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12:25 AM
Q: What issue of X-Force Did Toad slime Siryn?

Gothamite24I was looking on Quora a few days ago and saw that apparently during the first few issues of X-Force, the writers decided to give Toad the ability to secrete slime from his hands and he used this on Siryn to try and prevent her from using her powers. I tried looking up the encounter, but was unab...

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1:56 AM
Q: Why did not the Earth forces stop the decepticons?

riccs_0xIn the 2007 movie transformers, Agent Seymour Simmons shows a device that extracts the energy/radiation form the spark, effectively turning a phone into a "nasty" (decepticon?). If the spark energy can be understanded, thus this can lead to the knowledge of alien...

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3:13 AM
Q: What symptoms on Langara are Jonas referring to?

OmegacronIn S06E13, upon returning from a mission with an alien device, Jonas Quinn sees an alien creature that no one else can see. When the entire team is ordered to take some down-time, they discuss the situation and Jonas says the following: JONAS: You think I'm having symptoms related to my prior...

3:28 AM
Q: Book about old man storing magical power into plates

user108085The book is about two beings fighting back and forth called Preservation and Ruin but preservation ends up being called the mist and I also remember there being an old guy who studied numerous religions and stored all his magical power into plates he could tap into and release it.

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@SmokeDetector You're faster than the SmokeDetector in the Meta chat room by a god five minutes.
2 hours later…
6:34 AM
@Alex Since the Tavern has an intentional delay...
6:47 AM
@Mithrandir why?
7:34 AM
@Jenayah To avoid flooding the Tavern with reports.
The Tavern gets Smokey reports for posts that are not on SO and that haven't been deleted after five minutes.
They're like backup for Charcoal HQ :P
7:48 AM
Ah, seems legit
8:18 AM
@Jenayah I've added another answer.
@Mithrandir I know you're among the younger users here, but playing with blocks, really? That's just pushing it.
Also, that is a block clock.
@Jenayah if you pause a YouTube video, you can go frame by frame by using , and . — a trick I learned recently.
@SQB still his answer doing way better then mine
My primary plan was better but got lack of supplies, time and mood
8:36 AM
@SQB ;)
Never too old for blocks.
@SQB will try!
@NapoleonWilson Agreed on that dwarves question. It's a great example of the type of question which was discussed in general on meta with no clear consensus, but which some of the most active users don't like.
And a great example of a question answerable using general SF/F subject expertise rather than expertise in one single franchise.
@Randal'Thor for what its' worth, I've voted to reopen.
It's the kind of question we should be able to answer.
@SQB could probably replace races by dwarves tag
For instance by noting that in the Edda and other Norse mythology, dwarves were already depicted as blacksmiths.
@Jenayah done.
It's almost by definition, actually. Are they short and stout (but not a teapot), and mechanically inclined? Then they're dwarves.
8:53 AM
Needs the tag.
Ah, you did that too.
Are they otherwise smaller than humans, but much smaller, or not as stout, or totally not mechanically adept? Then they're not dwarves.
Heh, Notable Question badge for a closed question with a score of 1.
9:12 AM
> Thanks in advance for any answers!
Ow, that's cute... :P
@Jenayah I've long stopped putting that in my posts, but I still hold that there's nothing wrong with it if someone else does.
VTDed some questions by the way scifi.stackexchange.com/tools
9:26 AM
It's not too dissimilar to the famous pointy hat question.
(Unless you tell me that's been killed already, too.)
Pointy hat question?
Ah, found it.
> I put on my robe and wizard pointy hat.
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10:38 AM
And... another toad slime question today
Wouldn't be surprised if it was to make a point. ;-)
No, you think?
@Randal'Thor For some of those questions that ask about the origin of fantasy tropes across universe, like the pointy hat and the dwarf one, if they're good questions but remain closed here because of off-topic, we should consider migrating them to Mythology or Literature.
I mean scifi.stackexchange.com/q/200191/4918 "Why are Dwarfs almost always technologically advanced compared to other races?"
@SQB No no. In some universes, gnomes are also short and stout and technological.
@b_jonas I think gnomes are typically shorter than dwarves and not as stout.
@b_jonas That's...because they're...dwarves. ;-)
But I'm no expert on the gnome genome either.
10:51 AM
Q: How did Professor Snape stop himself from becoming an obscurus

Harry Potter The boy who livedQuote from Pottermore "Tobias had a very poor relationship with both his wife and his son; when Severus was younger, Tobias frequently shouted at and hit Eileen whilst Severus crouched in a corner, crying. The memory of watching his parents fighting would haunt Severus even into adulthood, as wi...

