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12:00 AM
@Slytherincess Hi Slytherincess!
Yes, you're rarely in the chat box, but I see on your user page that at least you sometimes visit Sci Fi SE.
@b_jonas Hi! How are you?
I do check in, yes.
@Slytherincess Fine thanks. I had some bad times, but now I have a new job. I don't think I'll do this for a very long time, only for like a year or less, but still, I do some useful stuff for this company, and it's good while I recover.
Plus recently I've been active on Sci Fi SE. I think I already pinged you in a comment that I found a second definite mention of vampires in Harry Potter, for that question I asked a long time ago. Nobody noticed that for years.
Recover? Have you been ill? The problem with me is that I rarely see pings because I never check my inbox. I have like 66K messages in my inbox, or something ridiculous like that.
And now I've been active on Sci Fi meta. I posted a page that describes in detail with screenshots how a user can install a user-style in Firefox to make SE nicer. Now I can post any other random user-style that I use to make SE look nicer, and just refer to those isntructions. I have a few more, though the rest of the user-styles are probably more custom for me, and will be of less use to others. But I'll still have to write one to make the chat room list look saner.
@Slytherincess I've been down for a while because I had no job and that makes my life cycle much worse. I really need a job to put some order to my life.
I've made eleven screenshot images (some of them composed of multiple screenshots) for this darned thing to try to make the instructions really easy to understand for non-technical people, although there'll probably still be unclear parts in it that I won't find out unless I get so lucky that someone tries fails to follow them and reports to me how they failed.
@Jenayah It's still a mystery because it never showed up in my Achievements.
12:14 AM
I saw your post on meta about the new SFF layout (I hope you won't hold it against me that I did a VTC on it because I didn't think it was a question proper). I'm glad your new job is positive!
@Slytherincess Yeah, it got in "hot meta questions" so it was on the main page.
@Slytherincess Oh no, that wasn't the hot one. The one with the user-style was the hot meta question.
@b_jonas It's controversial!
@Slytherincess I liked the VTC, it helped me, even though it wasn't the right thing to do.
But eventually Rand reopened it.
I read meta more than I do the regular site.
@Slytherincess Yes, and that's why it wasn't hot. It had more views, but negative total votes from the start.
A: Do vampires exist in the Potterverse?

b_jonasI found that there's a rather clear mention of Vampires before the Slug club. Hagrid explains how he had to shake off the Ministry people watching him and Madamde Maxime before they could safely travel to the land of the giants in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix chapter 20, and it has ...

^ That's the Harry Potter vampire question (not that it's hard to search)
@Slytherincess Do you read the blog thesffblog.com ?
12:26 AM
@b_jonas I'm checking it out...
@b_jonas No, but I am writing something for it, on why Harry is not a Horcrux.
That's a great find re: the vampire that Hagrid found!
@Slytherincess Also, I'm still disappointed by how Mythology SE is now starving because everyone is asking their few mythology and folklore qusetions on Literature SE (and Sci Fi SE occasionally) instead.
I upvoted your answer. Why on Literature?
@Slytherincess The one question I've asked on Mythology could technically be considered a Literature question.
I haven't really seen many mythology questions on Lit.
@Slytherincess Dunno, maybe it's bigger (already has 1.6 times the questions of Myth despite being half as old) and so more SE user know about it than about Mythology.
@Mithrandir Maybe ot's just my impression. Maybe it's just Myth naturally running dry after the initial quick start like many new SE sites do.
Most of literature.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/myths+or+homer would be on topic on Mythology SE, and there are some more under other tags, but that's still not many in total really.
12:44 AM
Seems like Mythology is a subset of Literature.
Literature is also taking some Sci Fi questions, but then so has Movies done all the time, so for obvious questions (like right after a new popular movie) you have to check for dups.
@Slytherincess Mostly. There are always borderline areas where the scopes we determine in the two sites separately are different, so it's not entirely a subset, but mostly.
@Slytherincess Well, yes, and there have been calls to merge the two. (I don't think that's happening.)
Some of the Mythology SE questions would be too broad for Lit, because they ask about too much folklore in one question without concentrating on just a limited set of works.
Q: If filch hates Hogwarts so much, why does he still have the job?

blehFilch seems to hate students, dirty messes of Hogwarts, and pretty much magic in general. I know he is aspiring to overcome his Squibness, but there must be many better jobs than a janitor at a Middle-High school. Why does Filch feel obligated to be a janitor at Hogwarts?

