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12:00 PM
also yeah good idea
I'll just fetch some of my examples
wow. github's theme's changed lots
for pyke
from my own wip koth
the latter will probably be more useful for you
maybe tomorrow I will do it
was that just so you can find it again?
12:12 PM
also because is wip koth
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

muddyfishTron Game king-of-the-hill grid Write a Tron bot! The aim of the game is to make as many moves on a grid as possible without moving onto a space that has already been occupied in the current game. If your bot is unable to make such a move, it loses the round. The board does not wrap so bots ca...

I'll probably update it today now you've brought it up
I love my javascript message sending bookmarklet
12:40 PM
@muddyfish Updated. Requesting feedback now
probably change "sorry" to "sorry not sorry" — Destructible Watermelon 20 mins ago
@DestructibleWatermelon but as we all know, implicit is better than explicit
Explicit is better than implicit.
zen of python
Q: Give your answer as gentleman

ExileWhat is the answer? { func x15(for ([10 >> [a,v] == b] : b :: ret b = a >> x15 (0,1) << v)); res = 10; res &= x15( res, 82 ) > res >> 100; ret fire res :: HellRession; }

@DestructibleWatermelon sorry not sorry about myself not being sorry at myself not being sorry at myself not being sorry at...
12:53 PM
@NewMainPosts wat
@DestructibleWatermelon fixed
Lemme think of a name of an esolang
(thats the name)
yes, "halp"
@MatthewRoh fluff
I meant the name is "halp"
fluff is better though
12:58 PM
1:16 PM
I have an idea for a question
and its also used in many math problems
make x with the given numbers
@Dennis you on? I have some questions of how you built jelly
@MatthewRoh Using what operators? :-)
@MatthewRoh I should use that as the name for my language I am working on
1:38 PM
What did he mean?
What he said :) — mınxomaτ 3 hours ago
Does anybody have any tips for creating golf languages? I want to make a code golf language.
@J843136028 That is what I am working on
Waiting for dennis to respond
Have you actually started making it?
Have to restart tho
@J843136028 UTF-8. No functions. Has a builtin array of English words. Echo the variable by using only 1 character. Must have loops, + - * / ^ %.
1:40 PM
@LearnHowToBeTransparent Thanks.
@wizzwizz4 Hi.
I sent you a star Transaprent. Usefull
@J843136028 Hello! :-)
@wizzwizz4 Any tips for golfing languages?
@J843136028 Not for golfing languages.
@wizzwizz4 O.K.
1:42 PM
Ooh! Given a question number, evaluates the answer to the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf question with that number.
> I sent you a star Transaprent. Usefull
@LearnHowToBeTransparent You don't need to be that transparent.
@wizzwizz4 i went to a discord server and it was terrible so i come back here
@J843136028 what motivates you to create a golf language?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Frenzy Li Count the Rectangles! code-golf string ascii-art Rectangles and polygons are drawn on an m×n grid using   spaces, - horizontal segments, | vertical segments and + vertices or intersections. The objective of this code golf is to write the shortest code to count the number of rectangles: ...

2:08 PM
AAaaaah they changed the top bar of github
@Fatalize And of Stack Overflow.
They've swapped.
they haven't changed the top bar of SO for me yet
me neither
People don't lose time...
Wait the new GH navbar is sht
2:21 PM
@Fatalize It's opt-in.
@muddyfish You can change a preference to have a look at it.
At least they didn't removed (yet) the old .header class
So document.getElementsByClassName("header-dark")[0].className = "header"; works just fine
@TuxCopter Or for(x of document.getElementByClassName("header-dark")){x.clasName="header";}
There's only one header...
And a map + lambda would be probably golfier
@TuxCopter map?
I didn't know that was ES6.
2:26 PM
@TuxCopter Oh. Array.prototype.map. :-)
@wizzwizz4 what is the community swap button doing on the right?
@muddyfish ... ? Please send a screenshot.
That might be a bug that lets non-mods access mod stuff.
What editor should I use for writing Python. (Windows)
Oh the new SO navbar is neat
2:27 PM
I would like one the helps with indenting
@ChristopherPeart IDLE.
@ChristopherPeart vim
@ChristopherPeart A butterfly.
@muddyfish Oh, I thought you meant the "change which community that TNB is linked to" button...
Well, it's a design change.
It's supposed to make it less prominent.
However, I don't think it makes much sense.
2:29 PM
@wizzwizz4 there's a button that lets you change the SE that a chatroom belongs to?
@muddyfish Yes
For ROs and mods
@muddyfish I will now demonstrate.
/me was kicked for triggering the laser defences.
Hmm... perhaps I shouldn't.
/me was kicked for laughing
Yes, you should not.
2:31 PM
@wizzwizz4 How much can I get laser defenses for?
@muddyfish I don't know.
Last time I checked, they weren't a thing.
I don't really like vim :P
Or I am just doing it wrong
Puts on lazer proof vest
The mosquito laser is a device invented by astrophysicist Lowell Wood to kill large numbers of mosquitoes to reduce malaria infection rates. Although originally introduced in the early 1980s, the idea was not substantially researched until decades later. In 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation requested Intellectual Ventures LLC to find a way to fight and eventually end malaria. Intellectual Ventures resurrected the idea of using lasers to kill mosquitoes and now has a working prototype. The idea has been criticized because most areas where malaria is prevalent do not have reliable electrical...
That is the best idea ever
@muddyfish ... what
2:32 PM
Q: More fun with case-(very)-sensitive strings

