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12:08 AM
Hmm, I see that Wolfram Alpha hired a new marketing team.
12:26 AM
Q: Visualizing broad Tikz tree graph

EricModules of software I created produce Tikz QTree diagrams for visualisation. The problem is that some trees grow quite broad... Even when I try to massively shrink them by Tikz settings, I cannot fit them on the page. I use the following, which has no effect: \begin{tikzpicture}[level/.style=...

what should we do about this question? I don't think it would ever be solved.
12:56 AM
@percusse Three month without any response. Based on the last comment of Alan I would say "too localized".
1:44 AM
Who wouldn' t want to work at Valve - especially after seeing this new employee manual... assets.sbnation.com/assets/1074301/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf Nicely typeset btw.
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
@percusse Sorry if it seems a bit late to add something to this, but one should note that a new .SX user is "socialized" a bit differently.
Jeff Atwood on June 13, 2011

In March 2010, we rebalanced our reputation system to favor answers.

While we value good questions (and asking a great question is absolutely an art), we want to explicitly encourage people to provide the best possible answers. Without people interested in providing good answers, the questions are moot. We know that answers have more intrinsic value than questions, and the reputation balance should reflect that.

The question asker already enjoys a substantial benefit beyond reputation gain from upvotes on their question — namely, they get great answers to their question! Thus, the asker shouldn’t need as much reputation gain. …

In several places reachable from the FAQ, it seems there is explicit encouragement to downvote "bad" questions. Of course most of the formulations on what is "bad" and when one should actually decide to downvote are a little vague, (ctd)
but all in all the impression is that if there is a tradeoff between scaring away a new user whose .SX record so far consists of asking one question or annoying a regular who might invest a bit less enthusiasm in answering the next question out of being annoyed, the tendency is clearly in keeping the answerer happy.
If this site has a different policy, maybe this should be stated clearly somewhere.
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4:55 AM
I'm a bit disappointed noone commented on my \voodogobblelast ;-)
A: How does one remove material from a token list?

Stephan LehmkeHere are three versions of \gobblelast: \makeatletter \def\gobblelast@nil{gobblelast@nil} \newtoks\gobblelast@toks \let\gobblelast@obr={ \let\gobblelast@cbr=} \def\gobblelast@mkspc#1% {% \expandafter\futurelet\expandafter\gobblelast@spc\expandafter\@gobble } \futurelet\next\gobblelast@mkspc...

I mean, you can say \expandafter\edef\expandafter\next\expandafter{\the\mytoks}}} and it will work because two opening braces are hidden inside \mytoks. And this after @DavidCarlisle his very self uttered "token registers can not store unbalanced lists" ;-)
This has to be worth at least a lame clapping of hands, no?
3 hours later…
7:51 AM
@Ariel Now I am wondering whether it's because the conditions are good or the manual is typeset nicely.
8:22 AM
@Ariel That's really nice!
8:45 AM
Q: How do I use TrueType Fonts with PDFTeX using otftotfm?

CanageekI've heard that PDFTeX can use TrueType fonts. There have been several answers related to this, but of these only the first one mentions using otftotfm, which I'm told is the standard way to do it now, and none clearly explain how to use the font if your document after it has been created. The ot...

There once was a Lady of Ronnes
who tried to install lots of fonts
 so she asked on this site
 for answers from people so bright
but she never got a response
@PatrickGundlach One for a big bounty once the appropriate time has passed
@JosephWright I've tried to answer it yesterday (with standard tools), but I failed. But as I do LuaTeX nowadays I forgot most of it.
@PatrickGundlach I think that some of the comments miss the fact that pdfTeX is still very commonly used. There are reasons why LuaTeX and XeTeX are not always the 'right' choice. (Talk for example to Karl Berry about document portability!)
@JosephWright I understand that - I even use PDFTeX for some projects (customers)
9:06 AM
@PatrickGundlach My answer is forthcoming. Have patience. Between yesterday evening and now we're having weekend with a family of 6 here. Not much time for writing answers.
@StephanLehmke Hey, it was a joke :)
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10:50 AM
Can be closed as "too localized", based on the OP's last comment:
Q: natbib authoryear error

DominikI'm getting natbib error: Bibliography not compatible with author-year citations. The 'help' says Check the bibliography entries for non-compliant syntax, or select author-year Bibtex style e.g. plainnat. Can someone point out the error in my ways because apalike is an author-year sty...

