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12:14 AM
@dcfyj That is an awesome book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys riddles and wordplay.
@Sconibulus Doesn't have to be NaA to be worth deleting.
@TheBitByte No, it is a rule, at least de facto. Unexplained answers get deleted all the time here.
@TheBitByte No. Spam is dealt with harshly across all of SE.
@BeastlyGerbil Congrats!
1:09 AM
24 messages moved to Trashcan
@Doorknob Thanks!
5 hours later…
6:38 AM
New hint & bounty on my newest puzzle
Q: Megan and the alphabetic cipher (smhrjc etc)

Rosie FI had just arrived for my lunchtime meet with Megan in Pizza Espresso, when up walks the woman herself, resplendent in a long velvet skirt and matching jacket. "Gosh, you look beautiful." "Thanks. Thought I'd wear something a bit special for Gwyl Canol Hydref." Seeing my blank look, she went on...

6:52 AM
wow, first time i see "User was removed" in my recent achievements... is it new ?
7:49 AM
@RosieF: How's the paper flipped over ? (You should add the two pages separately)
8:20 AM
@lois6b Not at all, it happened to me at least 3 or 4 times since I join in July. Read here if you want to learn more :-)
then i guess not too many people vote me so it didnt affect me before heheh
9:14 AM
Q: Red Herring Bonkers In The Red Herring Bunkers

AvigrailPlease help me! Last weekend I hosted a hell of a party at my workplace (I'll invite you next time, promise). Of course, my boss didn't know about it. The next morning I entered the building and ... ... everything was just a huge mess! Naive as I am, I was expecting something less wicked an...

9:50 AM
Three users removed at once?
@BeastlyGerbil same here
Gamow sockpuppets?
10:06 AM
@BeastlyGerbil: Why Randal'thor was banned for one year ? For promoting riddler's den ?
10:20 AM
I've stumbled upon this question over the HNQ, puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/43855/lethal-solution ; sadly even though i get the association bonus I cannot answer the question and just typing up random answers on other questions to get the 10 rep really bugs me... Can someone on here just add my answer so my OCD can be stilled?....
divide glasses into two groups, weigh one group, if group is 510G poison is in this group, otherwise it's in the other group. lift both glasses of the poison group and the heavier is the poison.. voila
Isn't that using the scales more than once?
@BeastlyGerbil no, I'm using my hands afterwards instead of the provided scale :) Some lateral thinking there (it's not the best answer, but it works; and while trying to differentiate between 4 glasses with only out hands is quite difficult, we can be relied upon being able to differentiate between two weights easily enough)
So you want me to write that answer up (crediting you)
Why not just post something else and get some rep first?
Because I can't find a question where I think my answer would be anything but random noise :/
10:37 AM
There's already at least one answer that uses the lift-glass-while-weighing trick. I'm pretty sure it's not intended to be permitted.
(And there is an accepted answer, which does it the way I thought the questioner intended.)
11:35 AM
beastly, why your last post was deleted?
It turned out that it didn't mean anything
^^' i thought you previously speaked with him to ask if it has meaning
And I thought he said yes
But aparently not
oh , pitty. i like those kind of posts... the community interacting with each other
12:17 PM
@TheBitByte Yes, I do often read through what's happened in a room in my absence and reply to parts of it. I don't see anything wrong with that.
hi everyone :)
@BeastlyGerbil I got two -5's from "User was removed", but I've lost about 70 rep since yesterday.
Poor Rand
Ohhh, and just realised why. @Deusovi Could this question be undeleted? It got auto-deleted only because it was negatively-voted when the user account was deleted.
@ABcDexter Hi! :-)
@Randal'Thor How are you @Randal'Thor ?
12:28 PM
@Randal'Thor I lost 5 from user removed too.
@ABcDexter Not bad. Lamenting my lost rep :-P Yourself?
@dcfyj It was all a big scheme to put Gareth ahead of me in the weekly/monthly/quarterly rep leagues! :-P
I'm good, never felt so relaxed. as i had told, was en route to Himalayas...
lost rep? haha, ok :D
@Randal'Thor Even with that 70 rep, Gareth is still above you :P
@ABcDexter Himalayas? Sounds exciting! Are you going to see Everest?
Posted 30 minutes ago and it already has 2 hints?
12:31 PM
@Randal'Thor I'd love to, but am not healthy enough for that.
Ok bye, time to evening snacks :)
@Randal'Thor I don't think the number-sequence one is too broad -- I think it has an obvious clearly intended answer and I'd be awfully surprised if there were anything else nearly as plausible. What it mostly is is too easy and too familiar, though so far as I can see it hasn't been asked here before.