1:00 AM
@Slytherincess Sorry - was out for a bit. 1 BR, 1 1/2 BA. It was designed that way. My study could be converted to a BR if needed, but we felt if we had extra bedrooms, we might have more house guests. Plus the barn will have 1 BR and 1 BA (shower, not tub, though), and will be a cool guest house.
We're going to have a 4K projection TV in there, with a MAME machine (which emulates all the arcade games from the 70s to the 90s), and a few other things to make it a nice recreation center. Plus a "Super Porch," that'll be a nice big screen porch with a lot of ceiling fans to cool it in the summer. It'll have a fire pit, too. Plus workshops for me and her and the pond will be near it.
Huh? What are BR, BD, and BA?
@Slytherincess @Tango Long time, no see.
@Donald.McLean I know. I wasn't around much, missed all the big blow-ups, and then, for a good while after that, it seemed like nothing was going on here for weeks and weeks.
How are things with you, @Donald.McLean?
Good, constantly busy.
@Tango Nice. Is that area heatable easily in the winter? Or is this somewhere in the south where that's not a problem?
1:08 AM
It was quiet for a while, but I think @Jenayah was the tipping point.
@Donald.McLean Heh.
@b_jonas Well, every now and then we get serious cold waves, like down to single digits, so we won't be able to heat it, but that's not the plan anyway. I want a place where I can work on my writing or programming outside. I have a nice screen porch here, but the plan was to do it down there so I'm near the creek and can hear it gurgle.
The screen porch - that's cool. I have two large windows in my study, one right beside me when I'm at the computer, that open directly onto the screen porch - which is on the 2nd floor, so it's like a balcony - except no mosquitos!
@Donald.McLean I met her last night.
Part of what has kept me busy is my grandson was looking through my old games collection, and I am now running a Traveler campaign.
@Tango Hehe, "down to single digits" is so ambiguous. That could mean you're in the south if you measure in Celsius, or not if you measure in Fahrenheits. But your userpage says "Location: Richmond, VA, USA" so it must be Fahrenheits.
@b_jonas Yeah, sorry. Single digits Fahrenheit - which I can spell so easily since high school and I did a book report on Fahrenheit 451.
1:15 AM
I have to say, I love having an actual office in our new house. I the old place I just had a corner of the finished basement family room
@Donald.McLean That makes a big difference. If you do any kind of serious work at home, having an actual room where you can close the door and work in solitude is great.
@Tango I telework three days a week, which I would say counts as serious work. Plus I come in here at night sometimes to work on personal projects.
That's my study - where I am now. (And before anyone comments on the roll of TP - I got in a habit of using that instead of facial tissues a long time ago when I was broke and starting a business and could get bulk rolls of TP for cheap.)
The big window on the right doesn't have a screen. It opens out directly on my screen porch.
I'm playing around with a graph database and thinking it might be a good foundation for an RPG play aid.
@Donald.McLean We're stuck on satellite internet. That would make telework and several other things almost impossible. When I get a few more things done and resolved, I'm going to approach the county about why they need to do something about last mile issues.
@Donald.McLean Not because of it being all hexagons, is it?
1:20 AM
@Tango We're in a growing area, so we have two competing ISPs.
@Tango More for the record keeping aspect, and perhaps quick automated generation of NPCs.
@Donald.McLean This is an "up to date" county, but I saw government specs - we have as much as 20% of the county not on broadband type services!
@Donald.McLean That'd be cool. Is it something you're going to pursue?
@Donald.McLean: How do you like telecommuting?
1:44 AM
@Tango Well, to be honest, I have a bad history of abandoning projects unless there's someone providing a little push to keep me motivated. But I think it would be really cool to have.
@Donald.McLean There's just so much to get done as it is, it's hard to keep up with other stuff.
@Tango I like telecommuting very much. Quiet, no traffic, all the comforts of home. We have really good telework infrastructure at my office. With VoIP I can even use my "office" phone from my laptop.
@Tango Exactly. The lawn doesn't cut itself.
@Donald.McLean I like working from home, or having work I do at home, but I need to change my routine so I'm up more. At my old place, with quiet suburban streets, I could take walks easily. But out here, I still have to finish the road to the barn and we don't have paths for walking yet.
2:29 AM
Q: Looking for a sci-fi book that involves Mankind's very last Starhip

KahunaThe ship was crewed by an AI and carried the "hero" thru time to battle Orbs of energy that turned out to be what Man had evolved into.