@lockstep Yup, closed
11:01 AM
@JosephWright or another moderator: please un-CW this answer:
A: What to do to switch to biblatex?

lockstepI've made the switch from natbib to biblatex two years ago, so I should be able to answer this. That said, Seamus, Simon Byrne, and domwass have already made lots of good points. (For anyone still asking "Why should I use biblatex?": See this answer [shameless plug].) LaTeX document With natbi...

@StefanKottwitz Perhaps you could un-CW the above answer?
@lockstep Done
@JosephWright Many thanks -- I had been wanting to correct the formatting for quite some time!
11:30 AM
@MarcoDaniel +1, nice work
@cmhughes Not really. I needed 13 hours to install Ubuntu 12.04 ;-)
@MarcoDaniel oh no! why so long?
@cmhughes imac + ati -- that isn't a goog combo. At the moment I have to work in low graphics mode. I found some bug reports about fglrx and ati but up to know nothing works.
11:51 AM
@StephanLehmke I've read that before but I agree also with @AndrewStacey 's comments under that post. The ideal case is to integrate the new users to the scheme not to scare them away with downvites. Some change their questions superbly after we simply remind them to do so and often we remove the comments afterwards but downvoted questions usually stay like that no matter what.
Note that this only applies to TeX.SX. Other SX sites found their equilibrium through downvoting.
@percusse Well but for this concrete example the unltimate consequence was closing the question. If people rather vote to close than downvote then the system seems skewed to me.
@StephanLehmke True. We are still not in sync about closing those. So our system is not perfect either.
@MarcoDaniel I guess you included the time you spent trying to fix the problem. If the installation itself took 13 hours, it is not meant to be done like that! It should only take about half an hour with the live DVD.
@StephanLehmke Take the recent question, number 52577. Now that seems to be valid problem but I'm not sure so I don't want to spend time on it. I tried to push the user once but apparently it didn't work. So some might also try to convince and maybe make it a better question. If I downvote it, I don't thin it would help anyway from the OP's point of view.
@percusse I'm also thinking a bit differently about the "piling up" discussion. My intrepretation is if a lot of people are annoyed by the question but shy to be the first to downvote, then in the moment the first downvote appears, a lot of downvotes are released.
12:00 PM
@JasperLoy ;-)
But they are "real" downvotes, only coming in temporal synchronization. I doubt there are so many people here who like to tread on somebody already lying just for the fun of it.
@MarcoDaniel Er, what does that mean?
By establishing a "minimum score -1" policy you're taking away a means to vent frustration, so people might be more inclined to vote to close or write a snide comment.
@JasperLoy Where did I write "Er"? It's German and means "he"
@StephanLehmke Indeed, there is an interesting psychological aspect to it. The slightest negative connotation about a question release a lot of downvotes.
12:02 PM
Furthermore, when I see a score of "-1" I automatically think "Wow this would be -50 if not everybody were restricting themselves". But maybe some questions would really stay at "-1"?
@MarcoDaniel Nope, I was the one who said "er" which is just a sound in conversation.
@JasperLoy That's new for me. In relation to your previous comment I wrote ":-)" because I would be happy if the instalation was so easy
@StephanLehmke The general idea is to run away from the frustrating cases that would create the need of venting. And most of the times, people end up here with a lot of frustration since TeX is not the easiest thing to use. So they might write up a bad and angry question such as X package is stupid and it doesn't work, tell me another way or else?
Now a downvote on top of this question is fueling the flame.
Instead we try to calm down a bit and ask them little pieces of info to understand the problem.
But not always, it works properly. Often, we get some angry comment exchanges.
@percusse Still I think making new users aware about the nature of downvotes would be better than crippling the logic for everybody else.
@percusse It's like the guy saying "the emperor has no clothes" ;-)
@StephanLehmke You are right. I also don't know the good way to go. Since as we do it, we create the impression that we are here to serve.
12:10 PM
For me, the key point is actually the rate of voting. Half-a-dozen downvotes in the first day is unhelpful, but if after a polite request for clarification there is no improvement then it may become appropriate to downvote.
@percusse Think of ctt. A posting like this would have ignited a flame war. Which is a bad thing. Here there's downvotes. If the alternative is flamewars in comments, I'd rather have downvotes.
Mind you, I'm saying all this from a new user's perspective. Which might be refreshing, but please take with a grain of salt.
So I shut up now :-)
@StephanLehmke No, of course. I understand your point perfectly. I am just not sure about the effect of the downvotes.
@StephanLehmke you are a good example of the community. Relatively new but full of expertise so that's why rep points don't mean much here among us which is another reason to take the votes lightly.
@JosephWright perhaps, maybe OP will clarify, I based my guess on the fact that \ifnum (ie numeric) test was used in the sample code, even though the wording might suggest strings, (Your answer which was posted at some time as mine also uses \ifnum0#1 doesn't it?)
@DavidCarlisle Yes, same approach entirely. It depends of course on what exactly is required.
@Village is a ConTeXt user, so I guess this might be done as easily in Lua as anything else, depending on the full detail
@JosephWright yes just about the only context questioner I think:-)
12:23 PM
@DavidCarlisle We get a few
Bizarrely, I seem to answer at least a reasonable number of these questions!
1:15 PM
What would be an appropriate tag for meta.tex.stackexchange.com/questions/2443/…? ?
@NN I suggest .
1:27 PM
Sorry I'm late, I had mass and had to buy Pringles. :D
@PauloCereda Well done. :)
@egreg I'm ready for today's game. :)
@PauloCereda Wait, you seem to have mass every day!
@JasperLoy Close. :) We are a very small comunity. We have only one mass on Sunday, Thursday and Saturday. :)
@PauloCereda I used to think that people go only once a week or on special occasions.
1:36 PM
@JasperLoy This is a common profile. :) I have pastoral activities, so I'm on every mass.
Exact duplicate:
Q: Tocloft: Make a 'pagebreak' (vertical skip between chapters)

