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RELOAD! There are 5778 unanswered questions (89.7295% answered)
This is what is so great about stackoverflow. If you ask a question about how do something someone usually comments back and says what have you tried. If you show them what you've tried someone else says it's a code review. — DCR 6 secs ago
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If the code already works, you should post to code review. If the code doesn't work, then please state what doesn't work. I have suggestions, but posting what they are here wouldn't seem to be appropriate. — PaulMcKenzie 52 secs ago
Is there a better way using regex?, sure is and a few other ways as well. Since you are asking for a review this is off topic here, try Codereview. — Çöđěxěŕ 42 secs ago
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This kinda questions should be on Code Review. — The Infected Drake 21 secs ago
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@TheInfectedDrake Absolutely not! Code Review does not accept questions asking for help to add features or fix bugs. Please see A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users. — 200_success 40 secs ago
@DCR This is definitely a question for Code Review and not Stack Overflow. See A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users for criteria to choose the appropriate site. — 200_success 24 secs ago
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@DavidWilson Please read A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users and use caution when closing questions or making referrals. This question says: Now I only want to get "Test1" as Result once. I got it working so far, but I get "Test1" 3 times, because there are 3 folders. — which means that the code is not working correctly, and thus off-topic for Code Review. — 200_success 10 secs ago
@LexLi You've got it completely backwards. Code Review is not a bug-fixing service. See A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users. — 200_success 47 secs ago
@Mast Part of it may be that I used to close and nuke a lot of questions when I was a moderator. Now I need 4 other voters to help me close a question.
5:17 AM
@CaptainObvious Are you sleeping ?
5:48 AM
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It's just a suggestion. This is your answer, it's up to you to provide a solution :) Codexer suggested to post it on CodeReview for a reason. But, since you answered, maybe you could try a more flexible way. Something that the possible future views might enjoy finding. — Jimi 22 secs ago
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it would be nice to have some sort of notice in chat if the queues get very high
something i ran into was not knowing for some questions in the cv queue whether the code functions or not, and not having helpful comments (describing how something is busted) to back up deciding whether to cv or not
thus skipping and forfeiting potential assistance
@Quill well, the queues are user specific so for some users the queue-count may be high for others they will be empty
good point.....
7:04 AM
@Quill SE tried that by adding a red dot to the queues if one of them got high. It doesn't work, since that particular dot isn't user specific.
So if there's 12 items in a queue but I've reviewed all 12 of them already, the dot will still be there.
@200_success Yes, I recall. The community should have taken over, but there have been some shifts lately.
If we just get more people to regularly review the new questions posted by Captain and enter the queues every so often, the problem would just about disappear.
@Heslacher A potential solution to this would be a userscript keeping an eye on the numbers here. Now I think about it, we used to have something like that. This is one of them. Does that help @Quill ?
If you're only interested in the queue the moment the amount goes over some number, I'd guess that can't be too hard a modification to make.
You actually reviewed that one @Quill
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Perhaps better on the Code review Stack. — Solar Mike 31 secs ago
8:49 AM
I think you should move this question to codereview.stackexchange.com. The question in its current state is not clear and does not tell us what you are trying to achieve. — sidprasher 20 secs ago
You might get a better response on codereview.stackexchange.com and/or security.stackexchange.comIan Kemp just now
From what I see your Publish method only writes (to something, whatever c.w is), but doesn't send anything. On a side note your code can be improved, but that would be something for codereview.stackexchange.comHavelock 45 secs ago
@sidprasher Not at all. There is no code to review to begin with and the question is thus off-topic on Code Review. Please see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/…. — Zeta 22 secs ago
@Havelock as the code doesn't work at the moment ("everything I try fails"), it's off-topic on CodeReview. — Zeta 5 secs ago
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this would be better suited for code review, SO is for issues and problems, not optimizing code — mast3rd3mon 1 min ago
@Heslacher huh?
CaptainObvious may be on vacation
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For improvements in already working code, you should post in Code Review, and not here. — gsamaras 5 secs ago
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What is the size of Range("Print_Area")? Also, you are checking every single cell in the range, even when you have already hidden the row. Another option would be trying to duplicate that sheet, and then select at once all those blank cells and delete them, and then delete the duplicate sheet (so your original data won't be affected). Check codereview.stackexchange.comFoxfire And Burns And Burns 36 secs ago
@Heslacher Definitely.
@Vogel612 Mighty source of knowledge, please remind us how to kick Captain Obvious back in to gear.
eehhhmmm. poke a dev about rss being bork?
I was more thinking along the lines of, would it help to remove/add the feed again?
you can try for sure
Mast has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
Mast has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
10:32 AM
Now how the heck do I change Feeds' name here back to CO...
I might be missing a button or something obvious.
@Mast Like the edit button?
@MathiasEttinger That's what drops down whatever is already in sight.
So, no, not that button.
I can create a new user for that, but ...
I don't have access to feeds management, but isn't there an option before to select which user will be serving the feed?
no there isn't. mods can create new users and edit these users, but...
10:44 AM
Captain is user -263
Right. So how do I migrate the Feed back to that user?
It's not exactly explained in the RO FAQ.
@Peilonrayz Why an edit instead of a self-answer?
lemme try work dev-tools magic for a bit
@MathiasEttinger Because to me it seems like a hack, I've looked into it more, and the reason I need the cast like syntax is because A 'isn't' a GetableEndpoint or a GetableEndpoint[T]. And so it's not really statically typed.
ugh... doesn't work
okay so I can make a new Captain O
but I can't make the old one take over the feed.
which is... annoying
11:09 AM
@Vogel612 Can you remove the feed and trick the old CO into picking a new feed up on it's old user?
If that makes sense...
yea no...
would be great if I could,but... no
Q: Balanced Parenthesis

