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2:00 PM
it's an open source library
meeting. laterz.
cya @JSBngs :)
@JSBᾶngs Bye! Thank you!
@MattЭллен Oh. Maybe I can't be so helpful then.
@KitFox no worries :D it's a weirdly coded thing
the axis ticks have a "value" property that sets the length of the tick line. The Tick property of the ticks has a value in it that is some sort of context free number that puts the tick on the axis, but it's not related to the values on the chart. Yet the ticks have labels that tell me what part of the chart they represent. Where does this information come from?!
hi @Cerberus. do you have ticks?
2:14 PM
that is so cool
I've been asking myself for decades why LEGO wouldn't bring out any Transformers sets.
It's only logical.
@MattЭллен Hi! I usually bite them off.
@Cerberus that's an advantage of three heads!
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Wowie!
@RegDwightѬſ道 I think because it's really hard to make a transformer out of lego
2:18 PM
@MattЭллен Yes it is! But I have a hunch that you were talking about a different kind of tick?
@MrShinyandNew安宇 It's exceptionally easy to make a transformer out of LEGO.
Even a recent clone brand (Hasbro, I think) tried and their solution was "build it one way as a truck, another way as a robot"
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Hmm why? Lego would seem quite suitable.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Whoa awesome!
@Cerberus nah :D I had been talking about a different kind of tick, but I meant the bug kind
2:19 PM
So I figured. But what's with the other kind? It's bothering you and you can't bit it off?
@RegDwightѬſ道 by "transformer" do you mean "A robot that transforms into , eg, an airplane"?
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Well LEGO has all those industrial designers working with CAD tools. They could if only they wanted to.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Yes.
@Cerberus on the other hand, maybe having so many heads gives you nervous twitches :Þ
I suppose it's a licensing issue.
2:19 PM
I dunno. I haven't seen many examples of transforming robots in lego.
When left head says go left, and right head go right, then, yes.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Well it's not easy to do if you're a five-year old child. But then again, five-year old childs wouldn't be able to come up with any of the recent Technic models, either.
I have a confession to make. I'm made of Lego. turns into a toaster
@RegDwightѬſ道 No, I mean, I can't recall a single example of any creation that resembles "Transformers" toys that actually transforms.
2:21 PM
You can't build this one by accident.
@Cerberus The f**K? Amazing. And such good toast
With genuine Hellbreath™.
Of course the fuel pads are dreadfully expensive.
Essentially: The actual Transformers toys are made with entirely unique customized parts for each different component of the robot. And some of them were still fairly crappy transformations. I think achieving that in Lego would be pretty hard. And it might resemble conventional lego even less than Bionicle did.
But I'd love to be proven wrong.
@Cerberus don't they come with the job?
Speaking of LEGO, I know you weren't hugely excited about the Moleskines @MrShiny but I was, and I got one as a belated bday present! It's the little ruled one with the yellow dudes on the front. It is soooo cute.
2:24 PM
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Yeah that's the thing. It would be so awesome if someone actually did that. And who if not LEGO. That's all I'm saying.
I don't have CAD tools, and am not an engineer by any measure, so I would just have to go down the path of trial and error.
@Mahnax Hi Therrre
Mobile, can't help it.
I thought you did it on purpose :)
2:26 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 Oh, I agree that it would be awesome. But I think it's much harder than it seems. I tried making a really rudimentary transforming spaceship once. It was a total disaster. The lego pieces are just too big for the fine connections and nesting that a transformer needs.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 well yeah it's absolutely clear to me that you wouldn't be able to build anyrhing pocketsize. It would have to be a giant robot. But hey, all the awesomer!
@aediaλ yeah, they are nice looking notebooks. But the lego doesn't add much.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I suppose if it were, say, two feet tall. But it'd cost OVER 9000 dollars.
Nah. I think you'd do fine with around 900 parts, 1300 tops.
I mean, look at this. Once you are on such a large scale, inside the model is basically empty. Tons of space in there.
So you could twist and turn the parts any way you wanted.
@MattЭллен Oh no, some profit has to be made! I am cheap, but I only eat the most exquisite dog cookies.
2:36 PM
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Fair enough. I'm just a sucker for notebooks and blank stationery of any sort. It's like... like fall when you get new school supplies and the leaves are crunchy on the ground underfoot and there's potential hanging there in the crisp cold air. I'm surprised I haven't become a blank notebook hoarder.
@aediaλ I can totally understand that.
Q: What do you call someone who is easy to relate to?