steenberghInspired by this challenge (or, more specifically, by misreading it), I've come up with the following challenge: Given an input string S, reverse the order of all uppercase characters, and all lowercase characters. Leave all non-letter characters in place. For instance: Note that the uppercas...

And my quest continues to take up the entire starboard...
@muddyfish You're not going to get there until Dennis' "RO Welcome" post is unpinned.
I will concede that spot for now
3:07 PM
@muddyfish post more funny stuff
So I can help you take over
@ChristopherPeart You do know that the starboard isn't meant to be abused like that?
I'd rather not
I am not abusing
I was quite amused
@wizzwizz4 can you do some spring cleaning of the star board?
I didn't star all of them
@muddyfish What things?
3:08 PM
Only 4 :P
I'm not a RO, so I don't think I'm meant to...
I mean items 2+3+6 aren't even very interesting
Didn't star 6
Wait 2+3+6=11 but there is only ten spots on the star board
Illuminati confirmed
3:58 PM
@ChristopherPeart I am now. Questions about Jelly are best asked in the Jelly room though.
4:18 PM
Don't you guys love it when an invalid answer is shown on our tour?
user image
(the python solution)
: be able to flag answers in tour
maybe thats why the python answer isnt upvoted?
never mind
@muddyfish Isn't the solution to flag that answer anyways (because its invalid)?
A: Answer to life, the universe, and everything

hallvaboPython (42 characters) print'42'*(hash(raw_input())==02673252326) Guess I'll have to retract the answer if somebody finds a hash collision ;-) Note: the hash() function result is system dependent, replace the constant if necessary.

@NathanMerrill I believe so and I have
ah, but the tour is a screenshot
4:31 PM
does everyone else get that question on the tour?
It used to be unicorns I think
now it's deleted, it's still on the tour
Guess 42 isn't the answer to life...
I see an exploit allowing users to keep their answers around forever
1. get answer on tour
2. profit.
How does the question on tour get selected?
4:39 PM
Why is the answer invalid?
@DJMcMayhem it relies on there being no hash collisions with the target output
5:33 PM
And actually there is a collision
@TuxCopter what is it?
idk but someone in the comments said there is
@TuxCopter it was probably a joke
@Dennis it is not about jelly but how you wrote it.
Anyway it's very probable that there is a collision, even if it is 1e1000 characters long
5:43 PM
How did you decide to "search" for key characters? A for loop? Regex?
6:04 PM
@ChristopherPeart Regex. The parser starts here.
Is there any rule against using non-turing complete languages?
My language will not be able to be Turing complete for a while but I want to get a bunch of math into it before I get into making it officially Turing complete
No, there are no rules against that
The latest checkbox challenge has an HTML answer or three
We have this, but we also have this.
@DJMcMayhem Wait really? Now I can start using Carrot on simple challenges!
6:18 PM
@KritixiLithos It has to do addition and check primality
So, is it perfectly okay to answer kolmogorov complexity questions in Deflate?
It can do addition and return matches from a regex statement, but it can't do primality testing
@JanDvorak Sort-of, I recommend looking up Bubblegum on esolangs.org
@KritixiLithos There's a regex which checks primality in unary
It could probably be modified to work with decimal
The lang doesn't have any bools yet
I'd be okay with binary
6:21 PM
Q: Is it OK to delete old answers?

James HoldernessSince this is not a QA site as such, I don't think there's a whole lot of value in keeping old solutions around for future reference. And for new users to the site, it's a bit like discovering an awesome puzzle book, only to find that somebody has already filled in 90% of the answers. From that p...

