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4:37 AM
@Jenayah hmm, from what I’d heard it was much smaller than that, but I don’t really know much...
4:48 AM
@Edlothiad I'll wait with awarding the bounty, it you think you have an even better answer than Matt.
5:24 AM
Again, it would come to an identical conclusion, it would merely address the various confusions and changes of date Tolkien went through.
But if you're willing to wait, I could compose it over the next few days and post it, and leave it to your best judgement.
1 hour later…
6:38 AM
@Edlothiad oh possibly, lemme check
Blimey indeed only 0.5%
Thought so.
7 hours later…
1:52 PM
Have the imgur image extensions stopped working? i.e. adding m to make them smaller
@TheLethalCarrot dunno but that damn cover in my story-ID answer didn't want to comply
I couldn't get it to work either but checking some of my old posts the m'd images look fine
Adding b to crop to a square seems to work still too
@TheLethalCarrot s worked too but it's too small
Aye the crop square ones work but the scaling ones don't seem too
And for the anecdote I already went to the resizing process since the original was even larger ahah
oh I thought those were handled the same way
wait didn't Valorum report a problem with imgur some time ago?
lemme check
Nevermind it was Kevin:
@ThePopMachine: Comparing against the grainy blown-up image that I can now actually see, I don't see any obvious differences compared to Valorum's link. Maybe the cup is a bit shallower? But it's hard to tell with her thumb covering it. — Kevin 10 hours ago
dunno if it's related
2:01 PM
Might be, incidentally that was the post I was trying to fix
@TheLethalCarrot imgur is slightly borked at the moment
Nick Craver is a bit annoyed at them
That's what I assumed
Aye so this is the chat! Hello :)
Hello :)
I am very displeased with a certain ops team at the moment. Biting my tongue and hoping they're just having a colossally bad day. The number of mistakes and outages I'm informing them of is getting ridiculous for one day.
@lephe *waves*
2:04 PM
Just to be sure, is there any known issue with i.stack.imgur redirecting to itself? Just discovered I can't see any of the images out there.
Yes, see the above linked Tweet and the self-reply.
(foul language so not oneboxing)
Funny though
@lephe Hi there! ;D
Alright, guess I'll stop trying to clear my cache/cookies/everything since it's not a local problem ^^
So @lephe if you wanted the complete story of the story-id, and some Google tweaks at the same time
I think my first query was roman prison labyrinthe cube
Google algorithms and popular trends showed a lot of Maze Runner results, unsurprizingly
so to be sure not to get them Maze Runner I excluded the author's name with -dashner
this way I don't even have to bother with French translation or original English when excluding results, all Maze Runner pages likely containing the author's name somewhere
Then I just removed cube from the query, without totally excluding it: this way the movie doesn't show up, but the pages containing the word cube aren't excluded
Then I started to search for "fille du directeur"
2:15 PM
I found out about the - exclusion the day I looked up a command-line option which looked like -ffreestanding... x)
The query at this point was then roman prison labyrinthe "fille du directeur" -dashner
This query has surprizing results, one with Norwegian literature, one with "suicide incitation" or something
That's when you know Maze Runner is too popular of a "jail" book to be excluded anymore
so the query becomes roman prison labyrinthe "fille du directeur"
... which has Incarceron as the first result (and now your answer just below). ^^
(keep in mind that when you do all that, Google also analyse this stuff and is likely to push up the results it thinks you're after)
@lephe indeed
So once you have a title, the scope is narrowed and you can start searching for more specific stuff
For instance incarceron wrist cube
which pops some kind of an in-universe tattoo
Oh, so Dashner being cited in "see also" or "similar" categories doens't help indeed.
so you know you can get wrist out of the query (without excluding it) because it's likely that every content will be related to said tattoo
that's when the cube makes his big return
so we have incarceron cube which doesn't display much more info on the front page
then the story-ID tweak for books is that Goodreads is full of reviews which disclose the content of a lot of books
So you limit to goodreads with incarceron cube site:goodreads.com
First and second results are the books' pages on Goodreads, third one is someone's review which mention how the prison is contained in a pocket watch
And there you have it ;D
(yeah 'cause the asker sometimes remembers things a bit wrong - not a problem of course -, so some of your keywords, wrist here, wouldn't have showed up the right stuff... But an easy hunt is not fun :) )
2:26 PM
Wow, not bad. Let me review my opinion about the power of search engines... there. :)
Well, I thought that was the risk : one the one hand you have to give as many details as possible, on the other hand, getting something wrong is clearly misleading so... :x
Aye always try and give as much as you can
If you're unsure on something just say so :)
Well I was sure about the bracelet xD Too bad!
