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12:09 AM
Really knocked it out of the park folks. Hope you're proud of yourselves.
@apaul Not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. Assuming this is about what I think it is, it should be obvious from my answer to the "be nice" question on meta that I'm frustrated with the situation as well, but I don't think that coming here to say that to everyone all at once is going to do a lot.
@Cascabel I'm trying to solidify the point that our community failed pretty spectacularly. If you feel you didn't have anything to do with that failure, congrats, but an awful lot of people did, and all of us could have done more.
I've been keeping out of things so far so I can be a neutral third party to clean up all of the crap that people have been slinging, but I'm going to say something here that's been on my mind for the past two days:
@apaul I sympathize with the original poster, since I've experienced the same situation myself, and I recognize the irony of him facing the same situation he complained about here. With that said, cross cultural communication is tough, and he reached out to open the conversation this time, not the other way around
Y'all gotta stop treating the site - and meta, really - like a war zone.
12:23 AM
@apaul Then talk about the result and what could've been done. Slinging mud doesn't leave anyone cleaner.
That's what's been frustrating me about that meta question. There was maybe a golden opportunity there to solve a really, really tough problem. But it got sidelined because people were so intent on starting arguments and winning them.
I thought it was a great question, and the work I did on it, I did to help it be read more clearly and understood, not to shut him down
This meta question has generated 80 moderator flags so far. That includes flags on comments and answers. There are 124 comments deleted there for various reasons.
That's where I think the community failed: In an attempt to make this thing productive.
Meta is great if you're willing to listen. It's not great if you're trying to start a fight.
And I'm not calling anyone out in particular, nor am I making this a blanket statement. A lot of people wrote some good stuff.
But on the whole, it feels like people were more concerned with winning than improving the question. Just my two cents.
It speaks to how tough it is to communicate around the subject of race. Which, ironically was the topic of the original question.
It is, yeah. It's really hard to figure out, both for those who have and haven't experienced racism directly.
12:51 AM
@HDE226868 This happens when you have questions that are this controversial
Also, in my 2 cents, people have stopped assuming good faith alltogether and now it's just a contest of buzzwords and oneupmanship in an attempt to expose or blame other people
That thread is really tiring to read or partake in
@apaul Mind you, your answer is responsible for like half of all the drama this generated :P
@Magisch When it comes down to a decision between being a good human being, and being a "nice" Stack Exchange user, I'll choose to be a good human being.
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2:03 AM
Am I the only one who think that if you need the Internet for advice about your relationship, the only real advice that can be given is "break up"?
its like if you say "do X or I will divorce you", the bird is out of the cage and now nothing can repair that marriage
2:23 AM
I'm sure that's sometimes true, but I don't think it's really fair to generalize. Lots of people can end up feeling lost about what to do in a relationship while it's not in serious peril, or at least is still quite salvageable, and some of them will turn to the internet.
2:49 AM
@ChrisSunami May I say that you were one of the most helpful. It's frustrating to be in a position in which you cannot express yourself clearly. You made up for some of that inability on my part. I regret the lack of productivity, and hope any edits made to the original IPS question were not made out of appeasement, to me or any other close voters.
3:10 AM
@ChrisSunami I did not even get the chance to see your edits to the question before it was locked. I really liked your title, but I really wish you wouldn't have edited the body.
1 hour later…
4:20 AM
Q: How to avoid sitting with friends during an exam

Inertial IgnoranceI have an important exam coming up and a few friends in my class want me to sit with them. Normally I would, but I'm worried about this group distracting me while I'm writing the exam. I won't discuss my reasons here, although I admit some of them are irrational (I have OCD). I like sitting up i...

4:38 AM
Q: How can I help my elderly, toxic mother?

pidan_danI'm in my late twenties and my mother is over seventy. She became pregnant unexpectedly in her mid-forties and decided to raise me alone. I was very unhappy under her care and moved out at eighteen years old. I now live about four hours from her by train. Background information Her health has b...

