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12:02 AM
@GodEmperorDune the legacy stuff I dealt with when I worked at the insurance call center was like that.
@badp STOP
I need to fall asleep
you sound awfully excited
awful excitement I need not
(I'm kinda deep in druaga1 fan groups and he was away for health reasons for a month or so and he's just back he uploaded 5 minutes ago)
oh so that's what it was
12:09 AM
So my brother is way ahead of me in Zelda lol
12:21 AM
@Unionhawk which one? or should i assume Breath of the Wild
12:54 AM
@badp you still have The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky installed before April 27th right? if so have you noticed any really large updates for it since April 27th?
Yes they have done significant patches
Check the announcements
Russian Poetry and Prose / Русская поэзия и проза

Proposed Q&A site for readers of Russian literature (both in original and translated), its reviewers, the researchers in semiotics of Russian culture and, last but not least, poets and writers composing their works in Russian language. Литература по-русски

Currently in definition.

@badp the only one i am away of is this one which talked about a large one on it's way but i have no idea if it's been added yet
Yeah that's landed
1:06 AM
@badp has the frequency of updates slowed to a point where one might expect them to be done?
urghhhhhhhh, fuck you yooka laylee
stupid boat boss where i can't dodge
just trying to work out if after Rabi-Rabi and Monster Monpiece if i should start playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky or start playing Ys
1:29 AM
@Memor-X ys duh
@GodEmperorDune hey
Q: Where can I farm gadgets?

AndyI need simple gadgets to upgrade Pods B & C, and I believe I'll need complex and elaborate ones to further upgrade them. I've gotten all the main endings, completed all quests except for three (9S's unit recon, and two others I haven't seen appear yet). Is there a place / boss enemy I can fight...

1:44 AM
Gonna try out Stellaris. I expect this to go terribly.
Have fu
Stellaris has been on my to-check-out list for a while but I want to wait for the DLC frenzy to die down some.
I fully expect to want to stab myself in the face with a fork but hey maybe if I take it slow then my brain will be able to cope with it who knows :P
....I can play as a pacifist mushroom race.
@Ash *googles game to find out why it's face-fork-stabbing inducing*...oh it's a Paradox game. i hear alot of thing how their grand strategy games are lacking in the tutorial department
@Memor-X yeah, that's a lot of where my trepidation comes from. That and I don't really do strategy games
2:01 AM
Just got a cheesy potato burrito from Taco Bell, and they forgot to put the meat in it. :(
@Fluttershy sounds like a good vegetarian burrito
@Memor-X Believe it or not, Taco Bell has a really good vegetarian menu. You can substitute the beef/chicken on anything from their menu with potatoes.
@Fluttershy oh i believe it since McDonalds have the "Healthy Choice" Menu. however given that you just said they can replace the meet with potatos you sure they didn't just do that?
It seems that Sophos slightly updated their website after the #Wanacry outbreak https://t.co/GVxdDuYYjK
@Unionhawk hue
2:11 AM
@Unionhawk Heh
> His online store, which sells clothes and mugs emblazoned with popular sayings from the account, earns him in the low five figures each month.
holy shit
> Or perhaps it was that September, when an Twitter user named Brant Walker questioned the premise of Nelson's account and unwittingly paved the way for the one-liner that catapulted WeRateDogs to new heights of fame. "your rating system sucks," he wrote. "Just change your name to 'CuteDogs'."

"Why are you so mad Bront," Nelson responded five minutes later, using a Weird Twitter convention of slightly altering someone's name for effect.