2:45 AM
Q: Iron Man. 3 gigajoules per second

Jeremy DiazHow much is 3 gigajoules per second? In the first movie he made a small reactor and said that's how much energy it produces. What I want to know is the science behind that kind of power. What it would be equivalent to if it's possible to make maybe not that small but anything at all that can make...

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4:00 AM
Q: How much data is produced for creating a high quality 3d movie?

yukashima huksayA few days ago a friend was bloating that one can learn a lot of science from watching movies and tv series like West world and Interstellar and that it's comparable to watching documentaries and reading books. And they were referring so much to this article and they were saying that 800TB simula...

4:46 AM
Wow, it really feels like the old days. Hello @Slytherincess, how are you?
Didn't you move not too long ago?
2 hours later…
6:25 AM
@Alex not all badges do though, do they? I have a doubt now.
@Jenayah All the other badges I got during the time period showed up.
@Donald.McLean blushes
@b_jonas good point! 0°C is chilly but not frozen hell, I thought Tango was a bit cold-sensitive (no offense of course :) ) and then remembered that Fahrenheit scale.
Which works both ways: from what I hear, 100 °F is like warm summer, 100°C is water boiling point :D
(under the regular 1 bar pressure)
@Jenayah And it looks like you're right:
A: Not getting achievement notifications since Winter Bash

nicaelThe fact the bronze badges like Scholar or Commentator not appearing in the dropdown isn't a bug, but a feature - many bronze badges are considered insignficant (fair enough - do you think Student is a signficant achievement), and not included in the dropdown except the very first time you get th...

Also hello @Slytherincess :) (and everyone else too!)
I don't think we've talked much
The above conversation about homes is funny (not in a bad way). I'm so used to move out and move in another place I've never thought about how I'd like my place to be
Eh as long as it can fit a German Shepherd I'm good :)
@Alex it's two years old, though
@Jenayah Closer to three, actually. But I guess they haven't changed since then?
Unless there's some other explanation.
6:40 AM
@Alex damn my math is seriously broken these days
But yeah, that may still hold actually
@Jenayah Or you were just rounding down.
By the way, I see you have finally posted on meta.stackexchange.com
@Alex aye
7:44 AM
@Jenayah Not on 1 bar, no. That would make no historical sense. The Celsius was originally calibrated to the melting and boiling point of water on standard atmospheric pressure, which makes more sense than using 1 bar. The boiling point is 99.63 °C at 1 bar of pressure.
That 1 bar is close to the standard atmospheric pressure is mostly just historical coincidence, since 1 bar is a round number in SI (10**5 Pa), and the meter and kilogram and second weren't defined with such intention.
That the density of liquid water is close to 1000 kg/m**3 is by design, the kg was originally calibrated that way. That the gravitational acceleration on Earth is close to 10 m/s**2 is an accident, but it is a consequence of these three that the period of a 1/2 meter long pendulum is close to 1/2 seconds, that water pressure increases by close to 1 atmosphere if you go 10 meters lower in the sea,
so atmospheric pumps can only pull water from close to 10 meters below them (which people figured out when people tried to use steam engines to remove water from mines).
Darn you, SE chat formatter. What's the proper way to escape double stars in chat? The easy way (HTML amp-escapes) works in posts but not in chat.
@b_jonas damn. Thanks for the clarification. I don't remember learning that, but maybe it was just so close I stuck with the idea :|
And sorry to any physicists I may have offended ;p
8:10 AM
Q: Why does house elves struggle with English grammar?

Shana TarIn the Potterverse we see house elves speak broken English. Winky is the best example House elves does what they is told. I is not liking heights at all, Harry Potter...but my master sends me to the top and I comes, sir. But in fact they all speak oddly. Given the fact that most of them see...

8:27 AM
Q: Shared consciousness or dream story

Phil JohnsonI recall reading a story when I was younger about a group of people who found themselves on the run, being pursued by "shadowy figures". In the end it was revealed that they had all shared the same consciousness or "dream" while unconscious, and the shadowy figures were the doctors trying to hel...

