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5:00 AM
@Dennis ah, okay
@TrojanByAccident Btw If you comment on my post I will get pinged regardless of whether or not you tag me with the @ symbol. I don't think anyone cares which way you go, but for future reference you might be able to save a few bytes.
@WheatWizard I know, it's just habit
That's it, SE comments need to implement vim-like editor features so we can golf in them.
5:47 AM
Jeez, It's been like an hour. What is this.
Sleepytime for many
@Pavel 44 minutes. learn proper time
@redstarcoder sleepytime is 5 am
anyway, back to work with me
I need to do just enough schoolwork that my mom thinks I'm actually doing schoolwork
It's nearly one for you, right? Judging by what you said earlier.
@Pavel Correct.
Go to sleep. It's good for you.
I want to point out, for everyone here, that Python 2 is superior to Python 3. The reason for this is that this module has never been ported to Python 3 properly.
I didn't even know you could define keywords in python.
5:55 AM
@Pavel No. Sleep is for those with a life the weak
@Pavel Finally. yes!
@Pavel Same
Why was my multiplication challenge downvoted so much?
@wat Which?
@TrojanByAccident "Multiply two numbers"
Really hoping for a Retina solution
6:02 AM
You should have waited
@Pavel for what?
The addition one was really recent, right?
@Pavel no...
Wait really?
6:04 AM
Q: Add two numbers

watInput: Two decimal integers. These can be given to the code in standard input, as arguments to the program or function, or as a list. Output: Their sum, as a decimal integer. For example, the input 5 16 would lead to the output 21. Restrictions: No standard loopholes please. This is code-golf, ...

i mean, to be fair, your question was also upvoted a lot
about 6 months ago
@MistahFiggins yeah +20/-22
Wtf my Orange Pi Zero refuses to connect via serial console
gotta go to iot.SE
Your old one was downvoted too
maybe people thought it was too trivial
It was +38/-12
not +20/-22
i'm personally fine with it
@wat Still, its an unusual amount of downvotes... I think...
6:06 AM
@MistahFiggins ya ikr
FGITW affects downvotes, too.
two people downvote, other follow.
The mods are asleep
nm then
@Pavel good job, keep it up.
I have like, 1.5 paragraphs left. I'm basically done.
@Pavel with what?
6:08 AM
I have a project due tomorrow that I forgot about.
I just ignore those
school sucks, because it means not coding
except in cs
@MistahFiggins unless you're cyberschooled and code all day long instead of doing your schoolwork ;)
i dont have that ;u;
6:11 AM
@wat net score 0 now with 44 votes
If you make an edit, people might come around and change their vote now that they've had time to think on it.
@TrojanByAccident ikr? I go to an "Innovative" high school which does all math through an online system
I code all day in class
if you didn't have the privilege it would look like a new question
@wat We're thinking about moving to a place in OK, where the public school gives you a laptop (like cyberschool), except you sit in class and do your work on the computer there
it's like cyberschool, except your single parent can work or go to school instead of watching you all day
6:43 AM
Hello again
@Qwerp-Derp who is again?
@TrojanByAccident why u do dis ;_;
@Qwerp-Derp I have never done ;_;
6:57 AM
Yey I posted question on SO
I don't think that warrants a "Yey" though
7:15 AM
<button onclick="function()">, duh
@betseg :(
7:43 AM
Chat = ded
Q: How to call function on button click?

Qwerp-DerpI have a Processing class, called Button, which has the following function onClick: class Button() { // Extra code void onClick() { // Run function here } } which is supposed to trigger a function call when the button is clicked, and the function is taken in from an argumen...

8:09 AM
Q: Zero sum covers

ZgarbIntroduction Consider a nonempty list L of integers. A zero-sum slice of L is a contiguous subsequence of L whose sum equals 0. For example, [1, -3, 2] is a zero-sum slice of [-2, 4, 1, -3, 2, 2, -1, -1], but [2, 2] is not (because it doesn't sum to 0), and neither is [4, -3, -1] (because it's n...

8:58 AM
LOL, my Processing question got almost no answers, but when I put the tag on it 2 answers instantly popped up, and I got an upvote
Two upvotes in fact
9:35 AM
Q: Hard task: Write CMS in one file

monobogdan1So, this is strange golf but, i hope you like it ;) Task You must write golfed(or ungolfed) CMS in ONE file. Requirements CMS must be CMS(at least post news, post comments and admin panel(at least posting feature)). CMS must be in ONE file, i.e all code must be in index.php, index.pl a...

