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3:00 PM
Looks like a dupe to the Agent86 question
yeah, the dupes are fast and furious these days, but I think that's to be expected.
well I can't VtC anyway, so...
Now that more people are around:
Q: To enjoy Mass Effect 3 do I need to have played Mass Effect 1 and 2?

ahsteeleI have never played Mass Effect 1 or 2. Do I need to play the first and second installment to understand the third? Will I be lost?

Too subjective?
@Sterno It's sorta wish-washy because he's not being very specific. If he asked "Will ME3 ruin ME1/2" (which I asked, so that would be a dupe) or "Can I enjoy ME3 without playing 1/2" WITHOUT asking about "understanding" I think it would be a better question
@Sterno I think it's fairly clear cut enough that you don't have to play the first 2 to enjoy the 3rd based on most people's opinions
3:03 PM
@Stephen "enjoy" is a problem because he tossed in "understanding" the third
It's not the greatest question in the world, but it's one that some people are probably asking
There's some tiny story bits you won't get in ME3, but I wouldn't call it an unenjoyable experience
...especially not since it's the one I'm having, and I'm enjoying the game
@Stephen The word "opinion" is the problem.
@BenBrocka True, I'll say you don't need to play the first 2 to understand the 3rd because of the good recaps they give you.
Anyway, there's also this one, which is a dupe: gaming.stackexchange.com/q/54112/3062
3:05 PM
yeah, though there's some stuff they sorta gloss over/oversimplify on
And it makes me sad because I have a score of 10 on there :P
@Sterno Agreed. There won't be a cut and dry on this one. I answered, but I can only speak to my experience of no prior experience with the franchise but lots of experience with gaming
I'm wondering if I should edit this into a question more geared towards a list of all the squad members, and how to keep them alive to the end or just leave it as it is?
Q: What is the perfect squad status at the end of the game

TylerShadsEveryone deep down wants to make sure their entire squad survives. So assuming that you go through the minimal losses throughout the series as in: Only losing Kaiden/Ashley on Virmire (Wrex survives) Getting all DLC characters (Zaeed, Kasume) Waking up Grunt and Legion everybody surviving the ...

@TylerShads depends if you want to know about the squad or about the general killable characters I guess
I'm having a hard time perfectly formulating what I want in my head. I've been careful to only lose the Virmire Victim in my saves and I want to keep it that way I suppose is what I'm trying to get at, but I wonder if it is more beneficial to everyone to just ask for a list out of all past/present squad members and show how to keep them alive/how to kill them.
3:08 PM
It sounds like the "enjoy" question is something that could be shaped up on if people were to edit it.
Do we have a question like this already?
Q: Who are all the squad members in ME3?

Ben BrockaWe have a list of optional squad members in Mass Effect 3 but I'm wondering what all possible squad mates are and what classes they are. What are all the squadmates in Mass Effect 3 (regardless of whether I can have them all at once)?

Seems like an important one to ask but I didn't find one except for the one about optional members
@Tristan I am going to finish the first two for sure.....I don't know about re:Chain of Memories, because I will have to find a copy of it somewhere, and around me, it is impossible. I don't have a psp for Birth by Sleep, so I will probably just read about that one, and I am super hoping that the 10th anniversary box gets released here so I can get 358/2 days, re:coded, and dream drop distance all at once.
40 sec faster than me on @BenBrocka 's question
Q: Where can I find my squadmates on the Normandy?

agent86From what I remember of previous games, each squadmate I recruit will set up in a different part of the Normandy. It's usually important to talk with them all between missions, but I find myself running to and fro trying to find each new member's quarters on the ship. Is there a map or a listin...

Q: Is it possible to mix and match armor sets?

row1I just bought the Cerberus Armor set for a hefty price and sadly it takes a few of my stats down to zero. Is it possibly to split up the armor set components so that I can keep the Cerberus health boost and the Kassa Fabrication shield regeneration?

