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9:02 PM
@mudkip201 They shut off the signal because the "driver" was actually a real person who flipped the bird to the camera
@mudkip201 It probably made it too. The biggest danger was during liftoff.
@PhiNotPi What just happened? I can't actually watch
@Mego I did say the driver was a dummy. Who else would get in a car on top of a rocket going into space long-term?
@El'endiaStarman It was actually Elon Musk the whole time
@Pavel It was a joke. The rocket escalated quickly.
9:03 PM
26 km/s is pretty quick
@cairdcoinheringaahing Can the output values be separated using Hello, World! consistently instead of a single character?
So, can our output look like this?
> Hold my beer ...
@El'endiaStarman no live broadcasting from the rocket?
Ok. I may or may not have grown horns trying to make a "invulnerable" solution to codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/155018/…
9:11 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Yeah, I think that's pushing it, but I'll allow it
Thanks :D
@flawr There was live video from the rocket. Just not right now.
@flawr there was even a live stream from the car
Somebody needs to write a "Fire simulator" challenge, as soon as possible.
9:13 PM
@PhiNotPi ...do you have a "Fire extinguisher simulation" challenge ready to go or something?
@mınxomaτ Oh my.
@mınxomaτ How did you find this?
@El'endiaStarman couldn't find it :..(
@El'endiaStarman No, I'm talking about how there's a "friar simulator" and "fryer simulator"
question: Does a CPU count as a language @cairdcoinheringaahing? I'm wondering if i can be extremely evil and use some language for an older computer.
9:15 PM
@PhiNotPi Oh, I didn't see those. Lolz.
...it can seriously be any delimiter?
@mınxomaτ did you see his user page? :)
It's just one example.
@flawr yes. i laughed
Someone needs to make a challenge in honor of Elon Musk's Heavy launch today and tag him with the Twitter for PPCG.
9:17 PM
That's some dedication, the password actually works.
He may honestly reply
May even compete lol.
@MagicOctopusUrn only if it gets >75 upvotes or nobody will care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Q: Fire propagation simulator

CharlieSuppose we have a matrix like this: 11111 12221 12321 12221 11111 This matrix represents a terrain, and each cell represents a portion of terrain. The number in each cell represents the time the portion of terrain needs to be completely burnt (in minutes, if a measurement unit is needed), acco...

Friar propagation simulator*
9:20 PM
@mınxomaτ his license number is a few lines below that
@moonheart08 If it's hardware that most people don't have access to (and that doesn't have an available emulator), it should probably be noncompeting.
@moonheart08 I think that;s something that decided or should be decided on meta, not by me
@DLosc It has an emulator, otherwise i wouldn't be writing for it :P
@moonheart08 Then in that case, the emulator is the implementation. If it's freely available, go for it!
besides, there's like a dozen diffrent emulators
9:23 PM
Actually, I take that back...
There are some restrictions in the challenge itself.
Hence why i asked
youtu.be/-B_tWbjFIGI?t=2310 "we lost the center core"? rip
It has to have a Wikipedia, Esolangs, or Rosetta Code article, or be on Try It Online.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Does it count as being on wikipedia if the hardware an assembly language runs on is on wikipedia?
Yes, but I'd say that the language being run is the assembly, which would be the intended crack
9:25 PM
So no raw bytecode (Which i wasn't going to do anyways, i'm not that cruel)
Got it.
The fact that sign even exists is a bad thing
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do they have to find something it runs on, or do they just have to find a match? (I don't want my answer being cracked as "Assembly Language" instead of what it really is :P)
A working interpreter created before the challenge (like all most challenges)
totallyhuman is dominating the Robbers challenge :P
9:33 PM
I just go through lists of answers with no reason
makes languages familiar a lot of the time
I really want to see a Jelly solution, especially one that becomes safe
lol @cairdcoinheringaahing
Quick someone make a challenge about the Falcon Heavy's center core while it's still relevant!
I wonder why they didn't have an external camera on it. Too far out to sea?
9:39 PM
@El'endiaStarman I think they had telemetry on it, but lost the feed
Of course, crash landing in the middle of the ocean will also cause the feed to be lost :P
Yeah, that. Still, it cut out before we saw any flame, I think.
The video feed cut before we even saw the core
It went from platform to faces
The broadcasters were clueless on what happened as well, IIRC.
9:50 PM
we're living in the future
@betseg I assumed you meant El'endia Starman
i noticed that after posting
@El'endiaStarman Yeah they looked nervous. Not "oh crap our core just exploded" nervous, but "what the hell is happening" nervous.
also, they said the bottom 2 streams were 2 boosters but they were the same
@betseg Yep, but when they cut to the wide angle of the boosters landing, you could see both
9:54 PM
@Mego cries
Some intern probably put the wrong feed into the stream layout
@Mego they got fired
@betseg They will be the next core
@Mego They'll be in the next car*.
Possibly with a boring flamethrower.
@MagicOctopusUrn I don't want to live in a world where flamethrowers are considered boring
9:58 PM
@betseg the world's reflection from the roadster is surreal
@Mego boring is the company that makes them, also owned by musk (was that a joke? cant say)
@betseg Yeah:
Notice the reflection in the visor too.
@betseg Oh
@Adám obvious cgi /s
Just like the end of Grease
10:01 PM
Or help please this traffic is boring into my mind like a drill boring into mars' core.
@betseg Yes, confirmed by Mr. Musk himself. Check at 0:19 in:
View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparently, there is a car in orbit around Earth. https://t.co/QljN2VnL1O
'a car'
he really means 'my car'
he's actually rocket golfing
most amount of mass into space with the least money spent
10:04 PM
Seriously someone make an Elon musk challenge
@betseg I think he's a bit over the baseline for least money spent
A: The Programming Language Quiz, Mark II - Cops