@lephe hehe and now if I want to show off a bit I'd tell you that once you got the ropes, you can do that in ~5-10 minutes... :) (20 minutes between your asking of the question, my comment for the guide, my searching, my finding, my phrasing of an answer and posting it, though the review quoted came later)
But that's showing off :p
@lephe agreed with TLC, give as much as you can
The people searching for the book will sort out what's relevant or not
On the showing off note I finally hit 30k overnight
@Jenayah : Well you did find it in that short time so that's deserved ^^

Now I'm pretty used to doing this in programming tasks, browsing documentation and the likes, but there are a lot more "unambiguous keywords" like that "ffreestanding" I mentioned, so it's certainly easier to find.
2:34 PM
@TheLethalCarrot congrats! :D
@lephe ahah yeah some commands are tricky though
pandas much? :p
(not really a command but you get what I mean)
Well I guess the 30k and "top 0.1% this year" are not unrelated...?
@lephe the percentages are debatable honestly
Make no mistake TLC's a big contributor with good quality posts ;D
How are they calculated?
2:37 PM
But look at this: scifi.stackexchange.com/…
Lots of new users not posting anything
So you get up in this ranking quite easily
On a side note: why does TheLethalCarrot not show up in the users page you linked?
that's for new users
Ups there are tabs on the right side. Nvm xD
Well I guess level-0 accounts is something no forum/Q&A/etc will ever get rid of...
Like, I'm third on this ranking but that's only because I posted 4-5 Harry Potter answers (so more visible) and got a bounty for an answer I posted in April/May (bounty courtesy of TLC by the way :p ), but I wouldn't say I contribute as much as other users
I have the 20000 rep magic powers now!
I wonder what they are
2:41 PM
I mostly lurk nowadays... unless I happen to have a question or see an interesting one that I can answer :P
@b_jonas Nice, congrats!
Also, said answers happened early in the month and we're only the 8th so that's due to change ahah
You can VTD answers, and vote to undelete them, and edit tag wikis unilaterally. You can VTD questions that have a score of -3 or lower as soon as they are closed.
@b_jonas you get a free coffee button ahah
@Jenayah Funny...
in The Sphinx's Lair, Sep 17 '16 at 17:23, by Rand al'Thor
in Mos Eisley, Oct 4 '15 at 21:21, by Praxis
@randal'thor : 10k is when you get instant healing, x-ray vision, and the ability to see 15 seconds into the future. 20k, you get improved stamina, and 25k you get a Starbucks gift card.
2:42 PM
@Mithrandir lol I did not know that
That's at 25k, not 20k ;)
I guess coffee is just a trope ;D
@lephe indeed. Bit sad though :/
It doesn't mean you can't exclude one-time visitors from your statistics, though.
Oh! I can reap havoc editing tag wikis without anyone overseeing me!
Maybe "top 0.1% this year" could ignore all users that did not participate this year (or maybe it does already?)
2:45 PM
@lephe sure, but you could also implement "overall statistics" and "weighed statistics" which only account for contributing users
And I can vote to delete stuff, whcih is not very different from flagging them in certain ways, but sure.
Also, I am a "trusted user". Mwhahahaha again!
I can still fall under 20000 by downvotes or bounties of course.
@b_jonas : Is that really a risk?
Meanwhile, I still should figure out how to ask that Harry Potter question about apparition.
@Jenayah FWIw the leagues are updated once daily whereas I think the user page is updated more often
@lephe I am not very active now so I only gain rep in a slow trickle. I'm at 20001 now, and I had been over 19500 for ages.
2:48 PM
@b_jonas ಠ_ಠ
Basically I don't have much time to post anything.
Or I choose to spend my time elsewhere.