11:38 AM
@SQB Dunno. In OOTS giantitp.com/comics/oots0982.html , here are some gnome priests in pointy hats and a vampire dwarf, and the dwarf is stouter. M:tG gnomes are mostly artifacts representing mechanical gnomes from somewhere in the Weatherlight story, and they're strange: scryfall.com/…
@SQB OTOH, the nomes in L. Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz are basically dwarves, I think, underground miners.
@b_jonas I'm not familiar with that work, unfortunately.
@b_jonas very tempting! But I'm at work at the moment.
The Emerald City of Oz may be a better source (althoguh the Oz books always contradict each other, and it's hard to think of them as a single canon) "https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Emerald_City_of_Oz"
I don't think the Oz books has dwarves or goblins. It's old, so it doesn't try to follow the Lord of the Rings and D&D tropes. It has munchkins and nomes.
12:03 PM
So what's the difference between influence and inspiration?
@NapoleonWilson Your wit is on fine form today.
@Alex You need to get yourself one of these:
12:22 PM
Q: Who first used sentient felines in science fiction?

AshI've been getting into Wing Commander again lately and reading Niven's Known Universe, and Andre Norton is a life long favourite. All of these have something in common, they all have an intelligent, spacefaring race, or races, that are described as "catlike" or even specifically feline in nature....

12:53 PM
Q: Childrens Fantasy Book - crumbled future boy sent in search of petrol for the king

Benjamin RomboughBit of a random one. I am trying to remember for years now the title of a book that I read some 15-20 years ago. So it's a british book would have been published mid 80's-90's and was beautifully illustrated. The synopsis that I can remember is as follows. Apologies if this is a bit rambling...

1:14 PM
@Marvin Oh, the books that are revealed to me... requested a copy from the library.
@FuzzyBoots Fuzzy, do you even sleep sometimes? :P
1:41 PM
Only between blinks. :-D
@SQB gorge... where's Blake dammit?!
@Jenayah temporarily a cat?
Q: Is Bombadil a maiar like Gandalf?

the-profile-that-was-promisedIn Lord of the Rings the Return of the King at the way to returning to Shire Gandalf tells the hobbits that But if you would know, I am turning aside soon. I am going to have a long talk with Bombadil: such a talk as I have not in all my time. He is a moss gatherer, and I have been a stone do...

Q: Regarding the ending of asimov's the second foundation

josinalvoAt the end of the last book of the foundation trilogy, we discover This is said to be "stars end" Was there any previous mention of the place in a way that associated it with "stars end"? Or was the mention only in the end of the third book?

Q: Who or what was Tom Bombadil?

morganpdxThe most iconic of Middle-earth questions: Who or what was Tom Bombadil? Was he an elf? Was he akin to Gandalf, and one of the wizardly stock? Was he something… else?

2:26 PM
Q: Did Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak have a past relationship?

Mason WheelerIn Part 2 of Elseworlds, when Felicity finds out that Barry and Oliver have switched bodies, she says "it's not every day you find out your husband is your ex and vice-versa." This implies that Barry Allen is her "ex." But... when did that happen? The only thing I can recall that even comes cl...

2:41 PM
Q: Why do the mutant children need to reach Canada in Logan?

Prakhar MishraIn the movie Logan, in the end Logan dies and the mutant children cross the border into Canada. My question is why do they need to reach the said place. What makes sure they won't be hunted by that organisation there?

2:56 PM
@SQB meh
3:27 PM
Q: Trying to think of a novel I read in the mid 80s set in a dystopian future

Liv SymonsA novel set in a future where the society lived in a closed maybe underground community where they were all telepathic. Punishment was to be cut off from other people’s thoughts. The main character was a teenage girl who rebelled against her controlled society and was punished as above but event...

Q: Alien girl gets sustenance from photosynthesis

Web HeadThis is a short story I read in the 1st grade, some 20+ years ago, that was included in our reading textbook. What I remember is that the girl in the story was new to the area, possibly a Mars or Moon colony, and she was different than many of the students. For one, I believe she was green. She ...

