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12:52 AM
Aug 9 at 16:41, by nitsua60
1e PHB: "Charisma is the measure of the character's combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. A generally non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to strong measures of the other two aspects of charisma."
1.5 (UA): establishes Comeliness as separate stat, implicitly drawing appearance away from Cha.
2e PHB: "The Charisma (Cha) score measures a character's persuasiveness, personal magnetism, and ability to lead. It is not a reflection of physical attractiveness, although attractiveness certainly plays a role." So you can see they're trying rea
hmm... "see full text" doesn't survive quoting, it seems
@nitsua60 it isn't always about game rules
Sometimes its a table rule
@nitsua60 and yeah I thought at first that quoting would allow for that too, not sure why it doesn't
1 hour later…
2:18 AM
I choose to believe this is an illustration of Dr Dinosaur dressed up as Agent Phil Coulson.
I now opt to choose that option too
3:08 AM
hey there @Nyoze
@thedarkwanderer We need to have a chat about this question. Really.
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@Nyoze not a whole lot, as for you?
Hi Shalveney
Hey, when I get those two OoA paladins all ready, what do I do then? Send you an email?
@Shalvenay In protest to the cultural plague that is the 21st century, I took my wife out on a car date like we used to do in the 80's.
@KorvinStarmast just ping me here
3:18 AM
Had Alice Cooper's rock and roll show on the radio (he's a syndicated DJ now, alice at night) , got a six pack, and took her out on a date to the waterfront to drink beer and listen to our music.
Ok, I'll do that.
We always go on a date for Halloween, to get away from the crapfest that "trick or treat" has become.
It was great. We had Alice Coopers "welcome to my nightmare" and Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" and CCR's "Bad Moon Risin" on full blast in the car stereo.
And much else. Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" and "Don't Feat the Reaper" came on as well.
@KorvinStarmast hands Korvin a basket of werewolf puppies :D
Thank you, I'll feed them so they grow up to be strong and make Warren proud. :)
Zevon is a favorite artist of mine. "Gorilla You're a Desperado" is still a favorite tune.
His last one liner on national TV: "Enjoy every sandwich."
The only reason I don't travel to New York and club Dave Letterman with a lead filled snow shoe is that he too is a Warren Zevon fan.
And a Frank Zappa fan. RIP, guys, two distinct rebel voices in a world filled with forumla rock.
Uh, formula rock. Man can't spell when he gets all worked up.
Oy, I see that someone left out some troll bait.
pun-pun is valid RAW, thus playable nice, great way to illustrate the death of a once-great game.
And on that happy note, I hope that none of you suffers the fate of Icabod Crane. Happy November all!
Hey, what's up dude?
you said we need to talk about the question about how +1 equates to 5%
(for some reason I didn't get that message until now ^^; )
oh, nvm, it's not that old
@KorvinStarmast the pun-pun thing appears to be a response to the 6-word horror story thing, not a serious claim
3:42 AM
@KorvinStarmast the only thing you can do with 3.x is embrace the breakage
because you will be driven completely insane if you try to plug all the holes in 3.x RAW -- there are just too many of them!
it's bad enough the GitP folks have collected an entire handbook's worth of dysfunctional rules
cast's Mordenkainen's Dysfunction on @KorvinStarmast
Well that worked out well...
The Diablo Monsters already have stat blocks
@Shalvenay Idk, man, plenty of people have fun playing it not that way.
@Shalvenay Nothing really... Trying to get back in the swing of things O_o
@thedarkwanderer it is possible to sort of ring-fence the breakage out, but it takes some pretty crazy stuff (like banning a decent chunk of the PHB's classes)
@thedarkwanderer Yeah. The point I want to get across to you, which was in "this is why we can't have nice things" is this: that question is an illustration of why people despise / crap on gamer geeks. (In which population I exist). I have a lot more I'd like to say, but quite frankly, this format isn't the one I can use to converse with you on the topic. Doppel and a few others have their sites on me.
