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6:06 PM
damn I just did the calculation on download time
36 GB at 2Mbps = 108.5 hours
6:20 PM
and should it be done today?
it would certainly be nice
but alas, not possible
Is there a reason why nuts in general are so expensive?
the machinery to shell nuts is highly specialized and expensive
and people are paying the prices they're asking :)
ever try to get at an almond? It's nearly impossible
@hobodave Well, I don't have much choice.
@hobodave Ha yes!
your hands turn black for days and 15-20 minutes later you have one nut
6:24 PM
If they would be cheaper, I would buy more.
@hobodave Mine didn't turn black.
Or is it an expression?
yours must have had the outer part removed
Like you say 'black eye', but it's blue.
an almond has an outer berry which stains
@hobodave Ah, I had a very hard shell with tiny 'holes'
after you remove that, there is a hard inner shell, and inside that the nutmeat
6:26 PM
But the outer berry, isn't it like a walnut, so that it goes off very easily when overripe?
I don't know about very easily
the ones I've felt were more like a hard peach
and the staining is just ridiculous
you literally cannot get it off, you have to slough off the skin
Ah no, you could do it with your foot if you wanted to.
I was surprised at the staining of pomegranates last week.
I don't think I've observed pomegranate stains
not like beets anyway
with beets you pee red
hahaha yes :D
@Jay do you remember that we were talking in here about a burger with a black bun?
It's out now.
But it's not black at all :-(
6:54 PM
so, what's the point to have a hamburger with a black bun if it isn't black?
Well, it was to promote the star wars 3D hype.
And you could choose between a Jedi burger and a Dark burger.
The dark burger was supposed to have a black bun.
Exactly, the whole thing is somewhat silly, but if they start it, why don't they go through with it and make the black bun?
Hmm, perhaps there are two kinds of black burgers.
But I only find one on the current site.
Arent't they supposed to start on the 1.3., or did I misunderstand the poster?
Why am I so interested in burgers? I don't eat them.
1.3? Since when do you write your dates reversed?
Jusqu'au is French for 'till'
7:02 PM
Ah, ok.
In Germany, dates are written dd.mm.yyyy
So the campagne runs from 31/01 till 01/03
yes, that's the logical way
Only Americans must act annoying again. ;)
Oh, and
(didn't post from the uni, wouldn't have made sense)
@Mien what black bun?
This is a connection which costs 21 Eur/month.
(But I share it with my neighbours, so we get our flat at below-mobile price per person for adsl speed)
I find the graphics on this speedtesting site so ridiculous
Must have been designed by the UI designer for CSI props
good redic or bad redic
7:08 PM
I like the graphics. They make me feel important.
i wrote redic because ridic looks weird
ridic sounds like ["RID - IC"] while redic looks closer to the abbre of ridiculous
redic looks so unlike ridiculous I would never have guessed the link
7:12 PM
lol but it sounds closer to it if you say it out loud
but whatever im jsut weird
Do you read everything out loud that is said here? :D
in my mind i do. don't you hear what you ar reading in your mind?
I sure imagine a pronunciation, but it doesn't connect to other pronunciations
7:46 PM
@Mien Very Gallic spelling there, like it :)
@Jay only if, bizarrely, you say red-iculous not rid-iculous like a normal person :P
Ah yes, it should've been campaign?
I knew there was something odd, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
Or whatever the right expression is.
So, it looks like this weeks contest is less popular than the previous ones
that's correct
You've hit the nail on the head
7:50 PM
No one likes vegetarians*
You're always so careful with your words
British manners
Seems like mfg really want to win this time :)
seems like mfg is the only determined vegan who visits the site on a frequent basis
@ElendilTheTall regarding your answer on my silken tofu question.
You mentioned it's eaten with miso soup or soy sauce.
But is it mixed in as cream? Or still pieces?
Cause I find it hard imagining drinking soy sauce.
7:56 PM
I wonder - should I sweat onions before baking them in a stew?
@rumtscho I don't think you have to, but you certainly can.
yes, but does it bring anything?
what stew are you making?
@rumtscho I think the difference would be very small.
a gyuveche
hey @rumtscho are you good at statistical analysis?
8:00 PM
I'm sure I wouldn't notice, my sense taste isn't very sophisticated :(
@hobodave Why?
I think I'll put in aubergine, red bell pepper, onion, egg, sour cream, and herbs.
No garlic? :)
@hobodave better than a CS graduate - I had 12 credits in statistic-related stuff and did some analysis recently
but maybe @Mien is better
@Mien don't like it much, maybe a pinch of dried powder
@hobodave what do you need to do?
I need to figure out if something is possible
make sure the Women tab is selected
Change Region to North Central, and Week to Overall
I wonder whether to put in bacon or not.
8:02 PM
@mien silken tofu generally holds its shape unless you intentionally break it up
what you see there is the top 60 women in this region sorted by their Overall standing in a series of 6 workouts
@hobodave yes
in miso soup it's generally cut into small cubes
@ElendilTheTall So it is firmer than a custard?
You also see their performance for each of the 6 weeks (the bold number)
8:03 PM
I think I'll go look for it. I'm curious.
from 51 to 469 points
Is it possible/easy (how?) to determine which week's standings is most representative of the overall standings?
But I didn't even find regular tofu two days ago :-/
It has the consistency of set custard
it's not liquid
it's gelatinous
8:04 PM