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12:00 PM
Q: Was Nagini the only snake which could become human?

Captain MarvelRecently launched trailer of Fantastic Beast 2: Crimes of Grindelwald has proved that being Animagus (I don't have proper word) was Nagini's inherent quality, not something assisted by Voldemort when she had became Bathilda Bagshot. Which kind of snake Nagini re...

12:21 PM
@Marvin My goodnessssssssss!
Did J.K. Rowling always have this in mind, as she says?
Or did she come up with it later?
I mean, it doesn't seem to contradict anything in the books....
OK, btw, Nagini is Voldemort's girlfriend even more confirmed. Just think of all those things he says to Nagini, and how it would sound if you said them to a human being. :) The number of Nagini/Voldemort fanfictions just tripled, I'm sure.
Looking back at what Dumbledore said, it was admirably vague, wasn't it?
12:52 PM
Q: Is Nagini the snake Harry freed on Dudley's birthday?

Bhargav “Yes, it’s rather funny, really, that next to no-one realised the snake that Harry set free in Philosopher’s Stone turned out to be Voldemort’s final Horcrux, Nagini.” — (not actually) J.K. Rowling Read this here in the morning so started thinking over this! Any clarifications?

Might need an update.
Q: Where did Voldemort find Nagini?

Gabe WillardFrom memory, Voldemort's pet snake doesn't make an appearance in the Harry Potter series until book 4, Goblet of Fire. When Nagini attacks Mr. Weasley, nobody really makes the connection between a giant snake and Voldemort. This implies that Voldemort didn't have Nagini when he was powerful the f...

As does this.
Q: How come Nagini had magical powers?

noobNagini was able to transform into Bathilda Bagshot and was waiting for Harry to come to Godric's Hollow. Did the snake have magical powers, or did Voldemort transform her into Bathilda? If it's the latter, was it possible for a normal wizard to give special powers to creatures like snakes, or is ...

And this.
Q: What does Voldemort mean when he asks Wormtail to 'milk' Nagini?

sassie “Where is Nagini?” said the cold voice. “I I don’t know, my Lord,” said the first voice nervously. “She set out to explore the house, I think. . . .” “You will milk her before we retire, Wormtail,” said the second voice. “I will need feeding in the night. The journey has tired me g...

... Let's not go there.
1:10 PM
@Jenayah I'm apparently not the only one who thinks so since my comment got 3 stars.
@Donald.McLean Yep. I starred in the evil way: beacuse it's the sort of comment that might make Jenayah think she didn't deserve it, and try to work hard after the comment to live up to it.
Sort of like when you preemptively give the Nobel Peace prize to Obama as soon as he is sworn in as president, so that he would look really silly if he starts a war with the prestigeous peace prize on his wall, thus encouraging him to be peaceful. Needs the right target of course, some sorts of presidents are immune.
And the "blushes" comment suggest that it might affect her.
@Marvin ANOTHER of that thing? Darn you.
Hmm wait. Apparently it's a question because "Recently launched trailer of Fantastic Beast 2: Crimes of Grindelwald has proved that being Animagus (I don't have proper word) was Nagini's inherent quality, not something assisted by Voldemort when she had became Bathilda Bagshot." If that is so, then we'd have to mention that in the other five questions about this.
1:37 PM
Q: Story about a military agent sent in to retrieve a spy from enemy lines

ChiefAmay The story is about a military agent with an incident in his military record (Something about a hostage situation if i remember correctly) that indicates he's soft and is not fine with mindlessly spending other lives in the name of collateral damage. This soldier is sent behind enemy lines to ret...

