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12:17 AM
Any good charities for women in tech?
(some 501(c)(3)s I see: girlswhocode, blackgirlscode. anyone has any info on these two?)
@Ave i haven't like in depth investigated them but i'm familiar with them and they seem legit and doing good things
I'll go with blackgirlscode then
12:40 AM
Q: How can you make a iron pickaxe break iron bars in MCPE 1.13?

ZaresademeI would also like to know how to upload a map to MCPE Addons because I want to relate some or two worlds that are really cool!

1:08 AM
Welp, this sucks. I've got a bugged patient. He's dead, but he refuses to die.
@Frank cancer
you need to flood the hospital with radiation
@Memor-X Nah. I just closed the treatment room he was blocking, and that seemed to have killed him.
@Frank Hospitals around the world struggle with this problem every day
@Wipqozn Yeah, but they can at least trust physics and entropy to take care of the problem.
My patient died as he was entering a toilet stall.
Time for a "How do I kill my dying patient?" question
1:15 AM
So now...he doesn't move. And he's blocking my ability to complete the level.
@Frank can you pick up patients? Have you tried sending them home?
@Wipqozn Can't. He's dead. The option to send him home is gone.
@Ave This was an opt in feature for testing, Guess they rolled it out for everyone
It’s not terribly useful IMO unless you’re a recruiter trying to read a GH profile and trying to distinguish if the user is actually writing code or just creating issues
Okay, well, I think I figured it out. But I think I have a zombie until I finish the level.
@Frank use this opportunity to cure zombieism before the apocalypse starts
1:24 AM
iOS keyboard’s shift key is driving me nuts
@Memor-X Sadly, I can't actually interact with him in any sense.
Q: How do I convince my patient that he's actually dead?

FrankI've got a patient I don't know how to deal with. You see...he's dead. But I can't tell him that; he's stuck trying to go to the bathroom. His case of deadness struck just as he was entering the stall, and now all he does is stand there. Blocking the door to the toilet stall. People go around...

For some reason it doesn’t seem to automatically detect where the start of a sentence is. Even weirder it seems to have memory, in that it’ll actually remember which letter you capitalised, so if you move your cursor back to that letter the shift key automatically turns itself on
I don’t understand this design decision. Maybe it’s just me that accidentally hit the shift key when tying Z or ?
@Lazers2.0 @Wipqozn You were saying?
1:39 AM
@Frank Excellent
Q: What are the requirements for the different endings in Ys VIII?

bwDracoI've read that Ys VIII has three different endings, which depends primarily on your reputation score, but it also looks like there are additional requirements for the best (true) ending, and there is conflicting information for the amount of reputation needed (e.g. it appears the requirement is l...


Proposed Q&A site for magicians, studiers of magic, and people who are interested in magic.

Currently in definition.

^^^ Haven't really gotten into the game in earnest (need to finish Memories of Celceta first), but went ahead and asked this question. (@Memor-X)
Also... am I really the first person to ask an Ys VIII () question?
@bwDraco It wouldn't surprise me. The games have been around for a while, but I think they have a fairly small fan base. Plus it looks like that's on Vita, which was also has a small fanbase.
(see also pending suggested edit on tag wiki excerpt)
The tag was named to be consistent with the site's tag naming conventions (use full subtitle where possible but always use Arabic numerals for numbers in a series)
1:58 AM
@Lazers2.0 @Frank Nah, nah - he's just resting, look; [nudges Frank's screen] there, he moved.
2:11 AM
@bwDraco yeh when i start the series i'm starting at the first game and since that's on PC i'm holding off until i get my new PC
2:40 AM
Q: Which way do the fade sliders in Skyrim go?

catI've looked around the web before but never clearly understood (and never observed the effects in-game from) these sliders. What do the "Object Fade", "Grass Fade", "Light Fade" etc sliders mean, and which way (to the right, or to the left) does what? Does putting a slider to the right (fillin...

1 hour later…
3:40 AM
Q: How can I get the shop worker's luxuries need met?

Tim S.The only method I have found to satisfy the "luxuries" need for inmates is via a shop. My problem is that the inmate who works there is one of the biggest troublemakers because his luxuries need is never met, because he can never buy stuff from his own shop! Below is the screen capture of what I'...