sousedovic.malyI started using tocloft which changed formatting and spacing in my ToC a little. I have fixed other issues, but this one remains: before tocloft, chapter 5 got typeset on the next page of ToC as a whole. That was very convenient as it is the last and most important chapter. But now it goes like t...

@lockstep Voted. :)
Wow, a question about Red Hat 9.0! I still have my old install CD.
@PauloCereda You mean you can use it for free?
@JasperLoy Red Hat 9.0 is the last one from RH before they created the enterprise and the community branches (ERHL and Fedora). :)
As far as I remember. :P
@PauloCereda When was it shipped out?
Oh, I found out: 2003. Still teTeX, if there was a TeX distribution on it.
1:53 PM
@egreg I'd say 2004 I guess. It was a 2.4 kernel yet.
It seems most distros don't care about the TeX Live in their repositories anymore.
@egreg Oh close. :)
@JasperLoy Actually the best thing to do is to install the standalone version and forget about the distro provided one.
@egreg Yes. I was thinking it might be better for them to not even include it in the repositories. :-)
@JasperLoy Next deb version and Ubuntu 12.10 may get a newer TeX Live version, see bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texlive-base/+bug/712521/…
1:58 PM
@egreg: Milan 0:1 Bologna. :P
@NN Yes I remember you posted a question on askubuntu. :-)
@NN Well, by the time it is there TL2012 will be out.
@JasperLoy Debian Wheezy still has TL 2009; TL 2011 is in sid.
@egreg OMG!
2:09 PM
@JasperLoy :( Of course nobody can really blame Norbert who is the only one doing work on TeX Live/Debian.
@egreg I would suggest to him to forget the idea and do something else instead, since nobody would use it anyway and it would be a waste of his time.
@JasperLoy I believe he has reached a good point so that the Debian packaging can be made almost without manual intervention. But the delay will always be of at least one year: first put the packages in experimental, then in sid and finally in the stable release takes too much time. That's what Debian people want. :(
@egreg Same thing for Iceweasel. One must use backports.
2:38 PM
@egreg Best thing might be some kinda of deb package that installs TeX Live standalone for you as is suggested in some comment in bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texlive-base/+bug/712521. Are you involved in some Linux distribution seeing that you seem to have some insight?
2:54 PM
@NN No, I'm not. But I've written a paper for TUGboat about installing the standalone TeX Live on some systems.
Instead of writing the same answer I have voted for a duplicate on this one to an older one. Please consider :)
Q: How to push image at the bottom of the present slide?

Subhamoy SenguptaI have made two columns in a beamer presentation slide and both of them contain image. \begin{frame} \frametitle{Vision(Information Processing)} \begin{block}{Measuring distance} \begin{columns} \column[l]{0.65\textwidth} \begin{itemize} \scriptsize\item Equidistant vertical dots are...