But I am going to ask you to look at that question as though you weren't you, and see if you get what I am talking about
For further discourse, if you are interested, we can trade email addresses tomorrow. No need for a quick answer. I am off to bed.
And I think I made my save versus that particular dysfunction, but not all other dysfunctions. 8^D
4:00 AM
@Nyoze ah. will that mean we'll see more of you around?
Hopefully :O
The only problem is, math is still involved. Diablo level 1 is (Y x 100%) more than DnD level 1
4:18 AM
user image
^ I'm weirdly proud of this non-joke.
"Proud of" implying that this was of your own design?
Well done [polite applause]
Thank you, that's what I'm living for
What, polite applause? Well, I'd have to say it's likely one of the least destructive addictive habits...
4:23 AM
So, Apart from my current "Diablo" mega-dungeon (or so I'm told), I have one other game I'd like to run: my father had a character from when he played D&D in his youth. I asked him about it, and he basically explained that he played a D&D character.
So I think in that sense I've been given free range to "re-create" the character, and write an adventure to send him off properly (the last time the character was involved in a game, a stand-in player killed him - which doesn't count as an actual character death)
> Friend to the Animals. Whenever you enter an area, you gain an aspect (with one free invoke) representing a local animal that likes you. It can be a specific creature like Grady's donkey or a category like Stray cats. Make a note of it; you'll have that aspect whenever you're in that area. If the story would cause you to lose that aspect, define a new creature for that area the next time you come back.
@BESW Margaret - crazy cat lady
4:43 AM
> Crazy like a cat. You can be compelled to have your cats do inconvenient or dramatic things. It costs two fate points to buy off these compels, but you get two fate points if you accept them.
Dramatic cats...
I like it
That is definitely dramatic cats, can't argue with that.
4:55 AM
5:10 AM
@BESW It's a baby hippogriff
(Note to self: Umdaar needs ostrich+tiger gryphons.)
Ostrich legs + tiger head?..
I feel like the Kiwi/Chipmunk should have been in the new Thor movie :P
> Teleport (Recharge 4-6)
What does that mean? "Recharge 4-6"?
(D&D 5e, monster manual "Blink Dog")
5:23 AM
In D&D 4e, that'd mean that once you've used it, you roll a d6 every round (or just once after you use it? Can't remember) and on a 4 or higher the ability recharges and you can use it again.
Ahhh. That makes sense
5:45 AM
@nitsua60 I need to catch up with you some time in the next month or two, to pick your brains about GMing Dungeon World for a large-ish group (7-8 players)... You offered a while back, but we haven't synced our chat times recently (and it hasn't been urgent)
@BESW once after you use it
@trogdor Thank you, O Guru of the Fourth Edition.
to be fair, the rule for it was written poorly
one of the few that really confused me at the time
@trogdor Wait, so if it doesn't recharge on the first try, it's gone forever?
preeety sure
that is how I remember it
5:53 AM
Interesting. In 5e, it's roll for recharge at the start of your turn.
Yay for single encounter mechanics
One of the weirder "and then the dice can own your fate completely at random" elements remaining in 4e.
Most of it's much less... "I dunno, maybe you'll be awesome, maybe not."
Yeah, it's a pretty frustrating mechanic in 5e, too. "The dragon uses it's trademark breath weapon. Once. Due to poor rolls, it will never use it again."
I mean, 4e already had daily powers
That one became a meme in the (dragon-themed) HotDQ and RoT campaign for my group.
5:56 AM
and those got jack all chance to be used again
Surprisingly, "the dragon might be able to use its breath weapon" is more or less tactically equivalent to " the dragon can use its breath weapon".
Personally, I preferred "recharge when bloodied" or "recharge after using X other power" or other similar concepts.
@Miniman Well, if the dragon has you pinned against a wall, it'd make sense that it'd be less likely to fry you with the chance of splashback - even if it is immune to it, no one enjoys getting (insert whatever manner of breath weapon being used) in their eyes.