@Slytherincess scifi.stackexchange.com/a/195501/4918 these new updates might matter for you too, because you asked scifi.stackexchange.com/q/22033/4918
Mind you, they're invented after the fact, and I care more about what's in the books than anything J. K. Rowling invents much later.
But at least in this case she's not inventing something that clearly contradicts the seven books.
At least in this minor part. Some part of the film almost certainly will.
2:10 PM
Jesus I'm making shortened links to Wikimedia wiki pages of the form en.wikisource.org/w?curid=70091 to make them fit in the comments when the page titles would make it too long.
And I'm not doing this for one of those horrible four-line page titles (they can be up to 255 characters, but characters may have to be escaped as three characters in the URL)
I'm doing it to gain just a few dozen characters.
@Adamant Yes, it doesn't contradict the books, as proven by us giving multiple different explanations to scifi.stackexchange.com/q/14562/4918 and scifi.stackexchange.com/q/22033/4918 . I think JKR (or perhaps someone else) came up with it much later. She may have came up with it for the first Fantastic Beasts film already or something, but kept silent. She said from the start that she planned a series of those films.
@Adamant I don't take that twitter answer as seriously saying that she always had that in mind. She's just replying to a fan question and going along with it.
@SQB Ah good ones. I need to add those two to the comment.
3:01 PM
@xkcd So true.
3:13 PM
Q: short story about an exploding mountain with alien craft inside. Near by town residents killed and preserved

Christine Barnson Kedma CantorI seem to recall a story about some teens or kids who discover an alien space craft in a mountain who explodes killing everyone in threat by town. The main character goes in to become an expert in this explosion and eventually goes to Kill himself by laying down in bed with his parents who died a...

3:53 PM
@b_jonas ahah, you evil pressurer :p kidding though. "Positive" and friendly peer pressure is not necessarily a bad thing.
@b_jonas well, indeed it does.
@b_jonas out of curiosity, how do you do that? I don't see a "shortened link to that page" button (but that might be because I'm on mobile), and it seems like it could come in handy.
@b_jonas It doesn't invalidate the books, but (hearing about it for the first time now) it feels like it doesn't follow Sanderson's laws or something - she just added something new that we don't/can't really understand and in adding superficial limitations on the new stuff, may have damaged the more fundamental limitations already in place
4:11 PM
I met my dad & sister on the same day We didn’t recognize each other Dad tried to kill me I blew up his house Worst family reunion ever.
4:59 PM
@Jenayah <waves> Hello! Nice to meet you :)
Q: What alcoholic beverage is in Rick's hip-flask?

ShreedharIn Rick and Morty, Rick is an alcoholic who always has a hip-flask form which he regularly drinks. Although he's ben shown to consume other beverages (like champagne during Birdman's wedding for instance), is it ever revealed which alcoholic beverage is in Rick's personal hip-flask?

5:14 PM
@Slytherincess same!
5:24 PM
@Adamant don't the books clearly state that he never loved anyone, though?
@Jenayah Dumbledore says: Lord Voldemort has never had a friend, nor do I believe that he has ever wanted one. He also says about Nagini: I think he is perhaps as fond of her as he can be of anything
6:01 PM
@Jenayah Exactly. Love, he never had that. But fondness....
Like, in a possessive sense.
But now that we know she is or was an intelligent being....
@Adamant meh, guy's too much of a creep to try and get sense out of his feelings anyways.
Think about how many fanfics have been made canon now.
Voldemort x Bellatrix
Nagini x Voldemort
Harry x Hermione (kind of)
Next on Rowling's list:
Scorpius x Albus
Man, if Harry Potter fanfics becoming cannon is a thing, I'm going to invest in space travel and get the fuck away from this planet ASAP.
Hagrid x Hedwig
Luna x Neville
So many possibilities.
2 hours later…
8:03 PM
Q: novel about man awakening in the future on a planet with intelligent forest and feline-humanoid species

Janet ChenevertI read this story/novel in the 1970s. My recollections are : A man wakes up thousands of years in the future, on a planet which turns out to be Earth (maybe). The man had been somehow petrified, and awakened, due to electricity or lightening. The planet has beings which are feline-like and also...

