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12:33 AM
@aediaλ If A calls B better half and B calls A better half, I wonder who is better. In this case, better has to be interpreted to allow equality and not strict inequality, so that A and B are then equally good. QED.
12:54 AM
@WillHunting Nah, A or B could be lying or wrong.
@aedia He's not allowed to grow out of needing a nap at that time. I need a nap at that time.
1:52 AM
@Vitaly That must be hard for you to swallow. Then again, perhaps a religious man can be a good president.
@Cerberus What's the Dutch word for a лощило or battledore?
I don't even know what it is. It seems to be a kind of badminton?
@Cerberus No!
> Battledore and Shuttlecock or Jeu de Volantis is an early game similar to that of modern Badminton.
@Cerberus That's a later sense of the word.
1:58 AM
This is all I know. And I knew nothing before I looked this up.
A лощило is a grooved implement for beating clothes while washing them. Battledores have a similar function, although they are not necessarily grooved.
The woman in the picture holds a modern reconstruction of a battledore in her right hand.
So I gathered from the dictionary. But I had never even heard of this utensil in any language. I didn't know it existed. I knew women used some kind of stick or whatever to beat clothes, but not that it was a special kind.
@Cerberus You are probably thinking of the dolly which was used to stir the clothes.
The dolly would be more stick-shaped.
I know clothes were sometimes beaten. But I have no recollection of the shape of the beating bat or whatever, so I did not think of anything in particular.
Also, is there a crowdsourced thesaurus that makes native speakers choose options in a multidimensional pairwise comparison between words that are considered synonymous, as in you get two words and then you have to choose which one is more rude/polite, formal/informal, vague/precise, etc?
So that, ideally, one could sort or arrange the synonyms in some particular semantically motivated order.
2:09 AM
Eh I know of no such thesaurus.
But you don't really need that, do you?
@Cerberus Yes, you do.
Surely you know the formality precision of the words you read and write.
Excuse me?
@Cerberus You are excused.
You make even less sense than normally.
@Cerberus I took the you to mean one.
2:14 AM
I did not mean it like that, since it was a question.
@Cerberus Such a thesaurus would be more computationally useful than, say, WordNet (to be fair, WordNet was meant to be an ontology, not a dictionary of synonyms).
And don't forget English learners.
An ontology? What does that mean?
> The Pirate Bay today unveiled their new mission. They’re working on ‘hosting’ parts of their site in GPS-controlled drones, instead of old-fashioned data centers.
> Although the line between reality and fantasy can be rather thin at The Pirate Bay, we were assured that the plan to launch a drone is real.
This sounds hilarious.
@Cerberus Click
"In the computer-science sense" — I'm not going to look that up, but it doesn't sound like the real meaning of ontology at all. But never mind, that's fine.
The video is pretty cool btw.
3:19 AM
@cerb the "real" meaning?
> the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or being as such.
I was just going to bed.
Well, enjoy your sleep!
4:17 AM
You too, eventually!
I keep coughing, can't sleep.
Have you tried cough syrup?
Well, I have something like that. It will last a while though, but it is a small matter compared to you-know-what.
Yes, indeed.
How are things going, in that regard?
4:23 AM
Bad, but I am trying.
Good. Never stop trying.
Well, it's bad that it's bad.
There is much suffering in the world.
Too much.
I came so that you may have life, and have it abundantly.
Ah, John.
I think.
4:25 AM
Come unto me all who are burdened, and I will give you rest.
@WillHunting I have a bit of a personal question for you. I shall e-mail.
@Mahnax Sure. But I think you know everything about me already.
@WillHunting Not quite.
Or perhaps I have forgotten.
@Mahnax Yeah that was a hyperbole. But my now deleted blog had quite a lot of stuff there, about my past, present and future.
@WillHunting Yes, it did.
I hope that you saved the content somewhere.
4:30 AM
@Mahnax Nah it's all gone forever, but it's OK. I replied to your email.
@WillHunting Yes, I know.
I have sent a response.
7 hours later…
11:23 AM
It's Monday so soon?
11:36 AM
Q: "datasets" or "data sets"?

