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4:00 AM
@Riker I have both soundtracks and listen to them constantly
@Mego I recently discovered transistor for mobile :D
And "costantly" is only a slight exaggeration
@Riker Are we talking game or electrical component :P
4:06 AM
> $4.99
:( just spent last $4.99 of iTunes credit on new goat simulator
lol? :P
@Downgoat :(
it's an epic game though, totally worth it
@Downgoat it's $20 on steam also
Fun Fact: The Earth loses 50 million kg of mass per annually, which is about 0.00...001% of its mass (14 0s)
That wasn't very fun
@HyperNeutrino the question is: how much of that becomes energy?
not a joke, how much of that is lost to nuclear reactions
4:15 AM
@Riker Well, that's taking into consideration the energy radiated by the Earth and the energy taken from the sun.
VSauce video
Nuclear reactions on Earth don't cause an appreciable loss of mass, because mass and energy are equivalent, and the energy doesn't leave the atmosphere.
I was assuming he's talking about mass in mass form
not as energy
4:16 AM
Stuff that does cause mass to be lost includes putting stuff in space and blackbody radiation
user image
@Riker whyyyyyyyyyy
@Riker What is that?
If you were to measure the mass of the Earth before and after a nuclear reaction happened on Earth, with all other factors constant, the measurement would be the same. The Earth's gravitational field would be just as strong.
... wot
it's a capri sun
you've never seen one?
4:18 AM
what is a capri sun
nope >_>
@Mendeleev what else aare they used for other than squirting
Juice pouch
Capri Sun (UK /ˈkæpri/ or US /kəˈpriː/) is a brand of juice concentrate drink owned by the German Company WILD and sold in laminated foil pouches. It was introduced in 1969 and named after the Italian island of Capri. Capri Sun has been distributed in the United States since 1981. Kraft Foods is a licensed production partner for North America. In the Netherlands, France, the UK, Belgium and Ireland, it is distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises. In 2014 Capri-Sun entered the ever growing Indian market through a joint venture with Hyderabad-based SDU Beverages to produce and market its fruit juices...
tl;dr: juice in a small bag
Oh so kinda like Kool-Aid?
4:18 AM
it comes with a straw you stab into the pouch (through a little hole)
@HyperNeutrino yea
@HyperNeutrino There's a considerable difference in flavor, but that's the right idea
Oh okay.
Yeah, so similar thing. Okay
@HyperNeutrino Isn;t that a powder?
it's both
4:19 AM
@Mendeleev Well I think it comes in powder form but it also comes in juice form
ninja'd >_>
never seen the juice
You can buy it in cans or bottles in some places
Wait Riker = EasterlyIrk?
it took you THAT LONG
4:29 AM
It's because one of his three Discord channel roles is "easterlyirk" and I'm like WAIT A SECOND O_o I REMEMBER THAT NAME....
Riker's his name IRL
4:53 AM
Remember the argument we had about whoever vs whomever?
@HyperNeutrino Yes, and it should not be continued or expanded upon in any way.
>_> I think we were both correct but I don't remember the details of it
@Pavel yeah sorry
5:22 AM
@Pavel Check out my website. Don't miss the login button on the top right.
@Mendeleev What is this for?
@HyperNeutrino My high school's tech lab
@Mendeleev Oh cool!
5:46 AM
Q: help to uderstand the string pattern puzzle

Vignesh VickyQuestion Behind Enemy Lines help me to uderstand the question particularly below lines "You have been given the glyphs for W and the sequence S of glyphs in the message. You need to help them count the number of possible appearances of W in S. That is, every sequence of consecutive g glyphs in...

6:29 AM
@Mendeleev Can confirm, login works.
The checo out/in buttons lead to "We're sorry, but something went wrong.", but I'm guessing that's intended at this point.
6:57 AM
ouch accidentally walked full speed into the corner of a door frame
@Mendeleev Daily reminder:
2 days ago, by Mego
@DownWat TNB is not a place to dump your stream of consciousness
(imgur link, picture is in Turkish): side effects: broken hip, wrists, spine
Is this possible
7:53 AM
@Mego Did Factorio update yet? I forgot to check
@Sherlock9 Not yet :(
Yeah, I just checked
It's close but not here yet
hi all... I have another challenge idea for code-golf
8:13 AM
What's your idea?
I should probably sandbox it as it might be a bit long for chat sadly
I prefer to chat :)
8:28 AM
@Sherlock9 posted to sandbox
Looking now
Well, the explanation could be clearer. Took me a couple of readthroughs to get what the challenge was
Let me see if I can point to something specific to fix
One of the most important sentences in the challenge is "A partition has the property the size of the intersection of all the multisets within it must be at least k-1" but it's sort of hidden in the middle
@Sherlock9 thanks.. fixes are very welcome!
do you want to edit it yourself?
I won't be offended :)
Yeah, let me try something
"and so on" should be deleted. We have reached the end
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LembikGreedily partition the list of combinations with repetition For n and k, consider all combinations with repetitions in sorted order where we choose k numbers from {0,..n-1} with repetitions. For example, if n=5 and k =3 we have: [(0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 1), (0, 0, 2), (0, 0, 3), (0, 0, 4), (0, 1,...