fergusq???, 114 bytes Mit' tää kauniina kelaa? Mil tää öisin pelaa? Sun suu kauniina sanoo: Kroohhpyyh-ZZZ-ZZZZ Z Nukuttaapi kovin! It's a poem in Finnish! And a program. It prints the numbers as bytes. English translation: What does that beautiful think? What does it play at night? Your beautiful ...

And some mod twit it on twiltter.
@MagicOctopusUrn Be the change you want to see in the world
how is this not tampio
10:04 PM
it's not?
/me shrugs
@Mego maintain employment at current position without losing job O_O.
@totallyhuman magic
@MagicOctopusUrn Then why are you here in chat? :P
@Mego barely maintaining current position without losing job O_O.
Maybe you should, ya know, not chat while on the job? :P
10:06 PM
(unless you're Adám that is)
Ehhh... I mean I'm more on "get it done my morning job".
But yeah probably not haha.
Adám gets paid to teach us about APL, so he's a bit different :P
Wait really?
Yeah, he works at Dyalog for the tools group,
20 hours ago, by totallyhuman
whaddaya think
10:08 PM
ANd since APL isn't well known, they've found probably the best audience: us (code golfers)
Does APL mean Advanced Predisposition to Language?/
@Οurous Yes, really. And for tonight's session I had my group manager following on a second screen, giving feedback, spotting typos, and answering the questions I couldn't answer.
I'm kidding.
@Adám you have a surreally cool job
@Zacharý Yeah, we've already paid one PPCGer work for us and both CEO and CXO want more.
@Οurous Yes, I do:
A: Do any of you golf for a living?

AdámYes, I do! I work for Dyalog. Part of my work is "spreading the word", and that officially includes code-golfs. In fact, our APL team is looking to hire, and we are more interested in golfers than regular programmers, as the former are more likely to have the right mindset. At least one active ...

