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12:00 AM
@Doorknob yeah but then you also have the issue of password resetting and crap
ooh i'm in another game now...
tell me when you're properly existing
12:21 AM
this guy just cast confusion at himself and canceled out my own casting of confusion 😮
12:57 AM
what happened @Doorknob
1 hour later…
1:59 AM
what is that website
2:14 AM
you mean the warlocks one i posted?
ravenblack thing yeah
2:52 AM
oh. it's an online game client for a game called waving hands
3 hours ago, by Destructible Lemon
@Doorknob http://games.ravenblack.net/referred?refid=18778
go there to register
and we can play!
what type of game is it
you play as a warlock, casting spells at another warlock to kill them or make them surrender
to cast spells, you make a series of gestures, with 1 gesture per spell or hand per turn
3:43 AM
@DestructibleLemon who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2 hours later…
5:25 AM
@Rubio A hint for your C4, please?
5:39 AM
@Sid any idea what "out of" means, specifically?
@EricTressler could mean subtraction or outside....
the only word I can think of that fits anything is "spectator"
and that only because it's a 9-letter word for witness
@EricTressler I suppose new life could be spore... does that help?
@boboquack I don't know. I'm the wrong person to ask. I think learning how to solve cryptic clues in here is a little bit like jumping into the deep end to learn to swim
I thought "spec -> ceps -> cordyceps"
but it seems a lot more likely that my flailing around is not on the right track
there's also a "witness" in math an CS, but in CS it's also knows as a certificate (too long), and in math it's just a witness. certifier?
5:55 AM
I don't think you can reverse letters like ceps -> spec unless there is an indicator for it
6:09 AM
Well, parasites could also be the def although it looks unlikely
new life could either be anagram of life or something like seed or fetus, etc.
I have lists of words for witness and wingless parasites, but not much for new life
Wingless parasites can be parasites without the outer letters too
I did not realize that
This branching of possibilities is what makes clues difficult, and Rubio tends to be especially nasty with it
Have you been working on this one?
6:22 AM
Random drop in/out. I've recruited some interest from one who has solved -life puzzles to the same degree as I've stolen puzzle books from libraries, for half a century. In ways I've copied their style for so long don't be surprised if they seem similar to me -- it's the other way around.
If you have no idea what this refers to, you're might not be @boboquack or a @moderator.
But do enjoy what's in the works when it's ready: a two-or-three series of puzzles that involves getting somewhere, doing something, and making a clean getaway.
@ffao true that.
there's... marveller -> meller + arv (melodrama, + wingless "larva")
meller is something I have never seen before google told me what it was, and "melodrama <-> new life" doesn't really work
Though, "meller" is an alternate form for "mesler", which can mean "to intertwine"
so that could be a reference to conception
Seems too indirect to me...
The meller -> mesler connection is not in English, though. It is too indirect (in several ways)
6:40 AM
I thought about it for a couple of minutes, but I haven't really had time to work on it
7:23 AM
Q: Two quadrilateral out of a hexagon

OrayWe have a hexagon shown as below with two quadrilaterals: Your task is: Slice hexagon into two pieces and combine these pieces to find shape $a$ Slice hexagon into three pieces and combine these pieces to find shape $b$

10 hours later…
4:56 PM
CCCC hint: First letter is I
5:26 PM
@Rubio That leaves 855 possibilities.
And one of them is the right answer. :)
Hmm. Could "wingless parasites" be some kind of INSECTs?
Then the answer might be something like INSPECTOR, with "witness" as def.
Can't see how "new life" = P...OR though.
@Randal'Thor Spore with its "wings"= end letters chopped off?
but, I think wingless shouldn't go with new life...
Ah, so "wingless parasites" could be something like RASIT?
@Randal'Thor I wouldn't use "wingless" to remove just one side. (I doubt that's valid.)
5:32 PM
Nah, there's no 9-letter I words containing RASIT.
@Rubio I was assuming no wordplay in "wingless parasites", that those two words gave something to be put together with the result of "new life". But I'll take your comment as a hint that there is wordplay in there as Sid suggests ;-)
But unlike anagrams, "wingless" can be used indirectly. So we're probably looking for a particular "wingless" parasite.
Oh, then I just misunderstood your comment - I thought you were thinking it was removing the trailing S of INSECTS. (As that's all I was responding to, I wouldn't read more into it than that)
fLEAs, tICKs, lICe?
LEA and ICK are no-gos.
ask a while - have fun :)
s/ask/afk, or do you want us to ask you questions?
5:37 PM
none of the words on my list even started with I
@Rubio Are we going to get mad at you after knowing the answer?
We're going to ban him!
Let's ban Rubio from C4s! Each star indicates you approve of this idea!
Witness could be IND(IC)ATOR, but I don't see how "new life" -> IND...ATOR.
I guess we should get more than 2 letters from "wingless parasites".
leECHes is another no.
ech doesn't appear on the list anywhere (I also looked for lice, fleas, etc).
There's "informant", but ants are not parasites?
5:52 PM
But an 'inf...ant' might be new life?
And the parasites are wORMs?
Yep. That works
I dunno if Witness=Informant though.
there you go
Not all worms are parasites! grumble
Just kidding :-D
i think witness = informant is fine
Nice one, @MOehm.
5:53 PM
Well, Eric got the word.
nope, you get this one
Okay, let's make it official then.
@Rubio INFORMANT (witness) = INFANT (new life) outside wORMs (wingless parasites)
Q: Find the ? in this grid

Oray Find question mark in this grid with numbers.

INFORMANT is of course correct
6:09 PM
CCCC: Groundbreaking start to experiment, nothing lost in measuring? (6)
6:43 PM
@MOehm (-ex)(-a)MINING? Although I'm not sure how "nothing" becomes "a".
@Doorknob No, that's not it, I'm afraid. What would be the definition?
mining could be considered "groundbreaking" :P
I thought it would make sense given the question mark
Oh, I see. Yes, that could work, but it's not what I intended. And there's that "a" ...
7:27 PM
a- as a prefix means "without"
2 hours later…
8:59 PM
Q: I bus, You bus, They bus, REBUS

ChowzenThese may be too easy... 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 :

2 hours later…
10:44 PM
Q: Opening a safe by inputing a stream of numbers

ImagoLet's be given a safe that is secured by a code of length $n$ generated by using symbols from an alphabet of length $m$. Now a continuous stream of symbols may be entered in order to open the safe. As soon as the correct code becomes a subsequence of stream thus far entered, the safe opens. G...

^ That question sounds like homework more than a puzzle

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