@TheLethalCarrot ok ok, but as I said we should also remember that it's still the 8th so not relevant ahah
I don't even read all questions, so there can be questions I miss that I might be able to answer.
I mean, I don't even read the title of all questions in my watched tags.
So you're not gaining rep on past questions being upvoted by new users?
Well, on the other hand, story-identification questions are a bit personal... '-'
@lephe oh sure he is
Just that since said questions aren't on the homepage anymore, you gotta find the new user who will wander its way until those posts
@lephe indeed they are, so they get way less rep than more popular ones (such as HP/GoT) while being this site's top tag
2:52 PM
The posts also show up on search engines, for certain communities (eg. computing, but not only) it's pretty easy to find answers dating back several years.
@lephe well the thing is that SFF isn't exactly a "help" site such as SU/SO/Unix&Linux etc
So the questions you search for on Google are likely to show up fanbase works and stuff before SFF
(again, it's only a "general" trend)
@lephe Yes, but it's only a trickle.
Sometimes I get a single upvote to posts that I have just linked from another post, a comment, or chat.
@lephe with regards to what I said before, look at this:
Q: How did you find out about this site?

Often RightI'm just curious as to how people found out about this site, so I'm running a bit of a survey here. Basically, if someone has provided an answer to the titular question already, upvote it. Otherwise, post your own answer! After about a month or two (providing I remember), I'll update this ques...

@lephe I don't really do story-id, I have only a few posts there.
Most of my posts are old Harry Potter one
Off the hat, I can see 60-70% "I came from Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange/Hot Network Questions"
Some "I searched for Star Wars stuff about XYZ" (read: top tag)
And a couple of odd ones like "it was in a sites ranking" or "I was looking for XYZ book"
2:59 PM
@Jenayah Yes, but mind you, those are the users who wander on meta and answer such questions. They're likely to be experienced SE users.
That "Hot Network Questions" is a damn good idea. Destroys my productivity, but it proves really interesting.
Most users who find their way won't comment on that meta.
@b_jonas True dat
@lephe hehe how do you think I got there in the first place
@b_jonas you're in HNQ btw ;D
@Jenayah wtf
which questino?
@b_jonas don’t think I won’t see them... Well maybe not the ones with <50 questions
3:03 PM
@Edlothiad They're well hidden. I think even the 15000 review tools won't list my tag wiki edits now.
You can find them in SEDE or dumps thouhg.
You underestimate how much time I spend on the site
And I can't recall if the stackAPI can list them.
Diamond moderators probably have their own magic to notice of course.
@b_jonas ok I'll be honest, it was actually a Worldbuilding question, which made me think "my, the sites on this network are great. Wonder if there's another which would be like that?"
This question:
Q: How would it make sense that spellbooks or grimoires teach only one wizard?

jhockingWhen I saw this other question about one somewhat illogical aspect of spellbooks in JRPG games I remembered another somewhat illogical aspect about JRPG spellbooks: How would it make sense that spellbooks or grimoires teach only one spell? How can it be made logical that each spellbook only teac...

So I browsed the sites and settled on SFF, I liked the story-ID notably, they seemed fun
I lurked big time before I actually made an account
I only joined once I had the answer to a story-ID question
...And the guy self-answered 5 minutes before I'd finished and posted my answer :(
Q: Story about a girl whose thoughts magically happen

Quentin BeuveletI just started to search for a series of books I read about 10 years ago. I read it in French, but don't know if it was from a French author. It tells the story of a girl (and probably her friend, not sure if it's this story or another one) who can magically make things become real just by think...

I don’t need APIs or programming tools, just a scroll wheel click and an internet connection.,
@Jenayah Today you answered my question before I could answer your comment about my question. If that's not an improvement... :)
3:09 PM
@lephe Well, all Padawans learn eventually... :)
('xcept when they're slaughtered but you know what I mean)
There was scifi.stackexchange.com/a/96703/4918 when I thought I knew what story the person was thinking of, but nope. It matched all too well to his question.
Still, it got me this:
@b_jonas I've finally got round to reading it and it was excellent! — Ben C Mar 31 '17 at 21:08
Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of Star Wars' universe, so I won't know if you think about someone precisely... I get the general idea though.