BrittanyWhat do you call someone who is easy to relate to? For example, someone who has been through something you have been through, like similar life experiences.

Somehow every single answerer seems to have missed her point.
So I'm closing it as too vague.
OK. I forgot to vote that after I left the comment
Although Bidella's Kindred Spirit is along the right lines
2:51 PM
The way I read it, and actually I have trouble reading it in any other way, so the question is not all that vague after all, you have person A who has a dog, (or lost his wife, or bought a Ferrari) and then you have person B who, too, has a dog (or lost her husband, or bough a Lamborghini). So person B can totally relate to person A.
But that doesn't make person A "sociable" or "outgoing".
or gregarious
Yeah. Whatever that is.
an adjective that means "Living in flocks or loosely organized communities."
so Google tells me
LOL wtf?
2:54 PM
Gregarious? Lively and outgoing, you mean?
So not someone who has shared similar life experiences with you?
So I made a new class, and in that class I made a public function, and in that function, I explicitly type the query. And in that query there was a tree. The tree in the bog, and the bog down in the valley-o.
@MattЭллен Not remotely.
@KitFox but were there goats in the tree?
@KitFox I was with you up to the tree.
> We like to drive in convoys, we're most gregarious! The big six-wheeler, scarlet painted, London transport, diesel engine, ninety-seven horsepower omnibus.
2:58 PM
@RegDwightѬſ道 In the tree, there was a goat—a rare goat and a rattlin' goat—the goat in the tree and the tree in the bog and the bog down in the valley-o.
In the house Jack built?
In the goat there was a house, a rare house and a rattlin' house, the house in the goat and the goat in the tree and the tree in the bog and the bog down in the house that Jack built.
Damn ASP.NET really is complicated.
Installing update 10 of 271465709...
3:01 PM
Wow, weren't you at 13 already?
No, I just looked it up.
I thought I was at 12 actually.
Haha. Also found where I was romancing @aedia:
Nov 16 '11 at 22:15, by Kitḫ
Update People
Set in_room = False

