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12:00 AM
Q: Is there apis for adding/editing posts and viewing inbox in the works

AlxandrI'd really like a full blown android-client for stackexchange, and I don't mind making one myself, however there are a lack of apis available for adding, editing, voting and such and checking if the currently logged in user has permission to add/edit/vote. All in all there is a lack of api where ...

12:30 AM
Q: As a high level player how can I ice other mobserts in Mafia Wars?

JohnFxI am trying to get some of the achievements that require icing other people, but having a very hard time with it. I am winning most fights with ~25 damage on the other player, but no matter how many times I attack them it never seems to be enough. Over the last 2-3 days I've tried repeatedly at...

1:24 AM
There are two choices of toilet paper orientation when using a toilet roll holder with a horizontal axle parallel to the wall: the toilet paper may hang over or under the roll. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference, dictated by habit. In surveys of American consumers and of bath and kitchen specialists, 60–70% of respondents prefer over. What surprises some observers, including advice columnist Ann Landers, is the extent to which people hold strong opinions on such a trivial topic. Defenders of either position cite advantages ranging from aesthetics, hospitality, and clea...
god bless you wikipedia
Err... Oh wow.
"One man advocates a plan under which his country will standardize on a single forced orientation"
1:54 AM
Now, how is the "cats attacking toilet paper" image related to the orientation of toilet paper?
@KevinY They were offended by the orientation
2:11 AM
3:00 AM
Q: StarCraft2: Can't load replays

BuddaI've downloaded replays: http://www.sc2win.com/starcraft-2-replays/replay-packages/demuslim-replay-package/ but when I try to load them from SC2 a receive error: Unable to open replay Does anybody know how can I resolve that? Thanks a lot

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4:16 AM
Q: Data from Stackexchange is Obsolete

Shekhar_ProI was querying data from http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/atom using LINQ query in LINQPAD and found that data is quite obsolete. I searched for Shekhar-Pro (me) by a where clause on Id of 399722 and the data returned was for 8 Jan 2011. Why is it so. Dosen't the data there is realti...

5:04 AM
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6:59 AM
Q: Team Fortress 2 Server Supporter

AndyPerfectWhenever you are in the process of connecting to server, there is always a small list of top server supporters, along with a number. What exactly makes someone a "supporter" of a particular server, and what actions move you up in the list?

7:20 AM
"does rain make the ground wet, or does the supernatural make it wet when it rains? We cannot Scientifically answer this."
@Fabian wat.
Q: Should Skeptic Exchange be cross-listed under Science?

rjstellingProposal: Skeptic Exchange I'm not sure how the new tags for proposals work but surly Skeptic Exchange should be listed under science & culture. It will have plenty of science answers. Is it possible to have multiple tags?

Area 51 is a strange place
(I know it isn't a game-rec really.)
8:27 AM
@KevinY Sorry about redstone-golf, bro.
Q: Can I share Wii demos with friends?

Roger WernerssonIt seems Wii demos are only available for a limited time. It is possible to store them on SD cards and share them with friends if I've got one my friend failed to download before it was removed?

Q: Where can I download old Wii demos?

0101Based on this answer Why are there only 12 Wii Demos? I do know that old wii demos are removed from wii shop, is there any place I can download them? P.S. I have "orginal" Wii, so pirated versions won't work here and I'm not interested in pirated versions of the demos.

8:55 AM
Duplicates of each other ↑
(pick one to leave open)
@badp You sure they're duplicates?
@Mana Well... almost.
I don't really like the "Where can I download" question but that's for other reasons
It's a non binding vote. Deal. :P
9:01 AM
Maaana, there's no vote undoing.
I know, bro. I know.
9:46 AM
man, AS is an overpowered combo in Magicka
right click and hold till target explodes in explosion of rainbows and blod, then cause some area damage for good measure
10:09 AM
Q: Are there addons to assist with Archaeology?

Brian OjedaWhat are some addon, if any, that assist with archaeology?

...except it makes you a sitting duck
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11:31 AM
Q: Magicka quits as soon as I open it

MargaretI bought Magicka via Steam this evening, and just installed it now. It demanded to repair my XNA install, so I let it. I'm trying to run it, but it's just quitting as soon as it opens. Any ideas?