@KritixiLithos Match/empty string is valid truthy/falsy
Right now it returns a match when the the string has length 1
Sorry, matches composite numbers
But same thing, really
$^//^1?$|^(11+?)\1+$/ put the number in input
Composite and 1*
6:25 PM
The next step is to negate it
I think that might be optional
Hmm... isn't it a bit cheeky to claim only two valid programs are known if their source code is identical?
But Carrot cannot convert decimal to unary just yet
@JanDvorak thatsthejoke.jpg
I was looking for a one-byte difference exploiting a known SHA1 hash collision.
6:29 PM
@KritixiLithos I don't think anyone will argue that it's not a language.
Idk why
I have no answers and it is not my question
@ChristopherPeart Someone accepted your suggested edit
Ah that makes sense
@Pavel Ok then, I'm going to post an answer
Just had 8 flags on SO marked as helpful :P
on review still
6:36 PM
@ChristopherPeart of my 321 flags on SO, 114 have aged away. That's how slow their system is
Those 8 flags were all from today
All were found by a chat bot
@muddyfish The fact that SO jas only 22 moderators is a bit insane considering how much traffic it gets.
@ChristopherPeart I have like 200 helpful flags there
And 1300 across the network
Just as I get off the computer you ping me
Which is really nothing compared to some users I know
6:47 PM
I will never be able to leave
@ChristopherPeart that happens to me all the time
Well played
slow clap
If you use mobile chat, TNB is with you everywhere you go and you really can never leave
You can logout any time you like, but you can never leave
Precisely. :)
6:52 PM
Note "can never leave" instead of "can stay on whenever"
it is a trap
TNB is like a drug
One taste you never leave
@Dennis can you add an addictive content warning to the description?
Actually, it's more like a mortgage
If you don't chat you pay
@ChristopherPeart I'm guessing the answer is no. (I could do that also, but I won't)
You know about the edit button right?
6:55 PM
Yes. Mobile is occasionally stupid about edits
You buy the ability to talk to people, and you pay back by being talked to
@JanDvorak And if you ever stop someone hunts you down
@ChristopherPeart I can do a lot of things.
@Dennis so can most people
@Dennis ahem. Will you add an addictive content warning to the description?
6:57 PM
(I am guessing no)
Also that delay put my post after yours
Anyone get ocd about
@ChristopherPeart That's what we call ninja'd
Ah. Thanks
@MistahFiggins Muhahaha. It worked!
gets triggered
Such ambiguity...
7:02 PM
Perhaps if you used 3 goats and out did mego
Mego is mango confirmed
@downgoat omg htf do you type on ipads
the autocorrect is so annoying
You can buy a keyboard for your iPad
Battery died
about 5 minutes ago
@Downgoat 27M results...
7:05 PM
Holy crap
And the mobile Uighur ok wait wat
can someone please give me example of usign exclusive states in bison (not flex)
That made me crack up for some reason
that was "us"
i was trying to say the mobile ui makes rejoining favorite rooms impossible?
-1, it's a qwerty rather than dvorak
7:06 PM
@Downgoat Now I get what you mean by typing with hooves
@Riker btw how exactly did you get the base64 string for the piet image?
Wikimedia commons
then ran bash on it
dont remember commands just google them
Then what's the "brute force"?
The b64
i didn't even try to generate the image in a smart way
just decoded a b64
not exactly brute force but eh
It's a pity it doesn't work in the PDE, otherwise you could have golfed it by removing the draw (I think)
7:14 PM
not sure why, do you know?
No idea
But also in the "real" Processing, you have to do image(x,0,0);
7:34 PM
Q: Print out the entire Bee Movie Script

Noah CristinoYour challenge is to print out the entire bee movie script. But, you will have to do it as fast as you can. Please also output the time taken after the script! Script: http://pastebin.com/raw/xXqDWvsd The fastest code wins! This isn't code golf so it's not a duplicate!

"The entire bee movie but fastest code"
You know a meme is dying if it becomes a theme for a challenge.
@PhiNotPi clearly we need to buy a really good supercomputer and put all of the characters into memory right next to one another
"The Entire Bee Movie, but nothing is changed. This is just straight up piracy. Watch while you can before I get a takedown."
Unfortunately it seems that the video was indeed taken down.
7:44 PM
TIL bash is written in C
... In what did you think it was written?
It's just that I've underestimated C
The base Unix kernel is entirely written (or at least the majority of the codebase is) in C
2 days ago, by betseg
You either code C or use programs that people coded with C.
C can make coffee too (only if you program the coffee machine obviously)
7:48 PM
2 days ago, by wizzwizz4
@betseg Or write programs using programs that people programmed with C.
Then how was C written?
In assembly
Then how was assembly written?
In machine code
8:05 PM
How was machine code written
With machine code
Nah. Machine code was written in copper and silicon.
You punched punch cards with punch card punchers
@JanDvorak how did you make the punch card punchers?
With Java
With bigger machines
8:08 PM
That's a hardware problem
Have you tried jQuery?
I think it would help
I am really disturbed right now
I just had a 5 second youtube add
with skip
and I went to click skip and it ended before I could. Pls send help
8:54 PM
can someone help me convert the following regex (B*(A B+)*A?C) to a LALR grammar where letter represent a rule.
I've tried obvious but stupid conflict happen
I'd just draw the DFA and squeeze a grammar out of that.

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