@JonathanReez Needing help from the internet does not necessarily spell doom for a relationship. Some people have great difficulty with interpersonal interactions. Take this question that I wrote back in February for example. I am on the autism spectrum. Because of that fact, I have difficulty interacting with other people. I had just started seeing someone and was struggling to figure out how to approach the topic of my autism with her.
I brought my question to IPS and received some wonderful answers. Using the help here I was able to bring up the topic. She's been my girlfriend for a few months now and we are extremely happy together. The fact that I needed help from the internet did not in any way signal that our relationship was doomed to fail.
5:16 AM
@Rainbacon that's a bit different... you didn't have a problem in your relationship, you just wanted advice on a tricky situation
If I ask "how do I get my girlfriend to go to soccer games with me", I want to improve a healthy relationship
If I ask "my girlfriend made out with a guy during a soccer game" its a whole different can of worms
@JonathanReez I agree that those are very different scenarios, but your initial post only specified "if you need the Internet for advice about your relationship". That phrasing opens it up to questions of either of the types you mentioned.
5:31 AM
@Mithrandir24601 Congratulations!!
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6:03 AM
Q: How do I tell my best friend that her brother sexually harassed me and that I don't want to hang out with her when he's around anymore?

bennyman123abcGood day to you all. Just recently, my closest friend's brother knowingly sexually harassed me just about a year after he previously forced a kiss on me. It never was too difficult to hang out with my best friend when he was around, as long as he kept a manageable distance of course. But now, I c...

@Rainbacon the correct phrasing should be "if your relationship in trouble and you're asking the internet for help, you should probably just break up"
1 hour later…
7:13 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Anyone around to pitch in their thoughts on what to do with this question? I am kinda unsure of what to do with it
If OP wants to tell her friend that their brother sexually assaulted her then I think it would be important to know specifically what happened before giving advice on how to go about it
But that is clearly a touchy subject... not sure if its okay to ask
in general we just need more details
Age might make a difference in answers too but if they are a younger questioner then they might get defensive...
and we don't know anything about their actual relationship other than 'best friend for 4 years', which might sound like information but it is incredibly open to interpretation... no context of how the friend gets along with the brother... i just don't know
7:31 AM
@Jesse already flagged it. The writing style looks familiar if you understand what I'm saying.
8:30 AM
Q: Ex-girlfriend is obsessing about me, how to stop the madness?

heapOverflowLong post ahead, I will try to tell the story from my point of view, mainly because I'm not really sure about what's going on in the head of the other person. A few years ago I used to date this girl, let's call her Mary. After 1 year she decided that I was not really her type and we both moved ...

9:05 AM
Q: How to approach possibly rude comments online

jppA few months ago, I joined an online community of professional and enthusiast tree-growers, which has a large and active user base and is moderated by volunteers. [Note: certain details have been modified to be less specific.] I came across a comment which I found in bad taste, even though it d...