Q: How do I switch between more than 2 weapons?

agent86In my loadout right now, I've got an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a heavy pistol. (I've double checked that I'm supposed to be carrying 3, so it's not just an inventory brain-fart issue) According to the hint tips I've seen, I can hold X to switch between my weapons. However, Shepard just kee...

Q: Can the Galaxy at War readiness multiplier exceed 100 percent?

LessPop_MoreFizzGalaxy at War's "Galactic Readiness" meter is... a bit controversial. You increase it by playing ME3 Multiplayer, and by playing an iOS game that acts as a tie in. The 'Readiness' score that accumulates from these activities has a floor or 50 percent, which functions as a .5 multiplier on your tr...

Q: Where is the Alliance Requisitions Terminal?

heisheIt doesn't show up in the procurement terminal in the Normandy and I haven't found it on the Citadel yet. Where is it?

Q: Who are all the squad members in ME3?

Ben BrockaWe have a list of optional squad members in Mass Effect 3 but I'm wondering what all possible squad mates are and what classes they are. I'm curious about what my options are tactically. What are all the squadmates in Mass Effect 3 (regardless of whether I can have them all at once)?

Q: Is there an effective scanning strategy that avoids the Reapers?

StephenAfter a few scans in a system the Reapers show up to ruin your day (they do NOT like machines that go PING!) It's obviously important to get the war assets from scanning, so what general strategy can I use to complete the scans but avoid the reapers?

@AshleyNunn wait, they're making a 10th ani of KH? (is mortified by the fact that 2 came out 8 years ago with no 3 in sight
3:19 PM
Ehhm, I'm not sure I approve of these edits: gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/53941/revisions
SEems to be largely changing the Q, and making it more like the ground we've already covered.
But alas, if KH history prevails, there's no way NA will get that box set.
@BenBrocka It makes the question title more reflective of the quesiton body.
True, but it's hard to tell which was more important, if either
some users don't repeat the question in the body
@BenBrocka The question in the title has no place on the site
So if that was his question, it should be edited out anyways.
@BenBrocka The word "enjoy" was definitely a VTC magnet, I thought "understand" might be more relevant to people thinking about buying this game but not sure if they have to get the others first.
3:25 PM
@TylerShads they are in Japan at least - two options - a bundle with 358/2 days/re:coded/dream drop distance, and a bundle with dream drop and a KH themed 3ds. I want the 3 game set to come here.
@TylerShads yeah, that is what I am afraid of XD
As it is, finding the games is becoming....difficult.
@AshleyNunn I'm still waiting for final mix and final mix + cry ill just go on a rampage if Nomora says "Oh btw, for our loyal Japanese audience, you get KH3, and no one else!" he's the type of evil that would do such a thing
@TylerShads That would make me so mad. So mad. I mean I am just starting to play the games, but OMG, they are so awesome, and I would want to continue the story, you know?
I'm not sure asking whether it's possible to enjoy something is entirely out of the place. It seems like potentially good-subjective and solves a real world, gaming related problem
Not particular Q wasn't great either way, so I don't really care to challenge the edit I guess
@AshleyNunn I've played a few of the other KH games, and... well, they're not super awesome.
@agent86 So I have heard, but I still want to play them - it is the principle of the thing. :)
3:33 PM
The main 2 series games are good, and the others fill in a bit of backstory, but the story gets so super crazy convoluted even at the start of KH2 that by the end it's a tangled mess that they've yet to really attempt to straighten out
@agent86 I only played 2. The card thingy GBA game just seemed weird
@BenBrocka Chain of Memories? Yeah, it looks a little strange, but intriguing. :)
I was never a card fighter
gonna see if I can find a copy of the ps2 re-release of that one. Don't know if I will be successful.
except in the DS chocobo game and FF8
3:35 PM
@AshleyNunn it's weird. They essentially took the same environments and settings from KH and just changed out the battle system and removed most of the story.
And pokemon cards I guess
You could NOT be cool in 4th grade if you didn't have a holo-foil charizard after all
@BenBrocka error: previous assertion declared invalid.
@agent86 hm. I will try it if I can find it, but if it gets too tricky. I will skip it.
@BenBrocka ...you were only in 4th grade?
@BenBrocka Oh man, Pokemon cards were so huge when I was in 7/8th grade.
3:37 PM
I forget...when did they come out?
1998, so I was 8...I no longer remember what grade 8 maps to
Am I misreading this, or is the body of this question basically saying "How can I pirate the game?"
Q: Can I launch games downloaded through Origin without using origin application

