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12:01 AM
@Catija I thought we weren't here to 'improve the world' :P
@apaul Two different things. You know that.
@Catija if you say so...
Q: How to deal with conflict when I agree with and sympathize with both parties

NameBackground Life hasn't always treated my brother well and prior to and leading up to his birthday he kept insisting that he really wanted item X and was very excited about it. He very carefully told my parents exactly what he wanted and provided a link to the exact product well before his birth...

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1:55 AM
@HDE226868 Just stirring the pot from earlier today:
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5:56 AM
Whoa, is it morning time over there already? Time zones are weird!
that's how it works
Yeah, haha, just failed to do the math. :-)
6:21 AM
@TheTinyMan Entirely too early
get up when it's dark outside, come home from work when it's dark outside.
Dark all day every day :/
All season or all year, @Magisch? :o It's way past my bedtime though ... night, guys! ^.^
This season
1 hour later…
7:38 AM
@Magisch Yeah, this season is hard :P
Mhmm, maybe it is time to whip out the brightlight
@JarkoDubbeldam I need one of those lamps they use for reptiles and baby chickens...
those are pretty easy to get by tbh
@JarkoDubbeldam I know :P I'm just to lazy to start remodeling the bedroom... :P
Anyways, I'm awake now (just barely)....
It's funny btw how many people assume I'm my brothers brother, instead of a sister :P
but what I meant was this: philips.nl/c-p/HF3304_01/-
7:44 AM
Especially not buying expensive lightbulbs.
@JarkoDubbeldam Hmm.... I'm always sceptical about that. I agree that low sunlight levels might lead to low vitamin D and laziness.... but I wouldn't do anything about it unless a physician said it's really necessary.
I got this from my mother, who used it to help with her severe depression
@JarkoDubbeldam Yeah, that's like a genuine medical reason to buy one..
And I do notice a difference. In my student's room, I only had a window on the north side.
That sucks bigtime in the winter
I just have a bit too much people in my environment complaining about a 'winterdip'...
@JarkoDubbeldam True... you know what works? walks :D
because even when the sun is up, it's still dark in the room
I guess
7:48 AM
We're not meant to stay inside the entire day.... we need the (sun)light
@Tinkeringbell Winterdips are a real thing though
although generally they tend to kick in in January
@Tinkeringbell If I recall correctly, her work paid for one there as well
@JarkoDubbeldam Yeah.... But these people aren't talking severe depression, they are talking 'feeling a little less energy than in summer'. That can be fixed by a few walks ;)
Have you ever heard of Dysthymia?
At least, that's what I know a winterdip to be... otherwise, it's just called a depression. And yes, light will very well help then...
@JarkoDubbeldam I just googled it.... it's supposed to be a depression, but lasting longer?
True, but there is a significant effect of seasons on depression too
The way my psychiatrist explained it was that you can think of happiness as a scale, from positive to negative
If you're way negative, you're depressed, and if you're really happy, you're on the positive scale
If you suffer from depression, it is entirely possible to have episodes of happiness. So you're kinda ranging from very negative to slightly positive
Ranging from very negative to very positive would be manic depression, or bipolar disorder
7:55 AM
I get it.... ;)
OTOH, Dystymia causes you to be pretty steady and stable. Only a few small drops or lifts. But pretty much constantly negative.
slightly negative, to be sure
but negative nonetheless
So in this context, a winterdip may be very real.
@JarkoDubbeldam Agreed. Just don't go buying expensive lights and supplements because 'you have a self-diagnosed winterdip'.... Maybe they work, but it would be the same as me buying a scoot-mobile because it's fun to ride and I get less tired using it so it must work...
I hate people that self-diagnose... often they don't have any other problem then 'aanstelleritus'.... and I know it hurts people that do have genuine problems.
I do have (non-self-diagnosed) dysthymia though
8:00 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Then you can use as many lights as you want :D
And otherwise I'll just go sit in my snake's terrarium
get in a bit of zonnebank
@JarkoDubbeldam Lovely :D The temp is probably better in there as well ;)
A bit crampy though
120x50x60 or 60x40x40
I would almost say that I'd fit in the 120 one, but it's a bit low indeed :P
I also have one of 180x60x60 but that one doesn't have lamps yet. And still needs to be cleaned a bit
not even sure if I'd fit in that one though
8:05 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Easy peasy :P
Just install the lamps, crawl into it and start cleaning :P
uh, if I'd fit, I wouldn't have any room to move though
Even better, that would give you an excuse to not clean :P
There is a reason it has to be cleaned though
Okay.... then clean it first :P
I bought it second hand, and there was quite a potent urine smell from the previous animals that were kept in there
8:07 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Yuk....
Nothing a bit of Biotex can't fix though
@JarkoDubbeldam Hah, biotex can fix everything ;)
Just like ductape ;)
Only thing I don't think I have ever used Biotex for is cleaning clothes
@JarkoDubbeldam I did ;)
Oh dear
Flappie on the radio
8:13 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam It's that time of year again huh.... Skyradio has been playing 'Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet' for a week now. I think that will at least have stopped today :D
Heh, we shied away from Sky because of the constant playing of xmas music
@JarkoDubbeldam mmmm... that's true. I don't mind it though :-P
If anything, it's annoying because it is a very limited set of songs, so a lot of repetition
8:26 AM
what's up
hue hue hue
same here
Cyclone Okhi is up.
@Mithrandir מה שלומך
I am not sure if it's the right one or not.
Do you speak Hebrew?
הכול מצוין
Yes, I speak Hebrew ;)
8:39 AM
Can you tell me how to speak that? English pronunciation.
You said 'Mah shlomcha?', and I said 'Hakol M' tzuyan'.
16 mins ago, by A J
@Mithrandir מה שלומך
@Mithrandir Yes, that's what I asked.
Mah => How?
usually 'What', actually
9:08 AM
:D I'm only 1 upvote away from reaching 10k on this site :D
And my question hit HNQ, so that will probably happen soon :D
@Tinkeringbell Congo.
Q: What is your view about teaching PLC ladder programming online ? Would it be possible to generate an income from this type of activity?