@NewMainPosts This is why I have that "use the sandbox" script
@Mego mind sharing?
Hahaha, haters eat Mego shit — monobogdan1 1 min ago
@TrojanByAccident javascript:$.post("//codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/"+window.location.pathnam‌​e.split('/')[2]+"/comments",{comment:"Please consider using the [Sandbox](http://meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/sandbox-for-prop‌​osed-challenges) in the future to get feedback on your challenges before posting them to the main site.",fkey:StackExchange.options.user.fkey});
Save that as a bookmark, click it when you're on a post that needs the comment.
9:50 AM
@monobogdan1 But the other uses don't know Russian either. Please stop speaking Russian in an English-only chat.
That too.
@bwDraco Nope, in this case it really offensive :)
@Grundy +1
Who's mod over here ? I can translate
Looks like I'm like the movie police and came after all the fun happened
9:52 AM
Instead of using spam/offensive flags, it would make a lot more sense to use a free-text mod flag for this purpose.
@Serg looks like he's already suspended
there's nothing for me to do, unless you lot want the complimentary janitorial servive
Again, that too.
I mean look at this, a bunch of completely unrelated 10ks and mods speaking at the same time.
lol, Hi!
Trying to find out who Journeyman is hiing to
9:54 AM
@M.A.R. Well, I am sort of related to a few folks here . . . um . . .that sounded weird
@M.A.R. completely unrelated mod, at your service
Today I realized answering a ''hi'' wrongly is one of the most awkward social situations.
@M.A.R. 10ks are essentially mods, just without, what? a couple tools and the official status?
But prolly an obvious grammatical mistake is worse.
OK. well, if my translation services and cursing at user's in russian aren't needed, I'll go back to AU room . . .
9:56 AM
@M.A.R. how do you answer 'hi' wrongly?
vaguely, they can handle flags
@TrojanByAccident Oh 10k's have nothing.
@M.A.R. ?
@TrojanByAccident If it's meant for someone else
ROs really need to be the pointy end of the stick for these things
and I'm really not here cause I want to go "this his how you run your chat" or anything ;p
9:56 AM
@TrojanByAccident I'm just being power-hungry here
Are there any RO here at the moment?
just got in, catching up
I donno. ;p
RO's have nothing either
9:57 AM
@M.A.R. lol
ROs can kick
I mean, the addition of ''timeout'' makes it easier.
Its a moderately useful tool, used in moderation (no pun intended) when someone just dosen't get the picture.
@JourneymanGeek Well, in small sites, when you do see the need to kick, it's got to be more than a minute.
@M.A.R. yup, so I was like "guys, you need a hand?"
But it was handled ;p
Serg popped in cause he can actually read cyrallic, which is awesome for context.
9:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek More like a Mjolnir
@JourneymanGeek there's also google translate
Never been in a PPCG chat before.
The guy simply was asking if there's anyone Russian in the chat, although in sort of brash lingo
@M.A.R. nobody really needs a mjolnir
Suspension well deserved i'd say
10:00 AM
Whoa what's the occasion there's a lot of people
the russian is quite rude
Hello everyone!
I raised a mod flag once all of the regular flags started getting raised
So I should let y'all know that I prolly bad-mouthed this site in its early stages somewhere.
Whoa what happened
10:01 AM
Hehehe the messages are being flagged in the Recycle Bin.
@M.A.R. It's ok, we bad-mouthed your site(s) too. But our insults were shorter, and therefore better.
@Qwerp-Derp Plotting world domination, through an advanced AI that infects the internet from inside Internet Level 10
@Mego OK that's NOT OK
@TrojanByAccident Ohkay... SKYNET HAS ARISEN
Wait, you mean Chem, or ELL?
10:01 AM
@Mego Awfully appropriate.
@TrojanByAccident 10ks can't ban users :-)
Actually, that would be cool to make. Anyone want to help me figure out how to access the 10th level of the Deep Web?
@Grundy true
@M.A.R. personally I tend to vary my tactics from a nail scissors on the lawn, to a chainsaw, to a orbital blast ;p
@Grundy Validating enough flags temporarily bans them from a room though.
@M.A.R. Whichever one is better for the joke :P
10:03 AM
@Mast really?
So let me get this straight: a guy got salty for a bad challenge and decided to take it to the chat?
@Qwerp-Derp Roughly.
@Mego ELL. Chem is too perfect.
IIRC its an escalating suspension from...3 minutes to 30 to...
10:03 AM
Chem, probably. Bad-mouthing ELL wouldn't be fair to the people who may not know English well enough to understand the insults.
@Mego Chem?
@JourneymanGeek The ban was 2 hours. I don't know if it was from people validating the flags, or if a mod manually applied it.
@JourneymanGeek The default suspension period is 30 minutes IIRC.
So, this guy's done it a few times.
10:05 AM
Not sure how that increases every time.
I added a java tag and the question immediately got 2 upvotes and 2 answers...
@Mego Well, chem would be bad for you. We have a Chinese dragon guarding the place.
Oh we know it escalates cause we had a troll who people kept flagging.
Then I got fed up and threw him a week on chat
then got a CM to throw him a decade long suspension ;p
Can mods change parent sites?
@JourneymanGeek Decade-long suspension? What
10:06 AM
@M.A.R. yes
A decade decade? 10 years?
@Qwerp-Derp That's the closest thing to a ban on a site
@Qwerp-Derp In very exceptional cases, CM's ''temporarily'' ban people for more than a year.
@JourneymanGeek Are there bans on SE?
nope, just loooong suspensions
10:07 AM
Is 10 years the longest?
I guess the longest case is Ron Maimon on Physics.SE.
You're implying that it is
Nope, it isn't.
I actually don't think there's a limit to it.
@M.A.R. Mushu isn't very scary
@Mego I meant Loong.
10:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek That doesn't seem long enough.
CMC: Make a Jelly code-review question, just to annoy the code-review people (don't actually do it pls)
What if someone made a Jelly SO / Code Review question?
there have been esolangs on CR
@xnor BF's probably the most "esolang"-ific of the languages on CR.
One of our moderators is a Brainfuck aficionado.
10:09 AM
BF isn't esoteric enough.
@Qwerp-Derp that's some esolang hipsterism there :)
Life Lesson of PPCG #1: Once you've been here, there's no boundaries to esotericity.