"well you give every dog 11s and 12s. It doesn't even make any sense," Walker responded within 60 seconds.
2:28 AM
@Memor-X I'm sure. Must have someone new in the kitchen, because I've been a regular at this Taco Bell for 6 years now, usually getting the same thing, and this is the first time they've ever gotten it wrong. <_<
Taco Bell is a restaurant I never want to be considered a regular at lol :p
Hell, Wendy's is a restaurant I don't want to be a regular at
This is why we stopped going to Wendys for a few weeks
Chipotle is fine because they don't ask my name lol
@Unionhawk ಠ_ಠ
@Unionhawk ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ
There's a Mexican restaurant I go to every Tuesday. Like... Every single Tuesday since January 1st. I now know all of the staffs' names, and don't have to wait to be seated. >_>
2:44 AM
The only place I've ever even considered myself a regular is the trivia bar lol
But that's because we were Tuesday regulars
But I never got to "bouncer waved me in no ID" status
@Unionhawk I miss doing trivia. :(
Same lol
I don't even know if there's a place within 10 miles of here
Maybe there is idj
NVM there's a place in reasonable distance although not walking distance so it's still not as good
@Yuuki awwww, look at the little dust mouse go
There are only like 3 bars in short distance and 0 in walk distance so
@Yuuki 12/10 energetic af
Although the 2.0 version of the only brewery in this township opens soon... Maybe they'll have trivia lol
Still no walking distance tho
Rip being in college
@mikezachreviews @FishBradwell Please excuse Mike for his tardiness to the raid. It wasnt his fault, he doesnt deserve the 50 DKP minus^KAL
3:39 AM
@Unionhawk my college had 2 pubs on campus, but you weren't allowed to bring alcohol on campus.
Not that I ever went to the pubs. I imagine it was more expensive to buy from them than to go elsewhere though
@Dragonrage on or near?
We used to have one on but it's no longer a thing
We have... Like 5 near though
But only like 4 good ones
And that always depends on how good the door checking is because when fake IDs get in it gets crowded af lol
Might be 6 actually
A number
3:57 AM
@Unionhawk on. One was in the student union. I don't remember where the other was.
Yeah I've heard of that
He who controls the alcohol controls the world as they say
Good news, everyone! I hate Quake: Champions just as much as I hated the older Quake games! :D
4:18 AM
@Fluttershy how is this good news? :p
@Ash Because it's one less upcoming game I have to worry about! :D
Ah, that makes sense!
@Fluttershy Question: if you hated the older Quake games, why did you think you'd have to worry about the upcoming one?
@Yuuki Because this one does the unique characters thing, so I thought maybe the abilities would make it better. But it doesn't.
4:35 AM
Oh, so like TF2/Overwatch?
Well, sorta. They have ults, but that's it as far as I can tell.
2 hours later…
6:13 AM
Who owns the quake ip?
is id software still alive?
Yes, though Bethesda does the publishing.
user image
7:05 AM
@Wipqozn If you live in one specific province here in Belgium, it was not. They have it weirdly in august. It's weird.
Q: How do these Anti Piracy measures work?

KaritkeyaI recently saw these videos "6 Great Ways Games Punish Piracy" and "Top 10 Games that Trolled the Cheaters & Pirates" . I would like to ask if the games are already cracked then how does the game softwares bifurcate between legit ...

Q: Can you identify this Android game?

PrashanD I need to identify this Android game. I only have a screenshot of the game being played.

8:06 AM
@Lazers2.0 agh clickbaits
@Memor-X not sure, probably not. I'd never gave expected an update so large in the first place from a company that ostensibly only does localisation
the translator seems quite obsessed and detail focused so they'll probably keep changing the copy
@badp hue
trains are never on time here so /shrug
Why is schengen procedure this complex aaa
8:50 AM
@badp A few weeks ago, I stood at the red light, watching helplessly as my bus drove away without me. I was 5 minutes early.
Busses always do that
@KevinvanderVelden In Belgium, they're usually right on schedule, at least that one is
Heh, over here there's a few big stops where they wait but otherwise they're always either early or late
9:10 AM
@Nzall I don't know where you live, but it is definitely some parallel universe.
@Arperum Honestly, I consider anything between 1 minute early and 5 minutes late to be on schedule
@Nzall I rest my case.
slaps other company that works on this code STOP REMOVING OUR NEWLY ADDED FUNCTIONS.
@Arperum I mean, if your schedule is so tight that your bus being 5 minutes late means you don't arrive in time, your schedule is the thing that's problematic
@Nzall No, I mean that having that situation is exceptional.
Like, when I used busses I regularly ended up waiting 30 minutes for a bus that passed every 15 minutes.
@Arperum Yeah, according to Google, only about 50% of the buses arrive on time in Belgium
9:18 AM
Q: Keys repeating while gaming

TraxWhen I hold a key for 5, 6 seconds that key is still repeating even if I let go of the keyboard in Windows 7. I already tried changing "Character Repeat" setting but didn't work. Please help! Thanks.

