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Q: How to politely deal with strangers who aggressively hand out religious tracts or preach to you seemingly out of nowhere?

JakeGouldThis question is being posted not to get into a religious debate, but rather present the idea that regardless of religious beliefs, aggressive and pushy behavior wrapped in the pretense of a specific faith’s believes is often unwanted at best and annoying at worst. Is there any way to politely si...

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#19951 Alex (105 rep) | Q: How to politely deal with strangers who aggressively hand out religious tracts or preach to you seemingly out of nowhere? (score: 1) | posted 42 minutes ago by JakeGould (886 rep) | Toxicity 0.094462544 | tps/fps: 0/0
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Q: Disengaging Family

runningonempty(what i am about to say is a huge amount of information so if you still want to read and give advice thank you, I appreciate it) So I am on the brink of transitioning out of high school and will go into College soon. Even though I have applied to the colleges my parents wanted me to apply to, th...

4:13 AM
Hi, it sounds like you are having a tough time but unfortunately we can not advise on how to deal/bare with your feelings, or tell you what you should be doing. Please read through the help page to get some insight on the sorts of questions we can answer here. A good place to start would be to think about and decide for yourself what you want to do. Then, if you have any questions about interpersonal skills that might be relevant in achieving that goal we may be able to help better with that. — Jesse 27 secs ago
#19953 Jesse (5355 rep) | Q: Disengaging Family (score: 0) | posted 35 minutes ago by runningonempty (43 rep) | Toxicity 0.045724154 | tps/fps: 0/0
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It seems that despite having less than half the upvotes of the top answer to this question, this answer was accepted because of the misandrous language and assumed premise, possibly in agreement with the personal views of the questioner. — Carl Masens 2 mins ago
#19638 Carl Masens (101 rep) | A: How to avoid having always the same debates with a friend of mine? (score: 5) | posted 20 days ago by apaul (47941 rep) | Toxicity 0.049898308 | tps/fps: 0/0
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I think the questioner himself knows the long-run solution to his dilemma - to move to a different city. — Carl Masens 1 min ago
#12341 Carl Masens (101 rep) | Q: How to get out of family affairs (score: 2) | posted 238 days ago by Morta (38 rep) | edited 238 days ago by Morta (38 rep) | Toxicity 0.03699663 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
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7:11 AM
"This question had a bounty worth +150 reputation from dhein that ended 23 hours ago. You have 47 minutes to award the bounty " Phew.... That would have been disastrous :x What a stressy weekend I had :x and yesterday I was a speaker on an company event so I totally forgot about that one >.<
@Noon which one is rude?
oh, some comment? I think it's gone now, for I can't see it.
Yeap, I don't see it either
And Hello by the way :D
Great. And I cast the last vote for the first comment. It's now gone. Hello to you too dear :D
I almost wrote "Hello kitty", it was a terrible joke XD
7:59 AM
I prefer blue outfits but this will do
Well, Hello kitty is usually all pink, but I can find you blue too
yay! <3
Oh BTW, did you know someone reached out at me because of your and @Mith's new profile pic?
Nice! Who is it?
I think it's someone behind a bot profile. They noticed that I was the author of both drawings and they pinged me to ask me to draw something for them
8:06 AM
You are becoming famous! :P
@Noon I'm actually very surprised they found both profiles and made the connection
I mean, what are the odds?
@avazula :P Mith has been advertising you a lot ;)
I'm pretty sure they also linked to the drawing you made for Noon somewhere...