20141 Possible Duplicate: Which is correct, “dataset” or “data set”? When writing about sets of data produced and analysed for a scientific experiment, which of the two forms is most adequate for a piece of international scientific writing? Is it "datasets" or "data ...

When I click on "Ask question" and type in that exact title, guess which other question comes up?
Q: Which is correct, "dataset" or "data set"?

kiamlalunoI keep writing dataset. Is that correct, or should I write data set?

If only the site had the ability to search for questions before asking them
oh, jinx
Q: "SEO" abbreviation - how to articulate for different dialects

Lazy BadgerI read and understand the answer to the question "Is it right to call it “SEO” and how do you pronounce it?" here, but the canonical pronunciation, in my case, failed when I talk to people of Latin American or Far East origins (most of the time), I don't have this problem talking to Europeans. I...

I don't see how this is a question for this site.
I've been tossing it around in my head too. It's about pronouncing something in various English dialects, so it seems ok.
Well the way I understand it after all the clarifications in comments, it's about "how do I mispronounce a perfectly valid English word so that non-native speakers of English can understand it?"
But then it might be about pronouncing English so pineapples can understand it
11:47 AM
So non-native dialects are off topic for this site?
Non-native is not a dialect.
If you ask me, that is.
If you are a pineapple and do not understand English, then learn English. Period.
I think Lazy-Badger agrees with you. I'm not sure I do.
the people he's talking to understand search engine optimisation, but mishear SEO
How can they possibly mishear it?
does that mean the way they hear English isn't a valid dialect for this site?
11:51 AM
It's a three-letter word, spelled out one letter at a time.
If you can't understand S, E, O, then sorry, I can't help you.
True, I'm not sure how they could make a mistake
Hmmm, but then, do I want to see lots of questions about "Chinglish", etc.?
Commented and closed. Breakfast.
hope it's tasty!
12:15 PM
@Cerberus That Windows RDP flaw I warned you about now has an exploit in the wild, that is, it can take over your computer. So you patched just in time. Please patch all your VMs too so that they don't get worms.
Holla atcha
Holy Acha!
12:31 PM
Have you ever used a SortedDictionary?
@KitFox no, but i know what it is
If I stick new key/value pairs in a sorted dictionary, are they automatically sorted on the key? Is that the point?
@KitFox yes
Q: "an estimated 75 000 lives"

IVY Since the Crash Test Dummies, Vince and Larry, were introduced to the American public in 1985, safely belt usage has increased from 21% to 70%, saving an estimated 75 000 lives. Why is there the article before "estimated" while after it there is the plural form?

This is a dupe, but good luck finding the original...
12:43 PM
@KitFox it's a binary tree which is kept sorted
I think that's what I am looking for.
Q: 'A[n] * [number] [plural]' Construction

QuppaI wasn't sure how best to phrase the title of this question. I'm interested in constructions of the following form: 'An estimated 50 people died in the bombing'. 'An estimated' could be substituted with adverbs like 'approximately' or 'about', so it seems that prepending the indefinite article ...

Eat this.
Your votes please.
Oh, and someone post a better answer on the original.
Q: What do you call someone who has a 'problem'

Somesh MukherjeeI need one word(or two) for somebody who has a problem. Any problem. For example, when the person to whom an address belongs (in a letter) is called an addressee(not entirely correct) So in similar terms, what's the person with a problem called?

