:25 AM
My strategy was to answer as many questions as possible (was also a useful strategy for the 5 accepted answers hat)
And I got some help with the 7th vote :)
@Eran I'm planning to try it out on Monday, weekends seem to be rather quiet
10:42 AM
Anyone knows if Necromancer works with self-answer to an old question?
@Panda it works - I have at least one Necromancer for a self answer on SO.
Could the waffles hat be related to flag retraction?
@Eran great, thanks!
@Zoe I've retracted close votes recently and didn't get it
I mean specifically flags though
Not close or delete votes
@Zoe Let me try that
10:57 AM
I suggest trying old hat triggers for waffles and cleanup. Some that might work: 1. "6 posts are edited by the owner after you commented on them" 2. "Edit or suggest an edit to 5 posts in a single UTC day, without commenting on the post". Of course, the triggers might be slightly different this time.
I think 2. "Edit or suggest an edit to 5 posts in a single UTC day, without commenting on the post" is ruled out
I've edited tons of posts without commenting these few days
11:10 AM
Since this question - meta.stackexchange.com/questions/320012/… - is down to -4 again, everyone who hasn't tried already is welcome to post an answer, and we might get Red Baron from it eventually.
@Eran eventually; it's a fair question honestly but it just keeps on getting downvoted
@Panda last year there was a similar situation with the "show off your hats" question, which initially got negative score, but eventually turned positive. There's plenty of time
11:26 AM
I see
I earned a gold badge for Reopen review queue and a gold [php] badge but didn't get any hats as a result. Does that seem crazy to anyone else?
@mickmackusa there used to be a gold badge hat every Winterbash, but they canceled it this year.
But there is a silver one?
11:42 AM
I'm one vote short for Freehand Circle! Can I ask for help!?
ask for help, no, state the fact, yes... ;-)
Okay.. cool! :D BTW Someone already helped, Thanks to that Unsung Hero!
uh... how are you sure the voter is an unsung hero? .oO( coder-croc is big-time stalker )
12:47 PM
Does anyone have winter duty?
What do you mean by "winter duty"?
Random guess: secret hat?
2 hours later…
2:39 PM
Yay, I finally succeeded in getting James Bond
There seem to be much fewer hats this year that are easy to get. The Top(bar) hat still is easy, but still.
We used to have a lot of hats for just logging in or voting on a particular day.
I guess those could still exist as secret hats... is there any secret hat that nobody's got yet?
@b_jonas I think we've already found most (if not all) of the secret hats, the remaining ones are probably the easy ones like "vote/post on someday"
I am quite sure that Clean-up Duty is to do with editing
There's got to be some criteria while editing
2:54 PM
@Panda Yeah. The one for getting starred in chat on New Year's Day is not secret.
@b_jonas Yep, I meant there's probably more secret hats for actions such as "vote/post on someday"
@Panda Yes, there might be.
Any theory for the waffles, yet?
3:15 PM
Waffles is probably "for 6 separate questions or answers, post gets edited by owner after you comment on it"
got this nice roll of toilet paper.
alas I didn't quite see when it appeared...
@AnttiHaapala Congrats!
is it possible to see the timestamp somehow somewhere?
@AnttiHaapala Unfortunately, nope
@Glorfindel LOL, that is awesome. And since you have an account on all the sites, and with there being so many free hats.... You're going to have a lot. :)
3:21 PM
@Panda I will have it soon then, I tend to ask for improvement a lot (but we don't have this much activity on IPS anymore, unfortunately)
@Noon Yep :)
I actually think Waffles is "for 6 separate questions or answers, post gets edited by owner after you comment on it"
This user has around 4 posts edited after he commented, excluding deleted ones
cleanup duty could have something to do with retagging. But my last retagging was 9 hours ago and I noticed the new hat only now..
@AnttiHaapala Yep, the hat script takes quite long to run for this hat; it's could be retag 2 days in a row
I've also done lots of cvs, hammers and delvs, so...
4 hours later…
7:24 PM
Got cleanup duty today and today I haven't yet done much. Most remarkable is that I improved an answer twice due to comments by another user.
7:39 PM
Ah, and one answer (that I edited) got really many votes and a nice answer badge on the way
Still no waffles ...
Q: Is there a query that returns answers one vote away from the Pizza hat

jknappenI want to identify answers that are just one vote away from the Pizza Hat (was Extra Toppings last year). Searching for "pizza" or "toppings" on SEDE did not reveal a suitable query. How to query for that trigger?

8:22 PM
@Glorfindel you would know... how can I search for posts on a site with only 1 (specific) tag?
I tried [tag] -[123] -[foo] -[bar] etc. But there's a limit and it's so time consuming.
There's probably a SEDE query for this, but (for me) it's easier to write than to search for.
BRB ...
What can I add to see votes as well?
see the update :)
@Glorfindel Thanks!!
You're welcome, just let us know when you find out a secret hat trigger :P
8:50 PM
brunhilde is 150 per right?
Do you then earn it on all 3 sites?
Q: Can I see a profile image behind the hat?

Ver NickFor example, I found this profile, where the person is covered with a hat all over his avatar. Can I somehow see the real image behind?

9:41 PM
Here's a list I compiled of all the current (known) secret hats, with links to their SVG and the "Hat ID".
Maybe someone can see a pattern in the hat ID...
10:18 PM
hypothesis: cleanup duty might be for editing a post and then somebody deleting a comment?
might be opposite of waffles or similar
10:31 PM
Pretty sure cleanup duty has something to do with editing (other people's?) questions (and maybe answers).
I edited around 6-7 questions (all tag edits, mostly pretty old ones), no hat
somebody got it after editing answers
I'm not sure what the specifications are though, "clean-up" implies maybe something is removed?

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