@Ben Alternatively, dragons are like whales - they only breathe once per minute.
6:19 AM
@Miniman I'm now imagining a dragon "singing" underwater...
@Adeptus [Loud gurgling noises]
Can dragons even swim? I've always thought of them as more related to cats, with an aversion to water :\
I mean, that reeeaally depends on what dragons you mean
a lot of dragons in say, China or Japan are literally water dragons
they live in the ocean or in rivers and can even make it rain
6:36 AM
Lets say, the stero-typical Euro-American dragon, circa St George.
Or what you'd think of a typical Dragon in D&D?
James Bond Dragon swam.
you mean Dragonheart?
Is there another James Bond Dragon?
I believe he did in fact swim
@BESW just checking sheesh
@Nyoze Black dragons are amphibious. In 3.5e at least.
6:38 AM
@Adeptus Also bronze dragons.
Well, there you go.
Now we just have to teach the dragons to sing.
...copper dragons probably sing really bawdy tavern songs.
coppers are the best
Silver Dragons would probably be like those gospel singers who just are always in the background with their ooh and ahhs
Black dragons would sing acid jazz
6:45 AM
So, random question.
Has anyone had any experience with Starfinder?
7:22 AM
I have, on occasion, found stars.
7:48 AM
That question seems suspiciously on-topic for a random one!
1 hour later…
8:55 AM
> Lurker. You can spend a fate point to be skulking in the shadows of a scene, even after it's been firmly established you weren't there. This does not allow you to be in two places at once, but it may sometimes give people that impression.
Using predictive keyboards, we have synthesized new rules for how to be safe on Halloween. http://bit.ly/2xzza7w
10:14 AM
hmmm, disease o lantern... reminds me: introduce a lot of failed and horribly twisted pumpkins to the next adventure... sad thing is, that they have early summer...
2 hours later…
12:34 PM
@trogdor For your pleasure, a dragonnette.
Brookesia minima is the second smallest lizard, growing to just over 3 centimetres! It is native to Madagascar.
it's so tiny
I wonder what it eats
what the hell XD
Brookesia micra is a species of chameleon from the island of Nosy Hara in Antsiranana, Madagascar. As of 14 February 2012, it is the smallest known chameleon and among the smallest reptiles. In length, adult Brookesia micra can grow up to 29 mm (1.1 in). == Taxonomy == Brookesia micra was discovered and named by a team of researchers led by Frank Glaw of the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology. Glaw and his colleagues have been conducting expeditions into the Madagascan forests for eight years. Members of the species had previously been labelled as Brookesia sp. "Nosy Hara" in 2007 by Glaw and...
I'm going to assume it lives on a diet of Whos Down In Whoville.
Seriously though, they eat, like, flies and stuff.
Fruit flies.
12:54 PM
I had been thinking like, ants
but that works
And he dreams of becoming a T-Rex. :)
he will, some day
But for now, he is a wee rex.
1:29 PM
@Adeptus I'm often around =)
2:20 PM
@thedarkwanderer email sent
3:15 PM
@BESW it's been...compacted?
For any mod present, is the "two years later" addition to this question better suited as an answer, of fine as an edit in the question? I gave some poor advice on something similar the other day, so I don't want to give bad advice on this either.
@KorvinStarmast im hoping that was in IC execution and OOC.
@NautArch I just think that 'how we solved the problem' should go in an answer, but I am not sure I am right about that.
As to toxic players in on line games .... ugh. arrgh. blech.
yeah, I'd likely agree with it in an answer - but seems more like an update (maybe in a comment?) I dunno. I wouldn't want what I actually did to be voted on and feel bad/good about it.
I'd vote it up, since It Solved The Problem, which is sorta what we are all about. :)
3:25 PM
yeah, i guess it is :)
3:47 PM
is anyone here a developer on macs?
@doppelspooker I know a guy at Lamar University, but sadly it's been about six years since I spoke to him ...
