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7:00 AM
Yeah I think so
I cant even find those kind of screwdrivers
I have a few, you get them with phone/device repair kits
I've repaired 3 phones and have 6
I got a nice torx kit for about $20 at a hardware store a while ago
I mean, I have an old hard drive (it doesnt even support pcie!) and I really want to tear it down but torx screws stop me from doing that
All screws should be Ikea-type.
Would be nice.
@MatthewRoh pcie?
@Pavel define Ikea-type
7:03 AM
I'm seeing torx key sets on amazon for 8 dollars
@wat Hex, I think
Been a while since I last built an IKEA thing though
@Mego oh god imagine hex screws on laptops, so much striping
@wat Have you ever built anything from ikea?
7:04 AM
@wat pci express
@Pavel yeah, a bookshelf and two beds
@MatthewRoh how would a hard drive support that?
also @MatthewRoh read this
@wat Some SSDs can be mounted as PCIe devices, but why anyone would want to do that is beyond me
Q: Markov Chain Property and Conditional Probability

user65470 Hey everyone I have a question about deconstructing this conditional probability. After using Bayes Rule and then attempting to use P(A | B,C) = P(A,B | B,C) and P(A|B,C) = P(A,B | C)/P(B|C) I can not for the life of me figure out how to make both sides equal. Thank You PS First time poster s...

mine was from an old laptop
7:06 AM
@Mego NVMe? It's much, MUCH faster
@Mego PCIe let's you transmit data faster than SATAe
M.2 NVMe = way faster
@wat Never heard of that until now. Yeah, ok, I can now understand why people would want PCIe-mounted SSDs
thinking of getting a 960 Evo which can read/write at basically 2500/3000 MB/s
That's MegaBYTES
7:08 AM
My knowledge is apparently old - coming from the days before a standardized approach was developed, and the ad-hoc implementations were terrible
What even is the transmit rate of PCIe?
@Pavel huuuuuuuuuuuuge
31.51 GB/s, apparently.
In other words, we'll need a faster standard sometime in the next five years?
PCIe 4.0 is going to be 2x as fast
That is PCIe 4.0
7:14 AM
My Hackbook is on the second stage of installing yay :D
hopefully it works later
while (progress<99) {
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/109881/60042 <TFW your Java solution isn't the longest one
@Pavel Microsoft would like to know how you acquired their source code
I was in one of the office complexes and saw it on a poster.
Their lawyers will be arriving for interrogation in 5 minutes. No, wait, make that 2 hours. Nope, now it's 13 seconds.
7:29 AM
boolean searchForSolution {
    return false;
That one was reddit.
@Pavel why?
I love reddit search
You just go to google and type site:reddit.com <query>
@wat No, I found it on reddit.
I'm not going to claim credit for jokes I didn't write.
:O I made bubble sort in Clojure!
(defn bubble-sort [array]
  (loop [ind 0
         sort-arr array
         swaps? 0]
    (if (= ind (- (count array) 1))
      (if (not= swaps? 0)
        (bubble-sort sort-arr))
      (if (> (nth sort-arr ind) (nth sort-arr (+ ind 1)))
                (subvec sort-arr 0 ind)
                [(nth sort-arr (+ ind 1))]
                [(nth sort-arr ind)]
                (subvec sort-arr (+ ind 2))))]
            (println temp-arr)
Cool, can you do it in TinyLisp?
7:36 AM
@Qwerp-Derp 0/10 no golfing attempt
@Pavel Will try, shouldn't be too hard I think
yay macos installed
@Mego :( y u do dis
@Pavel But I have to study for a test tomorrow and I have a pile of homework :(
Oh, then you should do that.
@Mego But you have to admit it looks nice
7:38 AM
@wat Step 2: Install gentoo
This is what it looks like on Sublime :) it looks awesome
@Pavel Kek
i prefer arch to gentoo because you don't have to compile anything
@Qwerp-Derp use vim
@wat gentoo is a meme
@wat atom>vim
@Pavel IK
@Pavel Umlolno
@Pavel No, YOU'RE a meme
@Qwerp-Derp Can confirm, is pretty.
7:42 AM
@wat I highly doubt Vim get any better than this though, also I'm running windows
@Qwerp-Derp Why is your profile picture so strange?
@wat My background is transparent, I think that borks up SEchat pictures
@Qwerp-Derp I had a killer setup in gVIM when I was using Windows. Also, switch to linux.
Also what are you using for SE chat? It looks beautiful
@wat cba
@Qwerp-Derp goat's userscript
@Qwerp-Derp define cba
7:43 AM
What goat's userscript doesn't work in Chat for me
@wat Can't be arsed
@Qwerp-Derp it's a setting
It's a setting
Oh wow that's cool :)
Unless you're on chrome, in which case it's a borked setting, and you have to edit the userscript an remove the line where it checks if it's supposed to be enabled in chat.
@Pavel I'm on Chrome, but it works anyway
7:45 AM
It works at first
Then one day it will break randomly and you won't be able to change it.
Is int f(c,d){return (!c+d);} valid C? Don't you need to specify the arguments' types?
@Pavel automatically ints
8:21 AM
@Downgoat Do you think this is beautiful
8:39 AM
Prior to Today, I had never won a code-golf
I've not definitely won this one, however, It's most likely.
8:50 AM
I never did
I won a CG because there were only 3 submissions of which 2 were mine (and one of it was the golfiest)
My avatar is black on a transparent background; with the new black Github topbar I thus now have an invisible avatar...
9:08 AM
@Pavel you dont even need the first int: just f(c,d){return (!c+d);}
Why do you need the parenthesis?
yeah you dont need those too
Why does Lua not support a short function definition. ;-;
How is it in Lua?
probably something like int f(int c,int d)
9:12 AM
function() end
That's more verbose than Java... no wait it isn't
The full thing being function(a,b)return 1-a+b end
Dec 17 '16 at 18:39, by betseg
public static integer function main takes argument args which is a string array
Hence I made it in RProgN {!+}
9:14 AM
actually i'm planning to implement ^^
A lot of the features I implemented was me being passive aggressive against lua.
Like, booleans are just ints with a different tostring
jokes on you, in C there is no tostring!
Lua only has it on a technical level.
Except when it doesn't.
Lua makes me sad sometimes.
9:17 AM
php luasadness.com
10:06 AM
Q: Animate the text in your terminal