8:29 PM
C'mon Smokey, you can do it.
:46911450 good.
@Mithrandir24601 Yes, it sucks, but it's not the worst one JKR has done, IMO Cursed Child is much worse (at least from the first Fantastic Beasts movie and these little snippets of info about the second; I am deliberately not watching trailers and avoiding spoilers for now).
And I simply consider the seven books and the old interviews (contemporary with the seven books or shortly after) and the old JKR webpages more authoritive for my view of HP than anything newer.
Also, hello @Mithrandir24601, I don't recall having seen you in the Restaurant yet.
@b_jonas Yeah, I completely avoided Cursed Child as well and am very glad I did, going by what I've been told about it
@b_jonas Probably not? I've been in The Quill and Tankard for a reasonable amount of time, but originally I spent virtually all my time on Worldbuilding
(reasonable = a few months)
@Jenayah It's a Mediawiki feature. Articles have stable numeric IDs, sort of like posts on SE sites, although these IDs are rarely used, the page title is generally used instead. There's also a numeric ID for each version of an article, in a separate namespace, you see those more often in URLs when you check the version history of a page. These are mostly for use by computers, not humans.
@b_jonas so I have to manually go and look for it?
ok then :)
@Jenayah There's no obvious link to the article ID. The easiest way for a human to find the article ID, but one that might fail on some Mediawiki installations, is to look at the long inline javascript block near the start of the HTML rendering, and look for the number after "wgArticleId". There are other fallback methods I can tell.
8:39 PM
For an automated script, there's a much more reliable method than trying to look in the inline script block, but that one also fails on some Mediawiki installations. I don't know a fully general and convenient method (that doesn't mean there is none).
Most of this is documented, but not very well known. I can point to some of the documentation if you care.
@b_jonas I probably won't look at it tonight, but please do so. This way, if I ever need it I can check the transcript without having to bother you :)
Of course, don't make it a priority if it takes too much of your time. It's nowhere near urgent.
@Jenayah Nah, I have the two links because I use them myself. mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Parameters_to_index.php tells about URL parameters such as curid, to tell how you write URLs of the form above. mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Main_page is the doc for "wiki/api.php",
an API of MediaWiki intended for all sorts of bots, whether read-only or read-write, running purely in a browser client-side script or as a separate program, fully automated or user-controlled. "wiki/api.php" is disabled on MediaWiki installs by default, but many wikis, including most of the ones ran by Wikimedia, enable it.
Sorry, it's actually "w/api.php", not "wiki/api.php". The "wiki/" is for simple links with the article title in the path part of the URL, the "w/" is for access through "w/index.php" where the title or other info is in query parameters, and for "w/api.php" and possibly a few others.
"wiki/" and "w/index.php" are basically the same interface, but the latter is more general such as because of that curid thing, and the former can be shorter or easier to type
And that interface has various special pages and parameters that render the output to something entirely different than the normal human-oriented HTML view.
Because of that, "api.php" isn't the only API that's reasonable for a bot to use, they might use one of those special formats with parameters to URLs, or some special pages like Special:Export and Special:Import , but api.php is very general, so usually anything you can do with index.php you can also do with api.php if it's enabled on the wiki.
On any wiki, the Special:SpecialPages special page (eg. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:SpecialPages ) lists all "special pages", which are pseudo-pages in the Special: namespace, that are not editable articles, but services directly by a part of the MediaWiki code or an extension, but with HTML interfaces mostly aimed for use by a human.
There are a lot of useful ones among these, I go to Special:AllPages directly the most often, but there are links on the normal page interface to eg. Special:Logs and Special:Contributions .
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:B_jonas#Wikipedia_bookmarks and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… has some other useful links I sometimes refer to, some specific to en.Wikipedia, some general for Wikimedia wikis, and some for any Mediawiki.
9:00 PM
Okay, thanks for the links and explanations! :)
9:19 PM
Smokey, do your magic again.
Should look at that quota stuff again/
@Mithrandir is that command only available to Charcoal team?
@Jenayah could give it to you fairly easily, just create a pull request in the appropriate place or ping someone with code access
@Mithrandir where's that/who's that?
obligatory link you to charcoal-se.org/training before pinging someone
9:26 PM
@Mithrandir I'll read that, thanks.
I think it's great, tbh. I totally ship Nagini and Voldy now.
I'm going to write a fan-fiction now.
I'll call it "Dinner, Nagini."
@Adamant well, at least when people come to ask for an ID for this very fanfic of yours, someone will be able to answer.
Unrelated. Anyone here watching the Worldbuilding sandbox from time to time?
9:45 PM
@Jenayah lol
I've just posted a question draft, and I know I'll get feedback from the people there, but I'd also enjoy feedback from you guys because, since you know me (well, I mean, you know me better than the good people of WB, the community of which I'm a complete stranger to) and might then grasp my point faster than them.
Also, because I wrote stuff. And I like to share stuff that I produced, with people I like :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

JenayahWhy would a secretly evil company choose an "official" evil-sounding name? corporations names Upon reviewing a post at SFF.SE, I learned that The Maze Runner featured an organization called WICKED. Having never read the books nor seen the movies, I reckoned that it was one of those tropey well-...