It's mainly due to De Lijn being underfunded and running on a very tight roster. If one of the drivers is absent for some reason (illness etc), they effectively have to cancel buses
9:31 AM
Grateful Dead

Proposed Q&A site for dead Heads, those who want to become Dead Heads and music historians who also happen to be Dead Heads!

Currently in definition.

Malayalam Language

Proposed Q&A site for linguists, teachers and students of the Malayalam language.

Currently in definition.

9:47 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment What is this even about?
A band
That has already ceased to be active
Oh wow.
(active 1965-1995)
10:06 AM
I've been searching to fix a bug that was introduced last week, commenting out something they made fixed it instantly.
10:35 AM
@Arperum why are you slapping yourself?
@KevinvanderVelden Am not. I'm slapping this other company we hire to program stuff.
Naah, looks like you're slapping yourself
oh hey welcome back @Arperum glad to see you're still in one piece and so is your internet communications device™
11:12 AM
Great news everyone! WCry 2.0 functions PERFECTLY under Wine, you can infect your Linux desktops too if you are so… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/863359375787925505
@Avery I know, I was involved in it. There was some tickling involved to reclaim the compromised device.
@KevinvanderVelden It's been a while.
Also, I came into the office today to find that IT has set up an Apple Thunderbolt Display at my desk
This thing is so beautiful it's making my code look better
Also also, the workplace coffee machine can make hot chocolate. I'm resisting the urge to just drink that all day long.
Q: Can you put your PS4 hard-drive into your PS4 Slim without issue?

Experimental RocketI want to keep the saved data and down loaded games on my hard-drive when I sell my PS4, so that when I buy a PS4 Slim I can just pop my PS4 hard-drive into the new one. Will any issues arise? Is there a different hard drive format for a PS4 Slim? Is it uncompatible? P.S I am unsure if this qu...