4:00 AM
@TrentHawkins I laughed harder at this than I think was necessary but still
@Ash Aah, good! I was afraid my efforts would have gone unappreciated. @Frank might have inferred that I was referencing something, But I'm not sure he'd work out the source.
I followed :)
@TrentHawkins this is the internet, who is going to miss a pining for the fjords reference?
Although I was prepared to go so far as to tell him to send the patient to the Bolton Hospital...
@GodEmperorDune @Frank. Although we've probably given him enough context clues to google it now.
4:25 AM
Q: Are there quantifiable benefits to using a frame rate higher than a multiplayer games server tick rate?

kamahayaI was having a conversation about video games with a friend, and we got to talking about frame rates. I just got a 144Hz monitor, and my friend swears that he will stick to 60Hz, because there is no benefit to multiplayer games. We had this conversation with Rainbow 6 Siege in mind, but it should...

1 hour later…
5:41 AM
Q: What do cocoons do?

ThyrsoidMouse73From the description, I know it's something to do with cloning but that's about it so can anyone explain with more detail about what it does?

6:05 AM
Q: VitualNes on pc has some problems

MEDLEYI love the NES game "Mighty Final Fight". I want to use cheats to make the game even more fun to play but whenever I type cheat code (most of them are not considered as cheat codes by virtual nes ) which are recognised by Virtual nes and I even enable them 'always' but I did not see any effect of...

2 hours later…
7:57 AM
Q: Are there "encyclopedia" sites with games descriptions?

SaraI'm looking for database like sites which describes as many PC and Console games as it is possible. At this moment I've found: https://www.gamepressure.com/games/ And I'm looking for more services like this. Metacritic has huge database, but it doesn't have game descriptions. So - Are there m...

8:09 AM
I moved from wpa_supplicant to iwd earlier today
I like it
It's much more lightweight, uses kernel crypto, is much more linuxy
my wifi stuffs are much more fluid
and jfc I can't breathe, the guy next to me just smoked and is on phone and there's so much cig smell
8:22 AM
Q: Why can't we ask questions that are just discussed?

ThyrsoidMouse73I don't see anything wrong with it so why can't we ask questions that are just discussed?

8:49 AM
bridge, it's surprising but
i made money off bitcoin
i used to have $20, now i have $25
Q: Its there anyway to set up a LAN game on DotA 2?

Khahoe TanSometimes I would like to play DotA 2 with my friends but the internet connection are needed even that we are playing against bot. The internet connection in my country is not very stable sometime and we just wish to play it through the LAN so nobody would face the lag issue. Is there anyway I c...

9:19 AM
Hey bridge
hey kev
3 hours later…
12:11 PM
@Ave This is the worst.
Q: Are there mmorpgs that you can play co-op behind same device?

Odif YltsaebBackground - i bought xbox for gaming with my gf. We have played stuff like overcooked and chariot and borderlands - the usual co-op games. But i'm hoping there would be something we could play together for longer time. I really enjoyed games like wow and eso for a while some time ago and i woul...

1:06 PM
this quest is giving lore to a stealth "if you get caught you'll just start over a bit back"
("I'm casting a spell on you that will make it so that if you get caught you'll get teleported back a bit and your discoverer's memory will be wiped")
@Unionhawk which game?
1:26 PM
@Wipqozn osrs
which is approximately oot stealth mechanics
except you can't frame perfect sidehop out of sight
1:47 PM
there we go, done with that section, god
1:59 PM
Q: Recover hexxit world with region files (Minecraft, Hexxit)

bro5everI found the region files (MCA) from my lost Minecraft Hexxit world and wanted to use them to recover the world. I created an empty world and replaced its region files with the ones from my lost world, but when opened it, it didn't do anything. I then tried viewing my lost world region files with ...

2:14 PM
Q: What happens if you get hooked while you're getting pinned?

noClueI got this random scenario in my head recently, which I wanted to test myself but can't currently. Suppose you get pinned by an enemy Reinhardt and then, while Reinhardt is charging away with you, you get hooked by an enemy Roadhog. What happens? Does the hook get broken? Does it not connect at a...

2:29 PM
Which cheese is the best for disguising horses? Mascarpone
Cc @ash @Yuuki @Wipqozn on this thread of cheese puns
> What's a "nice" guy's least favorite cheese?
> Chad-der.
> What's 4chan's favorite cheese?
> REEEEEE-cotta.
3:05 PM
3:37 PM
4:03 PM
CAT/CT and MRI are fundamentally different methods.
@MadScientist So what you're saying is that actually dogs can operate MRI machines but CATSCAN't?
4:20 PM
Hm, so what do you guys think of these two prebuilts: One or Two
One of my coworkers is looking to get a desktop
They both look pretty good, but I don't know enough about AMD to be able to compare the two
@MadScientist ;I am glad I am not the only one who was like "wait a second"
@SaintWacko According to this article, the AMD model slightly edges out the Nvidia. And the builds you posted have an AMD 4GB card vs. a Nvidia 3GB card.
@Yuuki That's kind of what I was leaning towards recommending
Especially since that one has twice as much ram, too
not a fan of either one. 120GB SSD is a bit tiny, the AMD CPU is a bit outdated (not that bad, though). 16GB RAM is nice, I'd be cautious about a 3GB RAM GPU, that could become a hard limit very quickly
@MadScientist Yeah, I'm leaning towards the AMD one
4:34 PM
It's very difficult to compare the CPUs by spec for prebuilt computers, as OEMs can set a target TDP which drastically limits the CPU performance.
4:59 PM
Q: Right click paper to give premission