Update People
Set in_room = True
Where person In ('aedia', 'Kit')
Yeah I'm looking at the same results page right now.
You sure have to hurry up before the end of the world.
With update 271465709 installed, Kith is become death, the destroyer of rooms.
Haha. You are too kind.
3:04 PM
I'm just foretelling and futurecasting.
What is the English language coming to?
Well, my thingy is behaving much better now.
I hope this isn't a huge mistake.
@KitFox Haha nice.
Pretty suave, eh?
Kinda makes you want to taste the rainbow, dunnit?
Know what I mean?
Now I'm going to go get lunch.
3:10 PM
no idea
A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.
nudge nudge Say n'more, say n'more.
a hod's as good as a sink to a blind norse (because in the UK we say blind horse, not bat)
@aediaλ Does she go? Is she a goer?
Likes games, knew she would, knew she would.
3:15 PM
@MattЭллен I dunno where Mahnax got the bat. I've heard horse and pig, never bat.
@Robusto Ehh?
@Robusto maybe because bats are blind.
@MattЭллен Not true. They can actually see. But they rely on their hearing because they hunt in the darkness.
I hear bat.
This one is definitely blind.
3:17 PM
and without conscience
@Robusto So am I when there are balls coming at me
@aediaλ I am so going to not respond to that statement.
resisting the urge to star...
@aediaλ …
gods, I'm so childish!
3:18 PM
giggles uncontrollably
I couldn't resist.
Someone couldn't resist also.
It's not useful.
but it is interesting
3:20 PM
In your opinion.
which is interesting
still trying to stop giggling
Oooh! Free chocolate bars for lunch.
I must've done something to make Debbie happy.
That's Li'l Debbie to you.
Or I inadvertently shoplifted them.
Oh, dear.
3:29 PM
still resisting
But she winked at me!
But maybe the wink meant something else...
Something sinister...
So style people, if I have an image button next to a label, but I want it to align on the right corner of the listview instead, how do I do that?
Someday, I probably ought to learn HTML.
Holy cow, one of my answers must have hit the multi-collider.
Which? Where?
Answers don't multicollider...
3:35 PM
Simple question about adjectives for fall and spring.
@KitFox The question hit it. But when the question hits, the answer does as well.
like how the head of a detergent dissolves into the water and the tail into the grease and they all go down the sink together
@Robusto Vernal and autumnal, just like you said.
Stupid markup.
I hate my job today.
Oh, did you type your password? I missed it.
:D nah, I was going to ask you if your html is something like
  <input type="image"/>
but premature carriage return
<p id="students">
<asp:Label ID="itemCount" runat="server"></asp:Label>
<asp:ImageButton ID="imgExcel" runat="server" AlternateText="Export to Excel" ImageUrl="../Images/excelNew.jpg" OnClick="imgExcelNew_Click" CssClass="printButton" />
3:44 PM
You want the label to be on the other side to the image button?
I want it to be on the right side of the page.
and the image button the the left?
I'd like the label on the left and the button on the right with respect to the listview. Is that possible?
Yeah, if you roll your own HTML.
oh! ok
3:46 PM
Jesus, a cigarette sounds so good right now.
yes, it's possible.
there should be a css thingy...
The problem with asp and asp.Net web controls is they are very leaky abstractions.
Oh! Lemme see.
Finally the goodies question is closed, yay!
3:51 PM
keep your hands off my goodies!
@MattЭллен That won't work reliably cross-browser. You'd have to do a lot more to it.
float is good, but not quite right. Maybe if I set the size of the p to the width of the listview?
oh. it's not cross-compatible?
@MattЭллен Do you have any?
@Robusto it looks the same in Firefox, Chrome and IE 8, although that's with only one div
Q: 'All that' vs 'all what'

lovesackHow can I be sure when to use 'all that' or 'all what' in making sentences. Is there any differences in their meaning. I've tried googling but the results just didn't match. For instance: All that the president said was published in the dailies. or All what the president said was publ...

This is a dupe. But I gotta run.
3:53 PM
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
@MattЭллен Well, presumably you want it to look better than that. There's a little golf left.
@MattЭллен Wow, you have three browsers installed!
hmmm, multiple divs breaks IE8 :(
@WillHunting I R web dev
as well as other stuff
Q: "all that" vs. "all what"

ClaudiuI've heard somebody say: All what is needed is ... I thought the correct way to phrase it was: All that is needed is... However, thinking about it more, the former doesn't sound too incorrect, albeit a bit odd. Is the former grammatically correct? Am I alone in thinking the latter sou...

there's yer dupe
@KitFox I prefer dark chocolate. I like bittersweet.
@WillHunting some might say so
3:58 PM
This Newman's Own milk chocolate is pretty decent.
New man's milk? suspicious
please can we terminate this:
Q: Is the expression "congratulate sb. for" correct?

wifiThat's it, I just wanted to ask that. Thank you!

