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Q: How can I craft this function so that a majority of JS developers would appreciate the refactor

SoEzPzWe have a JAVASCRIPT function declaration as such: function itemIncludesTotal(item){ var includeItem = false; if (item.lineItem.hasOwnProperty("details") && item.lineItem.details.hasOwnProperty("total") && item.lineItem.details["total"] && !item.lineItem.restricted ...

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Q: How do I make this integration test unit test with mocking?

John MathildaI am having an integration test, which I want to change to unit test. I know I have to mock balancePositiveCalculator, since it is cooperating dependency with classUnderTest, but I am not sure how to mock here so I am only testing classUnderTest. Do I have to create mock of balancePositiveCalcula...

@CaptainObvious Mostly the same question, but the first one was deleted.
12:51 AM
This might be a question better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comWill Ray 42 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a code review — Joe Philllips just now
Unnecessarily looping through too many chars. for (int j = i + 1; j < input.Length; j++) { if (input[i] == input[j]). But go to codereview.stackexchange.com for better advice. — Klitos Kyriacou 8 secs ago
Q: Simple iterative linked list

Joe WallisI've decided to learn a bit of C++, and so I've started with a simple linked list. There's no input to the program and should always output hlo. This is as in main I build a list consisting of hello, and use Get and last to get the data. I don't know C++, or C, and so this is mostly a stab in th...

Q: Determines whether a number is a power of 2

Matthew FarabaughThe task: Write a method that takes in a number and returns true if it is a power of 2. Otherwise, return false. You may want to use the % modulo operation. 5 % 2 returns the remainder when dividing 5 by 2; therefore, 5 % 2 == 1. In the case of 6 % 2, since 2 evenly divides 6 with no rem...

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Q: Find the longest word in the string

Matthew FarabaughThe task: "Write a method that takes in a string. Your method should return the most common letter in the array, and a count of how many times it appears." Model solution: def most_common_letter(string) most_common_letter = nil most_common_letter_count = nil idx1 = 0 while idx1 < stri...

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sorry guys, i should have asked this on the codereview.stackexchange.com. Still thanks for taking time to read this. — Salman Siddique 29 secs ago
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Q: find first non repetitive char in a string using c#

Salman SiddiqueI just had an interview for the c#.net developer position and i was asked to find the first non repetitive char in a given string without using any library functions but just the basic constructs of the language such as fors and ifs, i presented the below solution considering the quick time const...

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Also, try to use a JOptionPane... Error popup codereview.stackexchange.com/a/64252/95515cricket_007 35 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by arctelix on question by arctelix: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144598/revisions
5:29 AM
Chrome finally supports repeated table headers for print media. This is enabled if the th has break-inside:avoid, and can be disabled with break:inside: auto. See codereview.chromium.org/2021703002/#ps20001Alex Osborn 48 secs ago
Q: Lambda Expression To check even numbers

user3789184 import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.List; public static void main(String[] args) { List<Integer> numbers = Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9); System.out.println( numbers.stream() .filter(e -> e % 2 == 0) ...

6:22 AM
I am now licensed to code!
I bought an IntelliJ license yesterday, and I installed it with vim. Pray for me :P
What's up?
Q: Ordering occurrences

gabrielSo I had to how count how many times each word appears in a text then order the number of occurrences but I'm having trouble with the ordering. I think it's written like this var sortedcount = count.OrderBy( => .Value); but I can't figure a way to use it. Any help would be much appreciated ...

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Q: Transform code more Pythonic

molnardenesthis is my first attempt at creating a simple Python tool that tracks the time of certain activites retrieved from a database and after stopping the timer this tool writes the duration of the activity into the database. Can you please provide me some tricks to make this code more pythonic? obje...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it would fit better on CodeReview — Jehof 41 secs ago
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The 'right' way depends entirely on your project. Also 1k+ rep and you don't know better than to tag every OS out there except MySQL and include a MySQL query as example code. I'm only speaking on behalf of iOS community - this doesn't relate and you should know better than to ask for code review. There's another site on stackexchange for that purpose. — soulshined 30 secs ago
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Monking ^_^
7:46 AM
@Dex'ter Monking!
Q: Better way to check if match in array

netiggerI'm processing a list of files, and want to check the filenames against a list of regex, like: IGNORE_FILES = [ re.compile('^./Vendor.*'), re.compile('^./Pods.*'), … ] for root, dirs, files in os.walk('.'): for file in files: if SWIFT_FILE_REGEX.match(file) and ...