TheMiningTeamI am making a minecraft server (via MineHut) and can't install the craftbook plugin. So I wondered if it was possible to do a comamnd that created a paper (or another item) when you right clicked with it it would give the player a sertant prefix or allow them to do a command that they didn't have...

@PrivatePansy nah I opted in
@Staravia ifkr
bridge I did a very hard joycon mod and I'm proud of myself (even tho it's a bit messy, I didn't destroy anything)
People really want Nintendo to announce Animal Crossing for Switch
@Wipqozn that'd be cool.
I actually think that it might happen.
Someone needs to play this little cat cafe game I have been playing so they can answer my questions lol
the direct will probably be big
stuff to look forward for: 6.0.0, NSO launch, potentially captain toad 2, maybe even dark souls release date
5:14 PM
Q: What symbols match which personality types?

AshOften a daily task will ask me to match people with cats of a certain personality type (friendly, playful etc). The problem is, they give the me task in words, but the customers/cats show them as little icons. Some I can kinda tell what they should be but I have trouble with knowing the actual in...

oh and maybe nes/snes style controllers for switch
5:30 PM
@Ave yeah I want it really bad
@Ave I think they already announced the dark souls release
Oct 19
5:44 PM
Q: Does Ps plus stacks or not?

Nano33 If I have an active account with a working ps plus, what happens if I buy another ps plus card and redeemed it? Does it stacks, it says there is an error or I have just wasted my money?

@Lazers2.0 lmao
6:43 PM
@Ash I just started playing it today so I have no idea how it works, but there are cats
And humans I guess
Q: Best way to increase hospital value?

Arin ZandbergenI forgot the name of it but I'm on the location where you first gain access to the Marketing room. One of the requirements to get 3 stars is to raise the hospital value to $5M. When I got to the point where the other two requirements were checked off, my value was at about $2.5M. I have purchased...

@ToxicFrog There are cats! And people!
Its pretty simple, but the kitties are cute
Well, I'm never doing that again. Legs hurt after walking 14km...
@TrentHawkins Wow!
Had a dentist appointment downtown, came up from the underground concourse and figured "screw the bus, it's a nice day, I'll walk, and hatch some eggs in Pokemon Go." ... ... 4 hours later.
6:57 PM
@TrentHawkins Yikes. I did 12km yesterday and my legs want to murder me, but that was over the course of the day, not like...in one go.
Did you get some good stuff in Pokemon Go at least?
@Ash Nothing THAT great; An Eevee, a little progres towards some of the 400-candy evolutions, hatched a couple starters, endless pidgeys to evolve for XP... spun a LOT of Pokestops downtown.
(An my phone's battery hit 5% after 3/5ths of the journey, so I closed pokemon go and activated "ultra-powersaving-mode" for the rest of the way.)
awww, boo
7:17 PM
> Esport "killer games" aren't right for Olympics, says IOC, "We cannot have ... a game which is promoting violence."
Uhh... I agree that e-sports don't really belong in the Olympics, but that's not the reasoning I would've gone with.
Especially when you have multiple rifle events in the Winter Olympics and several martial arts events in the Summer.
I suspect the fact that you're not intending to "kill" in those the way you do in e-sports (aka actual character "death" is assumed to be a thing) is where teh difference is?
(Although I've always thought as Olympics as physical prowess stuff so putting e-sports in there feels weird)
@Ash I guess that stuff is more abstracted in Olympic sports than it is in most e-sports games.
@Ash Oh, I agree that e-sports shouldn't be in the Olympics, just not for the reason that they promote violence.
@Yuuki yeah, the reasoning is weird
That also doesn't even cover all big e-sports (c.f. Rocket League)
Well, yeah but I am assuming they're referring to like LOL and DOTA and all of that, which is what most people think of
Like why not just say "we don't like it because it's computer games"
Use the physical prowess argument or something idk
7:28 PM
Probably, I'm just pointing out even more reasons it's a stupid argument
I mean, there are also legitimate concerns that pretty much all e-sports are owned wholly by single companies (Rocket League and Psyonix; League of Legends and Riot Games; DOTA 2 + CS:GO and Valve).
@ToxicFrog giggles I am sure there are plenty, this whole thing is very silly on their part
@Yuuki oooh, good point there
@Yuuki I think CS:GO is run primarily through ESL and ESEA but I might be wrong
also yeah about half of all olympic events are literally war drills lol
@Ash Should be in TIF?
Awww shit, so it should be
damn it
7:35 PM
Thank you, you were faster than me
pew pew
I wonder...
Hmm nope, you cannot move "X messages moved to" messages to other rooms.
Nope, you can't touch that audit message at all as a non-mod
only mods can edit them to go "nothing to see here, (removed)"
also wooooo our website is officially https
take that google chrome
we're secure now
no more information circle and "not secure" notice for us
(once we turn on github "enforce https")
8:00 PM
Q: Why is screen refresh rate considered important? (And should I worry about it?)