I think the answer is Sarah Palin.
Or Newt Gingrich.
12:49 PM
They really do have any problem.
1:17 PM
I forgot to bring a shirt with me to change into to work, so I'm currently wear a southpark t-shirt that says "It's all a bunch of tree-huggin' hippy crap!"
Awesome! What a great day!
I am discovering that it really is that difficult to export to Excel today.
oh no!
that's about the only advantage to IE
you can right-click and export to excel
or you could at somepoint
It shouldn't be difficult, but I am having trouble processing.
I wanted to avoid creating an Excel application object. But maybe I just need more coffee.
1:23 PM
Yeah, I've not tried those objects, yet, I've just created CSV files
Seems like I ought to be able to output a dataset in excel format without invoking Excel.
But maybe I am just thinking about it wrong.
CSV would work, but I wanted to be a little fancier than that.
output it to excel?
I want it to create an Excel spreadsheet without launching Excel. Just for saving.
I see
in that case you'll need to use the interop library
I think, anyway
Ah yes.
That requires creating an application object though.
But maybe that is the only way to do it.
1:28 PM
I see
there might be an easier way...
It seems like there ought to be, but maybe not.
@KitFox apparently there is an open source library
Yes, I was reading about that.
> The *.xlsx format is really just a zip file with a bunch of *.xml files arranged inside.
yeah :D I was surprised when I found that by accident, I used 7zip to decompress one once
> You could use the native .Net Xml capabilities to generate the correct data. You will ultimately find this approach quite challenging, as the Xml formats are quite intricate.
I wonder if I could use Linq to XML for this, though, if I don't need anything heavy duty.
1:32 PM
it is a pretty odd format
@KitFox Better just use a library.
wrinkles nose
@KitFox you could decompress one and see what you think. I found it quite incomprehensible.
I can just use a library. Or two, since I ought to have the old format as well.
But I would also like to be able to export to SPSS format...
there's a library for that too!
gawd blers OSS
2:03 PM
@Reg: I forgot to ask. Was Gauck your candidate?
@RegDwightѬſ道 No. We're the ones who have Sarah Palin, ergo we're the ones who have a problem. But honestly, she is the least of our problems right now.
@Robusto yes he was.
@Robusto Whenever there are greater problems, smaller problems certainly aren't helping.
But any list of defects has to be prioritized.
And sometimes if you fix the big problems, the little ones go away.
That's what the smaller defects would have you believe, so you never address them.
2:09 PM
prioritised by how bad they make you look
@RegDwightѬſ道 I address them from afar. But I must remain aloof from them and confine my practice to celebrity defects.
Like that Kardashian cellulitis.
Top of my list.
@MattЭллен Sounds like you should post it here, where it belongs.
2:31 PM
@KitFox We use Apache POI for Excel. It supports the old and new formats. But: it's a Java library. But it works well for us.
Supposedly a co-worker has written a script.
I haven't seen it yet.
Meanwhile in Kongregate chat...
esoteric: clear your cache
iamthemasta: My computer doesn't save cache
3:20 PM
Q: Catchy synonym for a "study group"

AlexI'm trying to think of a catchy word to use instead of a study/learning groups. The word is used in an informal context and I'm trying to think of something creative. Something along the lines of 'circles' etc.

should be closed as not constructive?
OP comment:
> The word doesn't necessarily have to include something relating to learning. Maybe just an unusual word for a group of people.
Q: Should I use "damn" or "darn"?

ShyamHow unseemly these days is it to use the word 'damn' in educated or elderly circles? I have heard that there is a modified and supposedly less intense 'darn'. Should I be careful to avoid the former and at best, use the latter? Or does it not matter anymore?

This feels OT to me.
A: Negative questions vs positive questions


Billy Mays is alive!
@RegDwightѬſ道 Also, he names himself after a useful Windows utility.
I frscking hate people.
3:32 PM
Well the world is doomed. Apple starts paying dividends, and Windows starts making useful utilities. Teh Maya was rite.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Take that noose from around your neck. Windows discontinued Filemon: "FileMon and Regmon are no longer available for download. "
See? Wait long enough and Microsoft will fix their mistakes.
I've been waiting for twelve years, but my Windows ME is still broken.
@KitFox what have they done today?
They are existing.
I hate it when they do that
3:39 PM
I got to show the big boss how I know way more than my project lead about certain things, though.
Yeah, he keeps trying to scare me with things like "You know, if this state comes on board, there could be districts with like, 160,000 students in them."
@RegDwightѬſ道 I'd suggest moar patience. If the problem is not fixed in 12 years, maybe @Cerberus will loan you his Windows XP.
@KitFox but you can scale?
And I looked at him and said (disdainfully) "The system can handle the increase in numbers of students. That's not important. What I need to know is if their school system follows the same structure as ours. Also, how you want to implement the website, and whether you want to split the data into separate locations."
"Oh, well. Um." He replied. "I don't really know."
3:42 PM
Men. Always concerned about size.
SO basically I spent the last half of the meeting pointing out that they were asking the wrong questions.
@KitFox Wow, that sounds impressive!
@KitFox good work
3:44 PM
Thank you. It was my revenge for their discourtesy to me last week.
Also, when the project lead asked me if my boss was going to come to the meeting, I looked him right in the eye and said "No, he had a conflict, that's why he wanted to re-schedule for 3. But you guys wanted to meet now." He turned bright red.
@KitFox Then he must be a very shy person. Not many people turn bright red.
@KitFox Eep! You're on the warpath :D
I put him in the position of having to admit that he wasn't paying attention.
Q: Difference between "It should be okay" and "It will be okay"?