9:36 AM
@Jesse In general, if you have questions and details you'd like to see, that's what comments are for, and close-votes as 'unclear' or 'too broad'. I think though, that leaving out the details on what they consider harassment in this case is a good thing, it'll avoid the whole commenting/answer thing on 'that was not harassment'.
10:00 AM
Asking for a friend: If you mark your account for deletion, can you be suspended?
10:12 AM
@Tinkeringbell If you mean going through this process I don't see how that would be possible...
@Mithrandir24601 It sorta gives a 24 hour time-window in which an user can still comment and do stuff, before their account is deleted... but I was wondering if in that 24 hour time period, the account could be suspended?
I'm putting it on meta-mail :)
@Tinkeringbell Ahhh - now that I don't know
Me neither... and it's fishy :P
@Mithrandir24601 Also, just to test how your moderator training is going... :P Do you know what happens if a lot of your comments get deleted as rude/abusive, is their some kind of automated penalty?
meta.stackexchange.com/q/309068/369802 I hope it's neutral enough..
@Tinkeringbell An additional flag gets raised to notify the mods of this
So it would depend on the mods I suppose
@Mithrandir24601 Yeah, and given the mods here... anyhow, let's see what the answers say first :)
10:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell Aha! So, the user will have presumably deleted their account through the normal process, but that doesn't delete the account on all SE. So, when they re-register, the association bonus comes due to the activity on the other SEs
@Mithrandir24601 Yeah ;) Although I'm more worried about the suspension part :)
Is that unclear?
I can clarify the question if need be...
@Tinkeringbell I think the bold "Can an account that's marked by it's owner for deletion, be suspended in the mean time?" makes it pretty clear :)
@Mithrandir24601 :) I'm not that familiar with posting on main meta yet :P But so far, I've made 3 posts and they were all received well
@Tinkeringbell That's good - I haven't posted anything yet (although I've asked a couple of things in the Tavern)
@Mithrandir24601 I only popped into that room once... It's kinda intimidating, lot's of moderators XD
I think at the time, there was even a CM
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell I made my first venture in there when it became clear that I had a good chance of becoming a mod :P I had a small question and was just like "well, may as well get used to it" - even if I didn't end up as a mod, I still did much of the reviewing and mod activities on QC, so I kind of figured I'd get involved at some point
@Mithrandir24601 Nice :) Well, there's enough moderators here, I don't want all of them to know me :P
@Tinkeringbell You're getting a bit late for that :P
While you here, would you mind flagging a few comments? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/13105/1599 I think the entire thread, with exception of the first three, can go as no-longer-needed. It's not about the answer, and it will likely draw out the controversy we had even further..
@Mithrandir24601 I knew it... y'all are a bunch of gossipy aunts :P
@Tinkeringbell Nah! As in, you're RO of a site which currently requires a lot of modding (see HDE's comment about all those flags yesterday), so the mods involved here are bound to know you
@Mithrandir24601 I know, I know :) I'm a bit sad all of this is happening right now, I thought we outgrew that phase already :(
10:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell So did I :(
@Tinkeringbell I'll have a read through now
10:53 AM
@Mithrandir24601 Apparently, I can get suspended XD :P
11:09 AM
@Tinkeringbell I'm going to hesitantly suggest the possibility that the OP may not be aware of what we mean by Q&A site - while their complaints about the racism they face in everyday life are (I'm sure) justified, said complaints are, for the most part, superfluous to the question - it's the same issue that's been seen before in that an OP doesn't like superfluous stuff getting removed, only this time the topic is racism and the result is, sadly, a mess :(
@Mithrandir24601 I'm going to hesitantly agree with your suggestion ;) Mainly because I think I saw a comment by OP drive by, that said they came to this site because Yahoo was too toxic or something... But the main reason SE can be non-toxic to me is because things are tone-policed here...
In that respect, I believe the solution is to somehow make the OP aware of this. Removing/deleting comments will only compound the issue until the OP is made aware that all that matters (in terms of what is preserved in the post) is the question and answers to "how do I respond to [specific issue] in [specific way] in [specific context] [etc.]"
@Mithrandir24601 I wanted to reply to that, but the comment was removed and I didn't really know how to phrase it... the meta on that question is more specifically about whether or not the use of 'white' is wrong, so the answer to that doesn't really lend itself to discuss that. And I'm kinda scared to open a chat-room with that user.
11:48 AM
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Awww! imgur.com/gallery/mCL22 Good news break :)
12:10 PM
@sphennings interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/13170/… Does that one need further editing?
(if you don't mind me asking of course... :) Just trying to find out if I'm missing something.)
@ExtrovertedMainMan this is fairly obviously about SE... before I go close voting is there a reason it is OK to post this on IPS main?
We aren't the arbitrators of SE drama.
Q: Can we re-open the question about stack exchange?

tuskiomiI feel that the question How to handle people who don't get along on Stack Exchange? hasn't been given enough thought as to its closure. Robert C., our community builder for stack exchange closed this question as off-topic, citing that it belonged to the meta mother-site, and not-migrating the q...