MAtttiGiven a Balanced Parenthesis problem. "Balanced Parenthesis Create a program that checks if in a given string expression all the parenthesis are balanced. For Example: (test) - valid (no() - invalid ()(()) - valid (123(456)(7))( - invalid (val()id) - valid ...

Q: Same action - Different resource

LongaI have this controller where the action is the same (Like), but the resource can be more than one, something like this: [HttpPost("competitions/{id}/like")] [ServiceFilter(typeof(IsEntityIdValid<Competition>))] public async Task<IActionResult> CompetitionLike( long id) { ...

Q: SQL nested queries in Spring

Deepak MishraI have below 2 SQL quires in my spring dao class, I want to run first & second SQL quire with in same method and to use result of first quire in 2nd quire and to run 2nd quire in a for loop. Please help how could I achieve this. public List<RegisterESAEmp> getIndustry(RegisterESAEmp p){ retu...

Q: c# console Snake game basic movement

GevI have created a small c# snake game. It has no gameover case and no collision with corners and itself. Has a bug. As snake gets longer, it seems to disappear(having some buggy kind of transparency). Please take a look. Any suggestions and critic is very wanted. Program.cs using System; using S...

Q: Find Longest Subsequence of 1 and Right shift a list

Ashutosh ChapagainI am solving the problem which involves the following tasks: 1) Right shift a list or rotate the list by 1. 2) Find the largest consecutive occurrences of 1 in the list. I have the following functions: def doRightShifts(integers): ''' input : [1,2,3,4,5] output : [5,1,2,3,4] '...

well ... at least the questions got posted now..
11:42 AM
Q: Simple but important function to check and retry given action's result

firattoWhat I'm trying to achieve is Given a predicte function and an action which returns the object to check, check predicte, retry and fail after numTries .. or success . I'm looking for are there better ways to do this. public static async Task<bool> CheckAndRetryAsync<T> ( T _objec...

Today is the day I killed Captain Obvious. Great. Just, great.
12:42 PM
Q: Credit Card Validtor

d Quinnhow can i: Write a Python program that will check the validity of credit card numbers. The program will read sixteen-digit integers (which may have been entered with blanks or dashes every 4 digits), and for anyone will print the word "True" if it is a valid credit card number or "False" otherwis...

12:53 PM
Code review should go to codereview.stackexchange.comazro 20 secs ago
Q: Simple JDBC Query By Example (QBE) for Spring JDBC Template

JasonThis is a quick and dirty QBE method that covers about 60% of my use cases in my DAO. I just wanted to see if someone would take a quick look at it to see if there are any issues. public List<Order> orderQuery(Order order) { StringBuilder sql = new StringBuilder(); sql.append("select * ...

1:27 PM
Q: Intro to OOP C++ - why const used with getter function and not setter?

Adam GI am a novice when it comes to computer programming, and have just started learning about Object-Oriented Programming using C++. I understand that after creating a class, you often wouldn't want just anyone to be able to change an objects value, which is where access specifiers and const member ...