@PauloCereda Final: Milan 1:1 Bologna. :)
@egreg Just curious. I am neither involved in a distribution except for following some Ubuntu bugs and contributing to Ask Ubuntu.
@egreg Wow! I turned the TV off when Bologna was winning, at 87". :) So Milan scored in the last minute! :)
@PauloCereda Almost. :( And Robinho had a possibility to score in the injury time.
3:04 PM
@egreg I was happy to see Cassano playing again. :) And soon Roma will be the next victm. :P
Juve 2:1 Roma. :)
@PauloCereda Fingers crossed, of course. :)
@egreg Sure! :) And Pringles. :P
Q: Flyspell save word to dictionary

RobinautI'm using flyspell for spell checking in AucTeX. How can I ignore or add a word to the dictionary without using the popup menu and wihtout using the mouse? There's the command flyspell-auto-correct-word (C-.) to go through all suggestions for corrections, is there also a command for saing word...

This questions should be on SuperUser?
@HenrikHansen agree, or SO, it is not about spell checking that ties to TeX in any specific way but about flyspell in general.
@egreg: out of curiosity, is there any plan of adding an option to imakeidxfor us to define another counter to be used in the index entry instead of the current page? I'm currently using a \patchcmd you suggested me. :)
3:16 PM
"Hello Robinaut, your question will receive more answers if you post it on Super User"
@HenrikHansen Might be better to flag for migration than for him to repost it. Less noise.
I'm leaving it as is then
@leo Hi! :)
3:29 PM
@leo How are you? Studying hard?
@egreg yes, I try. How are you?
@leo Waiting for the big match of tonight.
@egreg :)
@egreg By the way, I have to do a homework in groups. It must be a little research to present a topic
a topic not covered in the course
@leo What did you choose?
3:35 PM
@egreg so far, nothing
I want something analysis-related, but I think that this sort of things are perhaps too advanced
@leo Lie groups? Quite advanced, indeed.
@egreg Yep. I'm wonder if there are applications of groups to biology or microbiology to do something different
@leo To biology? I don't think so. There are groups in crystallography, of course.
@egreg By googling, I found this. What crystallography?
seems that the genetic code can be described in "groupoid and group theory"
@leo This paper seems to be only touching the surface.
3:48 PM
and it is not so hard to understand it. Except by terms like "dinucleotides" that I don't know what it is
@egreg yes...
@leo Crystals have symmetries that can be analyzed with group theory.
A Crystal is a chemical element?
A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. In addition to their microscopic structure, large crystals are usually identifiable by their macroscopic geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification. The word crystal...
The symmetry group of an object (image, signal, etc.) is the group of all isometries under which the object is invariant with composition as the operation. It is a subgroup of the isometry group of the space concerned. If not stated otherwise, this article considers symmetry groups in Euclidean geometry, but the concept may also be studied in wider contexts; see below. Introduction The "objects" may be geometric figures, images, and patterns, such as a wallpaper pattern. The definition can be made more precise by specifying what is meant by image or pattern, e.g., a function of positi...
@egreg thanks :-)
4:14 PM
Yikes, if you are going into point groups I hope you are good at seeing things in 3D!
A bunch of my friends took solid-state chemistry this year, it is HARD.
@leo Good luck with that, I prefer to let crystallographers to tell me what molecule I have.
@Canageek :-) thanks
@leo Group theory as applied to vibrational spectroscopy is quite a bit easier, though based on the same math.
@Canageek What's that?
@leo Ramen and Infrared Specroscopy, two very commonly used chemical analysis tools
Infrared spectroscopy (IR spectroscopy) is the spectroscopy that deals with the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is light with a longer wavelength and lower frequency than visible light. It covers a range of techniques, mostly based on absorption spectroscopy. As with all spectroscopic techniques, it can be used to identify and study chemicals. A common laboratory instrument that uses this technique is a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer. The infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is usually divided into three regions; the near-, mid- and far- i...
Raman spectroscopy (; named after Sir C. V. Raman) is a spectroscopic technique used to study vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system. It relies on inelastic scattering, or Raman scattering, of monochromatic light, usually from a laser in the visible, near infrared, or near ultraviolet range. The laser light interacts with molecular vibrations, phonons or other excitations in the system, resulting in the energy of the laser photons being shifted up or down. The shift in energy gives information about the vibrational modes in the system. Infrared spectroscopy yie...
And some animations based on point groups: www2.ess.ucla.edu/~schauble/molecular_vibrations.htm