@MattЭллен You're welcome.
Wow. Bam!
4:09 PM
@MattЭллен Actually I think there is some subtlety there. There might be some difference between "congratulate sb on" and "congratulate sb for".
@WillHunting but that's not the question
@MattЭллен I usually try to extrapolate!
@MattЭллен The usual man has no milk but maybe the new man does. The new man has not come into existence.
@WillHunting I understand, but that question is truly terrible
Anyway I checked six dictionaries and I am surprised they all have slightly different things to say about on vs for in the case of congratulate.
4:12 PM
but, is "congratulate somebody for" correct?
they don't want to know anything else
On the other hand, I find no subtlety on the goodies question, which took half a day to be closed!
"We congratulated Ted for his achievements at the company."
"I congratulate you on your courage in the face of so much popular disapproval."
@Robusto Thank you for your input!
"I poop on your spaghetti"
@MattЭллен Stop trolling for used stars.
4:14 PM
But I must be popular! Like me people LIKE ME
I like you.
Can a div base its width on another element?
@MattЭллен "I poop for your spaghetti"
I figured out how to make my buttons move properly, but my div is too big. I'd like it to be the width of my listview.
4:16 PM
@KitFox if you set its width as a percent, then it will be based on the width of its enclosing element
"I poop on your spaghetti" means my poop goes onto your spaghetti. "I poop for your spaghetti" means I poop so that I can eat your spaghetti.
@WillHunting lo-
@WillHunting aww, you explained it
@MattЭллен Yes I like to over-explain for completeness!
@MattЭллен Except I can't put it in the listview. So maybe a div around both that stretches to fit the listview?
@KitFox that might work
4:20 PM
@KitFox A div bases its width on its container's inner dimension if you don't specify a width.
Today is just a day of frustrations, I guess.
@KitFox Welcome to the Wonderful World of HTML and CSS.
"Seeing how many do this, he is shocked" seems to have two interpretations. One is "Seeing the way many do this". The other is "Seeing many people do this". Cool!
@KitFox how does the listview get its width?
Fine. Screw it. It can stay where it is.
@MattЭллен Um. I'm not sure. Let me see if I actually set it anywhere. It may be autosized.
4:26 PM
Q: Properly formatting ellipses

Aerovistae“Not a problem, gents, fire away . . . ” Piece of dialogue in the middle of my story. Now do I put a space on either side of those periods, or just the right, or . . ?

Q: What is the proper way of using triple dots and spaces before/after them?

RiMMER Ψ ... part of a sentence ... ...part of a sentence ... ... part of a sentence... Notice the spaces before/after the dots. Which usage is the correct one ?

@MattЭллен The mysterious two dots have appeared.
@WillHunting I thought that too :)
@MattЭллен Of course, there are only so many things one can think of in a second.
813px? Where would I have set that?
@KitFox hmmm, maybe ASP.NET sets it under the hood?
but you can just set the div's width to be that
4:28 PM
Maybe. But other stuff is "auto." Maybe that's because it is inherited.
Some settings might even be a consequence of other settings.
or you can use jQuery to set the div's width after the page loads
@MattЭллен But you can't change ugly markup, at least not without a lot of effort.
40 mins ago, by Robusto
The problem with asp and asp.Net web controls is they are very leaky abstractions.
@Robusto it's true
I guess the markup will just have to wait.
4:30 PM
The movie "Waiting" had the f word almost every minute.
I liked that movie.
I don't know it
But it knows you!
@WillHunting honestly, that would turn me off
Wasn't that the one that had the longest pan shot ever?
4:31 PM
@WillHunting eep!
i'm not sensitive to swearing most of the time, but there's a line
Not pan. The other kind. Moving shot.
@KitFox Dolly shot?
Yes. That's it, I think.
Anyway, there is a very long one in it. Two minutes or so.
I thought it was a record breaker, but damned if I can find anything about it.
@robusto I saw your argument with Marcin on the haircut question!
4:41 PM
By the way, note that if you joined sites in beta and check your accounts tab where you see all your accounts, the beta site icons appear differently.
This movie clip is an excellent example of the over use of the "f" word in all parts of speech.
I once heard a clip which expounded on the definitions of f. It listed about 20 or more, saying f is the most interesting word in the English language.
@WillHunting Do you think I need the quotation marks around the f?
@Skullpatrol I am not too sure. I have forgotten my punctuation studies.
I seem to remember something about use and mention.
4:49 PM
@Skullpatrol And you still have no account?
@WillHunting That makes me unaccountable ;-)
@Skullpatrol It is a serious bug which should be fixed!
@WillHunting Am I that annoying?
@Skullpatrol No, I did not say you are annoying. I am just saying that the system should not allow deleted users to continue chatting.
4:54 PM
It is a mystery, just like why I cannot log in to chat unless I use the special method.
But because of that, I could help other users who could not log in to chat.
With great power comes great responsibility.

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