Shog's answer here seems to me to be saying this is not appropriate
@EmC Hmmm.. that's what I missed I guess? Not really I think, we've had some discussion on meta about it (interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1685/1599)
The question feels like it's asking us to write their reply for them.
12:18 PM
(I linked the same one)... although I don't really see SE mentioned here specifically, and we've allowed questions about how to behave online before I think
@sphennings :( And if we change 'how can I explain' to 'what do I need to keep in mind when writing such an explanation'?
I already edited out 'phrase' to avoid exactly that..
@Tinkeringbell there's a lot of language indicating SE to me: "flag as rude", "flag was declined" , "parent site", "professional and enthusiast", "moderated by volunteers"...
@EmC Hmmm... But there's no way to post something on SE that's not question or answer that can explain your actions, right?
Ehh.... That feels like a prompt for me to get on a soap box and rant about theory of mind, an how just saying that you did something doesn't matter if your words don't match your actions.
@Tinkeringbell I'm guessing they mean posting a meta answer
because "wrote a post asking why the comment should be deemed suitable" would have to be on meta
I'm throwing a CV up, if it's not SE then OP can explain..
I see a lot of similarities, but ... yeah. I'd have asked instead of leaving such a definite comment
12:23 PM
tbh after recent events I'm being more skeptical of people using heavily veiled language
I'm voting to close this for now, because I suspect it's about StackExchange. If it's not, please tell us which site this was on, it'll also help us to have a reference to their rules on what's rude and what not.
(That's what I was writing, except for the 'close' part since I already retracted my vote...)
@Tinkeringbell I like the last sentence, I added that to my comment
@EmC I agree that recent events have not been good for this community. But I'd hate to see the feelings carried over to possible innocent posters... I have had at least 4 different people become slightly aggressive towards me when I tried to moderate their posts in some way or the other this week, but if I notice I start carrying that feeling over to other posts, and it becomes my baseline, I think I need an SE break
@EmC Nice :)
Although now I'm thinking whether that question falls under:
> But there may be one situation where it's appropriate to ask these questions here: you've tried to raise an issue on meta, failed to get your point across, and are looking for help improving your own communication skills so that you do a better job next time.
@Tinkeringbell good catch.. this is still something we'd need clarification from OP though. plus all the caveats after that
@EmC I'm already seeing the question being entirely about this person, about what the fact that they are worrying about what to keep in mind when writing such an explanation..
So I think the caveats are handled?
12:35 PM
Q: Person Feels Sorry for Me, How to Decline Invitation for Outing

Artie LadieLong story short I never had friends, and didn't know how to make any. I'm 2nd generation Indian raised in USA if that's relevant. Only recently I have few hi-bye friends from office (who came from India 15 years ago) because they seem interested in my artwork (which is themed from Indian subco...

@Tinkeringbell ehh, I am still on the fence because the premise of the question is "these people got mad at me unjustly". and not having examples of what OP wrote, it's hard to answer what they might have done wrong explaining themselves the first time.
@EmC True, knowing the actual site this was on would help a lot
that said, it's just my CV - if the community disagrees and thinks it is on topic I will live with it :)
And at the same time, it would lead to people arguing about whether or not it was justly ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, it is more useful to know how OP explained themself than to have an example of the comment they flagged
12:58 PM
@EmC Good comment explaining that one :)
Let's hope we can keep it open :)
We need a few good questions... I think we've closed almost everything this week, and stuff doesn't get edited that much
:) yeah, we could use some nice uncontroversial questions :P
That preferably aren't about talking or writing either ;-)
I've been looking into 'regrettable messages' lately... It's an interesting phenomenon, but hard to make a good IPS question about
I think I'll pick another topic from something in here... onlinelibrary.wiley.com/browse/book/10.1002/9781118540190/… and turn it into something researchlike?
we definitely could use some more research questions :)
They take soo much time though
Right now, I want to finish crocheting first ;)
1:33 PM
Q: How to politely deal with smoking, within range of my window, in a block of flats?

J_mie6I live on the fourth floor of a building that's shaped a bit like a T, and I live on the inside edge of the top of the T. One of my neighbours, who lives in my side of the long edge of the T, on the second floor, has recently (within a couple of months) started smoking out of what I can assume to...

1:52 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan "would it be completely uncalled for if I..."
2:08 PM
@Jesse Soooo...?
I don't see comment yet, why not :)?
@Tinkeringbell uhh, i don't have any pre-organised comment templates, and I can't remember all the meta's or even rules about this specific one... i just know we don't like those sort of questions :D so my lazy ass just figured id highlight it for someone else to deal with
@Jesse So you'll just ruin my lazy Saturday by being lazy? :P
I'm on it ;)
@Tinkeringbell ahahah thanks <3
Welcome to Interpersonal Skills! I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question appears to be asking us to choose what to do for you by giving us two choices (talk out of the window or not?). If you could make up your mind as to whether or not you'd like to try and pull this off, this can be an interesting question about e.g. how to be as polite as possible, given that your only way of communicating is that window... — Tinkeringbell 18 secs ago
@Jesse It looks fixed to me :)
3:01 PM
Happy Saturday Evening!
@AJ Nope :(
@Tinkeringbell why? what happened?
@AJ I was supposed to go out and eat tapas with a friend, but she's fallen ill.. no happy evening for me.
@Catija He looks scared in this picture? what happened?
@Tinkeringbell take tapas to your friend's home and eat there.
@AJ To someone that's having an upset stomach? Doesn't sound like a great plan ;) We cancelled reservations, and will be going next week
3:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell Well, now you've got something to look forward to next weekend!
@Tinkeringbell yeah, that doesn't sound a good plan anymore.
@Mithrandir24601 True, another fun week of looking forward to it :D
3:21 PM
Q: How to tell if you're being too clingy or inviting yourself unnecessarily?

twillsI find that there are some situations where I am not sure whether the other person enjoys my presence enough to warrant further interaction. For example, if you meet someone during a talk at the end of a conference, talk with them for 5-10 minutes, and then get up to leave, do you wait for them a...

