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3:29 AM
I don't understand why people downvote for silly reasons for good answers too.
Welcome to Hinduism! Do add some references and citations to confirm the accuracy of your answer. Note that we have a strict Back it up! rule on this site. Do go through the Guidelines for new users answering questions. Good luck! — Bhargav Rao 25 mins ago
@BhargavRao This user is a possible troll.
I think the moderators are on vacation. :D
Nah, might not be. They've got a decent profile on SO.
I don't know why they proposed this edit.
Do you have any idea why this answer is downvoted? hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/24409/5212
I answered all of the queries.
Nopes, no idea atm. I'll read the answer later tonight once I'm back in room
Oh! where are you now?
In uni.
3:41 AM
My only guesses are 1. it used the word Mythology or 2. answered even when there is an answer by Triyugi Narayana Mani.
Both seem a bad reason to me.
Or they might have lost their keys. ;)
4:06 AM
Q: If Vedas, Purans & MahabhArata were compiled by Veda VyAs then why we find so much dissimilarities among the language of them?

Rajas.I am informed that Purans, VedAs etc were compiled by the Veda VyAs at the transition period between dwApar & kaliyuga. If it is so, why we find huge differences in Sanskrit? Like Vedic Sanskrit is different than PurAnic Sanskrit. Has any Hindu philosopher or scholar explained the reason?

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5:42 AM
Q: Question about Sarasvati, mother of Sarvabhauma

krsna_ramIt is mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam that in the period of the eighth Manu, the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead appears as the son of Devaguhya & Sarasvati. देवगुह्यात् सरस्वत्यां सार्वभौम इति प्रभुः स्थानं पुरन्दराद् धृत्वा बलये दास्यतीश्वरः devaguhyāt sarasv...

6:01 AM
Hello Folks 🐝
6:12 AM
@NogShine I blame the keys as well
Yeah.It seems logical.
@BhargavRao Which University?
UC San Diego
and did you go through GRE?
Yup, GRE is a must.
6:14 AM
And recommendations?
Or publications?
Yep, had a few recos and a few publications.
@SwiftPushkar Hello
Need a place to dump the resources, which I find while researching stuff for an answer. :/
@NogShine 🕉️ Yes.
6:21 AM
Q: Do all Vedic mantras start with "hari om"?

Anubhav JhaI've seen Sri sukta starting with hari om, do other mantras of vedas also start with "hari om" Does it have another meaning.

@BhargavRao Didn't get it
@all There are 641 unanswered tags in my tags. What about yours?
and what are your favorite tags?
Like links to Books, verses, etc. I'm storing them on my laptop, but it's better to store them in some place where everyone can contribute.
Q: Resources, ready references etc

moonstarA lot of answers on the SE provide wonderful and rare citations and lists of sources. Is it possible to compile and index these and make them available in one place? The index will have to be a living document, of course.

(For, example, I had a link to that Hagiographical Writing in India book. I've now lost it)
I did that on a public comp, and lost all the data.
@NogShine just one, [temple].
TBH, I didn't quite understand that FR.
@BhargavRao oh! 85 questions unanswered.
6:27 AM
I understand it.
There are many tags I follow.
@NogShine I'm not actually that knowledgable to answer in other tags. I know about temples because I've visited many of the ones which I write about.
Nopes, having some real random idea in my mind.
@BhargavRao I follow to learn something about those tags.
and sometimes answer
[rama], [ramayana] [temple] [vishnu] [mahabharata] [mythology] [hanuman] [venkateshwara] [alwar] .
@BhargavRao I too but is it practically possible?
6:33 AM
We can try to have some stuff like that
something else this time
I really wish I had a diamond to know what it is.
I hate suspense ;)
It's not related to a diamond at all. :p
Just as a normal Hi.SE user.
I can see the markdown of it if I had diamond.
[tag:just] [tag:testing] something else this time
@NogShine HAHA it was not :-) Lots of users here are keeping this suspense 😀 ( declearation - Its just a joke)
Me off-course not , I don't want a diamond 😁 but at least TWO 🔶 + 🔶
Ankit Returned his one .
6:42 AM
@AnkitSharma Which colour is your diamond?
got my-1 back.
Keshav's diamond is Green colour.
and what about yours @BhargavRao
Caleb's diamond is lime green.
कर्केतनं सपुलकं रुधिराख्यसमन्वित तथा स्फटिकम् | <br>
विद्रुममणिश्च यत्नादुद्दिष्टं संग्रहे तज्ज्ञनये ||GP 1.68 .10|| <br>
The Diamond the pearl , the Karketana , the Pulaka Rudhiraktya (blood stone) the crystal and coral should be carefully collected. Subject to the advice to the experts on the subject.
ततुल्यं हि रत्नानामथवा पापनाशनं |
संस्कृतं शिल्पिना सद्यो मूल्यं किञ्चिल्लभेत्तत:(दा) || GP 79.3||
No other gem can vie with the present one in respect of absolving the sin of a man.
see the power of diamond 😀
A: List out the numerous references provided in answers