@CaptainObvious What's with this awful 8-space indent? I think I saw another one like that today
Tumbleweed candidate; zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views: Rails JS event system
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Loading an animation with an Ajax request
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Q: Error on "Optional Parameters must appear after all required parameters"

serizawa farhan How to fix it T_T im so tired for thinkin it plz someone hellppp meee

Q: Setting enum flags by string (in any order)

UnknownI want to set flags which are given in string representation in any order. And it is intimidating, because you have to check like 2^3 possible options in my occassion. I was just wondering is there any better way to do that than just simple brute-force. Any optimization and readability improvment...

8:35 AM
It would be better to ask your question on the Code Review StackExchange site. — Tony 43 secs ago
Monking @all
Monking @Kaz
Also for future reference, questions like this are better suited to the code review StackExchange site. — Tom Lord 49 secs ago
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Q: Django messaging application schema

AlanCurrently I am making a simple messaging application in django. Creating messages Each user can open up a chat room with another user (and only one other user) and send messages back and forth. Listing chat rooms Users will also be able to delete messages, and mark them as read/unread. And ...

This isn't the correct place for your question, you will meet people who will downvote this even if they dont know the answer and put weird stuff like format this. The correct place for this question is code review. That being said here's the link codereview.stackexchange.com @R.. — Nikhil Pathania 21 secs ago
So, I found the data set I was looking for...
holy crap @Kaz
@DanPantry That's not even all of them...
Also comes with this enjoyable message:
Does a list count as a database?
9:10 AM
See here. (without the middle dot) — Llopis 36 secs ago
On a related note, I'll be busy today ^^ see you guys later.
Just found this piece of history: Windows may crash after 49.7 days of continuous use
9:29 AM
In order to provide better quality of service, Corporate has revised the definitions of "quality" and "service."
I wonder why there's k+1 read/write heads in a Turing Machine with k working tapes ...
Thanks @ckruczek I have seen it used for bit masks in this code base, but I've added more detail to it's context. I agree that some programmers might use such a technique to appear cool and worthwhile mentioning, but knowing my predecessors and the rigorous code reviews undertaken I don't suspect that is the case in this example. — Alex KeySmith 12 secs ago
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Q: Balanced Binary Tree

dhblahtask taken from here: /** * Definition for a binary tree node. * public class TreeNode { * int val; * TreeNode left; * TreeNode right; * TreeNode(int x) { val = x; } * } */ public class Solution { boolean isBalanced = true; public boolean isBalanced(TreeNode root...

10:18 AM
Q: Performance of selection algorithm

ManuKarachoMy task is to select items from a pool to match a specific selection criteria in a browser game. My Problem: Usually my Algorithm can find the desired results after 200 - 400 iterations. But every once in a while it does not find a result even after 1 000 000 iterations. I would be very happy f...

Q: PHP surround search text with words

user2037828The requirement: search a string in a text-string (from DB) and show additional info around when presenting the result. Examples: text string = "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog" search ==> result: "The" ==> "The Quick ..." "Quick" ==> "The Quick Brown ..." "Brown" ==> "... Quick...

I agree with elefasGR. And for the record: you are asking how to improve working code. Such requests could/should go to codereview.stackexchange.com — GhostCat 9 secs ago
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Q: Convert numbers into string in c++

hraza8gHow can i translate a number into string. For example 703 will output as "Seven hundred three". Click on the link for answer. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/55340147/posts/1194182984