santhoshI am downloading mass effect 3 from my friends account in origin, because I purchased it through his account. We made an agreement to share the account until the download completes through the Origin application. I am interested in knowing if I can launch the game without having to open Origin ...

1998, yes
@BenBrocka I was 10 - so I was in fifth grade. But they didn't get big in my area til two or three years later. Maybe it was our rural-ness.
@Sterno not really, though that's probably the only answer
He downloaded the game legally, he just wants to open it without Origin
@BenBrocka I think the whole "sharing with a friend" makes it seem sketchy.
3:40 PM
@AshleyNunn they had banned pokemon cards within a year so we had to get our kicks in soon
All I can say about Pokémon cards is that I climbed to the top of a mountain (this took about an hour to climb) to find a kid who would sell me a holofoil Venomoth.
@AshleyNunn ohh...didn't notice that part. Yeah, sounds like he doesn't own the game at all
I missed the whole Pokemon cards thing - girls my age were more interested in Spice Girls and the like XD
yeahhh, sounds like a good thing to close
@AshleyNunn How terrible for you
It remains my most prized holofoil, still.
3:42 PM
@BenBrocka Yeah, I thought Pokemon was so much better but it was social suicide to admit that.
(Also Venomoth was awesome. Poison and Paralysis? Booya!)
@GraceNote my first holofoil was a Magneton in my first pack of cards ever
Booster pack? Don't those automatically have a foil?
I think it, like the rest of my cards, is in a giant unsorted bin somewhere in my parent's house
@GraceNote they always have a rare card, not always foil
At least they didn't used to
Ah, gotcha.
3:44 PM
Q: Mass Effect 3, did not get a choice of game mode, is it because I imported ME2 character?

Lasse V. KarlsenI just started a new game in Mass Effect 3, på Xbox 360, by importing my existing ME2 character. I have just witnessed the attack on the council at the very start, and now just got to the point where I can bring up the in-game menu. I have not yet seen a choice of game mode (ie. action, role pl...

Q: Assuming everyone survived in Mass Effect 2, where and how do they make an appearance?

Juan ManuelI want to know what interactions I'll miss by having started a fresh game. Assuming everyone survived, where do they appear and what importance does everyone's cameo have? I'm looking for a complete list of Mass Effect 2 characters and description of their interactions with Shepard in Mass Ef...

Q: Can I launch games downloaded through Origin without using origin application

santhoshI am downloading mass effect 3 from my friends account in origin, because I purchased it through his account. We made an agreement to share the account until the download completes through the Origin application. I am interested in knowing if I can launch the game without having to open Origin ...

Q: How to change the FoV?

ZenoHow do you change your field of view? I do not see it in the options. In ME1, it appears there was a console command you could use: http://www.tweakguides.com/ME_5.html If you want to adjust the Field of View, see the FOV console command I'm not sure about ME3 though.