@KorvinStarmast doesn't need that kind of outreach :)
just trying to figure out something relatively minor, or specifically, whether it is not in fact minor but a big deal
OK. Also, can you give me a ruling on this chat q up there?
I want to avoid giving one of our participants bad advice.
@KorvinStarmast strictly speaking that kind of stuff doesn't go in questions, and it isn't for answers, but honestly i appreciate having that recap
so i'm not gonna take action against it
but man, stuff like that is a lesson in the importance of being willing to remove bad apples from the group
ignoring the problem or hoping it sorts itself out, is tacit endorsement of the problem. it can tear communities apart.
What I was going to suggest was "make that an answer" since It Solved the Problem, But you tell me that "it doesn't answer the question" ... that is what has me confused.
3:52 PM
i ban people from this site so y'all don't have to put up with them, and if i made you put up with them, you'd leave yourself or work out a way to make them leave. neither of those are good things.
I am not saying this right.
I agree with your point on how they solved the problem. But I am thinking that how they solved it is an answer.
But maybe not?
@KorvinStarmast well.... it might, i guess. "you should kill their character and make it clear to them you will keep killing all their characters. it made them leave." but what value does that really have as an answer? it'd get downvoted to hell.
While I think that's is a problem with our local hive mind/conventional wisdom, I think you are right and I maybe would be giving bad advice to pose it as how they solved it since that back lash would likely be negative. :(
My idea was "here is how we solved our problem" and then insert that experience. We support experience based answers, don't we?
nothing we have to action right now, no pressing need, just trying out my thoughts before I go and give someone some advice.
Or dont
I'm in general agreement with korvin. The update was basically a self-answer and would be helpful for others to read as such. Here's what we did and how it made us feel.
I need to be a bit more careful about the advice I drop into comments, I've been sorta grumpy lately and part of it has to do with how Jacob got treated in meta. :( So I'll revisit in a few hours and see if I have a fresher perspective.
Best wishes to all.
3:57 PM
adios, Korvin. I'm bummed about the Jacob thing, too.
Although I don't agree with his assessment on my particular answer.
4:23 PM
@KorvinStarmast conventional hive mind wisdom would be "talk to the GM and the group and exorcise the bad actor from the group and disinvite them", which is still probably the best solution, only the group and especially GM were unwilling to follow through and so resorted to worse means.
the means they chose are a bad idea for a primary solution, and they could tell, since they described how much they suffered in the process for carrying through with it.
so i could not in sound judgement upvote such a solution.
4:41 PM
@doppelspooker I don't think the question was whether or not you would upvote it, but whether it should be an answer and not an update in the question (because it effectively is an answer)
4:59 PM
@NautArch the thing statement i was responding to there was, however, about whether us downvoting it into oblivion is a problem with the community
(to which i am responding, basically, i don't think so)
i am fine with it staying as an update to the question because them posting it as an answer would see them getting downvoted to hell and probably deleting it anyway to get out from under tons of downvotes
@doppelspooker oh, i don't think that was Korvin's main question, though.
yeah, and that was my fear as well.
@NautArch i had already responded to that, around here:
1 hour ago, by doppelspooker
@KorvinStarmast strictly speaking that kind of stuff doesn't go in questions, and it isn't for answers, but honestly i appreciate having that recap
ah, i didn't parse that correctly :)
The Home Improvement chat is delosatingly empty
@Zachiel no sounds of hammering or power tools?
5:11 PM
@NautArch A lone moderator who might not even be expecting activity and might be AFK.
Or maybe the "oh, I think this was the chat were we talked about that show with Tim Allen" joke is overdue.
just no cocaine jokes, ok?
I wasn't aware of that
Anyway, I'd like to turn this PC screen into a portable horizontal map viewer for my D&D games and I don't want to turn the box on fire.
5:28 PM
@Zachiel Have you considered a projector?