@GarethMcCaughan I VTCed it before seeing the answer - having seen it, I agree maybe it's not too broad. Still haven't decided whether to retract my vote.
ooh sportsmanship badge
By the way, I'm nearly(ish) done with part 3 ^^
@dcfjy That one with two hints had two hints the moment it was posted.
12:41 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I noticed. I guess he couldn't incorporate them into the puzzle?
Also Humn has struck again
This makes the room look so much more interesting IMO! I always loved the Puzzling background anyway. But I guess you'd sometimes accidentally think you're on meta... Regarding the user removed issue: I guess I can call myself a happy low-rep user right now, didn't happen for me. :P
@LukasRotter huh, I thought you had more rep than me.
@dcfyj Nope, you have around 160 more. :P
I see that.
2 hours later…
2:59 PM
Oooh, my scores up to 105 in Riddle, I think that means a tag badge whenever those get calculated, probably when Stack decides it's tomorrow
Have you got 20 answers plus?
I've only got 1 tag badge, and thats for riddles
Judging from my Top Tags section, I think so?
"105 × 21"
is my next best at 70 x 9... that feels weird
If you go on profile and click the cog next to the next privledge you can see tag badge progress instead
huh, didn't know about that
it says 85 x 14... guess I'm further than I thought
I'm 64 x 6 for cipher
And I'm up to 20 silvers :P
3:06 PM
@Sconibulus But only 18 answers. You need two more for the tag badge.
Whereas Rand'Althor here has over 10 bronze tag badges, and 1 silver tag badge...
Well yeah, he and Gareth are some sorts of wizards
Gareths only got 2
@BeastlyGerbil Not seeing it in there.
Seeing what?
3:12 PM
I replied to your message so I wouldn't have to explain :(
Oh that one
I've used the cog many a time to check progress, but I don't see the tag badges in there.
its in the reputation bit on the left not the badge bit on the right
By the way @Sconibulus, Hiding your moon was a bit of a pain :P
@BeastlyGerbil Ah, I see
The closest one I've got is math and I still need 15 answers and 26 points >.<
Clearly I post many answers
@dcfyj Did you just wrap it in <pre> tags, or was there more to it? (I always run into problems with preformatted text in spoilers.)
3:23 PM
I had to essentially make it all one line. and escape a bunch of characters
@dcfyj Yeah, just a <pre> block didn't work, I tried that before I gave up
If you go to edit, you'll see what I did. It looks pretty ugly in the box but the preview's pretty enough.
The bugger of it is, I found a bug, I accidentally overwrote one of the zeros, so I'm trying to fix it, and then I'll have to edit it in without breaking your spoilering
That's easy enough, I bolded all the 0,1,2s.
If you change just the numbers you won't break a thing
3:27 PM
I'm confused about you being confused...
@BeastlyGerbil What are you confused about?
...I was just gawping at that edit
What about it?
all that... stuff...
How on earth did that end up as it did
Clearly you've never seen this one
@BeastlyGerbil It ended up that way because of the <pre> tag.
@dcfyj ah yes, that one was kinda my fault. Sorry.
3:32 PM
Yeah I know all about <pre>, I taught myself HTML! :P
@GarethMcCaughan I had fun figuring it out though ^^
@BeastlyGerbil There's a ton of white space in the section you took a picture of
@GarethMcCaughan I periodically go back to that question for reference when I forget how to do that formatting :P
@Randal'Thor How did you not lose that essence of puzzling in last one year?
Apropos of the badge discussion, is there any decent way to track progress towards tag badges? There's a thing saying what your single top tag is and how much rep you've got (recently?) from things tagged with it, but is there any way to tell for any given tag how much rep and how many answers you have?
ah, wait, there's a list on the right-hand side of the profile page
(sorry, the activity page or tab or whatever it's meant to be called)
... hmm, I'm really close to getting several more tag badges. That's nice.
I am seriously surprised how few users, especially the top ones, have noticed that cog.
@dcfyj This one was a bit of a pain to make too.
3:40 PM
The top section is way uglier than the middle, I understood what was going on in the middle :)
Still not as much work as this one though.
probably because the number of spaces lined up much more nicely
@manshu Well, I deal with both maths and riddles in places other than PSE, which probably helps.
so you love maths too?
I study maths IRL :-)
3:43 PM
@BeastlyGerbil I noticed it quite a while back. I just forgot about it.
Alright, formatted and as near as I can tell right, time for lunch
@Randal'Thor I still think my matrix one is worse :P
I love maths too but it is the only subject in which I get the least marks. So we can state that "Love hurts". Hence proved.