Mast It's not fair that 1% of the users hold 75% of the lolcode questions. #OccupyMatsMug ~ user2296177 I agree. Without further ado, here's the LOLCODE version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall: OBTW PRINT TEH LOLCODE VERSHUN OV N BOTTLEZ OV BER ON TEH WALL. TLDR HAI 1.3 HOW IZ I CO...

Actually that should be rule 0
10:10 AM
@Mast Ehhhhh...
LOLCODE is too mainstream.
So is BF, IMO, compared to the languages on both Esolang and here.
But it's a start
Wait there's an ArnoldC answer?
To quote ArnoldC, BULLSHIT
We got someone who wrote Game of Life in Excel. We don't need Esoteric languages to do crazy things.
@Mast Link pls
Q: Life is a Game - Play it

KazI haven't made a game in Excel yet, so I decided to Make Conway's Game of Life. If you wish to play along, I've uploaded the workbook here. Right now it's very rudimentary (No user interface, no buttons/controls, no automatic tick-increment), but I would like to, in the future, add all of the a...

10:15 AM
That is beautiful
Truly beautiful
This person wrote some code that's too long. Let's help them by shortening it. CMC
Q: Find equal pairs

Lin Ma Problem Given an array A of unique integers, find the index of values that satisfy A + B =C + D, where A,B,C & D are integers values in the array. Find all combinations of quadruples. I posted two versions of solutions and am wondering if there are any further smart ideas to make it...

So do I make a Gist or smth?
^^ Shorten it and speed it up?
@xnor Stop that. Don't golf-nerd-snipe us.
That spec is confusingly written. The reference code outputs values even though indices are mentioned.
Also, it seems it wants only distinct quadruples.
And without trivial repetitions
VTC as unclear :P
10:22 AM
they should've sandboxed it
Ok I just found a good one:
@flawr Go to your room
@flawr That was bad
@Mego ok :(...
@xnor With or without disregard for time complexity? :P
10:33 AM
@mbomb007 Ok I'll have a look at it!
@quartata uuuh, idk?
10:52 AM
hi all
@flawr don't listen to them! The more puns the better :)
@Lembik Especially when they're byte-sized
okay, I'll go now
@TrojanByAccident :)
anyway, gugtn all
11:09 AM
@mbomb007 I just checked, the C one seems to work fine (he included many more testcases), however the python one seems to fail for most of the test cases.
Yes I have less bytes than someone else!
A: A twist of a trivial sequence

Qwerp-DerpClojure, 126 118 bytes (defn t[n](if(= n 2)1(if-let[a(nth(for[b(range 2 n)](if(=(mod n b)0)b))0)](*(t(/ n a))(t a))(+(t(dec n))(t(inc n)))))) Yay! It's almost twice as long as the Python answer! Under 120 bytes! Ungolfed and an explanation: (defn trivial [n] ; Define the function. (if (=...