@Zaphod ?
3:44 PM
@Marvin sounds familiar. Not the story, but the question.
Q: What are the names of all the sci-fi vessels in this artwork?

Rogue Jedi This artwork is described as featuring "over 120 locations, vessels, and characters." The locations are labeled and there are only a few characters, so that leaves the vessels. Many I recognize (see below), however, there are many that I don't recognize. So I ask for you guys' help. Vessels ...

@Randal'Thor I want one! Assuming it's customizable to other things in addition to British English.
You just need some proficiency with the f12 key.
Something which I lack.
Or, I mean, you could try summoning @Riker and yelling at him for abandoning the floofs and then ask him to recreate his feat...
3:56 PM
@Jenayah I would say that "influence" is a stronger form, it's probably more direct and specific, and it can be good or bad. "Inspiration" is a weaker form, it's probably less direct and more general, and would nor really be used for something bad.
@Mithrandir Or I could just wallow in jealousy.
You could. Problem is, I just summoned the laser-eyed cat.
4:14 PM
Q: Did the writers of Tarzan ever state Jungle Book as inspiration

Richard CDid the Writers of the original version of Tarzan ever say if they where inspired by Kipling's Jungle Book? While there are a number of differences between the 2 the main story, boy raised by animals in a jungle, learns to communicate with these animals and serves as there protector, is remarka...

he did so badly at Summoning Charms in Professor Flitwick's class that he was given extra homework
4:36 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
While you're around...
17 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Donald.McLean care to write a tag excerpt for sometime?
Working on it
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
Q: Did Zabulon really love Alisa (Day Watch novel)?

TGarIn the Day Watch novel by Sergei Lukyanenko and Vladimir Vasilyev, at the end of Vitaly Rogoza part, we discover that Was his previously stated love real? Was he just using Alisa for the whole time?

6:25 PM
> A deep sense of emotional attachment to another person.
Someone really needed those +2 suggested edit rep.
Well it did get a reject vote for being too minor.
There is an actual reject reason for "doesn't contain usage guidance", though.
I tend to think that usage guidance is usually implicit in a definition.
As in this case, right? ;-)
Well, when I write excerpts I don't usually write ones for terms that are generally self-explanatory.
6:34 PM
Q: How would Doc contact Marty if one of his ancestors were to die?

bartcnI’m doing a personal project where I’m writing a script for a Back to the Future IV. Basically, William McFly is killed by future Biff (2015) and Doc goes to 1986 to retrieve Marty and take him back in time. I made Marty be fading out when Doc got to 1986, but now that I think about it I’m not su...

@NapoleonWilson Reminds me of Klaus Wennemann in Das Boot.
What's the difference between o_O and O_o ?
Wh... why do we have a tag?
6:45 PM
I doubt there is any, but it helps for variation.
@Mithrandir Well a lot of answers need it.
Hey, questions need love, too!
Sep 12 at 19:24, by Jenayah
c'mon that answer needs love :p
7:02 PM
Shouldn't this question:
Q: HP and Goblet of Fire: why didn't Harry use the Summoning Charm for exceptionally significant matters?

InvokerMoody was the one who gave Harry the idea of using the wand and summoning charm for the Firebolt to come right after him. Then, Hermione and Harry tried practicing the charm as much as possible for Harry to be prepared for the first task, The Hungarian Horntail and the Golden Egg. There was a p...

Be a duplicate rather than Primarily Opinion Based, as both questions in the post were asked as separate questions and have answers:
Q: Why didn't Harry use the Summoning Charm to retrieve the Marauders' Map in GoF?

PG_SeekerIn my humble opinion, the turning point in Goblet of Fire, or maybe the whole of the Potter series, was when: Harry was wandering around in Hogwarts in the middle of night with the Marauder's Map Impostor Moody/Barty Crouch Jr searching Snape's office for Polyjuice Potion's ingredients Harry ...

Q: Why didn't anybody Summon the Triwizard cup in the maze?

MithrandirWe know that the Triwizard cup itself was Summonable. After all, Harry did Summon it in the graveyard. So why didn't any of the contestants Summon it while in the maze? Canonical answers, please.