12:04 PM
Q: How does water-based defenses work in Die2nite?

Rasmus FaberThere are several water-based defenses in Die2nite. I know that upgraded Water Turrets consume water each night - but what about the other water-based defenses: Automatic Sprinklers and Pressure Washer? And how about the warning you get about some defenses not working when the well is empty. Whi...

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1:37 PM
Q: Alt-tab out of Minecraft without the game pausing

Cosmic FlameIs there a way to alt-tab out of Minecraft (i.e. make Minecraft lose focus) without the game auto-pausing and without having to bring a menu (e.g. inventory) up first? Thanks.

@badp yea, the sitting duck thing is the problem.
Yeah, it killed the watcher thing in a couple of seconds, then got me killed to goblins and bombs in about as much time.
I've been having a lot of success with fire + lightning of late. particularly against those freaking annoying goblin bombers
You didn't burn the rope v. the watcher?
hm, nope.
goblin bombers-> use fire, their bombs will detonate
lightning + fire = Homing fire.
(in large clusters of mobs anyway)
1:45 PM
The one critique I have with the game is that it tries to be very thorough in explaining the game mechanics
then in the middle of the first level you get rain, wind + water
wait, what, wind? what the hell is wind?
not wind
the icon totally looked like wind.
steam is THE BEST
do fire + water
yeah, I found out after ten minutes
also, you can do ice with water + cold
ice + arcane is pretty handy
1:47 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah, that was what I got when I found out that elements can be combined in place
so the game doesn't eventually have a mana bar, right?
it's all about how quickly and accurately you can jam the keyboard and the mouse
no manabar
infinite casting, interesting ...
@CRoss It's mostly a matter of balancing between mobility (= not getting wtfpwned) and spellcasting (= doing the wtfpwning), for what the demo seemed to tell me
@badp that's about right.
my fave combo right now is steam + arcane + earth
followed by lightning
since Steam wets everything
arcane beams are whoopass, but they move so slowly.
1:54 PM
earth turns it into an arcane bomb
channel time -> range of throw
and it has a pretty damned large radius
isn't the whole point of using arcane having a death ray of your element of choice?
It can also be used as an intensifier on earth spells.
I see.
(earth makes anything into a bomb)
I was amused when I tried to heal peasants
that directed heal beam is pretty owerpowered
1:57 PM
I love the voice acting
barely less damage than arcane combos
every npc sounds like swedish chef
the person who designed that language must be awesome.
durka durka!
Reading the description of Dungeons:
> 10 different classes of heroes dare to enter your dungeon where 15 different monsters lurk in the dark
...makes me feel, "just 15?"
2:09 PM
I thought that too.
I want a game where you play Nethack's RNG
2:20 PM
Grace steps on a square. Do you want to make a trap here? (Y/n)
The imp hits Grace for how much damage? [10]
Grace opens the chest. What would you like to put into it? [Worthless orange glass]
hi, and welcome to the Bridge
thank you.
@badp Except you need to create the entire level the moment she goes down the stairs :P
@ArdaXi just make it in a functional language with lazy evaluation, so you can make it up on the go
2:25 PM
Alright, I want to make this. Who's in?
I mean, it can't get harder...
you need to find some balance though...
Arda where are you from?
Well, there's a limit in for example 2d12 for damage, and get to decide which.
@RCanserYanbakan The Netherlands
hmmm Arda is a Turkish name.
I know, I've been told that. It's not my real name though.
2:27 PM
I see.
It's a nice and cool name in Turkey. :)
Hey, is anyone here playing Black Ops on PS3?
I'm a PC gamer, sorry.
How is the lag problem on pc?
for black ops
Q: System Requirements Lab help?

Ian CordleI am getting a laptop soon, and would like to know if my new computer will be able to run certain games. I love the website: Can You Run It? However, it checks for your system specs and doesn't let you input your own information. Is there a way to fake my specs on this site, or is there an alte...

1 hour later…
3:37 PM
Aaagh need coffee.
3:54 PM
Weirdest bug ever.
Okay, so now Google is loading a local file halfway and then again fully, which means that the <html> starts again in the middle of my CSS..
1 hour later…
5:03 PM
man, HL2 is so buggy with multitasking still.
@badp How'd you mean?
Q: Call of Duty: Shooting Down Spy Planes

BrianHello, I heard its possible to shoot down a spy plane, but when they are deployed I can't even see them. Where on the map do they normally hang out, in the center, or does it move? Tips for shooting it down? Thanks.