@Tinkeringbell That's right that they're quite famous among the network
Yep. A lot of people will notice if Mithrandir changes profile pictures ;)
8:23 AM
Only yesterday did I realise that the avatar of @Noon is drawn by @avazula after looking at Noon's profile. I was shocked when I saw that the picture I thought was a tree was really part of someone's hair. =)
Hello @Tinkeringbell did you draw the parrot yourself? =)
@WillHunting Nope ;) Someone in the Tavern found it online for me, after I mentioned I wear glasses ;)
@WillHunting Well, it's still is a tree IMO, even if it starts as hair :)
@Noon It's a tree in her hair. Pretty common thing, I don't get why you're shocked ;)
I like this answer. Only thing I would add is that I personally treat others the same way they treat me. They are a bit rude to try to push their belief (or anything) onto you so it's perfectly valid to be a bit rude back by ignoring them. — Imus 1 min ago
#19952 Imus (3078 rep) | A: How to politely deal with strangers who aggressively hand out religious tracts or preach to you seemingly out of nowhere? (score: 5) | posted 5 hours ago by baldPrussian (23454 rep) | Toxicity 0.19031376 | tps/fps: 0/0
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@Noon thats pretty cool
8:34 AM
@Magisch Thanks :D
8:52 AM
@IPSCommentBot tp
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@avazula I think you pinged the wrong person, but I read it anyway. =)
@WillHunting I didn't ping, I just answered
9:33 AM
@WillHunting it sin't a tree? Oh I gotta check that :D
@dhein Yes, you need to check it out! =)
Even looking closer I see nothing but a tree '^.^
@dhein I mean you need to see the big picture which Noon linked to in their profile. =)
Dear Lorde @Rory that's a scary avatar!
There is actually a documentary about a man who grows tree-like parts from his body.
He had to go for multiple surgeries to remove them, but I don't know if they will just keep growing back.
Epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), also known as treeman syndrome, is an extremely rare autosomal recessive hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer. It is characterized by abnormal susceptibility to human papillomaviruses (HPVs) of the skin. The resulting uncontrolled HPV infections result in the growth of scaly macules and papules, particularly on the hands and feet. It is typically associated with HPV types 5 and 8, which are found in about 80% of the normal population as asymptomatic infections, although other types may also contribute.The condition usually has...
Oh it seems a few people have it, not just one.
9:46 AM
That is fucking awesome :O looks cool
I eman the picture, not the wiki link
@dhein Language, please :)
Oh and @scohe001, I dreamt of you last night. I recognized you in an American airport, you were there with your parents. That was a pretty normal dream for once.
@Noon Ok, so to finally respond to what I didn't came to at the weekend: Yeh thats not what I meant. But I asked a few times in the morning after having read what was written the day earlier questions about that. Don't know to who in specific. Just realized that on friday I in fact was asking just 1 question and the rest were comments. So yeah. Can't realy say anymore who specifically was ignoring me there before. ^^
@avazula Thanks for that statement. But as said, every now and then, questions directly addressed to someone got ignored. That made me a bit confused :P
@dhein I understand. Personally, I'd rather not say anything than saying things I don't really think, so that may explain my lack of response sometimes.
10:13 AM
@dhein Although there is a button you can click on to ignore someone in chat, I usually don't use it myself even if I want to ignore the person, because doing so will make the chat transcript incomprehensible. You will get missing lines and you won't know who is responding to what. =)
@Noon how did the call to the agency go?
@WillHunting: Huh? Did you missunderstand what I mean? Or am I supposed to get what you talk about?:o
@avazula: yeah that makes sense
@dhein I did not misunderstand what you mean. I am just talking about something else you might be interested in. =)
@Noon: Btw how did the appartment trouble go? Did everything work out in time? Or had to hessle with it further?
@WillHunting: Ohhhhkay. Thanks for the input then ^^
Maybe I will grow a tree on my head too. =D
10:23 AM
@avazula and @dhein I'm waiting for a call from the plumber, hope they will call me soon. Plus, they gave 50€ off for my next rent. It's not much but still something. For my mailbox, they say they are taking care of it. So, I just have to wait :)
@Noon I hope they don't expect you to pay for the plumber's work?
@avazula I'm pretty sure they don't. I think it's in the law that the landlord has to pay for plumber work regarding a leak
Just keep the receipt from the plumber in case there is one so you can claim the money later. =)
@Noon Yes it is, but sometimes they're quite shady on that...
@avazula I think it will be fine in this case, thanks for the concern :)
10:27 AM
@Noon Ok. I'm glad then :)
(I had quite some trouble with my own agency, thence the concerns ...)
