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2:03 PM
Does anyone know how to delete a chat room?
hmm, any mod or RO here?
Just as I thought, there are only 2 mods here, yet again. Weird
@Rod if you ping one, they'll see it eventually. what do you need?
I'm receiving flag alerts (or something like that) O.o
they appear like blue-circles, just like the ping one, but on the left side of my picture
Flagged messages in TNB?
2:10 PM
@Rod they happen once you hit 10k rep
Yep, that's pretty normal
Welcome to the club!
neat, but this wasn't happening yesterday? or like, the entire week (no rep change since)
They don't happen too frequently, there might have just not been any flags when you were on
people were being nicer by accident
sun and stuff
2:14 PM
@Mr.Xcoder only mods can delete chat rooms, but I locked it so that the system automatically freezes and then deletes it after a while.
Eyes on this?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Step HenNinjas in a Chat Log code-golf text-processing Often in chat, someone will ask a question, and multiple people will answer it at the same time. Usually, the person who was beaten to the gun will say "ninja'd", creating even more unnecessary chat. Given a chat log similar to the following: Com...

Can someone think of any real obscure sites which support HTTPS?
Or any sites at all that only support HTTP
Many sites support only HTTP
Such as?
I don't have a cert for my site -- www.weaselinthebarley.com
2:20 PM
What is the plural of OEIS?
I would think
@WheatWizard Online Encyclopediae of Integer Sequences?
@WheatWizard how come you keep changing your profile picture?
Or OEIS sequences if that's what you're referring to
@MDXF Dunno, I lost the old one, so I'm trying to find one I like
2:22 PM
How'd you lose it?
@LegionMammal978 That's like ATM machines, though.
@AdmBorkBork But it's still open on port 443 for HTTPS traffic :/
@MDXF I tried to temporarily change to the gravitar to see what it looked like and forgot I did not have a back up of the old image
@WheatWizard wayback your profile page?
Q: Does Mordell's equation have a solution?

Wheat WizardMordell's equation is y2 = x3 + n, where x, y, and n are integers. Your task is to write code that takes in n and determines if there are any integer solutions for x and y. On par with standard descision-problem rules you should output one of two distinct values, an accept an reject. This is ...