Bhargav RaoYes. This. I was ruing about losing a very good resource which I had found while writing an answer, when Nog Shine directed me to this feature-request. While we know that Stack Exchange would not want to implement a new feature just for our single site, we can instead utilize the resources which...

6:57 AM
@BhargavRao Nog Shine or Sarvabhauma?
: P
Nog Shine in chat.
and on site?
The other :p
7:15 AM
With the creation of the new rooms, I hope this room will not be inactive.
Nah, those are just to dump the data.
This one is to discuss
And hey, if you feel that doing so isn't useful, lemme know. I can delete it. :)
wait am ✍️
8:18 AM
@TheDestroyer Hiiii.. How are you .. tell me the details ..💐
@SwiftPushkar Namaskaram! I'm fine
@TheDestroyer 😀 Nice 2 hear that , How was u r trip ?
I'm missing Kashi. It is truly spiritual. We just need to be spiritual to feel real Kashi.
@SwiftPushkar good. I have also met two spiritual friends,
@TheDestroyer haha , yes I know , that u r missing the Holy city .. Yes , remember u ones told me this thing , that u wana meet some spiritual gurus there at varanasi . Happy to know that , Your wish came true , Last year u became MOD. This year he enlightened you .🌹
@SwiftPushkar No. they are not Gurus.
They are aspirants like us.
8:26 AM
@TheDestroyer yeah , i know that , they were aspirants ..
Yes. There was sapta Rishi pooja after Lingodhbhava time. Seven babas come only for that pooja every mahashivaratri i think.
But security personnel pushed us and i couldn't see Vishwanath at that time properly.
One of those babas put tripundra namam for me.
But it was very lively atmosphere in Vishwanath temple during that Puja.
@TheDestroyer 😮 thats the problem , here but mostly because of crowd . so u You took good spiritual experience of kashi , thats really grt. Yet to visit Kashi , I took similar divine experience at Amarnath as i told u earlier . Happy to know that 💐
@SwiftPushkar Yes.. I want to visit kashi again. There's some magic in that place. Discussions with those friends are also good.
@TheDestroyer Yes surely there is some kind of divine magic at all those places , and kind of non-describable.
@SwiftPushkar Yes. You told me about your Amarnath visit
@SwiftPushkar Did you visit Bhimashankar?
8:37 AM
@TheDestroyer No , because of rush , but going to visit soon with family ,deliberately skipped on that day. and its just 110 km from my home , so its much easy also. One day trip is possible .
@NogShine 84 now. Found time to answer another. :p
@BhargavRao haha
bah, the OP of that post is inactive since 6 months
@SwiftPushkar Ok. two things i missed are: 1) Sparsha Darshanam of Vishwanath (due to heavy rush) and 2) Manikarnika dip at exact 12 Noon (as i needed to go to Allahabad)
@TheDestroyer Oh ok . try next time .. My good wishes with you , I am planning to visit Nepal next year , so in that i will try to visit kashi. Not fixed though ..
8:44 AM
@SwiftPushkar Katmandu?
@BhargavRao Users are here 2 encourage u , so dont worry , some of my good answers even correct is not getting being accepted , I stay non-attached , so remain HAPPY .
@TheDestroyer Yes , its a trekking trip , to Annapurna summit , but with kathamandu and temple district of nepal .
@NogShine Now closing in on Destroyer ;)
@SwiftPushkar yep, not for the accept, just that the OP was really interested in getting an answer to that question.
@BhargavRao ahh i see :-)
@SwiftPushkar Ok.
@SwiftPushkar My eyes didn't support me when i went to Manikarnika. There were 5 pyres buring i think. And sadly i couldn't stay there for even 1 min.
@TheDestroyer 😮 he is Lord of Death ..And romes in smashana to reminds us that everything is Shiv - Auspicious, Pure. We just have to remember him at these sites.
BTW guys will be back ..
9:05 AM
@BhargavRao Great!
@BhargavRao I edit and answer irrespective of user's activity.
Q: What do the Vedas say about caste with quotes?