Then I guess I was lucky that my first (and only, to boot) booster had a holofoil Jolteon in it.
I wish they kept up the Pokemon TGC video games
It was a lot more fun when I didn't need to constantly harass my parents for money to get cards
That's the story of a TCG for you.
@AshleyNunn KH2 really sealed the deal for me, it was just such an amazing game experience
@TylerShads except for the Little Mermaid world
3:47 PM
@TylerShads I haven't gotten that far in KH1 so far, but I really like it. I am looking forward to KH2.
@BenBrocka I pretend that doesn't exist, or as a form of torture Sora must endure to obtain Ultima
@AshleyNunn 2 is a HUGE improvement over 1
@TylerShads Awesome. I look forward to it.
@BenBrocka Eh, basically what he wants is two people to play it with one purchase.
@BenBrocka They do have an online TCG im pretty sure
@TylerShads huh
Still, I loved the portability of the Gameboy one
3:51 PM
so uh what kind of surfaces are optical mice supposed to work on?
@badp matte, non-reflective, opaque surfaces.
this mice works terribly on a mousepad, it works terribly on the table directly and works okay on the laptop itself
@badp water, spikes, lava, especially lava
lava! I shoulda known.
@badp lazer mice are all the rage, optical never worked that well
though Microsoft's weirdo blue optical mice work fairly well
3:55 PM
@AshleyNunn That's not really what I meant, sorry.
Can they just put that reaper on all the SE sites? pleaseeee
@GnomeSlice I can't see what you are replying to. :(
@AshleyNunn Click the little arrow thingie and youll be linked to what he replied to (not the downward one, the one that looks like a left turn signal)
12 hours ago, by Ashley Nunn
@GnomeSlice I just don't like your assumption that just because they are an indie game award that I wouldn't know about any of it.
Hi, I want to ask about 2 perks on the same perk tree. Is that 2 questions or 1?
3:56 PM
@TylerShads Seriously? AWESOME!
@AshleyNunn You didn't know that?
@GnomeSlice Oh, that. I honestly forgot about that, tbh. Not a big deal. :)
@GnomeSlice I doooo now!
@kotekzot it kind of depends if they're closely related. Do you think you'd be copying and pasting most of the same text between the questions? If so, I'd probably ask them together.
I mostly just want to know what they even do. The descriptions are incredibly confusing.
@agent86 derp
I gotta say, I get excited when non ME3 questions appear, because I have a hope of actually answering those XD
4:03 PM
I'd just like to go on record to say I hate the new site layout for the front page.
Actually getting to any of the sites is a huge pain in the ass.
@wipq A user stylesheet maker is you?
I just go straight to gaming.stackexchange.com
4:10 PM
@GraceNote I think he's talking about the SE homepage.
@GnomeSlice I am.
@Wipqozn Explore our sites>click picture>Visit Site
@Ullallulloo Which is more work than it should be. At least put the links for the Big 3 on the front page.
4:13 PM
@Wipqozn Probably. Also, the whole shifting everything isn't too great of an idea.
Q: Can I cancel a mission I started in Tiny Tower?

FoxtrotIn Tiny Tower, there are multiple missions available. I accidentally accepted a mission without having both type of stores built. I only have one, and it is deducting ~1k stock every time I restock that store. Can I cancel this mission so it doesn't remove those stocked items until I am really...

Q: Does Mass Effect 3 have any MOD support/User Submitted Content?

tiddyI am a huge Bethesda junkie, and MOD support for games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim is just fantastic. Easily gives the vanilla games additional YEARS of replayability and enjoyment. Does EA/Bioware provide mod support, or have they publicly mentioned user-submitted content?