5:22 PM
@ArdaXi Alt-tab at the wrong moment and the game fails to resume
@badp I think that's more of a problem in DirectX.
@ArdaXi A problem other games don't have as much, it turns out.
Gah, I need to figure out the answer to my SO question :(
6:09 PM
Q: Final Fantasy 7: Character stats

AardvarkIn terms of base stats, what is the primary value of each team member (partial to magic vs might etc)

Q: Spell-checking in question titles

thethinmanI notice that I'm the only person on Gaming to misspell achievements in a question title: Super Meat Boy no-death acheivements This prevents my question from being searched for (try searching for 'acheivements' and only my question pops up). I haven't corrected the title yet to show that in bot...

I see you haven't yet taken advantage of your new found power, @thethinman!
and what would that be?
Considering an over 9000 remark ..... and I just lost interest.
6:15 PM
@thethinman the [edit] button
@badp I guess, but I posted a new comment. I was wondering if a slight UI change would fix the problem. I mean that misspelling has been silent for ages and no one else seemed to notice the mistake either, so my question paid for it.
@badp Aha, resolved.
Grace to the rescue.
6:37 PM
Funny. I just found a comment on a Chromium issue by you, @badp.
The internet is a small world.
@ArdaXi I use nightlies, so from time to time I happen to submit bug reports too!
About goat teleportation?
actually I wonder if that bug I reported is still marked as private
yep, yep it is. Weird.
I need my bug to be fixed, but I don't think it will be since Chrome only implemented like half of the spec.
Q: 90s space civilization game

user6734I'm looking for an old game I used to play in the 90s. Every month or two I resume my search for this game. Over the last 6 months I haven't been able to find it or remember the details I need to find it. Please bare with me while I try to describe it. I thought it started with a D and had a ...

6:42 PM
@badp I had the same response when reading the Dungeons description. Your dungeon can have THREE levels. I mean, I'm not saying that's bad, it just is kind of weird when you make it sound like that's the coolest feature ever.
@bwarner wow, is that what they meant?
I mean, I guess things can get a bit overwhelming with more
And they charge $50
I now wonder if Dungeons isn't really yet another tower defense game at the end of the day
with the twist of getting rewarded more the closer of a call it is
6:57 PM
Q: Magicka performance tweaks

FabianMagicka is running somewhat sluggish on my computer. The FPS are at a constant 30, but it stutters quite frequently which is quite annoying. My computer should easily be powerful enough for that game (E8400 + Radeon 4850). The settings in the graphics menu are very limited. Are there any more se...

7:18 PM
Dungeons is an upcoming strategy/simulation video game currently in development by Realmforge Studios, to be published by Kalypso Media. It was officially announced August 12, 2010 and was released on January 27, 2011. Gameplay Dungeons differs from Dungeon Keeper in that it is not monster's needs that the player has to look after but those of the heroes. In order to gain the Soul Energy needed to purchase high end equipment for the dungeon, heroes need to be killed only after they are fully satisfied. Things that make a dungeon run satisfying to a hero are obtaining treasure or fighting...
It was released 27nd of January, why is it "upcoming"?
it's wikipedia. Edit it.
I don't care enough.
DAMN IT. Filled ALL my hard drives :(
Well, all the ones my laptop can access
'Can access'?
The one in my desktop has space :P
But I can't write to that from my laptop
7:31 PM
Q: Prevent knockback when shield is active

FabianWhen I have the shield (E on self) active, I get knocked back by melee attacks and arrows. Is that just a drawback of the shield, or is there some way to avoid this knockback?

My laptop's two HDDs and my external 1TB drive and my 80GB network drive are all full though.
7:42 PM
Bored now.
@Powerlord I wish I had that problem
@badp <3 Directed Heal Beam... or at least I do in TF2 and Monday Night Combat.
@CRoss Well, it's hard to concentrate right now, because the person in the next cube over has a teleconference on speakerphone from the US Census Bureau.
My hope of doing actual, thinking work is practically nil as long as the lady is droning on and on and on and on.
Speaking of Magicka earlier, have the bugs been ironed out of it yet?
@Powerlord headphones and music my friend
@CRoss Too bad I don't have headphones here.
Or music for that matter.
Which is dumb, since my laptop from home is here right now, so I could have transferred music from my desktop to it.
indeed, or Pandora, or whatever
7:49 PM
I don't have a Pandora subscription (that is a subscription service, right?)
Q: Hot to see video on GOMTV?