Q: Movie with skydivers including female character

ProgrammerI have this faint memory from my childhood about watching a movie that had skydivers in it, or at least one specific "skydiving" scene. In the scene, there is a female who needs to parachute from one aircraft to another. The aircraft are either planes or airships. I remember the issue being low v...

@Jenayah Someone appears to be confused about the title.
@Alex uh, in hindsight I fetched the first YouTube result but it's not the original is it
Otherwise yep, dupey
Hmm, I rather tought of Foreigner, given that whoever edited that excerpt thought people would genuinely not know what love is.
Is it possible to undecline a declined flag?
7:15 PM
Not unless it's a red flag.
Spam and R/A flags on posts can be disputed after they've been handled. That's it.
I have a declined flag where the reason for the declination is no longer applicable.
@Alex Then flag again.
If you're sure the conditions changed that is.
Not much you can do about that...
@b_jonas The issue has long since been resolved, so no need for that.
@Alex what's the story?
7:19 PM
@Jenayah Relates to the JMHPRW (hope I got that right).
Basically, it was declined due to Meta consensus, but then the consensus changed.
You might just have to live with the eternal stigma of a declined flag.
@NapoleonWilson It doesn’t actually bother me. I’m just curious.
@Alex Only JHWH might be able to undecline it.
Who’s that?
Who threw that stone?
7:28 PM
Which stone?
Hmpf, apparently in English it doesn't work that well anyway.
@Alex Just Magical Harry Potter Raptor War?
Oh, was that a reference to God?
@Mithrandir You're guess last time was better.
Oct 9 at 19:47, by Mithrandir
@Alex Jell-O Monstrosity Hard-Pressed to Relax Well
It was supposed to be, but it failed since in English it's apparently wirtten with a Y (and in Latin with an I?), which makes the wordplay on your JMHPRW thingy entirely crude.
@NapoleonWilson I've seen it many a time with a J.
7:36 PM
I typed Jumbo Megalodon Helps Many People Weekly before deciding on Harry Potter.
I just didn't realize at first because I was not thinking in that direction at all.
@Loong Indeed, I deliberately slipped that in. ;-)
I noticed. :-)
However, my Life of Brian reference was lost.
Heh, I'm not too firm on that, sorry.
7:42 PM
I actually wanted to do something with the declination of nouns anyway, but somehow I got lost on it.
I'm one of the few remaining internet people who don't immediately swoon at the mention of Monty Python. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson that makes two of us, cheers mate
@Alex At a guess - the two questions you're saying are dupes are specific instances, with specific reasons why the Summoning charm might not have been used. Neither completely answers the examples in the first question, and the first question seems to be asking not just about two instances (in which it's too broad because multiple questions), but about any occasion where the characters might have been able to resolve their issues with a Summons.
7:56 PM
@Jenayah Three!
@Mithrandir While I greatly enjoy the work of the Pythons (esp. John Cleese), I have never swooned over it.
@RDFozz Well then it should be closed as Too Broad.
@RDFozz This seems like a great place to insert a joke about the Python programming language, but I'm not familiar enough with it to do that. There's only one thing to do:
import joke
@Alex It's also POB as stated - and there's no functional difference between "too broad" and POB. Re-opening and then closing as too broad doesn't really server a purpose. Unlike closing as a dupe, for example.
@Mithrandir Seeing that it's already named after Monthy Python, the snake might make for a more original joke. ;-P
8:04 PM
@RDFozz The difference is whether there is a misleading explanation or an accurate explanation. Which also affects how one would go about fixing the question.
@NapoleonWilson I have experience dating snakes. It makes for a great anacondote.
@Mithrandir I liked your original version better. And, the language is named after Monty Python (and, according to the fact, you don't have to like them to use Python - but it helps!)
See, that's an excellent one!
@Mithrandir As in determining how old they are? Or as in an evening out?
@Alex Supposed to be an extra topping of wordplay with "dote".
8:07 PM
Q: Book series about a alien spacecraft found on moon with sentient AI (female)

Bruce J AllenNot, the moon is a spacecraft. Found by two astronauts the craft and sentient AI spawn space adventures and somewhere along the line an academy is founded on the moon. Please help me remember this series