50 shades of pension funds
I think I'd almost prefer Access
@Kaz Wow.
Spending my entire morning refactoring code I coupled badly. FML
11:00 AM
At least it was your own code
Yeah, but the only reason I actually need to refactor it is because it's all HttpClient and Process stuff to interact with Git/Github because no libraries exist for .NET core for those things @Skiwi
Moving from Windows specific to cross-platform?
No, the project was cross-platform from the outset
@user5348fh8y5 this room is not a help room. This room is intended only for matters pertaining to Code Review. Don't ask for help with posts on stackoverflow in here. Thanks
11:02 AM
At the same time it makes sense. Original set up was GithubClient.CloneAsync which called GitRepository.CloneAsync (static method). I actually wrote a comment saying "I don't like this, this is coupling"
Thanks for information @Vogel612 , i will not ask again.....
@user5348fh8y5 And hey, once you've got your code working, feel free to make a new question about it over here.
Now I've refactored it so that GithubClient has a constructor that takes IGithubProcess, which has the CloneAsync method on it as well as other methods like getting recent authorship information (which was just a private method inside of GitRepository before). I wrote really bad code when I wasn't using tests.
@Kaz +1.
@Kaz i am not sure how many years it need to get solution for that, if i get , surely i will do , thanks......
@DanPantry What are you making? :o
11:04 AM
Keep at it and it'll only take a few days to fix that particular problem, I'm sure. @user5348fh8y5
@skiwi I can't tell you the specifics of the project, but I can tell you that it involves cloning github repositories.
I kind of figured that out :P
Which means a soup of Process.Start() and HttpClient.SendAsync calls :P
Is this for your work at Riot, or personal?
Riot, otherwise I'd tell you more
Ah okay
11:10 AM
@DanPantry Thanks, hope so.....
Q: Convert and print Celsius to Fahrenheit from certain range of values

HelloWorldI just started learning C, and got the "for loops".Where exercise is given to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit ( from -50 to 1000 with a step of 20 ), and print the values. I decided to play with it, and added different steps when certain values are reached. I do have some programming experience ( ...

Q: Python asciiart table

Uriel EliAs a part of a console utilities module, I created a function that takes a table in the form of array of arrays, and generates an ascii table with the given contents. I've also added the options of adding a header, determining the in-cell alignment and adding a border to the table. Table cells...

possible answer invalidation by Gareth Rees on question by ManuKaracho: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144750/revisions
Q: Is this violation of single responsibility

EldhoI have been reading the SOLID specifically about Single responsibility. If an object has more than one reason to change then it has more than one responsibility and is in violation of SRP. Is this a violation of Single Responsibility. public bool ConnectToService(int a) { try...

11:29 AM
A: What to do when you've put your co-worker on spot by being impatient?

MichaelSI'm not seeing a problem here that would require you to apologize to your co-worker. Your co-worker left on a 30-minute errand, then had an emergency come up. It happens. But then your co-worker apparently didn't bother calling work to inform you there was an emergency and kept you in the dark f...

Hmm... is this a jerky answer, or is it the right answer? I'm divided.
My inner self says this one is the right one, but the top one reads more nicely
meh ... they kinda both got a point. The linked one is more differentiated, though..
Also... apparently this is a thing: Renault Grand Espace V6 3.5 litres
Top speed of about 230 km/h
you probably should post you demand on codereview.stackexchange.com instead — Tryph 18 secs ago
There are almost certainly any number of ways to do it. You should post your code on the code review site. codereview.stackexchange.comSarcoma 26 secs ago
@skiwi for me the only right answer. That guy would know that he is needed, so a small effort to inform your collegues.
11:42 AM
I can understand not caring about work for a moment if there's a family matter, but the guy did reply once more in between having been supposed to do it and the family matter having occurred
So either he was gone without reason before the family matter occurred, or the family matter had already occurred at that point but he neglected to notify about it
@ΦXocę웃Пepeúpaツ No. Don't suggest Crossposting. Btw: meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/…Tom 47 secs ago
12:00 PM
Q: What is the proper way to match lines not containing these specific HTTP response codes in this log file?

Sandeepan NathHere is some sample log content - - - [20/Oct/2016:11:35:08 +0000] "GET //fam/shared_generate_LDA_compliant.php HTTP/1.1" 200 171 "-" "curl/7.40.0" - 0.002 - - [20/Oct/2016:11:35:34 +0000] "GET /fam/update_daily_cap_in_memcache_contents.php HTTP/1.1" 200 64 "-" "curl/7.40....

Q: Android - Share tool bar across whole application

Mina FawzyI have 3 tool bars that I used across my whole application First one just toolbar with close button. Second one toolbar with close and delete icon. Third one toolbar with close and home icon. here is my case I use this toolbar in many places and I dont want use fragment for some reasons so I...

Good. Then you can remove this question from SO (since you also have it on Code Review, which is correct place). — Magnus Eriksson 34 secs ago
An hour later, 25% of the index is now transcribed...
And that's even with feeding pictures of the pages through an OCR converter
Q: ConditionalActions through std::function Lambdas

Tomas DittmannSo I just experimented with some code to make a huge if-else construct more human readable, extendable and configurable (switch positions of conditions). The idea was to have a vector that contains all conditions and their actions and then just iterate over the vector, executing their Conditiona...