There are a few I recognize, but I'm not the FGITW.
@b_jonas wow that's great, the guy actually gave you feedback! :D
Most of my story-id answers are just guesses that are unlikely to match.
@Jenayah And he self-answered.
3:13 PM
@lephe damn so I provide a Star Wars example even if I'm not a fan either, just 'cause I think it'll flow more easily or something, and I provide it right to another fellow non-Star Wars fan. I guess not all Padawans learn xD
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/78658/4918 is one where I was the FGITW
Well no, I wasn't.
There were two incorrect answers before.
And I took more than 24 hours so it's not really a fast gun either.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/45209/4918 is the one where I really was the FGITW
@b_jonas It's an effective gun. That's what matters.
although it helps that there are, for some reason, too few Asimov fans here
And oh hey, Andy Weir story? Superpower which allows you to get anywhere? Ok, I'm in and I'll read that ASAP :D
@Jenayah Would a cunning Djinn in the streets of London be more to your liking ? :)
3:16 PM
Seriously, newbies keep asking story-id for "Profession" and "The last question" like ALL the time. You'd think if you want to answer story-id questions, it's worth to read some of the other Asimov books too, because lots of people read them.
Heck, you can even get by if you read the short summaries in asimovreviews.net which I link most of the time when I answer anything about Asimov.
@Jenayah Yes precisely, good catch!
Don't know that book. I guess if you quote it first, you'd recommend it :^)
In scifi.stackexchange.com/a/40131/4918 , another Asimov, I was the FGITW, but the OP reasonably awarded the check mark to the answer that was posted a few minutes later and gives more details.
@lephe eheh djinn london has fashion results but I remembered you knew French and djinn londres has the book as the third result
3:21 PM
Hmm. Should I edit scifi.stackexchange.com/a/40132/4918 ? Foundation and Earth isn't really where Daneel's involvement is first revealed. That's Prelude to Foundation.
@b_jonas so even with all the dupes they somehow don't make their way to Google's firstpage results?
@Jenayah I can never know whether you'd like it, but I deem it fantastic. Bartimaeus POVs have frequent ironical footnotes where it brags about being 3000 years old and explains djinn slang terms. Not too serious but really entertaining. :')
Oh wait
I'm wrong
Foundation and Earth was published before *Prelude
@Jenayah This is not even at the level of a Padawan :)
I just assumed Asimov wrote the good books before the bad ones, which is generally true, but in this case Forward the Foundation is the best one and he needed all his life's experience to write that, not writing practice.
@Jenayah Check out the rest of galactanet.com/writing.html , you'll find some other good ones
3:25 PM
@lephe Alright, I'll put it on the read-list
It has a Secrets of Nicholas Flamel feel.
(or whatever the name is in English)
@b_jonas thanks! :)
Hope you like it! Before I leave, thanks again for your help. SFF.SE community looks very nice, it was worth coming to the chat. :)
Well we hope you stick around
Not that I know enough to answer any questions, but I might as well give it a try. ^^'
@lephe You're welcome! And what TLC said, yup we hope you stay!
@lephe Then post questions :)
There's a common misconception that "asking question = clueless", but it's wrong
@Jenayah Sounds good. Maybe something about Incarceron then ;D
3:33 PM
A Q/A site is guided by quality content, and quality can't come without good questions :p
One of our highest rep users only posts questions nowadays really
Well, that's noted! Good day to you sirs :)
Going to see AMATW tonight
@TheLethalCarrot I'm hesitant about that one
I usually don't watch Marvel movies until I'm up to dat with the previous ones
Ant Man was good and I think A4 is going to hinge on some info from this one
3:42 PM
even if they're supposed to be made so that they can be watched separately
Oh I'm not up to date with actually watching haha
but that means I never get to see 'em movies in the theater...
Though IW plays a part in AMATW, end credits scene though I think
Which is not a problem in France since they're all dubbed and I don't go to the theater because of that
Haha fair enough
I read spoilers so I'm up to date story wise but I haven't seen all the MCU yet
3:43 PM
But here in the Netherlands they're not dubbed, and going to see Incredibles 2 made me realize how much I missed that :/
No spoils :p
Incredibles 2 was great
Spoilers are great
Indeed it was, I meant no spoilers for MCU
I know
I don't mind spoilers in general
Quite enjoy them in fact
I'd rather not have them, even if most of the time I end up guessing what's going to happen next ahah
Oi @SQB, how was that Paris trip?