Q: Ajax table action and process

SagoI'm triyng to learn ajax better, and I'm developing an application in codeigniter. all about the following code is working, there are no errors, but For every function and call i think I'm repeating callbacks to many time. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ ...

WHO BROKE CAPTAIN OBVIOUS? There will be retribution for this.
Actually it was the devs breaking it and me trying to turn it off and on again, but, you know...
(╬ ಠ益ಠ)
1:58 PM
Q: Am I solving this as efficiently as possible?

Brandon RobinsonGiven an array A, with dimension N, 1<=N<=100000, A[N] within range of [-100000, 100000]. At first there is a pointer at position K (in the beginning K=0), and M=A[K], and we say the pointer will jump to position A[K+M], and call this a "jump of a pawn`. If at any moment, the pointer jumps out of...

2:13 PM
Q: Mixed Duo String Generator

user183933I've create a program that finds mixed duo within a string. It removes characters from a string that do not form the first mixed duo. It does not rearrange the order of the string, it ony remove characters to reveal the mixed duo...... aka "abababab", "chchchchc", "!s!s!s!". Tell me what do you...

If you are new to Perl and you care about learning it properly, feel free to post your working code on Code Review in the Perl tag. We'll pick it up and give you constructive criticism. There are quite a few things you can improve. — simbabque 30 secs ago
2:29 PM
Seems like a codereview.stackexchange.com — HimBromBeere just now
2:58 PM
Q: rust smart pointers -> implemnting a doubly linked list

Svetlin ZarevI've been learning Rust for the past few days and I just passed the "Smart Pointers" chapter. To check what I've learned I've decided to implement a doubly linked list. My question is, is this appropriate way to implement one and what can be improved ? Which is better - using Rc<T> or Box<T> for...

Q: Mixed Duo String Generator 2

LaurentI've create a program that finds mixed duo within a string. It removes characters from a string that do not form the first mixed duo. It does not rearrange the order of the string, it ony remove characters to reveal the mixed duo...... aka "abababab", "chchchchc", "!s!s!s!". Tell me what do you ...

3:25 PM
> Boss: "I need you to send an email on ... ASAP."
> Me: "Ok, do you have any details on ...?"
> Boss: "No, I need you to come up with them, and I need it in the next hour."
> Me: "Here's the draft, can you look at it?"
> Boss: "No time, just send it."
> Me: _sends_
> Boss: "Why did you say <X> instead of <Y>?"
> Me: "Oh FFS"
@202_accepted Never criticise a rush job. Didn't he learn that in managerial school?
Q: malloc() and free() for Linux with system calls

psychedelic_alexI have written an implementation of malloc() and free() for Linux using the sbrk() system call. When memory is requested, it checks if there is a large enough chunk available already, if there is then that gets returned to the user, otherwise a new block of memory will be requested from the kern...

3:55 PM
If your code works but needs improving, CodeReview might be a better place to post it. — jsheeran 10 secs ago
Q: Responsive Navigation Vertical Dot Bar

Ains ClarkResponsive Navigation Bar I have just finished writing a fairly big script for a responsive navigation bar. You can see it at http://www.ainsleyclark.com It uses GSAP to link hover (desktop) and click (phone) to play a navigation animation. It also uses the History API to update the hash depend...

4:17 PM
You should try posting this to Code Review. — 0x5453 57 secs ago
If this is already working and you're looking for suggestions on how to improve it, it should be on Code Review. — EJoshuaS 1 min ago
4:44 PM
Q: What are some of the ways to avoid/handle long method signature?

Josh UzoI feel this method signature is too long. Is there a more sensible or elegant way of re-writing this? private Email createMail(long actualFileSize, String from, String recipient, String title, String emailContent, MultipartFile attachment, File file) { Email mail = null; if...

Q: Tokens - String Java

Yuki1112I have the following assignment that I succeeded, however the code is very inefficient, I would appreciate if someone could show me a more efficient way, perhaps with substring. the assignment: /** * Separates a given string into tokens, which are the "words" that are * separated by one or mo...

@RajaBabu Then stackexchange is the place. — super 18 secs ago
@super This question doesn't belong on Code Review. It's a one-liner. Those aren't reviewable. — Mast 50 secs ago
@skiwi Yo
hey @202_accepted
4:58 PM
@Mast It doesn't belong here either. I would argue it's at least a better match on code review. — super 54 secs ago
Q: Python RPG Text Game how to overwrite save files

Shun LushikoI am creating a text based RPG in Python and I'm in a pickle (hehehehe) At the start you are greeted by this: def main(): #startmenu print('1. Start') print('2. Load') print('3. Exit') option = input('--> ') if option == '1': start() elif option == '2': if os.path.exists('TQsavefile') =...

