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12:00 AM
I suppose I might want to add the ability to add yourself to the set of nominees... hmmm...
But it must be done before you load the page, if not it's 5 extra calls to the API at least, which is a real waste
Or hrm... who cares about the API quota, eh? ;)
@YiJiang ...Wha? Why?
Would an answer to gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/11401/… that might not be 100% legal be a good idea or should I just not bother?
@TimStone @Benjol and a few others want the ability to add any other user to the list of nominees, for the sake of comparison
@YiJiang Seems kind of weird, but shrugs
@Crag don't bother
12:02 AM
Of course adding Jon Skeet to the list might not be too good an idea, but it would be fun
@YiJiang you should add the most active user who has not yet nominated themselves to the list
for SO that might be Skeet
but you should be able to dynamically query for it
@tzenes How do you measure user activity then? Reps?
@tzenes thanks for the quick answer. Wish I could post it though, Microsoft's Hard Drive prices for the 360 are highway robbery!
I think just use the metrics you already have
@Crag forget MS HD price, look at SSD Prices!
@tzenes Eh, those measurements do not form a cohesive 'score' which can be used
But reps is a easy enough number to use
12:05 AM
Just give them a weighting and add
goddammit, I can't find the messages where I asked for and got owner in the bridge
must be in a deleted room
oh well
the window I had my nomination in
it's freezing after a search
I was typing in 'altruist', Chrome didn't like the ~500 hits for "a"
badp you uh you do have this backed up in a text file right
You being the organized working man you are
I had, then I accidentally deleted it from GMail a few mins ago.
12:13 AM
so now I'll wait for the tab to finish whatever it's doing.
@badp You were, erhn... editing it in GMail?
Yo Will
@YiJiang No -- I was editing in the editor and saving a copy in GMail as a draft
Also, isn't it amazing that compared to other desktop editors, wmd is still the best Markdown editor I've used
12:14 AM
I tried duplicating the tab. It spawns a new tab in the same process. Doesn't help.
@YiJiang Weapon on mass destruction?
@badp WYSIWYM Editor :| The one used by SO
@YiJiang I wish WMD was the editor everywhere |:
150 MB of memory :|
Creates dump for process
@TimStone OH GOD IT'S A BACKWARDS SMILEY WHAT HAS RCHERN DONE TO YOU!!? runs screaming out of the room
12:17 AM
Geez, you guys are like silent for hours when I'm here, but when I leave turn into absolute chatterboxes.
Yoooo Tom.
@YiJiang ...Oh crap. It's force of habit because my IM programs want to turn it into a surprised face when typed in the other direction.
And Powerlord. Hey Plord.
@TimStone :|:
12:20 AM
There, now I joined the Gaming Steam group.
Thank you Chrome
You and your recovery stuff rock my socks off.
You might want to get that checked out.
and isn't the idiom "My ears are burning"?
Could be worse... he could have said "MY RING THEY EARS!"
12:23 AM
@Powerlord Well yeah, we're trying to avoid you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That explains... everything!
be nice, he could kick you soon :-)
@RebeccaChernoff THE BACKWARDS SMILIES - THEY BURNNNNN... What have you done with @TimStone?
Also, I hit 100 links!
@badp Have you crashed wmd yet?
12:26 AM
@YiJiang Well, I did a few screenfuls ago
when I dared search.
Chrome's state restoring magic saved my ass.
@YiJiang I'd be very scared if badp had Weapons of Mass Destruction.
11 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@badp WYSIWYM Editor :| The one used by SO
@badp I tried editing the SEScripts project README in it - slow as hell, but thankfully didn't crash
So... what to do with my unplanned day off tomorrow.
A link to the previous record and it's 101 already.
@Powerlord Plan it.
12:29 AM
I guess I must aim even higher! 128 has a nice ring to it.
Hmm... okay guys, what [feature-request] should the elections page have?
@YiJiang: I just loaded up the election watcher and it seems to be doubling a bunch of stuff, like noteworthy badges, meta participation, stats and recent activity
@YiJiang Any idea why my Combined Flair has a higher reputation than the election tracker shows?
@FallenAngelEyes Noticed that too, but I'm having a hard time tracking down that bug
Er, sorry, not Stats, but the rest, yeah
12:33 AM
@Powerlord Read the title text: "Number excludes 100 rep association bonus"
Which basically amounts to removing 100 reps from the rep you have on all sites
@YiJiang Great, except it's off by 1100, not 800.
@Powerlord Hmmm? Checks
(800 = (9 sites - 1 site that wouldn't have the rep bonus) * 100)
The flair number is rounded, so you could conceivably have 26.9k + .8k = 27.7k and still see 28k
hey cool kids. Anyone remember a game from about 7-9 years ago in which you played as an angel that moved from body to body to accomplish tasks?
never mind
12:39 AM
@YiJiang The exact number is 28036, according to my Chat profile (you can hover over the 28k to see it)
@Powerlord Interesting, I'll check your data
Think I'm going to have to finish that Q&A essay tomorrow, need to pass out now.
Have a good night all!
@FallenAngelEyes An intubation assistant will revive you with peptic salts and adrenaline.
@badp We can put our differences behind u.... wait, we did this quote earlier already, didn't we?
@Powerlord Yeah.
@Powerlord I did the sums; the number reported by the page is correct - A51 reps are not included in data the API returns, so that's where your 200 reps went
The team might deny me from posting this, so I'll put it here.
I bet you aren't interested in reading campaign promises, so I'll give you [hard facts][1] instead.