2:24 PM
@LegionMammal978 Oh, you want something that's not even listening on 443?
@WheatWizard that was easy
@totallyhuman I don't care enough to do so
@MDXF Huh? I don't know what you are linking to
lol, this is the top result for searching wheat wizard
Ah thanks
your GH profile has your old avatar
@Cowsquack Oh yes it probably does
Imgur backs up all StackExchange images
@MDXF I think you missed the point
Hey @HyperNeutrino you're the 12th result on my google images search for ppcg
Oh hey everybody's there
oh wow even I'm there
@MDXF Yeah, but this guy is third for me, so take that with a grain of salt
I'm not D:
2:31 PM
@LegionMammal978 You'll need someone smart enough to run their own VPS, but doesn't run a certificate, since hosting sites will answer on 443. That's a pretty small target to hit on the Internet.
@StepHen heh... true
Still just funny
@AdmBorkBork :/ just wanted to see if my C program would crash if it couldn't find any open HTTPS ports
for a given domain name
@LegionMammal978 try skidsdev.com
@Mayube Nope, it's getting
Yeah, it answers on 443, just immediately resets the connection.
2:33 PM
lemme fix that
@HyperNeutrino yeah and the nonbinary people have to live on the hillsides.
My program is just looking at the DNS afaik, too lazy to open Wireshark
And more upvotes than the question
Oh GitHub finally let me update my profile pic
2:49 PM
Also, is it just me, or have people started replacing predictions for 2020 with predictions for 2030?
By 2030 that will have changed again
@trichoplax i see what you did there
I thought a 2020 would be too much...
2:51 PM
perfect just the way it is
By 2170, your proton discombobulator will be able to discombobulate neutrons as well!
@totallyhuman it's making me sad that nobody's cracked this yet, can you just go look at the code and post the crack, it'll take you like 2 minutes cos you already know basic braingolf
2:54 PM
@Mayube what does () do?
@Cowsquack Read the docs
I had been searching for a long time for parens in the docs
@Cowsquack then look harder, they're in there
( - Special foreach loop, for each iteration, pops the last element from the stack and moves it to a special sandboxed stack
Runs the code within the loop on that sandboxed environment, then prepends the last item from the sandbox stack to the main stack
) - End a special foreach loop
2:56 PM
I found them now
using Cmd+F
ahhh stop using Mac
I swear I had been looking under Control Flow knowing the it must be there somewhere for a lot of time
I didn't even see the challenge
Alright hang on
I was considering posting a "output the longest string in the shortest code" challenge, where your score was the output length divided by the bytecount of the code, and highest score won
But g is not in the docs
2:59 PM
Oh that's what the challenge
Should be easy enough
@Mayube That's kind of cool, but a simple loop will do the job AND you will have everybody with score=infinity
what does g do?
@V.Courtois 1 byte, 11 characters, hello world builtin
@Cowsquack concatenates the entire stack into 1 item
well, g concats the last 2 items
&g does the entire stack
@Mayube score=infinity, coz infinite length output is not hard to do
@V.Courtois obviously there would be a "Your program must terminate in a finite amount of time" clause
3:01 PM
Ok so
Hah ok
do you get it now?
@Mayube then go for it :) that's a good challenge if it does not already exist
@V.Courtois Plus it is also impossible to output something of infinite length by it's very definition...
I just need to reverse it
3:02 PM
@totallyhuman hint: The encoder can be turned into a decoder by changing 3 characters
@V.Courtois it would need a better scoring system
a 10 byte solution would need to output 121 characters to beat a hello world builtin
In Neim how do you input a negative number as input on TIO
ah it's already cracked
Aw man
I would've done it if I was at a computer ;-;
also i was close
3:09 PM
I updated the answer and posted the decoder plus explanation of the encoder
i literally had (d!_&,&g)&@
My solution was (d&,@1&g)&@
@Cowsquack the 1 is unnecessary there, also that'd print the 1 you're trying to remove
anyways nobody's gonna crack leaky's jelly answer so...
everything's done in that one
wait isn't &, equivalent to a rotate
@totallyhuman no it's a reverse
3:13 PM
[1, 2, 3] -> [2, 1, 3] -> [2, 3, 1]?
uuuh... no???
@MDXF Hm that's interesting.
I'm 12th for my search too lol
and in mine as well
Dennis is a related image to my image lol
socks confirmed
3:15 PM
neutrino is dennis' sock confiemedd
> confiemedd
no if I were Dennis's sock then I wouldn't be bad at codegolf lol
btw I'm working on a Taxi answer for DJ's CnR
3:16 PM
But that would be the perfect disguise
it haz bin confiemedd
I think that's enough confirmation for one day
wait fudge this quiz is actually gonna be hard
i need to prepare bye
@totallyhuman It's the middle of summer, no?
summer school for them credits
gots to get into good college and stuff
3:19 PM
@Cowsquack Your username reminds me of a story about my niece. Several years ago, we purchased some bath toys for my nephew who was about 5 months old at the time. His big sister, my niece, was happy to open the presents. One of them was a rubber duck that was patterned black and white like a cow. She held it up and proudly exclaimed "Mommy, mommy! It's a cow duck!"
@trichoplax I meant did I pick the right dictionary :P?
I found a words-with-friends ENABLE dictionary with all... erm... racist things removed.
oh look you're about to get a tonna upvotes
question's nice
@MagicOctopusUrn It certainly has enough words... :)
Haha I was looking through it just like... wow... my example is hella bad.
Well earned upvotes
3:22 PM
The 4 good challenges I've wrote I thought of before falling asleep heh ._.
Q: Count to 20 with Words!

Magic Octopus UrnUsing the following length-separated lists of words: https://github.com/Magic Octopus Urn/wordListsByLength Print 1 word from each list of length n from 1 all the way up to 20, here's a valid example: a an and hand hands handle handles abandons abandoned understand outstanding newfoundland un...