I found this book quite helpful, but it was more a practical guide to analysing spectra then a theoretical examination: books.google.ca/books/about/…
thanks for that:)
4:29 PM
I have learned something new relating to lisp almost every day this week! Think I have gone from helpless to barely crawling seeing how much better the function I put in the edit of tex.stackexchange.com/a/52798/5701 performs than the original one. The original one barely did what it should.
@JosephWright I've posted what you sent on the blog. I've been working on a post recently related to the sand/pearls thing which I think will expand on some of the issues as well.
There's a lot of group theory in chemistry, I know that.
How do I put a dot over a letter in LaTeX?
@Canageek \.a
@egreg Does that still work in Mathmode?
@Canageek No; for the math accent you use \dot{a}
Math accents are always named differently than the corresponding text accent
4:36 PM
@egreg Is there a way to make the dot bigger, so I don't miss it?
If I lean back while reading I can't see it at all
something like \overset{a}{\bullet}
I mean \overset{\bullet}{a}
@leo That is a bit large, but at least visible.
it's too large I think
4:42 PM
\tikz \path node (a) {a} (a.north) node[circle,fill,minimum width=1cm,anchor=south] {};
@leo Way too large
I'll just write out the derivative instead of using the short form
@Canageek why not $f'$
and so on
@leo \dot{E} = \frac{dE}{dt}
Specifically dot means derivative with respect to time
ah ok
@Canageek arguing with font designers will lead to tears, but you could use a bod dot: \mathbf{\dot{\mathnormal{a}}}
4:46 PM
I have seen that style in many books for derivatives.
for ODE
@leo ODE? And yes, physists and mathamatitions don't agree on notation
@Canageek Ordinary Differential Equations. I'm on the math side :-)
As an official mathematician, I fully endorse f' to mean: the derivative of a single-variable function with respect to whatever it is a function of. f-with-a-dot-on-top is a sop to physicists and other people who don't understand mathematics.
@DavidCarlisle Got to love the typo: "Here comes Bod"
@AndrewStacey What about the second useage for the dirivative with respect to time?
@Canageek "Time is meaningless, lunchtime doubly so." Is your function single-variable or more variables?
4:50 PM
@DavidCarlisle @egreg has already informed me that my document is unforgivably ugly, I don't think making things pretty matters at this pint
@AndrewStacey I have seen the notation with dots in some notes for ODE of the Cambridge University Press
@AndrewStacey Astrophysics; [\text{Age} = -\frac{1}{2} \frac{ \frac{d\omega}{dt}}{\omega} \left(1 - \frac{\omega^2}{\omega_0^2} \right)]
@leo Well, there you go! If you read second-rate material, you should expect second-rate notation.
not sure if was for physics students
@Canageek ??? What I meant was: does your function depend on one variable or on several variables. I'm not totally clear what that formula means.
4:53 PM
@AndrewStacey I just have seen it. Now I read the Coddington's book.
@AndrewStacey Ah, In this case one variable. However, I gave up on the notation as the professor stopped using it after one line.
@AndrewStacey like Newton?
@Canageek As it's one variable, there is no possibility of confusion over what the derivative means so writing f' is unambiguous: it means the derivative of f. If I happen to call that variable "time" then it is the derivative of f with respect to time. If I call it waffles, then it is the derivative of f with respect to waffles.
@AndrewStacey I don't think there are any waffels in rotational motion
I think that if the function only depends on time, then can't be confusion
4:57 PM
@leo It is the derivative of rotational motion, so the first derivative wrt time is acceleration. I actually can't remember the equation for rotational motion right now, so I commented one variable without thinking.
@AndrewStacey, I see you do differential topology. From your point of view, what's a good book to learn ODE?
@AndrewStacey Thanks
We could create a "TeX.sx online playlist", where everyone of us add one or two songs to a playlist. Then we listen to it. :)
@PauloCereda I'm adding Power Metal! :D
5:09 PM
@Canageek I'll add some samba. :D
(I'm scared of our tastes) :P
@PauloCereda Did you see I managed to ask a purely technical question that went overnight unanswered? :D
@Canageek Yes, and I upvoted it. :) Very nice question. :D
@Canageek If you eat enough waffles, you'll soon discover rotational motion.
40 pages when compiled, 1633 lines of code, 86 kilobytes.
Now I have to edit it.
@JosephWright Thank you for writing siunitx: I used \SI 195 times in this document.
5:39 PM
@DavidCarlisle I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous remark about Cambridge-based whatsits.
@leo (Sorry, got distracted by bedtime.) I'm not sure that I know one. As a differential topologist, all I care about is that students know about the existence and uniqueness of solutions of ODEs. We don't have much to do with actually solving them.
6:02 PM
Does anyone have the Lucidia fonts installed? Can they test my answer?
A: old style numerals in mhchem equations