11:30 AM
@PrivatePansy why would you resist that urge?
(though honestly you probably won't, instant hot chocolate isn't as good as actual hot chocolate)
(now I want to make hot chocolate)
@PrivatePansy but can it be betteer than my 3k wall of monitors
What's 3k? Is that 1440p? Holy fuck that rounding error
@KevinvanderVelden no, it's three 1080p monitors
that is exactly 3k.
they're all rotated for maximum efficiency
vertical monitors ftw
11:38 AM
(rounding 1440p's column resolution to 3k would be an error of 440px, about 17% of the total value)
@badp they are indeed quite useful for some things
you just split each monitor in half, and it's like you had six!
Do you run linux? Cause if so you can actually do that =p
I do but that'd be overkill
I have Ctrl-Alt-Numpad 8/Numpad 2
that's plenty
I was gonna suggest wmii or similar
I have no idea why people aren't just stealing the fuck out of Unity's keyboard bindings
they are so good
11:42 AM
Hmmph, I should set up a linux env for my regular desk
(at home)
@KevinvanderVelden I just need "make this window take the top/bottom half of the current monitor" keys
Yeah but I like wmii =p
and perhaps alt-click dragging to get a window from a monitor to another one
without having to aim for the titlebar
and I still don't know how people survive without middle-click-to-paste-selection-while-leaving-keyboard-alone
That's pretty cool
and on Linux when you select some text you can then middle click on Chrome's new tab button and it will search/visit that
it's ergonomic as fuck
Windows took years to copy virtual desktops, and then didn't include any keyboard combination to move windows across desktops D:
and it looks like they might be scrapping the feature altogether
11:46 AM
@badp yeaah, my problem with microsoft in a nutshell
at my previous job I only was allowed one monitor
and I used the FUCK out of that little virtual desktop alike thing
They take years to get a new feature that everyone else uses everywhere, half ass the implementation and then scrap it because no one uses it
@badp that's a hard no for me, if they're too dumb to spend 300 euros to double a persons performance? Thanks but no thanks
@KevinvanderVelden c o n t r a c t o r s
tbh I never asked for a second monitor
@badp Yes, so?
that's also because my TL wouldn't have known who to ask
@KevinvanderVelden we were being abused as cheap labour
11:49 AM
Contractors are rarely cheap labor
with old as fuck computers with inadequate specs
@KevinvanderVelden heh
cheaper than a full time employee that you can't easily fire
Unless you're talking about "temp" levels of contractor
and to which you have to provide benefits
we didn't get access to the canteen
we didn't get access to the wifi
we didn't get access to many systems we needed
But you do have to pay the company you're contracting with
the bank just used us as employees-lite
@KevinvanderVelden yes.
11:50 AM
That's quite a lot of money generally =p
well, this extra cash flow sure didn't reach me :P
After all, they have their own profit and they have to pay many of the benefits to you
or Accenture's army of monkeys with typewriters
@badp oh sure, you weren't paid much, doesn't mean you weren't expensive =p
@KevinvanderVelden It's just cocoa, milk and water, right? The milk is powedered, but I think the machine uses pure cocoa powder
It also makes mocha
11:57 AM
@PrivatePansy isn't as dense as regular chocolate milk
Though to be fair, dutchies have really dense chocolate milk
Also, resisting the urge because I don't want to die of heart disease by the time I reach 30
Would be worth it though
@KevinvanderVelden Ah, no, chocolate milk isn't the same as hot chocolate
It is over here =p
Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa, drinking chocolate or just cocoa is a heated beverage consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and often sugar. Hot chocolate may be topped with whipped cream. Hot chocolate made with melted chocolate is sometimes called drinking chocolate, characterized by less sweetness and a thicker consistency. The first chocolate beverage is believed to have been created by the Maya around 2,000 years ago, and a cocoa beverage was an essential part of Aztec culture by 1400 AD. The beverage became popular in Europe after...
That is what I'm talking about, we just call it chocolademelk and guess what that literally translates too
My stupid swipe card isn't working again this morning
@KevinvanderVelden depends
compared to hiring COBOL developers?
COBOL devs are priced their weight in gold true
12:02 PM
that's what they mostly had on hand and wanted to hire
(I typed worth at first but I don't think that's accurate)
Our Java systems were just a thin client around the actual COBOL systems
Damnit now I want hot chocolate
because you know
@badp I'm aware, we discussed this a while ago =p
12:03 PM
when you want thin agile quick interfaces
what's better than Java 6?
That's right! Java 5
and .ini file driven bindings between buttons and functions
you read that correctly
@BlueBarren Maybe you've been fired?
@Nzall boy that would make the day interesting
@badp I remember that horror story
It's funny though because whenever my swipe card stops working and I tell people they all make that joke
"Sure you're not fired?"
(This is the fourth time it's stopped working this year)
12:09 PM
Hot chocolate get-ted
Hot chocolate disapeared
1. stop writing C
oh wait it's "C#"
dammit, there goes my snark
Oh yeah I had more than enough with C from learning and teaching assisting
Pain is debugging somebody else's segfault
Pain is trying to take back control of a server in the process of forking itself to death
Pain is mandatory
12:30 PM
C# is a huge pain
Q: Mac: How can I change the graphics settings of Batman Arkham City?

InterestedLearnerI want to change the graphics settings of Batman Arkham City but I can't see the launcher: the launcher gets skipped and the game immediately starts. How can I get the launcher/change the graphics another way? I'm on Mac. I tried to open the package contents of the game and went to the "binarie...

@Unionhawk just destroy the user running the thing
I think that would work? They may not get insta killed but they shouldn't be able to start new things
Also hey i got top comment on druaga
@Avery Eh, VB is significantly worse. And I really don't hate C#.
12:40 PM
@Arperum i'm a c# main so shrug
It's a very capable language but it's still painful
12:54 PM
Goooood morning world.
How is everyone today?
That is an awful question to ask on Monday morning.
@Beedrill I only asked it because i'm really happy for some reason.
That's weird, it's a monday and it's morning for you (apparently)
How are you happy?
I don't know.
1:21 PM
curse you regex
I never understand you
Q: Wither charge duration?