Maths are interesting, but I prefer logic puzzles like this one.
most of the math that are taught in schools have verrrryyy far fetched use in real life.
3:57 PM
Not the ones I encountered...
Algebra, I use it regularly
oh...I meant high school..
Alegbra is a high school Math
I took it in 8/9 grade...
Yeah I'm learning algebra currently
It has many uses
3:59 PM
That it does. I have a bad habit of just doing it in my head though.
Everyone does it in their heads.
I mean I write nothing down
Not even the equation or the answer
you mean you can find roots of a polynomial equation in your head?
Depending how big it is, yes
4:01 PM
I've calculated seconds in a year in my head before. It's a lot of number to hold on to lol
oh..so you can multiply moderately big numbers in your head.. COOL!!!
Specifically I was multiplying 60x60x24x365.25.
(not in one shot)
atmost I can multiply 60*60*24
and you get 87,000 or so
the days in a year multiplication took me a while to do...
days in a year is something like 1 year = 365.25 days
4:08 PM
I know, I meant taking that number and multiplying it by seconds in a day.
it would have..
the nice thing is the 5 is there twice so you really only have 4 multiplications to do. Aside from the addition afterwords of course.
This whole time I was thinking you use some kind of shortcut methods to do it in your head...
No, just normal multiplication, at least in this case.
Amusingly enough I tend to use shortcuts for things like 25*36
me too
4:13 PM
Yup. I do (5*6)^2 for that one
What about it?
Hmm. I do (25*4) * (36/4) = 100 * 9
For this particular I did something like 25*36= 100*36/4
@manshu High five!
4:15 PM
Never thought of it that way, nifty. To put my way in steps, it's this: 25*36=5*5*6*6=30*30=900
gives high five
Sometimes having friends who sing constantly is a benefit, if I were trying to do seconds in a year, I'd get to start at 525,600 minutes
what if you get something like 72*61
Helps that I have a lot of my perfect squares/cubes memorized
@Sconibulus and you'd get the wrong answer because that uses 365 days in a year not 365.25 :P
well, 365.25 is wronger than 365
4:18 PM
how so?
more than 3 in every 4 years have 365 days
the others have 366
ok, use .33333 then :P
if you wanted to do an average, I think it comes out to something like 365.258 or something
So how is 365.25 "more" wrong than 365? it's closer to the number you're suggesting
365 is right for days in the year something like 76% of the time
4:19 PM
@manshu I'd probably multiply normally
hmm..me too
@Sconibulus Except that, while we say there are that many days in a year we have to use a leap year to account for the missing hours. Therefore using 365.25 is more accurate.
@GentlePurpleRain: I had some comments in Avigrail's puzzle, but now I am not seeing that. Are they mod deleted ?
Can you give me the link to the puzzle?
@GentlePurpleRain You're a mod, shouldn't you know off-hand? :P
@dcfyj laziness conquers all :D
Some comments is probably also deleted on Matsmath's answer here: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/43894/word-number-puzzle/…
@dcfyj .25 would probably be more accurate if you were doing a multi-year thing, for any given year you'd want to use the actual number of days
@ArbitraryKangaroo Yes, a bunch of comments (by several people) were deleted from Avigrail's puzzle by Deusovi. I don't know for sure, but it was probably just cleanup, since there were getting to be an awful lot of comments.
There were no deleted comments on Matsmath's answer in the second link.
As I said, humans decided on 365, But there are still hours missing on the end of it, Which to account for an actual year would mean counting those hours too
And by humans I don't mean @manshu
4:26 PM
You couldn't mean me even if you wanted to...I am a Martian. :D
@GentlePurpleRain: Oh, Okay. And regarding MM's answer, it is actually puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/43923/… , where my comment exist, not the other link.
@ArbitraryKangaroo Just so you know, you can link answers by clicking the "Share" link
and comments by clicking the posting time
4:39 PM
It's closer to 365.24
So 365.25 is wrong in a way, too
Either way I don't see how just plain 365 is more accurate than 365.25
translate: Acertijos y mas cosas
(from Spanish) Puzzles and more things
Sorry, just wanted to see what it meant.
Automatic translations in chat are a mod perk :-)
@dcfyj @ffao Which puzzle you're discussing ?
4:45 PM
We're not discussing any puzzle, just accuracy of days in a year
It is a puzzle by itself.
I guess...?