I think the cost of renting a room here has doubled over the last decade.
However, the salaries have not doubled.
@avazula Arf, sorry to hear that :/ The agency I had before (Foncia) was very good but this one is much more smaller and clearly not as good
@WillHunting "Here"?
@Noon I hope it'll be good in the end anyway :)
@Noon I mean where I am. =)
@avazula I hope that too ^^
10:29 AM
@avazula Do you keep all the drawings you did since 3?
@WillHunting Nah.
But I have some.
If so, that would fill an entire flat!
Just imagine the thousands of pieces of paper!
I don't know how to draw, but I love Vincent van Gogh's paintings.
But what happened to him is a sad story...
10:58 AM
@Noon So you aren't in yet? ah that sucks :x But you sound optimistic. Glad to hear.
@dhein Oh no, I'm in but I have a lot of plumber (and other) trouble ^^
@Noon As bigger they are, the less they can effort getting known for trying to take advantage of their customers against the law. pretty much a fitting rule of thumb I'd say. I experienced same here in germany.
@dhein That sound about right
@Noon: Well having a roof above the head at the determined location is most important :) Everything else will be fixed by self (or by plumber '^.^)
@dhein Yeah well, having clogged toilet isn't that nice (and the smell!) ><
11:05 AM
@Cashbee Hehe, never claimed to be flawless. my participation has a little fee with it. xP But I improved on that already. You should check (or better not check) My first StackOverflow posts and comments. I was back then quite short tempered and raging almost allways when I faced criticism regarding my posts xD But that comment I made there on friday is already the limit of "flawness" to expect from me these days :)
@Noon try to see it like that: boolCloggedToilet > !boolToilet :'D I could complain about my toilet too, so I feel with you. But I refrain from doing so as that would become a weird topic to talk about xD
@dhein Know that I'm good with any complaining subject :P
You mean like "you are good in complaining"? ^^
@dhein That too :P But it was more like "I'm fine to talk about any topic if the point is to complain" :P
@Noon Ok, in that case.... I still think not everyone would want to read that in here xD Even tho I trust you being fine with it xD
And yeah, complaining is fun. Thats why my current job is so much fun. Complaining about the work of others and being paid for that.
If anyone needs to complain about anything, just complain to me. I hope you don't complain about me though. =)
11:14 AM
@dhein Do you do testing?
@Noon: Even better. I am working in the license compliance team doing "Interlectual property analyses" So researching where the developers might have "stolen" their snippets/files/librarys and then checking if they did so within the allowed frame.
Q: What is the difference between the tag social-event and parties?

NoonWhile I was going through the list of tags, I notice the tag "parties" (27 questions) which remind me of the tag "social-event" (41 questions). Here is the definition for each one: parties: Questions for which the location is in a party, or a party-based setting. . social-event: For...

@dhein Interesting, it's definitively something all company/developer should be doing for their own coded
yeah and just few do. I can tell from experience.
@IntrovertedMetaMan. Tags are so confusing. If I could, I would rather the site not use tags. =)
11:26 AM
@WillHunting But tag are useful, they help searching things by topic
@Noon I find it hard to search for things using tags myself. When I asked many questions in the past, I was very unsure what to tag it as, because something involving X might not be really about X, and I didn't know whether to tag it as X or not. But that's just what I think. Now that you mention party and social event, I am also not sure what I would call one or the other in English. I need to check a few dictionaries first. =)
@WillHunting It's true that it could be hard to know what tag to use. Fortunately, I have noticed that I'm becoming better at this with time and experience
Also, tags are added by the community. It is hard to maintain a consistent and uniform point of view in what tags to use and what to add in their description.
If one person did it and then revised it, it would be OK, but many hands make things messy, but that's how collaboratively edited websites work.
When I think of party, I think of Christmas party, where people talk, sing, dance, eat.
When I think of social event, I think of a gathering say to discuss tea, with invitations sent out to customers by the tea company.