@TnD_Guy You might also consider posting the code on codereview.stackexchange.com where people can help you find more efficient ways (= less code) to do what you're doing. — Ryan Lundy 46 secs ago
@Duga More efficient does not necessarily equate to less code...
5:14 PM
Q: R using list columns with time series (tidyverse)

HakkiI'm working with multiple stock time series data and trying to forecast next month returns, with some indicators. I'm using growing window training data and testing model always to next months data. Here is example how I'm planning my workflow and would like to get ideas, if this makes sense. li...

Q: Permutations Cycles-CodeChef

suyashkyProblem: https://www.codechef.com/problems/PCYCLE My Solution: #include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main() { int n; cin>>n; vector<int> v(n+1); vector<bool> b(n+1 , true); for(int i=1 ; i<v.size() ; i++) cin>>v[i]; for(int i=1 ; i<v.size() ; i++) { // if still not appe...

I like that code review idea. In case you can't tell, I'm brand-freaking new to coding and I'm working off of YouTube tutorials and google searches. Websites like this are great because most of questions have already been asked by someone else! Thank you for your help :) — TnD_Guy 30 secs ago
5:29 PM
Q: Float type when inputed... Gives a different output

Sidharth ShambuI am a beginner in programming and I was given an assignment.. I was asked to get 5 numbers of float type and print them in the reverse order of which I have given.. and this is my code... #include <stdio.h> int main() { float n[5]; printf("Enter 5 number: "); for(int i=0;i<5;i++) scanf("%f",&...

5:44 PM
Q: Implement a system suitable for a doctors' surgery. Keep records of doctors,registered patients,appointments,diagnosis.treatment for all appointment.

Riyaere's a link! And a reference-style link to [a panda][1]. References don't have to be [numbers][question].

Q: jQuery autocomplete : custom list (HTML, Bootstrap 4)

YassirI have implemented a jQuery autocomplete textbox with custom list options. I'm able to achieve the expected output. But, I'm not sure about the implementation is in the right way. Can someone please share your thoughts. AutoSearch: Sample list: CSS: .imageAddPatientPopup { float: l...

Q: Announcement: New chat room CRCQR

πάντα ῥεῖAs some of the regulars at the SE Code Review site already noticed we have a new chat room to request and discuss question closures: SE Code Review Close Questions room I've setup that room due to the increasing rate of close worthy questions here, and it seems to be better to have a defined ...

6:15 PM
Q: License Manager PHP Class

user9741470I'm workin on this code that will be a licensing class integrated with an electron app. For now it's a simple object who will generate and check for a licence stored inside the electron app folder. I want to improve it before implementing it inside my projects. Using this class it's simple: It wi...

6:30 PM
Q: how does const protect object data when used with getter functions?

Adam GI'm a novice when it comes to programming, and just started learning about OOP using C++. I understand that when creating an object, you may have some member data that you wouldn't want just anyone to change. I read that the const keyword after a function is a way of making sure that the member f...

Q: Am I Implementing The Builder Design Pattern Correctly? (PHP)

Joe AlviniI am new to building with design patterns. I have been working on implementing the builder design pattern in PHP. I just want to make sure I am doing it correctly. I have been following along with this tutorial on jakowicz: https://www.jakowicz.com/builder-pattern-in-php/ I have made a few mino...

Function code that needs to be improved is really in the domain of Code Review, not here at Stack Overflow. — FreeMan 33 secs ago
@skiwi How goes it?
6:50 PM
Better to post this in the Codereview ;) — Theophile Dano 24 secs ago
@202_accepted Doing okay, you?
Not bad.
Busy day today, dealing with some really dumb work stuff.
I haven't really written code for some time :/
Upgrading a build environment is also development work though
I mostly send emails these days.
7:15 PM
Q: Is this the right way to stream the modified lines of a file from a Controller in ASP.NET Core?

Ehouarn PerretI am writing a piece of software that aims at streaming the modified lines of an external file located at given uri (and retrieved as a QueryString parameter). I am trying to minimize the impact of big files so that I can maximize the use of asynchronous calls (i.e. async / await). I am using As...