* First off, here's a **eagle eye** view: my [global][2], [Gaming][3], [Meta SO][4] and [Stack Overflow][5] [valuable flair™][6]. You can see all flair and all profiles from [here][7]. Here are my chat profiles too: [MSO][8], [SE][9], [SO][10].

* My nomination has been informally **backed** by [Grace Note][11], [Oak][12], [tzenes][13] and [Strixvaria][14] and anonymous upvoters and starrers thereof.
just for proof of the new record of 113 links :P
I think all links are unique
@badp I don't know. You could do a far better job of citing your sources.
@WillfulWizard I know!
ps. {{citation needed}}
1:20 AM
@badp Clearly I'm your most credible supporter, on account of me being Chat FAQ Certified, so there best be a citation that links to me in there somewhere.
@TimStone Just when I settled for 113?
Damn you.
113 is awesome.
Donal Duck is not impressed by 114.
@badp The problem is that you linked to twitter.
1:43 AM
Cranberry surf.
2:06 AM
@badp strong upvote
2 hours later…
4:33 AM
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Yi Jiang
Would it be better to just grab a list of recent posts, then extrapolate the tags from there?
5:07 AM
5:37 AM
Anything is possible at zombocom.
The only limit is yourself.
6:04 AM
Q: Do certain buddy missions in Far Cry 2 lock out other ones?

Steve V.I've been playing Far Cry 2 on Infamous (hardest) difficulty. (It really gives you an appreciation for tactics.) I've kept all my buddies alive, Flora is my best buddy and Warren is my rescue buddy. I've also saved Quarbani and Michele, and they're currently chilling in Mike's Bar. They both o...