I have been to approximately 0 parties and social events in my entire life. =)
Yeah but, honestly, I still think parties and social event are mostly the same thing
@WillHunting Don't you go to family diner? That's a social event, IMO
parties are a subset of social events ...
11:40 AM
@Noon Not anymore. These days I just stay at home and talk to myself most of the time. =)
@Noon: Well, I'd say partys are a subset. Not every social event is a party but every party a social event
oh :x
@WillHunting ^ that :P
@Noon Hahaha. That is soooo scary.
@WillHunting I like it, I find it cute!
@Noon I guess it can be cute when it is not as big as a cockroach, because a cockroach definitely frightens me.
11:43 AM
Why do you feel that just saying something like "what do you mean?" or "can you give me some details?" wouldn't be acceptable? — DaveG 42 secs ago
#9755 DaveG (3864 rep) | Q: How do I ask why they think I was being creepy? (score: 19) | posted 294 days ago by J. Galilee (96 rep) | edited 9 minutes ago by Noon (3808 rep) | Toxicity 0.20239954 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@WillHunting Honestly, I tend to like every creature on this planet so, ... (except mosquitos... and wasp)
@Noon I see. Are you vegan also? I can't remember.
@WillHunting Yeap, I'm on the vegan team :P
I am not vegan, sorry. But maybe one day I will consider again. =)
@WillHunting Well, I will try not to hold that against you :P
11:46 AM
@IntrovertedMetaMan. you are on fire these days dear
@Noon It would be a good start to be vegetarian first. =)
@avazula Haha, I have a third tag question planned for tomorrow too :P
@WillHunting Absolutely. I think it's important to change one step at a time if you want the changes to last
@Noon Reminds me somewhat of a puppy :P Awww I have pseudo puppys in my face -
A: What is the difference between the tag social-event and parties?

avazulaI think it remains a major difference between parties and social-events: the event mood. Parties imply that the people attending them have a good time, it's a joyful context, while social events may be something else, like a funeral or a family gathering. To me, parties are a subset of such socia...

I'm on fire too
12:00 PM
@Pseudohuman oh hey beautiful
@avazula I do not understand.
you never do ...
12:21 PM
@avazula Ahah, I think we are making a great time! :P
@Noon you mean a great team or I didn't get what you're saying?
@avazula Oops, yes, I was thinking of team >< I should probably take a nap now ^^
@Noon Oh! Can I come with you? It's only 1:30 and I need to go through until 6:30 ... ugh...
@avazula I will gladly take you with me in my dreams :) I'm going now, I don't want to start my nap too late
@Noon See you later! :)
12:41 PM
@Noon Haha, I always tell people I will see them in their dreams.
@Pseudohuman Hey beautiful.
title | Biutiful
director | Alejandro González Iñárritu
release date | February 4, 2011 (7 years 10 months ago)
runtime | 148 minutes (2 hours 28 minutes)
writers | Nicolás Giacobone | Alejandro González Iñárritu | Armando Bo
genre | drama
MPAA rating | R
production budget | $35 million (US dollars) (current equivalent: $38.9 million)
@avazula Do you see the difference in response? We said almost the same things to Pseudohuman, but we got a completely different response!
@WillHunting What I see is that @Pseudohuman is mean to me. è_é
@avazula I do not understand.
12:48 PM
Yeah yeah, I know you don't.
@Pseudohuman play despacitor
@Magisch I do not understand.
It seems that Pseudohuman only understands me. =)
Is pseudohuman a bot?:D
@dhein yes
But don't tell them
They'd get angry
12:53 PM
I think a few days ago, China made the first robot news reader. It is like a clone of a real news reader they have. It talks like him.
Now they just need to input the words into the robot and he can talk all day long.
1:15 PM
Oh ... Hi @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ
How are you pal? Still in love with ice cream and sarcasm? :p
1:35 PM
What's ice cream love when you can't haz ice cream? q_q
Although the reason you shouldn't is better: If you got a new kidney to take care of
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I suspected it to be the reason why you haven't pay us a visit for a while. How are you feeling now?