7:30 PM
Q: Import CSV file into array

M2NewbieI am trying to use a csv file to be imported into the array to replace $products = [ 'test-product-1' => 3, 'test-product-2' => 6, 'test-product-3' => 30 ]; But I can not produce the same array when I import from the CSV file, which will cause problems. Examples for CSV to array: http://php.ne...

Need some Python users to confirm that this is indeed broken code:
Q: Contest Solution: Al Gore Rhythm

T145 The Problem After his brush with the Justice Department over fundraising with Buddhist monks, the Vice President devised a plan to ensure that such activities are carried out in a more discrete manner and are kept less noticeable. Realizing the Democratic National Committee’s need f...

7:46 PM
@200_success Sure, let me switch OS.
@200_success I also see no output in win10
hmm... do we need to use PowerShell, like the OP apparently is?
The shell that you use to launch the program shouldn't matter.
yeah I see no output in PS as well
This might be a better fit for Code Review, but you can start by rewriting to get rid of all of your Select methods. There's an article here on SO as to why they are bad, and how to get rid of them. — Ron Rosenfeld 50 secs ago
If the code doesn't work, please vote and comment accordingly.
7:59 PM
@200_success I get no output whatsoever.
Python 3.5.2 linux
Q: Finding differences in strings with Levenshtein distance and soundex

BernardLI am trying to find a way to optimize the code runtime. Improvements I have implemented include using dictionaries, removing redundancies and using str.translate. from collections import namedtuple import string import jellyfish as jf import Levenshtein as l #conda install -c conda-forge python...

Might be a formatting/encoding problem...
I thought they fixed that in Python3.
@Peilonrayz Opinion on that? You talk Python3 better than I do.
@200_success Ah - I added an extra line before the first line of the sample whmail.log file and when I run it again, I see output, since the f.readline() calls are paired...
before realizing that odd/even line issue might be the case, I wondered if it was a BOM issue but ruled that out because the OP is using PS
8:22 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It needs a newline before the input? Ohhhh, that makes sense.
The search has a side-effect, it also skips a row. So if you start on the wrong row, you'll never get it.
8:33 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It's Python. Shell doesn't matter unless you're printing with arcane formatting.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.comDaniel Mann 8 secs ago
@Mast I didn't think so but thought that could have been a factor
@Mast I'll have a look now
I'm curious to see how the OP responds
Think this is the offending line:
return t.startswith('From veep@whitehouse.gov') and f.startswith('To buddha@whitehouse.gov')
Combined with.
if search_match(line, f.readline()):
That f.readline() progresses the line count one further, which is a bad idea inside a comparison.
It's like comparing to ++i.
8:42 PM
OP adjusted some newlines in sample input
Looks fine to me, prints the sample output
@Peilonrayz Before or after the edit?
The problem is you're iterating with a for line in f: but f.readline() also increases the line count. That same count. — Mast 8 secs ago
Rev 1 and Rev 3
Right. So there's a major bug in it that only occurs half of the time.
Somebody might want to point that out in a review, but now we know why OP thought it would work. It does, for his limited test set.
So, retract close votes.
Q: Excel VBA to download from IE Database Stops Responding

TBoulzfirst time using Code Review, although I have been active on StackOverflow, hope I'm in the right place. I am putting together Excel VBA code that using information from various columns on a worksheet to search for a document on a company intranet site, and save the document as a PDF, then move ...

Q: Trying to modularise OpenCV detection algorithms

Komron AripovI have made a project involving the use of OpenCV to detect faces. The project has yet to grow tremendously over the course of this year, therefore the fact that I am failing to modularise my code to make it cleaner and easier to read is worrisome. I use a camera feed to detect faces, as well as...

8:58 PM
@Quill welcome
I got to visit the new Apple Park for a meeting Friday
9:16 PM
Q: Building unusual IComparer<T> from expressions

t3chb0tI've needed a couple of very special comparers recenty and didn't want to implement each one of them every time so I created a builder and a couple of supporting classes that do that for me. Example I'll start with an example. Given a collection of Products: var products = new[] { new Pro...

9:30 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ How many glass walls did you hit? :D
Q: Tic Tac Toe Python

aripy887I wrote a simple tic tac toe game in python. (I wrote the game logic and implementation separately) (in this case, it's a command line interface, I may do a Tkinter version) Can you review the code and give me tips for the future ? logic.py from itertools import product TIC = 0 TAC = 1 BLANK =...