HindumanFor the purpose of this question you can take a broad approach of the definition of caste. Like if it is called varna in vedas, then I want to know what the vedas say about varna. I'm trying to compose a list of quotations about varna or caste or whatever you want to call it. Please don't go m...

@Hinduismbot Too stubborn.
question should be asked like question
They want links, quotations, etc., etc., it looks like a demand.
99 more flags to get gold. \o/
Aug 23 '17 at 4:52, by Sinister
Solve old unanswered questions even when you see the OP is inactive. You will get its result later on. Details about Kumbhini-The Half Sister of Surpanakha. The answer is accepted \o/
O @Bhargav! You have a right to answer the questions, but you are not entitled to the accept of the answer. Never consider yourself the worthy of the acceptance of your answers, and never be attached to not writing your answers.
@BhargavRao Are you aware of Trivajropanishad?
and Tejacharitam written by user named Sree Charan?
To mod trinity: There's some work for you. I am flagging some comments.
9:46 AM
@NogShine yup, 3 diamond upanishad
@BhargavRao What is it?
@NogShine Yup, happened to me as well hinduism.stackexchange.com/posts/23184/timeline
@NogShine yeah, I never usually mention that, but in this case the OP seemed quite interested.
@NogShine You'll be 1st to get that badge.
@NogShine Something related to the three diamonds of Hinduism.SE? :p
(I'd have not got the hint if you hadn't mentioned that you had written it)
@BhargavRao Did you get the reference?
@BhargavRao Both are independent works.
@BhargavRao The badges I fancy are Copy editor, Marshal, Archeologist.
Two earned. One is on the way.
@NogShine yup, bhagavat gita quote.
@BhargavRao yes
9:53 AM
Ah, those three are still far away for me.
in Vedanta and Philosophy, Feb 25 '17 at 9:10, by Tezz

Svetaketu the son of Uddalka Aruni went to the sage Upamanyu and asked him 'In the days of Yore Bhava of immeasurable splendor provided you the power to see present,
past and future. I want to know what is happening in this age characterized by the darkness.' To this Upamanyu replied 'Dharma is in the lowest level there in the
present time. Mahavishnu should soon take the incarnation of Kalki to preserve the Sanatana Dharma. The world has been engulfed by the Mleccha Dharma.' Svetaketu again
@Hinduismbot edited all the meta cruft out
Yeah. I don't like demanding questions.
But I don't DV them.
in Vedanta and Philosophy, Feb 25 '17 at 10:00, by The Destroyer
Swetaketu: Oh Sage! How come Keshava handle hectic work of moderation and at same time propagate Dharma, Leela and Bhakti stories of Sri Hari?

Upamanyu : O Son of Uddalka Aruni, When Sri Mahavishnu was sleeping on his serpent bed, **a single hair of strand** from resplendent Lord fallen unto Aindra Khanda. O Swetaketu, thus the boy out of that hair will be called as "Keshava". O Swetaketu, Keshava will propagate the past times of Lord which inculcate Bhakti. To assist him, a tiny amsa of Ananta, the eternal devotee of Srinivasa, prayed to Lotus feet of Sri Hari, born in Trilinga Desa.
Epic AF. Damn good. I hadn't read that.
in Vedanta and Philosophy, Feb 25 '17 at 9:31, by Sree Charan
> Swetaketu: Oh sage! How shall this trinity moderate the site and uphold the dharma?