@ExtrovertedMainMan I'm worried this might be too broad, but at the same time I would love to see good answers to it...
3:50 PM
@HDE226868 I'm a bit curious, do you have any way to easily tell what percentage of those flags and deleted comments were content posted by established users as opposed to users coming into the site with just the association bonus?
@Rainbacon The tools don't do anything fancy like that. You can see the comments but you'd have to count up yourself.
I saw plenty of the kind of behavior that often gets flagged and deleted from established users, though.
@Cascabel Thanks for the answer. I was curious as to just how much of the problem was established users not setting the proper example. I certainly know that there was some. I know for sure I saw at least one established user put on timeout for (presumably) their role in that post.
@Cascabel Define established... on this site, reputation doesn't mean that much.
I saw some, wouldn't define it as 'plenty' though?
@ArtieLadie Have you considered that beside feeling sorry for you she also likes you and wants to spend some quality time together? Why not give it a try if you want to attend? That parade sounds interesting, plenty of things to look at beside your aunt... — LT Ortega 14 secs ago
#13172 LT Ortega (1070 rep) | Q: Person Feels Sorry for Me, How to Decline Invitation for Outing (score: 3) | posted 3 hours ago by Artie Ladie (310 rep) | edited 3 hours ago by Artie Ladie (310 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@Tinkeringbell plenty in terms of number of comments not necessarily number of users.
4:05 PM
@Cascabel Oh, good :D Yeah, but then again, one from an established user is one too many ;) I can agree on the nr. of comments though
I also wonder if it's worth making a feature request over at MSE about preventing comments from association bonus rep on protected posts
It's been made before, along with variations.
I just found one asking for a requirement of certain badges
Q: For protected questions, require local reputation to comment

Monica CellioQuestions are occasionally protected when they start attracting unwanted input -- because the question was on the Hot Network Questions list, because it hit Reddit, because it's about a hot-button topic that everybody wants to weigh in on... Protection allows a community to prevent some stuff tha...