CanageekI can't test this, as I've not purchased the Lucidia fonts, but using the mhchem manual I've created: \documentclass{minimal} \usepackage[paperwidth=90mm, paperheight=20mm, left=10pt, top=20pt]{geometry} \usepackage[romanfamily=bright-osf,stdmathdigits=true,scale=.9]{lucimatx} \usepackage{mhchem...

6:12 PM
@PauloCereda Nice diagram for the blog post. :)
@egreg Thanks! :) I drew it in a hurry, I hope the essence is reflected in it. :)
@AndrewStacey Nice blog post
@egreg: ready for the big game? :)
@PauloCereda Made sure it is impossible to get stuck in an infinite loop in the flow chart?
6:27 PM
@NN I don't think so. :P
@DavidCarlisle Hey, I now know a bit of what you went through: I started compiling this document before I went to lunch and it is still running
I can't wait for someone to fix that \sfrac bug
Annoyingly, I've been told it has been fixed, just not submitted to CTAN
@NN Wasn't mine.
Still running.... Huh, apparently something I did realllllly increased the length of this run. Last time it was only 5 min or so.
@AndrewStacey Might want to credit it then; Your name is at the top.
6:45 PM
@Canageek First sentence: "This is by Joseph Wright but he’s having difficulty logging in to the blog so I’m posting it for him."
@AndrewStacey >.> sits in the skimming corner
@AndrewStacey It's all very frustrating :-(
From what @StefanKottwitz tells me, he can't change my password, so I guess @MartinScharrer can't either. This must be the 'network' business, as on a normal WordPress blog any admin can change anyone's password. So I need Rebecca C, but she's away until May.
@JosephWright Oh no. :(
Dear celebrity people who answer questions: how many questions here are straight from the manual of a package?
@Canageek is \frac really so bad that \sfrac is worth waiting for?:-)
6:51 PM
@DavidCarlisle Well, normally I just turn microtype off, and if you only have 1 or 2 it isn't noticeable. Not sure why this is taking so long (Still running) and I haven't changed much. I wonder if it is the \microtypecontext{spacing=nonfrench} I added?
@egreg: GOAAAAL!!!!!
@DavidCarlisle But yes, \sfrac makes things much more legible when you have an fractional exponent on a fraction.
@Canageek ^1/\!{}_2 would be quicker:-) of if you only have a reasonable number of them, you could do them in boxes so they are not happening inside ams alignments (ie, being set multiple times due to measuring)
@DavidCarlisle DONE
which \! or using boxes?
6:56 PM
@egreg: GOAAAAAAL!!!!!!
@DavidCarlisle Compiling. I have 119 uses of sfrac. There are a lot of fractional exponential in this document. And \nicefrac takes such as long, I checked. Turns out that time was to run it twice, but I'm still turning microtype off. 90% of the docuemnt is formula anyway.
@Canageek how many of the fractions are actually different or are they all 1/2 and 2/3?
@DavidCarlisle I'd say there are a few common one, but there are lots of things like {3}{7} and {5}{7} and such. Really, I'm writing it as a way of teaching myself the material (as I have to think about it more) so I don't care how it looks. It compiles in a blink of an eye as soon as I turn microtype off.
Hello, can you answer this?
in German Language and Usage, 1 min ago, by hhh
Hallo, wie kann ich ein deutsch SS machen in LaTex?
I have the babel -pkg with German.
@hhh \ss or "s
7:08 PM
@PauloCereda Btw, my home team Borussia Dortmund is German Football Champion already since yesterday :) :) :)
@PatrickGundlach Danke!
/me asks myself: should I really do some tax / bookkeeping work now?
@StephanLehmke Cool! I saw the game! A very nice game, 2:0! :)
And what a beer cup! :D
7:27 PM
@StephanLehmke BVB for first round ;-)
@DavidCarlisle: I notice that in tex.stackexchange.com/questions/52472/…, you define tablestart macro, but then no tableend macro? This confused me when I was looking at the recent question by same OP.
@TorbjørnT I'm afraid I just undid your edit because I was editing my post at the same time :-( But in fact I can see the image full size in my browser by saying "show image"...
@MarcoDaniel Which team? :)
@StephanLehmke No problem, and no big deal. Yes, I'm aware of that option, but it is more convenient to just click the image.
@PauloCereda BVB is the German short form of Borussia Dortmund
7:36 PM
@MarcoDaniel Ah! :)
@MarcoDaniel Actually it is "Ballspielverein Borussia" :)
@PatrickGundlach Wow! :)
@PatrickGundlach ;-)
I was intrigued why the TV was using Borussia M'Gladbach. So I googled it and found "Borussia Mönchengladbach". How do I pronounce that?
I want a cricket bat. (our house rules for mentioning football) :P
@PauloCereda Pronouncing via chat ;-)
7:43 PM
@PauloCereda I used to live and work very close to the stadium and whenever there was a game I could hear all goals from my balcony
@MarcoDaniel Uh-oh. :) I want to be German. <3
@PatrickGundlach Really? That must be awesome! :)
@PauloCereda Yes, that was really impressive
@PatrickGundlach Schalke vs BVB -- impressive ??? ;-)
@PatrickGundlach Cool! :)
I never went to a stadium. :(
Q: Meta definition of diacritical marks