BuddaI've signed-in to gomtv, opened web page with video (http://www.gomtv.net/2011gslsponsors1/vod/60500#loginPopFoucs, for example), clicked 'play' button... and nothing happened. I heard that some player is required to be downloaded and installed, but I see nothing related ... Please advise. Th...

@Feeds It would be nice if the chat was smart enough to have questions with my ignored tags in it not appear in the feeds on my screen.
Oh, Jeff posted another blog entry on Coding Horror. Lets see what out-of-touch-for-the-real-world stuff he posts this time.
I actually kind of liked the 24 GB article
Lets me point out the dumbest statement from the 24 GB article
"I guess having 24 gigabytes of system memory is a little extravagant, but at these prices -- why not?" <-- because RAM prices continue to fall.
Well, yes, but you've got to realise
7:57 PM
Because I'll get another computer with a faster processor and different RAM slots before I'd ever need 24 GB of RAM on a desktop.
If you buy 12 GB now, and later upgrade to 24 GB, the total cost will be higher than 24 GB in one go.
@ArdaXi Only if you fill all your slots.
@Powerlord True, but that's cheaper than not doing so.
In general anyway.
shrugs lets face it, most of us can't use 24 GB. But it's nice to know it's available
I don't even use the 8GB in my current desktop.
7:58 PM
How so? My motherboard won't support it, but if I get a new one I can.
Having said that, I won't go with less than 8GB in my next machine simply because of the ever-rising minimum requirements of stuff.
I like having lots and lots of RAM so I can use a ramdrive
Speaking of new motherboards, has everyone heard about the SATA issues with some of the Sandy Bridge chipsets?
@Powerlord nor do I.
@ArdaXi They have these wonderful drives called SSDs that do almost as good a job of that, plus they're permanent storage.
8:01 PM
nice not to worry about FF's memory footprint though
@Powerlord They're also wonderfully expensive and short-lived.
arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/01/… <-- Last chance to get MNC with TF2 items... deal ends tomorrow.
(as I recall)
@Powerlord it's much more powerful than that. You have like 1k hitpoints and it heals that much in about a couple seconds, and keeps going, in ever growing green digits
@Powerlord Hmm, looks like Global Agenda
@ArdaXi It's not an MMO, though. It's a 6v6 game.
8:04 PM
Q: Black ops - how does the scoring work?

MikeStarted playing BO and have been served my behind every single time. Scores of around 600 are good for me. However I had a great game last night - luck obviously, anyway my score on the screen was 450! But when it showed the final team breakdown I was TOP with about 1600! So how is the scoring w...