@Wipqozn Wow, I can see how that would be annoying. I just never go to the main SE page
Ooh, Raven wins console.
Since he got a Vita in the last contest.
4:16 PM
@Ullallulloo psh, he's going to win a TV.
What a great idea.
he needs 5 posts at +5 before the end of next week - and we're only 2 or 3 days into the contest.
@agent86 Yeah, obviously. He just got a console in 2? days.
I doubt I could get a Console shipped here, so I only need to reach the comics :P
(which are digital and thus my location doesn't matter)
Takes some pressure off :)
@Ullallulloo I don't even know what I'd do if I won the TV. I doubt it's going to be a problem though :)
if I hit the console level, I'd throw a party :D
4:20 PM
user image
@agent86 Oooh, party. :) Can there be cupcakes?
@agent86 Use it?
@agent86 Watch all the Tv? Play all the video games? XD
@GnomeSlice I own 2 42" TV's already. I don't think I have space for a 3rd.
I think they're 42s... I can never remember.
@agent86 #firstworldproblem
4:21 PM
@agent86 I do! :P
@JuanManuel correction, #thirdmasseffectproblem
yay site promotions!
I get so excited!! woooooooo
It blows my mind how awesome SE is about site promo. It is ridiculous and awesome.
4:22 PM
@agent86 Me too, and I am not even participating in this one! But OMG I get so excited for everyone else
@AshleyNunn :D I'm excited that you're excited!
I want to be like LOOK HOW AWESOME YOU ALL ARE. Just look at yourselves.
@AshleyNunn I KNOW, right? Raven, LessPop, and Sterno are kicking so much question butt.
I asked one.
Also, happy international women's day, everyone.
Can someone who has access to our youtube channel see if they can download videos?
4:28 PM
Q: What are the various promotional versions of Mass Effect 3 (i.e., Gamestop, Best Buy, etc.)?

johnjonI'd like to know what "promotional" copies of Mass Effect 3 are out there. I know in the past stores like Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, etc. have stocked copies of games for purchase/preorder that include codes for various in-game gear/skins/maps/etc. So what's out there?

too localized or ok?
@JuanManuel I feel like we've closed similar questions before, but I'm not certain on that.
@JuanManuel I think too localized since the promotional versions will almost definitely not stay the same
Holy crap!
@murgatroid99 I've never heard of a store specific promotion of a game changing.
Soooo.... special Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Game On this weekend?
4:35 PM
user image
1.4k views, what the hell!
@TylerShads I mean that I think promotions are usually for a limited time
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't get the game til tuesday!
@murgatroid99 oh well yes, that is true.
@RonanForman I'm sure it's because of the spleef.
@RonanForman Well those of us from the country that bailed your asses out of it's last few major wars have the game and intend to play!
4:37 PM
@badp I know, but still.
@TylerShads I was just using change to be more general than saying that they might go away
@RonanForman SPLEEF FTW.
btw check out the audience retention graph from analytics
what does it say?
According to this thing, ME3 hasn't really had much of an impact on our traffic (even if our question volume has exploded).
Unless I don't know how to read it.
@murgatroid99 i think the bigger question comes into play if they ask about where they can find them, then that is closeable. However, asking about what stores have which promotions, I think is alright. Though, I'ma relative newcomer to gaming.SE so I don't have much ground to go on other than my opinion.
4:39 PM
@badp That we have a lot of views.
@TylerShads I would say that locality in time (promotions available now) is just as bad as locality in space (where can I get the promotions)
@badp I don't know what you're getting at.
Wait, is that saying that most people didn't watch to the end?
@murgatroid99 Most stores don't have the problem of being too localized.
Most places that get promotions would be chains like Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, etc.
Q: How does the Expand Singularity upgrade work?

kotekzotThe Expand upgrade description is as follows: "Expand the Singularity field by 35% for 10 seconds". Singularity, however, doesn't last 10 seconds and the calculated radius next to the perk description remains the same. What does it really do?

Q: Will the Detonate Singularity upgrade work if the Singularity is detonated by a biotic power?

kotekzotThe Detonate upgrade description is as follows: "Detonate Singularity when the field dies to inflict 375 damage across 5 meters". Does the field have to die of old age, or will a violent death via biotic detonation still trigger the extra damage?

Q: Are there missable achievements in Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360?

johnjonI'm getting started on Mass Effect 3 and I'd like to know whether there are missable achievements from the get-go. You know, instead of finding out there was one and I blew past it and have to restart the game to get it.

Q: Can I tell if my opponent is cheating in Words with Friends?

FoxtrotI would deem cheating in Words with Friends to use a dictionary or site that generates words in a manner of best score. I have had opponents play 100 + point words that I didn't even know existed. Is there anyway without being with them / watching them play to see if my opponent is 'cheating' ?

