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7:00 PM
@Randal'Thor By the way, The Z is the symbol for the atomic number. I should have done that more cryptic. :D
Hey MD
I think I'm finally ready to post part 3
Hi :) I am just peeking here :) I had a busy week :) As you can see from my lack of activity here :)
I was fairly busy this week too. Which is most of the reason I'm only now posting #3.
But still - you have something to post. I don't :) Maybe next week :)
I also got ideas for another question this week ^^
7:11 PM
great :)
You saw my part 2 right?
@Sid I've tried with all sorts of spacings, but still haven't managed to solve it :-/ Would I be right in assuming that the different paragraphs correspond to different words in the Morse code?
I have ideas & drafts for four questions I wanted to post for a long time now. I'm just never satisfied with the drafts and decide to wait until I get a better idea. Does anyone else experience this all the time? Most of the questions I posted so far were the ones were I decided to not care and just implement the first idea I had... Which didn't always turn out to be that good. :P
@MariaDeleva Is :) a new punctuation mark now? :-P
@Randal'Thor it means end of sentence. duh :)
7:17 PM
I'm debating if I should put the no-pc tag on this question too. I believe it'll be quite solvable. I'm sure I clued it enough, but I don't want to make it a drag for people either...
@dcfyj the desert one? :) I saw it, yes.
@LukasRotter Yeah, I have had a question there for a few hours without posting it.
Based off how #2 was, does anyone think that I should/shouldn't put the tag on?
what tag?
7:20 PM
A PC probably wouldn't have helped much on the last one
but if you want to, sure
ok. I'll not put the tag on then. This one is a tad harder than the last.
It's up for funsies
@dcfyj Is any knowledge of musical notation required to solve it?
I would've put the knowledge tag on it if that were true
It is just a cipher, albeit one that isn't readily obvious
Come to think of it, I picked a bad time to post this lol. It's right before the weekend.
are the small gaps intentional?
No, that's from going back and forth between the picture sources and word.
7:34 PM
@dcfyj Why is that a bad time?
A lot fewer people get on during the weekends
@Alenanno I still can't work out what "shiny decorations" has to do with any of the four mini-puzzle solutions ...
Shiny ~ seveny?
73 and 75?
Maybe it doesn't matter and "the last" just means 73.
Or maybe "the last" means Z, but that's less likely.
Maybe the elements are the shiny decorations?
@Randal'Thor cc@Sconibulus The riddle technically could be solved independently from the clues. Maybe I should have posted it as part 1. Uhm let's try this: forget about the clues for a moment, try to solve the riddle as if it was alone.
7:45 PM
what puzzle are you guys talking about
Q: An enigmatic pilgrimage

AlenannoThis puzzle is a bit complex, so I'll explain the steps: The first part is composed of four mini-puzzles. Each of them has a different key to make it a little harder to reach the solution, I think the difficulty increases with each puzzle, but that might be subjective. Each puzzle starts from ...

.-. whenever I click on the link it tries to download something
What link?
@Saiid Really? O_O
Just search the question on the site, then
Does this work better?
7:47 PM
@Alenanno Yeah. Even cutting out the url and pasting the id and name from that link into a question I have open turns into a download
@Saiid That's so weird.
Weird, it's just a link to a question on the site...
@dcfyj Nope. As soon as it opens in a new tab, the tab disappears and a download shows up
what the hell
it does the same thing when I try to search
perhaps you can try opening it with another browser? or in a new browser window?
What browser are you using by the way?
7:48 PM
hmm, that shouldn't cause any issues...
yeah :T
@dcfyj, I have had a similar issue before - but don't really remember what caused it, what was the browser I used and how I fixed it. But it is not normal behavior anyway
It seems to be loading fine in Waterfox
7:50 PM
@Saiid What about Windfox?
@Alenanno Is that a real thing
@dcfyj Yeah. It's a nice browser :3
@Saiid No. XD
@Alenanno Oh ;n;
7:51 PM
combined they make CaptainPlanetfox!
@dcfyj ahahah indeed
I thought he was calling Firefox Waterfox as a joke
@dcfyj Wouldn't they make AvatarFox?
@Saiid You don't remember Captain Planet?
Fire+Water+Wind+Earth+Love=Captain Planet
7:53 PM
@Alenanno I do :P I was just saying
Oh. :P
Ah I didn't see the love part
Ah, that avatar. You had me confused. good show
What about...
@dcfyj xD
@Alenanno I can't see your images xD
7:55 PM
You say Avatar I think of Blue giants...
@Saiid Man lol... It's the logo of "Biker mice from Mars"!
(because I saw it more recently)
@dcfyj ah
@Alenanno wut xD
@dcfyj Oh
Does the chat accept BBCode?
8:04 PM
@Saiid Mmmh I am not sure.
Ah for that use [<text here>](<link here>)
Square brackets and then round brackets.
that was just a test
I guess the chat only takes Markdown, as the rest of the site.
anyway you guys should see this
8:49 PM
@Saiid I won't see what I don't know.