Feels like it might be faster just to build a neural network and teach it how to read books.
12:40 PM
Q: Store and retrieve set of functions according to options

hhhI have a set of functions to run according to combined options. Options are easier/harder, add/multiply, wait/nowait, 1/-1. You can see the whole module here. For now I have put all functions in an object to be able to access them according to the options. For instance: var stair = { down: 3...

Q: Java code refactor to use streams

PrpaaI have a map of cars Map> which can be returned by getCarsMap() method where key is model of car , and value is list of cars of same model. I would like to improve Car addCar(Car car) function. For now I wrote this a bit ugly peace of code. public Car addCar(Car car) { if(getCarsMap().entrySet(...

@Kaz Computers are notoriously bad at reading books.
They're almost always hand-checked by humans, page by page.
@Mast Yeah. This is what I'm doing at the moment. It's not doing too bad at tabulated lists, but only when they're almost vertically aligned.
Once the page starts bending a little, it starts deteriorating rapidly into gibberish
12:56 PM
Having a decent font also helps.
Not all fonts are equally easy to read for a computer.
Yeah. It's particularly fond of confusing ri/n and rri/m
Q: What is better way to do Negation detection in sentiment analysis

user123This basic function to detect negation while performing sentiment analysis. So that not good kind of words can be considered at negative. P.S. - This code is working fine. Just wanted to improve it or get any improvement Can someone help to improve it or find if any bug present. def negate_se...

1:13 PM
@DanPantry I know Rubberduck uses libgit2sharp for the Version Control feature ...
@Vogel612 libgit2sharp works on Mono
it should work "just fine" on .NET and not Mono ...
we're using .NET Core
not Mono, not .NET
ahhhh ..
there's a difference there?? ... eeek
Yeah, a pretty huge one
1:17 PM
I should have posted this here as well. i took @scslmon suggestion and posted this on codereview here. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/141659/… They were able to get this down to 16 seconds. Very impressive. — pricejt 38 secs ago
1:30 PM
Q: Cathch exception inside model of MVVM

A191919Is it normal to catch exception in concept of MVVM inside model? Or how should it be? How to improve this code? Xaml: <Grid> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition></RowDefinition> <RowDefinition></RowDefinition> <RowDefinition></RowDefinition> </Grid.RowDefinitions>...

It just replaced "Electrical" with "Scabies&" ^^
1:48 PM
Q: FInd first non-repetitive character in a string

Wade TylerEvery now and then I read questions here on Code Review and try answering them myself, and as such I stumbled upon this one. Now, I have two solutions: The first one: struct ch { int num; char c; } characters[127]; char find_first_non_repetitive(char *string) { int i = 0; for...

@Kaz lol, enjoying the funs of an OCR?
I've worked on an OCR to process invoices... Me was surprised when it found an invoice dated from 2066
@skiwi It definitely makes the process more fun.
Injects a little variety here and there.
@Duga Of course we could. :)
monking, first boot from ubuntu
@Duga Free close votes on SO.
2:01 PM
@Duga eh, CR rocks
> Unfortunately, my computer does not recognize any USB device when plugged in to the screen ports. Mouse and keyboard didn't react neither. Is it possible that my video card does not support it or that a driver is missing? Or is it a defective screen?
I'm pretty sure your video driver does not support USB, yes.
Question from a non-superuser at SU.
@Mast looks like OP is talking about a monitor that features USB slots
Definitely, those have been around for a while.
Q: Random Delay Generator for Workflow Foundation

Eric RohlfsProblem statement: In Windows Workflow Foundation we have a long running state machine. We had an issue with SQL server deadlocks putting workflows into a suspended state. Since Workflow instances are independent actors, we cannot easily coordinate these calls. As part of our workflow error ha...