8:44 AM
@Sherlock9 I am going to make some small edits now.. I hope they don't clash
No hang on
I'm kind of doing a major revision
If that's ok
sure please do
I assume it will be awesome :)
@Lembik, I'm about to post my edits, feel free to rollback if needed
How's that
8:46 AM
the defn of partition is wrong I think
Sorry, I only copy-pasted your definition
A partition has the property the size of the intersection of all the multisets within it must be at least k-1.
Which I rewrote to say "only one differing element"
Because that is always true
err... maybe it's ok but it's not identical
In which cases does it differ?
a partition can have only one multiset in it
in which case the intersection size is k
also you talk about all pairs... is that the same as just intersecting all of them?
Yeah sure, that works
8:49 AM
it seems more confusing to talk about all pairs
also how does it work for partitions with only one multiset?
And on the other hand, I couldn't figure out what you meant by intersection
oh you mean what is the intersection of two multisets?
Ah, fair enough
ok let me have a go now :)
Nah, I just thought you meant that they had to check the intersection of every pair
Not all at once
Yeah, go fix the partition definition
I'll read your edits
8:55 AM
@Sherlock9 do you think it's ok?
Yeah, that works
And now we wait for other feedback
you never get the quality of feedback that you get in seconds when you post a question
@Sherlock9 I should say it's a slightly fiddly task :) Which is why I asked it
Oh, here's some feedback: What do you mean "in the right order" near the end
You should clarify that
it's not needed... deleted
9:56 AM
@mınxomaτ :)
is it any good?
@Sherlock9 hi.. I notice you changed the question to say "one possible partitioning"
but if you are greedy there is only one possible partititioning
That's why I asked about the order
ok so is it ok now?
Yeah, that'll work
I am very tempted to post it
although I am disappointed you haven't already proposed a solution :)
10:15 AM
I am worried that ppcg people are taking the day off :)
Q: Greedily partition the list of combinations with repetition

LembikFirst, a few definitions: Given n and k, consider the sorted list of multisets, where for each multiset we choose k numbers from {0, 1, ..., n-1} with repetitions. For example, for n=5 and k=3, we have: [(0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 1), (0, 0, 2), (0, 0, 3), (0, 0, 4), (0, 1, 1), (0, 1, 2), (0, 1, 3...