One solution would be to raise the comment anywhere rep requirement to 102 points or higher.
4:10 PM
I think these sorts of thing have the potential to scale back but not entirely prevent issues like this. There were probably enough folks with on site rep to still have a big ol discussion.
Definitely would be great to get something in that vein implemented.
The comment-only lock Shog suggests there would help a lot more for the really tough situations.
@sphennings Just stop it everywhere, not just protected questions? Honestly not that big a cost to pay huh?
@Cascabel It is a very excessive and overreaching solution.
@sphennings If it became 102 I'd never again approve an edit of a 101 rep :P
I definitely like those suggestions.
Not sure about raising the comment rep
A week ago I wouldn't have even considered it. Now I'd toss it into a brainstorming session as a wild and out there idea.
I like the comment lock better I guess, and that already exists!
I saw Catija use it on meta
4:23 PM
I don't think either answer needs to be edited. I say let the votes decide which is more useful, and maintain both paths. Different situations could benefit from different suggestions for future visitors. — DoritoStyle 1 min ago
#13101 DoritoStyle (101 rep) | A: How to approach discussion with wife about a possible "emotional affair" (score: 21) | posted 51 hours ago by Magisch (7685 rep) | edited 51 hours ago by Magisch (7685 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["obsolete"]
4:38 PM
@Tinkeringbell no. It's a lock but it prevents more than comments. No voting or editing.
@Catija Oh... My mistake. Sorry!
@ArtieLadie Have you considered that beside feeling sorry for you she also may like you and that she wants to spend some quality time together? Why not give it a try if you want to attend? That parade sounds interesting, plenty of things to look at beside your aunt... — LT Ortega 40 secs ago
#13172 LT Ortega (1070 rep) | Q: Person Feels Sorry for Me, How to Decline Invitation for Outing (score: 3) | posted 4 hours ago by Artie Ladie (310 rep) | edited 4 hours ago by Artie Ladie (310 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@IPSCommentBot We already had that comment
4:55 PM
@Catija That auto expires after a day or two, right?
I never actually figured that out. Does it auto expire or do mods manually expire it?
Mods can set time periods on locks, though one option is permanent.
If you look at the history of the currently locked question, you can see that Jon Ericson's lock lasted exactly 24 hours.
makes sense
5:20 PM
Question: If I post a picture of a cat for filler space, how long will it take to get deleted (If at all)
For filler where?
Here. ;)
Why are we just posting things for filler
Is it essential to the question? If not don't post it.
(aka if you're asking about something and it includes knowing it will likely get deleted....don't)
5:22 PM
@sphennings @Ash thanks! At least the answer is not "Internet lag time"
FTR I won't, anyhow.
(Honestly, you knew the answer, I think. Don't do things you know are problematic.)
Wussup with the parenthesis?
Interpersonal question: Are there any ways to mimic tone in written language without using specific wording?
It depends
English, non-contextual. May have synonyms.
I'm thinking the synonyms would be the best bet... considering how the meaning of "gay" has changed over time from "happy".
I don't think that word choice necessarily indicates tone
5:33 PM
@Pheo I think that may be more about the language than IPS?
because I can say just about anything with a sarcastic tone and that changes a lot
Also yeah, that's more language than IPS
@Ash Ehh.. there's definitely a few words I only use when I want to sound insulting?
Tone can change how it is interpreted, and therefore relationships.
@Pheo It's related to IPS, yes, but that doesn't really make asking about it, with no interpersonal context, IPS.
@Pheo That's true, but it's more about tone than specific words (often). Although for some words it's hard to convey them in writing without sounding offending/accusing/rude...or the other way around
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6:02 PM
@Rainbacon From what I see, most chatty comments are from users with more than 101 rep.
@Mithrandir Well that turns the tables... (Oh isn't this a fine example of that chattyness)
Is there a way we can define 2 ranges, ie (rep > 15 && rep < 101) || (rep > 116)
maybe not 116, but something like that?
A side effect would be loss of post priveleges around that range...
Does anyone know if it is possible?
6:18 PM
What do you mean?
Are you trying to search something?
@Mithrandir is that the chatty comments that are left standing or are you referring to all the ones you've seen?
6:49 PM
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1 hour later…
7:52 PM
@Rainbacon all I've seen
8:09 PM
@Tinkeringbell regarding your deleted answer on the debate question (arguing both sides): for what it's worth, I do think it's a good point and can have a place in a conversation setting. I do it sometimes with a friend where we both explore both sides of the issue as objectively as possible. It doesn't always need to be long winded and I find these kinds of conversations really enjoyable.
@Ash No, I was referring to a change that was being toyed around with by @Rainbacon
@Tinkeringbell Ready!
@Stacey thanks :) But I guess, judging from the comment I got from OP, It wasn't really what they're after... And I think the thing I mentioned, where it's just one person doing it, might actually do some harm too... It might confuse the friends that aren't aware that it's happening, and lose him friends
@Tinkeringbell I suppose with one person it's a bit weird because then you just seem to be arguing with yourself (like op said in their comment)
8:25 PM
@Stacey Yeah, it's better for the classroom then an actual conversation on second thought. I still do it, but with the friends that also took the classes and recognize the tactic already... Out of the blue, people will most likely think you're crazy XD
@Tinkeringbell **cough**
@Ash I'm guessing that @Pheo is referring to setting a comment privilege level, and is asking if it's possible to do something like set a range that will exclude association bonus people.
@Mithrandir clap!
It would probably just be simpler to do something like excluding the association bonus :)
@Mithrandir I know, yet no one's told me to I need professional help, so I guess I'm not that crazy ;)
@Stacey I hope the meta about that was helpful?
9:29 PM
@Andy - In theory, sure. In practice, many drivers don't know what will make them uncomfortable until they do it, and very few people have the knowledge to know if they are qualified to do something. Beyond that, weather conditions change, traffic conditions change, people are unfamiliar with particular areas and agree to do X without understanding what is required to do X. Often times, once you've starting driving somewhere, it's more unsafe (and sometimes illegal) to turn around and go back. — Rob P. 14 secs ago
#2622 Rob P. (101 rep) | A: Should I help pay for a traffic ticket someone got while helping me? (score: 57) | posted 230 days ago by Tom Au (5049 rep) | edited 230 days ago by Tom Au (5049 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]

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