You mean to find which week's performance correlates best with "overall"
@hobodave I think so, yes.
@ElendilTheTall Jelly like?
Or do you want a multivariate analysis?
But multivariate doesn't make much theoretical sense here
The only annoying thing here is that the overall measure is different than the weekly measure.
You will have to calculate the average, based on the weekly performances.
8:05 PM
ignore the points @Mien
the ranks are provided
the measure is simply an integer from 1 to 60
@mien yes, delicate jelly
So, you have ordinal data, not cardinal?
@hobodave Oh, purely on ranks, you mean?
oh well not actually, it can go higher than 60 in an individual week
@Mien yes, purely rank
OK, that changes the measure you want
8:06 PM
@rumtscho I always saute my onions before stewing
makes them sweeter and helps add colour
You can't use a normal pearson correlation coefficient, you have to use spearman, or kendall's tau
R can do that for a simple correlation, but not do a factor analysis based on a different coefficient than pearson (as far as I remember)
@hobodave is there a specific reason why you want to do this?
my statistics-fu is weak
I think it will turn out that it's rather random
@Mien A friend of mine gets to choose one of the 6 workouts to do tonight, and wants to see how she measures up against last year. I'd like to tell her to do the workout that most closely correlated to the overall standings
8:08 PM
but a factor analysis doesn't give you anything with a sensible interpretation anyway
So, I think simple correlation makes most sense
y'all are talking crazy
@hobodave It makes sense :)
It will let you make you statements like "if a woman scored high on Week 2, she is likely to score high overall too" (if you can assume predictive power of your model)
@rumtscho that's exactly what I want
Do you have the data in some interchangable format?
8:10 PM
I agree with @rumtscho
I'm putting it into excel now
Correlation is the way to go.
Yes, but don't use the Excel's correlation function
It is a pearson coefficient, and it doesn't work on rank data
@ElendilTheTall Hey, it's a normal, interesting subject for once!
8:11 PM
That is, when you feed it numbers, it spews out numbers which look like real results, but are wrong - a bit like comparing apples to oranges
Where are you British manners?
I think a cultivated yawn is part of Britishness
interesting is relative
Let's have a fight - I'll bring everyone who likes, say, food, and you bring everyone who likes statistics. :P
Besides, 89% of statistics are made up on the spot
@Mien Generally when you eat silken tofu with soy sauce, you drizzle a whole cube of tofu with the soy sauce. The tofu isn't creamed. I also add a little sesame oil and green onion on mine. it's really good
8:13 PM
@ElendilTheTall I put up with all those boring photographic talks...
@Jay Thanks for the suggestion :)
@hobodave I hope you don't mind me putting food into the oven first
of course not
@mien hey, all i did was yawn
@rumtscho I Mind! What are you thinking
Given the fact that I have a small noisy person that wakes up every 3 hours, night and day, I think that's allowed
8:15 PM
@ElendilTheTall completely unacceptable
@ElendilTheTall Sorry Ill try to be quieter tonight
i'm really looking forward to bread week next week
excel's correl function says week 5
with 0.733
@rfusca How do you know that?
Oh, right, you asked, didn't you?
Seems like a good week to make some bread myself then :)
Would it include pizza dough too?
@Mien yup
@Mien i think so
pizza is classified as 'flat bread'
i'm not clear why cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/21417/… is tagged vegetarian and vegan
8:29 PM
@rfusca Yes, but there is a specific tag for pizza and when I would ask a pizza question, I don't have the urge to tag it as (flat) bread too.
@rfusca I didn't know which one of the two to use.
@Mien why is it either?
@rfusca It's something (here at least) that is only used by those subgroups.
no way
we cook with tofu and we're not vegetarian
If a Belgian person thinks 'vegetarian', 'tofu' would be one of the first things that pop in their head.
But do you eat meat with your tofu?
we have before
8:31 PM
In my eyes, tofu is a substitution for meat;
but you're merely asking about tofu in general - not about how to use it in anything that has to do with vegetarianism
@rfusca Correct.
So, should I tag it as 'vegetables' then? :p
i would just think its tagged 'tofu' and thats it
@rfusca Hmm okay.
I get your point of view.
Is it okay if I ask what the others think?
tagging tofu as vegetarian is a bit like tagging fish as catholic
8:33 PM
@rumtscho Haha :D
@rumtscho lol
But fish is the symbol for catholics, right? Or what is your point?
@Mien lol fish isn't the symbol for catholics
@rfusca Why is it on their cars then?
8:35 PM
@Mien hahahaha
its a general symbol for Christianity, not just catholics
like the cross
we have a 'fish' on our car
@rfusca Ah yes, sorry, here, they are the same
the name is ichthys anyway ;)
(I mean that almost all of the Christians here are catholic.)
@Mien gotcha ;)
@Mien I think @rum's point was that tofu doesn't automatically mean vegetarianism, just like eating fish doesn't make you Catholic
8:38 PM
Okay. The only reason to ask the question was to enter the contest.
I'll guess I have to think of another question then :)
like, why is this tagged it as well? cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/21419/…
Because of me?
@Mien You are a bad influence!
Better to have a bad influence than no influence.
some mod - @hobodave - whats your take here...everybody (several on the front page) keeps asking about tofu and tagging it vegan/vegetarian just because its tofu - even if their question has nothing to do with vegan/vegetarian.
8:44 PM
@rfusca Good :)
Q: Vegan / Vegetarian / Meat tags