Extremely paranoid about germs, but the operation has gone remarkably well
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I'm glad to hear :)
Well, not hear but, you know ...
And what's the problem with ice cream now?
Absorb information through written text
@avazula makes you fat. Also has germs. Uncooked. GAAAAA
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Oh no :(
This brings a lot of sadness to my poor lil heart
1:49 PM
Nah I felt pretty bad during dialysis times
Now I'm like a healthy beast. Just heavily immunosuppressed
And a beast that shouldn't lift heavy weights for three more weeks
But still a beast
So you are Hulk? A beast, that shouldn't turn into green mode, but still a beast?:D
Hulk is an overrated slacker who threw a tantrum that cost half the universe
But still a beast
He wouldn't be after a year
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ you don't have to get dialysis anymore? That's so cool!
1:58 PM
Darn right! I have three more days in my week again
Sadly I won't be around much
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ :D
Need to make up for all that wasted time
My foster father had to get dialyses too, so I get what you mean ...
How long did it last for you?
Productive shit that reminds you of the color green
@avazula 1.5 years. My best years actually
They say 15-25 are the best years of your life
Or 16-24. Or 17-23
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I'm glad you don't have to do this anymore. It's so exhausting
2:14 PM
My best years are already over? :( Damn Thats the exact time frame (16-26) it took me to get awareness of why others behave so strange towards me and how to fix it :x
2:25 PM
@ElizB haha I wasn't sure anyone would get it, but judging by the upvotes, ATLA is more popular than I expected!
@avazula lmao how did you recognize it was me?? Did I say hi?
@scohe001 I DON'T KNOW MAN o_o I just saw you and thought "dang it, that's Scohe!". And I swear, you didn't have that squared yellow head!
Hahaha I'd be super interested to see what you thought I looked like. That's hilarious. You just spotted me across the room and continued on with your dream?
@scohe001 Yeah, I said "hi" to you and your parents. Then I missed my flight. Then I woke up. Then I had an insomnia. Usual stuff ^^
In my dream you were a tall white man with chestnut hair and a very kind look (like, one would immediately think "dang it, that man seems nice" when looking at him)
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@scohe001 Don't ask me how did I know that it was you though ^^
@avazula oh no! Dream Scohe and fam caused you to miss the flight?
@scohe001 Nah, it was unrelated :)
2:35 PM
You're not far off, though I can't attest to the "kind" look. That's so funny that I happened to show up. This is how you know you need a break from SE! :p
@avazula phew. I know from the SO that dream scohe can be an asshole sometimes :p
@scohe001 Don't you know those dreams, where you actually don't even have to visually dream it, but you just know it was this or that person emotion vise, by knowing, you just felt what you would expect to feel when meeting that person? :P
I sometimes even have such dreams visually, where there is just a visual void in the places I don't know about. i.e. dreaming of someone looking in to that persons face, while not knowing their face '^.^
@dhein hmm I guess. I figured maybe I was wearing a shirt with my avatar or something else funny though :p
@scohe001 Nah. I just knew it, from the bottom of my heart, you know? This is the SE family instinct that was talking! ;)
@scohe001 But yeah, maybe xD
@avazula awww<3 I wish there was a way to hangout with all of you guys in person. It'd be super cool to finally see the faces behind the names and have a real conversation. Maybe someday, somehow
Man, today's XKCD is depressing.
We should have a video chat party!
2:48 PM
@TheTinyMan share share share? :D
@scohe001 We should have an IRL Awkward Silence
@TheTinyMan I thought it was exciting! Basically like the next revolution in transportation could be any day now!
@avazula LOL I'd fly all the way to France just to be awkwardly silent
@avazula That's my life in a nutshell though! ;-)
@scohe001 Funny enough, the look with which I imagined you in my dream could be transposed to how I look IRL. Except the kind look. I rather look very serious, maybe even a little angry. o_o
@scohe001 Ehh. I take it as more, "look how we've stopped funding science!" Maybe I'm pessimistic. :-P
@avazula haha I'm like a tall male Ava? I'll take it as a compliment :)
2:51 PM
@TheTinyMan Yay, December 17th! That's my birthday!