If he does, put it to the old meta thread https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/2474/4918 "
Have we had ANY professionals participate in SFF?". I know it probably wouldn't match "professional" ("probably" because there are writers earning money from fan-fiction, I've met one), but the thread already has answers of that sort.
.oO(This pop song is rather ruined by the rhythm of the lyrics being a bad match to the rhythm of the music, and this being very apparent from the performance. I have to grudgingly admit that the Hungarian language has that problem more often than some other languages.)
(The most commonly cited such song is Vörösmarty's Szózat hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sz%C3%B3zat , much less excusable than this song because Egressy made an original musical composition for the poem, rather than the poem being written for an existing music composition, and often cited because the song is often performed (though often without lyrics), and the very first line is terrible in this respect.)
@b_jonas by the way, by the looks of it shouldn't TLC's answer on Rocket's repair tool be included in those lists?
Q: Gargoyles (1972) - A different ending?

hrhIn my search for a movie or TV episode from the 1950's or early 60's with talking termite or ant-like creatures (see my question for that subject) I have read many plot summaries and re-viewed a number of vintage movies and shows with insects or other creatures. A few nights ago it was Gargoyles ...

A: Where did Rocket's repair tool come from?

TheLethalCarrotI asked James Gunn, the director of Volumes 1 and 2, on Twitter and it turns out Rocket didn’t invent the device. In fact, he stole it (because it was expensive). Gunn also gave some insight to how it works. @CarrotLethal: Hello! Did Rocket create the repair tool he uses on the Milano or was...

9:56 PM
@Jenayah Let me look, I don't recall having seen that answer.
@Jenayah Yes. I'm not good at [marvel], but as far as I can see, that can go to the list (check that it's not already there yet first).
Feel free to add it yourself.
@b_jonas alright
There's also this one...
A: What is the Hong Kong Businessman shouting before he tries to jump out the window?

mirrorbootI was able to contact David Forman ("Hong Kong Businessman") himself: I showed this to several people fluent in Mandarin and they were unable to comprehend what he said, so it looks like this was overdubbed.

... but if I'm being honest that Gmail screenshot isn't of much evidence value.
10:29 PM
Q: Was Obi-Wan-Kenobi assuming the same pose of the Jedha statue before he self-sacrifice?

Wilfredo Molina After watching for the nth time Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, it looks to me that Obi-Wan-Kenobi, just before he sacrifices himself in the lightsaber duel with Darth Vader, assumes the same pose of the giant fallen Jedi statue in the desert planet of Jedha in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story....

Q: Where does Koloss skin come from?

amflareAs Koloss grow, their skin goes from super loose to stretching and breaking. It was a creature of smaller size—perhaps six feet tall. It was man-shaped, with two arms and legs, though its neck was hard to distinguish. It was completely bald. The oddest feature, however, was its blue skin, whi...

10:45 PM
@b_jonas done, by the way. And no, even without text search it couldn't have been since the latest activity was prior to TLc's answer.
@Jenayah I have commented there.
@Alex replied :)
Though I did not see your second comment right away because I'm on mobile (no autoloader)
We kind of say the same stuff though, so that's a good thing.
And yeah, I'll probably edit that in. However, rants about mobile editing being a blight
11:02 PM
@Jenayah Funny, when I wrote my third comment I didn't see you say that you didn't see my second comment, so it might be somewhat redundant.
@Jenayah Eh, the number of times I've given up on an edit because it became too complicated for my phone...
That's why you don't do serious business on your phone, let alone use SE in any way that's not exclusively read-only. No "responsive" design ain't gonna change nothin' 'bout that.
@NapoleonWilson I've posted comments, and the occasional answer from my phone, as long as they're not too complex. Edits are particularly complicated because it's hard to move around within the text.
Q: 1984 and Philologists

Blueevent47This is a question I have for those trained in the classics and have read the novel, 1984. One of the minor characters in the novel is a man called Syme, who works on Newspeak. He waxes eloquently about the beauty of destroying words and how that will fundamentally change the way people will ...


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