@Powerlord Global Agenda's individual games are 6v6 too.
I think Monday Night Combat is actually a lot of fun. Also, your characters level means absolutely nothing.
Well, they're just round-based tps games.
@ArdaXi Oh? I thought Global Agenda put a lot of emphasis on its persistent world.
@Powerlord I never played the version with the persistent world.
You can also just do missions.
8:05 PM
@Powerlord I don't use the 4 GB in my laptop because all of Win7, Ubuntu and Arch Linux insist they want to install their 32 bit versions... and even then, at least on Ubuntu, my cache only ever fills when some app goes rogue.
When I say your character level means nothing in MNC, it's just tracking how many times you've played the game. All your skills start at 1 at the start of every match, and you start with $300 or $350 that you can spend on turrets and upgrades.
(with level 2 skills costs $150)
@badp I use the 64-bit version of Windows on my desktop, and the 64-bit version of Ubuntu on my servers.
@Powerlord On Linux it isn't really a problem anyway.
er... sorry, one server is Ubuntu, the other is Debian.
Ubuntu LTS (which is 10.04) and Debian Lenny to be exact.
@Powerlord Yeah, what I mean is that even if my CPU technically supports 64 bit instructions (it's a Core2 i686 iirc), I haven't been able to install anything 64 bit on it yet :|
vgmusic.com/~rbemrose/tf2/spy_dual_unusual.png <-- btw, this is why you don't get two circling unusuals on Spy or Medic in TF2... they both rotate at the same position.
8:11 PM
@badp It supports x86-64, so you should be able to install 64-bit versions of Windows on it
@ArdaXi actually I just identified my CPU as a Penryn:
Penryn is the code name of a processor from Intel that is sold in varying configurations as Core 2 Solo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Pentium and Celeron. During development, Penryn was the Intel code name for the 2007/2008 "Tick" of Intel's Tick-Tock cycle which shrunk Merom to 45 nanometers as CPUID model 23. The term Penryn is sometimes used to refer to all 45nm chips with the Core architecture. Chips with Penryn architecture come in two sizes, with 6 MiB and 3 MiB L2 cache. Low power versions of Penryn are known as the Penryn processor. The smaller version is commonly called Penry...
apparently they really are 32 bits (T9550).
Note to self: Turn on anti-aliasing before making screenshots in TF2.
@badp I have that one's big brother.
@badp That's weird, because my Q6600 (from a previous CPU generation) is an x86-64
Sorry for the delay, but I'd just point out I used to think it inconcievable to fill a 20GB hard drive, max out a 50GB download limit etc etc. We'll find something that uses that much RAM :P
Also: TIL Steam tells you to piss off if your HDD is full.
8:15 PM
wtf, wikipedia says it's an x86 processor
the product page says it's an x64 processor
Elections have started + Yi Jiang's election watcher
Q: 2011 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2011 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page at ...

Thank you Feeds, a little slow on the draw there.
nominates self Haha, joking.
8:24 PM
@TimStone Feeds is posting about the Meta topic, which was likely posted after the election actually started.
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership is arming its lazers as we enter yellow alert condition. The elections have started!
Erm, I know this. :P
You'd be surprised by how much energy is required to form diamonds.
Interestingly, as the second SE with the most traffic, we only get two moderators.
Is that correct @GraceNote? [†: Under investigation, @badp. It should be noted that Programmers, CSTheory, and GameDev also had 2 slots only when they first started. -Grace]
Will be interesting to see who nominates.
Well, Grace counts for at least 3 :P
8:27 PM
Oak is 5...
okay, let's add some chat events then!
Instead of a Town Hall, can we have a Battle Royale?
@TimStone We'll install an holodeck to have proper briefings.
Q: Is the Logitech Vantage USB Microphone for PS2/PS3 compatible with Wii ?

AndreiIs the Logitech Vantage USB Microphone for PS2/PS3 compatible with Wii ? I'd like to use one for Disney Sing It Wii game. Thank you!

I should nominate myself just to see how many minus votes I can get during the primary.
@GraceNote fair enough, it just seems weird to have less permanent mods than pro-tempore mods.
@Powerlord No primaries are held if there are less than 10 nominations.
8:32 PM
@badp Aw...
Is that supposed to be a hint? [†: Try highlighting the music note, copying it to your clipboard, and see what it pastes when you put it in chat.]
Is there an RSS feed for new nominations? If so, can wee add it to @feeds?
Q: Please move over Blog posts from blog.stackexchange.com

George StockerI read an article last year on "Speeding up Stack Exchange" that talked in depth about the 'multi-tenancy' nature of the (then) Stack Exchange 1.0 sites. I tried finding that link again today, and instead found the Twitter Trackbacks for it. The article itself brings up a 404, and it leads me to...

@GraceNote I noticed that already, that's why I made it a screenshot. I'm guessing the font creator knew this would happen, and really wanted you to nominate.
I don't see any reason why the number of moderators gets reduced now
8:35 PM
@Fabian But... you can NEVER question Jeff Atwood or Joel Spolsky!!!!
It will also make the elections very boring
@LessPop_MoreFizz No, there is not.
What level of dedication in terms of time is expected out of a Stack Exchange mod in a week?
@Powerlord So what, flag me for insubordination
Yi Jiang's election watcher
8:36 PM
@Fabian I wouldn't be surprised if that gets added as a reason at some point. ;)
I think I'll nominate just for the hell of it. See what kind of responses I'll get.
No, let's just have Oak and Grace enter nominations and skip this whole "democracy" bullshit!
@ArdaXi I'll make a note to ask you pointless questions.
At least 12 people believe I would be a good moderator.
The fact I was downvoted 4 times is a bit disconcerting, but hey, we all make mistakes. Look at the 7 people who upvoted @badp.
8:38 PM
@badp I'm pretty sure those two will be elected anyway
@ArdaXi What? When? Where? Why? Waffles?
A: Moderator nominations

StrixVariaI nominate badp Extremely active in meta, chat, and on the parent site. He has even fought battles for us on other meta sites.