Q: What are the various promotional versions of Mass Effect 3 (i.e., Gamestop, Best Buy, etc.)?

johnjonI'd like to know what "promotional" versions of Mass Effect 3 are out there. I know in the past stores like Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, etc. have stocked copies of games for purchase/preorder that include codes for various in-game gear/skins/maps/etc. So what's out there?

Q: Are there cheat codes for Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360?

johnjonI want to know if there are any cheat codes for the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 and, if so, how to enter them and what they are. Possible codes: God mode Unlock all weapons Invisibility Noclip mode Level unlocking Infinite money/resources Thanks.

Q: What does the day one patch do for Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360?

johnjonI noticed that there is a patch (or possibly multiple patches) that installs when booting Mass Effect 3 for the first time. What does this patch do? Is it required? That is, if I did not have access to online updates, would my game potentially be broken?

4:42 PM
@murgatroid99 That enters a bit of a grey area when talking about game promotions, because if it is a code like say the MK9 skins, then you could have traded them. But then on the flip, they were released eventually anyway (much like the inFamous Gigawatt Blades) to the public for a cost/download. So knowning who had what in terms of why it wasn't available to everyone is useful, whereas knowing where to find what, is not.
Lasers is a bit spammy xD
@TylerShads Yes. Yes, he is.
Not to say that your video was boring, I HEART SPLEEF MEGATIME
@badp I can't figure out how that graph works.
If it's the percentage of people that get to that point of the video, how does it jump up?
A lot of people skip right to that point?
4:47 PM
@StrixVaria There's some rule about that on Reddit...
@TylerShads Maybe it is OK if you think the information would help people after the promotions are over.
It's called the The Wadsworth Constant.
@StrixVaria Could be someone's posted it with a timelink, or there's a timelink in the comments
@murgatroid99 If person A cannot get DLC X because it was only sold by store Y at a certain time, I think that is good info.
4:49 PM
@TylerShads We decided to allow one question about that in FFXIII-2 after it was edited to that.
Though if that is the question, then that would probably have to be closed, not because it is too localized, but because it shows lack of research.
Q: What in-game retailer bonuses are available for Final Fantasy XIII-2?

Mark TrappI'd like to be able to acquire the bonuses on the after-market to sate the completionist in me but Square-Enix has decided to add in-game pre-order bonuses and other retailer incentives for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and I'm having trouble keeping track of them all. What retailer bonuses are availab...

Q: How many discs does Mass Effect 3 have on Xbox 360?

johnjonI'd like to know how many discs come with the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3. Are the game files big enough to require multiple discs? Are there separate discs for multiplayer and single-player like Halo 3? If there are multiple discs, are they labeled differently in some way? Lastly, if th...

Why is this even a question?
@AshleyNunn I think that is one of the questions that gets reported to failure of the promotions
@AshleyNunn Seriously. "Describe the packaging"? Next we're going to get "What font does the manual use?" and "How large are the margins?"
4:54 PM
@RonanForman spleef. Actually anything minecraft related (that's not just another LP because there's billions)
@bwarner OMG, that was totally my thought. I mean I could ask that about every game ever but what would that gain me?
@bwarner I refuse to play a game with a manual written in Comic Sans.
@bwarner what's the lineheight in the manual text?
You call THOSE ligatures? scoff
@RavenDreamer And don't even get me started about them mixing Arial with Helvetica
And the question has two upvotes. Grr! They really need to change downvotes to have as much weight as upvotes.
@BenBrocka We generally just do things that are fun to make.
4:57 PM
attaches to the convo
@StrixVaria People rewinding
additionally people with the HTML5 player can slow down, that counts as more than 100%
@RonanForman of course, I'm just saying why you pick up viewers. I've learned some in my youtube career :P
@badp that's what the replay section is for
you can view which parts of the video people replay
There's a replay section?
Something like that
@StrixVaria Yah, we don't seem to have found those magic questions that people outside the site are searching for in order to bring them in.
4:59 PM
@bwarner Sort the ME3 questions by Views.
Last I checked, we only had 3 above 1k views.

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