ʰᵈˑAnimate the text in your terminal The goal The goal is to "animate" the string "Hello world" in your output so that each character gets capitalised after each other. Your program can exit after each letter has been capitalised. For example; # Iteration 1 Hello world # Iteration 2 hEllo wor...

10:25 AM
11:24 AM
if ($test=0){echo "why U no workie workie?"}
if ($test=1){echo "go home powershell, you're drunk"}
thanks, powershell
And if you subtract 32 it becomes a null byte
@KritixiLithos it becomes 244, which is ô
but 32-32 == 0
11:35 AM
oop i totally gone derp mode
its 0x20 not 20
btw a null byte stops printf and it wont print "world"
Yay, I got my first segfault
1 hour later…
12:55 PM
Does anyone here know the trick to get MathJax working on PPCG?
I think it's supposed to work... I could take a screenshot from math.SE, but that's cumbersome and (hopefully) unnecessary.
I thought mathjax was removed from PPCG
There is no MathJax on PPCG
The $ notation was messing up with the code blocks
Who cares about the code?
Ok, thanks :)
If you wish to use LaTeX notation, you can use an online or desktop program to generate the output and upload an image
12:59 PM
You can use https://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex? and append your latex code encoded.
@mınxomaτ That's really neat
@mınxomaτ Neat
There's also an editor if you don't know latex: codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php?lang=en-us
1:11 PM
@mınxomaτ thank you!
@Downgoat We were talking about this
@Mego Jeopardy: Less than 5 minutes...
Question: How long will it take before the tag is deleted? :P
I have just the perfect topic for a question
"Word chain"
@StewieGriffin Why did you even add the tag if you knew it was going to be removed?
Just noticed Zyabin has been chat banned for a year
1:26 PM
Oh, that sounds bad
@MatthewRoh Suspension from chatting across the entire network
@StewieGriffin I don't understand how y = (t*cos)^.5 * abs(t^.3) works. What is cos supposed to mean
All rooms are read-only to suspended users
@KritixiLithos Looks like a typo - it should be y = (t*cos(t))^.5 * abs(t^.3)
across the entire network, for a year Now I can see why hes being an attention eater of some sort
1:30 PM
Very subtle.
Lemme predict what that is
Q: Valentine's golf! I heart you!

Stewie GriffinIt's Valentine's day! Your challenge is to draw/plot one of the hearts below. The size must be at least 50x50 pixels (vector graphics is OK). You may choose which of the hearts you want to draw/plot. Axes, grid lines etc. are accepted. There must be at least 100 distinct coordinates/points on th...

?? It's from WA.
@Mego Doesn't look like a heart to me
@mınxomaτ nvm :\
1:35 PM
@Mego, and @KritixiLithos..
I'm fixing the image now...
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SteadyboxCrossed out 44 is still regular 44 As it happens, the HTML strikethrough <s>4</s> lines up perfectly with the crossbar of the number 4 so that the two don't differ in appearance: 4 and 4 look like the same thing. This causes crossed out bytecounts in answers to code golf questions seem a bit c...