@MagicOctopusUrn Please don't use a 100% copy of my example 20 words... why not?
Not fun.
Fun to see them get beaten later :P
I should've made my example list literally stupid to use.
3:24 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn What if it turns out that that's the most optimal path
It will be interesting to see how the best list to use varies with language
Then I'm an idiot savant and I was too stupid to know.
Why are there files above 20.txt lol
@trichoplax Yup, I'm also curious as to what languages can't beat hardcoding
Eh, figured I might as well just post it all.
3:25 PM
@Cowsquack sorry, i forgot about your problem. I am now on mobile. If it is still needed, I might be able to help in a couple of hours or tomorrow. Sorry!
Why is o a word?
@StepHen And languages that have built in words lists and can just output the first one of each...
I'm not sure about that either lmao
It was a word though and the "definition" of it is along the lines of: "The noise yuo make when suprised"
@HyperNeutrino Why not, O critic?
@MagicOctopusUrn that's Oh
3:26 PM
I knOh (hahaha dad puns).
lol true
@HyperNeutrino From Wikipedia, The English vocative particle, used for direct address.
Hm interesting
Ha, this is the best example on wikipedia:
== English == === Proper noun === O Canada The national anthem of Canada...
3:27 PM
lol I should've thought of that lol
All I know is there's no true answer because 1 letter words don't exist in scrabble, and scrabble is often my point of reference for what is and isn't a word lol.
@LegionMammal978 As long as neutrinos are fine it's alright :)))
Not sure if "o'clock" counts
I just realized that 100% of 05AB1E's trivial answers would be 42 bytes long heh..
3:30 PM
I'm sure somebody will find a 20 byte solution
That won't work you need the hyper one.
but you can't catch a neutrino anyway :)
and especially not a HYPER one :DDD
My Paint skills are unrivaled
3:35 PM
But a simple box cannot catch a neutrino (:
anyway brb o/
@PeterTaylor regarding my sandbox post, could you explain what you mean by "offset"?
3:49 PM
Guys, can I get a quick ruling on the current cops/robbers challenge. Specifically, my cop answer. I forgot to specify the input method, and fixed that two hours later. One more hour later, I'm notified that my cop challenge has been cracked, though the cracker freely admits that it doesn't work given my input challenge. So... is it considered cracked or not?
It's unadvised to edit challenges after answers are posted, and CnR cop answers are practically challenges, but the answer wasn't posted at the time of editing, so I would consider it safe.
4:04 PM
I still hate logarithms
what about them
Their existence
even though i'm pretty sure i aced the quiz, i thought i was done with proofs in geometry ><
then do something like what I did lol
4:10 PM
Here's a fun math puzzle (at least I think so): codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/133445/41805
simulate addition using multiplication and division and some other functions
you also have modulo, max, min, power, LCM, GCD
does exponentiation and logarithm exist?
no logarithm unfortunately
ok and dennis locked the fibtraction question
ok that would make it too easy lol
@totallyhuman rip
and vote's not in favour
consider question dead lol
4:12 PM
you also have factorial and signum and reciprocal and ceil and floor and e^x
@Mayube "equally close" is a thing? o_o
@Cowsquack Funny how we're given so much and I still have no idea how to do it lol
@EriktheOutgolfer quoted verbatim from python's docs
ok so apparently any integer+.5 would be considered equidistant...well, something is very, very wrong!
I mean, that's sick!
4:37 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The offset of an OEIS sequence is the first index for which the value is given
@HyperNeutrino Why do you make your emoji faces backwards?
@PeterTaylor 1-indexed?
indexing does not matter
wait what
nvm apparently i don't understand offsets either
@cairdcoinheringaahing if the offset is 1, the sequence is 1-indexed.
@PeterTaylor could you take a look at my latest edit and see if there's anything else needed to be clarified or added?
4:44 PM
My example was oeis.org/A000242/list
Guys I believe that I am the best person to ever have this unique message number.
I would prefer to mention the indexing the first time it's mentioned, even if that's a forward reference ("as described below in the rules"). Otherwise no complaints
4:59 PM

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