I come to serve
[status♬design] Hehehe
9 stars?!
Who's doing that? Stop starring that!
6:24 AM
long time no see @FallenAngelEyes :)
@ArdaXi 10 now, hmmm... flags for mod to update that message
@YiJiang You want official endorsement now?!
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership is arming its lazers as we enter yellow alert condition. The elections have started, and Arda will make a terrible mod!
@ArdaXi Well, given that's it's pinned... yes. ducks
Since when are you...?
6:26 AM
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership is arming its lazers as we enter yellow alert condition. The elections have started! Democracy HO!
I have to find that message from @GraceNote and star it.
@ArdaXi I've had owner of this room since the day @badp decided he couldn't shoulder all the blame alone.
yesterday, by Mana
@Arda Stop putting yourself down so much, even if it's with humorous intent. You're a good candidate.
yesterday, by Grace Note
@Arda You're in the group of potential positives. Sure, you debatably have some downsides but so does everyone.
that statement contradicts itself, everything @GraceNote says is positive, but then how can everyone have some downsides?
@IvoFlipse Apparently, 'everyone' does not include @GraceNote.
6:33 AM
Backhanded compliments @ivo.
I guess her downside is that she needs to sleep some parts of the day to recharge with Awesomeness™
If I keep this up, the entire list on the right-hand side is going to be mine...
keep trying ;)
I've got to go, I'll continue later. Star everything while I'm gone! Especially that @Mana comment!!!
Need a mod to remove the 'not' from that statement.
6:43 AM
Like so @LessPopMoreFizz?
@IvoFlipse Nicely done.
ahem ;)
what's wrong with it @YiJiang?
Q: Good public/dedicated call of duty servers for players in India

Sandeepan NathHello gamers, Please tell me about some good public/dedicated Call Of Duty servers (COD 1,2 and UO) in or near India with many players to play with. I finally purchased COD 3 in 1 pack from steam and started to play. I thought I would finally be able to relive that excitement and fun we had in ...

6:47 AM
@IvoFlipse Ahahahaha ;)
You see, I should be a mod here
I'm always correct
and if not, I automatically Auto-correct™ things
in Root Access, 2 mins ago, by Iszi
Today, I wanted to annoy my sister by playing the air horn app on my iPhone. I forgot that I had headphones in. Let's just say I quickly had to change my underwear. FML
7:29 AM
Q: How do i copy a xbox 360 game from disc to the hard drive?

johnHow do i copy a xbox 360 game from disc to the hard drive? i want my game to load faster with no lag during gameplay. how do i do it? thanks

7:59 AM
I actually logged on in class because I knew that would happen...
8:50 AM
@ArdaXi It's one of the 113 links. I see you didn't read carefully!
Approved suggested edits now give +2 rep. 10kers can see suggested edits in /review. Suggested edits now must be "substantial." :/
> @diago remember too that most of his complaints are about the PRIMARY, which is frequently skipped entirely when there are <= 10 nominees. It's only really meaningful on SO when you have 50+ nominees.. – Jeff Atwood♦ 32 mins ago
Now we must get 30 nominees
With Oak and Juan we'll get 11 already <3
9:08 AM
Q: The number of pending suggested edits is completely unreadable

OakThere's a notification icon displaying the amount of pending suggested edits, but the number within is completely unreadable - looks like the font color is identical (or almost identical) to the color of the box surrounding it.

@IvoFlipse Mod abuse!
sue me :-)
I'm very happy gaming gets such a large number of candidates
Don't know of any other SE2.0 sites who gets a primary, except for programmers.se
9:39 AM
@Oak Only 2 more candidates and we get our primary
You still have to nominate yourself ;-)
@Oak now is the perfect moment to nominate yourself!
Hmm, the mobile interface is extremely limited.
@ArdaXi The mobile version of chat?
10:27 AM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 2nd, 2011

First, a quick update on the Stack Exchange moderator election schedule.

Ending today, so get those votes in!

Ending soon:

Just started:

Coming soon, in this order, at 3 per week:

As you can see, we have a lot of community moderators! That’s why we’ve been working so hard lately on improving our moderator tooling, to make sure our new class of incoming moderators have a pleasant, polished, and smooth experience.