We could do a puzzle... I'm kinda stuck on this one:
A: An enigmatic pilgrimage

SconibulusPuzzle 1: Puzzle 2: Puzzle 3: Puzzle 4: Now we have potential solutions to every subproblem, and must tackle the riddle: It takes you to start the sequence, but make sure you're not misled, And finally there's a pair, if they're leading, they don't count, but now you mus...

We could, but I suck at riddles
hmm.. Addition in a Cross, and the next things are 2, 2digit pairs where position counts... That sounds like it could be Matrix maths maybe
the thing is, I vaguely remember a Cross Multiply, I don't remember a Cross Add
4:50 PM
Cross multiply makes me think of fractions more than a matrix. I think you're thinking of the identity matrix, there's a fair amount of multiplication in that.
there wasn't a Cross Product and Dot Product?
I might be mad
it's been a while
@Sconibulus Yes.
No one mentioned when solving 3 that the symbol for "atomic number" in chemistry is a Z?
Not that it changes the answer
@ffao It is? I never knew that
I thought I was going to be able to translate my riddle super fast but it turns out I'm going to have to do it super slowly T.T
5:01 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo You have a number of deleted comments there, but they were all deleted by you.
@dcfyj that means we have to decode it super slowly, doesn't it... you monster
@Sconibulus I've already put my hints for the cipher down, but I noticed something while encoding so I'm going to have to add a bit more to the hints, else it'll be impossible.
@GentlePurpleRain I've got a flag for you on a recent question, btw.
@Sconibulus The order of the solutions is important for the final solution ... so perhaps the second and third solutions are the "sequins" and "the last" is 73?
@Sconibulus How fast you decode it is up to you :P
Unique code reminds me of unicode
So does U and a positive sign
5:08 PM
That sounds like a plausible route
I'm glad I have a lot of letter repetition in my riddle, it makes translation slightly faster ^^
@ffao That sounds very very plausible, though the order of things in the riddle is a bit strange.
@Randal'Thor I'm still not really sure what "sequins" means... 73 was the result of a sequence I suppose
and I guess the other answer was potentially a doubling sequence, 65, 130, 260...
Sequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, sequins are most often made from plastic. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and many other accessories. Sequins are sometimes also referred to as spangles, paillettes, or diamantes, but technically differ. In costuming, sequins have a center hole, while spangles have the hole located at the top. Paillettes themselves are commonly very large and flat. Sequins may be stitched flat...
Maybe the circles(O) of 8
OK, now that the golden eggs puzzle doesn't seem to be plagiarised after all, I've posted an answer.
5:46 PM
First stanza complete, 2 to go...
@dcfyj: Where ?
I haven't posted it yet
:32783155 I'm pretty sure @GarethMcCaughan knows how to transparently overlay layers in paint.net.
@GarethMcCaughan Do you know how to half-transparently overlay two layers in Paint.net ?
(I'm working on Avigrail's puzzle)
I don't know any secret techniques. If you have two layers, select the upper one, and edit its layer properties, you can control the "blending mode" and the transparency parameter that governs the relative priorities of the two layers. If you need something for which that isn't enough information, then I probably don't have the information you need :-).
5:53 PM
@GarethMcCaughan That's that.
@Alenanno: Will you add any hint to your puzzle ?
(I found layer properties)
@ArbitraryKangaroo I was about to do that, actually. Although I was thinking of posting a comment under the answers, to "nudge" a little bit.
I'm just deciding how much cryptic I want to be :D
and I'm about to post my second puzzle too.
And I have an idea for the third one.
@Alenanno I have a feeling that if we understand the meaning of "sequins", much of the rest may follow. Am I right, or am I putting too much importance on that word?
@Alenanno: It should be better if you do it in the question.
5:57 PM
@Randal'Thor Do you know what "sequins" means by the way?
I mean, the object
@Alenanno Sure: those little circular things sometimes found on clothing.
@Alenanno: Is my interpretation of sequin as the two O's in the 8 correct ? Also, did you add the comment ?
Yeah, their definition is "shiny decorations". :D That's why I included it (other than being rhyming with sequence)
@ArbitraryKangaroo No, it's not. I'll think of a hint to include now.
Hmm, items two and three did come from color-coded places
the colored shapes and the periodic table... that's arguably decoration
so taking the last would give us 8U75(+CharingCross)(73,130) for the pair?
Also, 8U75 looks like Butts if you squint hard enough
@Sconibulus and @Randal'Thor Check hint in the question and comment.
The hint is still a bit cryptic, but if that doesn't work, I'll be a bit more helpful.
6:07 PM
Well, I'm pretty confident about mini-puzzles 2, 3, and 4.
@Alenanno: When are you changing the mini puzzles ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo Changing?