@Lembik Well, it is Easter Sunday
I know.. I just like to think that decent coders are above all that stuff :)
It is easter sunday, but I'm still working.
phew..me too :)
it's also passover fwiw
10:20 AM
The number of people who have disappeared from PPCG for reasons of exams, school, work, and family obligations is still numerous
Also this is the time of day when people aren't on, anyway
oh right.. the americans haven't got up and the Europeans are hungover :)
I'm not. And I can say that I was fairly drunk yesterday.
that's just showing off!
Thinking about it, I never really experienced hangover.
The movies hurt more.
@MartinEnder Hi, I didn't understand your question. Sorry
what do you mean by the remaining elements?
@mınxomaτ This means you are under 25 :)
I am told hangovers get unbearable later in life
10:33 AM
hi @orlp
@Pavel did i just get rickrolled by a research paper
@Lembik well if I group the multisets greedily, I might end up with a remaining list of multisets which don't form a partition. (E.g. if I've only got (n,n,n) left.)
@MartinEnder If you group the multisets greedily and you have one more multiset to go that doesn't fit into the current partition, then it goes into a partition on its own
I think we must be talking at cross purposes
But what if there aren't enough multisets left to form another partition?
I don't understand, you only need one
there is an example in the question
(1, 4, 4)
10:45 AM
The intersection of (n,n,n) is {n} which doesn't contain k-1 values
we are intersecting multisets
not elements of multisets
the intersection of one multiset is itself
So are we taking intersections with multiplicities?
yes.. multiset intersection
10:48 AM
Okay, makes sense
changed partition to part on orlp's advice
There are some stray ] in your example output
argh.. where?
Lines 6 and 7
I really couldn't see them
@MartinEnder I will be interested what the solutions look like. It's a little fiddly to get right
10:56 AM
My new language actually has a built-in for multiset intersection but generating the sets in the first place could be tricky. I'd be surprised if Jelly doesn't have such a built-in though.
11:30 AM
Compiling to LLVM was probably a bad idea... it's a huge pain to debug.
what did you compile to llvm?
Compiling to C would have been much easier.
An ML dialect.
The advantages of LLVM would occur in e.g. garbarge collection or execption handling, but I'll never get that far at this rate.
compiling to haskell :)
is ML still alive as a programming language? I mean is there a regularly updated compiler?
11:34 AM
As in Standard ML? I think so
I see it was last updated in August 2016 so not that long ago
1 hour later…
12:48 PM
user image
1:01 PM
hooray :)
1:38 PM
Does anyone here have an IceCreamSandwich?
I mean, an Android device with that version (4.0.3)
sounds old
Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" is a codename for the Android mobile operating system developed by Google, that is no longer supported. Unveiled on October 19, 2011, Android 4.0 builds upon the significant changes made by the tablet-only release Android Honeycomb, in an effort to create a unified platform for both smartphones and tablets, whilst simplifying and modernizing the overall Android experience around a new set of human interface guidelines. As part of these efforts, Android 4.0 introduced a new visual appearance codenamed "Holo", which is built around a cleaner, minimalist design, and a...
why do you need such an old version?
Don't, just curious
what about it?
1:40 PM
About 2.2% of android devices still run it
oh I see.
what percentage of desktop still run XP?
xp is 10 years older than ice cream sandwich :)
@Lembik I'd guess 51%. Poor Microsoft ;)
windows 7 is no longer supported either!
the problem with xp is that it is used in really important places
like hospitals
7.5% seems more believable for xp
presumably running ie6
IIRC US submarines use XP
2:19 PM
first person to crack my challenge :)
whats the challenge
272 is the current benchmark
I am impressed the matlab solution works to be honest
it's not clear to me how
@Lembik For your challenge, does it matter in which order we output the elements of each set?
@KritixiLithos The parts should in the right order but the multisets within each part can be in any order and the elements of the multisets can be in any order too
does that answer your question?
Yes, but what are the parts you are talking about
2:36 PM
"A part is a list of multisets with the property that the size of the intersection of all multisets in the part is at least k-1. "
Can't believe I missed that, I blame it on the fact that the PPCG design userscript doesn't contrast bold text very well
which language would you use?
I actually haven't thought about answering it, but if I would try, it would be in Röda
rödical :)
3:18 PM
@Lembik you have the coolest challenges
now to attempt to answer it >_>
maybe we wont become a dictatorship after all?
@betseg Is this results from a vote or something?
live referandum results
60% opened
@betseg turkey elected republican president? or am I misinterpreting
@Downgoat Misunderstanding >_>
3:28 PM
@Downgoat we're basically voting if we want erdogan to be a dictator or not
So it's 60% against right now?
@HyperNeutrino %60 of the votes are opened, %55 want erdogan to be dictator, but it was %70 when %20 was opened
@betseg So if I understand you correctly, it's going down.
That's good!
3:31 PM
CMC: find a word a+b so that b+a[::-1] is also a word
@WheatWizard aa
and neither a nor b should be empty
3:33 PM
should we say a + b != b + a[::-1]?
@HyperNeutrino yeah good idea
ab, ba
none = no + ne -> neon
we + st => st + ew, west -> stew
3:39 PM
I have a program running for those right now
Most of them are trivial modifications by moving the first letter to the back
You should probably enforce that the two halves need to be length > 1
aimed -> ai + med -> media
Nice a five letter one!
3:43 PM
circle -> cir + cle -> cleric
derange -> der + ange -> angered
dad is typing out hte responses
drawback -> draw + back -> backward
> i've been trying to make pasta olio e aglio several times. but somehow i can't make the dish "pop". what do you suggest?
> Some cake
3:46 PM
Fun Fact: I am asking this because sometimes my computer does this to words I am typing.
> why do people have toes?
> Because they do
@WheatWizard hmm
@WheatWizard reminds me of a palindrome
@WheatWizard pasta -> pas + ta -> tapas
Nice I think that might be the longest one not found by a computer (assuming you didn't use a conputer)
I did not use a conputer or computer
Well, I did mock them up in notepad..
@WheatWizard Is it a mac?
3:55 PM
@KritixiLithos mostly
@WheatWizard enrich / richen but similar
My mac types words backwards sometimes (I think it's gotta to with selecting text or something)
@Riker Thanks!!
@KritixiLithos It happens when I open a new text field and type really fast
Q: Simulate my keyboard

Wheat WizardI have an issue with my keyboard (more likely an issue with my browser). Some times when I click on a new text field and begin typing all my text comes out backwards. After a very short amount of time (for the purpose of the challenge we will say it is 10 milliseconds) it resumes typing forwards...

4:08 PM
@WheatWizard is 'tapas' really a wod?
They are like bar snacks
it's spanish for appetizer
@WheatWizard yeah, from ^
I think they are popular in spain
and mexico, and socal
we're now counting unsealed ballots too
4:13 PM
Definitely a word (in Spain), with that meaning
Sometimes they constitute the whole meal, not just an appetizer
I mean, depending on how many of them you have :-)
user image
Yes, very informative. Thanks UNIX manual.
4:28 PM
biggest cities say no, total say yes
seems familiar?
Even the colours sorta match
4:52 PM
How does one run a javascript code snippet in someone's answer?
Click "Run code snippet"?
That always gives me an error
I guess its a problem on my end
btw does the 10 millis start with the first input character, or when the program is ready to take input?
My program does the former right now
The later
for testing you might want to increase the amount of time like the javascript answer
And just to make sure, console output doesn't have to be cleared after each iteration, does it?
4:56 PM
you can
I'll try to make all of this a bit clearer
@betseg so it's 51 then. nice, fewer idiots.
Then I don't need to have the graphical output (the only reason to it was that I could not clear console output)

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