10:12 PM
What is your CEO's mindset? In terms of locale, prior skillset to APL and other stuff?
You've said yourself APL is not a golfing language.
@Adám they want more?
That's sort of why I was curious as to the theory of spreading through golfing.
@Adám I wonder if there are any professional golfers who code golf.
*tiger woods intently creates the first 25 byte prime number checker in brainf****
@MagicOctopusUrn it's APL, it's not made for it, but it's really good at it.
10:16 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn No APL skills required. We can train from scratch. Knowledge of CS may be a plus (gives some base understanding of programming) or a minus (too ingrained notions about programming). Internships have happened in British Columbia, New York, and UK, but we can also do Denmark. Permanent jobs could be in UK or Denmark or remotely.
@Zacharý I mean though, the end game. Like, motive?
@Adám Language expansion? Awareness?
Study of a certain realm of theory
Seems like APL has an end-game tbh, as a new evolving language.
Remotely as well? That's amazing.
@MagicOctopusUrn probably expansion of Dyalog, and consequently the APL language
@Zacharý Yes. Joining?
@Zacharý Bear in mind that employers are usually very hesitant to hire remotely without prior experience with the company
It's a possibility, if I'm unable to do mathematical physics and/or mathematical/computational linguistics.
10:20 PM
@Mego Could offer through a contract-to-hire company.
@MagicOctopusUrn CXO keeps repeating that APL is becoming ready for prime time. Computation costs are now so insignificant compared to developer salaries that boosting the efficiency of a programmer becomes essential. APL allows a single programmer to do much more. Another prime audience is domain experts or start-up'ers who shouldn't be bothered (or can't afford) an programmer team. Learning APL makes it possible for them to single-handedly make code everything they need (i.e. full stack).
@Mego Yes. marinus's Dyalog career was: PPCG → win student competition → UK internship → Dyalog user meeting presenter → remote maintenance of tools he developed while in UK.
APL more just hurts my brain :P
@moonheart08 I can fix that!
I'm good. I have other projects at the moment
@Adám One down, a few to go.
10:25 PM
I mean, unless APL can write code for, say, a mos6502, then i don't have a use for it at this moment :P
@moonheart08 Could be worse, a guy made an Operating System in bf
Good point
@Zacharý link?
Brainfuck is probably the only especially language that can find usage.
@Zacharý Or a computer running Tetris in GoL
10:26 PM
@moonheart08 So you're using Assembler / C?
@Zacharý Well, it was good while it lasted. He has mysteriously disappeared and we fear the worst.
@Mego that's PPCG, I can't remember where I heard the bf os thing
@Οurous i'm doing a second answer for codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/155018/… (NOT mos6502) in assembly
Have fun seeking out what hardware it runs right on :P
haha nice
@Zacharý How about kOS — running K on the bare metal?
10:29 PM
Did ngn do PPCG first, or Dyalog?
I'll make it a semicommon device it's written for, so you guys don't have to sift through atari 2600 clones
i'm being nice :p
@moonheart08 You're writing assembly, and APL is confusing? Ironically, APL is the reason I'm (intentionally) never going to bother learning an assembly language / the C++ overloading system. It looks like the better option for temporary confusion vs usefulness.
Eh, different mindsets i guess? :P
@Zacharý Dyalog first.
10:35 PM
I do need to make a point to try and learn APL someday, even then.
Just not today
@moonheart08 You're always welcome in the APL Orchard.
10:55 PM
wait I just noticed that on private beta you can expand vote counts even with just assoc rep
There should be rep-weighted votes.
Like 10k gets 2, 50k 3, 100k 4.
hm interesting idea
Wait you can expand vote counts? How much rep does that take?
I think 750 on our site, 1000 on designed sites? I can't remember
... how does one do this, since I evidently have the ability to do so?
@Οurous Click the number
@Οurous Yeah, I think it's much higher to see who did what.
@Mego oooooooh. cool.
@MagicOctopusUrn no you never see that
even mods can't
11:04 PM
Really? Interesting.
Why not haha
@MagicOctopusUrn that would increase sockitude, no?
@MagicOctopusUrn Because votes are supposed to be private. All mods can see is evidence of vote fraud
how do private beta sites usually deal with the sudden flood of misspelled duplicate tags lol
@HyperNeutrino Usually public mockery
I votefrauded like, totally, all of my questions.
11:07 PM
Honestly though, I think seeing votes (downvotes mostly) would let people know who voted but didn't help improve.
revenge voting might be a problem, idk. theoretically, making vote stats public wouldn't cause any problems (maybe) but some people would go revenge-downvote other people :P
i hope no active members here would, but new users with their assoc rep might decide to, idk though
Haha, that's what I'm saying though, anyone systematically caught downvoting (with history) would be banned.
In a mature community like this I'd expect it to arise 1-5 times a year lol
lol yeah
Could you imagine? "I HATE YOU!!!" 5,537 downvotes later... HA! Your REP!
11:15 PM
Making vote data public would almost certainly inspire grudge-voting
Everyone already makes borderline "jerky" semanticist comments anyway, you kinda already do know who votes lol.
although that would also make them easily get banned
@MagicOctopusUrn not always. if someone else comments something I think, I might just downvote and upvote their comment. total anonymity \o/ (maybe)
@HyperNeutrino But superb owl knows.
11:17 PM
@Adám is it possible to be an intern/work at Dyalog while studying? I'll graduate from high school this year and I want to move out of Turkey before Erdoğan becomes an actual dictator
@betseg We'll you could aim for a summer internship in the UK beginning when your school ends.
Imagine that tesla roadster somehow lands back on earth in 55 years.
Or gets intercepted in orbit.
$5billion blemflarks.
@MagicOctopusUrn it'd burn in the atmosphere
anyway gtg o/
Intercepted with a controlled descent using future orbs.
Or some KSP explanation lol.
11:23 PM
Reading through old hardware manuals is fun. :P
I need to go to bed soon, so I'd appreciate fast processing of
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdámFalcon Heavy stages code-golf kolmogorov-complexity ascii-art string animation Chose a set of four bytes without replacement, and not necessarily in any particular order, from any one of the following three sets: An extended-ASCII character An integer −128–127 An integer in the range 0–255 ...