RaphabiI know of many Electricians and Automation people that could benefit from this type of training. I just do not know if there is enough of a market for this ?

@ExtrovertedMainMan Is there any SE that is more suitable for this?
@JarkoDubbeldam Flappie here too! :P
9:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell Rule #0 of migrating: don't migrate crap.
@Mithrandir I wasn't thinking of migrating... more of recommending improvements and have them post a new one over at a good site.
It's POB if it moves to an appropriate site.
Yeah, seems too POB to work on SE at the moment.
So, better kill it here.
9:14 AM
@Tinkeringbell maybe CS Educators?
but yeah
...I doubt it
Now that I read beyond the title, nop
Do we have a startups.SE or something? :P
But yeah, you all are probably right that this won't do good anywhere ;)
9:16 AM
It's closing in 5 days.
Q: Startups Stack Exchange will be closing on December 11th

Grace Note3 years ago, this site made it into public beta, as announced here. It was not without some level of trepidation - Startups had previously been on the network and resulted in closure due to the lack of any remaining moderation hands on the site resulting in its quality dropping. So it was stated ...

in Charcoal HQ, Nov 23 at 11:08, by A J
Looks like nobody is taking care of Startups SE.
Hmm, few days ago I flagged two posts on Windows Phone SE
they took more than a day to be handled
Mhm. A day isn't so bad.
I raised my concern at that time.
9:25 AM
I've had a custom mod flag pending on SO for 4 days...
@JarkoDubbeldam A day isn't worse than a spam lingering around the site for more than 4 days.
Windows Phonewindowsphone.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for enthusiasts and power users of Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7.

Currently in public beta.

@JarkoDubbeldam Hey, as long as the community closes things, removes spam...
Board and Card Gamesboardgames.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for people who like playing board games, designing board games or modifying the rules of existing board games. Card games, too, because some games really can be classified as both.

Currently in public beta.