@MatthewRoh Well, the only options for dealing with a specific user are trashing messages, kick-mutes from a room (starts at 1 minute, and automatically escalates to 5 minutes and then 30 minutes, with 30 minutes being the maximum, plus raises an automatic moderator flag after the third), or network-wide suspensions (can only be done by a mod, allows any integer number of hours to be chosen between 1 and 9999).
@StewieGriffin The top image also needs fixing
@Mego, better? :)
1:40 PM
@StewieGriffin Perfect
1:52 PM
What do you guys think about a word chain challenge (answer-chaining)
2:26 PM
They are cool but you have to use sandbox
Otherwise you be doooomed
Hello can someone explain why my question got negative votes, people seem to understand the question and reply
am i missing something
Link to question?
Q: Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa

Abel TomMama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa I'm sure all of you have heard of Michael Jackson and some of you have listened to MJ's song "Wanna be starting something". The line "Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa" is repeated throughout the song. Specification In this line, the word "Mama"occurs three times, "Say",...

Well, that was quick
It's exceedingly trivial
2:29 PM
There are a lot of trivial questions
should not have posted it i guess, can i undo it
seriously guys?
@AbelTom Too late now. In the future, let challenges sit in the sandbox longer.
Like i feel thats really unfair
THat is how it goes
Complaining about downvotes isn't going to gain you any sympathy
2:32 PM
I would remove my upvote just for complaining but i am not that mean
guess i have no other choice but to accept it
Your best option is to just live and learn
I'd say the primary problem is that the specification is not clear enough. It should be explicit what you want.
It is
Why would so many reply then?
where is general SO chat
2:33 PM
The edit did help
@ChristopherPeart Look under chat.stackoverflow.com
Yea so i did edit right? I did something to change my first version. That was my first question, how was i supposed to know
It's not very challenging though. You can basically read the challenge as "return the smallest of 4 numbers"
@AbelTom We have a plethora of advice on Meta about how to write good challenges (and not write bad challenges)
@AbelTom That's a legitimate question. The simple answer is because it's simple. But I think spamming a bad challenge with answers is one of the more toxic sides of PPCG.
2:35 PM
We have an "How to ask" guide iirc
yea fine
@mınxomaτ You mean "trivial"?
Like its my first question ever and
why would you re-opn it then
i mean
Dont worry
Things happen
I got dislikes on my first question too
@MatthewRoh No I mean simple. But it's trivial, too.
2:39 PM
No you did not
@MatthewRoh No you did not, 6 upvotes
That doesn't mean there wasn't any downvotes
@AbelTom I did. I just deleted those
so can i delete mine too?
or will i be blocked forever from posting questions
I'm honestly tempted to close it as a dupe of this. Finding the minimum of [a/4, b, c, d] is not really all that different from finding the minimum of a generic array.
I had a legendary record of 15 dislikes or so
2:40 PM
@AbelTom You cannot delete it now because it has upvoted answers. You won't be permanently question-banned for a single deletion.
what do you think about this answer? the question asks for animation, this answer prints 50 newlines and the next frame.
@AbelTom Downvotes on a question do not mean you're being downvoted.
In fact yeah, I'm going to dupe-hammer it
@AdmBorkBork Hey , i'm not takin it personally you know
@Mego If thats a dupe, why are detecting medians not dupe
2:43 PM
Great, Thanks @Mego
@betseg Technically those new lines are not really against the rules
The question says "The output must be as 1 line"
It never says it has to be from left to right haha
@MatthewRoh Tu quoque isn't a valid argument. Do you have a specific challenge in mind that you think is a duplicate?
@Metoniem but it wouldn't be an "animation"
tag wiki need details
@Metoniem the "iterations" are ltr
Hmm, good point.. It might not be as valid then haha
2:46 PM
Also 50 newlines are an alternative for clearing the screen
Is clearing not allowed?
Thats allowed, but, python doesnt really have a sort of clearing
Emitting ANSI control codes should be possible from any language
Ahh, I see.. But what if I happen to have a huge screen on which those 50 lines are all visible? :P
ANSI control codes. Reasonable
2:50 PM
Someones profile picture just flew through my screen. Is that a normal thing? lol
@Metoniem when they exit room
Ah, it surprised me a bit haha
People drop in from above when they arrive, and fall out below when they leave. Sometimes both happen in succession, as if someone arrived and then immediately left
watch me flying off!
@MatthewRoh When closing questions as duplicates, we prefer to close questions when there is a "better" (more definitive) challenge to point to. With the recent challenge, the list statistics challenge is a more-definitive challenge for finding the minimum of a list. However, the median challenge is a more-definitive challenge for finding the medium of a list than the list statistics challenge (because it asks for exactly one thing). Ideally...
2:52 PM
...the list statistics challenge would be broken up into multiple challenges (one for each statistic), but that hasn't happened yet.
Imagine a thousand people leaving at the same time
@MatthewRoh It would look like the ending of Microsoft Solitaire.
would crash the browser tho :/
Would it look like a MIRV attack
Q: Should "Operations with lists" be broken up into individual challenges?