Since why make one pun when you can make two?
@Alex I understand. On another stack, a lot of questions are closed as "too broad" that I would call "unclear", or vice versa. And, if I agree the question should be closed, I'll indicate the reason I think is the best fit, even if everyone else went the other way. However, if more people who voted to close thought a different reason was better, then that's the reason it's closed under.
And, fighting to reopen just to argue for a better fit close reason (when there's going to be no functional difference on the site) is a losing battle.
@Mithrandir How full of awe is it?
@Mithrandir And the same holds for oneboxes?
@RDFozz That's why I flagged it rather than vote to reopen.
@RDFozz I don't know. You tell me: Are you in awe of my prowess with the English language or simply exasperated?
@NapoleonWilson Naturally.
It's more... organic.
8:12 PM
@Alex While I agree with you, I can only say - best of luck with the crusade! Let me know how it turns out!
@RDFozz I don't know if it's ever worked, but a Meta post on another site recommended it.
@Mithrandir Actually, it was a reference to a trope from Johnny Carson's tenure on the Tonight Show. "It was so cold..." "How cold was it?" "It was so cold that what I said froze, and you couldn't hear until I brought the ice inside to thaw!" (My joke, not Carson's)
@Alex It's not a bad idea. My statement was to be taken literally, not as something snarky - I really am interested as to whether it works or not, and I really do hope it does!
@Alex Actually, it was a moderator's comment to a Meta post.
Or a flag. Mods can reopen and close immediately. There's a flag for something that requires moderator attention. — Double AA ♦ Jun 20 at 23:36
@RDFozz Don't worry, I didn't interpret it snarkily.
You can interpret what I say as being snarky.
@Mithrandir Oh, I have an automatic snark-interpreting filter that all your comments are fed through.
8:19 PM
My life has achieved its purpose.
Seems people here have interesting purposes:
Nov 7 at 15:35, by Jenayah
Aug 17 at 15:21, by Alex
@Jenayah Who knows if I'll still be here by then? I just need to get to 3,000 so I can vote to reopen all the duplicate questions. Then my purpose has been served.
he says, quoting himself
Q: 80s/90s anime with three robots waken up, and had to be taken down by another robot because they weren't good

Gavin JonesI'm looking for a title of an old 80's/early 90's anime featuring large robots. What I can remember is that there were 3 (I think) buried. Something woke them up, they weren't good... and I think maybe a good robot had to take them down. I remember one had kind of large blades... could possibl...

@Jenayah Actually, quoting you quoting me.
Which was deliberate, as there was also an instance of me quoting it before as well.
Nov 7 at 15:36, by Alex
Aug 17 at 15:21, by Alex
@Jenayah Who knows if I'll still be here by then? I just need to get to 3,000 so I can vote to reopen all the duplicate questions. Then my purpose has been served.
why wouldn't you just quote the original?
8:23 PM
12 mins ago, by Napoleon Wilson
@Mithrandir And the same holds for oneboxes?
It's more fun.
Plus it gives a greater view of history.
Also, while we're on puns, snakes, Python, and Harry Potter:
user image
Oh, and the original would require more scrolling to access.
@Jenayah ROLFMAO
8:32 PM
@Alex I distinctly remember saying something similar, about reaching 3k and then "stopping", several years ago. I suppose that didn't happen.
@Mithrandir Which Goes to show that the best of us must sometimes eat our words - Albus Dumbledore
@Jenayah Blech. I hate python.
You're not supposed to eat it, you fool!
@Alex be like:
Vote to reopen ☑
Vote to undelete ☑
HP Gold tag badge to bypass all this stuff ☐
@Jenayah The problem is there's not much left to reach for after getting a Gold Badge.
There's a swag pack at 100k rep.
@Mithrandir Eh.
@Jenayah That will motivate me.
Eh, the best pun Iv'e seen today doesn't work in Englsih :/
Someone disagrees:
in The Awkward Silence, 5 mins ago, by Ash
@scohe001 facedesk
@Jenayah Now you have to tell us and explain it.
8:45 PM
Coincidentally, I'm in the middle of reading a transcript of a conversation between Mithrandir and Jenayah about whether Jenayah is a native English speaker.
Okay so werewolf = "loup-garou" but werewolves are also known as lycans (more or less -not important, it's for the joke)
Flageolets are beans with quite the reputation to, well, make one fart ("pet") afterwards
Si on donne des flageolets à un loup-garou, est-ce que ça permet d'obtenir un pet lycan ?
"If you give flageolets to a werewolf, can you get a lycan fart?" ("pet lycan")
And a "pélican" is that bird:
so here's the joke, voilà voilà
@Jenayah Heh!
Wait, what do pelicans have to do with anything? We're not washing windows here.
I was confused about why you mentioned pelicans.
8:53 PM
Q: Looking for a sci fi story from the 60's or 70's in which an ancient robot army is activated