@Mithrandir There's more questions and voting going on there: More high rep users ;)
9:30 AM
The thing that worries me is that the three top users are the moderators
Hmm, BCG should be renamed to MagicSE though :/
@JarkoDubbeldam number 2 & 3 rep wise on Literature are the two mods...
I'm not saying mods can't be top users, or top users can't be mods
(look at PPCG or CV for example)
But it looks like a lack of voting/traffic, if after 6 years the highest rep is 8k
i find the badge design on Stats.SE kinda annoying >.<
9:36 AM
trying to find out what they represent
They have the same shape as the site logo
look like the site logo
cant find anything explicit on them in the design threads on meta
The PPCG userscript designs are pretty pretty imo codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/7955/59530
hmm, did that break with the topbar change?
9:51 AM
Hmm, don't know
ill check when I get home
I just installed it - nope, not broken
10:24 AM
Do CMs lose downvote privileges once their rep falls below 1? Apparently they maintain the privilege even while they lose the usual 125 rep required to vote down.
Perfect! :D
@NVZ They have a diamond... I think they can do whatever they like.
(As long as it's within the boundaries of what's acceptable when you have a diamond)
@NVZ But it makes me curious where you found the evidence for that, since generally you can't see who downvotes?
They can do everything except for answering protected questions.
@Tinkeringbell Just go to any CMs profile summary on IPS. You can see vote counts, but not the actual posts they voted on.
@Mithrandir Yea, and that's a funny restriction. They can unprotect, answer, and then re-protect.
@NVZ Oh duh.... I'm in desperate need of more coffee :P I'm overlooking obvious things. Luckily I'm just writing documentation and making powerpoint slides today.
Or I might just end up writing a dailyWTF if I try coding in this state :P
Anyway, @NVZ are you still on holiday? Or back at work?
@Tinkeringbell An example, our RC's page shows 8 up, 71 down, even though he does not have the 125 minimum required for that usually. interpersonal.stackexchange.com/users/3/…
@Tinkeringbell holidays over. had fun swimming for hours, and now im having a cold.
back to work as well.
10:31 AM
@NVZ Ugh... everybody seems to have been having colds lately. Stay away from me!
@JarkoDubbeldam this thing looks awesome for ppcg. any idea how i can get it to work on other SEs?
But swimming is fun :) Did you swim at a pool or a river, pond, sea?
And... it's ruined :( :P
@Tinkeringbell sea, one day at the dubai beach, and another at mid-sea several meters away from shore via boat, not in dubai.
@Tinkeringbell what is this about?
@NVZ Nice :-) How is it to swim away from shore..... ? I never dare to go to far into the sea
@NVZ It was at a perfect 10.000 a few minutes :P
But I flagged/downvoted an answer as NAA, that got deleted so now I got my rep point back... and it's ruined :P
@Tinkeringbell it's fun now. but i hope that day doesn't come where you get attached to rep. stay tinkering, bell.
10:35 AM
@NVZ Oh, I'm not attached to it... but I've got some thing going for round numbers ;)
Ask my bank account :P
@Tinkeringbell i had a smooth curve on my ips rep. but now there's a stupid dip all of a sudden because you along with yours truly and etcetera deleted some old upvoted questions where i had answers. :P
@NVZ I'm sorry? I think we've slowed that down again though...
@Tinkeringbell i had a smiley face at the end, in case you didn't notice. :)
and yours truly means myself.
@NVZ I did :) Just felt like yeah, that's a stupid side effect...
@NVZ Ohh...
I thought you meant my gang :P
i am your gang.
aren't i?
10:41 AM
@NVZ Everyone is welcome to join the gang :P
we're the delete squad. lol
@Tinkeringbell everyone, with the rep, that is. :P
There's a Dutch song: Ik heb een clubje opgericht, voor mensen met een lelijk gezicht, je mag erbij, je mag erbij :P

Freely translated: I started a group for people with ugly faces, you're welcome to join, you're welcome to join ...
@NVZ Hahaha, yeah, welcome to the delete squad :P Now, we need to pick a uniform ;)
Anyways, the song is from a funny theater piece, and it still crosses my mind whenever people talk about ganging up :P
well, that was fun, but got more language than I expected
@Tinkeringbell another one faced the wrath of the delete squad; interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7684/345
@Mithrandir Oh I read that story... It's a good one :D
@NVZ Yeah, that's the one that ruined my round number :P
10:46 AM
took me around 3 minutes to read the whole thing ;) Yeah it's an interesting story
@Tinkeringbell well, wait. the internet says there's a connotation that "the delete squad" refers to those big multinational companies that opresses freedom of speech. weird.
how about some other names?
@NVZ Hahaha, how about we keep it a secret organisation? Otherwise people will start complaining that we're too organized :P
@Tinkeringbell i prefer organised crime over chaos and confusion any day. call me DON. :P
@NVZ not sure. Never developed such userscripts before.
Maybe ask Downgoat or anyone on userscripts.SE
@NVZ Hahaha, but organised crime can turn out bad when the police find out. Then, they'll roll up the entire network. So it's better to go rogue. If you get caught, I can still roam free! :P
10:52 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam *StackApps.com
@Tinkeringbell ah, but you miss the point. the police are the the don's payroll. :P
@NVZ Good luck on convincing the mods and cm's of that. As soon as you got them on your payroll, feel free to ping me :P
@Tinkeringbell lol
ah, the us politics is funny, again. skeptics.stackexchange.com/q/40154/30880
11:01 AM
Q: Should I speak in Japanese or English to the "foreign-looking" kombini employee?