Upamanyu : Dakshina murthy will re-incarnate on earth in the land near Kailasa and creates an account in Hinduism.SE. He will be known by the name Tezz. His display pic will be Dakshina murthy and his answers shall guide people towards enlightment. He will guide this trinity in upholding the dharma. The rudra and Brahma among the diamond trinity shall recognise him by the name Swami Tejananda. Those who recognises him shall earn more reputation on that site.
10:00 AM
Did Shwetaketu ever join the site?
Perhaps that's Krishna Shweta :p
@KrishnaShweta ^^ lol cc @TheDestroyer @SwiftPushkar @Pandya @KeshavSrinivasan
I found an answer to a question which is unanswered for a long time. Shall I post it now or later?
in Vedanta and Philosophy, May 31 '17 at 8:31, by The Destroyer
His Manasa Putra Manifested through Bhargava..
Lol, Thanks @TheDestroyer :D
It's 2AM here, and I'm laughing like wild. Hope someone doesn't complain about me. :D
There is also a revision to the Upanishad.
in Vedanta and Philosophy, May 31 '17 at 8:23, by S S
Revisions to Tejaananda Krita TriVajropanishadAntargata [Moderator Tatwam](https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/35673531#35673531)

He who is Pandya he is Deep and Deep is the light which creates, so his name represents Grandsire Brahma. Also Pandya represents Pa + Anda. And 'Anda'
verily represents the Hiranyagarbha which is Brahma.

He can create sons on his will. He has created a Mind born son(Manasa Putra) after his name. The name is Pandya's bot. So he is none other than Brahma.
Yup, read that. :D
@NogShine answer it.
Also, thinking of closing this as unclear hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/11673/…
Whenever we talked about it, there was a rise in % of answer or QPD.
@BhargavRao Yup. So, you are after temple tag.
Keep it up!!
10:11 AM
Yeah, I've been checking that out.
You might be interested in this song - youtu.be/rsiHOwRj0BIRohith. Jan 17 at 15:47
I needed to store the links to the books somewhere, that's why I opened the library.
How is this comment relevant? And the flag was decline dlong ago. ^^
It was a tragedy song video posted on an answer.
The mod didn't care to open the link?!
It got an upvote. Don't know what people vote on.
10:17 AM
I want to ask why 7 days is important. Like Durga Saptashathi Saptaha, Guru Charitra Saptaha, Bhagavata Saptaha, etc. Is there a question like that already?
And I probably shouldn't make it opinion based.
@BhargavRao there is a question why seven is important
not 7 days
Ah, that's fine
@BhargavRao haha.
10:35 AM
@NogShine related to that Indra-Surya-Vali-Sugreeva story:
> Aruna once assumed a female form, naming herself Arunidevi to attend a gathering of devis or goddesses, where no men were permitted. Attracted to her, the god INDRA desired her and a son was born. Another son was born to Arunidevi and Surya. Both sons were entrusted to AHALYA but were turned into monkeys by her husband GAUTAMA. These were VALI and SUGRIVA, of the RAMAYANA story, who were adopted by the king of KISHKINDI IA.
Time for me to sleep, Gunnite. I'll be back next Thursday-Friday. \o
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: Is Shiva Rahasya book authentic?

Rohith.A year ago I had found a very interesting book on Lord Shiva's teachings named as Shri Shiv Rahasya (You can read here) which I thought inauthentic mere by looking at it. But after reading it just for sake of intellectual itching I found it coherent with other scriptures mainly Agamas, like it is...

1:12 PM
Q: What is Holika Dahan timings?

Pushkar KapoorHoli is celebrated as a two day festival in India. The first day is known as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi and the second day is known as Rangon wali Holi.

Q: Do any scriptures apart from the Brahmavaivarta Purana forbid sannyasa?