CarlaIn my book, it says You can use "will" for an assumption. You can use "should" to say that something is probable. I don't quite get the idea..

What, he uses okay and not OK too?
And two dots for ellipsis.
Lunchtime. Later.
cya @KitFox :)
3:49 PM
Seriously, nöone uses three dots these days. You can choose between two or four. Sometimes seven. But never three.
I think I know why people use okay. They think that OK is the abbreviation of okay which is not really the case.
wow, there are more questions tagged "should"
And that's how it.. puts on sungrlasses.... be.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Four is fine if it means an ellipsis followed by a period.
3:50 PM
Except it never means that.
Not once.
In the entire history of this site, the Internet, or the world.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I wonder why people put two dots on noone these days.
People don't. I do.
Can you access mirrors.mageia.org? It seems to be down for quite a while already.
The strange thing is, mageia.org itself is fine.
I suggest that questions be automatically tagged with words from their title. Would save everyone an assload of work.
Like, "Doubt about word in language English?" should be automatically tagged . Because otherwise people will do just that manually.
3:54 PM
And tug.org.in was down for a few months but it is back.
These websites are so weird.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I just realized why you raised the question, it was the tag.
Well no. It was the tag and everything else.
But the should tag really is very funny. Then again the modals are so complicated that maybe each deserves its own tag.
Oh my message appeared twice again, and the second one disappeared again!
3:59 PM
Let's just cut to the chase and introduce tags for the individual letters. SO has been pretty successful with that.
also, tag the question with the asker's name
Another bug is that sometimes A appears before B in chat itself but B appears before A in the transcript.
@MattЭллен Nah, not tag. Sign it. With a randomly selected witty quote thrown in for good measure.
So next Sunday is April Fool's Day. Beware!
Like, "HELLO!
I have doubt about word in language English. What is it?
Thanks, Joshua
'There are no stupid questions, only stupid askers' -- John Lennon"
4:01 PM
Juicy lemon.
Stupid nesting of stupid quotation marks. Bah.
A: Why use 'being' in this sentence?