^ that
@NautArch The PC screen feels like a better solution. We don't need to hang it or install mirrors, it is easily movable to bring along for different games at someone else's, we already have a screen (with broken backlight, so nobody's using it, but it works fine.)
@Zachiel you don't need to hang a projector either. Just need a surface and workable distance. But if you have a PC screen and a wifi network...a chromecast would work as well.
i think he wants it to be displayed on a given table
rather than on a screen on the wall
Right now one group I'm in either has me draw the map on scrap paper from the company's plotter (which requires me to print a small map, bring it with me at work, have a scrap big enough and spend my lunchtime drawing squares) or build it on the spot with construction bricks (not really, but it's the most similar thing), the other group draws on 5mm squared paper which makes it hard to erase previous character positions and the maps quickly became a mess.
@NautArch Ah, right, we're a lot of players around a table
5:35 PM
@ThomasWard Oh! That kind of horizontal :) Shame on me.
Projecting on a wall would also be impractical for other reasons, including the position of windows and doors. So, unless we also get a white screen, it is not feasible.
@NautArch Did you think "landscape"?
@Zachiel I'm not sure i was thinking at all.
but a monitor on it's back with a chromecast should work.
If you're wanting to create an enclosure for it, I'm not sure what the benefits would be.
@NautArch well, monitors usually aren't so flat that they can lay flat on a table. They have a depthier part in the middle and thinner parts near the edges, right?
The enclosure doesn't need to be closed at all, just a structure that supports it from below the edge could be fine, but since I'm going for it, a case that I can easily close to have a fully moveable device (instead of, say, wrapping the monitor into a wollen blanket or sliding it back into its box and tranporting the structure separately) could be cool.
Or not cool if overheating.
@Zachiel my gut tells me the time and money you'd spend on building this would be more than a used tablet.
but i guess a tablet would be too small. Out of curiosity...what's your budget?
@NautArch I have no problems with spending time on it. Time and my own labour are prices I'm willing to pay way more than spending money - except when it comes to writing D&D adventures, I guess.
I have some old wine bottle boxes around. As I mentioned, the other DM has a screen. My initial plan was to build the box to hold the monitor of my laptop instead of throwing it away when the time comes (but then, I'd need a control PCB and an AC/DC adapter, so that doesn't come cheap either)
5:44 PM
@Zachiel Most of the monitors I've bought recently have flat backs (after you remove the stand bit). Do you have pics of the monitor in question?
This "I need a box around my bare laptop screen" thing might have biased me towards the idea of building the box.
@NautArch Not yet. The other DM has it. But the flat part is nice, I hope it doesn't need ventilation on that side but... people do hang their monitors to the walls nowadays, isn't it?
@Zachiel right, and for the short time it'll be used, i doubt it'll be a problem.
running the power to it might be more of the issue.
@NautArch Short as in 4-5 hour sessions?
welcome back @KorvinStarmast
@Zachiel hmm, most likely. But now i'm confused. Is this a standard monitor, or the monitor part of a laptop?
@NautArch A standard PC monitor. My first plan was to use the monitor part of a laptop, but since the other DM has a standard PC monitor he was going to throw away... change of plans.
So, chromecast might not be necessary, we might just need an HDMI cable
5:50 PM
@doppelspooker Doppel, I think your point on 'it's good as an update' is a "best fit." Thanks for helping me think through this.
@Zachiel definitely. Video cable would simplify. Not quite sure why i thought casting would be a better solution.
6:05 PM
@KorvinStarmast no problem
Happy to help. I'm definitely fallible and this isn't necessarily the ideal... but it seems like the most workable option.
1 hour later…
7:18 PM
Q: When & How often do 4e Monster powers recharge?

Joshua Aslan SmithHow often should I roll power recharge rolls and at which point in the monster's turn do I re-roll them? I'm trying to find the official definition of the recharge mechanic in the online compendium and I'm not seeing it there.