Sándor KovácsCould someone tell me at least approximately where in the bowels of TeX I could find the definition of various accents/decorations going on letters, such as the cedilla?

7:50 PM
@PauloCereda I've never been there. But you can imagine ~40.000 people screaming when a goal happens
Um, they are just font slots?
I am tempted to post a draw this for me question on i.stack.imgur.com/KSSY4.png ;)
@NN I'd upvote that. :)
@PauloCereda But I do not want to be a bad example!
Q: avilable XeTeX editors

RezaCan anybody please list (all available windows) XeTeX (and Unicode compatible) editors? (I know TeXmaker and Texnic 2alpha ) also If you know, please mention witch one support RTL languages?

7:52 PM
@PauloCereda Funniest thing would be if you asked it.
@PatrickGundlach I bet the structure literally shakes! :)
Add the info to the other big list, have a separate list, ...?
@NN :P
@PauloCereda What software did you use to draw it?
@NN Actually, I drew it online here: gliffy.com
But since I didn't have an account, I printscreen'd it and pasted into GIMP. :P
7:58 PM
@PauloCereda way to go!
@NN That's not technically cheating, is it? :)
@PauloCereda It is creative and I endorse it.
@NN Phew! :)
@PeterGrill yes I was just using an environment until right at the end then it was convenient to edef a macro to expand the preamble and I was running out of tine so posted it as it was working, not the perfect interface, I agree
@PauloCereda You run the risk of being hounded out of this chat room for admitting to making a flow diagram not using tikz
Whoo! I've found a bug. A genuine bug!
8:06 PM
@JosephWright I would add it to the original big list...
@AndrewStacey Worth a Knuth reward check?
...or, perhaps this is duplicate?
Q: Editors supporting unicode

RookFor some reason it seems that my favourite editor TeXnicCenter doesn't support unicode (correct me please if I'm wrong, which wouldn't be the first time). Can anyone recommend an editor which does, for Windows platform? Simplicity is appreciated.

@Werner Ah, good link
(its not me, it's the system voice)
@PatrickGundlach Thanks! Sounds difficult for me. :)
8:09 PM
@JosephWright I don't know whether it could still be considered a duplicate, since the OP modified the question to RTL support.
@PauloCereda for us, it is not, of course. But yes, it is a difficult word, nothing I'd suggest as a "first word".
... unless you're a masochist. I don't know if you are :)
8:23 PM
@PatrickGundlach I already had troubles with numbers > 20. :)
8:37 PM
@egreg: Great game!
@PauloCereda Too easy. ;-)
@egreg I was waiting for Del Piero x Totti. :)
@PauloCereda Good for us that Totti didn't play. :)
@egreg Indeed. :) Roma was totally lost.
@N.N. Not in TeX, sadly. In PGF. Does Till Tantau issue rewards?
8:46 PM
@AndrewStacey I doubt it: have you read the code for TikZ (or beamer)?
9:17 PM
Q: How to fix kerning of comma/colon after quotes?

ogoidHow to fix kerning of comma/colon after quotes? Hello, I’m a relative newbie in latex and am trying to reduce the space between closing quotes and colon/comma, but by a general way in the preamble, not by manual \kern commands. My document is actually in Portuguese, where it’s common to keep pu...