Surya Kanta Bose ChowdhuryThe Brahmavaivarta Purana, Krishna-Janma-Khanda 185.180 states: asvamedham gavalambham sannyasam palapaitrkam devarena sutopattim kalau panca vivarjayet Five things are forbidden in the age of Kali – horse-sacrifice, cow-sacrifice, acceptance of sannyasa, offering flesh to the forefath...

1:45 PM
Q: Ketu in 12th House

Arkaprabha MajumdarI've heard that Ketu in the 12th House signifies Moksha, and the possibility that this life might be the last one. Is it really so? What other factors are to be taken into account? I also have Saturn with Ketu in my 12th House. Would that be a hindrance?

Q: How did the powers of Gods change from Rig Veda to the puranas?

S KIn particular, I am interested in mobility and war making. Puranas depict supernatural mobility (flying machines, Hanuman, Kartikeya going round the world) and of course weapons which are described as being capable of ending the whole world. As far as I know, Rig Veda mostly depicts ordinary hu...

2:23 PM
Q: Are animals depicted as talking in Rig Veda?

S KIn Ramayana, hanuman speaks chaste Sanskrit to Sita. Jambavan, jatayu et al are also able to talk. As far as I know this is a post-rigvedic development.

2:40 PM
Q: Some questions on Sri Vishnu ji ..

Sikh and ye shall find1) Who or what created Vishnu ji ? If brahma has come from a lotus of his navel, then what is the origin of vishnu ? ofcourse the vaishnavs will say Vishnu is parbrahm , so he is without any origin. But speaking from hindu texts, what is the origin of Vishnu ? And what is that ocean and what is...

1 hour later…
3:48 PM
Q: Under what guna is Maya(Materialistic illusion) categorised?

Elfin forestDoes maya fall into one of the following three categories: 1.sattva 2.Rajas 3.Tamas Or is maya nirguna(Beyond the three gunas)?

Q: What is the difference: Tapas (तपस्) vs Yajna (यज्ञ)?

iammilindWhat's the terminology difference between Tapas-austerities and Yajna-sacrifice/perseverance? Also when to choose one over the other?

4:23 PM
Q: Is Hindu animal sacrifice on the way out?

S Khttp://www.animals24-7.org/2016/08/05/supreme-court-of-nepal-orders-end-to-gadhi-mai-massacre/ Are groups like PETA working through the court system to end this practice?

@Pandya Nice answer , exact nature of maya.. BTW recheck the verse no. I think they are from 110 . Added link . 112 is also IMP , the verses are according to gita press book though .
@SwiftPushkar Yes, verse number slightly differs fro Gita Press; visit sanskritdocuments.org/doc_z_misc_shankara/viveknew.html?lang=sa
@NogShine LOL , Through Bhargava ... Aslo we can say by " Boon of bhargava "
@Pandya Yes , that is why i did not corrected those , but will add english link also , if available , i was mostly referring this book alone . 👍🏻
First I look form Gita press book and then search on sanskritdocuments.org and then look for English translation @SwiftPushkar
@Pandya hmm ok then , english translation is already given by you , so let it be for time being will add authoritative translation later on .
4:31 PM
Updated the link @SwiftPushkar
@Pandya Yes celextel is good one .. looks ok now ..
Btw, vidyavrikshah.org provides some concepts of Vedanta based on Adi Shankaracharya's Grantha @SwiftPushkar @Tezz @TheDestroyer @KeshavSrinivasan
@BhargavRao BTW forgot to say thanks 2 you for unfreezing the room .. Thanks 🌹
@Pandya Yes , bookmarked the link , will go through all later on .
@KrishnaShweta Hiii
@SwiftPushkar Hi
@Pandya @TheDestroyer Hi
@TheDestroyer Welcome ,Namskaram
4:37 PM
@TheDestroyer Namaskar!
@Pandya Will check.
Namaskaram to all.
@SwiftPushkar I think it should be Namaskarah (नमस्कारः)
@Pandya @TheDestroyer Although haven't read both fully but took overview of both , I found Chandogya more interesting than Bhrihad Aranyaka. Wht . u people think . BU is little complicated.
@Pandya haha yes , but i greeted him in Telugu .. in his way 😊
@Pandya What abt. adding the author of the book in answer ..
@Pandya celextel site has copyright notice at bottom. I think it may be specific to Suryamandala Stotram celextel.org/stotras/grahas/suryamandalashtakam.html
@TheDestroyer Must have encountered cold wave , that was going in north from last some days. ⛄
4:43 PM
@SwiftPushkar Yes. I never expected it would be so cold in North. Both in Kashi and Allahabad
@TheDestroyer haha yes , it was felt up till here.
@SwiftPushkar I waited in Allahabad station at night and it was small station in Naini, twin city of Allahabad. temperature was 12C
@TheDestroyer I think there is one question , you can answer it then ..
B.R. Chopra has opened one Library:


Repository of all the useful resources provided on the main si...
@SwiftPushkar Yes. I searched for the same question and found this link but just left comment as it is in copyright
@Pandya who is BR Chopra?
4:47 PM
@TheDestroyer haha yes , but if you go further north like uttaranchal or or JK ,that mostly float around 1-3 , we visited manali in jan , it was - 13 at that time at manali , but overall we enjoyed both jk and uttaranchal in winter , the snow-Mountain views wereso magnificent , just Awesome.
@TheDestroyer Producer of Mahabharata TV Series
@TheDestroyer Yes , butt I remember keshav saying it is ok to give links for ref. purpose even of copyrighted material .
@TheDestroyer which places did you visit?
@SwiftPushkar Yeah. I actually forgot about temperature of north. I thought it would be normal. But it too cold in both Kashi and Allahabad
@Pandya Kashi and Allahabad.. triveni Sangam in Prayaaga
@KrishnaShweta Namaste
4:51 PM
@SwiftPushkar Actually whatever we write here is licensed under cc by-sa 3.0.
@TheDestroyer hmm , winter wear is affordable there .. But they said dont buy them its of no use there in MH , 😀
if someone shares SE site content, they need to provide attribution.
So, it's better if we see our translations are out of copyright
@Pandya I missed Alopi Devi Temple in Allahabad which is Shakti peeta. Actually, there is confusion. There are two temples, Alopi Devi temple and Lalita Devi temple. i think both are called Shakti peets
@Pandya Wassup
@TheDestroyer Yes , But we can do one thing , the answer wants translation only , i think , so you just provide link , and translate stotra by yourself , this will not violate any copyright law .
@SwiftPushkar Yes, we should plan something for that may be meeting at every week.
4:57 PM
@SwiftPushkar Yes. But i am seeing whether other site has same translation. I will check when did Ramachadar translate this stotra and decide its copyright status.
@KeshavSrinivasan not seen u in chat rooms sinc long , pls. do join 😊
@TheDestroyer we should make sure that copied content is compatible with cc-wiki right?
@Pandya Yes. That's why i'm only quoting Motilal books which are published during 1950s and they are on Archive.
@Pandya Yes today cleared one , from Dec. there are at least dozen half written answers with me , but need to dig deep for sources , will surely try..
@TheDestroyer - ok :-)
@SwiftPushkar It is peerless that you've been trying, however I think we all should work for that.
5:02 PM
@KrishnaShweta Yes , whts. going on , i think you are bit busy in studies , when is your sem. exam ?
@Pandya Yes
yesterday, by SwiftPushkar
@NogShine @BhargavRao Actually there is quite a good chance now of sites graduation if we somehow increase the numbers of answers. The others numbers are fine (from area 51) site stats. But just need little push.
Btw, Maya is so अनिर्वचनिय​ that users started to comment underneath Haha /cc @TheDestroyer @SwiftPushkar
@Pandya Yes. Pushakar is posting many answers. Rickross and Pushkar are posting answers immediately.
@SwiftPushkar My sem exams are done. Learning other things too, that's why.
@KrishnaShweta 1st year completed?
@Pandya No, 1st sem of 1st year.
5:06 PM
@KrishnaShweta Ok good , try to focus on practical circuitry.
@Pandya Yes , quite right , the nature of maya is unknown , its far much intense than we generally think , its also present in our unconscious mind.
BUT I think its the same Maya other Hinduism texts are talking . Maya can't be two ..
@SwiftPushkar Yeah :)
@SwiftPushkar I love the word "Maya"
@KrishnaShweta haha , in the beginning i was quite unaware about what this maya actually is , but after reading some books like the one quoted by pandy and Sb /puranas / upanishads i understood the concept slightly , but still don't know about it fully .
Q: Does Shaiva or Shakta Agama believe the Dashavatar of lord Vishnu