But there's 2 types of them:
2:13 PM
@Mast He's putting an USB device into the HDMI port?
I hope that's at least with a converter in between.
You should post this question on Code Review. — rabbitco just now
1) The usual bunch. Requires a USB cable between monitor (hub) and computer.
2) The unusual bunch. Requires a different cable (usually some combo cable) which is explicitly stated in the manual.
Should've read the manual instead of smoking it.
who reads the manual anyway?
Who reads the documentation anyway?
@bluefeet that's great, but #PeopleDontRead. The idea is to pop a red in-your-face warning that you can't miss, e.g. when your question title says "Why isn't this code working?" it's 100% guaranteed your question is off-topic. Having yet another page to link to after we've closed their question isn't going to help, if they can post such a question without the system telling them "WAIT! Your question is likely OFF-TOPIC!", then it's too late already. 60% of CR's closures involve broken code, if pointing them to [help/on-topic] isn't enough, I don't see how [ask] is going to change it. — Meta's Mug 2 days ago
@Mat'sMug Reminded me of that ^^
2:16 PM
Meta's Mug, seriously?
#PeopleDontRead explains a lot of the internet world's problems
@Mast there's this "Will" user who's "Won't" on meta. I suggested perhaps I should be "Mug's Mat" on meta and then Shog9 said "Meta's Mug" - the rest is history.
Good thing I won't be changing my name into Mast's Mug the moment I get a mug.
Would be terribly confusing.
yeah you'd look like a typo :) ...or I would. depends.
Q: Return inconsistencies.. algorithm for calculating needed coins in C

JuiceThis is absolutely driving me nuts. So we have to make an algorithm which counts the amount of coinss needed to provide a customer with change. coins are quarters nickles dimes and pennies. But i have a problem with the pennies somehow. Look at the code and look at the returns: #include <cs50.h>...

2:26 PM
@CaptainObvious off-topic, not asking for a review
Left a comment.
nice one
gah, that one isn't in the "combined" one
Q: Continue to another task if one task failed multhitreading

User555I have a multi-threaded call where I am executing three tasks at the same time. When one call fail I want to continue to another without breaking the others. All calls are depending on repository call from where the exceptions are thrown. My current solution is that I am checking the caller meth...

2:42 PM
catch (Exception ex) {
    if (new StackTrace().GetFrame(1).GetMethod().Name == "TheCaller") {
       return new List < Users > ();
@Mat'sMug LOL
I'm kinda sad that my code isn't open source, I'd love for it to get reviewed
I mean, we do peer views, by "get it reviewed" I mean "assaulted by the numerous c# guys on CR"
are we that violent?
2:45 PM
correct syntax would be .Name == "Chtulu"
@Servy: Agreed. The OP might try Code Review, but I'm doubtful that they could suggest anything other than minor style tweaks. — Matt Burland 41 secs ago
Q: Singly Linked List in Stack

kurular4I have question about stack on Singly Linked List. My remove method doesnt return removed node.thats why I am removing the node by myself. Here is my code. public String pop() { String a = list.getFirst(); list.remove(0); return a; } public static void main(String[] args) { ...

@Servy FWIW foobar example code with placeholder identifiers e.g. Class1 and BaseClass where the code is really nothing more than an illustration of the "problem", is off-topic on Code Review, since the code is so stripped of all context that nothing meaningful can come out of a review. And if it does, then answers get comments like "oh yeah thanks, but in my real code I do X instead, can you suggest [...]?" - that's why we require real, actual, working code; MCVE's are for SO, not CR. — Mat's Mug 23 secs ago
3:04 PM
@Malachi those are too many overlapping ideas at once, I give up ;-] — t3chb0t 19 mins ago
3:17 PM
Greetings, Programs.
3:54 PM
Q: Refactoring multiple if statements where switch cannot be used

user120789I want to refactor below code. Do() method below gets the position number from other component "_calComponent.GetPosition()" and compares the value with the pf control positions (PfControlPositions). As you can see there are many if conditions that I had to use here. I did not like this app...

Q: How to implement the Unit of Work(UoW) pattern with ADO.NET and use it in ASP.NET MVC

eddyI'm trying to implement the UoW pattern using ADO.NET and this is what I've achieved so far: The IUnitOfWork Interface: public interface IUnitOfWork : IDisposable { IDomainTableRepository DomainTables { get; } IVariableRepository Variables { get; } IModelRepository Models { ...

4:06 PM
Q: Handling dozens of checkbox events in a Word document

Steve101So I have a word document which has a lot of active x checkboxes on it and I have just been told the way it has been coded and done could be improved upon a lot, so I am asking for a bit of help. To quickly explain it, the checkboxes are tied to a "completion overview" at the bottom of the docum...

possible answer invalidation by colecmc on question by colecmc: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144663/revisions
@VBA-reviewers: currently working with OP to get them to post more of their nightmarish code, hopefully that post gets edited soon.
Q: Suggestions how I could make my PHP code faster

MarkusNowotnyThe following code works great, but the code needs too long finish the whole process. sandbox.onlinephpfunctions.com Do you have suggestions?