Sorry to be pushy. Any feedback?
it's fine
I think you clarify the input section by saying either "one byte as input, or one signed/unsigned byte as a decimal"
@quartata Thanks. That was quick. Here, have a rocket: 🚀
also a car 🚗
Looks good
11:30 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdámFalcon Heavy stages code-golf kolmogorov-complexity ascii-art string animation Chose a set of four bytes without replacement, and not necessarily in any particular order, from any one of the following three sets: The characters of any one single-byte encoding The Unicode characters in the ran...

@NewSandboxedPosts Sorry.
Any ideas for improving the car (<>) while keeping it more-or-less to scale?
too big
@quartata That's about three characters too wide. @Οurous It has to be from the front or back to match reality.
11:34 PM
@Οurous it's a back view
@Adám that was supposed to be a back view
@Adám Is some internship/work experience that I apply to do over summer. (I finish school in England this year). If so, who can I contact?
I actually carefully overlayed the ascii art over a recent photo from the launch pad to make sure the dimensions are just right.
11:37 PM
@H.PWiz Yes. Send an email to careers@.
@Οurous Uh, is that the car?
@Adám Thanks, I'll do so some time over the next couple of weeks
Hm, maybe the car could be :: ?
@Adám It was supposed to be, yeah. I was going for the more rounded look of the back. co or cb was the closest I could get, but CO/CD might work for that too
@Οurous Seems a bit asymmetrical though.
@Οurous Maybe pq or bd ?
@Adám bd looks really nice if you think about it as being the headlight sections and then the sides of the car viewed from the front!
11:41 PM
@Οurous Yeah, I'll go with that.
Actually, I just had a look at the photos. db may be the best fit for:
Yeah it does match the back really, really well.
db works for me
Well that sucks. I can't pull it off (Only emulator is too incomplete, and is buggy to the point i can't make it work.).
I was going to write my submission in Assembly for the Apollo Guidance Computer.
but nah
Emulator says otherwise
I came up with an oisc but it's not particularly fun. it kind of just has multiple commands at the same time or something i guess
The challenge has been launched.
11:52 PM
Q: Falcon Heavy stages

AdámChose a set of four bytes without replacement, and not necessarily in any particular order, from any one of the following four sets: The characters of any one single-byte encoding The Unicode characters in the range 00–FF The signed decimal integers in the range −128–127 The unsigned decimal in...


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