7:50 PM
@thedarkwanderer I noticed you'd dropped your e-mail address here for another chatizen. I saw it and deleted it--these rooms are indexed by google, and I'd hate it to get wider distribution than you'd intended. If you did want it out there, searchable, I can go ahead and undelete the message. Just lemme know.
@Nyoze A lot of my D&D dragon head-canon is actually Pernish dragon lore, so I definitely picture certain colors of dragon frolicking in the surf.
@nitsua60 apparently because of my costume choice this year (family went as KISS), I have to use the costume gain for the next time I play my bard
Related: TIL "Pern" is an acronym--(P)arallel (E)arth, (R)esources (N)egligible.
@NautArch I'm failing to parse at "gain."
@nitsua60 darnit. *again
may i ask for some creative input? i'm creating some dark elf / drow tavern menues for asetting and need some ideas what can be on such.
not spiders :)
8:04 PM
@NautArch aah. Makes much more sense =)
@jwacalex Underdark or aboveground?
not costume gainz for weightlifting.
Are these stereotypical drow, or are they all misunderstood loners struggling to nobly live their ideals in a world that paints them unfairly, dual-wielding their dancing ribbons in moonlit reveries to Elistraee?
@nitsua60 emo drow? kill them with fire even faster.
@nitsua60 regarding location: both. regarding cliches: more the "normal" ones.
Rothe. Plenty of fish dishes. Mushroom-based stews and soups.
(I love the image of noble houses of drow slurping away at dinner, a la Clue.)
8:12 PM
this is why i've annotated with also with darkelf ;) the items could have some "wtf" acts if you read through the menue. like baked betrayer
Fusion cuisine, based on which nearby race tends to get enslaved most.
kind of that yes.
Q: What types of food are typically grown in the Underdark?

RobertI'm currently working on a story arc where a bunch of Drow have just had their major food supply threatened by a demon of the Underdark, and as a consequence they are rising to the surface and usurping the food trade of the upper world. The only problem is I don't know what they would have eaten...

yeah that list i've found already. maybe i should clarify that i was looking for some creative "wtf" things if my players managed to read the menue list ;)
Rothe cheese. Lots of.
8:55 PM
@nitsua60 re: email. Nope, thanks for deleting it! I don't really know how to delete chat messages so I was just kinda figuring I'd deal with extra spam ^^;
9:19 PM
Suuuup gang
I have become inspired to make an NPC named Wendy, the good little lich. (For some reason, I seem to recall a "good lich" from a previous D&D edition, a concept that I found to be an oxymoron).
Archlich is a thing in 4e for sure
Archlich? What is that? 4e happened while I was away from the game.
Well if we're going D&D 5e rules I think a Lich has to get power from a Demon Lord to complete the process
And Archliches were wizards who were powerful enough to do it on their own
@KorvinStarmast Baelnorns were good liches from D&D 3e
9:28 PM
Since you guys are here
Yeah, I just rechecked the Wikipedia entry. OK, there is a lore precedent in previous editions ... I guess it will eventually happen in 5e, just give it time.
What are your favorite classes from other editions or pathfinder that have little or no representation in 5e?
There aren't any. :)
If 5e eventually does an Eberron supplement, I wouldn't be surprised if a bit on the Undying Court covers 'good' undead.
9:40 PM
Archliches were a thing in 3.0 Faerun too.
I can see a restaurant chain, McDeadald's, at the sign of the golden archliches ... get your bid in for a franchise now!
9:57 PM
That feel when you edit a four-year-old answer with the source you thought you added way back then but never actually got around to including
@BESW I have once again come seeking your assistance in finding a thing I really should have bookmarked by now
The logs for the Fate breakdown of that League cinematic
I know, it's been awhile >.>
@Lord_Gareth I think it's in the saved conversations. Or in the rooms. Damn, if BESW wasn't there I'd find that for you but he's usually faster.