Q: Minesweeper Layout

Luke ParkerI am attempting to create a minesweeper game in C that asks for the size of array, number of mines, and coordinates to each mine. Here is what I have been able to come up with: #include <stdio.h> int main() { int i, j, z, x, y, counter; printf("Enter dimensions of array (row, column)...

4:24 PM
Probably belongs on Code Review exchange? — matt 38 secs ago
4:39 PM
@Mat'sMug incoming
I need to get back to work...lol
@Malachi already there
35 mins ago, by Captain Obvious
Q: Handling dozens of checkbox events in a Word document

Steve101So I have a word document which has a lot of active x checkboxes on it and I have just been told the way it has been coded and done could be improved upon a lot, so I am asking for a bit of help. To quickly explain it, the checkboxes are tied to a "completion overview" at the bottom of the docum...

not that one...
ha, nice title :)
thank you
A: Verify if meeting datetime ranges overlap in an IEnumerable list of meetings

MalachiYou are going to want to make sure that you don't have a meeting with a beginning DateTime more than the ending DateTime. my suggestion would be to throw an exception when something tries to create a meeting with an end time before the start time. so your Meeting now looks like this public Dat...

I added the code into this answer as well
and tried to explain all the changes I made
welcome to the 2nd Monitor @Olzhas
4:46 PM
@Malachi, I'm not a newbie here :)
@Yano I don't doubt that. However proper architecture is not something that you can just ask from someone. If you had an existing solution, you could go to programming.SE or codereview and ask about it, but coming to SO with "Hey, could you guys give me an architecture that uses best practices" is both too broad and primarily opinion based, as the current close votes show. — Kayaman 13 secs ago
hey, @Hosch250
@Malachi Nice answer!
@Eric: I don't know. I'm answering at the pure python level (note: this belongs more to codereview if you want my opinion, that's really between both sites). — Jean-François Fabre 44 secs ago
4:50 PM
@CaptainObvious I think they have a stuck CTRL key or something
Q: Too Many Staff Meetings

MalachiI recently got in really deep on a question to find the overlapping meetings and I rewrote a bit of the code and added some things to the code, and I would just like a general review of my code and what I could do to make it even better, maybe performance wise or whatever. Here is my LINQPad 5 C...

@Phrancis thank you
@Olzhas I apologize, I hadn't seen you in here before. I used to be in here all the time
@Malachi, np :) when I was here you were always idle, may be that's the reason you didn't notice me much
possible answer invalidation by bstipe on question by bstipe: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/144024/revisions
do anyone know how to exit the application from terminal ubuntu? I couldn't find anything on the web
4:56 PM
ctrl + c
axe -> terminal
@Mat'sMug, tried that one ;) worked perfectly
@Vogel612, thanks
installed eclipse since got no other options. It was downloading Java longer than any other part
I didn't think the JDK was that big of a download...
5:00 PM
well the irony here is that I'll be writing C/C++ code, so it sounds rather ridiculous that I need Java ...
well you shouldn't be using eclipse then ...
eclipse is a java program ...
You can write C/C++ in VS, but that is a huge download too.
VS won't work on Ubuntu
NetBeans is just as bad.
5:03 PM
And yeah, it's huge
Oh, right.
@Phrancis, I believe I can use VS code, the code editor part of it. I will try to make it work with clang
Is clang a compiler?
@Phrancis, yep
Maybe one day I'll try C++; C though just seems... very clunky
5:06 PM
well ... it's a different level of abstraction ...
@Vogel612, and a lot more power. Overwhelming amount of power
5:22 PM
@Olzhas Ctrl + C like Vogel said, it's technically SIGINT but the result is a SIGTERM, exactly what you want.
@Mast, not really far from axe->terminal for the process
5:35 PM
#ProTip If your address form is going to tell me that the following is not a valid address "10 Downing Street" then bloody tell me how it's invalid.
Also, I suspect the form in question is broken anyway.
@Phrancis VS Code will run on Ubuntu
@Kaz Perhaps the prime minister wrote the validation form and knows you don't live there.?
@xDaevax I used my actual address, but I'm not posting that here ^^
Xamarin is a paid alternative for Visual Studio on Ubuntu. I can't remember what the other one is that is free
5:39 PM
@xDaevax yes that is the one
not as nice as the new community edition of VS though. at least last time I tried it
VS Code is pretty on point
Atom-like, but somehow more streamlined
Turns out the form was written by americans
stupid Americans
yeah, stupid us...
5:43 PM
I'm in the UK. My post code is not a 5 digit number, no matter what your form validation thinks.
Load all the values from Column F into an array. Then load a two dimensional variant array and post it all at once into the desired cells. But code that works and needs help improving belong on CodeReview. — Scott Craner 51 secs ago
> there is little point in installing VS on Linux since the applications generated by VS since VS cannot generate executables that run directly on Linux
Pffft... Globalization
what kind of answer is that?
VS Code for Linux. no Community and from the thread I am reading there is no possibility that they will ever release community for linux
@Malachi Until they do
5:44 PM
@Kaz I had the same problem at Walmart when I worked in the Auto area, our handheld for entering customers wouldn't accept Canadian addresses, because they use a 6 character zip code which is letters and numbers.
When we build the wall to the north, handling Canadian zip codes won't be a problem :x
so y'all going to call us wildlings then?
we won't see you any more, so clearly, you won't exist
no need for names :P
Q: An unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe game using exhaustive enumeration of all cases