One thing we haven’t helped much with, historically, is when a moderator needs to contact a user directly to resolve serious issues. We always encourage direct one-on-one communication to resolve user behavior issues before they become a problem. Unfortunately, the only way for a community moderator to contact a user was to email the user from his or her personal email account. Ew, right? Far from an ideal solution, but it was the only one we had… until today! …

@Feeds Gosh, finally
@YiJiang I am pleased by the way my nomination is rendered on your page
It really pays justice!
@badp Hmmmm? Goes to look
That is... a lot of orange
10:42 AM
Hm, I just realized SO doesn't rel="nofollow" those links.
Hey cool, we've got a nethack wiki admin on Gaming
11:15 AM
@Mana ↓
11:52 AM
What a wonderful thing to wake up to.
We now have 120Mbit downstream \o/
Also @badp, your nomination is so fucking epic
I have 4 \o/
@FallenAngelEyes I know, I hope my last paragraph is enough of a turn-off.
Apparently people remember the best and the last of things
Its placement isn't casual! I want you to keep the feeling of unease so you go vote our current diamonds instead :P
Morgan Freeman :O
12:27 PM
Q: Charging Nintendo DSi XL from USB/5V

ysapMy new Nintendo DSi XL arrived with a 4.3V US wall charger. Soon, we will be on a vacation abroad and I need a solution for charging it where the outlet voltage is 220V. Before trying the USB port of my laptop, I wanted to make sure that it is safe to do so, provided the lower voltage of the nati...

12:54 PM
Q: Continuity of Moderation

Robert CartainoIt has long been established that moderation is a volunteer activity; they can come and go as they please. Life happens and sometimes work and family take precedence. But there are a limited number of moderators and, if moderators are not "moderating", the site can suffer. What should be our poli...

1 hour later…
2:21 PM
> badp is pretty awesome. that's all I have to say about .. that. – Jeff Atwood♦ 2 hours ago
that's a pretty potent endorsement, I gotta say.
I laughed so hard when I read that.
the whole nomination was hilarious, and I appreciated @badp's extreme honesty
@CRoss I don't want people choosing me over better candidates
like @Oak who totally should nominate, as an aside
Not that I'm in the business of digging up dirt, but I'm surprised you didn't include impatience, @badp. Nevertheless, amusing nomination.
@badp: So what was the final link total? Did you make it to 128?
2:35 PM
@Powerlord No, waffles and rchern threatened me
I stopped at 113.
I wouldn't want 114. 114 is not as cool.
115 is also meh.
2:50 PM
@badp that's got to be quite the experience as a kid
I was about to make a question asking why the sound stopped working in Magicka...then I realized I turned my speakers off.
3:19 PM
Q: How Often does the Xbox 360 Ban Wave Happen?

KeaanuI'm told that, when you get onto Microsoft's ban list, you aren't immediately cut off - Microsoft will allow you to play for some time (presumably to get you hooked), and then execute a wave of bans across the entire network. How often does this happen? Is there any particular formula for the wa...

3:34 PM
@badp IT Crowd is a great show.
@Powerlord I've seen none of it.
@badp It's incredibly funny.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh god zombocom is on twitter must follow now
3:39 PM
@CRoss I knew that one would come up if IT Crowd was mentioned.
I love it :-)
and now that I've finished reading the backlog from when I left work yesterday to now: Yes, The IT Crowd is amazing.
Every time I see someone watching Big Bang Theory I want to punch them in their stupid mouth and force them to watch The IT Crowd instead.
though I must admit, some episodes are not as great as others
@Brant come on now, the first two episodes were funny :-/
4:23 PM
The Surliest Cheesehead.
4:42 PM
Great, my ISP is out >.<
No it isn't.
I'm just popping in to tell @Brant that the moment we get a boat gaming question, he should be prepared for any number of possible fates.
@badp: See above
@Brant is it enough pixelation?
4:55 PM
Is the font size in the CSS you posted here supposed so be so huge?
@Brant The font comes with just three usable sizes
8 16 24 (and even larger multiples of 8)
16 is in the sidebar
it'd be too small
also, the pixelation doesn't look awesome on Windows.
However, since you have a Mac, you're probably used to not so great fonts on Windows :P
I'm on Chrome/Win7 right now
@Brant The screenshot kind of gave it away.
Oh, you said "have a Mac", not "are on a Mac". I misread.

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