@Alenanno: Isn't there a fault ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo The mistake? It was fixed the other day.
Ah you mean my comment
I meant
"one of the minipuzzle SOLUTIONS is incorrect."
@Alenanno: Okay.
6:10 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo I fixed the comments
well... the solution to 3 seems really obvious, the solution to 4 was good enough to make you fix puzzle 4, which leaves one and 2
two uses X, which is kinda a big hint... perhaps too big
@Sconibulus @Randal'Thor You know what, screw it: number 1 was incorrect. :D
:32783705 :D ahha. I'm off to eat, I'll be back with you guys in a bit and check what you're up to
Wait, you still mean our solution to number 1, right?
@Randal'Thor Yes
Phew. For a moment there I made the same mistake as AK :-)
6:14 PM
:D well, good luck and see you in a bit. Let me know how it goes.
So @Sconibulus, I'm thinking the symbol between the circles in mini-puzzle 1 is a minus sign and not just a connecting symbol (see note 3 in the question).
@Alenanno Bon appetit! :-)
@Randal'Thor Thanks. And yes, that's a minus. (I thought you both had understood that.) :D later!
well, we did use it, just not exclusively
we added the numbers and subtracted the letters
Maybe we're supposed to be only subtracting?
@Randal'Thor: Well, 1 is trivial, just add the number, then A126, then equate, then reverse.
6:17 PM
8 - .9 ~ 7 and 2 - .9 ~ 1.
@Randal'Thor What's that ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo A possibility for mini-puzzle 1.
@ArbitraryKangaroo ?
@Randal'Thor: I'm pretty sure my curvefit contains no mistake
@ArbitraryKangaroo What curvefit?
@Randal'Thor Eg. 1T -> 120, 9I -> 99, 2S - > 219, and so 1T+9I = 2S
6:20 PM
This curvefit.
makes 126-75 = 51, or 5A
815-91=724. Ha! you got it @ArbitraryKangaroo
@ArbitraryKangaroo Oh wow, how had we not noticed that?!
oops, 5A
oh, what's that language...
6:24 PM
Aliens from afhqpekfhpqfqiphpqiehpe.
Their language.
8O-9A=7X, 815-91=724. 219-99=120. It all fits, good job finding that one AK
@Sconibulus language?
something like 5AE1B?
One of those golfing Esolangs
@dcfyj: I mentioned before, I can make such [redacted; an adjective (6) , starts with S] curve fits, infinite times, with few lines of code and these three inputs.
I don't see how python has anything to do with it, but sure.
(yes I know it's a language)
6:28 PM
@dcfyj: You curve fit, [redacted; the same adjective]-ly, with an output of your choice, of a n degree, two variable equation. Python for rote tasks, and because I only know some epsilon of it.
Why do you keep tossing in redacteds? It makes it much harder to read.
After posting it, or after few moments, it instantly, or slowly, hits me that my last comment is extremely nonsensically stupid, that's why I redact/delete a lot.
Why not just remove it completely instead of putting redacted...
@dcfyj: Oh, that's different. That's an adjective, I don't know why I shouldn't use if I feel it's perfectly suited, but I used in a comment to that puzzle, and you or someone else commented that this violates Be Nice. You can guess the adjective easily.
Then why even bother putting it in? use a nicer word if you feel it must be in there.
6:35 PM
@dcfyj: Can you guess it ? (I feel its the perfect adjective fitting the four mini puzzles, (but not the riddle, it's good), so I used it)
@ArbitraryKangaroo I don't think "You're an du-[redacted]" is significantly nicer than "You're a dumbshit" Both probably are rules violations
and one's way easier to read
One is certainly harder to read than the other, and I don't see the point of using the word in the first place. If you dislike something say so in a constructive manner...
@Sconibulus: It's not dumbshit, because "shit" isn't a six letter word, and I hate ad hominem attack. It's sXXXXX
I'm pretty sure his redacted word is closer to dumb.
Yeah, I wasn't trying to translate, I was just pointing out that not using a word doesn't actually make whatever you're saying ok
I was going for the hyperbole thing
6:39 PM
Hi @JonEricson, Prowling the chats again?
@dcfyj Heh. I sometimes leave all chat rooms to avoid being pinged for a bit. Odd to come back to them all all at once.
Haha, I bet
1 stanza left and I should be ready to post. YAY!
@Sconibulus @ArbitraryKangaroo @Randal'Thor @dcfyj :D eheheheh I see you guys got it. Good.
@Randal'Thor try to rearrange the spaces in the Morse code... You will get 50% of the answer
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