Paul CampbellI have searched high and low for this story which I remember reading as a kid. The story involves a robot army which was built thousands of years before the time of the story's events, - during a war - as the ultimate deterrent. It's existence has been forgotten but is hinted at in ancient docume...

Well if you give flageolets to a werewolf you get a lycan fart ("pet lycan") which is pronounced the same way as the pélican bird
The second half was a reference to The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
@Jenayah Oh, the "t" is silent?
I thought you meant like... a pet lycanthrope
@Mithrandir ah yeah the t is mute
Q: Monty Python reference in Harry Potter?

Rand al'ThorI just watched this Monty Python sketch and instantly noticed the mention of "Cockroach Clusters" as a kind of confectionery (skip to 2:44 in the video below): But as any HP fan should know, Cockroach Clusters are also a fictional type of sweet sold at Honeyduke...

9:09 PM
Q: Did Spock behave illogically in A Taste Of Armageddon?

CraigIn the TOS episode A Taste of Armageddon, Spock orders a Yeoman to stop Mea 3 from killing herself. Yeoman Tamula, you stay here and prevent this young lady from immolating herself. Knock her down if necessary. This is a killing situation. Do what you must to protect yourself. Clear? By S...

10:00 PM
Q: spoiler questions should not appear in "hot network questions"

summerrainspoiler questions like Why was Frodo unable to destroy the Ring? should not appear on other sites in the "hot network questions" sidebar (and maybe not even on Scifi.SE without some sort of <spoiler>tags).

Oh, for mo...
@Slartibartfast for duck's sake
Which duck?
Well the duck
The holy duck
And nothing but the duck?
10:15 PM
Which we call upon when things get heated sometimes... You know... The holy duck
10:26 PM
Oh, that duck.
Yes, that ducking duck.
Darkwing Duck?
10:41 PM
Is there a way to see votes by hour (timeline only shows by day)?
Look at the poster's reputation tab
@Jenayah Good call, thanks!
Suspicions confirmed.
like for this guy
and by hovering over the notice you get the hour
@Alex eh, you're welcome
Which suspicions?
yeah it's on Meta homepage... so? :|
10:46 PM
An answer with a higher score, more recent posting date, and more recent activity (so any sorting mechanism should be the same) appears below one with lower score, earlier posting date, and older activity.
maybe it was voted on after you opened the tab
@Jenayah That was the suspicion that was confirmed.
Q: Harry Potter Fanfic - professor potter & power of love magic

HPseekerI’m looking for a fanfic I must have read >5 years ago. It was a long novel and was part of a trilogy set without horcruxes starting from where OotP finished. Harry & Ginny pairing. Some facts that I remember, I’m hoping they’re a from the same story Harry was ‘professor potter’ teaching DADA ...