NafineI'm shopping for a laptop. I prefer high pixel density displays. In a 15.6-inch laptop screen, 1080p looks blurry to me. 4K resolution looks much better. Here is the problem. Nearly all gaming laptops have 1080p screens. Very few are available with 4K screens, and those are expensive. My unders...

8:10 PM
Q: Shining Force (LoGI) final team

Arnab ChowdhuryWhich team members would be best for my final team against Dark Dragon in Shinig Force LoGI? I'm gonna train them all by first promoting them at level 20 and then slowly leveling them upto level 20 after promotion.

8:20 PM
oh my god
this section of code has #regions that make indenting look wrong and awful
8:46 PM
Q: is there a way to calculate how much damage a weapon does at a certain level?

Awesome Gamer 333I want to know if there is a way to know the stats of a weapon at any given level. for example: if I have a level 1 seigebreaker schematic it does x damage at level 1 I can also see that it does x amount of damage when it's level 2. Is there a way that I can see how much damage it does at levels ...

alright, i added gaming and gaming.meta to my dark theme extension and i can actually use the site now with the new theme
oh good
oooooooh :D
He's the first to evolve
Which is good because he'll be the star of the next gym, Bug City
8:52 PM
how the main site looks for me now
Provided he doesn't die he'll be the star for a few gyms
and how meta looks
1 hour later…
10:07 PM
I'm currently in a meeting where my manager's manager is presenting what we're working on to his manager's new manager
That sounds super exciting
10:45 PM
We're excited to announce Maidens of Michael is now available on @GOGcom! https://www.gog.com/game/a_kiss_for_the_petals_maidens_of_michael
I just got told I was the perkiest most helpful CSR someone has spoken to in a very long time and it made me giggle
(I do have a very happy sounding CSR voice, because positivity goes a loooong way. It's just funny when people point it out)
10:59 PM
@Dragonrage oo, links to the css?
Q: pokemon go: no pokemon spawning at my house

Miahi keep my phone on for hours, even though there are pokemon nearby they never come over my house so I can never catch them

@Dragonrage oh, that's much nicer than what The Dark Reader does to it
ouch, google logged me out because I'm back in ankara
now I have to login to 4 accounts manually
11:19 PM
@ToxicFrog i use stylus and some custom themes that i modified slightly
a goat, in a pocket.
Cc @ash @TheMattbat999
11:34 PM
@TimStone evolved!
@GodEmperorDune how smol is that
@Memor-X literally pocket sized
11:50 PM
@GodEmperorDune SO SMOL
(Although the pocket would have to be decently big, even if this is like a baby pygmy goat)
@Ash yeah it's not like a fake pocket on lady jeans (which are the WOOOOOOOORST)
@GodEmperorDune oh gosh
like the kind where they give you just the design that looks liek pocket is bad
@Ash they are so terrible
but worst are the like half inch opened ones where you THINK there should be more pocket and then there is not
this is like good stretchy sweater pocket
@Ash yesssss, these ones that like can fit a chapstick and nothing else
that's what i was thinking of
11:55 PM
They're terrible
and second gym leader down. @Staravia solo'd the whole thing. He almost died since I like to gamble with the lives of my pokemon apparently, but I was pretty sure he'd survive the attack and I was right!
my tongue: *slaps roof of mouth* me: ɾ
i think @ash will get this one
because IPA
esoteric memes are the new dank memes
@GodEmperorDune hahahahahahahhahahahah
(I had to make the sound with my face before I got it)
(also I like that teh person's reply is all "if you say this isn't palatal I am muting you" because IT IS PALATAL like come on just try making the sound with your face)

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