renuwe are being told ..please help me what is the meaning of this sentence

That's an answer, mind you.
@RegDwightѬſ道 HB!
I'm glad to see that they can read English well enough to know not to post that at Stack Overflow.
4:06 PM
Or they misclicked.
Or they did post it there, and were told to go post it here.
And of course stupid me had to comment how to use the site properly without realizing that her question isn't worth posting anywhere in the first place.
True, I hadn't considered that possibility
Now if she actually finds the Ask Question link, she'll ask again. Q_Q
closing questions is fun!
4:07 PM
Questions should be autoclosed.
That answers 90% of them anyway.
especially since that means she'll be defeated twice.
Wait, Why she?
The default should be, your question is closed, and you have to find at least five people who think it should be opened.
Wow, that'd make for a quiet site
I'm for it!
It's our lawn. Let's keep people off it.
4:09 PM
@Gigili why he?
Get the hell off this lawn!
@MattЭллен Actually, not much would really change.
Note how most questions get two or three answers before getting shut down.
No matter how dumb or off-topic they are. And in fact, the dumber and the more off-topic, the more people jump on them thanks to the bikeshedding effect.
I noticed evil anagrams to vile and also live.
that's because it's evil and vile to live. I looked it up on etymonline
@WillHunting Here is your First-Person-Ever-To-Notice-That award. Of the day.
4:13 PM
@MattЭллен oxforddictionaries.com also gives etymologies for free, try it!
So anyhoo. Just to finish the thought. It would be no prob at all to get 5 open votes. Even if they had to come from 3k people.
what could reevil mean?
It's Ben Afleck with Da and D cut off.
@MattЭллен "There's no stupid women, only stupid men" ~John
@RegDwightѬſ道 maybe. I think people would hang on to their open votes, almost as much as they do their close votes.
4:15 PM
I cast 11 delete votes that day.
which day?
A few days ago, just following others' lead.
@MattЭллен What I'm saying is, you would get open votes from the folks who are willing to answer. Right now they just go ahead and answer right away. So in the current situation they actually have more to hang on to rather than just a vote.
Hello, salad. I will be glad to eat you today.
@RegDwightѬſ道 I think it is a brilliant plan.
Also, I think I will protect questions with a thousand views.
4:16 PM
Sort of a "suggested questions" queue.
@RegDwightѬſ道 mebee
@KitFox yay! bellicophagery :)
I am feeling very aggressive toward this broccoli.
@WillHunting start with those that have accepted answers.
Broccoli is very good. It tastes good no matter how you cook it, as long as it is not overcooked or undercooked.
It is raw.
And delicious.
4:19 PM
Raw broccoli is a bit hard for me.
It crunches like the bones of my enemy.
And has about as much calcium.
I think most of the starred messages are not funny.
crush 'em!
So I need a little brain help.
@WillHunting starred messages are meant to be interesting!
4:20 PM
@MattЭллен Also most of the funny messages are not starred, you know who utters them!
Their funniness should be coincidental
@KitFox with your salad?
No, figuring out a SQL query.
I have a list of records. Each record has a number, and an intervention. There are 1 to 20 or so records per intervention, all collected into this table.
Each record has a value "WV." I need to find the interventions where WV is not cumulative.
so "WV" is a flag?
4:23 PM
@WillHunting You're just being jealous.
No, it's an integer value. It is supposed to be cumulative words, but some teachers entered just the number of new words.
I thought it would work to check the first record against the last, but it's not that simple.
so the number field in the record goes up with each new record?
It should, yes.
4:24 PM
or does it have a date field?
There is a date field in the record as well.
oh, so the number field is the number of words
Oh, right, I mentioned a number field. I meant record number. But the weekEnding date is how I would actually order them.
so, you could create a table with a column that has the difference between consecutive WVs, the Record key, the Intervention Key. Then select Intervention keys where there is a negative (or zero) difference
I was thinking of a self-join.
4:32 PM
yeah, that would be neccessary
I think
I am trying to think of how I would do that.
Row number, I suppose.
something like that
Right. I can do this. That's one piece done.
And joined. Now for the calculation...
Grawwr! I had to do a health assessment thingamajig for my heath insurance, and not only did it tell me I ought to "nourish your soul", it suggested I give up coffee to help me manage stress.
Over my dead, unfed soul, I say!
I mean, good morning. Afternoon. Whatever.
What a bunch of fsckers!
4:41 PM
or... you could try giving up coffee ducks
@aediaλ hiya! :)
Coffee makes you smart!
@MattЭллен hurls nearest empty coffee cup
@RegDwightѬſ道 Assiduous moderators should nuke such questions from orbit – unilaterally and with extreme prejudice. But will they?
@KitFox when you accidentally splash some on your hand?
shakes head
Some people's children.
4:45 PM
@KitFox It also told me to "think about how not taking care of your condition might affect your loved ones". Like that's supposed to make me excited, right?
Only some of them, mind
@aediaλ What are you, a type-A morbidly obese psychopath?
@aediaλ that implies a possibility that there are loved ones who won't be affected, people who don't love you back
Did you check "true" next to the statement "I want to kill all of my co-workers most days" on the self-assessment?
@MattЭллен Huh? Nuh-uh.
@KitFox not taking care of it only might affect your loved ones. surely it will
4:49 PM
they need to use the most amount of emotional blackmail
I love you guys.
loves you back
@KitFox ...maayybe? "We’re right there with you," the report says. Maybe it thinks we're schizophrenic too.
I really wish I could make this stuff up. It's like no one field tested it for creepy and weird.
@aediaλ What the hell does "nourish your soul" mean? Did it also recommend you polish your aura?
4:58 PM
Better polish your aura than german it.
@RegDwightѬſ道 Actually, that might be a better idea. Anyone who speaks German can't be bad.

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