@avazula A...are you an airplane?? :o
@TheTinyMan haha. Don't joke about it, half my family either works in the aircraft industry or drives planes and gliders :p
@scohe001 well your dreamy version is like a male Ava, idk if that's the same for irl Scohe :p
@avazula So what you're telling me is that you were made the same day that the first airplane was made, and you were also made by people who make airplanes? I'll take that as a confirmation!
@TheTinyMan engine whirrs
@avazula Oh no, I think I've gotten you started now...
2:53 PM
@TheTinyMan and you know what? Other half of the family are beekeepers :D
It's all about flying pal
I'm on the beekeeping side but my moms is like, #2 in Airbus Europe
not the beeeees
sorry @Cashbee
@Magisch you don't like 'em?
@TheTinyMan ahh I guess. Like we've done nothing big in the last 57 years?
@avazula shhh don't kill my hopes and dreams :p
@avazula So you're a bee and your mom is an aircraft?
@scohe001 don't worry, I won't kill you in my dreams (at least I hope so :o)
2:57 PM
Oh gawd. I feel like that's something I'd want to know before trying to setup an Awkward Silence IRL lol
@TheTinyMan Well, since my moms builds aircraft, I guess I'm an aircraft then?
@avazula no I like bees I was just looking for a convenient bee joke
@Magisch aaaaah okay :D
@scohe001 Be assured I won't do anything to your IRL you. There's too many reprisals :D
@avazula Man! All the fear a couple of years ago about the bee population, we just needed to build more aircraft!
2:59 PM
@TheTinyMan Mind blown.
@avazula Ok, my bad. ^^
@dhein No, but I get what you meant :)
I am out for today. wish you having a nice day :)
@dhein See you soon! ... Haben Sie eine schöne Abend, if I recall correctly? :)
step 1. acquire beehive, step 2. ???, step 3. profit
3:07 PM
@dhein My dreams are often like this. For example, I've dreamed about Adam and Eve, interacting with them in the garden of Eden. Do I know what they look like? No, not at all. (In fact, I don't think I could've recalled any details of their faces even right after waking.) But I knew they were Adam and Eve.
@Magisch step 2. get stung. step 2.5. regret.
@avazula eh, bees are mostly docile
@Magisch :) I'm joking. Although, the docileness really depends on the species
Step 2.75: get beekeeping equipment.
@El'endiaStarman I've had quite a few dreams like that
I love it when I wake up and then I'm like, "...that's not at ALL what that person (or place) looks like in real life..."
3:12 PM
Haha yeah. I've only had a couple of those though, where I know the dream appearance and IRL appearance were drastically different.
@avazula the ones I know from here rarely ever sting even when you're near the hive
they pretty much don't unless you try to swat or squish them
@Magisch Ooh. They're really docile :)
@avazula awww you say the sweetest things<3
@avazula even more when they're swarming
you can almost reach into the big ball o swarming bees and grab a couple, they won't sting
@scohe001 Eeeek! <- afraid that Scohe's SO will come and shout at her
3:16 PM
Everytime I have gotten stung it's because a bee got trapped somewhere (behind my glasses or in my pants) and panicked
@Magisch yes, they're harmless at that time :) we often grab handfuls of bees during swarming should we need to hurry because of an upcoming storm
@Ash yeah, to me it's when they're stuck in my hair. I'm so sad everytime one stings me because of the death implication :'(
@scohe001 BTW is she on SO/SE? :)
I recall during times of high stress I would have more stressful dreams that woke me up in the middle of the night
My partner isn't active on SE yet he does read almost everything I ask on IPS ^^
a jump-scare kind of dream. I hated those and had a hard time falling back asleep
@ElizB yeah, I have such dreams too right now :( I have nightmares at least every other night. Not nice.