Do Not Do This?
@JosephWright I know the rule of keeping the punctuation in the original sentence (as the OP suggests), but I usually avoid quoting stuff when it ends with the sentence. I'd say "Don't mess with the kern". :)
The punctuation only goes inside the quotes iff the whole sentence is quoted.
9:33 PM
I see @Caramdir is adding bidi information to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/339/latex-editors-ides
It seems we have our second Marshal. Congratulations to @Werner!
Ok, this HAS to be a bad idea:
A: old style numerals in mhchem equations

CanageekI can't test this, as I've not purchased the Lucidia fonts, but using the mhchem manual I've created: \documentclass{minimal} \usepackage[paperwidth=90mm, paperheight=20mm, left=10pt, top=20pt]{geometry} \usepackage[romanfamily=bright-osf,stdmathdigits=true,scale=.9]{lucimatx} \usepackage{mhchem...

@lockstep Congratulations to @Werner!
We've got textmode working fine: How to we get mathmode to not use old style figures
@Werner: Congrats!
9:37 PM
@JosephWright I removed the tag from this one.
9:48 PM
Mmmm, changebars seems to have issues with \includeonly. The changebar locations stored in an AUX file for an excluded chapter seems to be taken for an included one, or mixed with them.
@PauloCereda: My father was coming to me today to have some spreadsheet diagram I made for him changed. I wanted to have the X-axis (years 1951-2011) only in 10 years step.
Can you believe that Star Office doesn't allow you to change that?
I tried it for a good while!
I even open Vim and started to code the diagram in TikZ out of frustration.
@MartinScharrer Really?!
Then I just used Gnuplot!
haha good idea! :)
I have to read the pgf-plots manual. I never used that package before and plot diagrams with normal TikZ are a bit of work.
I suffered with Calc too, but at least you can do it. :)
9:57 PM
@Canageek Here's how you can solve the problem for sans serif:
For math, it's simple: don't use \ce in math mode. :)
Or \DeclareMathAlphabet{\mathlining}{\encodingdefault}{hlh}{m}{n} and \mhchemoptions{mathfontcommand=\mathlining}
10:29 PM
One more vote needed to close:
Q: Put \cite in Figure caption, but don't want to show this in TOC

heikeI have a question regarding \cite and List Of Figures For instance, I declared this \begin{figure}[ht] \centering \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{images/heike/seamless_connection} \caption[Seamless Connection of Network \cite{vision4g}]{Seamless Connection of Network \cite{vision4g}} \label...

You may be able to help with this q here:
in Unix and Linux, 23 mins ago, by hhh
How should I call my Tagebuch -entries to get them sortable by sort -command (from old to new)?
(the problem is about sorting but the context is LaTex so decided to ask it in Unix SE because I think it belongs there)
10:43 PM
@hhh I'd use 03_04 or, even better, a mm_dd format.
@egreg Yes, you're right about that. I came to think US -format could solve the problem but not sure...
Yes, actually it does but what about if I have years there -- is mm_dd_yyyy then ok? or yyyy_mm_dd?
Do you add zeros there?
@hhh Surely yyyy_mm_dd; padding zeroes are useful in file names
4th March = 03_04 or 3_4 ?
@egreg They make sorting and matching later easier and...?
(you can detect filenames by their length then, other reasons?)
@hhh Sure.
...I start little by little understand why US -format %M_%D is cool :P
(helps sorting)
10:49 PM
@hhh The yyyy_mm_dd format is just like ordinary numbers (in a mixed radix system).
@egreg Yes I like that! Dxmn you can learn a lot about sorting with this simple example, have to start to use it -- makes things later easier :)
(First time I think about time as a number, not just Unix timestamp, but clever idea...with the radix thing)
@egreg: thank you, I referenced this thread in the q.
Getting interesting, radix sort here -- there are many kind of radix sortings, when and which to use?
11:05 PM
@hhh Not my field, sorry. :)

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