Q: System message renders a "—" improperly.

Grace NoteThe community-generated election banner is supposed to have a dash separating the start and the link. Instead, it renders something like the following. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but on chat Arda Xi reported the same behavior, so I'm inclined to believe there is a global issue here.

It would be kind of funny if Juan got voted off his own proposal.
no, no it wouldn't
8:42 PM
That's not a very nice thing to say... of course he hasn't been too active lately.
@ArdaXi (stupid enter button) You are aware that's what it would mean if Oak and Grace are voted in as mods?
There's the problem of around-the-clock coverage.
@Powerlord Of course.
only two positions available ... I don't think that's right
I'll be honest, I'd completely forgotten he even existed until Arda linked the original moderator nominations.
8:43 PM
17 mins ago, by badp
Is that correct @GraceNote? [†: Under investigation, @badp. It should be noted that Programmers, CSTheory, and GameDev also had 2 slots only when they first started. -Grace]
I was expecting nothing less than 3 positions, and was hoping for 4 positions
AskUbuntu also currently only have 2 positions open
I'll be honest, my interactions with Juan Manuel have not been... favorable, to put it nicely.
I think we have enough active members to recruit more than 2 good moderators
Just so I am clear: They're replacing the three listed on the about page with the two who win the election? They're not supplementing the existing three with two more?
8:45 PM
@badp SO said that it only had two positions originally too, heh.
@Shaun Yes
@Fabian That's... curious.
@Shaun That's correct, because they are pro-tempore mods.
@TimStone SO started with no mods, pro tem or otherwise, but its staff (Jeff and Joel) were mods.
Elected mods will serve till they step down.
8:46 PM
again to repeat, we're not sure the number will actually be two
@Shaun It makes sense to replace the pro-tem mods, but it does not make sense to reduce the total number of mods
@Powerlord I'm talking about the current election. There are now three moderator positions available on SO.
/me nods.
@TimStone Oh.
I wonder if @tzenes would nominate.
8:46 PM
I mean, some sites had like six pro-tem mods
@ArdaXi highly unlikely
@badp RPG even had 4 at one point, and you know how big we are
@ArdaXi Tzenes might be the only person that wants to be a mod less than me
Question... if there are more nominations, will that mean we'll have more final mod positions? :P
Oh geez only two slots :x
If so, I nominate everyone to run
8:51 PM
@Powerlord no, SO had like 55 nominations.
and that's because after the first 30 nominations, the rep requirements for nominating increase
otherwise there would've been hundred
@badp TimStone already noted that SO increased its open mod positions by 1 during the current election...
the count is still only three. three was probably the original intent
@Powerlord well, yeah, at the beginning the SO nomination rep requirement was 300, not 3,000
@CRoss Yeah, there were a number of things wrong about that page originally.
still for now it's best to assume those numbers are accurate
8:56 PM
@badp Yeah, well, at the end of the nomination phase for SO, only the top 30 users rep-wise went on to primaries.
In other news I'm glad to see an increased number of GiantITP strips per unit of time.
Also, you guys should all play Monday Night Combat.
@Powerlord Is it good?
Been looking for a new game
@ThomasMcDonald Would I be suggesting it if I didn't think it was?
It does take a bit getting used to. I suck as Sniper in it, for example... also, most classes have an instant-kill grapple at close range.
8:58 PM
@Powerlord Possibly. Someone offered me a guest pass but if it has more approval I'll just buy it.
Ironically, the Assassin's grapple attack will only kill you guaranteed if it hits from behind.
@ThomasMcDonald Well, you could then try before you buy just to get a feel for it.
Oh, btw, since it's not clear from the way its being marketed, it uses the Unreal Engine 3 on PC, not Source.

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