But I have innocent souls trying to get into Fate and they're looking to understand combat resolution 'cause they're usin' it for a very action-y genre

Translating an LoL cinematic into Fate terms

Sep 24 '14 at 6:04, 2 hours 38 minutes total – 212 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Sep 24 '14 at 13:46 by BESW

10:02 PM
I stand confirmed
Danke, Dread One
(It's in the Conversations tab of the Fate chat.)
Ah, right, the fate chat.
10:04 PM
@Lord_Gareth since you're there... were you involved in writing Path of War, or am I recalling it wrong?
I was.
And I need you to know
Before you say or ask anything
That this project has been the number one, two, and three source of burnout in our design team, and we have essentially no interest at this time in handling anything related to it for any amount of riches, vengeance, or love.
The answer to just about anything you're about to ask is either "see the errata" or "we're not working on it at this time"
Handling? I just wanted to say that I'll be playing an hidden blade
I hope you enjoy it.
And now I'm not sure if "I trust you guys did a good job" would sound more like a good or a menacing thing :|
I hope I enjoy it as well!
Are you willing to explain, in broad strokes, what was that soul-consuming in that project? I'm going to understand if all you have to say is "no". I'm just curious.
Aside from the bit where in terms of creative investment it has long overstayed its welcome.
We need a break.
10:13 PM
Yeah, even the most awesome and fun project will turn sour if it goes too much longer than it really ought to.
[had a book published this spring which he first started working on over five years ago]
hey there @Lord_Gareth
I'm not used to this prevalence of reaction images and it's got me goin' for a loop
10:16 PM
It's too early in the morning for many full sentences. I didn't get much sleep.
@Lord_Gareth -- how're things going other than what you've already ranted about?
@Shalvenay My life is an extended carnival of rage and sorrow punctuated by brief moments of humor
It also has downsides
@Lord_Gareth heh. I plead guilty, your honour.
In more direct news I'm working on DSP's upcoming Starfinder-compatible stuff
10:21 PM
alright here, got roped into a 3.5e game though :P so there's that barrel o' monkeys
Which is why, if you listen closely, you can hear the low sustained shriek I have come to call the Writer's Howl
Which is made primarily of profanities and the sentence 'I need more coffee'
Somebody was asking about Starfinder in chat last night... [rummages]
It's a very young system
It does show a lot of promise compared to Pathfinder but like...that bar is not difficult to clear.
...speaking of young systems, I need to set up an alert on DTRPG for Gumshoe One-2-One content.
@Lord_Gareth How so? (Except for the undead not being automatically evil, I mean)
10:27 PM
@Zachiel I need you to understand that on the list of concerns and improvements that's not even on the radar
To explain fully what happened and why I'd essentially have to teach you the entire system
And even if I had the patience to do that with another human being right now, I lack the time. Thankfully there is in fact a Starfinder SRD if you want to rub your eyeballs upon it
I thought there was something specific that made you appreciate it. I don't have time either for you (or the SRD) teaching me Starfinder, I'm already trying to understand Pathfinder right now. And, since you seem to be pretty busy with your work, no more questions from me, I swear.
Starfinder's list of improvements over Pathfinder are basically at the root level upwards
I literally would not know where to begin
Well, it looks like even people at Paizo can learn from the past. That's nice to know.
@Lord_Gareth Hello!
10:38 PM
space ghost!
ghost costume for halloween. :)
one day i'll come in with a batman avatar and nobody will realise
how silly
@doppelspooker heh
10:54 PM
Just finished a The Dark Eye round... we had SOOO laughed. The group: 3 clerics (one of the sn god, one of the thieve god, one of a half god of knowlede), a researcher, a dwarven mercenary and a goblin rat hunter.
All the evenng we dissed the Goblin for... well, being a goblin. Even as he was clearly better at killing stuff than the dwarf. Then a pack of the wolfs did manage to down the goblin and they dragged him off to their little lair. When the players arrived, they got instantly those "oh cute!" eyes as there was a bunch of small wolf cubs, some of them climbing over the downed goblin
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