YayyI'm making an automated Wither farm so I need the exact duration (ticks or seconds) when the Wither has completely charge up his shield to spawn another one. Does anybody have an idea of how long this duration is? Thank you very much :)

@KevinvanderVelden working without server admin
In that case the answer is "attempt to login as that user with another terminal and killall a.out"
Or "hope the other 3 servers are alive"
And "pray fork() season ends soon"
1:38 PM
And/or reboot the server
If it's not important enough that people can run random processes on it it's not too important to reboot
@KevinvanderVelden i was kinda happy this morning too
but I only had 1 hour of sleep
and made a ton of mess on bridge earlier
so I really don't know why I'm happy.
But I am and that's good.
Yay for happiness!
Well I hope our payroll person got my email about my swipe card not working. They're currently not online yet so I'm not sure if they're in yet
They weren't when I went and checked when I first got in
Q: Castlevania game title

KarokendoI don't remember which Castlevania this is. Things I remember: There was a zone with poison water, where you had to unlock a skill in order to turn that poison water into normal blue water. First zone (prob first) was full of flying demons/gargoyles. After beating first? boss you unlocked do...

@Avery You're consistently out-not-sleeping me, that's not good.
1:46 PM
@Lazers2.0 Can this be reopened? It was closed immediately but I figured out what game it's referencing and added an image to make it viable.
@n_palum No. That's not how it works.
:/ Okay
@Arperum sleep is overrated
@Avery Agreed.
@n_palum You think you found an image of the correct game. There is no proof of you being correct.
1:48 PM
I mean, all the references to the cheat codes he mentioned are only for one of the Castlevania games.
I don't want to get into ITG again. Editing a screenshot into a question that exists based only on a description is not a thing you do. However, when you can narrow it down to a specific series that has a small and finite number of games, the general problems that I argued make ITG bad kind of disappear.
@n_palum You can just add a comment. If you're right, the OP gets his answer, if not - no harm done
@Beedrill I was just gonna argue in favor of allowing "which game of $series was this"
@BlueBarren regexes are your friend! Love the regex!
@KevinvanderVelden I'd be interested to see a meta on this topic.
1:50 PM
@Beedrill ITG?
@BlueBarren "Identify this game"
@ToxicFrog embrace the regex and be embraced by it's many tentacles
@ToxicFrog I would if I actually knew what I was doing
@KevinvanderVelden exactly!
1:51 PM
@Beedrill oh got confused because the tag I usually see is [game-identification]
Okay. I'll leave a comment then
Regex is weird
But I embrace it anyways
@BlueBarren I'm willing to answer regex questions, if you have any.
1:52 PM
also yay new stack picture (Designed by a friend. Again.)
@ToxicFrog Thanks for the offer but I'll just continue to struggle as I'm having other problems on top of this anyways
will probably keep for a day or two and go back to the iconic picture
Righto. Good luck!
@Beedrill So why does narrowing down what game in a series not fit that?
@n_palum Identification questions like that are blanket off topic right now.
This specific one brings up an interesting caveat that, given argumentation and voting on meta, could result in a rules change to allow it.
1:54 PM
@n_palum ITG questions in general are very problematic, because it's all mostly just guessing if the question doesn't have a screenshot
@Beedrill I'm creating a meta on this right now
whatever answer you post is just a guess until the OP confirms it
Yeah I know they usually get put off topic when they lack any sort of media to help identify it.. I just felt this one had enough unique descriptions to help identify it.
But yeah, don't edit in screenshots if you aren't the original asker. For ITG questions, that's enough of a change to count as "radically changing the original intent" in my opinion.
Especially considering they remembered the cheat code names which only referenced the one specific Castlevania in the series.
1:56 PM
Just saw beedrills message. Go ahead.
The main arguments I can see against it is, "How can you be sure they got the series right?" and "What about details that wind up pointing at multiple games in the series or no games in the series, or wrong remembered details even within a series?"
Because of this conversation I had this desire to look at some and wow. This question has 21 downvotes, that just seems crazy.
I've never seen something that's open have so many downvotes
@KevinvanderVelden didn't have that ability
@BlueBarren ITG questions have a lot of inherent problems.
@Yuuki even when they provide media from the source?
1:59 PM
@Beedrill then the answer can be "There is no game in the series matching your description, but this is closest", which is a valid answer
@BlueBarren What's "the source" in this instance?

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