TheLittleNarutoDoes Shaiva or Shakta Agamas believe on Dashavatar of lord Vishnu? If yes is there any difference in references? If Yes what all differences are there? My question rises because according to Agama there is only one supreme God, in that case existence of lord Vishnu could have only happened if it...

@SwiftPushkar Which book by Pandya?
@TheDestroyer what about a possible answer in Thirumanthiram ?
@KrishnaShweta Its a book by Adi Shankaracharya ,VivekChudamani .. Crest Jewel of Discrimination.
@SwiftPushkar I didn't read any Shaiva Agamas. So. not sure
5:16 PM
@SwiftPushkar Accha ok
@TheDestroyer Oh i also did not , but it was my guess , because the book is mentioning quite a lot of other things also , just asked a question based on that , and read first few chapters.
The Vivekachudamani (Sanskrit: विवेकचूडामणि) is a famous Sanskrit poem ascribed to Adi Shankara in the eighth century. It expounds the Advaita Vedanta philosophy and is in the form of 580 verses in the Shardula Vikridita metre. The Vivekachudamani describes developing Viveka, the human faculty of discrimination or discernment between real (unchanging, eternal) and unreal (changing, temporal), as the central task in the spiritual life, and calls it the crown jewel among the essentials for Moksha. The title Vivekachudamani translates to Crest Jewel of Discrimination. Through the centuries, th...
@SwiftPushkar Ok. But i think that is not Agama.
@TheDestroyer oh , i think the book is saying so i guess , i think i saw , lets see .
oh its based on shiva-siddhnata
The Tirumantiram is the earliest known exposition of the Shaiva Agamas in Tamil. @TheDestroyer
@SwiftPushkar ohh..ok. It will be good find i think.
@TheDestroyer Yes , the book is vast , will need googles support , ...
5:24 PM
@SwiftPushkar Ok. Some Shaiva Agamas are also available easily i think from Himalayan Academy site
@TheDestroyer Yeah , we can search in them also
BTW guys little tired today , will say good Night to you guys , BYE TC GN 💐
@SwiftPushkar GN.
@SwiftPushkar Yes.
@Pandya @KrishnaShweta @AnkitSharma @TheLittleNaruto 2 you also .. BYE
@KrishnaShweta oh ok. What happened to the research paper publication you told earlier.
5:31 PM
Good night.
@SwiftPushkar later o/
@Pandya This month they will tell me whether my paper is accepted or not.
BTW, soon I'm starting another paper ^^
@KrishnaShweta ok. Best of luck! Btw, conference paper or journal paper?
@Pandya 1st one is conference paper.
2nd one will be journal
I heard that Conference papers are usually easily accpted
5:39 PM
I'm afraid @Pandya bcz, they said 2nd week of feb they will mail about improvements or modifications but I didn't get till now.
@KrishnaShweta May be they accepted and improvements not needed. Have your colleagues got some reply?
No one got :D
then it may be going to accept :)
Btw, there is a StackExchange community you may be interested in: @KrishnaShweta
@Pandya :)
@Pandya Yeah, I often see the hot posts of it.
5:50 PM
SB reading going on?
Good Night @KrishnaShweta @SwiftPushkar @TheDestroyer
@Pandya No.. ^^
@Pandya Good night.
2 hours later…
8:13 PM
Q: poll - who feels this board is being run fairly?

S KI feel that the rules are being used like sniping rifles - constantly stepping on the toes of "the out-group".

3 hours later…
11:40 PM
Q: should we stop anonymous "close" votes?

S Kwhen a question is closed we know who voted to close it. but in case of unsuccessful close attempts you never know who tried to close your question. This information should be made public. If it turns out a small coterie is constantly trying to close a poster's questions - its not adding value ...


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