nicI am not Japanese but I usually speak in Japanese with everyone, because it is the language I use all day long at work. At the register of a convenience store, I usually say a few words like カードでお願いします (by card please) or 袋なしでお願いします (no plastic bag please). What language should I use when the c...

@ExtrovertedMainMan that's a good one, i think.
@NVZ I don't like it... It lacks some information for me...
That's @Mithrandir's Google Code mentor right?
@Tinkeringbell interesting. i look at it and i see a strategy, pros, cons, and a reference as well. it's a nice first revision at least.
Oh, it's a nice first revision... but I'm missing 'Do you live in Japan, what's your native language, is this supermarket in Japan etc. in the question...'

Basically, some of the information is provided in the self-answer, that IMO should have been in the question...
11:10 AM
although I finished that task
@Mithrandir Okay, that was :P
@Tinkeringbell it has the tag.
That implies that yes, he lives in Japan, yes, this is taking place in Japan.
@Mithrandir True... still.... It's itching... there's something that I can't really put my finger on but .... it feels of somehow.
Maybe it's the 'Should I'.... in the question?
Or it's the self-answer providing what he's doing now...
I know! It's that there's no feedback on whether or not what he's doing now is considered a problem by others :/
It's like 'I'm currently doing this and this and this... .but there isn't really any indication of that being a problem... it's one of those 'please confirm I'm right' questions...
@Tinkeringbell he's actually looking for feedback, in that he's out there expecting the votes to confirm or deny usefulness of his methods.
It's describing a problem that the OP had - or, at least, a dilemma - and provides the decision that they eventually ended up making.
So they had the question, which is now in the question body.
11:15 AM
@NVZ Doesn't that make it a polling question? ... I dunno, I haven't been around that long... I just never saw a question structured like this ..
@Mithrandir yeah, and i think that's a good thing he asked it here.
(I'll be nuking some lunch in the microwave, brb)..
Q: How to respond to an unfalsifiable accusation?

Rhys McMillanI recently shared a blog post I had written to a relevant subreddit. I've posted to this subreddit a few times and got good responses. My most recent post had a response on it when I checked it in the morning (I usually post just before I go to sleep) that insinuated I had engaged in some kind o...