3:24 PM
Aww. I found that intentionally reducing stress by listening to music or reading or meditation before bedtime drastically reduced those nightmares
that, uh... that's not interpersonal
@ElizB I do guided meditations every evening as I walk by the river for an hour. Helps me calm down but not much regarding my sleep
even if i went to bed later, I found that I slept better and didn't wake up so much
@ArtOfCode you're ... uh ... right
@avazula that's good, i like that
3:26 PM
I'll vote to close / delete when I'm home from work
Yeah, that's definitely not interpersonal...
Q: How to help sister not over-dose on video games like I did?

somerandompersononlineI am the type of person who is very fond of video games. I've been playing them ever since I was 5 (I am now.. I think 13, maybe 14). I would play them as soon as I could and as long as I could. That was all I ever did. Recently, however, I have come to realize that there are better things I cou...

@ArtOfCode it's now closed
@avazula lol that was sarcasm silly--the only reason you wouldn't do anything is the reprisals?? :p
@avazula nah. She's asked a question or two as an unregistered user, but she doesn't have the time to make an account and actually get involved. She's in med school right now, so her life is all one big study session at the moment
3:36 PM
@scohe001 exactly. Why would there be any other reason? :p
@scohe001 ouch. Med school's hard. Hope she's going well.
@avazula because it wouldn't be very good interpersonal skills, obviously :p
@scohe001 Erh. I'm having a low moment on IPS right now, regarding answering ... :)
@avazula yea it's been rough. She just had a big exam yesterday though, so we get a lot of time together this week. Which is especially awesome since it's a short work week for Thanksgiving!
@avazula oof I can relate. I don't think I've answered anything in a week or two
@scohe001 oh right, you guys have that stuff upcoming :)
@scohe001 <- October 2nd ...
@avazula you guys have something similar around this time in France, right?
@avazula holy moly O_O
3:42 PM
@scohe001 nope.
I'll send you some virtual turkey bites
Next big day is Christmas, or St Nicolas' day should you come from Eastern France (it's disappearing though).
@scohe001 Well... You're not lucky but all French people currently present in this chat are vegan ^^
@avazula and then new years right after, yea? Are you taking a bunch of vacation for that like everyone else in my office?
@avazula err the mashed potatoes are always killer--I could send you some of those :)
@scohe001 yup :) I only have three days for the end of the year - 24th, 26th and 31th. But it's okay.
@scohe001 yay! :D
I'm curious - how old are you pal?
@avazula that's still a bunch! Just gotta hold out for another four weeks!!
@avazula hehe take a guess
3:48 PM
@scohe001 My bet is ranging 25-30
Your range is too high ;)
@scohe001 Yeah. It's just that I'd have loved to see a bit more my family, plus it's my birthday only a week before Xmas
@scohe001 22-25 then?
@avazula there ya go
@scohe001 24!
@avazula ahh so you have a bunch of fun stuff coming up! That is a bummer that you don't have as much time as you want tho :/
@avazula ±1
3:50 PM
@scohe001 It'll be better next year as I get lots of holidays! o/
@scohe001 I can't believe you're my age so, 25?
@avazula err you had a 50/50 on that one and you went the wrong way :p
@avazula score!! Getting to not work and still get paid is the best feeling lol
@scohe001 23? Dude, how come it's already been 5 years since you started on SO? :o
@scohe001 this <3
@avazula Haha I started at my first internship. They didn't give enough work to do so I figured I'd use the time finally getting involved in the service I'd been using forever
@avazula yup! I think I'm right on the generation lines
3:55 PM
@scohe001 Wow... I pictured you at least 2 years older than me n_n
@avazula haha this is super interesting. Usually people think I'm 4 years older because of the beard, but once they learn my personality they think I'm 2 years younger. I'm surprised that since you've only seen the latter you still thought I was that old
@scohe001 1. I'm terrible at guessing ages :p | 2. I'm exactly the same. Should you listen to me, you'd think I'm at least 25y.o. Should you look at me, you'd think I'm 17 ^^
huh, i'm two years older than @scohe001 interesting.
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