@Qwerp-Derp \o/
11:47 AM
@betseg Hai!
12:05 PM
Q: Smallest Multiple to "Palindromize"

Julian LachnietGoal: Given any natural number a, find the smallest natural number b such that a•b is palindromic, e.g. it reads the same forwards and backwards. Input a through any reasonable means (STDIN, function argument, etc.), And output b through any reasonable means (STDOUT, function return value.) No...

Q: How to group array into subarrays using its keys?

Surabhil SergyI am having the following array, Array ( [0] => Array ( [a_id] => 1 [a_name] => A1 [b_id] => 1 [b_name] => B1 [c_id] => 1 [c_name] => C1 ) [1] => Array ( [a_id] => 1 [...

12:22 PM
@Pavel Seriously? Posting noise is one thing, encouraging others to post noise is worse. I've seen enough in the last 24 hours to know that you could actually be a fairly valuable participant, and that's what I wish you would stick to. The community has generally decided that they want the level of noise in here to go down, so that's what I'm trying to do - keep the noise down.
@wat What the heck, dude? You just called us Nazis. That alone is deserving of a suspension. And even if you hadn't written that, calling mods "mean people" doesn't bode well for you either.
SE feature request: When you click on a reply to a message a long time ago (say, a few hours), it provides a permalink to the message being replied to.
Can't find that wat post
It a) makes sure you know which message is being replied to, in case there's ambiguity and b) makes curious people figuring out what the heck people are replying to a way to find out.
@Fatalize It got nuked
@Qwerp-Derp I either don't understand what you're asking, or the feature already exists.
@Qwerp-Derp It does. Click the arrow.
12:32 PM
@Fatalize It got flagged and deleted
@El'endiaStarman So like for your reply to Pavel, when I click on the arrow there's a link to Pavel's message
@Doorknob It doesn't for the second reply since the message doesn't exist anymore.
That's the request
@Doorknob That's not what I mean
@mınxomaτ I see. I wasn't aware that seeing the location of the reply when the message is deleted is a mod feature, apparently.
Well, you can still see the arrow, but if you try to click on it, it just takes you to the top of the transcript page where the message occurred
12:36 PM
Oh, the message I replied to got deleted? That explains the question.
Does the arrow still have the permalink visible in mouse-over?
I saw this user answer a question on another SE site, and got really confused for a moment
12:54 PM
"Delphi Programmer" I don't know what's more disturbing
1:28 PM
@Fatalize (Normally, a phrase like that in English is followed with "X or Y". E.g., "'Delphi Programmer' I don't know what's more disturbing: 'Delphi' or the fact that they used 'Programmer' as a job title.")
He means he doesn't know of anything more disturbing than being a Delphi Programmer, I think
That was the other possibility I thought of. Idiomatic English would put a "than that" at the end.
"Idiomatic English" lol
The form "X. I don't know what's disturbing, Y or Z." is common enough that I thought I'd point it out.
1:37 PM
That's new
Sure is. Link?
Front page of our meta
I saw that once or twice in main, but in meta? Wow
Huh, weird. There must be an announcement about it on Meta.SE, surely?
In profile of community it says it bumps posts sometimes
1:42 PM
@betseg me too. i upvoted the 0-score post so Community wont bump it again
This is the first time I've seen such an example. (I'm not all that active on Main, but still.)
Awright I have a good button class thing yey
(see edit history)
That's button.pde
ButtonBoard window = new ButtonBoard();
Button test = new Button(10, 10, 300, 200, "Hello, World!",
                         new Runnable() {
                           public void run() {

void foo() {
  println("Hello, World!");

void setup() {
  size(800, 800);

void draw() {
  if (mousePressed) {
Huge wall of text
^ sketch.pde
@Qwerp-Derp Please put this much code in a Pastebin.
1:43 PM
@El'endiaStarman I meant "I don't know what's more disturbing: the avatar (which is why Mego linked it) or the fact that they are a delphi programmer"
Not sure if my sentence was idiomatic though
@Qwerp-Derp need a code review?
@El'endiaStarman Can you move it to Trash?
I'll post a gist
@LearnHowToBeTransparent Probably
@Fatalize Oh, I didn't realize it was a reply. I saw the avatar but didn't pay attention to anything else.
I might need to include progress bars
@Qwerp-Derp I'll do that for messages that are actually trash.
1:45 PM
@El'endiaStarman Yey my messages are acceptable
@El'endiaStarman pastebin is blocked in my country :(
I just edited. The second code-filled message is a little big, but it's okay. Good idea on using a Gist.
Also, gists onebox too. Add a dot or something after gist links
@betseg What's wrong with a gist onebox
I'm pretty proud of this TBH
@Qwerp-Derp they show the whole text/code, but apparently not on multiple file gists
1:48 PM
@betseg Oh
What do you guys think of the Button thing?
Don't know processing
2:04 PM
@Qwerp-Derp gif?
@LearnHowToBeTransparent What you mean?
i need a gif recording the button demo
2:16 PM
@LearnHowToBeTransparent Do you not have Processing?
It's just a rectangle with text on it
@LearnHowToBeTransparent someone recommended LICEcap to me about a month ago. It's a quick and easy way to make a "meh-quality" gif
if you want better quality i think most people record video and convert it to a gif with ffmpeg
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