ccless1I am a beginner programmer and I've been trying to complete an unbeatable tic-tac-toe program, my code is below. The program itself works, but it seems rather inefficient, as I literally have to type out every case of possible victory or defeat. Any suggestions on how to make the code more effici...

Q: Find a mistake in my homework submission

Akim AkimovI am puzzled about my homework solution. Task was super easy and my implementation: http://ideone.com/1yM7Ym is seems to be correct but it fails unknown testcase and I am puzzled about what could be a problem. I tried every possible of test cases and random generated testcases as well. I am th...

Q: Generator for the collatz conjecture sequence

VermillionI tried to write this code as concisely as possible. Is this the best way to do it? def collatz(n): """ Generator for collatz sequence beginning with n >>> list(collatz(10)) [5, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1] """ while n != 1: n = n / 2 if n % 2 == 0 else 3*n + 1 yield ...

Is getting homework reviewed before turning it in cheating?
5:50 PM
@Mat'sMug the night is coming?
@xDaevax if you learn nothing, then I would say yes
After all, I try to get my code reviewed before installing to production
@xDaevax Looks like a Meta question.
@xDaevax IMO, no. But whether or not something is considered cheating is up to your professor/university so you should ask them.
Or a question for Academia with the tag.
@xDaevax since CR is intended for review of already-working code, I would say no
but asking SO to fix it definitely would be
5:53 PM
@t3chb0t someone showed me that trick yesterday of running code inside LINQPad, they love LINQPad here! and I am starting to like it a lot as well
If I wanted to do a lightning talk or open space for a code review topic at an upcoming developer conference, what do you think would be most interesting to go over? How to ask a question, give an answer, review etiquette, etc...?
does this make sense?
that query says grab the meetings that start at the same time as this meeting or any meeting in the future and do not grab this current meeting and do not grab meetings that we already checked I can see where you are confused now. I put 2 meetings in there that start at the same time, if there are multiple meetings that start at the same time it keeps the algorithm from checking the 2 meetings against each other in reverse. — Malachi 1 min ago
LinqPad is fantastic! I actually paid for it!
I haven't paid for it yet, I think I would ask the company (I work for) if they had any licenses before I tried to pay for it...lol
5:59 PM
Yeah, I got tired of waiting for companies to approve it (and it's very cheap).
Q: Context pattern in Business layer

JekIs it considered a good practice to use the context pattern in an anemic domain model in the business layer ? Here is the situation: I have multiple service classes (AccountService, GalleryService...) each one is using one Repository class and multiple Service classes. I decided to use the Cont...

Q: Implementing RadixSort using JavaScript

GeekyCan someone review my code? I am trying to implement radix sort in JavaScript. var numbers=[90,46,7,12,100,68]; var length=numbers.length; var buckets=new Array(10); Clear(); function Clear(){ for(var i=0;i<10;i++) buckets[i]=[]; } RadixSort(); function RadixSort(){ var maxElement=Math...