@Tinkeringbell i don't see a cause for polls here.
How is it a polling question?
It's asking what he should do - which language should he speak?
Just because he provides a self-answer with his decision doesn't make it a poll.
11:17 AM
anyone here from skeptics SE?
I have a question there, but not much other activity. Why?
what if i ask something along the lines of "does drinking cold water or eating ice cream increase chances for common cold?"
You'd need to provide a 'notable' source tht is making that claim.
obviously cold is caused by viruses, but does drinking cold stuff decrease our shileds against such viruses?
@Mithrandir yea, and does Quora posts count as notable?
Well, I can tell you off the top of my head that lowered temperatures make it difficult for the immune system to work - that's why you get a fever, to raise the temperature and make it easier for your immune system to work.
@NVZ have a link?
11:20 AM
@Mithrandir yes, that. my lifelong experience says that whenever i indulge in cold water swimming or ice cream, i get the sore throat or running nose.
just picked one at random, i read two conflicting answers, each upvoted 20+. quora.com/…
*shrugs* It might work. I'm not familiar enough with their guidelines to say for sure, though.
Good afternoon! ;)
@NicolasRaoul no idea about that, i have.
ברוך הבא!
11:23 AM
@Mithrandir Don't know, I was asking you guys that :P
اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم
good afternoon
Goeiemiddag :)
@Tinkeringbell what? you mentioned "polling" first. :P
@NVZ Yeah, because you said it was supposed to be decided by voting... that sounded a bit like polling, so I asked.
11:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell well, all of SE is a poll in that case. the votes decide whose Qs and As are the winners.
If it was someone else answering, not a self-answer, would you consider it differently?
The fact that there's a self-answer shouldn't make it a poll.
@NVZ Definitely not... Otherwise interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/3097/… would have ended up accepted :P
@Mithrandir Self-answers are highly encouraged.
@NVZ Indeed.
@Mithrandir If there wasn't, I would probably be firing away questions in the comments like 'what have you tried already and how did people react to it'
11:26 AM
is a question like this: "is it socially acceptable to try to change the subject in a conversation" too subjective? I thought about asking it but realized I could get some subjective answers
@Tinkeringbell so that's useful info to include in the question anyway.
@Tinkeringbell acceptance is not democratic.
@Mithrandir Okay, so I was right when my spidey senses started tingling :P But putting it in there would probably leave the answer with almost nothing?
Thanks for the feedback!
I edited my question accordingly, but there is still one thing I have not addressed because I am not sure how to fix it, which is the "it's one of those 'please confirm I'm right' questions" comment.
@NicolasRaoul that comment was probably prompted by the fact that it's a self-answer.
11:29 AM
@Mithrandir @NicolasRaoul Yeah, disregard that... :)
This is a question that I genuinely have.
At first I just wrote the question without any intent to post an answer.
But writing the question prompted me to weight the pros and cons, and decide on a strategy I would try from now on.
@NicolasRaoul i donno about that. i for one for all my posts implicitly ask the community to "please confirm whether i'm right". lol
@NicolasRaoul yes, that's good ;)
since most of our subjects are subjective, there's no authoritative one "correct" answer. i just post an answer from off the top of my head and wait for community voting to tell me i'm wrong or right.
only thing i make sure to do in my answers is to be nice.
@NicolasRaoul It looks like a good question. But if the answer weren't there, I would have written a comment asking 'what have you tried AND how did people react to it'... But the 'what have you tried' is already in the answer... How did people react to it though?
11:33 AM
Q: Housemates and personal property

jpcooperSummary A housemate of mine is doing something to my property which I don't like. Please help me in finding a solution towards the greater issue of solving housemate disputes. Some mornings, a housemate of mine likes to prepare smoothies in her blender. Next to her blender are my coffee grinder...

All answers are "please confirm whether i'm right" indeed haha.
I have to say I often post Q/As. Especially on StackOverflow, after I spend an hour trying to fix a bug, I usually post a Q/A describing the problem and how I solved it. Two benefits: 1) Sometimes someone suggests a better solution 2) Future me might stumble on the same problem in a few years. Actually I often find a question on Google that fits exactly what I want to solve, and when I click it I see my picture in the question haha
Hahaha. That's awesome :P
@NicolasRaoul That's funny :D
I just write things down in a notebook :/
@NicolasRaoul happened to me once similarly. and another instance was on searching for the meaning of "covfefeying" on Google.
Posting self answers is definitely explicitly encouraged by SE. But it can be difficult to remember to include all information in the question, same as you would for any other question.
11:37 AM
@Tinkeringbell: I thought about doing this. But a problem I have seen when doing so is that it focuses the question on my viewpoint, and leads potential answerers to make assumptions that are not in the question. Also, sometimes I am totally wrong and the question gets downvoted instead of what would have been an answer.
@NicolasRaoul true, very true. if you had added those "what i tried" in the question body, perhaps the votes would be split - some would be for the question, some for the proposed solution.
that is why i like meta posts to keep questions and suggested solutions separately.
@NVZ Hmmm....
I think I got it...
So, we have questions asking about advice 'after' they have already tried X, Y, and Z
And we have this one.... which is 'what should I do' .... and the answer is 'I've tried X and it seems to work so far'?
Do I have that straight? my brain hurts now
Is it safe nowadays to assume someone named William can be addressed using male pronouns when e-mailing?
I need to reply to a customer support e-mail..
26 mins ago, by Termatinator
is a question like this: "is it socially acceptable to try to change the subject in a conversation" too subjective? I thought about asking it but realized I could get some subjective answers
@Termatinator, I think this depends on the circumstances. Did you try recently and met with negative reactions?
11:55 AM
[off topic]
@Mithrandir: By the way, thanks for achieving the Code-in task!
Can I ask what phone model you uploaded the pictures with?
@NicolasRaoul uh, one sec - checking
@NicolasRaoul There's definitely no need to stay on-topic here :P
Android 4.2.2, Samsung Galaxy GT-S7583T
Thanks! I have noticed a small bug that seems to be device-dependant.
That it doesn't show the picture in the background?
12:04 PM
Can anybody take another look at my question? https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/7661/1599 I thought I made it pretty clear I'm not looking for 'what to say to him' but 'how to tell him what I want to tell him (my concerns for his safety, that he should realize parents are giving him responsibilty and he better live up to it to avoid having them revoked)...