@Marvin searching for that yielded something called Harry Potter and the Clichéd Story, ahahah
eh, pretty sure I found it.
11:22 PM
@Mithrandir i do not consent to yelling but yes I'm here
writing an opinion piece on the evils of school wifi censorship so kinda afk
also yeah sure I'll make one for @Alex
hm it's gonna look a bit different and lack the headers until somebody links me an archived versino of a beta site with those headers like normal
all I can find has been rate limited via SE and just shows the "you've made too many requests" thing
cc @Mithrandir ^ get on it
@Marvin if I got the right one OP was mistaken, Harry is a panther animagus in that stuff
dang I don't read fanfiction and a good bunch of HP fanfic I've seen is stupid and weird as duck but blimey if I enjoy hunting for those
@Jenayah Can there really be more than one with Harry as a student-professor with a toy Horntail, and a Dr. Stone?
Though there is a typo in one of the quotes.
@Riker Thanks!
don't underestimate HP fanfiction writers
I have no idea who started the trope, but "Daughter of Sirius Black, dead mother, raised by Lupin, falls in love with a Weasley" is incredibly common. I found at least seven of them, a couple of them have the girl being related to the Malfoys, but I don't really have much more time right now, so if anyone wants to dig deeper, be my guest. (continued) — Jenayah Nov 13 at 22:56
(continued) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Jenayah Nov 13 at 22:56
And that's on ONE site which isn't FFnet or AO3 (the two main HUGE sites for fanfiction)
11:37 PM
yeah hp and naruto are generally the deepest FF rabbit holes
@Alex maybe, I skimmed over all this and copy-pasted without checking spelling
I won't correct fanfic spelling and grammar anyways
@Jenayah The mistake is in the original.
as I said I read the beginning, the end and copy-pasted :P
11:40 PM
I'm not blaming you.
no worries
Though once or twice when I've posted quotes that contained mistakes, I put a note saying that the mistakes were in the original.
I think in fanfiction you don't need to point out that mistakes are in the original
let's face it a big part of fanfiction is a mistake by itself... :P
Well you don't want an overzealous editor modifying your post 6 minutes after you posted it, do you?
11:44 PM
Q: Are Kree the good guys?

Prakhar MishraIn the new Captain Marvel trailer, when asked by Nick Fury about Krees, Carol Danvers answers that they are a race of 'noble warriror heros'. But in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan, who was a Kree, was without a doubt, a bad guy. Nova Corps seem good, and the Krees do not like them at all. So are ...

Q: Can anyone name this short story from a 60's anthology please?

AlanPost nuclear apocalypse the first person is allowed out above ground but wearing a suit and only for few minutes. The oldest person is chosen... he wants to see if there is any sign of life on the other side of the hill but as he approaches the top his safe time is running out...

@Alex meh, that implies someone reads it to begin with so I wouldn't necessarily mind
It's not fanfic-id which brings in the points :P
@Jenayah I read it.
you're brave
@Riker Thanks!
11:45 PM
eh, on top of that you've read the quotes rather thoroughly, so you've even read more of my answer than I did, ahah
@Jenayah Or following your advice.
Or looking for mistakes.
what advice?
Dec 2 at 2:34, by Jenayah
Try to watch out for "I found it by typing whatever"
In any case, my bravery has long since been established.
Nov 28 at 18:23, by Jenayah
you're brave!
11:50 PM
Googling brave alex meme yields this image which seems funny so here it is
But is he braver than Oy the Brave?
@Jenayah I don't know what Google you're using, but mine yielded this:
Superman is a fictional superhero created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. He first appeared in Action Comics #1, a comic book published on April 18, 1938. He appears regularly in American comic books published by DC Comics, and has been adapted to radio shows, newspaper strips, television shows, movies, and video games. Superman was born on the planet Krypton, and as a baby named Kal-El, was sent to Earth in a small spaceship by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. His ship landed in the American countryside, where he was discovered...
French Google
Then you should get:
Superman est un super-héros de bande dessinée américaine appartenant au monde imaginaire de l’Univers DC. Ce personnage est considéré comme une icône culturelle américaine,,,. Créé en janvier 1933 par le scénariste américain Jerry Siegel et le dessinateur canadien Joe Shuster tandis qu’ils habitaient tous deux à Cleveland, le personnage fut vendu à Detective Comics. Il apparaît pour la première fois dans un Action Comics en juin 1938. Le personnage est ensuite repris dans plusieurs pièces radiophoniques, émissions de télévision, films, comic strips et jeux vidéo. Au vu du succès et de la notoriété...
I'm not sure why this would pop up Superman but hey Gemini BECO and all that
no Superman here, Diesel ads
11:56 PM
Because Alex = Superman.
explanation for the Gemini BECO thing, and different Google results in general:
@Hobbes there's no reason to expect google results for different people and/or different locations will be the same or even similar. Here are my first two pages for example: 1, 2, 3, 4 It picked up this SE question and a Wikipedia article, but no NTRS link. I am sure I could have found something had I spent long enough though. — uhoh May 19 at 8:00
Q: Where are the Forsaken Shipyards?

CBredlowIn World of Warcraft we see the Forsaken (the undead race) have their own unique ships, but where are they built? Their major settlements aren't near the water (Lordamere lake doesn't go anywhere), is it mentioned in the books or in game dialog where the undead build their boats?


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