@CaptainObvious very borderline
@Mat'sMug not night, winter, winter is coming
aye, winter is coming. in April of next year.
@Mat'sMug is that when they put the new POTUS into office?
6:07 PM
President of the United States
it was supposed to be a joke, because I don't understand why April would be Winder for you up there in Canadia
Isn't it always winter in Canada?
@xDaevax that is Antarctica...
I just received an opportunity via email to moderate an Apple customer support forum. Something tells me it won't be a very laid-back job...
6:09 PM
@Jamal can you edit posts there?
is it a paid gig?
If past experience is any indication of future performance
@Mat'sMug Yes, but it looks like it would have to violate their terms, so I won't be able to do it freely.
It says it's a 4x10 shift, 11 PM to 10 AM, Thursday night through Monday morning.
@Malachi Antarctica has a summer too.
6:13 PM
@Hosch250 but it would be colder than most people's winter, right?
Not necessarily.
Ohio has by far and away the coldest winters. ;)
At the pole, yes. Not necessarily along the coast.
@xDaevax No.
@Jamal extra pay for weekend and night?
6:14 PM
@xDaevax you have never been to North Dakota, have you?
I've heard the Dakota winters are the worst.
And Nebraska.
Michigan's are much worse, I can only imagine what Canada's are.
northern Minnesota
I've heard a lot of Canada's aren't half bad because of the great lakes.
Montana, Wyoming, South and North Dakota
6:15 PM
@Vogel612 Doesn't say. No salary information, either.
For working code improvements you will get better response on Code Review. — Brian 46 secs ago
thanks brian I didn't know about Code Review — Johnson Jason 26 secs ago
Q: Adding values to the same incoming dictionary

AppIn the method GetFunctionality(), I created a dictionary functionality and passed it to three different methods to add values to it. Can I refactor this so that I do not need to pass the dictionaries like this? Is it possible to write some lambda expression or extension methods to achieve this ...

6:28 PM
Q: Copy and paste formatting is slow using VBA

Johnson JasonThe following code is a function that works. It's just slow and I don't know how to speed it up. It takes an Excel row number and the value of its headerval (string) and finds the same headerval on a different sheet then copies the formatting and applies it to our new sheet. The true false is bec...

@CaptainObvious You don't say
@CaptainObvious Seems like sample code
Q: C++ std::vector with always valid iterator/pointer/index/key

tower120std::vector have one inconvenience - you can't store nor pointers nor indexes to elements if vector grow/alter. To overcome this problem we usually use vector of pointers / deque (if only grow) / list / etc. Having our elements in heap have significult overhead on creation, traverse, and per ele...

Q: Projects Launcher

Uriel EliOver the last time, the number of mini-projects I've been running grew quickly, and I found it a bit hard to navigate through all of the sub folders and search for the files. So, I created a small script to be run as a CLI tool so I can quickly view and launch projects stored in the 'Projects' d...

Q: ECMAScript 6 amazon lambda image processing. refactoring required

dpaI use this script in amazon lamda for image processing. Script should do: download image and watermark from amazon S3 resize image to two sizes put watermark on it and annotate with text put resized and watermarked image to other bucket send to external host some metadata info At this moment ...

6:43 PM
@Mat'sMug hello
Is there a standard way to cite another user when writing a question?
@CaptainObvious Looking for a library, not a review?
@DavidMcDavidson no not really.
the "rules" say you're supposed to link to them
aside from that it's rather free form
Q: Convert hex to base64, part 2

David McDavidsonOriginal question Reimplemented solution following JS1's answer. Changed bit string hack by bitwise operations to get the corresponding base64 index values. #include <stdio.h> #include <assert.h> void get_b64_quads(char *hex, char *b64quads, int pad) { char *dec_2_base64 = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP...

6:53 PM
This is the wrong forum. If you want to make it faster take it to codereview.stackexchange.com They specialize in doing this sort of thing, and are much smarter than me. — Scott Craner just now
selfied my own question already
@Kaz Validating addresses across country lines is almost as fruitless as attempting to validate email addresses with regex :)
@Duga Fact
@Phrancis For most things, sure. But something like a postcode is pretty rigidly defined in the first place. It's not hard.
@Phrancis or trying to code something related to DateTime
6:57 PM
This would be better on Code Review. — Eli Sadoff 8 secs ago
@Kaz Makes sense, yeah, if all addresses are in the same country
@Phrancis It had a country dropdown.
I've just compiled my first C++ program on Ubuntu, it wasn't fun :(
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