@202_accepted none... though we weren't really in the building that long
I did notice the stream of indicators on the glass of the security building, about every couple feet
Probably to fix that problem...lol
9:44 PM
Is it ok to post my question here and to ask people to look at it?
Sep 24 at 14:40, by Mast
@Abcd You do realize you're in chat, right? We have a site for questions.
if only it wasn't ~1 hour until midnight in The Netherlands...
@AndreyPortnoy you mean this question?
10:02 PM
If your code works but just needs to be more efficient, it might be better suit for Code Review. — dwirony just now
10:12 PM
Fair warning, if you move this to Code Review I'd indent it properly first or you'll get to hear all about it. — Comintern 50 secs ago
Q: Validation Checks Dominate Method

Bob HornThe bulk of this method is taken up by validating objects. Is there a clean way to get this noise out of this method? Normally I'd have Demand clauses in here that call private methods that would throw an exception if the data wasn't valid. But I can't do that here because I need to return an App...

Q: Contest Solution: Remorseful Sam

T145 The Problem Sam Morose served for many years as communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Dahdit, a U.S. Coast Guard frigate deployed in the South Pacific. Sam never quite got over the 1995 decision to abandon Morse code as the primary ship-to shore communication scheme, and was forc...

We know there is a leak from rapidly growing Private Bytes. A code review found an obvious pointer re-assignment that orphaned memory. As part of our defect resolution I have to show the leak as part of the test case (and then it's resolution, which proves it was fixed.) I was hoping to document the leak with WinDGB, not just with PerfMon. That's where this started. — cardinalPilot 9 secs ago
10:37 PM
Thank you! Didn't realize there was a seperate spot for code review. I'll head over there (after I have properly indented) And I removed the text varible. That was left over from some previous iterations — Scott J 42 secs ago
Execution should continue, but not this particular task, I admit it. But that's why you must write unit tests, make code reviews etc. Don't overload your code for programming mistakes that shouldn't happen anyways — Theophile Dano 40 secs ago
10:54 PM
Aloha. Question about posting questions pertaining to coding challenges, specifically codility challenges ... am I in the right place?
@user3.1415927 that depends - as long as you post your actual working code with enough context for reviewers to understand the input and output then it should be fine - if you haven't already, take the tour and read How do I ask a good question?
Yes, I have working code. (Results: Task Score = 66% Correctness = 100% Performance = 40%)
I'm hoping to learn how to improve my performance - it's been my achilles heel in these coding puzzles/challenges for months..
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Ah yes, I need to go back and review that actually...
@user3.1415927 ++
I mean... += 1
11:05 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ :lol:
Is there an issue with posting the challenge, my answer, or the results? I ask because of this gem at the bottom of their pages... ` Copyright 2009–2018 by Codility Limited. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, publication or disclosure prohibited. ` ... and although I'm very not a fan of overused copyrighting/protection, I still want to make sure we're okay with it here on SE.
@user3.1415927 relevant: this post
My question is about this exact challenge
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Yup. My first languages were Pascal and Java, so I still catch myself from time to time with ++.
@user3.1415927 hmm... this might require we post on CR meta
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Perfect, and exactly what I was hoping to avoid ... but at the same time, I wondered if it would come up. I'll make a post.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Should I cite this chat? (I'm fine just putting all the info in the post.)
@user3.1415927 you can if you really want... but if it was me, I would mostly point out the existing post, as well as cite the copyright notice (using markdown formatting: > Copyright 2009–2018 by Codility Limited. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, publication or disclosure prohibited.)
> Copyright 2009–2018 by Codility Limited. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, publication or disclosure prohibited.
in a post it should show up with a different background (i.e. grey on meta)
11:28 PM
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Q: How do we handle stated restrictions around coding challenge sites' legalese?

user3.1415927I see things like the following on a certain coding challenge site: Copyright 2009–2018 by Codility Limited. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, publication or disclosure prohibited. I also see 63 posts on CR.SE as of the writing of this question. I'm not a fan of the overreach a...

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Q: How do we handle stated restrictions around coding challenge sites' legalese?

user3.1415927I see things like the following on a certain coding challenge site: Copyright 2009–2018 by Codility Limited. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, publication or disclosure prohibited. I also see 63 posts on CR.SE as of the writing of this question. I'm not a fan of the overreach a...

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