VisualMelonOffice Escape It's the final sprint... and half your team is off ill. You're working late, just making your last commit for the day, looking forward to... why have the lights turned off? I don't remember the security guy coming around... oh no! I left my keys at home! As the horror of the situa...

For gifs, I usually record with OBS and convert with gfycat
2:35 PM
For gifs, I take a lot of screenshots and I do some ffmpeg magic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Poke i have licecap
@TuxCopter o___o wait really
Oh my
2:45 PM
If it works it's ok, no?
no it's really not
How to upgrade your Mac in three easy steps! https://t.co/KlyAINVQPU
Can I get some opinions on this challenge? It seems nobody is really convinced.
@Pavel You can't define Python keywords. This module emulates it with the objects goto, label and comefrom implementing the a.b operator
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ :/
@flawr the input doesn't seem to make it entirely clear how many nails there are
(so you can't know which one will fail)
2:49 PM
@VisualMelon The number of nails is actually irrelevant
@flawr It looks like it's a fairly simple aha! moment to see what causes it to fall, but I can't for the life of me golf a regex that solves it.
@VisualMelon I'm not quite sute I understand. Only the nails provided in the first list are relevant, and the nails provided in the second list are the ones being removed.
@VisualMelon how doens't it?
.... my mistake
(glad everyone agrees I'm wrong here)
@VisualMelon np, thanks for looking at it anyway=)
looks good to me @flawr
2:50 PM
(for whatever reason I had it in my head that it was always the middle one that fell)
Hm, if I allowed some more abstract math, I could have written the whole challenge in about 3 lines...
@flawr Do you have a relatively short algorithm to solve it? It seems difficult at first glance
Anyone here know how to convert HSV colors to positions on the visible spectrum?
That said, it isn't clear what the input criteria are, I was presumably inferring (from the examples) that there was only one input, which is the list of turns
2:53 PM
@Fatalize There is indeed a simple solution.
@LegionMammal978 What representation of a spectrum are you using?
Wow, apparently we can't get though one night without 3 flags
@zyabin101 Don't mind my repositories - I'm being an idiot. :P
@Geobits Say, 0 is the red end and 1 is the blue end
2:53 PM
@quartata ?
@Fatalize Yes: From the first list remove all the nails that do not hold (provded in the second list): then repeatedly delete all substrings like aA or Aa e.t.c since these cancel out. Repeat this until you get a fixed point. If your stirng then is empy, the picture will falll, otherwise it will stay.
@LegionMammal978 If it's just one dimension (like on an EM spectrum chart) I believe you just use hue itself.
aww I was hoping to be the one to demonstrate that in my solution
After removing the "loose" nails we're basically just trying to find the simplest representation of an element of the free group over the set of remaining nails.
anyway I can't seem to get a regex to match any uppercase letter followed by itself lower-case
2:54 PM
@Geobits In HSV, the hue goes from red to red along the color wheel
Ah, right. I guess there's a cutoff point in the violet area, but it seems like yoou'd still just strecth it to fit 0..1 or whatever. I can't see SV coming into play at least, for a 1D line chart.
I'm not sure you can convert this since colors emitted by monitors are not monochromatic
@GabrielBenamy Hopefully so. If not, that was a massive waste of caps, which are a limited resource and should be used sparingly :P
i.e there's more than one light mixed together
2:58 PM
I'm so happy... I managed to cheat the regex engine and get it to work
You can "convert" it though, even if it's not perfect.
@Downgoat Are we surprised? o.o
@VoteToClose yes
2:58 PM
generally he'd make a typo
@Geobits I mean yes but I question the usefulness :P
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Wow rude
Even reversing it, the scales are off
@VoteToClose tbf I expected around a 95ish, just due to accidentally turning something in late or something
Ah. So you'd have to do some gradient weight hacking. Eww :/
2:59 PM
TIL americans get marks in percents
(and cut off that purple nonsense)
@Fatalize often, yes
@Dennis With the exception of Malbolge.
what do you have?

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