forefingerHopefully this site will be great for carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. By using the interesting tag/ignored tag system, vegans can hopefully mostly ignore all the different discussions of meat preparation. Can we try to maintain the convention that questions dealing with meat are tagge...

already settled
don't do it
okie dokey, thanks
i'm removing the tags then
lol, i'm gonna look like a jerk
but i don't have a horse in this race
If you want to, leave comments with links to the discussion
good call
Grrr LibreOffice mangled the export somehow
8:48 PM
@Mien Emulate this one:
Q: Vegetarian Alternative to Bacon-wrapped Sausages?

James BeningerI'm making a batch of Brown Sugar Smokies for a potluck, and wanted to provide a vegetarian alternative. I know that brown sugar'd carrots are good, so I figured they're a decent substitute for the sausages. Is there a good alternative for the bacon? I was thinking of using mushrooms, which pr...

@rfusca Ah good, then I don't have to :p
Ah OK, got the data read in correctly
@Shog9 I would replace bacon by more bacon.
"vegetarian pigs in a blanket"
"vegetarian turducken"
"vegetarian deep-friend bacon-wrapped sausages (onna-stick)"
I really have no intention of substituting meat for non-meat. I also have no opportunities in which I should do this. So it's a bit hard to ask a good question about it.
8:51 PM
@Mien "vegetarian bacon-wrapped bacon in a bacon sauce with a crumbly bacon-bit topping"?
And coated in bacon powder.
washed down with baconated cola
I have still some days left to come up with something :)
@Shog9 Sure, but cola light then.
I'm a girl.
You're in luck
@Shog9 How so?
Haha yes I've seen those.
Not irl though.
there was a serious recipe for bacon-flavored bourbon floating around somewhere
Perhaps I should ask a really hard question about Belgian cuisine and a substitute for something in it.
Oh I could also just ask a question about veggies.
That would be easier.
mmm... find some rich, delecate torte that depends heavily on eggs or something
@Mien yeah, but if you don't get to test the answers with something involving chocolate, what's the point?
@Shog9 You can combine veggies with chocolate :)
White chocolate at least.
8:57 PM
that's not proper chocolate
So no real chocolate for the detaillookers here.
too slow
That's why I specified :)
I'm not an English speaker.
I couldn't come up with the proper word :(
but yes, steamed green beans in a light chocolate sauce sounds wonderful
@Shog9 I'm afraid I have a different opinion about that.
8:59 PM
@Mien a little butter, some fresh-cracked black pepper...

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