MegoAs it stands, Operations on lists is in a bit of a weird place. It's a multi-part challenge, which aren't allowed, but is pointed to as a (potential or actual) dupe target for the tasks it requires. Would it be better to break up this challenge into its constituent parts and post each as a separ...

3:07 PM
What should we do for Valentine's day?
Stay in TNB
Draw an ascii chocolate
Actually since when did we care about valentines day :\
@MatthewRoh Since never
Okay then
3:25 PM
@KritixiLithos Amen
@betseg No no Integer is a class and should be capitalized.
Eat valentines chocolate by myself while in TNB.
@Pavel lol
My plans are spaghetti for dinner and chocolate-covered strawberries for desert with the wife, followed by us watching really bad romance movies
Same for String actually.
3:36 PM
You use java?
3:46 PM
@Mego Just to clarify, you know, i was not looking for any "sympathy" earlier, I posted a question for the first time and did not expect a reaction like that, besides if it was such a trivial question why did you guys let it get spammed with answers?
Any final comments or tweaks before I post my Cops-n-Robbers challenge?
Should I unprotect this challenge? On one hand, we've agreed to not protect challenges, but on the other hand it has thirty invalid answers
@DJMcMayhem most of those seem to be invalid because they didn't read the "don't write a function that calls itself" - maybe just bold that part of the question?
@Mego chocolate-covered strawberry spaghetti. YUM!
@muddyfish It's already bolded
3:53 PM
@Mego mmmmm!
@DJMcMayhem All a <blink> tag to it?
@Mego Why not chocolate fondue?
@AdmBorkBork Maybe include a link (or a snippet) to a levenshtein distance calculator so that it would for cops and robbers to check their solutions.
@DJMcMayhem (I hope you knew I was joking)
3:56 PM
I figured, but then I was really curious to see if that would work or not haha
TIL Microsoft uses Git for Windows source code.
A program that Linus Torvalds created :D
@KritixiLithos Oh, that's a good idea.
4:16 PM
@Mego Are you watching one pot chef?
@AbelTom There are always going to be users looking for easy rep
@flawr Because that's more difficult
Anyone here know jelly?
@flawr I have no idea what that is
3 bytes of code so not much
4:23 PM
@ChristopherPeart No one truly knows Jelly. There are just varying levels of pretending.
What is it meant to be doing?
Take 2 args and find the mod
It runs fine for me
@Mego Okay, I'll remember that
@KritixiLithos sorry my bad
4:24 PM
Mine just says servers response couldn't be decoded
@AbelTom You can edit messages within 2 minutes of them being posted. There's no need to ping-and-delete multiple times - it's actually quite annoying.
@ChristopherPeart Network gremlins. It works fine for me.
Using IE soooo
Also you can just do %, Jelly supports tacit programming
4:26 PM
in talk.tryitonline.net, Jan 16 at 4:25, by Mego
> Feature X isn't working for me.
>> What browser are you using?
> IE.
>> There's your problem.
A: Notcalc (Calculate the wrong answer)

Christopher PeartJelly, 1 byte % All it does is find the mod of the 2 args and returns. Tactic programming! Try it online!

First jelly answer
Inputting 0 and 0 gives nan
Yep, not quite clever enough
@ChristopherPeart *tacit
Would * work then?
4:37 PM
just a note 0 isnt a natural number
@LliwTelracs wat
In jelly
*= ^
4:38 PM
0^0 would be nan, no?
0^0 is 1

@betseg natural numbers are all integers greater than 0. Whole numbers include 0.
2^2=4 2+2=4
4:40 PM
@LliwTelracs ISO 80000-2 says otherwise
@LliwTelracs Not everyone agrees on that as other values have justification too.
It might be clearer if the question used whole numbers though since natural numbers could mean with or without 0 due to not having an agreed upon definition
5 flags?
@LliwTelracs The question explicitly states that 0 is included, so I don't think that this is a problem.
@muddyfish All in TNB?
4:46 PM
@KritixiLithos None as far as I'm aware
I did 3 byte way
Why not just do =?
Another person did
1 and 1 gave me 2
Dang it
1 and 9 gives 10
You should probably just delete it until you can fix it
how about ++
4:54 PM
In 10 years: "Ok, I got a 115864 bytes answer that I think works"
that won't work
Can't you just do sum + increment?
4:56 PM
so +1?
Input = A,B, compute A+B+1
don't know how you do that in Jelly but that's quite likely 2 bytes
It would be ++1
I think
Or +‘
I'm pretty sure increment is a monad

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