@TheBitByte ???
@Saiid Saying "see this" with a random link doesn't really encourage people to click on it, does it?
@Saiid Is that really much different, though? I still wouldn't know what the link is except that it's probably a video.
@TheBitByte lol
8:54 PM
@Saiid ??
@TheBitByte you can't really know anyway cause I could just post any random text and link it
@Saiid You could, but I was requesting you not to.
@Saiid Well, not my type of video. I don't watch stuff like this.
@TheBitByte ok. lol
@TheBitByte I just thought it was interesting
@Saiid I don't think it's good form to accept advice by responding with "lol", really.
@TheBitByte Do you like music? I love this creepy russian lullaby
@TheBitByte How is saying "not my type of video" advice?
8:59 PM
:32786754, Nope, I don't watch this stuff.
@TheBitByte you don't watch anything?
Most browsers show you the hyper reference if you hover over the link, though. But I don't get the advice here? I was interested when Saiid posted it just because I wanted to see what he wanted me to see :P. No one forces you to watch the video, and it wasn't spam as far as I'm concerned :P
@Saiid The two videos you linked aren't "everything", though.
@TheBitByte true enough. but I linked two completely different videos and all you said was "I don't watch stuff like this"
2 hours later…
10:57 PM
@Saiid "stuff like this" is not equal to "everything"
@Randal'Thor How is it going?
@Alenanno I've been trying to look at the riddle without thinking about the four mini-puzzle solutions.
The first letter is probably U, and I'm wondering if the second one might be S.
You said the riddle could be solved independently, but surely those four mini-solutions must be used somehow?
@Randal'Thor Exactly.
Just set the clues aside for now. Solve the riddle. As it says in the end, if you do it properly, it will become clear. :D
Did you finally understand the role of "sequins"?
You don't have to say it here in detail, you can add it to your answer. I was just wondering a yes or no. :D
@Alenanno No :-(
Shiny decorative letters?
Did you write your reasoning on choosing U in your answer?
I'd like to read that.
11:08 PM
Well, sort of, but I linked it to the old (incorrect) U8 mini-solution. I'll edit.
@Randal'Thor Ok thanks.
@Alenanno Edited.
@Randal'Thor Uhm, I think I may add one more hint.
You're on the right track.
And the thing is that, my riddle is working well. Actually, too well. XD
Re-read those four lines, carefully. It's true that there are red herrings in riddles, but there are also hints.
That's all I can say for now.
@Alenanno Which four lines? The second stanza?
Ah yes, I was missing the terminology. :D
Yes, the second one.
11:18 PM
Right, thinking aloud time.
> It takes you to start the sequence,
but make sure you're not misled,
two of them are sequins,
pick the last and go ahead.
Two of what are sequins?
The things in the sequence, presumably.
I've been assuming it's a sequence of letters, but maybe it's a sequence of numbers, or something else.
Maybe that word "misled" is also more significant than it seems.
(What does it mean to misle somebody anyway? :-P )
:P that
Bring on the wrong track, I guess.
I know, just making a wordplay joke ;-)
oh lol ok
11:21 PM
I know there are people who for years thought "misled" did come from a verb "to misle" and pronounced it accordingly.
@GarethMcCaughan Really?
Seriously? I always thought that was a joke, or something kids might think for a short while when they first learned the word.
Maybe there's a sequence of four objects: U, [something shiny and decorative], [something else shiny and decorative], [something else].
I think I remember someone confessing to having been such a person. But my memory is rubbish so maybe it's just urban legend.
@Randal'Thor Should I add another hint?
@Alenanno If I'm just looking for a four-letter word, I may be able to get it.
If nothing I've said so far is close to the right track, then maybe yeah :-P
11:25 PM
@Randal'Thor Well, sort of. :D
But you might not have realized it.
Oh, wait, "misled" is one of those words that can indicate anagrams in a cryptic clue.
"you" misled = "uoy", which starts with a U and has a circle (sequin) in the middle.
So maybe "the last" is Y.
Oo, new hint!
Hope it helps. :D
Does it?
Oh and the "sequins" are two. :P
So be careful
@Alenanno Each stanza gives a different letter/word/part of the final solution?
@Randal'Thor Yep.
So this is one "thing":
> It takes you to start the sequence,
but make sure you're not misled,
two of them are sequins,
pick the last and go ahead.
And so on.
I'd more or less guessed that.
The Charing stanza is giving me a plus in a circle, or maybe the word TO.
11:37 PM
What about the one with the pair?
I suspect a hidden meaning behind the word "paramount".
Par a mount - does "par" mean "by" in French or something?
It could just mean "two".
The amount of things in a pair, or the "pair-amount".
Well, what about "if they're leading they don't count"?
11:44 PM
Leading digits don't count?
Counting, but ignoring the leading one?
1, 2, 3, ...
I'd like to help you do the brainstorming, but I am in a delicate position. Keep thinking though!
@Deusovi But how is their position a "pair-amount"?
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