Aye most people seem to be with you on that one
3:50 PM
Hey with regards to the previous explanation on how I found my latest story-ID answer, how much should we detail how we found them? What is too much?
There doesn't seem to be a consensus on Meta.
I mean just the query does return the result, but the reasoning behind is educative too; though it should not take more space than the answer itself.
I'm torn ahah
Well the explanation you used in chat was way too long to add into an answer in my opinion
I'd generally stick with the query that returned the result
@TheLethalCarrot oh yeah I'm absolutely not denying that, hence the "should not take more space than answer" part above
Though there's going to be a grey area and case by case on how much is too much anyway
The way I see it is people spend far too much time and energy trying to hide from a fictional work, when 99% of spoilers don’t affect any enjoyment of the film as you have no idea how that spoiler comes to be. If anything, it keeps you more on edge, in anticipation, and forces you to be far more observant.
On the other hand the final query can seem kinda simple and easy, but we don't want people to think we LMGTFY them
(which is why I redirected user to chat)
@TheLethalCarrot the white whale with number 3 as a monster being an exception of course ahah
3:54 PM
What Ed said
to each his own then :)
Effect or affect? I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right.
Never know, I usualyl just take a guess
wouldn't flip my table upon learning XYZ dies in ABC movie though, I'm not that crazy
When it affects the quality of titles on the site and causes users (and moderators) to be rude because they read something about their “favourite” fake story, it becomes a problem, and I struggle to be supportive of “to each their own” but we have another 8 months at least till game of thrones comes back so I guess I’ll agree to disagree till then.
3:57 PM
Well some people take it to the extreme and consider just knowing character A is in a film a spoiler or trailers are spoilers and stuff
@Edlothiad people becoming rude is beyond "to each his own" in that matter.
@TheLethalCarrot effect is a cause, affect is a result. Or something like that..? Where’s the guy who likes to tell everyone how pendatic he is when you need him, he’ll tell you!
@Edlothiad just poke him :p
@Jenayah I invite you to stay around till the next season of game of thrones. Prepare for some extreme aggression!
@Edlothiad Yeah to be honest I have the stance of "tough luck", we aren't going to make our site lower in quality just cos one person doesn't want to know that character A is in film B
3:59 PM
@Edlothiad you know what's funny about this? I don't watch GoT, but I read the spoilers so that I can understand the memes :^)
I still stand by the fact that that isn’t a spoiler. You have no idea if it’s a flashback or not...
@Edlothiad I think we had this conversation before, I didn't bother to remember though
Course we did, you said the same thing then, lol
Honestly as I commented some days ago I put my spoiler threshold to "X died/ Y was good all along"
@Edlothiad Nothing like being consistent :)
4:46 PM
@Jenayah still there. Train to Lille leaves in half an hour.
4:57 PM
@SQB hope you won't have any delay issue with the train then :) SNCF isn't known for its reliability ahah
5:13 PM
There are lots of very smart people doing fascinating work on cryptographic voting protocols. We should be funding and encouraging them, and doing all our elections with paper ballots until everyone currently working in that field has retired.
5:25 PM
@xkcd ahahah that's one of my favourites among the recent ones :'D
5:51 PM
@Jenayah nope, no problem there. Halfway to Lille now.
TGV is great.
@SQB uuuh... maybe the Paris-Lille ones are, are they the ones with Wi-Fi onboard?
'cause otherwise I wouldn't say TGVs are that great, but I guess that depends on what you base your comparison on... ^^
@Jenayah nope, they're the older ones, with the sharp and sleek lines.
Too bad we don't have much use for high-speed trains in The Netherlands.
6:18 PM
@SQB Well I mean, no offense but given the size of the country, you don't really need those
7:03 PM
Nope, that's what I meant.
Also, France seems to have a number of big cities with sparsely populated country in between. It makes sense to have high-speed connections between those cities, then.
The Netherlands have a different population distribution.
7:50 PM
@SQB yup

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