But I'm getting answers that are telling me more 'what to say': https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7703/1599 (and most other answers are bordering on telling me what to say/address as well...)
@Mithrandir Exactly. Might be due to RAM. Your phone is definitely able to load the picture though, so we are probably trying to load it in a memory-inefficient way.
I noticed that it took a while to load on the front page, as well - may be related.
If you want to me to test things, feel free to give me a ping at any time ;)
@Tinkeringbell I haven't asked it yet because I thought it would be too subjective
and on what circumstances
@Termatinator I think it falls under 'etiquette' (sort of). But I think that without a specific example it would be too broad.
@Termatinator It probably won't be a good idea to change topic when interviewing for a new job :P (bad example, but I needed something extreme)
On the other hand, if people are talking about things that make you uncomfortable, if done right IMO it's perfectly acceptable to change subject.
12:11 PM
@Mithrandir PIZZA! :D
I definitely needed that one while I was still in high school :D
On the other hand, I left it sitting on the category search for hours once, and the picture never showed up there...
But it shows on the front page after a few minutes.
@Mithrandir: Then could you please push "Subscribe" at github.com/commons-app/apps-android-commons/issues/1004 ? Thanks! :-)
And leave a comment identifying yourself so that developers can ping you for testing.
1 hour later…
1:23 PM
Hi @MisterPositive and @HenryWHHackv2.1 :) How's life?
pending response.
AKA: I am think about a response.
@HenryWHHackv2.1 A bit slow huh? :P that can be fun as well :)
If 'how's life' is too broad, an answer to 'how's today going' is good as well ;)
OK, I admit it I was looking at RC ♦'s profile. (no reasonable responses found defaulted to random one.)
@HenryWHHackv2.1 Hahaha ;) Well, did you find anything interesting?
1:33 PM
@Tinkeringbell Great, thanks!
@MisterPositive Good to hear :) Did you do anything fun today?
@Tinkeringbell My day is just starting...
first cup of coffee
life, don't talk to me about life
@MisterPositive Alright.... Thats the first fun thing then :P How many fun things were there yesterday?
1:40 PM
@TheSnarkKnight We've narrowed it down to days. How is your day?
@Tinkeringbell finally started to get my blood sugar under control.
feels much better
Now stay away from chocolate and keep it that way ;)

I can imagine the improvement, I saw the change in an aunt when she found out she had diabetes and they got it under control
@Tinkeringbell 19, how about you?
It was like she lost 10 years of age, a lot more energy, more fun to talk to
@MisterPositive Let's see... I think at least 20 :P
1:43 PM
@Tinkeringbell not for uncomfortable things, just things where I can't think of anything to say. so just changing the subject because you don't know what to say
@Tinkeringbell I don't like chocolate.
@Termatinator Hmmm... when and how often does that happen? I get that sometimes when for example people are talking about having a disease/mental problem... Or when they tell me their parent died... Are we talking such things? Or things like science topics that you don't have knowledge enough of to join in the conversation?
@TheSnarkKnight I would never admit that if I were you sir. ;-}
1:44 PM
@TheSnarkKnight That explains the snarkiness I guess.... I'm proposing force-feeding :P
@Tinkeringbell just regular topics, no serious issues
@Tinkeringbell maybe the fact that the only chocolate I will eat matches my nature, bitter.
@Termatinator Hmmm.... If you can include a specific example of such a regular topic, just mention it, then I think you can ask...
@TheSnarkKnight Hmmm... Nope, white chocolate it will have to be :P
in the netherlands we put chocolate on our bread
@Termatinator I am going to try that! Kinda like a smore, but bread instead of cracker.
1:48 PM
@MisterPositive It's good, but the sprinkles are best :D
They come in an amazing variety:
And that's just a small selection :P
you're making me hungry
@Mithrandir I'm making myself hungry :P
Dark chocolate.....yummy
They are wonderfull in combination with strawberries :)
Okay, one last one:
1:52 PM
(This one cheats a little, the top right one isn't chocolate)
@TheSnarkKnight This one is for you:
Extra bitter, it has a 60 percent cacao percentage :)
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